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Why are EOPs still so obsessed with her?

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seethr nijinigger

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I'm really prone to saviorfagging

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I have no attachment to the person; I don't even know what she sounds like. The design is really good though and it's a shame that it has been wasted. Better to let Delta use it unless it gives her PTSD or something.

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stop projecting EOP

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Hololive was getting really big at the time 5th generation came up. There was a lot of hype at the time about the 5th generation, and so when she suddenly had to graduate it was probably especially painful given all the hype.

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I don't know what an EOP is but she was my favorite debut of that gen and I loved the songs she did. What happened to her kinda killed my hype for the whole gen and I rarely watch anything from them except the occasional Polka or Nene clip.

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It's nostalgia for things that never been but could have, plus for many gen5 was thier first new branch or the first graduation.
t. ESL-kun

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English Only Peasant. Don't worry OP doesn't know either or he is just that retarded and newfag

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>It's nostalgia for things that never been but could have.
You mean delusions anon, she's an empty vessel people can put everything that comes into their schizo heads into because there is nothing to say otherwise.

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I heard her Charles Cover and I'm sad that such a singing talent left Hololive. I'm still supporting Triangle because her music is great.

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Delta love! Stream already you fuck

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they dont care about her they just care about the brand name she streams under. her real fans are supporting delta instead of attentionwhoring with aloe love posts

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I think she's going to stream this Monday.

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t. saviorfag

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Succubi are fucking hot

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Imagine her tail wraped around your dick

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it's okay because she's coming back

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She could've come back. Cover has no reason not to welcome her back. She left out of her own volition and some people here literally cannot comprehend why she wouldn't want to be part of Hololive.

Monetary issues aside, she's happier as an indie, if you ever liked her and not just aloe, then continue to watch her as triangle.

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They want to feel like a savior for once in their lives

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I never even knew her apart from 1 stream but

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saviorfagging for someone else helps me forget about my own shitty life that no one would bother saving.

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No anon, a lot of people around the world really tried to hel Aloe and a lot of them sticked after graduation.

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Fanbox only.

She's a cute little autist who just really enjoys singing.

Here have her short Usseewa Cover

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If you couldnt read the room, I never cared about her, and still don`t.

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I don't care.

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Dumb sex poster

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Missed opportunity for lots and lots of lewds. You can't say Aloe isn't made specifically for sex.

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Seriously her roommate literally encourages people to draw lewds of her characters.

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EOPs are obsessed with whores, because she never did anything they made up in their minds that she would be the designated Holowhore and obsess over her based on that. Saviorfags really need to do the world a favor and kill themselves

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Stop projecting

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Show us the way. Be the change you want to see in the world and take the first leap! Be an example anon!

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It is your obligation as a western man to save the cute japanese ladies from the oppressive japanese man.

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Saviorfags autism.

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And she likes and retweets lewds of her avatar

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Fuck off to /vg/ Liznigger- oh wait...

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She just wants sex.

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A canonical 15 yo sex demon was taken from us. What did we do to deserve this

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She's fucking hot. Also the collabs between Aloe and Shion would have been the ultimate mesugaki and kusogaki collab.

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her design is hot as hell, was genuinely mad when she departed

don't know who the chuuba behind it was, don't care, but we lost one amazing design

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if i memorized one kanji for every breast envy picture i've seen, i'd know japanese by now

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She's sexy in the kind of used up western whore way, which is why she graduated in the first place

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>be a dumb slut zoomer
>mom doesn't care about you
>you step dad sexually assault you daily
>still have time to be a slut in the internet
>have multiple boyfriends
>do offpeko with strangers in the internet
>literally slut, get money when doing offpeko
>try to be an utaite in twitcast
>fail at it
>made a few connections with others failed utaites
>hop in the vtuber trending wagon
>create a vtuber and stream in twitcast
>get through nepotism in hololive 5th gen
>so dumb that you fucked up in the second week
>management tell you to take a break and wait for the shit storm to pass
>haters realize you use your 2Dlive avatar even before your debut
>haters realize you trash talk nijisanji and others vtubers companies without any fucking proof
>haters realize you are a complete slut and find your boyfriend
>literally quit because your boyfriend is getting harassed online
>boyfriend realize you are a slut and dump you
>go back to your parents house
>get raped again and again
>become a run away again and start to live with friends
>you realize that retards from overseas got attached to you for some strange reason and they have savior complex
>milk them their money by doing bad covers with autotune
>spend that money in parties and with your friends, not even save for a place to live
>in the process of that you realize that you formed a parasocial relationship with your viewers
>they are the closest to a father figure for a dumb slut like you
>you are the closest to a girlfriend figure for them because they dumb incels

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How to have SEX with the CEO OF SEX

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makes them feel like they belong

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Such a waste of a good design, probably one of my favourites in Hololive.

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This is a picture of a guy, isnt it

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no wonder shes a menhera

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Pure unadultered truth

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Wtf I only had this version, thanks Lizbro

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Dude, not on the face.

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Imagine being obsessed with a character that had 3 streams

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>a character that had 3 streams
>he doesn't know

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I like her voice
like Sakura Ayane but more pleasant

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no, you stupid faggot, it's not. she graduated because her shitpiece stepfather threatened physical harm if she didn't. do your fucking reps, you unflushed turd.

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she didn't leave of her own volition. she left because of threat of imminent physical injury from a psycho who was putting his fist through walls while pushing her and her mom around. you are correct in that cover has no reason to not welcome her back, but realistically she's built up enough as delta that she'd be losing out by going back, no matter how much people might like to see holofive reunited. I understand her choice, given the efforts she's put in; nobody likes to throw their work in the trash. sad as it is for me, I'd rather she do what she feels like. I just wish people would stop huffing rrats and badmouthing her when we know the truth, straight from her mouth. granted, this is 4chan, and faggotry is the traditional past time, but holy shit, people need to get a life.

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It's no use trying to have a conversation with a mentally ill kid that only comes here to shitpost

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The character not the streamer. Go support tri and stop obsessing over the 3 stream failure suckubus

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If Hololive was a JRPG, Aloe would be the badass guest party member who either betrays you or dies.

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Anon the only reason we're hear is to hit him with the faggot bat. They are literally time warping right now because everything is going really well for her and so they are forced to go back to August 2020 for any relevant shit to post.

These are the same fags who insist any minute now Mori is graduating from hololive and she is going to collab with Charlie. The Chicken said nigga so they are all moving to their next home for a week.

Also seriously this fag makes an Aloe thread every weekend probably to line up with Shitpost Review so he can stir more shit up.

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>go support this girl because of 3 boring streams

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>a desperate momey-grubbing whore would never make up a story for sympathy from her retarded simps
You really are perfect for her, anon, a chuuba who isn't a used up cumdumpster would be wasted on a gullible retard like yourself

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>I regularly browse this board and still don't think that anyone (much less these autists) can be irrationally hateful or bitter enough to do these things


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>73 posts
>55 IPs

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>74 posts
>55 IPs

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I just will always have respect for the CEO

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