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Her streams were pretty comfy, gotta say, even if I didn't vibe too much with the games she played.
I look away for a week and she blammed herself, what the fuck is going on?

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What do you mean she "blammed" herself? Haven't heard anything about her since the big yab a month or two ago.

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Some pedo shithead tried to groom her but then everyone found out she was in her 20s and was just really into ageplay shit

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Her channel got wiped clean and her twitter's protected.
Not sure what happened

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You're fucking kidding, that's actually kinda hilarious

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Turned out to be AQAP and was killed in AUMF action.

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The pedo also tried to defend himself by revealing thousands of DMs they sent each other full of kink and menhera shit, and rationalizing it as "I was just roleplaying too".

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>ruined someone's life just to get off

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No one knows if she's actually an adult or underage. The important thing is that she's fucking nuts and the people she attracts to her streams are fucking nuts. Good riddance.

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She ded. Inside. Must be questioning her poor life choice right now

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I she was that fucking nuts when things were going well I can only imagine what she's doing now.
She did talk pretty often about suicide, hope she's still around at least...

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She admitted to being turned on by the thought that her treating her ex girlfriend like shit caused her to commit suicide too so it makes sense.

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Jesus christ what happened to my post.
This is why you double check your text after rewriting stuff.

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I unsubbed from her when she became a boring standard vtuber
If I wanted standard I would just go to someone with more talent

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Literally same. Her trying to be "seiso" and constantly sperging out is annoying

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She got arrested for being 13.

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But I’d that were a crime there would be no one on 4chan!

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Tried looking this drama up and found this. Still no idea what the hell happened even after watching it

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What don't you understand? If you read Kongou's statement then Zia's I'm pretty sure that should cover basically everything.

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from someone who was in her discord and kinda had a grasp of her mental state. She said shes taking a break and decided to kill the server. before than she was very self conscious and constantly questioned herself and what she was doing. she ended up nuking her youtube too.
On the 25th zia put out a counter document about the grooming incident and it put carol in a more negative light and claimed that kongous document was doctored. Just a few days ago kongou showed proof the zia doctored his document. around that time carol privated her twitter

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