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Do you ever wonder if chuubas who play their character for a long time end up internalizing the aspects and behaviors they're supposed to fake? Like some kind of typecasting

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I heard Pekora has fucked up her laugh and is told not to laugh in public.

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I imagine that kind of thing messes up jap chuubas worse -.how often do you think Pekora has to stop herself in real life from adding a "-peko" to a sentence accidentally? I imagine it slips once in a while at least.

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Normal people have a mental switch between 'stage/on air persona' and a 'everyday person' - so only if you have exceptional circumstances one should affect the other.
It's why a comedian can make legions laught while dealing with crippling depression and people only find it out once he offs himself.

That has less with acting a character and more with Pekora being a shut-in that rarely has normal interactions with people outside of streaming. She is effectively replacing her speech patterns and persona with "Pekora".

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It has. In public. Her manager told her to knock it off.

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why do you think theyre only obligated to stream 3 times a week? its so they can have the other 4 days to be a normal person in the real world.

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>Normal people have a mental switch between 'stage/on air persona' and a 'everyday person'
Only if you actually switch between those two personas regularly and not spend most of your time as your stage persona. Back when I was a shut-in NEET that only ever actually spoke to people through voice chat I developed a habit of trying to reach for my push to talk button on the very rare occasions I spoke to anyone in person.

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Maybe, if they had to act that way all the time. I'm sure skilled actors are able to turn it on and off when needed. You can't be in this game for long if you aren't capable of that.

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some of them stream 3 times a day.

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Peko kept saying peko in public

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Poor Pekora she sure is a weird one, tho it makes sense since she didn't get to do much socializing the pekora personality has subsumed her public/social persona almost completely.
Another one I wonder about is HAACHAMA but that's less playing a intended character from hololive and more making a character to Express her private self under a veil of intended character

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Noel calls herself Danchou all the time. Suisei's roommate literally thinks she is Suisei.

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>Suisei's roommate literally thinks she is Suisei.
Unlike the other holos, Suisei is her VA's creation and she own the design.

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But she is Suisei anon.

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I keep hearing people say that, but does anyone actually know for sure if that happened?

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Pekora did mention in some old stream that her signature laugh is real and she had to be careful about it. I'm sure she hams it up for the streams but I'm inclined to believe it, it's an uncommon type of laughter but hardly unique. Kiara and Reine have similar laughs too.

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It's gone from what she wants to be in anime form to her internalizing Suisei to the point where she no longer makes the distinction.

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It's laughing on the inhale not the exhale of breathing. Same laugh as Jimmy Carr.

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Yes, they all need their meds

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That one time peko broke the fourth wall while talking with Miko on the phone proved that she clearly had a distinction between her speaking patterns and doesn't do the "peko" outside the streams.
But then again, that was quite some time ago, and she used to forget to even say it.

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Pekora herself has said she knce blurted out a ~peko in public, but I can't seem to find the clip

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If you search hard enough, there is a video of Pekora laughing before she was Pekora. The laugh is pretty much identical.

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Suisei is the real person with everything besides the true name

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It seems like a lot of them are dropping aspects of the act they put on that they used to heavily do closer to their reveal, and our now instead letting aspects of their real personalities leak into their characters

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It's mostly because being an improve actor isn't easy and it is especially so when you have to keep it up all the time. It's no wonder so many let in the real personality in, it makes up for the difference between skill and reality.

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I think, it's not a super big deal. Just image how you're talking at business, at home and with your friends and when you would call someone a stupid faggot.

I'm more interested how the interaction between them is behind the camera like on 3D streams or Holohouse. Obviously they know each others faces, but what else?
Being around with the others is potentially the biggest danger to forget the role and leak information. Imagine some VTuber calls another one by their real name.

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Yes, it was quite a time ago. With her stream addiction, being Pekora for much longer and not leaving her home at all, she's basically turning into Pekora IRL.

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This thread makes me feel bad for the rabbit...

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>has enough money to live carefree
>has ties in the business side of things
>has close to zero interest in the mess that is relationships
on woe is her, anonchama, my heart is bleeding.
same goes for aqua i assume

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Jimmy Carr but a lot higher
As someone with the same laugh style as Pekora and whose laugh actually legit sounds very close, let me tell you, my parents legit have told me to stop laughing on the inhale

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based psychopath becoming the mask

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They probably have guidelines to call each other by their vtuber names.

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I remember someone (Subaru?) mentioning that she had to be careful to not call someone else (Mio?) by their Vtuber name in public after some sort of incident that caught the attention of onlookers. It was long ago so I don't remember the details.

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Suisei isnt playing a character

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Pekora has had that laugh since before her holo days, same shit with aqua being aqua slurps and all

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I want her to shoot someone with those revolvers haha

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Do your rep anin

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i doubt they ever stop calling each other vtubers name, Mio is a common name the issue is Subaru going all MIOSHAAA in public yeah

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You're pretty good...

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>It's laughing on the inhale not the exhale of breathing.
My brother has that kind of laugh and I fucking hate it because now I associate that form of laugh with stoners.

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Actors suffer from this while shooting a movie, and that's usually only a year or two. So there's no doubt that at least some chubbas have adopted certain affects.

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>She is effectively replacing her speech patterns and persona with "Pekora".
Do you think we could reverse engineer this technique on women to turn them into our favourite chuubas in all aspects but physicial?

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now imagine if they did it on purpose because she wanted to see if she could get away with it (?) and that's what Gura did

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i heard that sometimes korone instinctively protect bakeries from thugs as a result of it being her "job" to be bakery security in hololive lore

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anon, do you have friends or family members with nicknames? this is exactly the same
They probably know each other name but they used the vtuber name so many times that their real names just faded into obscurity

I haven't call my brother with his real name for almost 10 years now. Sometimes I even said the nickname when I'm not supposed to

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Actors are more active and interact with a wide range of people. Some people are Pekora or Aqua.

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Unless they knew each other beforehand they know the other members by their stage name first and probably don't find out their real name unless they specifically ask when they meet up.
Which makes it surprising Okayu and Korone haven't accidentally called each othet by their real names yet, I assume they don't say Korosan and Ogayu to each other when they're off stream

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Isn't it that Luna says nanora IRL?

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man that poor keyboard didn't deserve it. Her selling a key is the cherry on the cake.

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My mom has the same exact laugh, it's pretty weird when I hear her laughing.

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>I assume they don't say Korosan and Ogayu to each other when they're off stream

I assume they do, at least Korone does it's drilled into her and it'd be weird to stop calling her Ogayu suddenly

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I'm a chuuba and change my voice and personality heavily when I stream. so far there hasn't been much of an issue because I stream in english and my native language is different so there is a clear distinction. however sometimes I confuse english and my native language so those mishaps happen. and of course every time I speak english its in my fake voice. I'm incapable of speaking english in the same tone as my native voice.

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Didn't she call Miko that during the Prison Break collab?

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Shut the fuck up

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Korone acts like a dog in public

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Hi Risu

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wait, she sold off a key that flew off? was it from knee danchou lunch case or fist smash roommate Konbanm drop? i thought she just replaced it...

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Nene took that one step further and followed her genmates' IRLs with her Nene twitter account.

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Hey, Moona!

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Yep, thats pretty common for actors
There is even cases where some gone mad and began to think they were that persona
Like that guy that made him Jim Morrison or the other guy who made that astronaut

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>I'm incapable of speaking english in the same tone as my native voice.
seconding this as a bilingual. english is my native language and I speak it pretty differently to how I speak german, in terms of tone and pitch

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>Okayu walks nude Korone around on a leash in public

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I wonder if Pikamee randomly switches to English in her daily life. She already talks to her cat in both languages.

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The laughing track is incredibly annoying.

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hi Kiara!

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Are you implying they supplemented the studio audience with synthetic laughter?

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personalities aren't as immutable as one might think even as an adult, if you keep playing a character long enough it'll eventually bleed into your "real" individuality, doubly so if the character you play is just an exaggeration of your base personality as I suspect it's the case for a lot of vtubers

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>She screams the name of another woman in bed
Mikorone bros...

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It has happened. I think Noel talked about it, even Marine, how in person she talks like that. I love that rabbit but it’s sad how she’s literally stuck like that

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Aqua literally can’t order for herself to save her life, right? Can’t remember if it was her or another one

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I don’t see why not, anon

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God that was the stupidest fucking thing she could’ve done. Gura’s such a fucking dumbass, I’ve always hated thinking about that time

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I expect ame to suffer from being stuck in "talking to kindergarteners"-mode in the near future.

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Hi Moe

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What did she say?

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Gura said Ame’s roommate’s name because she was asking Ame if she’d ever been called out or something, can’t remember correctly, but Ame was so caught off guard she just said no and awkwardly laughed it off but Gura was so fucking oblivious it was cringeworthy

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My oshi is a little retarded/a little too based for her own good, preesu andaastand.

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On Ame's perspective what Gura said was muffled because of a waterfall sound, which made it come across more awkward than it would have been.

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I just watched the VOD for that and holy shit there was no joke there. She just straight up said the name (althought I'm not sure if it's her actual name or not).

No, you can definitely hear it.

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You mean the Macho Man Randy Savage effect?

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This appears to be more about the visual characteristics of the model than the character as a whole.

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i'm sure pekora said peko accidentally at least once.

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Nene not very smart, preasu undastand

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>used to play league
>played particularly toxic when I picked Draven (rarely happened)

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>this poster could be literally any member of ID or EN, perhaps even an indie or niji from korea

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New rrat is that Anon’s mom is the actor hired to play Pekomama for those streams.

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Ame made a subtle reference to Gura’s old persona. Gura tried to do the same thing in return, but instead literally just said her Roommate name.

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>She is effectively replacing her speech patterns and persona with "Pekora".
God that's so hot I wonder if she cosplays as herself in the bedroom

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I have to look at my ID sometimes to rind myself of my legal name when I've got interviews and stuff cause I've went by my online handle in everything for going on 20 years. Even my parents call me by it lol

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Her boobs are too big for that.

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In willing to accept hentai pekora
I'll play the ugly bastard
Link to vod?

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the real rrat is that these were their actual personalities all along

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Vod was edited to remove it. But there’s a catbox clip of it somewhere on here. It was during this Minecraft stream.


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Thanks anon I'll keep an eye out for it

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It's still on Ame's POV

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Thanks anon.

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