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Why so many hate before the debut???

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She's a racist, transphobic lolicon.
No, really, check the archives.

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She's Ollie on crack. I didn't even think such a thing was possible. But here we are.

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sorry what were you saying?

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because (You) keep making this kind of thread.

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Just search up the keywords "racist" and "transphobic" on Warosu, you'll find what I'm talking about.

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>*Shits on your ears*
I don't know anon, maybe she triggered someone.

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wtf she is based i lover her now!

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no GFE, no buy

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>because (You) keep making this kind of thread
The thread is basically: tell me why you hate her.

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Sounds like she's right up your alley

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that's based, i don't care

she deserve it

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Why so much shill spam before debut?

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>She's a racist, transphobic lolicon.
Nice try marxist-BLMsupporting-transexualSympathizer-mermaidchama, people will never forget your nasty tweets.
the lolicon part is true though.

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>groupings doesn't want to fuck trannies
Oh is that what this is about? I give her my tranny pass to do that then. Can you shills fuck off now?

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This reverse psychology wont work with me anon, I see what you are doing here.

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making a thread about "why do people hate thing" is one of the oldest tricks for pushing narratives bruh

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Her style of humor isn't for me. I'll watch her debut but if she keeps up the same humor she uses on twitter I don't think I'll watch.

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She retweeted one stop Asian hate tweet because she's Asian herself and everything else she retweeted was strictly anime related, where do you people come up with this stuff

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>he doesn't know

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but this is an anti thread

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It’s not just that. They are trying to get people to hate her (with what they believe will hurt her image) before her chance to stream/speak. It’s almost like a ‘poisoning the well’ fallacy.

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Stop asian hate is a politically dishonest attempt to further demonize white people. Wonder how many asians would be retweeting it after seeing the assault demographics by race instead of the lies they're told on twitter.

Anyways, the brap video completely summed up my impression of her.

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just because theres an endless parade of juans being masqueraded as white doesn't mean that there aren't an endless parade of ahmeds being paraded as asian.

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She ruined her own reputation by leading with a fucking shart in a bathtub. What the fuck did she think would happen? Shit and fart fetishists make up like 0.01% of the world population if you remove india. Everyone else thinks it's disgusting and incredibly unclassy coming from a woman.

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I really wish this was true

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lmao the seething is out of the charts, having anons on 4chan crying over peepeepoo jokes almost has me rolling on the froor, try not to commit suicide the next time you hear about shitting dicknipples little boy.

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How retarded are you that you get offended by a fucking fart joke? Where do you think you are?

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I guess you could say she poisoned her own well!

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That's all fine and dandy but at least be honest about why you hate her and don't accuse her of shilling for trannies and blacks when she never ever has

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don't be surprised when this is all your little mermaid does
kids shit

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>How dare Ina use Puns!! lowest form of comedy
See this is literally what you guys are acting like right now. ridiculous

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sound like nyanners

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Last i checked it wasn't reddit. But from the state of this board and how painfully new you are i might be mistaken.

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All the spamming and exposure is just making me more and more interested in her. I now kinda understand what KFP converts felt when the board was orange.

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>compare Ina dad jokes with pee pee poo

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That's pretty funny considering your offended by a joke. i bet you get really angry when pepe shits on wojack too don't you?

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>ina using bad puns is anything like preparing for your debut with a wet bathtub fart

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Ok, i'm interested, post proof and i will give her a chance

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she implied she wouldn't fuck trannies in her kink list

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What anti would be stupid enough to post the thing they hate? that will obviously draw attention to it regardless meaning Finana will be successful instead of what the hater wants.
They never learn..

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This but unironically

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It's always hilarious seeing merbraps convincing thenselves that "dude, farts lmao" is some sort of avant-garde humor and that everyone who says it's cringe it is an offended prude idolfag.

Just be careful not to overdose on that Nijicopium.

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People where claiming the opposite of those two things.

>> No.3702150

Ah yes because using puns is a skill not many people have. do you hear yourself?

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trannies are gross, that's not transphobic that's normal

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tell that to the trannies

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Nobody was saying the joke was amazing. What's amazing is how you all seethed so hard about it. You fags are the one's trying to act like vtubing is some elite avant garde hobby when it's not

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>She's a racist, transphobic lolicon

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Really? I'm subscribing now.

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Schizos got tired of Kiara and decided to force fake doxx after the brap video.

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see >>3700748

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Sure I know she is but OP asked why she gets so much hate.

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Twitterfaggots and plebbitors defending this garbage is why vtubing will deteriorate. We didn't gatekeep hard enough, bros. We failed.

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Being transphobic is just common sense

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Vtubing is one of the most decentralized hobbies there is. What Vshojo does has no effect on Hololive, what Hololive does has no effect on Nijisanji etc. 1 (one) raunchy Niji will not ruin your idol GFE, I promise.

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>nu-uh, you are SEETHING
Oh the ironing

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You niggers are too easy to please.

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Not to mention that antis always generate saviorfags. It never works out.

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If anyone needs proof:

This is her Tumblr (you can see the links to her doxxed instagram and her icon is the same as in her doxxed Deviantart):
Which links to her OTHER Tumblr:
Which links to her ask.fm, which has this:


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Hi Honey!

>> No.3702964

Is this the image that saved NijiEN?

>> No.3702965

How many Nijis you see parroting that, anon?

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>so many hate

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This is her btw

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Farts are funny

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I dont think you know anything about vtubers pre 2018 whatsoever. EOPchama

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Bye Friend!

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Nijishills kys

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>internalized transphobia
Sorry sweety but you don't get to give anyone a 'pass'.

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Yes, farts can be funny.

"UH OH, STINKEYYYY" jokes are just bottom of the barrel.

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>1 (one) raunchy Niji will not ruin your idol GFE, I promise
Hayama Marin (my girlfriend) will be turned from a sweet and funny LPer into a MEME SPOUTING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like she's truly /ourgirl/. Why the hate?
She's actually posting on /vt/ too, isn't she?

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She had a boyfriend


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Nobody wants this bitch

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Oh, heavens. Look at the time.

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Not wanting to fuck a tranny doesn't make her transphobic. No I'm not being ironic.

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>You don't think like I do therefore you don't have free will
No u

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finna is even debuting yet and she's already being Doxxed

>> No.3703335

>posting twitter opinions like anyone here cares
No opinion on this fish, but the redditor and discord shill canvasers are blindingly obvious at this point. fuck off.

>> No.3703344

You got me interested.
I don't care about the buzzwords but I will at least watch this lolicon's debut.

>> No.3703350

Why are they like this?

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Hope this whore rots

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Pretty sure this is Akidearest

>> No.3703360

>arent they supposed to be idols?

Fucking holofags

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What does that have to do with anything? You're trying to change the criticism into effort when people are judging it based on quality. A fart joke comes across as far more obnoxious than a corny pun.

>> No.3703425

>Roommate is hotter than all the HoloENs
I don't what you frogposters are trying to accomplish but the fish just keeps winning

>> No.3703442

And the try hard shit going on in this thread and the other threads also makes it obvious that you faggots are far more obnoxious than a fart joke. Please leave and go back to whatever discord hole you crawled out of. We don't need retards like you to tell us which vtuber to like.

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Didn't even have to lurk in /jp/ for this one holy fuck

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Nijibros...we did it....

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You do realise this is NijiEN and not some indie though?

>> No.3703491


Wait, she's seanigger

>> No.3703499

Idk, I kinda find the one where Gura has blue hair and glasses hot

>> No.3703554


She's Hmong from Minnesota.

>> No.3703570

she's a pignoy isnt she?

>> No.3703591

If it is the chooba will go the way of Hime

>> No.3703620

How? I usually prefer NE Asians appearance wise and she looks incredibly unappealing to me.

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She looks like a Vietnamese American.

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Nijis arent supposed to be idols holofag.

>> No.3703720

She most definitely lives within a 5 mile radius of me. Kayla come get the BWC

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Yes, had is past tense. Well done, you understand basic english grammer. And she's Hmong.

>> No.3703739

Uh the debutt is later

>> No.3703740

Mori and Ame still beat her in the IRL tits department.

>> No.3703754

Where the fuck are the mods? Hiroshima should withhold your pay for the week.

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Hmongs are Viets too. And there's nothing wrong with having an ex. You think the majority of chuubas dont have exes? You fucking virgins...

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Wait the others are getting paid? I gotta talk to someone

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Nice to see Holofags who usually freak out about dox youtube channels and dox shit in general. posting dox shit now fucking hypocrites

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Paid with fucking hotpockets.

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Mental illness

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You forgot the Philippines.

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Who the fuck cares about the flips

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No one cares about Indogs as well.

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>those filenames
kek do we have our own orcschizo now?
Is turquoise truly the new orange?

>> No.3704082

>so obsessed with Thai ladyboys he finds that attractive

>> No.3704141

Fish had a dedicated anti before she even was unveiled. Makes me wonder if some crazy bitch thinks fish got a slot in nijiEN she imagines is supposed to be hers.

>> No.3704156

Not saying she's a 9/10 but she's still well above basic ass white girls

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