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I don't give a fuck!
I don't give a fuck!

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i hate kiara but that was based

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Kiara, you are getting desperate for attention again.

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i thought i loved kiara, i cannot support a racist in good faith.

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i thought i hated kiara, i will support a racist in good faith.

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how can you not love german chimken

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wtf I would have said based but I hate orange chicken so I'm basically a twitter woketard now. omg cancellation when?!

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because a german bigot getting popular is never a good sign

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and never come back

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>because a german bigot getting popular is never a good sign

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I literally membered her as soon as I saw the clip, sorry Kiara I should had known that the "woke Kiara" was an act, I'll never doubt you again

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Why did she decide to sing it anyways

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either this board is filled entirely with redditors or you guys are just reaching for shit at this point.

none of you actually give a fuck she said nigga, you just want reasons to hate some chubba who made it bigger than you,grow up

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>What a fucking nigger

What did she mean by this?

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I'm out of the loop when did she say the gamer word?

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And why she don't read the lyrics before?

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Sang a song with "nigga" in the lyrics, immediately realized the mistake, and anons are fake outraged acting like she's one of the streamers dropping casual n words all over the place

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She was rapping so it's okey

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Nice, now that she's the most loved vtuber on 4chan cause of that, there won't be 5 hate threads about her every day.

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>because a german bigot getting popular is never a good sign

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So was that other guy.

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Austrians are germans.

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you have to be over 18 to post here

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oi u got a loicense m8

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I'm aware

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When did it become bad to say nigga when quoting song lyrics? I dinstinctly remember a time when people didn't give a shit about that.

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I'll tell you what changed. Black lives started mattering.
We need to get the message out to Kiara that what she did was the equivalent of assault on millions of innocent African-Americans.

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You should really limit these kinds of posts to trolling /pol/ rather than shitting up a board I actually use.

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>When did it become bad to say nigga when quoting song lyrics?
It’s not. Context matters. However, if person is simply using a situation to harm a streamer they dislike (cancel culture), then they don’t care.

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I love how she didn't bother properly saying any words other than nigger, really got her priorities straight!

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You better

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