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Why do you hate holostars? There's literally 0 chance they will steal your oshi, they are eunuchs.

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That's exactly what Calli's type is.

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>they are eunuchs
>posting winning son
Okay nigger, you know what you're doing. Carry on.

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you are eunuch

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I don't hate holostars. /vt/ isn't one person you know.

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What are the chances that our winning son gets himself "nice boat"

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I don't hate Holostars, I hate the faggots who push them and try to insist that I should watch them. I watch vtubers to see cute anime girls do cute things, I couldn't give less of a fuck about Holostars. If people like them? Great! Just keep them away from Hololive so I can continue ignoring their existence.

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And I hate faggots that dilute my hobby into waifu fag, "cute girls doing cute things" shit and wish you faggots would fuck off this board and back to /a/, /jp/, reddit, or wherever you faggots came from.

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if i hadn't started watching myself before all this saviorfaggotry i would avoid them out of spite for their fans desperately trying to push me into watching them

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I don't hate them, I am indifferent.
I watch chuubas for the girls, its a necessary but not sufficient requirement.

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I only hate Astelfags

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Most of this board is EOP and holostars have a lot of downtime where the streams are boring as fuck due to game choice and their ability to entertain
Roberu/Pizza Dad are liked because appeal to the EOP's and clipfags

Majority of people who watch vtubers do it to see cute girls doing cute/funny things or for the GFE, and holostars can't provide that.

They're just the average the twitch streamer, except maybe for Oga/Shien who do the most vtuber idol-like fanservice bullshit

Male vtubers in general are no different that the average streamer, they provide nothing different.

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I just watched Aruran play RE8 and enjoyed myself

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Faggot what do you think vtubing is. Go watch your homostars and let people be.

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Holostars >>>>>>>>>>> Hololive.
Nuff said.

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Those arrows represent penises

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What about Nijisanji's male vtubers?
It seems that they are not as hated as Holostars

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Oh no, traditional gender norms
Absolutely terrifying, how will you ever cope

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I watch some of the Holostars even though I'm not subscribed to them, but that's only if they have a stream interesting enough to tune in.
Roberu seems to be the one that is consistent with them, and I've gradually started watching a lot of his streams.

I'm still not subscribed to him and I don't plan to.

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Maybe those stars antis thinks that the most important requirement for being a vtubers is that they're fappable.

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I love my son.

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doesn't this guy fuck everything that so much as comes within a foot of his talk show

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Isn't there a rrat about that one Homo being Calli's BF or her slowly cohercing him into that?, I mean, for all we know Calli WANTS to be in control, and the Homos are all 0 defence virgins except for maybe Astel and Kaoru (Who graduated).

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>Kaoru:"Calli-chan wanna see my secret"
>Kaoru starts removing his pants
>"I made it so it starts spinning"
>"Don't worry it won't hurt"
>"let's Let it rip together!"

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Kaoru will never be stopped when it comes to Beyblade

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>There's literally 0 chance they will steal your oshi
>Roberu has all of Animare for himself
>Astel has the Zombie
>Rikka has Mori
>Oga has Risu

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It's because this board is filled with Holofags. They don't know anything about Nijis.

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Didn't Kaoru graduate before HoloEN?

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Nothing can't stop a Beyblade once it starts spinning

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Unless you're a Lulucuck, then there's almost zero gachikoi's for Niji's talents (unless you're a fujo).

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You want people to watch Homos and yet shitting on people's hobbies while promoting them. Homobeggars are really one strange breed. Is it mentally ill?

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>Implying none of the Holos have a massive futa cock.

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Fuck off Mori.

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>You want people to watch Homos and yet shitting on people's hobbies while promoting them. Homobeggars are really one strange breed. Is it mentally ill?

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Aruran is the only Homo I watch, his streams are pretty entertaining. Plus he does like 12 streams a week, you have to admire his dedication. Does any other Holo stream as much as he does?

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Roberu used to do even more than that

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>Please, please, PLEEAAAAAASEEE more Holostars x Hololive collabs. This is awesome!

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I think Aruran is the most active in terms of streams, but Astel is probably more active in terms of hours streamed. Especially when it's Apex time. The fucker can go on forever.

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Nobody should be forced doing collabs with someone they're not feeling comfortable with. Redditors and beggars can't understand that.

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No. The stars are better off without the holowhores.
Fubuki is cool tho.

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Okay so is this only me but I really can't watch real life women (female) on the interwebs. It's either cringe (because doing le funny anime sounds etc with your real face is really weird) or my inner misogynist reads it as extreme ewhoring. So that's why I watch VTubers.

Now when it comes to guys, I am not too fond of all the anime stereotypes for men. I don't mind the odd tough guy, but all male VTubers I have seen are the equivalent of slice of life characters and I don't care for that. So to me there is no purpose in watching a male VTuber. On the other hand if I want to watch haha funny man on YouTube I have no issue whatsoever turning into Felix or whatever.

So either way, my faggot brain doesn't want to see anime men but loves watching anime woman while hating real women and accepting real men.

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File: 1.70 MB, 1240x1754, __shirai_kuroko_and_kamijou_touma_toaru_majutsu_no_index_and_2_more_drawn_by_anbiya_h__9e65cfcf68a5f22c7fa42f71e4431b39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont care for holostars because I already have male attention.

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took away the only one I cared about, Temma,Auron,Oga and Roberu are okay but it's not the same

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More like I feel sorry for them desu.
All this time, and they still haven't even reached 200k subs, yet.

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Are you the same guy who made several Ayame threads yesterday?

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Are they canon yet? If not, I'm not gonna bother with catching up.

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based and same

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It's true, Yagoo keeps their peeled testicles floating in a jar of brine on his desk and tells guests they're just decorative pickled eggs he inherited from his grandfather.

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>Astel has the Zombie

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best boy yoshikage kira...
I liked him for the little amount of time I saw of him live, hopefully he's doing well

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The average shitposter only brings up Kuzuha to talk about numbers. That's all they know.

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Zoombie gets passed around between every older man she knows.

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My son has already fucked your oshi and your oshi's oshi

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They're pretty much like the early Hololive. They have to do some work to get popular.
Just look at Hololive a year ago, and Holostars aren't that far behind.
They're also growing much faster than their "competitors" (chuubas in their range of subs).

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afaik no.

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Hell no, Roberu wouldn't get away with all the shit he get if he collab with holom here some small example:
>Ruri : Let's do lower body collab!
>Haneru : You fucked all Animare don't you?
>Tamaki : (when talking about ponpoko tournament final between Haneru vs Roberu) Please don't hit your toy too hard!

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Even her brother?

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What the fuck it this thread
You people have some serious brain malfunctioning

>> No.3714251

Who do you think trained her to be this way?

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My son's currently banging all of Animare (barring Kuku), and there's literally nothing you can do about it!

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Get the fuck out of /vt/

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Ya 'iilahi......

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That's a bold claim. My son hasn't even interacted with half of Animare.
Please provide some names. I need to know who my son has made love with.

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You're finally awake.

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I hate the faggot named Kanae

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... You were trying to cross the border, right?

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People keeps pushing the "Holostas are so underrated omg you should watch them" shit one reddit and twitter, but when the time comes and an homo makes an EN only stream it reaches 250-350 viewers. Bunch of hypocrites.
I watch vtubers because it's a mix of cute, fun, GFE, fap material and hololive has an extra of idol anime spirit into it.
A male vtuber usually has only (and sometimes) the "fun", and for that I have already normal youtubers, literally no reason to watch them.
And the people who wants to force collabs between holos who are fine alone or in a girls only enviroment and the homos are the worst hypocrites.

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>Oga x Friend?

>> No.3714696

lol Kanae is the one who actually has the most female fans, he pushes teenage kpop stan buttons hard.

>> No.3714736

>the virgin hololive “guys I swear they won’t steal your oshi”
>vs the chad nijisanji sexually harasses your oshi

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Everybody likes roberu what the fuck are you on about

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>Oga x Friend?
They're just friends.

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I'm proud of my son.
But I know Kuku pegged him.
No one fucks Kuku.
Kuku fucks you.

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>And the people who wants to force collabs between holos who are fine alone or in a girls only enviroment and the homos are the worst hypocrites.
I actually really like the stars but i am also feed up with those people because they are either newfags or antis trying to stir shit up any holostar fan already gave up long ago with the idea of them collabing with the girls aside from the usual ones.

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Friends with benefits

>> No.3714842

Karma is a bitch, right Friend?

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This, although there are a few pairs or groups that I think would make entertaining collabs, I don't really care if Hololive and Holostars actually do them.

>> No.3715053

They're actually doing really well as far as vtubers go. Even the lowest subbed member still regularly pulls at least 200 viewers per stream and is growing their sub count pretty regularly. They only seem low when you compare them to the meteoric growth Hololive has seen but on the whole they're doing better than any almost any other company or indie. The top Holostars actually have better view counts than the lower rank Hololive talents.

>> No.3715112

They also have pretty constant Superchats too.

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I like Holostars a lot, a few of them are among my favorite vtubers, but I still have no idea what was the plan for them
>Get launched with an interdiction to interact with Hololive that includes Twitter interactions
>The only Holostars promotion was on Cover's and on YAGOO's twitter
>Holostars is a flop
>The interdiction is removed a few months later
>Hololive is going the idol route and its members collab with guys less and less, which includes Holostars
>FBK, Matuli, Choco, Zehi and the ID girls are kind
>Still little success and one member leaves the group, becoming dozen of times more popular solo
>Some enthusiastic guy becomes popular because of a clip among overseas viewers, a shame his content filters them hard
>3rd gen debuts and that one crossdresser becomes popular
>Gets terminated 3 months later with no explanation whatsoever besides a rushed stream from a NTR demon while the enthusiastic guy is making cicada noises
>Most of the crossdresser's fans drop Holostars
>Holostars becomes steadily more popular overseas but stagnates in Japan
>Another member leaves for health reasons
>An intern at Cover takes pity on them and gathers enough money for a bi-monthly show on Holostars' channel
>Holostars develops a fanbase that doesn't overlap much with Hololive and that consists mostly of foreigners
Was there even a plan? Did Cover fail to recognize what made Hololive popular in the first place?

>> No.3716851

>Holostars develops a fanbase that doesn't overlap much with Hololive and that consists mostly of foreigners
This is how I knew that you dont watch holostar. Only astel has bigger overseas viewer and that's because Ollie and he's the most EoP friendly.

>> No.3716869

i couldn't agree more, it always comes from people who don't even watch them. why saviorfag for someone you'll never watch?

>> No.3717197

Nah, Izuru also has a weirdly large foreign fanbase for some reason. I wanna say Aruran has a pretty sizeable one as well. And a large number of Roberu's subs are foreign but his regulars are mostly Japanese because his usual content filters EOPs out.

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I don't hate holostars, I just don't want to watch them. I'm not even opposed to them collabing with my oshi if the game selection is good and the banter is there.

>> No.3717580

>watching normal youtube

>> No.3717600

He always had a bigger overseas fanbase even before zombie came to hololive. Lil shit keeps on streaming while japan sleeps

>> No.3717620

I love NTR demon.
He's so based that it's not even funny.

>> No.3717804

NTR demon is a cool guy. He stream regularly despite having regular day job. And he still do Zatsudan stream while busy drawing Illustration for his new job

>> No.3717869

Also he's a god gamer. Wonder why he doesn't play stuff often? Too busy?

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I am not gay.

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I've been watching Holostars for more than a year anon. Astel is the exception, the others have chats made of the same people that were here three months ago or more. Their viewers mostly watch the stars and a minority pops in when their Hololive oshi isn't streaming. It's obvious when you see their numbers barely move when a bunch of Hololive girls start streaming, but go down by a lot when another Holostars start streaming

>> No.3718326

He works during the day and streams at night/past midnight.
As for games, he wants to play FF3, now that Cover obtained blanket permissions from squeenix.

>> No.3718632

Friend wanted to marry Oga but he cucked her with Risu and dosen't hesintate to cuck her with the chat when he has a chance.

>> No.3718803

The Japanese audience is being retarded.

>> No.3719566

What if son is my oshi? What then?

>> No.3723152

He gets motion sickness really easily so that cuts out a lot of games

>> No.3723640

this is an idol board, stop posting males

>> No.3724085

PREACH IT, Idolchads. Your Oshi needs you to sustain the Vtuber industry for many years to come. Feels good being on the RIGHT side of the history.

>> No.3724149

I like Roberu, Temma, and Aruran as an EOP. The Holostars fanbase is way better than the main branch ones.

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Wrong stop trying to enforce your retarded will on everyone. Idols are boring

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File: 1.04 MB, 1359x977, Matsuri gets cheated on.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's what he wants you to think.

>> No.3724495

It's literally funny seeing homoposter contradict themselves all the time. You retarded incels with mlp level roleplay really need to take a good look at your own selves.

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Absolutely Seething.

>> No.3725123

Seethe more faggot

>> No.3725197

i love roberu!

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>Oh shit our secret kink club has been found out what should we ever do?
>Tell him to seethe that will take care of things
Mentally ill freaks the lot of you

>> No.3726090

remember when she punched the slime on stream ?
she was very angry because demon is dating other chicks.

>> No.3726221

The beggars don't even care about the boys, they are the same people who clamor for StarsEn, even though that would most likely hurt the Stars more than help them, those idiots just want a chance to get close to their oshis at Hololive, few actually want it because they like the boys.
Unironically, you are right, there are a lot of risks for both the girls and the boys if they were to collab, something the boys are aware of and it's why they never ask for collabs and tend to play it very safe when they do collab, frankly being part of Holopro hurts them more than helps them.
>People keeps pushing the "Holostas are so underrated omg you should watch them" shit one reddit and twitter, but when the time comes and an homo makes an EN only stream it reaches 250-350 viewers. Bunch of hypocrites.
That's true, most of the people on reddit that do that shit don't even bother to watch them, they just want to look good in front of others doing the absolute minimun, very few actually watch the boys and support them.
This, actual holostars fans don't give a shit about collabs with the girls outside the ones that already collab or have collabed before, at most they just want them to stop acting like they don't exist and for Cover to actually put in some real work in promoting the boys, most holostars fans want to see them collab with people outside hololive.
You aren't the only one wondering what the fuck was Cover's planfor the Stars, it's seriously baffling to see just how badly Cover have handled them (and still do), it's no wonder that Roberu thought the branch would get dissolved before Holocomi, they were treated that badly.

>> No.3726442

The only reason Stars exists is so Cover can say "hey we're not an anime ewhore company we have men too". Expecting them to get more than the bare minimum of attention is silly.

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I probably will not watch them very often but that has nothing to do with them being males. They do insane marathons and collabs. The Rikka/Mori RiTunes Labo had great singing by both. Astel is great at APEX. Arurus Zatsudans / English learning streams are pretty comfy. I respect them. And I believe in the "Yagoo picked off hobos off the street" rrat . But that's the end of it. I don't watch APEX, and I don't watch zatsudans any longer than half a hour at a time. I don't want to draw fanart of them and my friends don't tend to talk about them a whole lot. They are fine where they are and I wish best of luck to them.

>> No.3726639

VTubers center around idol-like characteristics, meaning men tend to like women, just as women tend to like male bands they obsess over. So when it’s a male VTuber, it will appear homo-like to another male. It’s just a simple way to help you understand.

>> No.3726649

Isn’t it Oga x Iofi

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File: 90 KB, 291x320, Iosi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Iofi has Kaoru, in spirit.

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>> No.3727224

Based and reasonable

>> No.3727261

There is also 0 chance because they are Asian males.

>> No.3728559

I don't hate homostars, I just hate unironic homosexuals, who are prevalent in their fanbase, so I avoid homostars.

>> No.3729272

>bare minimum of attention is silly.
Heh, it's even worse than that. Being the same company as reddit dragon actually hurts them. They treated the same as bad word. They don't get hololive free subs. They can't play Mahjong souls or other Chinese made games. They won't get invited to any Kizuna Ai event even though all their friends are there, and etc.

>> No.3729749

Don't forget the homosexuals are literal misogynists as well just like the rest of the poster here. They're unironic /r9k/ incels with their warped view of real life women, preventing them to enjoy virtual 2D women as an entertainment medium. They are very vocal and stick out like a sore thumb which become one of the very contributing reason people avoid watching Homos at all.

>> No.3733046

Agree with this. I kinda want to watch more of them but most of their content just isn't what I want to see.
This is the same for most of the girls as well.

>> No.3733369

i have nothing against holostars, i'm subbed to Oga and Aruran but i don't watch them often, the toxic homofans are another story...

>> No.3733518
File: 454 KB, 1128x700, schoolgirl roleplay session with my wife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they were always canon

>> No.3733586
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>> No.3733593

Roberu fucks.

>> No.3733765

Dosen't Kaoru have way more subs and views ever since he left the company? It seems like Hololive is a literal debuff for them.

>> No.3733871

Why do you enter a thread about stuff you don't like just to get mad? Are you retarded?

>> No.3734008

Wasn't Suzaku the one with the really successful roommate?

>> No.3734030

there is 0 chance any of us would be with our oshi so how about ppl sop crying their asses off

>> No.3734421

Suzaku inclined by becoming an among us collab host, it basically saved his channel.

>> No.3734435

Speak for yourself faggot

>> No.3734750

Kaoru is doing better but like the other ゲーム実況天国 guys they get the most views on TRPG sessions.

>> No.3734815

I'm honestly not so sure about that, I'd like to see the demographics for popular male vtubers, I'd expect them to be about the same male to female ratios of normal streamers.

>> No.3734899

Why can't idolfags and Gfefags admit their living a lie? atleast be honest. What's ironic is how most of you also have r9k tier views on women. yet watch vtubers

>> No.3735006

Name 3 twitch streamers that do 12+ hours karaoke or is actually a singer like every homo

>> No.3735085
File: 270 KB, 1111x1000, 1611243955079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>their living a lie
Learn to spell first, SEAmonkey. My oshi loves and cares about all her fans, unlike your leeching homofags.

>> No.3735100

>is actually a singer like every homo

>> No.3735120

>Treerat hands created this picture

>> No.3735244

>demographics for popular male vtubers
You misunderstood me. Just because men prefer to watch female VTubers doesn’t mean that no men watch male VTubers, and since anime and gaming is male dominated, the numbers should still favor men even for watchers of male VTubers. Girls idolizing males tend to be mostly non-anime (BTS or whatever they watch), because of a different non-gaming and anime background. So basically in this idol like world, males have a difficult time associating that same obsession toward another male. It becomes homo-like to them. You see? Hence female VTubers will on average be more popular with men.

>> No.3735327

> What's ironic is how most of you also have r9k tier views on women. yet watch vtubers
No, we don't.
Not everybody who doesn't have women in their lives doesn't have them because they hate women, retard.

>> No.3738425

No joke, from what I have seen the Stars have quite a lot of chinese fans who seem to really like and support the boys (from what I have heard the Holostars section of the chinese Hololive wiki is really well documented and up to date, unlike the english one which last I checked is pretty fucking empty) but thanks to reddit dragon they can't quite benefit from that and I say this as someone who doesn't hate Coco or anything, at most I'm just indifferent towards her.
It is, they get most, if not all, the downsides of being part of group/company like Hololive/Cover but get almost none of the upsides, it's pretty frustating at times desu.

>> No.3749357

>loves and cares about all her fans
I can't even tell if this is supposed to be ironic or not.

>> No.3749968

>be holostars
>instantly hated because of gender
>slowly garner up a fanbase with some chinese viewers
>lose tons of your fanbase just because you chose to join a company that barely benefits you
>now cant play mahojong and can't get invited to a lot of collabs
>the chinese clippers that got Hololive popular in the west in the first place don't exist anymore
>all members that leave your group do better outside it

>> No.3751055

Ok, that is based coming from the Reddit Dragon.

>> No.3754736

The china fiasco is still the most retarded thing to ever happen. I can't believe it's real.

>> No.3754797

>Why do you hate holostars
i dont

>> No.3754873

neither of the stars threads are like this.

>> No.3755616

they are bi devils you can't trust those cute niggers

>> No.3757562

wow this is fucking pathetic, dude get a life

>> No.3757800

Dilute yourself into a vat of acid faggot. Your chuuba does not know or care about you.

>> No.3757989

Majin is too busy with his dayjob and still do members only utawaku
Son actually pretty good singer, he just doesn't have the confidence

>> No.3760797

Robe and Oga are actually pretty decent singers, they just aren't very confident in their singing but when they put in the effort and preparation they can sound pretty good.
Pretty much, missed a few things but it's pretty accurate nonetheless, though there still seem to be some chinese Holostars and Holostars-related clips and clippers around and, from what I have heard and seen, they are pretty popular, so that's something, still the whole Coco-China thing did hurt the Stars pretty significantly.

>> No.3760859

Why do you want to cause severe damage to the income of the company that hires them? You know the whales will stop simping if you force collabs.

>> No.3762917

The homos fans don't want collabs to happen, they just wanted Cover to not ignore Holostars for a whole year after its creation

>> No.3762938


largely reddit, they link this place all the time and treat it like a repository for secret knowledge.

>> No.3764672

>if you force collabs.
I just want those whores to treat Holostars like a normal co-worker, that's it. Just today, reddit dragon doing out of her way to avoid mention Pzza Dad like his name worse than swear words. Bitch you're already ruined their income at least treat them with respect

>> No.3765708

You're thinking homobeggars (who don't even bother watching the boys in the first place)
The actual homo fans I've seen both in the /jp/ and /vt/ threads actually prefer the boys having external collabs like with Animare, Nijis, and their few indie friends

>> No.3765976

>Why do you hate holostars?
I don't hate them, I barely watch them and even if I do watch them it's mostly a clip of the original video.

>> No.3771085

I don't. In fact I really like Aruran.

>> No.3772731

that's reasonable

>> No.3773226

Well said, anon. I'll toss a (You) your way for that post.

>> No.3773575

>he says this
>on 4channel
>in the virtual youtuber board

>> No.3776352

This, actual fans of the boys want them to collab with people outside HoloPro or with Holos that they have collabed with before, like FBK or the IDs for example.
The idiots who beg for collabs with other Holos or that want a StarsEN, just want to look good for supporting the underdogs, plus lay the posibility that they may get a chance to get closer to their oshi, just look at the first Holostars meme that made it into Meme Review and who the ones en route to HolostarsEn are acording to it.
Few of those people actually care and support the boys and want an En branch because they actually like the current Stars.

>> No.3780979

'watching VTubers is my hobby'
touch grass

>> No.3781164

Holostars might as well be the male branch of 774inc (Animare) at this point instead of Hololive. They don't need nor should they collab with the girls in the same company. Could cause retards to get mad.

>> No.3781304

Then watch niji if you're so in need for m/f collabs, you faggot.

>> No.3781337

I like them more than ID and especially EN by far

>> No.3783719

How long until Holostars rebrands as the Animare male branch?

>> No.3783778

I don't care about them, but their fags are unbearable, even the non-homobeggars.

>> No.3784000
File: 362 KB, 1920x1080, 54547879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Roberu already became a horse.

>> No.3785518

What is this from

>> No.3785575

their personalities are dull,. their looks are also dull

>> No.3785986
File: 46 KB, 499x338, 1615416500308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"go back"
>He thinks he was ever in the majority at literally any point in this board's existence

>> No.3786279

It's probably projection at this point. You know the type; they are the gay pastors of this generation

>> No.3787648

Something in the oven.

>> No.3787742

I don't hate them
I watched Rikka play Dead By Daylight once, that was pretty entertaining. They just don't have as many 'clippable' moments so they FILTER redditors and they're male so they FILTER coomers

>> No.3787924

Are they gonna sing umapyoi!?

>> No.3788026

Most hololive girls admitted at some point that they are ultra awkward around men. It's their choice to not collab.
Others that more extroverted also want to maintain their unicorn status. Hololive doesn't force them to collab with the guys.

>> No.3788057
File: 36 KB, 858x960, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3788132

That plus some of the Stars are shy too, everyone screaming for collabs looks stupid asking for it when it would just be awkward

>> No.3788445

I'm a coomer and I already have hentai/ero-manga to fill that quota, I enjoy the Holostars' streams.

>> No.3788918

Holy based, you must have a fucking long dick

>> No.3791877

Literally what is your bussiness with his dick

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