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If Gura were to leave HoloLive and turn indie
or to other Alternatives such as Vshojo;

Hypothetically speaking how much damage would it do to HoloLive?

Would it be a minor inconvenience?

Surely Gura is not that significant right?

Surely they can fill the shoes she'll leave, by the next gen probably, Right?

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With how Cover treats her probably they don't mind

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Her genmates would literally pay her to stay, you and I know that OP

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>Hypothetically speaking how much damage would it do to HoloLive?
>Would it be a minor inconvenience?
>Surely Gura is not that significant right?
she isn't
>Surely they can fill the shoes she'll leave, by the next gen probably, Right?
she won't leave any shoes. reddit will QQ a bit but ultimately she'll be almost completely forgotten in 6 months

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nothing will happen
the success comes from the japanese streamers she just happened to attract a lot of normies and lurkers that boosted her subs

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Gura is humble so it isn't that noticable on how much impact she had done to the vtubing industry, but it would be interesting what would happen hypothetically, but i think it would objectively make her genmates sad

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>if Uganda were to win an offensive war against the United States, on US soil, hypothetically speaking...
There are just some things you shouldn't waste your time even pondering because it's that retarded.

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>but i think it would objectively make her genmates sad
yes. this is the full extent of what her departure would cause.

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She's graduating only to come back as gen2 so she can start over with a non-cunny avatar and hopefully a less rabid fanbase.

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I think Cover will get yet another bad record. But this time more normal folks know

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Anon we're on a basket weaving site talking about people who use Chinese cartoon to pretend to be sudoku people, I think it's pretty apparent everything we're discussing here is automatically retarded

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heres my rrat

>gura leaves
>amelia leaves in solidarity
>this leads to ina also leaving
>kiara and calli are a mixed bag so who really knows if they leave too
>they dont join vshojo, they go back to being indies, but with their original avatars and new giant fanbase

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cunnyness isn't a state of tanbility, its a state of being, you can give her boobies and the tallest of the tall avatar, her cunny personality would leak

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If she left because she was treated badly and spoke up about it? It would singlegandedly sink the entire brand overnight. Yagoo would be finished.

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>Go back to being indie

Yeah maybe go to a triage vtuber gen like VOMS

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>If Gura left after the outfit was ruined, how would Gura fans treat Cover?
It speaks for itself. Hellfire most likely.

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YWNBJ, lol, go back to /hlg/. Theres a reason global is like 20 times faster than your dead general.

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If she drops hololive I would drop it too no question

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Anon I can only get so hard, please stop

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Its just not the same without my cunny sharky

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Yeah I would think if anyone can connect the dots to say gura left because of shit management they would be done in recruitment unless they change the rules drastically. Like I'm surprised that they didn't more flak for the shit that would be frontpage news for a year in the west with Mel. Like if that was my family member I would go scourched earth against cover.

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Quiting is for losers. When the world is against you, you do not surrender to the world, you bend it to your will. Gura should do a coup d'etat of Cover with the help of EN and koopa when she fly's over for the 3d rig. American guns beat Japanese bamboo sticks.

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it would be the best thing to ever happen to the community, and this would be EVEN better if all EN whores graduated and gen 2 was cancelled

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>it would be the best thing to ever happen to the community, and this would be EVEN better if all EN whores graduated and gen 2 was cancelled

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Gura is too soft to do any of these things, she's literally retarded socially regardless of her apparent intellect and wit.

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>manager goes down on their talent
Not even news worthy in japan, and they did get shit on, but thr vtuber scene was smaller and most companies were assholes to their talents back then

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Seethe sinfag, keep telling us how chumbuds were the ones who shitposted in FBKs chat when it was you screenshotting your own post, fucking schizo faggot.

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Do we really need 2 schizo threads about Gura graduating? Consolidate motherfuckers.

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The flagposters are going full retard pretending to be chumkeks

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why are you talking to yourself? is this your way for coping from your lonetard ridden life?

Stop it. Get some help, kys samenigger

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Based. It's probably the same schizo who samefagged 30 fucking times in that kiara anti thread and got called out by the meidos.

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I'm not a chumbud, but from an educated guess I feel as if it would significantly damage hololive, It's not a flex to argue that Gura is the spirit of EN, obviously her genmates are significant parts of it too, but in the early days of EN it was pretty obvious she was pulling her gen mates through their dynamics and fun collabs

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Listen buddy gura had 4 Chanel who care if she quit she will just add another and be popular again she dont need hololive

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How much do you wanna bet that if that happened, a sizeable portion of cumbuds wouldn't even know about it.

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Just add lilypichu in hololive and we have another gawr gura its not this hard

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Hololive had great chemistry before EN was even a thing.

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>>amelia leaves in solidarity
Fuck yes this please. Then she can go back to playing boomer shooters again.

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because its newfag and redditor central?

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>add a disingenuous whore

ogey retard

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>not realizing and following her
You cant be this delusional

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Bro, most cumbuds don't even know what Hololive is, they wouldn't even know a new gen debuted.

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not for EOP's anon, not for EOP's

if Cover wants to dominate the market, they gotta tap into that market, its not up to debate that Gura is a great apparatus to tapping into the huge market, but the only problem is that Gura is nerfing herself too much recently

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Fake ass high-pitched loli voice vs authentic loli voice from a bratty womanchild.
No Gura cant be replaced by lilypichu

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>how much will you bet that cumbuds wont know
Despite of all the memes that Gura is boring (due to her not doing anything creative recently), Gura has a definitive personality that gives a tell to viewers

I unveiled Gura's past identity just from her debut stream, You are an actual retard anon, consider suicide

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They will tell each other on social networks and find her just like the last time.
Gura is more popular than HER, and we already know what happened.

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You want a prize anon? Literally everyone knew from the moment the thumbnail was uploaded

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>They will tell each other on social networks and find her just like the last time.
>Gura is more popular than HER, and we already know what happened

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>I agree with you anon
>Do you want a prize

I don't get the point of this point, do you want to get called retarded? I'll do it again anon

You're a retard, go kill yourself, preferably with your family and (imaginary) friends

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Zomcuck this is a gura thread, go take your soijacks and childpron elsewhere

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Do you really think Gura is going to leave over something like this bad rigging job that will eventually be fixed? I'm sure she is very thankful of the opportunities that Hololive has given her since she wasn't really that big before Hololive. Sure she had a million subs but those were mainly people subbing because of "haha funny meme song". When she actually streamed she barely got any viewers. She loves what she is doing now and she loves her genmates.

If she did just up and leave over something like this it would do a ton of damage to hololive and it would basically destroy any hopes they have of sustained western expansion. They will not be able to gain back the good will of the fans if such a thing happened.

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Bro why are you so mad, this thread is pure bait, I'm not even the same guy

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That's not the OP's question pajeet, read OP's post again then reply, I know you guys don't have toilet papers up there but I assume you can read from all the book pages you're using for your asshole

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my bad, I can't distinguish retards from one another, sorry mate

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Depending on how she leaves, it can range from mild panic to full blown Hololive hate. The core Hololive audience will stay though because its a community built on the JP talents. If a JP talent leaves though, you can bet that /vt/ will be unusable for a year. See how most people reacted on Aloe leaving. Multiply that a hundred times and that will be 1% of the reaction a major JP talent leaving can do.

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OP's question is retarded, anyone responding to this thread and the other 5 threads with the same question seriously is a retard too

>> No.3444199

>I've realized my mental incapacity
>hence I'll blame OP

Pajeet listen, I want you to rape your dog, Kill it, Eat it, then kill yourself, that's the only way to redeem your garbage posts. People on this already mentally degrading board suffer frontal lobe deterioration, and your slash of tardism made it amplify by 10 notches. Please anon, consider suicide, or at the very least kill someone in your shithole country just to compensate

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Easy there zhang, it's just a post

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just remind you that she's on contract
can't leave for stupid shit

>> No.3444305

the assumption is that she doesn't renew it

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Anon let's be frank, Gura is shit, no one gives a fuck about her, it'll probably be a day or two that people care then people would forget after like that magnet girl from VOMS

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This is another one, despite similar methodology. Will still never be Japanese or in hololive OR noticed by pinkwhore.

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I want to fuck gura so bad bros, UUUUUUOOOOOOHHHH

>> No.3445538

Deadbraps thought that Calli has finally been rewarded for her hard work, and then she gets trounced by cunny anyway.

>> No.3446169

so you admit she's more popular, and by her presence alone it can get threads to be much active?

>> No.3446283

I'll be honest; Never watched a Gura video before. Everyone but her. No real reason.

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Neck yourself retard!

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There was once a nation that almost went into civil war just because ONE FARMER SHOVE A BOTTLE UP HIS BUTTHOLE
Do not underestimate the power of a butterfly effect

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>but in the early days of EN it was pretty obvious she was pulling her gen mates through their dynamics and fun collabs
I can almost believe chumbuds are delusional enough for this to not be bait.

>> No.3446540

yes? why do you crave for validation this much, nigger? my point was that your shit thread is full of plebbit tourists and it still stands

>> No.3446558

How about you retard neck yourself first?

>> No.3446643

the dude said global threads are much more active than hlg. you just bring up vague words in your pathetic attempt to move the goalpost. regardless whoever posts there, it doesn't change the fact that it's still much more faster than your anti thread.

>> No.3446685

>regardless whoever posts there
>enabling newfags to post without lurking 100 years
kill yourself

>> No.3446744

>d-doesn't count
can you be more pathetic than this? stop embarassing yourself

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>if Cover wants to dominate the market
What do you mean that Cover doesn't dominate the market already?

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Vshojo dominates EN market while Nijisanji dominates the JP market

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>Surely Gura is not that significant right?
None of us are. The president of the US will be, and has been, replaced in hours. The same goes for literally everyone.

>Hypothetically speaking how much damage would it do to HoloLive?
None. They'd probably get a boost out of it because of the controversy. Gura probably introduced tens of thousands to vtubers and if she left they wouldn't leave with her, they'd just find a new vtuber they like.

>> No.3447913

>Vshojo dominates EN market
bro literally no one watches them

>> No.3447928

Keep dreaming seaniggers

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What if gura died?

>> No.3448041

Depends on why she leaves. If she just doesn't re-up for another year and fucks off without saying anything only to reincarnate again most people would just write it off as her being kind of flakey and get over it.

If she speaks up and confirms a lot of the crazy conspiracy theories like Cover not letting her do a 1M celebration, not letting her do collabs, having special rules for her that don't apply to other ENs, that she protested her rigger but was forced to accept it anyway ect it could turn a lot of English speaking fans against Hololive and just create a lot of drama in general.

>> No.3448044

>implying seanigs watch vshojo
Google search analytics says otherwise.

>> No.3448050

How about you die?

>> No.3448112

Hololive would be fine. Its greatest strength is how much the talents (pretend to) care about each other moreso than any individual talent. It would take more than half of the top tier talents leaving (Fubuki, Aqua, Korone, Pekora, Marine, Rushia, Coco, Gura, and Calli) to really damage the brand.

There would definitely be a shitstorm in the short term though.

>> No.3448158

Make me

>> No.3448223

>no it wasn't one of our idots! it was a falsflag!
disgusting vermin

>> No.3448890

Considering her subs are gaijans that popular for hololive? Heard she had an old v-tuber design and hit one million subs. V-shojo would take her they are not as corporate feeling as nijisanji or hololive.

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i have made something for you fags! i wanted to put some more effort into it but the disgust at the retards made me hit the bottle harder than i wanted.
heres the stream, feel free to use ytfilter to find more of your amazing pals! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_ohLYmIXhk

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whoops uploaded the last screangrab instead of the collection!

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Only thing hololive corporate niggers will complain about if this happens is not having an idol that is either in the top 2 with kizuna AI or Gura because nijisanji and v-shojo have them.

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