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>Cover corp is a cutting edge 2D entertainment company
>cutting edge
>this is what they showcase as their cutting edge technical ability in front of the highest number of concurrent live viewers in any vtubing stream ever, for their fastest rising talent
If I was Yagoo I would be so fucking embarrassed right now. Imagine the number of new potential fans who showed up to watch this and were turned off by the stilted, uncanny valley animation.

In terms of massive blunders, this is only behind Aloe and the Taiwan situation. They better have someone doing a naked dogeza to Gura right now. Someone in management should be fired over this.

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If I was Yagoo I would be having a good sleep with after a long run, and dreaming of investing in new tech for my cutting edge entertainment company.

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I'm glad this happened just because I love watching cumbuds seethe while I enjoy my wholesome and hard working jp vtubers.

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>cutting edge
Must have been a translation error, they probably meant "corners" instead of "edge"

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The rigger was a diversity hire, you can't criticize her.

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sounds made up, i believe it

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>cutting edge
>can't even put the pacifiers on the models

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Do we really need another thread discussing this?

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I wonder how much work it would be to add "anchor points" to place props like that. Considering the what the UI looked like, probably more than the girls are ready to deal with

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>Cover corp is cutting edges as a 2D entertainment company
>cutting edges
>this is what they showcase as cutting edges from technical ability in front of the highest number of concurrent live viewers in any vtubing stream ever, for their fastest rising talent

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>desktop pregnant Uiharu
Now it makes me think if he's the same anon that keeps making pregnant edits of every single female living thing in the Index threads.

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Considering Uto did it easily a couple of months ago, not very difficult.

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so are we gonna cancel the rigger's twitter

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Some chummies didn't see the stream. They are slowly catching up with what happened.

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not your personal army

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Leddit/4chan are already on it haven't you seen

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Is the rigger a woman? I'm confused.

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Why do you call vtuber studio an Uto?

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I genuinely do not understand the intensity of the reaction. So someone got a kind of shitty rig. That happens. It'll be corrected eventually. What's the big deal? It's not like a game shipping broken to the point it doesn't work, there are just some weird seems on this model.

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It’s Kiara’s fault

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I think largely the outrage is due to all the hype and building expectations and this was suppose to many to be the peak of this week but the outfit was just ok and scuffed when all outfits before this week was good or great.

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so are (you) gonna stop sucking dicks?

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>actually believing that the cumbuds are responsible for these

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>They better have someone doing a naked dogeza to Gura right now.
Cover brand is strong enough for them to get away with this. Guaranteed its not getting fixed.

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They better have a good excuse for this.

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nobody cares that you are this much of a faggot, OP

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Will they actually fix her rigging, bros?
They haven't done jack shit for the other one for more than half a year, and this same faggot also fucked up Anya and Coco in the past.

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stop trying to falseflag as a cumbud, nobody believes it anyways

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She uses Vtube Studio which is way better than the proprietary shit Cover is making.

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But then why does Cover use that? Are they stupid?

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>It'll be corrected eventually
You know it won't, they never fix Coco's, instead she having to pay for the new one herself and getting a new rigger, they never fixed Gura's old janky model and the same goes for Anya.
Why do faggots keep repeating this weird mantra, is it like a reddit shit where they actually believe Cover is a competent company?

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>Guaranteed its not getting fixed
Unless twitter pulls some chink type shit where they spam Yagoo and the official handle, they will just ignore it like everything else, don't expect this shit to ever be fixed despite them saying that they are "on the case".

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dude why? *sob* my oshi literally getting gangraped publicly by her company that supposed to protect her.. *sob* and you gloating about it? *sob* why? why are you so mean? *sob* why? uuuuuu *cry*

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>Imagine the number of new potential fans who showed up to watch this and were turned off by the stilted, uncanny valley animation.
I'm 100% sure the new viewers didn't fucking care or noticed and only massive autists that saw this did.

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>Why do faggots keep repeating this weird mantra
weird, I could say the exact same about you

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Because Cover is a software company first and developing their own shit is cheaper than licensing.

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yes anon, 2-4 threads everyday for the whole week.

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>Because Cover is a software company
Ah, yeah and McDonalds is a real estate company, I forgot how the world works for a moment.

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Except that history is on my favor, Cover is a shit company and they won't fix this shit just like always.

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Except it won’t be fixed which is exactly why we need to be loud about it and let cover know we aren’t just mindless drones and we’d like quality

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They’ll definitely fix the ear and MAYBE the gaps in the clothing, but yeah the face warping and Anya’s booba is never getting fixed.

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It either is or someone larping as them for the funny.

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Because when vtube studio became good, cover already had their own app for 3 years.

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Did she say that she paid out of pocket for a new rigger or did Cover have her rigging fixed?
Also your English reps indochama

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I keep telling you guys that Yagoo and Cover aren't as good as they seem. Yagoo knows his company is subpar so he runs a slick Yagoo-only PR campaign using the vtubers to talk about him in not bad terms (they may roast him but that's still better then shit talking him) and Cover is a company that doesn't know if it wants to be a tech company or an idol company and gets caught between industries.

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gura if you're reading this I will do a free rig for you. I have 3 years of Live2D experience and a portfolio you can look at beforehand. I can do better than this rigger high on drugs with closed eyes. but I will give you the best rig possible. I'll give you movements that are thought to not be possible. you want to jump up and down? you want walking animation? whatever your heart wants I'll make it possible just for you.

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She pays out of pocket

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>Also your English reps indochama
I'm actually Mexican, English is my third language, so give me a break, bro.

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>What's the big deal?
>Casuals that accept subpar work are telling other fans to accept subpar work.
>Its just like /v/, /tv/, /m/, /co/ or anything else with a western fanbase
Please dont bring that mainstream mentality here

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>gura if you're reading this I will do a free rig for you. I have 3 years of Live2D experience and a portfolio you can look at beforehand. I can do better than this rigger high on drugs with closed eyes. but I will give you the best rig possible. I'll give you movements that are thought to not be possible. you want to jump up and down? you want walking animation? whatever your heart wants I'll make it possible just for you.

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Because Vtube Studio only became good sometime last year, after Cover had already been using their own software for years, something that everyone there already knows how to use and something all their shit works on.
Also I'm not sure but does Vtube Studio have a built in collab feature?

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>this faggotry being posted outside /tv/ and /v/
Go back faggot.

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I’ll accept this wojack

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Americans will seriously settle for anything which is how we ended up with kiara on the EN roster.

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Do it anon, make her a new model with the same outfit but rigged by you, look for another anon that knows how to draw and upload it to Twitter and Reddit, see how the shitstorm comes and people both praise you and call you disrespectful for fixing someone else’s job. For real do it I want to see it, get Gura what all holos deserve, perfection.

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kiara's rig is so good... it's not fair bros :(

>> No.3405144

Seethe? I'm a chumbud and don't give a fuck about the rigging. I love the outfit, it's super cute.

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Please just design her a different outfit as well. Please. Anything else.

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Low test low self esteem settling for scraps.

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>they never fixed Gura's old janky model
???? Gura's old model is fine.

>> No.3405666

Gura's og model is janky when you compare it to anyone who isn't Anya, but it's been like that for a long time so most people got used to it already

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No, it's always been shit and you just never noticed because you're a low IQ and low standards redditard.

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>No, it's always been shit and you just never noticed because you're a low IQ and low standards redditard.

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I wish I had a timestamp or clip on hand, but have you ever seen her lean backwards? Not only do her eyes freak out, but her whole body slants at an angle.

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Anon, you must either be a newfag, or simply retarded. Cover literally never fixed shit like this on their own. They keep giving t6ge girls fucked up rigs, and they have to pay out of their own pocket to fix it. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Cover didn't fix a single fucking thing on their own so far.

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tl;dr version: Cover is McDonald's, Gura is the franchisee and the rigger is the manufacturer of the ice cream machine. McDonald's Corp and the manufacturer have financial incentives to let the machines continue to break while the franchisee has no choice but to accept it.

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is no one going to mention the pregrant uiharu thingy?

>> No.3406242

honestly whats the opnion of the japanese towards the janky model (and the taiwanese as well since she seens really beloved there) ?

>> No.3406279

Would you eat what I shit out onto your plate as well?

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So whats the best way to have Gura get a new rigger?
Cover seems to have known in advance that this model was shit going by the official subreddit pinned comments, and yet still decided that it was a good idea to show an unfinished/botched model in front of 200k people, now just doing damage control and saying that it will be fixed.
I don't see them actually fixing this shit without outside pressure of some kind though, but which is the most effective?
I see people on reddit and twitter bitching about a lot, but again, not sure if that will make Cover actually doing anything.

>> No.3406352

They don’t really care. They tend to get the most up in arms about purity idol drama.
See: Towa and Ame’s drama.

>> No.3406423

What happened? More vague male noises in the background or something different?
Just curious, I didn't care too much with Towa and I wouldn't care with Ame. It's amateurish in terms of professionality but not a big deal.

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They should scrap every EN except Amelia WatSOUL

>> No.3406589

Your raids are pathetic and you will never amount to anything. The only reason you're hear is v-tubers weren't offering any milk and your threads got banned from the lol cow boards. You're refugees.

Also fuck china

>> No.3406812

Go ahead.

>> No.3408349

kek not that surprised,I wonder if they would care more if it happened instead with a big JP holo like pekor

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>someone got a kind of shitty rig. That happens.
It happens because they keep fucking hiring a rigger who can't rig. Like, you'd think they would get the hint and stop hiring them after they gave Anya huge tits that neither she or the artist wanted, but nope, let's fucking hire them a FIFTH time, so they can FUCK UP a fifth time.
>It'll be corrected eventually.
Haha, no.

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Don’t you think you guys are taking this a little bit too seriously?

>> No.3409450

No. History has shown that left to their own devices Cover will keep hiring that idiot of a rigger. They need to know that their work is not okay. Maybe you wont care until it happens to your oshi, but plenty of people don't want it to get to that.

>> No.3409555

You know she would not read this but now I am curious about your work. Hope you are rolling in money anon.

>> No.3409573

what was wrong with anya's besides her not liking the boobies?

>> No.3409604

That is exactly the issue though. Changing the character design is not what a rigger does but they did it anyway. Seems very unprofessional.

>> No.3409724

Her face looks weird at most angles. Other parts of her body get fucked up too.
The best way I could describe it simply is that she doesn't turn, she leans to trick you into thinking she's turning.

>> No.3410680

The artist drew Anya as flat, and Anya herself wanted to be flat. The rigger disregarded both of those, and made her an oppai loli, instead. Anya doesn't even try to hide the fact she hates it, and she's not a doormat like Gura, so if she wasn't happy with it, she would've said SOMETHING before debut, but nope, apparently the rigger gets free reign to do whatever the fuck they want, with the talent and artist either getting no input at all, or not even getting to see it at all until it's done and paid for. Apparently COVER doesn't give a shit, considering they keep fucking hiring them.

>> No.3410773

I ain't reading all that, i'm happy for you tho or sorry that happened

>> No.3422427

forced "fun" is not entertainment and vtubers are exactly that

>> No.3422625

What does forced fun even means?

>> No.3423974

The best part is Cover's going to still let the rigger work on future gens because no one in Cover cares about their quality of work.

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>> No.3435321

it is

>> No.3435592

link the stream where she said that

>> No.3435683

>instead she having to pay for the new one herse
tell me when she said that faggot

>> No.3435803

Its been four months and they still have not tried to fixed Anya at all, she might as well be a static piece of art.

>> No.3435843

first meds, second at least post prove that the girls said they had to paid

>> No.3436002

except you cant prove shit

>> No.3436373

By the mere fact that they never fix any of this shit I'm proving it, moron.

>> No.3436515

Coco was a jpg for nearly a year

>> No.3436674

she got a 2.0 incompetent retard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v26c9YJTp4c

>> No.3436887

Yeah, the one that as people mentioned earlier in this thread she paid for herself a year later, Cover didn't do jackshit.

>> No.3436978

post the link where she said that, come on, I will wait you little bitch

>> No.3437076

Keep waiting

>> No.3437170

yeah thats what I thought, you retard cant prove shit

>> No.3437210

I said keep waiting

>> No.3437435

it'll be here before you know it

>> No.3437558

>pregnant Uiharu
Opinion discarded lol

>> No.3437836

I'm only here for drama

>> No.3438064


Polka got her transparent hair fixed so of course Gura will get fixed soon later.

>> No.3438159

Isn't transparent hair just some problem with chroma key in obs?

>> No.3438522


>> No.3438849

Honestly, I don't mind Gura's rig, because I didn't watch her outfit reveal, I never watch her and I don't really care about her. I just hope she's happy.

>> No.3438979

What kinda stance is that?
>I don't mind shit work because I don't watch her
Let this rigger work on your oshi's new outfit then.

>> No.3439016

Thank you for your vapid, worthless post.

>> No.3439026

>Let this rigger work on your oshi's new outfit then.
Huh? I don't want that, then my oshi will have a shit rig and I will start to care.

>> No.3439160

loled and check'd

>> No.3439805

>le eop complaining about esl
Every time

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It had it's charm but yeah Keffy's new rigging is like night and day.

>> No.3443323

wait was massive mammaries Anya not intentional?

But seriously at some point you can't fault the rigger for fucking up 5 times, if I hired a shitty builder after 4 houses he built collapsed, I'd probably have to blame myself.

>> No.3443358

All this thing proved is Shark fans are actual cancerous retards but we knew that when they went to FBK's chat when Shark hit 1 million and fucked her whole mood up, literal Minecraft fanbase autism.

>> No.3443375

You're the nigger who falseflagged in FBKs chat, aren't you? You just keep reposting this shit.

>> No.3448179

NGL feels good seeing cumbutts seethe when yall keep talking shit about my hardworking oshi's numbers.

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File: 1.88 MB, 1660x1393, 86181806_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're small on the profile view, and other art of her by Eku-mama; but because the shirt is puffy rigger-kun thought it was tits.

>> No.3448467

The rigger has gotten worse over time. Like he's realized Cover will keep hiring him regardless of the quality of his work so he kept getting lazier and lazier. Until he did his worst job yet, so bad even some normies can notice it, on the single most watched stream they've ever had.

>> No.3448942

No, it has to be the same outfit, just so that people can see just how bad that rigger is. Same with OG Gura model.

>> No.3449353

I also hated the rigging, but anyone else feels like this is an attempt at discovering how to successfully pressure Cover to do something?

>> No.3449469

Not even work, most deformation are from base model because the dumb eyes direction stays the same.
It's lazy as fuck piece of garbage copy paste

>> No.3449516

No, you can't boycott Cover without harming your oshi. You're forever in losing side.They know it and they take advantage of it.
They try their best to create fake positivity everywhere because that's the most needed damage control. Public awareness is the final weapon against it.

>> No.3449771

>how to successfully pressure Cover to do something?
Literally what people are doing now. Which is aggressively being vocal about it because cover lives by its public reputation so if people are so vocal about it they ultimately will end up having to make a statement and choice.

>> No.3449912

Just someone coping lol. No matter how rebelous a vtuber is, they LITERALLY cannot talk about behind the scenes stuff.

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>>how to successfully pressure Cover to do something?
>Literally what people are doing now. Which is aggressively being vocal about it because cover lives by its public reputation so if people are so vocal about it they ultimately will end up having to make a statement and choice.

>> No.3450078

The complaints about the original model were nowhere near as numerous as this. As much as anons here will just repeat "Japanese company = no fix" endlessly, I think people being too complacent is also a contributing factor.

>> No.3450099

And at least even that didn't have weird face warping issues.

>> No.3454191

yes they can retard, Coco literally said how much their earn from SC after Cover´s cut, stop pretending you know shit about them and cry more

>> No.3455519

>cutting edge
if all you watch is hololive and indies i can see how you might think that

>> No.3455820

It'd be news to me that this is in any way a secret. Did Cover have to negotiate a different cut from YT than everyone else has?

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File: 2.48 MB, 436x456, 1606504513539.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 76 KB, 505x317, topology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit. So for those that don't understand, an edge in 3D can get longer or shorter or rotate, but it can't expand in width, so by having them aligned across an illustrated edge rather than aligned with it, means that the illustrated line/edge will either warp or get stretched. In short the mesh should have been aligned with both drawn edges/lines and in the direction which you expect the illustration to stretch.
Pic related is a quick example of logical edge flow.

>> No.3458114

No YT takes 30% from everyone

>> No.3458267
File: 18 KB, 250x325, bateman_smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checked and keked

>> No.3462225

This is what good cutting edge Live2D looks like.

This is how it is made

>> No.3463676

how hard is it for these fucking outsourced chinks to do basic fucking topology for deformation of a 2D fucking plane of all things? even a fucking blender user couldn't possibly fuck this up.

>> No.3464247

I just don't understand. Why can't cover just hire iron vertex, rariemon, jujube or keffy to do their models? There are so many amazing riggers who would love to make those morels, but theY just gotta go with some literally who dogshit faggot rigger who started picking up live2d in February. Literally W H Y

>> No.3464308

holy shit im horny now.

>> No.3464366


>> No.3464494

This too

>> No.3465098

>actual next gen live2d

>> No.3465136

These are jokes right? The lip-sync is fucking atrocious and the movement looks like canned animations.

>> No.3465200

pls understand anon, they are coomers, they think with their dicks

>> No.3465211

Someone should rig a fake Gura.

>> No.3465441

riggers aren't character designers anon...

>> No.3465466

>cutting edge
*cutting corner

>> No.3465489

>the tummy on the right

>> No.3465526


>> No.3465713 [DELETED] 


>> No.3465721

My hope is that this outrage will make Cover actually fix this shit and be more careful in the future, rather than keep doing the bare minimum. I love the Holos and I want to continue enjoying their streams without the negativity, but if we never complain than Cover will try to get away with increasingly cheaper shit.

>> No.3465803
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isnt it a little unfair that Kiara got the superior cat ears?
That makes Gura look even worse.

>> No.3466564

Cover is a money laundering company, under some yakuza. Jesus, where do you guys live?

>> No.3479446

Holy fucking newfag.

>> No.3479557

Yagoo love

>> No.3479596

/hlg/CHADs keep winning

>> No.3480088

190k people watched her unveiling live. If even 1% of them got angry over it that's almost two thousand angry people raging over it. And I assure you more than 1% of live audiences noticed the floating fucking ear

>> No.3480142

Especially if a good percentage of those people are experienced with rigging and can see the obvious flaws.

>> No.3484487

Vshojo has been doing that for a while and it works really well. Honestly baffling hololive doesn't have that.

>> No.3485624

Japan can't into PC.

>> No.3489634

An artist that loves their daughter and a rigger that takes pride in their work shows what a great l2D model can look like. Comparing it to umiushin's work whose main feature was supposed to be the cat ears shows people what a fucking hack she is.

>> No.3491296

i thought she was the one who pick her own mother/father for l2d and rigging

>> No.3492657

That doesn't work. If gura wants to fix the rig, she'll contact another rigger and pay him, not COVER.

>> No.3492690

They can give suggestions but it's Cover who allocates artists and riggers.

>> No.3492850

that sucks, Gura deserved better. and it's embarassing that Cover cheapens out like this.

>> No.3492891

Keep seething cumkeks

>> No.3492899

I just want to say.
Karma is real, bitch. LMAO

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