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>redditor made an Ame cutout that got featured on the podcast
>the thing has a speaker built in that plays some of her catchphrases and sings Kiss Me
Is this maximum gosling?

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it's based but he needs to update it to casual ame in this pose

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I would do the same

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dude having fun while being creative
it's not allowed here huh?

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Nobody's made sex dolls yet, so there is still a lot of potential. Or someone could make VR with vchuubas

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>sex dolls
It's inevitable

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>dude having fun while being creative
What a fucking manchild wrote this garbage sentence
Dude is an artist and you are a faggot

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I agree, this is art.

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pretty impressive if it's paper mache

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that's a fucking yabai moment there

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jfc that scream
that is straight out of some "turned into an inanimate sex doll for a gross person" tier nightmare fuel

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You're not lookinh hard enough, anon...

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now if that dude posted THAT on r/hololive that would be different

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There was a guy that made an Ame onahole, wasn't it? Or I'm developing some kind of dementia?

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How pathetic are the people who watch vtubers seriously? fucking christ. i feel like the only normal one

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looks like plastic, how the fuck can you even make a blueprint for this thing?

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Kys normie

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Where do you think you are?

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lol where do you think you are?

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Nobody here is normal. Fuck off normie.

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If you're already posting here, you're definitely not normal

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>people with higher capabilities than me are pathetic
yeah you really are normal i guess, fucking donkey

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yeah, dementia alright, forget where you are?

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I'm more jealous of his CIB Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. Good shit Gosling-sama.

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Do you say "wait people have gay sex seriously?" after you wipe the cum from your lips too?

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Impressive if actually homemade.

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>loser calling other losers “loser”

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Yoo this nigga got city pop albums. I can almost forgive him for being a gosling.

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I see the term "Gosling" thrown around all the time. Does it mean gachikoi?

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it means doomer waifu haver

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at least there's no human bones in it

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what is doomer

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dont forget that he superchatted 300 dollars during that part of the podcast to explain himself

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You're boomer, I'm doomer, guess what? You die sooner

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Someone who makes Doom wads

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>paper and glue
There's no way it felt good to fuck that thing.

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You're a strange sad little man.

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Gura and Ame are the kind of friends who get along really well at first, but the more they hand out the more their personalities rub the wrong way and they need to take a break from each other before going back to square one.

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ok but when does the hate-sex come into play?

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What makes this arguably more weird, the more Iook at this, is the age of the shit behind the cutout. I'm not sure what those displays belong to, but the left one looks like a PC-compatible display; they're probably from the age of the early IBM PCs, so maybe mid-80s? The OG Pokemon games on display in the cabinet is also interesting.

I get the impression this might be someone over 40 with this cut out. It feels extra weird thinking about someone on the back half of life going full Gosling like this.

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never, they're both straight and have different taste in men

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That's what terrifies me about this whole vchuuba boom. Realizing that most of these successful women are younger than me, that I'm officially getting older while stagnating in life, my mental health keeping me stuck in the same spot career-wise for almost a decade. I'm scared of the impending loneliness, the kind that not even money can really fix (which I don't even have).

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Doubt it, they're probably just a boy of the soγ with little pencil arms, a well paid tech job and the insistence that this nintendo game looks sooooo much better on a proper display.

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You put an onahole in the crotch, dummy.

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Men spend so much money and energy just for one coom, it's retarded.

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>It feels extra weird thinking about someone on the back half of life going full Gosling like this.
Why do you have that opinion? Think about it rationally. Someone who's in his 40s has MORE reason to be a Gosling than a young dude.
>More likely to have actual negative experience with relationships
>Might actually be divorced
>Horrible prospects for dating
>Marriage prospects are also terrible unless you're the sort of person who's fine with a trophy wife that's disdainful of everything about you other than your money
Where other options does a literal 40 year old boomer have if he wants "love?" Not sex, "love." It might be laughable or pitiful, but becoming a Gosling is arguably the least worst option for someone who can't just live without it.

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32yo here, it certainly feels this way yes.

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Why do you think everyone here says schizo and take your meds

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Wonder if there's VR prostitutes where you ask them to act as certain characters and you fap from it?

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you sure are happy being normal

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if that guy owning a couple of CRTs and oldish game boxes really weirded you out I am glad I did not post my room.

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Do it, pussy

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we are waiting anon

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Welcome to /mlp/ 2.0
It's bronies all over again

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And both are me

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