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Is Nobuhime's dango video the best video that a VTuber has ever done?

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raise your standards

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literally no one in existence can beat this

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me :)

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I love this memer

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Fennec, fennec..

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Some ancient VTuber who retired a long time ago never to be seen again. She did some weird-ass video where she ate a dango really loudly, I have no idea what she was thinking, like keep your mouth shut while you're chewing your food. She sounded like she was having trouble eating it too. What the fuck is difficult about eating dango?

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she probably is fat

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yagoochama ur meds...

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Nobuhime? Oh, you mean that character Polka's voice actor used to play? It's pretty good, yeah.

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>voice actor
go back

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Isn't this a reference to Gundam?

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>Nobuhime? Oh, you mean that character Polka's voice actor used to play? It's pretty good, yeah

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For me, it's the gamebu black company exposure video which became true in the end

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I was instinctively going to say no, but having watched it just now, goddamn yes.

I always thought her tank engine dance cover was good too.

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>her tank engine dance cover
Link to this?

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Not even close

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Thank you, I've been wondering the source stream for that video for a very long time.

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Ark isn't interesting

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Your reps newfag. Do them

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blessed moment that will go down throughout history

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You know what is interesting? You eating my ass.

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No, you fucking moron.

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I'm gonna post it on the Gundam board anyway and see what they say.

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Probably this.

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nothing more based than this 8 hour long math speedrunning session

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I see this title is in English. How come VTubers don't do that anymore where they title the videos in English?

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I like this one.

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Gwelu Os Gar creeps me out.

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Why? Isn't he just a Vtuber otaku who memed so hard he got accepted into 2324?

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Orga dying is a big meme in japan

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I dunno, I guess something about his model and his voice. Apparently he's a normie with a wife and child? Maybe that's what creeps me out.

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Yeah, that's what I thought it was. Why did the other guy say it wasn't Gundam?

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He's got a family but I absolutly wouldn't call him a normie. He knows more about Vtubers than about 99% of this board combined.

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99% not including me maybe

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That's why it's 99 not 100 he's at turbo Autist levels.

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I love her intro so much.

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There is only one creature on earth that can eat dango better than a woman, and that's a boy dressed as a girl.

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I can't really give Tamaki credit for simply ripping off Nobuhime's idea.

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If I ever become a VTuber though, I think I will deepthroat a dango in my first video, just to get the views rolling. I'm male BTW.

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quit clowning around

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This is married women btw

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What the fuck are you doing?

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Don't dox, you idiot.

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probably expected you to use your brain since the beginning of the reply chain is linking to chima singing a gundam song

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I miss this couple
Please come back Haruto...

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Sounds like Porka

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Stop doxxing normie slut!
Chihiro AWAY!!

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I need more of these

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No, what you need, sir, is BANJO FINGER POWERHOUSE.

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Where do VTubers get all that generic clipart that all of them seem to use? It looks like it must all come from the same source because it always has that art style.

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Here you go you degenerate.

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I don't get it, it's the same video?

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My fucking dick. Imagine her riding you, making that same sound, except accompanied by the rhythmic creaking and squeaking of your bead.

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Keep us updated if you ever do it

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There would be only one creak because the springs in the mattress would break from the strain.

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Are the One Piece ones really legal to use?

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This one is the earliest dango eating ASMR credited to her. She was still working out the kinks I think, so keep your expectations low.

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Never kept up with 2434, why did she graduate?

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Kusomanagement would not let her do collabs or the content she wanted to do. Something about not wanting to be a circus like hololive

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there are too many newfags that assume that if a chuuba isn't a holo then she's niji.

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The really concerning part is that they know enough to make the 2434 joke but still manage to make such a stupid assumption.

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She is in Hololive though?

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God what I'd give for her to ride me.

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she graduated last year anon...

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no, he's right, she's in hololive

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What? Damn it. Another great VTuber lost, never to be heard from again.

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>Nobuhime's comment is pinned
I wonder what happened between these two that's why they aren't following each other now.

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I still wanna see her collab with Mea again

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If only there were some way these legends could get a 2nd chance....

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I assume nothing. Tamaki fucking loved Nobuhime almost more than I've seen any chuba love someone. She's probably just giving her space to maintain the illusion.

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i don't see nobuhime there

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Click the show more option you dummy. She's there, or what's left of her sanity anyways.

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Stop clowning

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What is this? Is it literally them burning through mathematics?

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Learn Japanese and find out.

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I think I speak for all of us when I say that this is not as funny as you seem to think it is.

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But it's the way Hime would have wanted it, she was dropping hints left and right before the graduation. Have you seen her new twitter and the way she drops hints in her streams? It's the worst keep secret on /vt.

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Imagine thinking hime wouldn't like her old fanbase back

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I don't think she does anything specific to hint it aside from being the same person, it's more about your way to interpert things in favor that confirms your hypothesis.

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>Gets all her old friends and collab partners to like and hype her new debut stream.
>Gets doxxed by CEO of dox and does not even bat a eye
>Caught on Moona's stream logging into holoserver as nobuhime
>Purposefully makes in game avatar that looks identical to her roommate.
>Purposefully likes fan art that has spoilers in it that link her to her roommate.
>Continues to do all the same old sponsored content that she use to do with the same sponsors.
The list goes on.

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That moona stream shit is fake and gay. People have linked to the exact frame that the screenshot uses on here multiple times.

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Even if it was fake you can look up the account history for minecraft and you can see that they are linked to the same user.

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>>Gets all her old friends and collab partners to like and hype her new debut stream.
Where is my Tamaki collab then?

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>Caught on Moona's stream logging into holoserver as nobuhime
I want to see this

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>Continues to do all the same old sponsored content that she use to do with the same sponsors.
Bunch of other girls did it. Sponsors collab with Hololive, nothing exclusive to her. Only natural that companies that used to collab with one vtuber agency now collab with another.

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I still wonder anon, but Tamaki is the first who joined member of polka's bilibili account when she first debut.

I still hope one day , 2 of them can collab normally like the last time they met.

Even Matsuri and Hero reincarnated also done collab already.

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This video is Nobuhime's magnum opus.

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>So bloo bloo bloo? So doo boo doo?
Fuck off

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That's again just you interperting facts in favor of your hypothesis. There are more simple ways to explain it. She likely doesn't even know you can see hystory of used names, and could just be in a hurry when she needed to use it for the first time and went with what she had.

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I am going to scream if people.

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I'm people, scream now.

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