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Give me your best Hololive memes!
Other VTubers welcome as well.

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It's official!

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if it were reddit there would be more shilling

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Reddit doesn't accept criticism of chuubas.

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this image makes me want to beat the shit out of kiara

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This board is where all the redditards come to be toxic as its not allowed on their subreddit

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you have to go back

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When did Kiara say the N word?

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she was singing a rap song it doesnt count.

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Honestly, the only thing I get out of this nigger debacle is that Kiara's woke bullshit was entirely performative and not at all sincere which is way funnier than any joke she's ever told.

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>Kiara's woke bullshit was entirely performative and not at all sincere
It's that way for literally everyone.

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i'm assuming at least the actual trannies believe it.

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4chin was the real face behind reddit all along.

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>n word
You mean nigga or nigger?

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this is what happens when you don't gatekeep harder

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They're the same word. Niggers just can't pronounce the letter R and made people think there are two distinct words.

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Eh, I'll give you the first two but not the last one. Mika's nigger is blessed.

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>better than Miko
She did it first, and she didn't apologize.

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wtf i love kiara now

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Im a newfag to vtubers
how does one act toxic in this community, what do you have to do to be labeled as toxic

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Take one good look at the catalog and viola

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Meme of the year de~su

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Saying anything negative about any vtuber is enough to be called "toxic" by redditards

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cumbuds prepare to be blasted

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The demonstration clips of the other girls really shits on Gura's. I can't imagine her avatar ever doing the stuff Amelia's could.

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>Mumbles every word except nigger

Well I guess any publicity is good publicity, right?

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redpill me on this right now

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>actual trannies

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>n word
You can just say nigger, you know? You stupid redditcattle twittertranny.

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Say a mean thing, KFP faggots are notoriously thin-skinned and paranoid since their chuuba is so retarded and unpopular

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This made me laugh thanks for that.

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Anonymously reply to yourself 30 times in a thread to make it look like more people hate a Vtuber than what actually do

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Coco made this post

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That's not hololive, but I forgive you

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Gura and Kiara are easy, but what about the other three?

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I hope you and all the people who uploaded memes in this thread would die

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Ina is the flat one, Watson has boobs and light skin, which leaves Cali in the middle.

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UUUOOOHHHH simulator

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> "N-no...! Teamates stop! You can't do this!"

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I'm not going to ignore her saying that after what she did to my Subaru.

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Self explanatory

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>The cover is going down
you blew it

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middle is Ina, Eldrich horrorpussy, left should be mori since twerking wiggers are for anal, leaves 4 for ame I guess.

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watch a group of pretend anime girls (ostensibly for fun) and then somehow manage to get angry or bitter about them

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It's an anti-rrat measure, can't be too realistic.

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I've watched this video more times than Heart Challenger.

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Neither does 99% of this board

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Pretty much anything that occurs on this board.

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>copyright claim

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That will just enrage the SEAs. This ride is far from over.

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Unironically this

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>says the n word better than miko

Bullshit, (you) me when she isn't apologizing for it

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We even have the same rules, isn't this great

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it was copyright god damn

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But does she pronounce decade as d'cade?

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I'll give you Mel, Mousey and Silver but fuck the rest of those dumb whores.

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Wtf I love Kiara now

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kinda cringe

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>realize that I tower over shuba and I'm not even that tall
I can't, bros...

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She also did it twice.

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That nigga dead or sleeping?

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Just being lazy

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Is it just me or does her apology seem like she's just making fun of it?

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Well, yes, she is. Dropping N-bombs and getting away with it is one of the great joys of modern streaming.

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this all underaged "le epic ironic" trash

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She's also not American so it's not nearly as big of a deal to her

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Typical SJW. Everything is a joke to them until someone drops the hammer on them for a change. Then it's tons of boohoo I'm the victim.

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I mean it's telling the truth in a round about way.
Kiara has literally nothing of her own, she just steals from more popular chuubas.

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Which makes it easy to spot the americans. They must make a deal out of it. Embarrassment junkies.

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It's actually a great apology for that very reason. She apologizes but doesn't make a big deal out of it or act like she did something genuinely horrible, so no one perceives it that way.

>> No.3547703

It's not that they "must" make a big deal about it, it's a bigger deal to them because of the country's history with it. It's like Nazi jokes/references in Germany vs. everywhere else.

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God Bless Fred Willard.

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What's wrong with Bunny_gif? She isn't a whore

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Election tourist.

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this one makes no sense to me

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>seaniggers spend days creating threads ragging on ollie
>gura cat rigging debacle
>kiara says nigga on stream
>kfp in chaos
You did this to yourselves. Call it karma.

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I think you need stronger meds

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Does someone have that compilation of the guy ordering Aqua's Starbucks order?

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But does she say it better than ESAM?

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nyanners is anti-loli

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The way she said it was much worse than how other holos say it, however the fact that she specifically chose to say MY NIGGAS even though she was muttering 99% of the lyrics gives it a 10x bonus points multiplier

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I think because she knows her audience doesnt give a shit and just finds it funny. SJWs hate vtubers to begin with and wouldnt be watching kiara.

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among us

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Who's upper middle slut?

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Holy based.

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One random anon in /hlgg/ mentioned being only good at reading music with Alto Clef.

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KFPs make me hate Kiara more while Kiara antis make me like her more. What's up with that?

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>KFPs make me hate Kiara more while Kiara antis make me like her more. What's up with that?

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You seem pretty happy with that post

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Someone post these to reddit review

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