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Why the fuck is nepotism accepted at Hololive? How is everyone ok with it?

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A Touhou thread died for this.

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2021? /vt/? Wake up

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It's the "ESL don't know what negotiations is" timeloop

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You mean back when this was a super small company and was nothing more than a hobby group? No shit its just them bringing in their friends?

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Nepotism produces the best gen so obviously Cover needs more nepotism hired.
If I remember correctly, Pekora was hired due to Miko's recommendation as well.

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It's called networking and having connections, you fucking NEET

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Literally the best girls were all connected somehow. It's accepted because it works and shows results. Gamers are some of the best and most recognizable of the Holos period. By going with known performers you can reduce there chance of getting boring additions that won't go anywhere like Aki, Mel, ect

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The only people that have actually applied to hololive and got selected by a normal process are


The rest got there by connections from people that were already at hololive or got personally scouted, like Ina, Botan or Noel.

Most holos are old friends from their NND days when they were failed streamers or utaites

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wait, if fubuki and mio are the same age does this mean fubuki is a hag?

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How many companies have you started?

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How new are you?

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Gee whiz, why would you choose people who others in your company can vouch for instead of taking a risk that the person you interviewed is an insane chronic liar. Keeping Kiara out of HoloJP is a testament to how effective this kind of recruiting is

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Yeah she's in her late 40's married and has 3 kids

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Have never worked in my life

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Some of the ones that interviewed and were accepted are: Noel, Subaru, Watame, Nenechi (passed after the 4th attempt), Lamy(?).

For EN, Gura/Ina were scouted. I think Mori was scouted too. Not sure about Kiara. Ame was the only literal who.

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nepotism isn't intrinsically bad
How did Gura and Kiara got in? as far they told, they auditioned like everyone else

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Anon lacks critical information..

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Gura got scouted, Kiara got trough nepotism, she knew people from inside.

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Okayu is the only nonhag in Gamers.

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What a surprise.

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Suisei didn't have a connection or scouted. Then again, she got in through the back door of INNK.

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>Gura got scouted
did she? I don't recall Gura saying she was scouted when she talked about her audition

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Underrated pic.

You're thinking of cronyism.

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I've been taught nepotism is a mortal sin, is it not?

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No, but sloth is a mortal sin.

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Anon, unless you just joined /vt/, you're quite retarded to take for granted anything said here

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This isn't nepotism. Usually when starting up a new business, you look to those around you before recruiting strangers. This minimizes risk during a company's most vulnerable period.

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no, not necessarily

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Luna didn't have any friends in Hololive until she joined

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If you naively believe what so-called upstanding adult said then yes. But reality don’t work that way

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>you're quite retarded to take for granted anything said here
but I wasn't taking it for granted, that's why I asked. Now, I am quite retarded indeed but for different reasons

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luna got in through pure merit.
sugoii runa.

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luna got scouted from nijisanji

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Half of these don’t even make any sense.
t. Touhoufag

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but she still had to audition right?
she didnt really have much going on at nijinsanji after all

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Aren't we all quite retarded at the end of the day? That's how I see it.

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Luna and Kiara both have extended history in their fields. Luna's got a reincarnation list longer than a Hispanic kid's name and Kiara's roommate has a history in various Japanese entertainment industries, including idolshit do your fucking archive reps.
They weren't scouted but Cover's not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Nah, I'm retarded all day.

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Networking is literally the backbone of every industry ever. Why take a risk on a complete unknown when a trusted person can vouch for someone?

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Really makes you think when people talk about "Cover is good at scouting people"

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subaru got in properly.

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Chemistry makes collaborations more entertaining. Hiring people you already know isn't inherently bad, when knowing them increases the quality of your product.

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How does that fit with the lore?

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Don't be an idiot, Fubuki is 19. She'll celebrate her majority by finally doing a drinking stream this october.

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of course not. Also, Marine is 17

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Mio got in through application. She never shared about knowing Fubuki not until she got in. The Gamers lore of Fubuki inviting Mio and inviting Korone and Okayu over after meeting them in an arcade is supposed to be the lore behind the Gamers group. That's it. Korone is actually the one that got in because she was recommended probably by Okayu. She was pretty well known already NND anyways.
I think only Miko, Noel, Korone and Polka got in without being interviewed.

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with me

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If someone got in because of influence, it would probably be Reine and Anya. Reine was an okay utaite and Anya was a nobody. She's horrible at streaming and it shows that she's never done it. There's like hundreds of Indie ID vtubers, and you get the least to no experience whatsoever. Hhhmmmm....

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>do your fucking archive reps
Luna's reincarnations is a overblown meme at this point, which you should know if you actually did your archive reps. And her or Kiara's experiences still have nothing to do with nepotism.

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>Chemistry makes collaborations more entertaining
Chemistry is the key word here. It's probably actually the only thing it's all about. Nijisanji did the same thing with Sasaki, Shiina, Lize, Ange, Nui, etc. who were all part of the same incestuous group on Nico beforehand along with other girls like Korone and Okayu. Calling it nepotism is missing the point entirely, what they're doing instead is absorbing small independent circles who already have experience doing this kind of work together instead of recruiting newbies on an individual basis.

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A lot of these can be improved cause they’re either off or wrong

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>nepotism isn't intrinsically bad

it is when jews are involved

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That's cronyism and its basically how a majority of hiring is done it's why networking is so important just having someone vouch that you aren't a piece of shit is a huge boost to the application process.

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Made me laugh

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This anon is the newests

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Flare is somehow the youngest in Bakatare

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You have to be 18 or over to post here.

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God ZUNart is arousing

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Welcome to real life. Career is about connections in the right places.

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I think it helps here more than it hurts. You can't exactly audition talents for how good their chemistry will be with each other. Being part of a good network always demonstrates the ability to be a good networker, it is difficult to show off the former in isolation because why would a good networked not be in a good group? Things like Mori and Takanashi having the potential to be friends probably was a plus, I wouldn't even be surprised if they knew each other beforehand.
「Good。」ZUN LOVE though

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why else did you think she was into shotas?

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This post was made by an hololive reject.

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I mean, there's tons of people who were into shota/loli while they were underage and then continued to like it.

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Ame was brought in by Gura

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>nepotism gen
>chemistry so good they set the template for future gen interactions
>members acting as a close knit group becomes a huge selling point and brings growth for almost everyone

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I'm not sure what I'm more surprised of, Mio being the same age as Fubuki (I thought Miosha was 2-3 years older) or the voice disparity between then and now.

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Missing Subaru, Gura, Kiara, Matsuri, and All of ID (and CN).

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Boring low IQ schizo rrat garbage like this is why this board is unfunny and can't actually even have any meme. Your unfunny chinky rrat garbage is really fucking forced and some tasteless cretins here actually find it fun. Reddit probably is actually much more creative and less circlejerk'd at this point.

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Gura Kiara and most on ID were all recommended and given interviews without applying

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The entire planet works entirely off of nepotism. The sooner you realize this the less angry you'll be. Start networking young zoomer.

>> No.3662324

true my fellow redditor we need to go back there and never look back there's nothing but garbage here

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Literally the best fucking decision that Cover ever made. Miko may have sparked the flame that got the fire started, but Korone was the workhorse that kept the fire fed and grew it.

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>How did Gura and Kiara got in?
Not the same anon you replied too, but if you seriously don't understand how either of these two got in, you need to do your archive reps then newfag.

You could not have chosen some of the most obvious two holos that got a much easier in than others.

>> No.3662600

Something tells me: Niijisanji is the exact opposite, which explains their high graduation rate.

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You retards still dont know what nepotism is

>> No.3666226


>not yatchie

>fanart pic

>not doremi

I could dig chammers, luna, gura, kiara and mori thou

>> No.3666320

Yeah it's really obvious with Anya, half the times she's just there

>> No.3666470

Any favorable bias towards family/friends can be considered nepotism/cronyism. There are many degrees of severity between preferring a qualified individual who you personally know (which can have a lot of benefits) and something like Amy Pascal.

>> No.3666498

pretty sure Noel was invited/scouted.

>> No.3666511

It’s worked out fine so I don’t see the problem and why you’re being a little faggot. Remember anons, when you want to comment on shit threads like this but don’t want to bump them, type sage into the options bar

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this confirm the doxx where fubuki is a hag of the same age as mio

>> No.3666656

Who was Gura recommended by? Coco?

>> No.3666739

probably by enma which is a gamer herself.

>> No.3666762

Literally bullshit. None of EN was scouted.

>> No.3668089

20 something is not hag

>> No.3668132

Are you implying Mio is a 20 something? You're in for a pleasant surprise.

>> No.3668702

Always has been

>> No.3668747 [DELETED] 

Fubuki is more than confirmed to be on her 30’s. Still younger than Mio.

>> No.3668749

It makes sense to recruit other vtubers based on friendships. Makes it much easier to collab

>> No.3668771

nepotism is everywhere, it's a facet of life you have to accept

>> No.3668822

No, it's called scouting out. Fubuki knew talent when she saw it and siezed upon it. Nepotism is getting underqualified people into positions they don't deserve. OkaKoro have a past and Fubuki knew em.

>> No.3668931

Can believe Reine cuz of actually making doxxniggers shit themselves but how Anya maybe need to do some reps on that

>> No.3668939 [DELETED] 

She met them at an arcade. I imagine she eventually found out they where also vtubers and invited both of them. Honestly it’s no wonder Fubuki’s importance is on similar level as Sora. She helped make Hololive popular worldwide and single-handedly formed a power house gen.

>> No.3668951

Kanatan btfo all her "friends" who want to exploit her to get in. Hololive is the only "family" she have now.

>> No.3668999

Nepotism is literally how Jews, Chinese and diaspora success in western world. Dont fall for muh meritocracy or diversity meme. Embrace Nepotism.

>> No.3669055

Don't be naive, nepotism is how almost every business works. It's only really frowned upon in public offices.

>> No.3669076

This is what you need to know:
Now I'm not saying you should hire solely based on race like some are, but if you ever find yourself in the position to hire someone, it is not a bad idea to go through your list of contacts first before you hire someone unproven. They should be competent first and foremost though.

>> No.3669088

Kanata is a good girl. I wouldn't be surprised if her "friends" weren't really good to her to begin with.

>> No.3669504

Cover is Japanese

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>> No.3669868

And we don't have to.

>> No.3669889


>omg cancel this how is this acceptable?

how the fuck did /vt/ become woke twitter?

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Don't forget that Sora (first idol) and A-chan (first mod) were literally classmates.
Cover is riddled with corruption and nepotism.

>> No.3669928

Because it's false

>> No.3670042

is this bait? since A-chan helped her to arrange schedule and streaming properties, because Sora is too young at that time

>> No.3670058

>Not Hecatia

>> No.3670173

It worked out for everyone didn't it?

>> No.3670199

Nepotism isn't illegal in Japan. That being said even if it was, it's one of those things that's impossible to enforce because it's so easy to bullshit an excuse as to why you hired the person.

>> No.3670696

There are places where it's illegal?

>> No.3670876

There's two versions of that story, either it is 100% true and Sora is just as young as A-Chan or it is actually true but their youth is long gone and Sora has been trying FOR YEARS to get an Idol gig and just recently got the VTuber one and had to get her old tech-savvy school friend A-Chan for help.

It's cute anyways.

>> No.3670901

There's two versions of that story, either it is 100% true and Sora is just as young as A-Chan or it is actually true but their youth is long gone and Sora has been trying FOR YEARS to get an Idol gig and just recently got the VTuber one and had to get her old tech-savvy school friend A-Chan for help.

It's cute anyways.

>> No.3670975

It's no high graduation rate when they have tons of members. In fact, Holopro has a higher rate as they have less members but 11 graduations.

>> No.3671037

If you are counting HoloCN, they don't count. They are called termination. Those girls fucked themselves in the ass. Only real graduation in Hololive is Aloe. Holostars is another department altogether.

>> No.3671077

HoloCN termination was such a shitshow, the girls inmediately backstabbed each other after sperging like crazy for an entire day.

>> No.3671190

Considering Nepotism got them the Gamers and fucking Pekora if what I'm reading is correct than it's honestly a good thing that they should keep going since recommendations via the talents themselves typically means that the person they selected is a good fit for the company.

>> No.3671262

I'm counting termination for both of them. Graduations each have their own reasons after all, but overall they both had termination and graduation.

>> No.3671347

The whole yab was a massive shitshow, and honestly the CN backstabbing each other made it even easier to Cover to completely cut the branch off.
Had FBK not jumped in first and the CN girls stayed docile theres a real chance Cover wouldve bent to the Chinese and the whole western market gets fucked over

>> No.3671355

There's a very fine line between nepotism and "hey I know this guy that's really good at the job and would actually be great at the role"

>> No.3671389

that's an immensely stupid take, since A-chan was Sora's tech support before she joined hololive and continued to be so long for a while before Cover hired her. She more than proved she deserved a job.

>> No.3671498

You cannot count termination because we know for a fact those are just outside of both company's hand. Niji only has Meiro as a termination btw. Hololive has the whole HoloCN and Chitose. People that chooses to leave are the issue here. And as far what matters, that is only Aloe. Even the lowest in SCs, Viewerships, Subscription or overall profitability has not left Hololive. This is what we call as valid turnovers (graduations/resignation) and calculated risks (terminations).

>> No.3673314 [DELETED] 

Then you realize neither where nepotism, but recommendations.

>> No.3673513

No, niji has Meiro and that guy who tried to fuck girls. Those were the two fired. The others were graduated.

> Even the lowest in SCs, Viewerships, Subscription or overall profitability has not left Hololive

Neither on Nijisanji afaik. The one with it don't stream for 2 years but she still is in there. lol

>> No.3677095


As a newfag, where can I find this? Or simply more lurking?

>> No.3677480 [DELETED] 

Depends what you consider a hag, anon.

>> No.3678259

35+ or something? Not too picky desu

>> No.3678537

That's why every aspect of humanity is shit these days. If every industry didn't run on nepotism it'd be better.

>> No.3678610 [DELETED] 

Then you're safe. Also from what I've managed to dig way back they weren't classmates in high school, but rather in college. Fubuki is younger than Mio.

>> No.3678691

Nice. Thanks mate, appreciate it.

>> No.3678701

>Now I'm not saying you should hire solely based on race like some are
why the fuck not

>> No.3678855

I know why they got in you colossal faggot. But they said they auditioned like everybody else, anon claimed thet got scouted when neither Gura or Kiara implied this.

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>> No.3679191

Networking and experience in the field is required, everything else is luck

>> No.3679523


>> No.3679658

The good old days

>> No.3680058

Hiring based on race is ok, but take experience in the field into account too.

>> No.3680484

I know next to nothing about 2hu. Are any of these accurate?

>> No.3682005

Tell me one or two hideous things about fubuki
She's gotta be hiding something really nasty, no one's that clean

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she is anti vax

>> No.3682369

I've seen this suggested a lot but besides them following each other on Twitter there's nothing to suggest they were good friends pre hololive.

>> No.3682437

Literally every hololive member before Gen 4 was recruited through nepotism.

>> No.3682544

t. never held a job
If you don't know people or are not a genius you're probably fucked.

>> No.3682556

It is not

>> No.3682576

are you trying to tell me Botan isn't an actual Lion and Luna isn't 0 years old? Fuck outta here

>> No.3682582

I'd rather hire a qualified acquaintance than a qualified rando

>> No.3682890

Nepotism is only bad when undeserving people take a spot. There's not a single holo that benefited from nepotism that doesn't deserve to be there.

>> No.3682941

Crippling gacha addiction.

>> No.3683266

She's a lot more casual in her members-only streams, but since her early success got her slotted into the corporate shill slot, she's very careful with her appearance.

>> No.3683409 [DELETED] 

>ctrl+f "holostar"
>1 but not related to the topic
Holy shit, not once of you realized that the entire homostar is the peak of nepotism. Moreover they are protected by Yagoo personally.

>> No.3683434

Weren't the holostars more popular than all the girls on NND lol?

>> No.3683615

ITs fun how newfags keep using this buzzword as an insult.

>> No.3683627

she tone down the shota shit a lot

>> No.3683721

>Had FBK not jumped in first and the CN girls stayed docile
I thought all of that happened because of Coco reading youtube analytics on stream, what has fubuki to do in all of that?

>> No.3683830

She was the first Holo openly associating with Coco during their suspension when she tweeted she visited them for a takoyaki party.

>> No.3684445

>I thought all of that happened because of Coco reading youtube analytics on stream, what has fubuki to do in all of that?
when that shitshow began, the chink translators on her bilibili channel made fubuki choose between chink pandering or staying with coco and losing her biggest income font. Turns out fubuki didn't even bother to answer, she nuked her bilibili channel and said on twitter that she'd go eat breakfast with coco next morning

>> No.3684476

Based FubuKING.

>> No.3684525

Without nepotism we would not have a functioning society you fucking retard. You are obviously going to give spots to people you already know and trust. Holy shit people are such retarded faggots now

>> No.3686880

I don't watch FBK, but I thank her every day for bringing me my oshi and her wife.
Truly a pillar of Hololive.

>> No.3687046

That explains Gura's rigging incident

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So it's ok in this context

>> No.3688392

Before 4thgen Hololive was a nobody company everywhere outside of china and aqua so I can't really consider it nepotism

>> No.3688573

Nepotism is common and accepted in every company.

>> No.3688613

They literally started a new company up from scratch, Why do you think getting friends from NND is a bad thing?

>> No.3688939
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Nepotism in the private sector = good
Nepotism in the public sector = bad
Simple as

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>My Holo Oshi is my Touhou waifu
What does this mean?

>> No.3690387 [DELETED] 
File: 66 KB, 612x792, 1618509615340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nepotism in the private sector = good
>Nepotism in the public sector = bad
>Simple as

>> No.3691800

>Why the fuck is nepotism accepted at Hololive?

Want to know how I know you've never worked in a corporate job?

>> No.3691853

Fubuki is absolutely fucking based

>> No.3692104

I would have thought fbk was like 5-8 years younger than mio

>> No.3692240


>> No.3692326


>> No.3692569

Does Yagoo personally scout all these girls himself? How can one man consistently strike gold so many times?

>> No.3692833

That was the risk with the ENs and the first generations (mostly 1st and 2nd). The other girls already knew each other in some way so that might have helped, and a lot of them (if not almost all) have previous internet experience.

>> No.3693031

Unironically it has worked out for Cover, that's how we get great dynamics like OkaKoro, FubuMio, Flare-Noel, etc. as opposed to other agencies where bullying is rampant...

>> No.3693145

She hates the Chinese

>> No.3694000

He said hideous things.

>> No.3695882

Hate Chinese is a sin

>> No.3696075

who say that? another chinese?
fuck those yellow niggers

>> No.3700802

Nepotism is based

>> No.3702069

Dangerously based. Here's to you having chicken tendies for life

>> No.3702634

Nepotism is only bad if it lets in incompetents. That's why it has such a bad rep, because if there's one thing all capitalistic societies hate above all else, it's incompetence and hypocrisy.
If you're competent in your job, you got through people you know, it's called "connections".

>> No.3703805


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File: 13 KB, 415x276, VNWGJS6TMREQ5DKTKWWXSJAYPE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because if there's one thing all capitalistic societies hate above all else, it's incompetence and hypocrisy.

>> No.3706341

actually accurate

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