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How do you feel about these four vtubers?

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the four horsewomen of the final yab....

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I don't watch them and I don't care about them

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Two on the left are okay. Nyanners is a
dumb cunt and fish is a non-entity.

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>How do you feel about these four vtubers?

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apathetic towards kiara, dislike ollie and fish, hate nyanners

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These girls who play video games on the internet with a little cartoon of themselves in the corner make me really mad.

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The most important chubas of /vt/

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People here claim to be better than jp yet they act like schizos about them.

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Like, Like, Like, never watched.

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Marry Fish
Fuck Kiara
Kill Nyanners

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I like her.

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I hate them, but what did fish do?

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Only watch Kiara. Stream Stream Challenger

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watch mostly passively, has some exciting streams.
watch passively, collabed with my oshi so thats fine
never touching ever
watched debut without a strong impression

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Meh, Love, Like, Whomst?

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Dunno, Like, Like, Never Saw Anything With Her

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She made a fart joke. That makes her worse than satan.

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One of my least favorite Hololive girls but it's not like I hate her or anything, she just doesn't do much for me. I like seeing her in collabs sometimes, but I don't get much out of her on her own.
Haven't seen much of her but I'm not a big fan of what I have seen. She could still grow on me I guess. I'm not really much for the whole loud and silly angle, though.
Despite never watching VShojo clips, my recommended on Youtube still gets flooded with clips of Nyanners talking about mommy milkies or cumming or pussy or anything along those lines. It gives the impression that all she does is talk about sex or being horny. It comes off as extremely shallow, so based on that impression she is by far the worst VTuber on the list for me, maybe even out of any VTuber I'm aware of.
Never seen her before.

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I dislike her for that, but I though we were over the twitter posts because it was a clear push from management as they dont act like that in stream

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I dislike Kiara, Ollie is ok but too loud, indifferent about Nyanners, I love Finance.

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Didn't she open up the stream the other day talking about her period?

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> chicken
She would be my fav EN if she could change her voice somehow, i just cant stand her annoying voice, such a shame.
> zombie
My oshi
> cat
Only knew about her from 4 chan, not liking what i heard so far.
> fish
Watched her debut, wasnt impressed

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I dont see why people hate them so much. I just dont really enjoy them.

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>an unironic zomcuck

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Neutral I dont watch any of them

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I like the fish

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Sounds based

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To me they are like different foods that you shouldn't mix. Itd be like eating some broccoli and pouring gravy on it, not I don't hate both they just don't go well together.

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Indifferent, amused, cringed by the voice, who?

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Yes, and?

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>broccoli and gravy
That tastes fine though.

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Cutest cat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1ZRV32jclY

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Luv me cute autistic retard fish
Simple as

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I like Ollie.
No thoughts about the rest.

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Nyanners is cute!

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Orange love
Red hate
Pink never watched
Green never watched

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>don't like
>zombraps kek
>never watch her never will
>I like her

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Filthy board tourist here, the only one out of those four that I can name is Nyanners, and it pains me to say this but she kinda sucks now. I've been a fan of her work from back when she posted funny VA stuff, and was at first excited because her flipping to being a vtuber meant Nyanners content was no longer going to be drip-fed to us like it was years ago when we'd get less than 10 videos a year. But then as more vtubing stuff was posted, the novelty of "boomer pervy vtuber" wore off, so now all the constant boob and piss humor seems very repetitive. Also considering how the vtubing stuff carried her channel to have over 1,000,000 subscribers, we're probably never going back to a time when all she did was VA work, so I guess I'll have to live off of the countless Nyanners ripoffs that have popped up on YouTube over the years.

Was there any particular reason she joined VShojo? I felt like her vtuber work was fairly self-sustaining without the need to sign onto a network (or do you guys call them idol groups, since Hololive was envisioned to function like an idol group? I'm not very active in the vtuber scene so I'm not up to speed on the terminology), but now she's glued onto "class acts" like Projekt Melody, which are bound to completely wreck VShojo with drama eventually, if not already. It was probably a money reason, but I feel like she would have gotten to a million subs even by herself, but potentially with a bigger cut had she not been signed onto a group.

The only other VShojo tuber I can reliably name is Projekt Melody, to give you an impression of what flavor of content you can expect from them

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Unironically has some mental disease that makes her unable to realize how rude she is at times. Does all the bad shit she does unintentionally. Can't really blame her.
Naïve, retarded and immature. At first I didn't blame her either, but she keeps doubling down after doing dumb shit. Likely to do something that causes trouble for her colleagues down the road because of how irresponsible she is.
Biggest hypocrite grifter on the planet. Will say anything for money and 5 minutes later say the complete opposite to virtue signal. No idea how anyone can watch such a person.
Her entire personality seems fabricated to maximize the money she gets from of gachikois. The fact that she's 1 cm smaller than Gura, her birthday is 1 day after Gura's and she went with a marine based lifeform is very suspicious. I think she might be a sociopath like Uto.

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>Will say anything for money and 5 minutes later say the complete opposite to virtue signal
I'm not doubting that this is true, but do you have a reference to back up this claim?

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Anon, she literally keeps virtue signaling about loli while using a loli avatar and acting cutesy (when she's not talking about cock).
Also I'm not going to spoonfeed you about what she was doing before being a vtuber earned her a lot of money but it's been discussed here a billion times and it involved a lot of virtue signaling.

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Vshojo is just meant to help out with getting sponsorships and dealing with legal shit so she can just focus on streaming and stuff. They got her that concert with Kizuna so I'm sure she's glad she joined.

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Good autism filters.

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I like her, I understand most of her shitty behavior is classic german autism so it comes off as more endearing to me, but besides that I also find her obvious low self-esteem relatable and don't have any problems watching her.
Too manic for me. I feel like she has some kind of brain problem, she's energetic but not enough of a klutz or idiot to say its ADHD.
Hated her before she started streaming, she's a genuine dickhead behind the scenes.
I haven't watched her but from what people have said she sounds like she'd be funny to watch a few times because my inner retard finds amogus funny before I bounce off to someone a bit more relaxing

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Fish is too irrelevant to do any harm (yet).

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Lol at all this Pink Cat hate

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She'll bail the moment things go south.

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Funny gay birb.
Annoying noisebox.

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in order:
-cringe but cute

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I really like her! I don't find her annoying like everyone else seems to
I used to like her at the very begining but she just keeps doing dumb shit it feels like she doesn't care about any consequences of what she does
Absolute hypocrite, I don't like her at all
She annoyed me with her predebut twitter antics but I haven't gotten around to watching her debut so I can't really say if I like or dislike her

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The fish seems nice. I don't have it in me to hate any of them.

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Ollie is playing up a genki girl type character. There are moments where she drops the facade and is quite mellow.

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Most people calling Nyanners an hypocrite here are probably just parroting that faggot youtuber video

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I know nothing about the fish
Nyanners is a hypocritical whore and deserves to be curb stomped
Ollie is alright but her screaming can be annoying
Kiara is great but kinda the same problem as Ollie in that her screaming is off-putting

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Most entertaining EN for me. Has many great qualities as a streamer most people who only know her from collabs don't know about.
I find her kind of endearing for her "youthfulness" for lack of a better word. Don't watch her much though.
>Pink Cat
Hard disagree with her views on loli and such as they're presented in that one jpg. Even if I personally dislike her for that I enjoyed some of the content she put out before.
Unremarkable in every way from what I've seen of her so far and living proof of how much you niggers want to force retarded drama and hatred on people.

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>Biggest hypocrite grifter on the planet
Really, on the whole planet?

>> No.3946283

Some of us remember her /a/ vocaroo days long ago. She was just having fun and didn't give a fuck until it became unpopular to SJW types. So she had to act like she had changed from the lewd, inappropriate kid she was then, but then she becomes a vtuber and starts doing the lolibait stuff again. If she could get away with it, Nyanners would sing Pomf pomf again as her chuuba.

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Annoying sometimes but can be entertaining. Only ever watch her when she collabs with Mori.
Cute when she isn't destroying my eardrums
Don't watch her besides early youtube stuff

>> No.3946352

Ok, should be careful cause she'll burn her self out.
Too early to say, give her a month to settle in.

>> No.3946365

>should be a global rule against discussion
>give her time

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Yes! On the Whole Planet! :D

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from worst to best

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1 and 2 are ok, 3 is based, 4 I don't know

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A little self centered, but not a bad person and a decent entertainer. Still hate her for skipping dialogue in automata's final ending.
Wildcard zoomer.
Ticking time bomb who will turn against the rest of vshojo eventually

>> No.3946626

Fish's face should be the Chaika edit.

>> No.3946631

>has some metal disease that makes her unable to realize how rude she is
It's called being german.

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Ollie is fine but not my cup of tea, Kiara sucks at her job but gets a little more hate than is warranted, pink cat is a traitorous clout-chasing cunt, fish is new and clearly inexperienced so will be interested to see if she becomes better in the coming months.

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The zoomer schizo who projects his schizoid delusions onto anonymous people starter pack.

>> No.3946979

There are several much better choices for this than Fish, OP. I'll work on a collage later.

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Kiara: Watching right now. Pretty good
Ollie: Nice clips, but I'm not too interested in watching her vods
Pinky Cat: Hate her name, but she's really entertaining.
other one: literally who?

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What kind of SHIT taste do you have? Those go great together.

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>Her entire personality seems fabricated to maximize the money she gets from of gachikois
You are on the vtuber board. That's most vtubers.
Some of these fuckers were professional VAs and in acting., on TV, etc.

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Finana is still ok for.
Ollie and Kiara turned out to be bad.
Nyanners is seriously a horrible person. It is not even about taste in Vtubers here. If you like her, you are an immoral person with no prinicples.

>> No.3951415

indifferent to

>> No.3951523

I like Kiara, she's usually entertaining
Ollie does many things I dislike, but I forgive her because she's just a menhera kid
The lyrics of Pomf Pomf are stuck in my head after all these years, I dislike Nyanners outside of that
I know nothing about the last one

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kek fag

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Kiara is an attention whore but she is tolerable , barely, but still
Ollie is a fucking kid that doesn’t understand she is working for a company with rules and not everything is fun and smiles, also I’ve seen some rrats that’s she’s or was suicidal, as long as she doesn’t collab with sjw normies it’s fine for me
Nyanners is a fucking hypocrite and I dislike her for that
Finana is cringe as fuck but besides that she is fine
And to clarify because 2 of them are from vshoujo and NijiEN, I’m fine with them collabing with whoever they want as long as they don’t bring their retarded humor into the collab, if you like vshoujo it’s fine but don’t bring your 99% sex joke 1% others personality into hololive, with nijisanji they aren’t idols they are straight up normal streamers so as a group at least I’m fine with them collabing in any way, as for individuals only if they are hypocrites or like previously mentioned sjw normies

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Orange, Red, Pink and Green.

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Stop forcing fish is with these whores. She literally did nothing but make a fart joke and you faggots are really going to compare her to Nyaners or Kiara?

>> No.3951633

Don't like the left one, like the middle two, haven't watched the last for more than 30 minutes

>> No.3951731

If your in membership give us thread content

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I genuinely respect her earnestness, but she's also the sort of person who I would almost certainly dislike if I knew her in the real world.
I don't dislike her but wish she'd act more professional. Note: Not more seiso, more professional. She should look at someone like Marine as an example of how you can pretend to be a loud pervert while still being highly professional.
>pink cat
Greatly dislike her and unironically view her as a blight upon vtubing.
Not impressed by her behavior on twitter and her transparently artificial stream persona, but I'm willing to give her a chance. Hopefully she grows into the position well.

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Yeah this.

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I still don't think Kiara has done anything on the same level as Ollie's fingerbang incident or Nyanner's fanbase ditching fiasco.
I know shit about the fish.

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pink cat good
orange woman good
others don't care

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I like them because they all make holotards seethe extremely hard.
Especially Kiara and Pinku catto.

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>How do you feel about these four vtubers?

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I like Kiara though.

>> No.3952222

This, agree other than adding more dislike on top of Kiara. Though she has kept her shit opinions out of her job so far.

>> No.3952240

>Not impressed by her behavior on twitter and her transparently artificial stream persona
Most of them start with a little kayfabe or a character, i fully expect NijiEN to get comfy in time and let their real character out.

>> No.3952246

>watched her debut
the whole 8 seconds?

>> No.3952278

>Does all the bad shit she does unintentionally.
What bad shit? Literally tell me 5 ''bad'' things that Kiara did and no, hurting your feelings doesn't count.

>> No.3952303

>talking about mommy milkies or cumming or pussy or anything along those lines. It gives the impression that all she does is talk about sex or being horny. It comes off as extremely shallow
Welcome to Vshojo, anon

>> No.3952308

No idea if you are joking, but she made sort of debut stream that kinda transitioned into a normal one later on.
She was rude to her colleagues on stream, vtubing is no banter zone, remember.

>> No.3952365


pink cat good
orange hen bad
green fish sad
red zombie fucked

>> No.3952370

>kiara annoying voice
She needs do what snuffy did

>> No.3952388

Don't watch, don't care, stupid thread.

>> No.3952509

The last one did an incomprehensible crime

>> No.3952600

Exactly 1 (one) of them is good.

>> No.3952665

ascended unitychad

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All based for making /vt/ mad

>> No.3952864

I hate Nyanners hypocrite whore

>> No.3952901

came here to say this

>> No.3953142

wow she really impressed herself with that.

>> No.3953159

librarian cat is the best

>> No.3953194

Didn't liked her but in these last months I kinda started to watch her
No, never liked her and never will
Fake and whore
I still don't know much about her, she looks fine

>> No.3953196

Fine but I’d rather she use her normal voice
Watched some clips; she seems fine but I haven’t been able to catch a stream
Don’t care personally but the fact she makes /vt/ seethe is fucking hilarious
Too new to give an opinion

>> No.3953253

She really goes hard for gura audience.

>> No.3953357

I've never noticed this, granted the only stream I really watched longer than 15 minutes was her first RE Village.
I was too fucking annoyed at her playing to even notice, likely.

>> No.3953384

That is, I didn't notice she was a hypocrite.

>> No.3953568

I like her, her yuribait with Mori it´s too forced, but Iike her voice, and she is one of the few vtubers who play JRPGs.
I am neutral about her, I don´t dislike her, but she doesn´t do anything for me.
Vtuber I despise the most.
Too early to tell, her voice is cute, her coomer act feels a little forced, but I still want to see how she develops her character over time. Will keep watching her in the mean time. I would say I like her good enough, but I have my reservations on her.

>> No.3953726

this thread is the same reply over and over again.

>> No.3953770

Cool design wasted on retards except Ollie she isn't that bad

>> No.3953823

>not flat

>> No.3954050

I don´t watch much besides my oshis, what did Ollie do for everyone to call her crazy?
Also, what´s with Kiara being an SJW? did she actually said anything like that on stream or you talking about roommate shenanigans?

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Gura will pass him

>> No.3954229

kiara's basically a holojp but speaks english, really enjoy listening to her talk about random crap when i do something else

ollie i enjoy the idea of her but i don't watch her stuff cuz lol id time

nyanners i don't watch glad she's doing well

fish sounds fun no strong feelings

>> No.3954282

Kiara is bothersome but she doesn’t seem to do shit on purpose so people only “hate” her for the hate boner it gives them I don’t think no one actually hates her like they hate Nyanners, except that tranny that got rejected from hololive

>> No.3954359

Left: Anal
Center Left: Anal
Center Right: Anal
Right: Butt-stuff.

>> No.3954466

I find Kiara annoying, I don't really care about Ollie. I think Nyanners is a stupid bitch and I like Finana.

>> No.3954489

variety is the spice of life, as they say

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Everyone is good and inconsequential to Japan, but I hope the pink vsjw graduates or dies.

>> No.3954593

I like Kiara and Ollie don't really care about the other two and yes I know who Nyanners is I still don't give a flying fuck about her

>> No.3954623


>> No.3954656

You surprised holofriends are a hivemind?

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You will watch her and Kiara collab.

>> No.3954930

Dislike, like, no opinion, meh but I think she has some potential

>> No.3955033

>irritating but okay
>a bit irritating yet cute
>greatly dislike her
>so far she seems like a mess and not even in an endearing way

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Don't care about the others but Nyanners isn't only a problem for vtubers, she's AnimeFeminist tier who will destroy the social harmony of anime culture as a whole if you give her an inch, and she'll lobby for anime censorship if you ever let her. Apart from the obvious attempts to cancel loli, she's such a fucking hypocritical SJW she even badmouthed normie catgirl shit like Nekopara and forced everyone to cancel the collabs and to never play it ever again. Her discord is an SJW circlejerk mess and she supports people who ""cancel"" other people, especially vtubers. Dumbass bitch needs to fuck off.

>> No.3955068

Ollie almost confirmed had sex or masturbated on stream, most people say she got fingered and Kiara “is” SJW in her roommate account be she does it for attention not because she actually believes that shit

>> No.3955165

Fish antiposting is the most forced controversy I've seen since the Pekora period app thing.

>> No.3955334
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yeah nyanners supported some anituber fag like mothers basement that lobbied for anime censorship
a reminder nyanners has close relations to this mentally ill cunt (discord buddies) who attacked other vtubers and organised a harrassment campaign against loli vtubers

>> No.3955476

>Ollie almost confirmed had sex or masturbated on stream, most people say she got fingered
Didn´t know about this, have a link for that?

>> No.3956017


>> No.3956376

I want to punch her voice, but I don't really hate her
Boring, but the rrat about her is retarded and makes me take pity on her
Elira lite.

>> No.3957381

>sjw bootlicker
>ever being based
literally the opposite of based
you nyanner shills don't even know what you're talking about, you have to go back

>> No.3958332

why is the cat bad? what she do? i see claims but where proof? i havent seen much of her so idk whats going on

>> No.3960036

Didn't really care for her at the start but she grew on me, I think now that the shininess of EN Holos has worn off I might like her the best, I've pretty much stopped watching the others unless they play a game I'm really interested in. I like her interacting with JP Holos.
Mostly positive, no idea why she makes people seethe so much but I guess I've missed something. People go apeshit over her but never explain why.
Mostly inoffensive, the clips that get posted onto YouTube don't really paint a nice picture. I still like how she makes 4chan seethe with stuff that happened 10 years ago. (Also I think it would've been extremely interesting to see the timeline where she got into HoloEN.)
We're only few streams in but she's already shown that she's lucky she didn't get into Hololive, and that's good. I look forward to seeing how she develops.

>> No.3960200

>2:00:00 the next couple of minutes are the most evident but it starts at 1:30:00

>> No.3960361
File: 84 KB, 833x1000, EziyuE1UUAE4aA3.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3960422

>Nyanners does loli content
>she claims it was a mistake and that it’s disgusting essentially betraying her hole fan base
>does more loli content
>when asked she says she’s still against it and still disgusting
>more loli content

>> No.3960429

Mothers Basement is against anime censorship faggot, Noralities is the SJW trying to censor everything.

>> No.3960544

Rape, disregard, disregard, rape with aftercare.

>> No.3960698

Are you retarded? Ofc she says its bad lol this is fucking 2021 internet
The important thing is that she still does it

>> No.3960754

The guy equated anime to CSA, he can fuck off. Shat on Wataten and Nekopara like Nyanners did.

>> No.3960824

She went on this rant when she deleted her =pomf video.
10 years ago.

>> No.3960929

And you still seething for somethin that happened 10ya? lmao

>> No.3961101

>The important thing is that she advertises her SJW cancer to everyone and everything and ruin vtubing/anime as a whole
Who do you think instigated the whole harassment campaign against loli vtubers?
Kill yourself

>> No.3961186

What's a vtuber?

>> No.3961202

>chicken and Zoombie
Love em, would be so boring and drama free without them
Fuck her, been doing this long enough to be a MILF.
She is so irrelevant she skipped her own stream

>> No.3961208

I am now she's somehow come back into memory after whatever the fuck she was doing between pomf and vshoujo. What of it?

>> No.3961248

vtubing is already ruined by going mainstream, just fap to the girls

>> No.3961307


thank for the info i guess, but it seems like everyone in this debacle is full of shit, some of her fans seem to be full of shit, see seems to be a little full of shit, and for fucks sake i dont even remember how long my dick was 10 years ago, people still seething hard are full of shit too.

>> No.3961346

Good, Good, Great, Seems ok but I'm not sure yet

>> No.3961475

Why is everyone here so negative?

>> No.3961706

Because we all have crippling mental health issues in one shape or another

>> No.3961721


>> No.3961875

The truth: They all speak English. Meaning those are the only ones you’re allowed to hate. If they were primarily Japanese, no one would care.

>> No.3961951

People here are finding love in an animated vtuber avatar

What do you think

>> No.3962058


I was expecting something substantial, not a couple of coomer-baiting moans. Thanks for nothing you lying fucking incel.

>> No.3962197

Also I love all of them but I really dislike Nyanners. Dunno what she did but validating people to instigate harassment is no good. And also thanks for the spoonfeed >>3955334 I never knew the type of abhorrent people Nyan associates herself with

>> No.3962435

Nyanners is okay

>> No.3962593

why the fuck are you here anon

>> No.3962862

what the FUCK

>> No.3962948
File: 508 KB, 1920x1080, 1621492948716.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is she though?

>> No.3963228

>talking about mommy milkies or cumming or pussy or anything along those lines. It gives the impression that all she does is talk about sex or being horny.
Welcome to VShojo in a nutshell

>> No.3963930

>Nyanners reads a /vt/ thread about her

>> No.3965367
File: 334 KB, 461x418, 1615563668569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks it's Melody that will get Nyanners into drama and not the other way round

>> No.3965638

>she's 1 cm smaller than Gura, her birthday is 1 day after Gura's and she went with a marine based lifeform
Do Niji's fucking really???

>> No.3965705

This is almost everything wrong with the English scene in one image, it just needs Veibae as well.

>> No.3965804

Because everyone else outside is too positive

>> No.3965892

Kiara being there just makes people not be against the others if they MUST anti them like some want, Ollie too for as much I know about her at least, they doesn't even come as close to anything the others said and done, even the "hurr durr bottom left" dumb meme KFP does is from light ecchi stuff at best. The rude complaint "actually" only happened once, so I don't really care enough about it either.

>> No.3965899

Kiara is not that hot, Nyanners on the other side...

>> No.3966231

>I think she might be a sociopath
Oh she is, that's why I like her

>> No.3966268

orange woman
stupid cunt
lil zoomer

>> No.3966293

She's funny as hell and a natural entertainer. Also EN needed her stacy energy because everyone else in her gen is either shy or autistic as fuck.
Honest to god one of the best additions hololive ever got; easily could have been EN2. That radiant positive energy of hers is infectious and she gets along so well with literally everyone she comes in contact with. 10/10 I hope she gets over her menhera issues and learns to love herself.
I don't watch her.
I thought I wouldn't like the zoomercore humor but it's endearing in a way. She's cute but clearly inexperienced though; I think she has plenty of room to grow and I don't dislike her, so I'm looking forward to seeing how she'll develop.

>> No.3966345

>Stacy energy
What kind of person do you think a Stacy is?

>> No.3966401

>What kind of person do you think a Stacy is?

>> No.3966682
File: 33 KB, 341x398, [HorribleSubs] Tsugumomo - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.55_[2017.04.12_01.57.34].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ask a stupid question, I guess.
But really, Kiara is insecure as fuck, she isn't a Stacy at all.

>> No.3966777

Well honestly that Anon is not wrong, Kiara is not an extrovert, she's an introvert trying really hard to act extroverted, common with girls that were actually introverted and hated themselves for it, since it's not cute when a real girl does it, people just treat you them as creepy, particularly other girls. She's very awkard and dorky, but tries her best not to be.

>> No.3967192

I honestly dont get why everyone is pissed at Nyanners for disowning her old edgy /b teir shit. She wouldn't last a day in todays twitter cancel culture if she didn't

>> No.3967330

They are cancers that's killing the vtuber industry

>> No.3967445
File: 55 KB, 709x376, touya truth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile in reality you could just play to your audience and not give a fuck about mentally ill faggots on Twitter

>> No.3967771

>not based

>> No.3969110

love pink cat

no clue who the other girls are but I'm sure they are charming and funny people as well

>> No.3969828

Great energy with addictive laugh (5/10), Best bilingual self translating vtuber with manic horni energy (7/10), High Grade Weird girl energy peepeepoopoo (6/10), whomstve

>> No.3969920
File: 215 KB, 638x395, Capture1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3972860

It was great when she was gone for a few days.
It was great when she was gone for a week.
Pink cat voiced the first /vga/s and then distanced herself from 4chan ever since.
The fish posted a clip of her shitting into a coffee mug.

>> No.3974424

> I hate her
> Dislike her
> She's great
> She isn't a niji fan but she's great.

>> No.3974864

I want a podcast collab with all of them called the Yabcast

>> No.3975023

the 2 on the right are decent while the other 2 are repulsive

>> No.3975271

Sorry, but I simply can't recognize Nyanners as a Vtuber. For me, she's just like Pokimane trying to get a Live2D avatar, but people don't shit on Nyanners like they did to Pokimane.

>> No.3975284

nta, for me, video games are among the least interesting things a chuuba could interact with. It has merit to see people accomplish something I haven't or even to see them play something my PC can't handle, but that also applies to art, singing, just relating their stories in a zatsudan is in a way a performance of something I cannot provide. I am here because I want chuubas to feel real. I want to be happy for their lives and feel like I, too, can reach for the same kind of happiness in my life.
I bawled my eyes out at Ina's birthday today and her saying thank you and talking about the cake she got matters more than all the Hollow Knight or Nier possibly could.

>> No.3975384

Probably because she's no where near as popular, and also because people still think Nyanners from 4chan when they hear that and not the one trying to maintain relevancy as a vtuber.

>> No.3975776

Kiara is a try hard

Ollie is endearing

Nyanners sounds like a dude gasping for air everytime she speaks

Fianna is borderline retarded and that’s what makes her good

>> No.3976359

If she did it to protect herself she is still in the wrong, melody and some other members of vshojo follow loli artists and don’t say shit probably because they talked about it behind scene, she dug too deep and now she can’t get out, is pandering to sjw or destroying her internet persona

>> No.3976446

Also, why does everyone seem to hate Ollie? I've only seen a couple collabs with her in it and she's hyper yeah but she seems alright.

>> No.3976452

She had a pink catgirl anime avatar for years so becoming a vtuber wasn't that weird. Pokimane never had anything even remotely related to anime and pulled the vtuber model out of her ass.

>> No.3976490

Because I come to 4chan to be negative? Everywhere else or everyone is on your side or everyone shits on you, here you can say literally whatever you want and there will be at least some group of people on your side, I come in gear to give negativity away, even if it’s nonsense and I’m just feeling bad at the moment, for example anons are about to shit on me responding to this

>> No.3976616

Watch 2:02:00 to 2:04:00 again she moans out of nowhere and literally says , without referring to any genmate, I don’t want to and not now

>> No.3976659

cringe but also based

>> No.3976758


>> No.3976817


>> No.3976894

>at least some group of people on your side
I have never had that experience at all in almost 20 years

>> No.3976929

if they all died overnight the world would be better off

>> No.3976935

Jesus, even I'm coming off as argumentative which just proves my point further
The faggots on this site just needlessly bitch at everyone else
Nobody is ever right, everybody is wrong all the time and I'm sure I'm wrong about that, someone will tell me so and then tell me to cope, seethe, dilate, larp, based and cringe

>> No.3977109

It's only the pink one can't separate 2D from 3D. She downplays CSA by equating it to anime girls, incites harassment, absolutely ignorant and disrespects majority of otaku culture. She and everyone in her discord deserves to be put in a shredder

>> No.3977147

pretty much.

>> No.3977201

One of them is MILES more reprehensible than the rest combined. Literally drags down her whole group by association.

>> No.3977269

Don't like Kiara, Ollie's fine, Nyanners seems like a cunt and memefish I dont care about.

>> No.3977281

t. pink >HER-fag

>> No.3977285

Scapegoats for my own self hatred

>> No.3977387

Because you're probably underage and b&.

>> No.3977398

The yab squad

>> No.3977420
File: 287 KB, 400x400, 1621470583193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmong Us

>> No.3977509

Kind of annoying, but manageable
Wannabe Nyanners. She better do something about this.

>> No.3977515

Because it's the truth? If you want forced (false) positivity, go to reddit or twitter.

>> No.3977628

I believe it, but she puts up a very strong front, which is why I think she oversteps her bounds so often. I know because I was like that for a while, so I can't watch her stepping on toes and sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Even if her voice didn't filter me, kek, soz, had to.

>> No.3977931

Usually fun to watch, but can get annoying sometimes
Energetic and fun, but young and stupid
Should khs
Know literally nothing about

>> No.3977944

Because of her, all discussions about Nekopara is bannable
Because of her, Melody won't even talk about CGDCT or even talk about Boku no Pico/Shoujo Ramune like she used to and her mods started banning anyone who does
Because of her, Ironmouse and the Bunny has to constantly appeal to SJWs and had to lie to their audience they only like "aged up characters", Ironmouse even had to change her model to be less flat
There are more examples but all of this is because of HER cancer of a fanbase and she supports all of that especially being buddies with one of the people who organized smear campaigns against several loli vtubers

That side of the vtubing sphere is absolutely noxious and the complete opposite of Hololive and Nijisanji
If there was a button to immediately kill anyone directly involved and supported them I would push it in a heartbeat

>> No.3978059

Three of them. Do your reps.

>> No.3978265

Why is everyone calling Nyanner's a hypocrite?

>> No.3978299

Are you me chad?

>> No.3978366

from left to right: autistic narcissist, autistic, autistic, idk

>> No.3978942

They make my dick hard.
Especially the zoomer fish.

>> No.3979782

i've tried to watch her but her voice always filter me overall she is alright but I hate KFPniggers
she's fine but stop fucking SCREAMING HOLY SHIT, I only watch her when she do a free talk stream or donation reading
uhhh who ?
haven't watched her debut but i like her fairy friend

>> No.3980784

Avoid if you don't want to see their retarded fanbase.

>> No.3982293

Her chicken voice is irritating but she serves as a bridge between the HoloJP and HoloEN worlds.
Glad she moved on from fucking Connor and returned to her senses.
SJW hypocrite, will never watch her
a naive dork who will only end up as Elira Pendora's plaything. Elira manipulated her into doing nearly yab things, like naming her tag "Onlyfins" (despite Onlyfans being a fcking taboo topic in vt world) and setting her up for a semen joke

>> No.3983071
File: 707 KB, 2700x3530, EnWzsgqWEAEtfcn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ironmouse has to constantly appeal to SJWs
Give me an example of this because I watch her all the time and this never happens, she just avoids those topics altogether. She even said she loved Nekopara like a month after the cancellation.
>Ironmouse even had to change her model to be less flat
No, she just wanted larger breasts. Even her S1 model wasn't really flat. But she gave herself a larger bust with her nurse outfit and kept increasing it from there. Her lore explanation for the change was that it was due to her wearing less of her power inhibiting bells and her bust size went up with her demonic power. This started before VShojo, so no relation to Nyan.

>> No.3983165
File: 41 KB, 500x500, 1614788732282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

talkative, loud, yab, no idea. I don't hate them but i watch clips sometimes or sneak a bit in their minecraft streams. Get a laugh out of it then leave a comment. i usually watch jp.

>> No.3983526

Not him but i think there was one instance during the Uno collab, she was just kinda there while the others were talking about aged up yaoi doujins. You wouldn't be able to find any of what they were talking about on Sadpanda because it was clearly it a lie. I don't blame mousey but she's getting a ton of indirect bad influence from sjw pandering, not only her but also her fanbase being affected as well. If you aren't completely braindead you could trace back the type of people who proliferate that kind of mentality to the Nyanners' fanbase as well some Vtweeter circles.

With Hololive, usually you can just easily clean up those malicious trendhoppers by showing them some of their lolicon memes and it works every time without fail. Doing this naturally drastically reduces the amount of victim complex dramatards, in other words artists and other fans don't get harassed for sjw reasons, and social harmony is preserved.

>> No.3983618

I only hate Ny*nners

>> No.3983863

Thought she would be my oshi, but Amelia happened. Her chimkin voice can be annoying
Either needs to put a limiter on her mic or shut the fuck up. She's okay otherwise
Don't really care for her but i would rather watch Froot or Mouse
Thought she would be my favorite until Pomu started singing. Nothing really wrong with her though

>> No.3984068

>She made a fart joke. That makes her worse than satan.
so the other girls can let one rip live on stream and be fine but you make one fart joke and your instantly a yab machine?

>> No.3984221

Why would she even do that on stream kek.

>> No.3984232

I don't watch these whores but is this true? These "lewdtubers" can't talk about fucking NEKOPARA? kek

>> No.3984268

I like them all,why, cause they piss you guys off and that is one of the few things that can still bring joy to me.

>> No.3984270

don't care
don't care
don't care
she's ok i guess

>> No.3984357

I think and feel the same anochama

>> No.3984362

Yes. Even Gura recently jokingly said on stream she wanted to stream Nekopara +18. Meanwhile starting discussions about Nekopara with any of the Vshojos would immediately get you banned in their communities. And of course you know which grifter is to blame. It all started when SHE decided she's had enough of Nekopara and forced all of the Nekopara collabs to be cancelled. It's been like that ever since.

>> No.3986009

They make good gym equipment

>> No.3986025

Don't know

For real, who is the green bitch?

>> No.3986362

Nyanners is a shit, but I can enjoy people's content even if they're irredeemable as a person.

>> No.3986402

Is explicitly anti-loli and denounces lolicon as pedo creeps, while using a loli avatar and taking their money anyway.

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