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so are all vtuber fans lonely depressed young men?

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No because I'm a girl

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I'm a lonely depressed OLD man.

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because 28 isn't "young"

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No because I lift

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You Will Never Be A Woman
You Will Never Be A Lesbian
Transbian Are Not Lesbian
You Are A Straight Heterosexual Man

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If you know this you can make alot of money

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most of them are late 20s early 30s

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Was never into anime or otaku culture but the EN girls (especially Amelia) really infatuated me as a college-aged incel

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No, because I am a lonely young man.

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I am

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You're all fucking cia niggers
i'm the smartest fucking programmer that ever lived. Remember that fucking monkey nigger

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Once you go over 30, loneliness and depression are concepts that lose meaning and power.

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hskw fans are cute girls

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i'm old

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I'm 40. Loneliness and depression is more powerful than ever. Dominates every second of my waking life. You young faggots don't know true misery.

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Th- thanks for the compliment?

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that's a cute boy

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young? I'm 29 in a month and 2 days kek

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and i'm gonna summon a tulpa if i reach 30 single

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I'm a lonely depressed 38 year old man.

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Nope, I’m a cute girl. Gotta learn GFE tactics through observation so that I, too, can steal the hearts of sweaty goslings (and their bank accounts).

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rent free you fucking faggot

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It doesn't actually work if you're disingenuous with it

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There are plenty of female hololive fans.

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Are there really no women here, or are we all just roleplaying as men to avoid being called whores?

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The word "depressed" is overused and lost its original meaning so I don't know what you mean by "depressed" here.

If clinically depressed, then no, most of fans are most likely normal.
If just having a bad period and have to manually look for things that will make them feel happy and and included, then many of them yes, including me.

Also age is just a number if you're a degenerate. Just from the definition of the word you don't get smarter by aging. And yes, if you're here you most likely like calling yourself degenerate.

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You're fucking 38, go sort out shit yourself. Wasn't it enough for you to learn to prevent diseases instead of dealing with them? Lots of people don't age well really.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHH please let me lick your feet madam

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You already know the answer, don't you?

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>biological women on 4chan
rumao rumao

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you should really just hire an expensive escort or something before you kill yourself desu

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>The word "depressed" is overused and lost its original meaning

This guy gets it

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I'm not depressed

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I'm alone but not lonely. I'm depressed but it's because of money not women. I'm 35.

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Goslingposters please. Get your shit together especially if you're 35+. You remind me of my alcoholic father who is practically helpless now and already had troubles taking care of himself when I was a kid. I'm not bothered by the fact itself but the thought about such manchildren who call themselves "depressed" (I'm pretty sure most of you "depressed" fellas don't take meds and don't visit doctors) and literally can't help themselves to the point they end up here in their 30+ age telling much younger kids they are depressed disgusts me.

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No some of us watch for the sole purpose of coming here to shit post.

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Dilate your axe wound

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I'm depressed because I visit doctors while American.

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>young men?
doesn't have money to simp

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im on my meds and im still depressed
the world is fucked, and when you get older you realize it's not even anyones fault, humans are just like this, we like to suffer and make each other feel pain
you'll be like me kid, enjoy being ignorant while it lasts

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lonely autistic young woman

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Close enough but I'm turning 30 this year

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>people actually think this
most are fucking middle schoolers let's be real

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Oh my God, you don't even imagine how pissed your words make me. I will not even comment this. Good for you that you stay on your medication by the way. Just please don't bug anyone about your depression if he doesn't ask for this 5 times. I have strange hobbies so am around mental people quite often and they don't even notice how annoying they are.

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Wanna have sax? haha

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>and im still depressed
then why are you here? it's your fault if you still feel like that, this place poisons the spirit.
I'm older than you and sometimes depression gets me too, but i runaway from everything and everybody that worsen it, news, people, sad things even this fucking board, i know the feeling of the top of your head compressed and going numb for pure anxiety

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45 years old, not doing too badly in life. Lost my job due to COVID, but just got a new one, so now I can supa of I feel it.

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yo why are so many of you old? I made this thread and I'm 21 do I really share a board with this many ojisans?

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because I want to talk about cute girls larping as anime?
no one asked you
I've seen your kind, the ones most likely to an-hero when they reach a certain point and they realize "holy shit, my attitude made no difference and everything everywhere is still fucked."

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because this website has been around since before you were born
almost at least

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Most vtuber fans are young. 4chan is just filled with older people in general.

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I've got a good social circle but I'm single.

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>because I want to talk about cute girls larping as anime?
then don't complain bitch

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Um women can exist on 4chan too? I can guarantee you that all english speaking vtubers have lurked here at some point. Do you really want a sausage fest here that bad so you can suck your own cocks all day? I don't mind you gay boys, but this is pathetic

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we don't just magically stop being losers past a certain age, unfortunately

>> No.3792971

My wife is a cisgender woman who used to post here.

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every anons is homosexual male until proven otherwise.
post tits or gtfo.

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yeah that makes sense... I guess I might be in my thirties posting here in the future

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>holy shit, my attitude made no difference and everything everywhere is still fucked
Whatever honey, if I keep listening to people like you I will end up in the same place.

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"You are here forever" was never a meme, it was a warning.

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1/4 op, you suck at this game

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I'm not depressed I'm autistic.

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Unfortunately people have far less control over their lives than they'd ever want to admit.

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Always has been

>> No.3793231

I'm an incel so I don't really want you here frankly.

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You're even trying to write like females on twitter with that emotionally saturated ...
It stands out.
There are no females.
You will never meet a female.
Sausage party will never end, you will hate it and escape deeper into fake girls.

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Silly faggot
There’s no girls on the internet

Either you have good conversational points that don’t revolve around your gender, race, age or any other immutable traits point or you Fuck off

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We know, Pomu.

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Likely same
I’ve already wasted 15 years god damn of my life here.

Damn you evangelion sim date, Newgrounds and googling “Naruto Sakura anime boobies”
If it wasn’t for you I would’ve been a lawyer or something astronaut by now instead of anime watching single degenerate

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The fact woman who I would have sex with post here but I'll never meet them just upsets me

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Vtubers act as that perfect waifu without the extra baggage of actually needing to interact with a person and the troubles that it can bring. You can just log on, watch your oshi do her ear-cleaning ASMR and enjoy what she offers, then after go full schizo cause vtuber avatars are just anime puppets in the end. So of course that going to bring about a fanbase of weebs who are already lonely, not necessarily just men, who have nothing going on in their lives, especially with COVID lockdowns in most places, preventing even the most basic human interactions you'd see in normal life. So I wouldn't say necessarily all vtuber fans are depressed young men, but likely make up a significant portion. I mean, look at all the gosling posting you see on this board or if you go into a random vtubers chat and see people asking them to be their waifus and get married while shilling out hundreds of dollars to them

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>who I would have sex with
that's the problem anon they wouldn't have sex with you

>> No.3793867

The premise of this thread is around the gender of the posters and you still say this?

>> No.3793873

They probably would I have a job and money and shower and brush every day

>> No.3793923

Relatively? I suppose so. But I'm going to be 27 in a month. Fuck.

>> No.3793962

anon... That basically every single person on this earth

>> No.3794020

Without vtubers and Friday night Funkin’ I’d be just doing more civil war Pep

The full on dangerous green beret larping, Gun collecting, piano wire necklaces making deranged schizo

Now I have something to look forward to instead of finding something to die for.

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not me!

>> No.3794129

What's your favorite FNF song, Anon?

>> No.3794244

But seriously, tinder and the like ruined intergender communication

>> No.3794318

people online were too weird to have sex before online dating was mainstream

>> No.3794349

The thread is asking if everyone here is a lonely young man. The entire topic is about one's gender and age. Are you retarded?

>> No.3794369

The default internet user is a faggot until proven otherwise IE delivers on an outlandish point

Seems kinda counter intuitive but that’s how the rules have always been
It’s like No true Scotsman but for Internet users

>> No.3794481

please date me snuffy

>> No.3794656

>still weird
>dont like online dating
>only exist online and at work

>> No.3794711

In a weird way stripping you of your identity and just being labeled faggotlike everyone else is oddly more liberating just because your past doesn’t really matter anymore

We have a topic and only 300 bumps to get your point across.
You don’t need to link your Facebook page just to Type Nyanners fucking sucks
Unmodded Satin Panties with South as a close 2nd. Modded Smooth sung by Nene

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No because I'm a vtuber fan and I'm a girl!

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>Satin Panties and South
You're alright, Anon.

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No they don't, there are only "women" and trolls. No english vtuber comes here or even knows about this place. I don't hate women, I just don't interact with them.

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add on to this there are many streamers who are just as lonely and depressed as their fans. Look at Polka and Matsuri, both of which rely on their chat for validation and companionship. Polka herself has broken down on member streams before, Matsuri talks about being depressed and lonely on her roommates account while being ultra horny and obsessing's over whatever girl is close at hand (Luna, Hoshikawa, Fubuki etc.). Or someone like Watame who acts as a savior fag and will go all out as a therapy sheep to help her fans, which Sheep posters are known to be some of the worst schizos on this board. People tend to attract like minded people, so its no surprise that lonely young people would attract lonely young people

>> No.3795349

*meant to say vtubers instead of streamers but same thing

>> No.3795395

Are all Vtuber fans lonely depressed young men OR Ayunda Risu?

>> No.3795400

Tits or gtfo.

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caught you, you damn tree rrat

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I saw and it's stupid. If someone directly asks about gender, that rule should be pushed aside. Sure, if someone makes a thread asking who is your oshi, and someone replies, "Well, as a girl I think...." fine I get it. No one asked and it doesn't matter. However, when it's specifically asking about gender, then it isnt an issue for someone to say that they're a girl.

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Let me go anon

>> No.3796207

You will NEVER be a woman
Nobody will ever think of you as a woman
You will never "pass"
You will only guilt people into playing pretend
Deep down, you know exactly what they think when they see you
They know exactly what you are
They know exactly what kind of failure you are
They know exactly what kind of abomination you chose to be
And they are revulsed by you
Thinking about what you do to yourself makes them sick to their stomach
Nobody in your life accepts you
Anytime somebody acquiesces to your fucked up little delusion, they do it out of a misguided concern for you
They pretend to believe your lie to your face, and suffer for it
They feel disgust at even pretending to believe it, it damages the capacity to appreciate the world around them
They try to believe in a lie they don't have to, that you forced them to try and accept, when you didn't have to
Because you weren't born a woman, you weren't born with the mind of a woman, or the soul of a woman
You are a man in every single respect
But you area coward, a failrue, a fraud, a liar, an abuser, a manipulater, an awful, awful person who hurts them people around them
But you are still, and always will be, a MAN, a MALE

You will never be a woman. Nobody will EVER think of you as a woman. Nobody will EVER accept you as a woman.

All you are is a cowardly, petty little man, hurting himself and the people around him to play pretend. You could've overcome your insignificant little desire with even a modicum of effort and acceptance. But you chose to hurt and damage people and yourself because you are a failure, a monster, a disgusting wretch, an abomination, a worthless cretin who is a drain on this world, and that's ALL YOU WILL EVER BE.

>> No.3796248

I'd rather be a man than a woman anyways.

>> No.3796276

You have no idea whether they're disingenuous or not if they're good enough. Spoiler: Every vtuber except like Watame are totally disingenuous and don't give a shit about you or your superchats.

Go away hag I only give my SCs to lolitubers.

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You make a good point and while I get it I’m too used to attention whoring faggots so I use these rules as gospel simply to make these retards go away and let them know they aren’t welcome.

You on the other hand enjoy your stay and Remember you’re here forever

>> No.3796323

There's a /gf/ thread somewhere here with literal steps to it, and the main one literally says that they can smell fake GFE from a mile away. So you may wanna refrain from that.

Obviously wanting money from a surrogate boyfriend isn't a bad thing, men are supposed to support women, but you actually have to somewhat believe/feel/act like they are your surrogate boyfriend and you're their surrogate girlfriend for the GFE to work.

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your only going one place risu

>> No.3796380

Thatsa spicy copy pasta!


>> No.3796406

I meant about being performers. If they don't get something out of performing like a girlfriend then they do a bad job of it. It's the same thing as casting an actor into a role they aren't fit for. Everyone can tell.

>> No.3796412

I love the GFE get fucked OP

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Based Lolichads dabbing on Hags

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I think you misunderstand me... I am a lonely young man I fucking love GFE streams it's why I watch vtubers in the first place

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horny man with gf, here

>> No.3796520

People like you are honestly more annoying than the depressed boomers who gave up.
No one cares that you don't care, and you pretending to block out all the negativity in your life won't make you any less likely to eat a bullet when your life still goes nowhere despite your "hard work." In fact people like you often kill themselves due to the reality check that keeping their head down and slaving away for a broken society didn't pan out in the end. Better to give up now and have no attachments to the material world than to emotionally invest yourself for inevitable failure.

>> No.3796526

Non-virgin get out

>> No.3796539

I get it, it is annoying when someone expects to be treated differently (better) just because they post that they're a girl. That's understandable. But thanks for being pretty nice in the end. You have a good time too

>> No.3796553

>You have no idea whether they're disingenuous or not if they're good enough. Spoiler: Every vtuber except like Watame are totally disingenuous and don't give a shit about you or your superchats.
Actually, it's pretty easy to tell. Even most professional Hollywood actors can't pull off a believable romance scene for a few minutes, and that's with retakes and review.
Believing a hikkineet otaku girl with a shitty set-up who has only been streaming for a little bit can keep up that charade perfectly for literal hours upon hours almost every single day of every single week is a little silly to say.

It's trivially easy to see past most fake GFE, desu. Especially if you watch the streams. There's tells. Sometimes unintentional, too. And sometimes they're menhera enough to show it on their roommates/post something they regret soon and delete afterwards

>> No.3796563

I don't get it what is the appeal of vtubers if you already have a girlfriend

>> No.3796601

Apparently lonely women too

>> No.3796612

Yeah, I'll only treat you better if you're a cute girl. Hags get out

>> No.3796666

Make sure to correct the typos, I was too angry when writing it that I forgot to spell check.

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>> No.3796705

Not everyone is looking for a waifu replacement in a vtuber anon, some just want to see a cute girl with an anime avatar act retarded for entertainment

>> No.3796740

Well that's your problem, anon. Supplanting the desire for love and affection with a vtuber when you're actively competing for thousands of others isn't going to be healthy for you. Because of their strict business style of not being able to actually reciprocate outside of a blanket statement. It's no better than experiencing get blue balled or cucked if you have some grand delusions that out of the thousands (You) will somehow be the one to swoon your oshi.
vtuber characters are p cute though. Just learn to separate what is real from what is fiction.
T. Autismo

>> No.3796761

This is like the whole "advertising doesn't work on me" meme anon. If you really believe disingenous GFE doesn't work on you that just makes you the most susceptible to it. Especially since you seem to base it on them outing themselves, when men are notoriously bad at catching red flags in women they're infatuated with. The moment you find the perfect GFE that panders to your specific kind of loneliness you'll fall for her entirely and lose all your rationality and money. Not saying this to be rude but please don't believe anyone on the internet ever cares about you, that's just setting yourself up for heartbreak.

>> No.3796772

I don't understand. I've seen vtubers from HoloEN/JP, NijiEN/JP, and various indies and honestly none of them are as entertaining as my regular twitch streamers. The cute girl factor is literally just for GFE.

>> No.3796794

get the fuck out of my hobby than normalfaggot
I have no delusions I know I am but one person in a sea of thousands, I don't superchat or even type in chat at all

>> No.3796822

Flare and Kanata have quite a few female fans

>> No.3796872

But I mean, why do you need more cute women if you already have a GF? 'Cute'ness in woman is literally only an important factor because being cute is important for woman to be to get a relationship, it's romantically appealing. Cuteness isn't interesting in a platonic context. so many more traits are preferable. You wanna fuck cute things, not hang out with them.

>> No.3796904

Anon there is no man o women on internet, but we are all whores...

>> No.3796996

No gosling ever claims or thinks they have a realistic chance with their oshi. I think you have a wrong conception of what is meant by GFE.

>> No.3797005

Anon are you saying you wanna fuck cats?

>> No.3797007

You have some very bizarre views on people and the average emotional intelligence of people if you think a rehearsed, well researched advertisement having subliminal effects is the same thing as a streamer being able to convincingly GFE consistently enough to trick people.
Those things are so different that they're literally not in the same ball park.
I don't think I'll be able to convince you, to be honest, but you do you. But if you are a cute girl who wants to pretend to do GFE, don't say I didn't warn you when your attempt falls flat on its face, I suppose.

>> No.3797044

I have masturbated to my cat several times when she was being especially clingy and cute. I even shoo'd her out the room to do so.

>> No.3797050

No matter how close your are with your GF or even wife for that matter, unless she or you are complete psychos, are not gonna be around each other 24/7. Most of the time you'll both be busy with your own lives, so you have to fill in that time with other forms of entertainment. Hence vtubers, your not looking to waifu them, just be entertaining

>> No.3797072

Of course it's not realistic but they pander to the fantasy and make mentally ill virgins desperate enough to feed off that fantasy.

>> No.3797078

Lan party with the girls!!!

>> No.3797148

You can see it that way inasmuch as you can see entertainment in general as something equally grotesque— because that's all GFE is.

>> No.3797238

>unless she or you are complete psychos

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I would've listed out all the other ones but we'd be here for a while if I did

>> No.3797300

Well yeah, all entertainment exists to fulfill an emotional need. Look I really wanna believe all the GFEfags are mentally stable normies who have a job and a life and just use it as "entertainment" but that's simply not the reality. It's just virtual prostitution for extremely lonely men who are often teetering on the edge of sanity. It's not like these people picked Ryan Gosling's Bladerunner character as their meme of choice because he's mentally stable and satisfied with his life.

>> No.3797343

I like how anons now think >>3796705 is me (gf having anon) but not the case. Just add more to the chaos. I love it.
It's ok to appreciate the vtuber for what they are. But you have to realize there's a barrier between you and their activities. They themselves may be an individual person, outside of the character, but here you and many are focused much more on just the character aspect. If your aim is for love, you will only feel heartbroken.
Love yourself first, improve yourself, and build confidence. Do shit that accomplishes menial tasks here and there around you. The little stuff adds up, but it's still something that'll niggle your brain with chemicals saying you did something productive.

>> No.3797438

Im lonely and depressed but the GFE thing doesn't work on me on account to all the mental abuse I received in my life, so Im impervious to shit like GFE, ASMR's etc.

Maybe saviorfag since my Oshi is Kiara.

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its been fun watching this thread devolve into autism

>> No.3797546

Ryan Gosling has been used for lonely men memes on 4chan for years, much longer before VTubers became a thing. It isn't a deliberate choice on the part of /vt/ goslings, moreso the continuation of board culture. What evidence would you even have to prove goslings are mentally unstable anyway, besides a few questionable posts from the small sample size of this board?

>> No.3797621

Kittens are cute, dogs are cute, (some) little kids are cute.
You're not trying to fuck them are you?

>> No.3797685

Litteraly one of the worst kinds of degeneracies. if this is true actually kill yourself

>> No.3797846

Didn't know Shane Dawson browsed /vt/

>> No.3797884

KEK fuck you, I can't tell you normalfags that I don't want to die alone but can't do anything about it? You can't stop me you fucking normalfag. I want to inconvenience as much of you faggots as possible even in death.
Chuubas are the only thing people like me have that even resembles human interaction. It's over for us and as long as society doesn't do anything about it I will complain until you put me in a gas chamber.

>> No.3797959

>i will complain until you put me in a gas chamber
Or at least until the stage 2 hypertension causes the stroke, blood clot, or cardiac arrest to kick in from the sounds of your life style.

>> No.3797962

If only I was still young, anon...

>> No.3797991

KEK, you think I don't know this? I'm too pussy to kill myself so I live unhealthy so it ends faster.
You can't insult people who reached rock bottom like I have.

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It's not necessarily about vtuber culture though, I only brought up goslings to say people who identify with that meme are mentally ill in general on other boards as well.

>What evidence would you even have to prove goslings are mentally unstable anyway
Maybe shit like >>3794927 but honestly that's not even an outlier. It's not bad enough that Goslings spend all day fantasizing about their waifu in all the various Gosling generals like /wah/ and /ame/ but they encourage this sort of schizo behavior from eachother. I'm not even shitting on Goslings though, I am one for Pomu but it's undeniable that many of them are mentally ill due to lack of intimate human contact for years or decades.

You can say I'm just projecting or cherrypicking or exaggerating but I'm just concerned about how effective this GFE thing is at milking money from people who are already downtrodden and desperate, like televangelists and MLM's.

I even have one friend who got into Kiara from a video I linked him, and I regret it because he's dumped hundreds of dollars on her just to hear her say his name and send me clips of it. It's so fucking sad to watch someone get so emotionally invested in a female who doesn't even know he exists. Maybe not all Goslings are like this but it makes me feel gross to see the amount of repeat-names in superchat streams where people try to have a conversation with the vtuber through superchats and act like they're friends even though she doesn't give a shit about them. Oftentimes they don't even read the message, it's so fucking sad.

>> No.3798099

Well actually you're missing one junction to seal the deal. You need to either get a tattoo or sign a legal form that basically states "do not resuscitate" If you fall unconscious, your diaphragm or lungs fail on you, or the rest of your organs fail on you.
Once you've gotten that signed away, then you're on the perfect downward spiral to hell.

>> No.3798118

I think people need to accept that a parasocial relationship for a lot of people is going to work out better than an actual relationship for a lot of people. "Getting a girlfriend/boyfriend" just does not work sometimes. That doesn't mean it will be for that person's whole life, but there are tons of people that make each other miserable out there just by being together, so just because it's real doesn't automatically make it better. Even people that might be dangerous don't necessarily deserve to suffer, and the vtuber is generally a lot better protected by their anonymity than a real person or a celebrity. Are there other ways that people could deal with it? Maybe there are for them, but if someone is having trouble just wanting to live, good luck finding it. I know it's tough to have sympathy for people you might think are disgusting to you, but if someone can find some version of love that makes them happier, it's generally a good thing.

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