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End of vacation soon...

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When she was most needed, she vanished...

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I'm happy that she's back just because she takes the heat off Kiara and because the fucking jannies here actually delete duplicate ollie anti threads. but not duplicate Kiara ones.
So the catalogue won't be as shit up as it is now.

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>they don't know

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The previous thread haven't died yet, SEAnigg-chama, be patient.

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She is not coming back

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she's going to have so much content to watch once she comes back.

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You do know its over right ?

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Even if all the rrats are true and this is a very late punitive suspension she still wouldn't be leaving, it would be a slap on the wrist and a stern order not do get fingered again live.

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We lost Aloe when she was supposed to come back. Don't think we're in the clear yet.

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>Undeleted frogposting
Unironically fucking grim

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Can't wait for Ollie to prolong her "break" for another week

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dress a ho in red, dress a ho in orange, a ho is still a ho
ollie pls have more sex on stream

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Yubi~ Yubi~

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Ollie is on a vacation that we indonesian called "mudik" she won't come back at last for another week.

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It's been one week since you looked at me
Cocked your head to the side and said, "I'm angry"
Five days since you laughed at me, saying
"Get your act together, come back and see me"
Three days since the living room
I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you
Yesterday, you'd forgiven me
But it'll still be two days 'til I say I'm sorry

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yubi yubi

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sextape when?

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somewhere in nevada

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I hope she learned to disregard feedback here like any competent holo

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Her taking a break from twitter and everything was really the best for her. Ollie has to maintain CRAAAAAZY energy at all times and this is a perfect cool down

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>punitive suspension
fuck Im out of the lop what happened?

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literally nothing, it's schizos being schizos

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Sex on stream

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Girl gets scared playing ghost game.
Actual spergs confuse it for sex noises.

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s-she's coming back soon, right anons?

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/vt/ people still demand apology from ollie. If ollie don't say apology, /vt/ antis will continue they're rrat

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They attack ollie just because she talk with vShoujo , what a schizos

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Surprise vacation extension coming soon.

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I fapped

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This means 7 days or 8 or 9 or even 10 anons. Also she’s moving, who knows how long that takes, there’s 5 of them

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This does sound a bit suspect.

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Probably because you don’t watch her

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Does she moan like that regularly?

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Old thread already has explanation of why she act that way in the phasmophobia stream but schizos just gonna be schizos by keep spamming the same rrat again and again.

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I honestly want her to have sex with her boyfriend on stream and pretend nothing is going on, jus to dab on the schizo rrats here.

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She lived with her family at the part where extremist are a thing, you think that they gonna have sex outside marriage and risk getting yourself stoned to death?

Of course it's rrat that SEAnigger that hate her because she kinda react with Anituber and vShoujo shit keep spinning for the sake of schizos.

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Honestly I don't know, I haven't watched Ollie sans for three or so streams. I can see that people are just being ridiculous.

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Was watching this stream and came across this. How's she everywhere?

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>Does she moan like that regularly?
No. Everytime an anon trying to give an example on other stream, she doesn't moan like that. She's focused on the game, behave exactly like usual, and the moan weren't as lewd as the one posted here.
And do noticed that it happened on 24 december 2020, where hanging out with bf is considered normal by almost every parents (muslims included).
Hell, even a known religious singer got caught cheating with other people husband.
They had sex.
Same with Ollie here and she's less famous than the religious singer that I mentioned.

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Let's play the Zomcuck Drinking Game!

Drink 1 Time when a Zomcuck say

"Take your meds"

Drink 2 Time when a Zomcuck say

"She's just scared / You clearly don't watch her"

Drink 3 Time when a Zomcuck say

"You're clearly a virgin / Have sex"

Drink 4 Time when a Zomcuck say


Bonus Stage:
The Soijack Zomcuck posts:

Soijack = 1 drink

Childpron = 5 drinks

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Anon I would die from alcohol poisoning

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This post is a proof that the anon whose in denial of Ollie's fingering and wants her to graduate if she really did got fingered, doesn't actually know about Indonesian culture.

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How many do I drink when some schizo says "cope" or "zomcuck", need to know asap so I can die of alcohol poisoning.

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>Let's play the Zomcuck Drinking Game!
>Drink 1 Time when a Zomcuck say
>"Take your meds"
>Drink 2 Time when a Zomcuck say
>"She's just scared / You clearly don't watch her"
>Drink 3 Time when a Zomcuck say
>"You're clearly a virgin / Have sex"
>Drink 4 Time when a Zomcuck say
>Bonus Stage:
>The Soijack Zomcuck posts:
>Soijack = 1 drink
>Childpron = 5 drinks

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no need to die from alcohol poisoning, just outright kys anon :3

>> No.3443579

Wheres the fun in that though, I need to die drinking alcohol while browsing 4cahn. Cement my legacy of having the worst legacy.

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schizo, say zomcuck again now

>> No.3444206

end of career* soon

>> No.3444281

Include gay frogs next time.

>> No.3444312

>image saved on an iphone

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>The soiposter zomcuck didn't post childrpon or soijack

I'm glad you care for my liver soicuck but you have to play your part

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>it's actually real

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>I kept telling people to take meds without fact checking and now I realized I'm actually retarded

Anon , please do us all a favor, a small favor and immediately off yourself in the slowest and most painful way possible, thanks

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>off yourself in the slowest and most painful way possible
Perhaps I'll have Ollie sit on me after Jaret is done wiping his cum off her face with your akasupas. 700lbs would probably do the trick, no?

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im very curious as to how anons outside this board are reacting to the idea that ollie got yubiyubi'd on stream or if zomcucks just treat this as nonsense, pat themselves in the back and still indulge in their delusions of a still-pure oshi?

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You cant react to the truth if you're stuck in Isle 4 anon

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Just about nobody outside this board knows about it. The only place you'll really see it outside here is under the original stream in question on youtube. The biggest delusion this board has is that it thinks its more than an afterthought to the vast majority of people.

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you clearly have never watched her

>> No.3445824

>implying any of the hologirls are pure

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they are pure until they start fucking live on stream or getting fingered live on stream

>> No.3446485

By that logic the vshojos are pure.

>> No.3446499

i don't watch them so i wouldn't know, is what i want to say but then i remember melody...

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what's wrong with frogs :(

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I will not attack Ollie
I will not harass her or anyone related to her
I will wait for her return and wish her well
I will not spread misinformation or narratives that could hurt her more
I will not shitpost in her threads
I will encourage other schizos to do the same
Simple as

>> No.3446853

Cringe. Inverse and it will be based

>> No.3446860

common sense? you're on the wrong board bro

>> No.3446941

I bet Ollie fucks like a fighter jet

>> No.3446967

What's with this meme? mind if you explain? is it a SEA thing?

>> No.3447035

my oshi is
your oshi's a slut, though

>> No.3447047

>choosing the blue pill
cringe af bro

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I will attack Ollie
I will harass her or anyone related to her
I will wait for her return and wish her death
I will spread the truth and facts that could hurt her more
I will yubipost in her threads
I will encourage other anons to do the same
Simple as

>> No.3447157

holy based

>> No.3447346 [DELETED] 

your oshi gets fucked with condoms paid for by your simpbucks

>> No.3447579

Can confirm, I fuck his oshi

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It's really insane how much fucking ESL plagues this general. And every time they're pushing a stupid killed rrat. I can literally identify who is who by how fucking shit their english is and the things they say now. Get a life SEAniggers.

>> No.3449014

based iofi

>> No.3449060

The rrat was never killed.

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That didn't go as planed

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The rigger drama is the reason why this thread doesn't have as much posts as the past ones. People are too busy shitting on the rigger to care about the most insignificant branch of Hololive.

>> No.3449117

based lofi

>> No.3449119

And it never will be, except if you aren't a dog and have pattern recognition and critical thinking, then sure it's alive still

>> No.3449157

Dude, did you watch the clip? Literally
>lol xd Ollie talking
>Ahhh~ Ahhh~ I don’t want to...
There’s NO fucking way that was anything innocent, fingering or whatever that was a sexual moan and not one just done as an unfunny joke

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Now to Hinoko where she does the same shit and every other Horror anon

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>the rigger drama was an attempt to deflect attention from the yubi yab
Masterful if true, I will kneel if someone actually came up with that

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>> No.3449403

most people bored with the same rrat over and over again, when new one came up, they'll shitting on the new yab.. at least there is still that guy that dedicated himself to hate ollie on this thread

>> No.3449453

>Ollie finally gets her own orc schizo
I bet $50 this is another tranny

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>It's really insane how much fucking ESL plagues this general. And every time they're pushing a stupid killed rrat. I can literally identify who is who by how fucking shit their english is and the things they say now. Get a life SEAniggers

>> No.3449882

>Wojack niggers
>Frog niggers
Isn't that banned on this board?

>> No.3449889

Isn't this always the case?

>> No.3450041

>delusional schizo believes he's smart and calls everyone a samefag

>> No.3450119

t. samefag

>> No.3450212

It was actually really nice this week... no constant v***** or c****** yabs or talk

I'll miss the peace

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>>Wojack niggers
>>Frog niggers
>Isn't that banned on this board?

>> No.3453810

>anon in denial can't keep his coping mechanism because someone posted undeniable proof
>proceed to let the thread die

>> No.3456685

Jesas, is this what nobody falling for your shitty bait does to you? And as always here's your friendly reminder that samefagging on /vt/ won't make her graduate.

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Indonesians really take a muh dick vacation?

>> No.3458290

She craves attention from e-celebs, that's the only reason she became one.
At least this time it's for an inoffensive niji vtuber and not a cancerous western E-celeb that could destroy hololive.

>> No.3458465

Muh dick is only for Indonesian biggest religion believer.

>> No.3463271

Mental illness

>> No.3463310

Samefag or?

>> No.3463357

>Samefag or?
Look at the posts. Yes its the same retard

>> No.3463402

/v/ OUT

>> No.3463467

Pro Ollie and anti Ollie at the same time, gives you a quite funny insight on these threads

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How long until she gets someone like pic?

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You just know.

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No way

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extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

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Not a problem, we also got the foolproof counter for that screenshot.
A post that you always ignored on every thread.

>> No.3465187

You will buy those condoms for her boyfriend though.

>> No.3465262

So what’s the official reason for her vacation? Yubi yubi yab? Connor yab? Or just a good old fashioned break?

>> No.3465434

> Ollie lives in Aceh province
Smells like bullshit.

>> No.3466275

the latter

>> No.3469582

Everyone is schizo in this board including you

>> No.3469965

seanig meidos at it once again

>> No.3470233

She's almost as aggressive, if not more, as Kaoru was in networking. My twitter timeline is usually her commenting an artist/vchuuba/fan tweet.

>> No.3470239

>Meidos doing their job, must be SEAnigs
This is the final cope

>> No.3470398

mental health reasons or some shit, probably because of the SEAnigs

>> No.3470779

Please do not use "though" at the end of your sentences.

>> No.3471020

What's wrong with that word? Since some days I've seen people complaining about it. Still don't see what's wrong tho[\spoiler]

>> No.3477995

that wasn't a sexual moan, man, you should get out more

>> No.3478155

A lot of things aren't sexual in Hololive but this is /vt/

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