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Let's have a final Nijisanji EN speculation thread before they debut.
What are your hopes and expectations?

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I'm watching meme review and Gura and Ame podcast. Who the fuck cares about these whores. They're ollie but worse.

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Reasonably well with a fanbase not full of schizo niggers
middling success but enough to keep them around with a few hardcore autists terrorizing the board

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>They're ollie but worse.
Hmmmm not sure about that

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I prob don't care. I don't like Nijisanji so I'm indifferent to them. If they do good, I guess it might leave a sour taste in my mouth since I'm a Holofag although I wish it wouldn't since I have to remember there are Nijis I like collabing with my Holos.
Otherwise, whatever.

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Hope that they get barely any viewers and graduate in a month.
t. Nijifan

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How long until debut?

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Anon... your OP reading reps...

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I hope the fish is successful.

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Around 2 and a half hours

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I really wish I could care, gettin real tired of girl streamers and their boring talk bullshit

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Looking forward to a successful streaming career
t. Holofan

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Then why are you here?

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to shit on girls, and wait for more dudes.

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I want my wife Pomu to stop being nervous

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Then you should support this wave, because if any decent male EN streamers will arrive it'll be in Nijisanji.

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No expectations, hope they're cool.

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>watching meme review
clap clap

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The time of the debut is fine in my time zone but it's a weird one for sure. Do they not care about having an european fanbase?

>What are your hopes and expectations?
I don't have the greatest impression so far from what I've seen from their tweets (except Elira, she's fine). But I'll keep an open mind.

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Wait, are they really debuting at the same time the Gura and Ame podcast premieres? How retarded can Ichikara be?

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I hope Mint doesn't better than previously.

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Podcast got scheduled after Nijisanji put out their announcement.

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They should move it, really wanted to watch Elira's debut but the podcast comes first.

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Based holos dabbing on nijikeks

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We knew this was gonna happen, it's just how it is. It's time for Nijisanji to find their own audience.

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I doubt they'll bother with males for the west. The next three ENs lined up are also girls

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> 1mil+ channel has 3000 waiting
> <100k channel has 1000 waiting

Where are all of Ame and Gura's viewers??

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oh cool they're beating anya!

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Watching HoloTalk.

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This, if you want decent male Vtubers Nijisanji will be the group to get that foot in the door.

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>Watching HoloTalk.
>watching Kiara

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Uhh holobros why do we have such low numbers if we have so many subscribers?

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spoonfeed me the upcoming stream

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This starts first, it's a watchalong of all 3 debuts with the ID branch introducing them

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I've seen more KFP in NijiEN's twitter feeds than I see in Ame's streams

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just set up the reminder, thx

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Finana will surpass Gura in subscriptions by the end of next year

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Gura will pass Gura in subscriptions.

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>clap clap
Next meme!

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Why are you talking about Holos?

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Should've hired the HoloEN girls to introduce them

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Elira was in first until Susan crushed hers and Pomu's subs. Dumb fish will be in her rightful last place soon

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That'd just be disrespectful to their own talents and wouldn't be beneficial to either company because people would most certainly confuse Nijisanji as a Hololive branch

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None of them will break 5k.

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Hopes: JP-tier fuckery
Expectations: Twitch-tier thottery

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You mine if I screencap this?

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It's a falseflagging, most predictions are 20k.

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>>yoooo retardchamas how many viewers is the cringe brigade going to get!?

I'm utterly stunned they ever have 1k people waiting for the stream, NijiEN is like the Chinese brand knockoff of HoloEN, they arent even trying

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I wish, but that's kinda hard to believe honestly.

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not shit

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this is bait

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They're honestly swimming against the current that's Hololive. What were they thinking over a Ichikara?

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They were always going to swim against the current, but if all three of them manage to get consistent 4 digit live views during their first month then the branch will probably be considered a success. They'll never be as big as hololive, but that doesn't mean there isn't profit to be had with a small slice of the english market.

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Not like they could predict the future.

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I doubt Cover views NijiEN as a major threat, and this is coming from someone that's been waiting to see what happens.

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But that's not even the point of my post. Why would you pit three debuts against three of Hololive's top ten (plus whoever gets chosen by Coco) when you could have easily skirted around it with a Friday or a Sunday debut? Take away that Gura and Ame are collabing, you still have two top rank streamers that are taking away your audience with one of them being especially on a roll as of late with multiple 30k+ streams.

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They're on good relation with each other actually, friendly competition but even Cover knows not to take it easy on them cause remember it is Nijisanji that greedly dominated the entirety of their home turf, to the point where Cover can barely get any sponsers at all and had to find a different market.
Personally, I would love to see some karma from Cover to Nijisanji but it's still too risky. The last ones you want to go to war with are those that control your home plate.
And JP Nijifags schizo are fucking insane. They are at least a hundred time worse than the worse Holo schizo.

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Its not hard to think people are tired of how family friendly and restrictive Holo EN is. I think they can definitely carve out a fanbase of people who don't care about idols

>> No.3736663

I see it as a power flex by Ichikara, as if to announce and declare themselves or something. Imagine if you went up against Hololive's top and came out decent at the very least. That would be something that could be used to brag about. And even if you fail, you can still use the excuse that it was against the top so it was to be expected to mitigated the damage.

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They completely lost momentum when they completely face planted into India. It'd be a lul moment if Hololive managed to kick open India after Niji's blunder. On topic, if Niji had just made an EN branch first instead of IN branch they might've taken some of steam out Hololive EN's great launch. Now, they have to play catch up and will probably always be playing second to Hololive.

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What is it about Nijisanji that attracts the worst schizos in JP

>> No.3736724

>brag if you succeed
>save face if you don't
I guess that makes some sense...

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Their song premiere is just after weekly brain bleaking, so I may give it a listen. No way in hell I'm missing the podcast if it goes over that long, though.

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NijiEN pre-chat shitting on indie groomers rumao rumao

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I just want them to be funny to watch at this point, since being a male or having a cool design is out of window now.

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>watching a meme review without a guest
The only good thing about meme review are the interactions between Coco and her guest, and the reactions from the giests to the memes. A Coco only review is shit.

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I'll concede that scheduling one of their debuts at the start of meme review was retarded, but the gurame podcast was unforseen. I also question the timeslot, would have been much better to start at 5pm PST/8pm EST if they wanted US primetime. But this shouldn't set them back too much, most of their exposure will come later down the line with clips (if they're entertaining enough to warrant it)

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It's sunday and it's NA prime time, this is the best time for a debut. HololiveEN will always have something at this hour no matter what, and I don't know about Coco reddit thing, but I assume she always do it on sundays anyways, so there is no way to not overlap with her.

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>family friendly
hell no

Just because they limit the amount of crass behavior doesn't mean that Hololive streams are suitable for minors to watch.

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not a nijifag but indie beggars deserve the rope

>> No.3736909

If none of them fart during their debut I'm unsubbing and dropping this shitty gacha game styled trio of zoomer meme queens

>> No.3736928

Then I gues that if NijiEN cant beat a Coco solo meme review then they are worst than shit

>> No.3736935

Yeah, even a random indie can get pretty big if clippers take interest

>> No.3736958

Groomerfags and indie beggars are universally hated, anon.

>> No.3736963

and Shitting on GFEfags holy based

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I might check them out later. Its weird im hesitant to check out Niji not out of loyalty to Hololive but just because something about Ninj doesnt catc my eye. Im not even sure what it is. I still want them to be successful because I imagine this is a big opportunity for the people behind it

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Coco's reddit thing pulls, on a very slow day with no guests, over 20K live views. Her average is 40k, that's every si gle week, always at 12:00 pm JST on sunday.
There is absolutely no reason to try your luck against a show that has run uniterrupted for half a year with a massive regular audience.
Leaving aside the holofaggotry, it's just a bad move

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So is this just gonna be Niji's vshoujo branch?
Looking at their debut stream thumbnails, and especially Pomu, this will most likely be mediocre at best

>> No.3737044

Hello? Based department?

>> No.3737063

Okay so how big is Pomu
Onahole or Giantess?

>> No.3737084

Anon, your time zone reps. These girls are in NA and the context of the conversation is NA time zones. Why would you tell me that it's Sunday when I am giving you the time context already.

>NA Primetime
You'd have a point if they had chosen to debut at 8pm EST instead of 10pm EST. This is pushing into "after dark" time.

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My theory is that Nijisanji doesn't promote an appeal "as a whole" unlike Hololive. I follow the art student, the fat sunflower and societyman among other nijis, but I don't see the need to keep up with the ones I don't follow. Meanwhile, in hololive, you get shit like the recent 1st gen song collab promoted everywhere there.
Dunno, it's the feeling I get.

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Whatever makes your dick a tight enough fit

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Stream was posted about an hour ago

It's about 5-6k now

>> No.3737166

The fucking unawareness of these people

>> No.3737203

It's over guys, NijiEN is competing against FF14 DIGITAL FAN FESTIVAL DAY 2!!!!!!

>> No.3737218

imagine treating vtubers like egirls on twitter or discord, fucking groomers.

>> No.3737241

If you're going to pull that, you may as well mention that Kizuna Ai is streaming right now.

>> No.3737286


Yeah i kinda get that. Niji feels like a loose collection of individual streamers while Hololive feels like a family and that draws you in to want to be part of it. I still hope they have some success at the very least and im sure they will have some good moments worth watching

>> No.3737332

I hope they cut that mentality with EN and try to join in on the JP crossovers.

>> No.3737370

post the links already you spergs

>> No.3737372

is the original va still streaming?

>> No.3737400

Are they going to reschedule it every time in every day they stream? Fucking retards, they can't just do that every time, it's fucking impossible, there's so much hours in the day and obviously the vtubers can't stream in just random hours.

>> No.3737415

how fucking lazy or incompetent are you?

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Your comparing a 3 year old channel that has a million subs to a channel that hasn't even debuted. not to mention how many saviourfags coco has

>> No.3737507

Coco's channel is only one year old

>> No.3737525

Not gonna happen after the initial hype ia gone. Niji JP works on a basis of cliques that are very isolated from one another, so you don't get many in-company collabs unless they are mandated

>> No.3737531

No one said that and was, in fact, never implied. That you even thought that anyone brought up this point makes me question your comprehension skills.

>> No.3737546

This seems inaccurate because at any given time there are at least a few of them having a collab.

>> No.3737549

Coco's channel is barely a year old, zhang

>> No.3737556

I completely forgot about Ai to be honest. I have no idea what is going on with her.

>> No.3737587

It'd be a great feat to change the entire company's culture just for the sake of the EN branch.

>> No.3737610

Im not the one saying Coco solo review is shit, but if you think this way then at least admit that something that gets less views must be shittier

>> No.3737704

When did i ever imply it was shit? im just saying its not a fair comparison. if anything this board seething over a fart joke but then watching meme review is pretty funny

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>search "neegeesongee"
>no results

Simple as that.

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I expect them to be turbo normalfags, reference the most basic bitch twitter memes and at the very best act like redditors
My favorite streamer is in Niji so I'm not Holo tribalfag but I genuinely hope these cringey bitches get graduated almost immediately

>> No.3737821

Back to /jp/. AWAY

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/jp/ loves the mermaid because of braps though

>> No.3737854

Is this how time works in china?

>> No.3737880

>A Coco only review is shit

>> No.3737895

They'd be directly competing with Vshojo there.

>> No.3737924

>le everyone on /vt/ is the same person meme

>> No.3737986

Original VA's the only one left, but Non-Japanese don't know, and Japanese fans are skeptical sometimes.

>> No.3738437

To be fair it was really fucking stupid of her to pull that split personality multiple VA shit in the first place. You can't blame the fans for losing trust or interest after that.

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>thread up 2 hours and 40 minutes
>Still no link posted
Why nijifans like this?

>> No.3738546

She wanted to avoid just hot-dropping the talents managers had her say were her "helpers". Not on her, I'd say.

>> No.3738603

its called looking it up yourself , you stupid fag

>> No.3738781

Bro, why do you have to be mean about it? damn

>> No.3738872

Views (highest to lowest): Dragon > Fish > Elf

>> No.3738889

>whining about being mean on 4chan of all places

>> No.3739133

EN (because they are only 3 which is not a good number for most games) will need to collab with other Vtuber and they are really unlikely to collab with Hololive.
So either they collab with Vshojo, or with indies. I don't think the will benefit as much in these scenario as they could if they keep most collab in house.
But Nijis being even more lazy than hololives having anyone that kind speak english (or just even not being shy just by collabing with an EN) will probably just put them off , I predict that EN will mostly collab with ID (making this ID branch more of EN 0.5)

>> No.3739310

Is Cleaire still in Pomu's chat or did she disappear after saying 'Hi'?

>> No.3739783

Is this loss

>> No.3739790

And so it begins...

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Why is she singing she has 20 minutes to introduce herself what the fuck I just want fairy lore for fap mat

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Welcome to the Nijisanji fandom faggot, you want the nicer fans? here you go baby

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>wants to read doujins of herself

>> No.3742002

I liked desu

>> No.3742120

time for dragon girl mint

>> No.3742190

>i want to collab with a bunch of nijisanji members
Oh no the japs won’t like that

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oh nononononono

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>> No.3745940

how adorably naive!

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Is she ogey?

>> No.3747668

All 180 of them?

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her debut seems to be botched, her original stream went down and now the new stream hasn't started yet

The rrat is not ogey...

>> No.3748243

>Waiting for Finana Ryugu 【NIJISANJI EN】
May 15, 2021 at 8:05 PM

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She'll likely get the strongest fanbase of schizos outta all of them, botched debuts tend to draw the most goslings

>> No.3749929

Is the debut still gonna happen today or....???

>> No.3750341

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC6yl3CyePA she's on the main stream now, guess she's not doing the do her debut stream now or at all

>> No.3751145

>Skipping debut
Kinda based and unique

>> No.3751406

Based on accent. I live in a place where we get literally every single country coming through so i can pick it out pretty well. Armpits is basically a young immigrant (around age 3- 6) ESL from china and has grown up in NA learning English

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