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Shit on them all you want but they deserved their fame and success more than the recent JP gens. Mori alone is unironically more talented than the entirety of gen 5. You have an actual professional level artist in Ina. Gura is one of the best, if not THE best singing talent in hololive. Orange woman is bilingual and she has her talkshow. Its dogshit, I know but again, that's more effort than the entirety of gen 5 and gen 4 with the sole exception of Coco. Amelia is the only average holo, talent-wise. EN wasn't even marketed as idols but 3 of them actually bothered to make at least one original song each and Gura has 5 songs in the making apparently. Tell me ONE talent from Lamy, Polka, Noel, Flare, Luna, Kanata and Coco, for example, aside from talking and hitting the "start stream" button. As far as I can tell, that's what every chuuba is capable of doing and more.

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ASMR, business, merch.
None of EN girls hit national television. Lots of JP girls micromanage their production of goods, image-related stuff and even schedule sponsorships.
Noel, for example, besides being a better audio engineer/mixer than even the pro at Cover, also micromanages lots of her sponsorship such as the sake promo, instant gyudon, merch, etc.
EN are entertainers and that all they are. JP girls are both entertainers, streamers, but also semi-manager and businesswomen.

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Sex with Ina

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Kek, no, not at all.

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>Is EN the best thing to happen to hololive?
You mean Myth? EN doesnt have enough gens to answer that?

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You lost me when you called Gura, Kiara, and Ame talented.

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they're the final fantasy 7 of hololive gens, definitely not the best but one of the most important ones in getting a large group of western fans who would've otherwise never paid attention to vtubers

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Nice argument.
Yes. This batch in particular is the best thing to happen to hololive.

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Ame is the MC and support of the group. You can't change my mind.

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I always have a good laugh with that image lol

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> Is EN the best thing to happen to hololive?
They're good but not the best.
But whats your purpose? Shat on other girl and hope people stop shitting on your girl?
That's really fucked up logic even for 3yo child...

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Non argument.
Yes this batch in particular is the best thing to happen to hololive.
Reading comprehension. I stated that Ame is the cookie-cutter average holo. You must be unironically deaf if you think any of the gen 4 and 5 is comparable to Gura's singing. I'm unsure whether language proficiency is a talent or not but Kiara is capable of speaking more languages than most holos.

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I've seen people saying that EN is cruising to their success only because they're carried by the brand, not because they deserved it.

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short answer: no

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What about the long answer??

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I don't know all that, but EN1 worked wonders for almost everyone else's numbers.

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Used to be into all of them. Mori is cool, her music is fun but her streams are pretty boring. Ina plays cool games and is chill so I hang there sometimes. The other 3 I've fallen off really hard with, used to check out Mario streams but even those got so painful that I stopped. I'd rather just watch a regular content creator in those situations honestly.

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let's see pekora is the 3rd or 4th most popular streamer girl in the world, pekora what she does becomes an automatic hit for some reason. Cali moves a lot through the medium of music, she is good, but even Cali recognizes that she is not at the level of Suisei in terms of singing. I could give you more examples but I'm too lazy to do it

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explain why mori's mouth is transparent and kiara's isn't

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Flare is good at being brown

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>Gura is one of the best, if not THE best singing talent in hololive
sorry that spot is occupied by fubuki
her massive range and song retention is unmatched
she is the ultimate kareoker

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i have normal answer not the fucking universal Knowles anon

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Noel has big booba, makes my PP hard, and luls me to sleep with her gentle ASMR voice. That alone makes her more valuable to me than all of EN except Ina.

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Gura Main Carry
Mori Carry
Ame Initiator
Kiara Supp 4
Ina Hard Support

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Kiara's head is turned right a little bit while calli's is at a straight profile view. You can tell more clearly by looking at where the eyes are placed on their faces.

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You are just biased towards EN because you actually speak their language. Adding orange womans talk show as a talent and then ignoring the fact that Coco is also bilingual and did Asacoco, which was way more effort, is straight up bias.
For other talents, Lamy/Noel are both great at ASMR. Luna is one of the few chuubas dedicated to actually playing a character. Botan is top tier in FPS games, on top of being a great entertainer. Nene is fucking hilarious and a natural entertainer. She's one of the few people who can make super chat readings interesting.
With the exception of Gura and maybe Ina, all of EN would still be literal nobodies if not for hololive. Just because they attracted large numbers of retards doesn't make them the best thing to happen to hololive.

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>Gura is one of the best, if not THE best singing talent in hololive.
>Amelia is the only average holo, talent-wise.
Imagine having taste this shit

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Being a doxer is not comedy. Nene killed Aloe

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Killing Aloe was the only way to save her from herself. Nene did it on purpose so that she can be where she is today. Pretty good joke overall.

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Anon is baiting so damn hard, might as well throw the fishing rod too while you're at it.

is in the same ballpark that Ina is, except Lamy is much cuter and way better at GFE
tries extremely hard, she is very fun, great at collabs and tries a lot of different things
is the main 'glue' of Gen 3, allowing them to support each and grow the way they did
just her singing voice puts her above EN, not even gonna bother mentioning more.
Besides her being a very peculiar person, cute and having a great sense of humor, she can smash everyone from EN when comes to gaming in general. And gaming is the main thing they do.

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I see there are people who don't get the big picture impact that EN had on the vtuber community and on hololive itself so I'll present a what if scenario trying to factor as many of the events as I can to see what the absence of EN would be.

Using 12 month span of google trends to extrapolate between the terms hololive/ nijisanji and vtuber, we see that it high when EN dropped and peaked at Oct 18-24, 2020 (100 holo, 6 nijisanji, 38 vtuber 38). Of course that his lowered after some time with current being 50 holo, 9 nijisanji, 38 vtuber but still far better than their lowest in May 31- June 6, 2020 (9 holo, 1 nijisanji, 9 vtuber). You would be underestimating the visibility impact EN if you ignore this.

Would there be as many companies vying for the EN market if HoloEN wasn't a success? Would Nyanners form VShojo? Would Nijisanji even think of doing EN or focus on their other branches without holoEN's success? Would Amatsuki Uto be as big as she is now without the Nabi association with Amelia? Would Nabi also be a vtuber without the art association with hololive? Some yes but not as they big as they are now without EN and the community that fostered them.

How about ID and Holostars? Without EN, ID2 wouldn't get the subs boost it did and just be as relevant as ID1 was before EN appeared. Do you believe holostars would've gotten out of the below 100k sub ghetto without EN by bringing visibility, when they were struggling to get 1k subs within a week last year? Would there be as many hololive JP members over the 1 million subs mark without EN? We have 14 right now but I don't think there would be such a huge subscriber boost if EN wasn't part of the equation by bringing EOPs into the fold. I'm sure many hololive girls would've hit the 1 million subs eventually but not as fast without ENs involvement.

Think of the controversies that came. Would they be able to survive the Taiwan incident without EN cushioning the blow? Would hololive experience a downturn? Would Mel and AkiRose be where they are now in subs and collaborations without bringing their worries and stories to the front with holotalk? Would any of the recent holo controversies turned out differently if their wasn't more English speakers with ears, mouths, and eyeballs on the situation and showing support when they can?

Would there be an abundant of saviorfags now that trying to help lower sub vtubers and making them successful is a thing now? Sure but maybe on a smaller scale and less coordinated. How about this board. Would it be as active after the JP split without EN? Would it even exist in the first place?

I'm sure I have more but I think I put too much time into this hypothetical what if scenario for too long. What I'm getting at here is that impact can take many forms instead of the more visible ones like TV appearances or talk shows and the like. Sure there debuts were kind-of bad (especially Ame) but what they brought forth cannot be denied. If you're writing the book about vtubers, this is one chapter that you can't ignore and skip over.

Probably the only thing I don't liker, on a personal level, is that Fubuki and Korone were dethroned in favor of Pekora. I'm sure it would've happened eventually and I do like Pekora, but Korone and Fubuki are more entertaining to me personally.

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>fubuki better singer than Gura


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No. Probably top 5 tho.
Number 1 is Fubuki's scatman video going viral.

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I'd argue Melody doing her shit in Chaturbate catapulted Vtubing into the Western eyes

HoloEN managed to make Western Vtubing legit instead of just being another weird Japanese fetish.

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I feel like you really overestimate the spillover EN has to the others. Mel and Roboco had little to no change in numbers from her appearance in Holotalk. They attracted a pure EN audience and a large one, not a ton of those are willing to watch a creator they can't understand. At most they go to clips. Hell both Roboco's and Aki's episodes are lower viewcount than Mel. I'd say only the top few Holo's who have clips or super strong music like Suisei have been getting those people.

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Who is a better singer than Gura? For reference, Gura just sang this today:


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Hololive owes their fame to clippers

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This is why nobody likes ENfags. They aren't satisfied just praising their favorites, they have to tear down other vtubers at the same time.

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>EN is cruising to their success only because they're carried by the brand
This is true, the brand carries the girls and the girls carry the brand in return, the only reason they deserve their success is because they passed the auditions which should be a great feat by itself

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Rikka, objectively

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I'd have to agree. You can see a trend of growth in interest in Vtubers in the west once melody appeared on the scene and created a shit ton of controversy while at the same time introduced the normie west to the idea/existence of vtubers again. You can see a trend in subscribers with the vshojo girls and /r/hololive begin a very pronounced upward trend in the span of around late feb - april and melody is the only major vtuber related controversy/event in the west I can think of from that time other than corona and I doubt watching coco was one of the symptoms.

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No, they actually made it worse. And fuck off with the "talent" argument. We watch Hololive for livestreams and viewer interaction, not to wank off to how professional they are

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That's probably the most apt description of who they are. Also checked.

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If brand was enough to make you popular then nijisanji would be exploding with powerhouses every wave. Brand gets you out there but if you suck people will stop coming.

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Ima be real here with you, none of them really deserve it. There are way more talented people that get 1/10th the numbers they get. This is a hobby for GFEtards who are obsessed with these overly plain girls because they’ve never talked to women before. If they were truly talented then why did they join Hololive, why would they need more help?

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Niji isn't known for their good hires, holo is only known for having good scouts

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Hololive EN and its consequences have been a disaster for the vtuber industry.

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What fuck is wrong with gura's head in that pic

>> No.3979161

>If Lady Gaga was so talented, why did she have to join a music label?
>If Lebron James was so talented, why did he have to join the NBA

Imagine being this retarded

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>Amelia is the only average holo, talent-wise.

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Look at the rhombic slope of her forehead. Look at the small cranial capacity compared to her brutish face. Gura is a thug bred for violent conflict. She’s an aggressive ape. She is not particularly intelligent, nor is she capable of complex abstract thought. She has but one power: ruthless aggression, tempered into "competitiveness" by contemporary law and social customs. We see this moronic brute rise up to the top of Vtubing only through her thoughtless, instinctive hind brain actions. She has no introspection and has nothing to contribute; she only wants to win. She cares about nothing but subscriptions and superchats. Everything she does is fake: every opinion, every cackle, and every crocodile tear. Gura hates her audience, hates you, and even hates life itself. If you came across her in the Paleolithic forests, she would kill you just to watch you die. She is a loathsome creature who senses that her kind is not long for this world of Vtubing. She is the last of a dying breed of beast. Her kind will be gone soon. For now, merely look, listen, and wait. Observe the thrashing. Observe the hypocrisy of a slow-moving mind attempting to exploit ever changing cultural memes and trends. She will box herself in. She will find himself cornered by her poorly chosen social moves. Then, she will lash out. Cancelled by her own idiocy. Cancelled by her inferior genetics. Cancelled by time itself. The primordial simian. The genetic dead end eaten by her own ego. Eaten by her desire to exploit simps. Gone forever. Purged from the collective consciousness. Leaving behind nothing but a digital artifact, already forgotten.

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Hololive EN is unironically helping the vtuber scene and Hololive grow for the better. The bigger Hololive is, the more opportunities they get, the richer the girls get, the happier the girls get.

And there's nothing that these dakimakura hugging HoloJP-exclusive incels can do about it.

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Its 2021, you can literally upload anything on the internet and get famous, this is what your oshi was doing before Hololive but failed at. NBA?, nigga what else is he supposed to do to get a salary, cross someone up and take their wallet??

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>There are way more talented people that get 1/10th the numbers they get.

if those people are truly talented why do they get 1/10 the numbers?

>> No.3979398

There was an audition process. The final HoloEN roster is literally the most talented people out of everyone who applied. And Gen2 will have even more talented people applying with all the eyes that Gen1 gathered.

>> No.3979399

Are you really raising the "its popular so it must be better" argument?

>> No.3979412

glory to nenepro

her motormouthing ability is pretty much unparalleled

>> No.3979427

Why were Ame and Mori nobodies before hololive? It's almost as if recognition isn't tied to talent or skill.

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>The final HoloEN roster is literally the most talented people out of everyone who applied
Jesus I can't imagine what the other applications were like if someone so normal like ame got in

>> No.3979469

That....actually fits really well, checked

>> No.3979474

Better at being popular, which is their goal.

>> No.3979490

Not an argument

>> No.3979506

aren't you raising the argument that numbers don't mean talent?

In the end numbers don't mean anything in regards to talent or not. You're just butthurt because you don't like them and are just looking for excuses to bitch about it.

>> No.3979569

Better at passing the audition for a brand that will guarantee the numbers

>> No.3979625

It’s subjective.

>> No.3979687

Better than others who tried the same thing so technically better at archiving their goals.

>> No.3979699

Curry meshi propelled hololives brand, not EN, most of the chumbuds including you KEK doesnt even know hololive.

>> No.3979700

Singing ability is objective, who has a more likable voice is subjective, rikka is objectively a better singer

>> No.3979745

I wouldn't call that an achievement after seeing those leaked EN auditions, it's understanble that they would get someone like ame when the competition is like that

>> No.3979787

No, its aqua for being the nijikiller and the 3rd being the best gen. Marine and pekora alone is worth more than the entire holomyth

>> No.3979824

>Singing ability is objective
If two people appear to sing well enough, who is better (or deserves to win a competition) is subjective. Post a clip of your “objectively” best singer in all of Hololive.

>> No.3979825

It's funny because Aki, Roboco and Mel already had a considerable foreign audience before their holotalks. The spillover is weird because it's more randomly-decided than a controlled escenario or directly caused by the ENs.

>> No.3979848

Only the cringe ones would get leaked because cringey people are more dumb with what they put on the internet. Anyone who was actually good would lock their audition away if they ever wanted another chance.

>> No.3979877

HoloEN is the worst thing to ever happen to hololive and vtubers in general. They are cringe, their fans are cringe and I consider quitting everything related to vtubers due to these 5 whores.

>> No.3979895

You just stretchin' shit man.
Also shut up, HoloENOnly.

>> No.3979996

You should quit the fandom. You are the ultimate cringe and the fandom would be better off without you involved in it.

>> No.3980001

>If two people appear to sing well enough, who is better (or deserves to win a competition) is subjective
That's only if two people are on the same level, and rikka is one of the best singers in hololive with decades of experience, I'm not even saying gura is bad but she has nothing on actual professional singers

>> No.3980010

EOPs were already flocking over to Hololive LONG before HoloEN. Fubuki, Korone and Coco carried the brand, and thus the brand carried HoloEN.

>> No.3980067

Gura's voice is not good for mixing, too. btw.

>> No.3980074

Fucking fishbrain you reallt trynna tell me that your autist shark is a better singer than Towa or Kanata? She's Lamy tier at best

>> No.3980101

Hey! Dont lump lamy with that chump

>> No.3980114

Not him but better than Lamy, below Towa, closer to Kanata.

>> No.3980127

>the fandom

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Original image for anyone wondering

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Gura is better at singing in both English and Japanese because nips can't into English pronunciation while English speakers easily can mimic jap pronunciation.

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please go back

>> No.3980277

Opinion discarded
>That's only if two people are on the same level
Actually that’s not true either. Many things you think are objective, are actually subjective. Who someone thinks is best takes into account many factors, some of what you value, and some not. There is no right answer for who is the best singer, nor is everyone here qualified to claim they are the right person to pick it for everyone else.

>> No.3980315

Do you want to win the retard of the day prize? Everyone justs mimics the songs they hear, japanese mimic english pronunciation the same way gura mimics japanese pronunciation, do you think everyone is like dancho saying leftoo saido righto saido

>> No.3980343

Respectfully disagree

>> No.3980351

According to your braindead logic Coco and Kiara should be the best singer then, retard

>> No.3980363

kek gura looks like she has down syndrome

>> No.3980369

Singing ability can be objectively measured, rikka has practiced for way, way longer than gura and it's only natural that he's objectively better at singing. If you listen to rikka even if you hate hearing males you would have to be mental to say he's not a great singer

>> No.3980377

This, holoEN fanbase, most of them anyway, always thinks that they are first at something. I have seen them claiming that ame is the best fps player in hololive, the most creative, gura being the best at singing and kiara being the first one in hololive to have a long superchat reading.

>> No.3980411

welcome to how branding works? saying brands are used to bring attention to things isn't the revelation you think it is.

Point is that brand isn't everything and if you're not interesting people would have been gone long ago.

>> No.3980415

Now this is easier for telling that its all bait; Gura better than Kanata or Towa? lolno. Holomyth is maybe one of the best things to happen to Hololive yes, but not the best, that's very debatable. And language proficiency is a skill that few holos have, fair enough, but it also depends on the holo herself (Roboco, Aki, Korone, Mel, I'm missing someone, all have done english only streams despite half of them barely counting as ESLs. Roboco even collabed with Ame twice now despite the language canyon between them). It's a perfect fit for Kiara to speak many languages since she likes to make the most out of it.
There is not a "best thing" that has happened to hololive, it's more of a shared spot.

>> No.3980499

Holomyth could just entirely get graduated and hololive wont lose any sponsorship nor popularity in japan, tho ENs fanbase might attack cover corp for that like what the chinese did

>> No.3980503

>do you think everyone is like dancho saying leftoo saido righto saido
That's actually true though. Any time a Japanese hololive sings an english song you can hear their funny accent, not that its not cute. It's harder for them to intrinsically mimic certain sounds.

>> No.3980530

>Singing ability can be objectively measured
No it cannot be, because your “measure” is not the “measure” of someone else. There is no right answer to who is the best singer.
>rikka has practiced for way, way longer than gura and it's only natural that he's objectively better at singing.
That’s wrong again. Time practiced is not a guarantee of being better than someone else. Maybe you’re just homosexual and it’s clouding your judgement a bit, because you’re in love with him?
>you would have to be mental to say he's not a great singer
Hint my opinion, he is a great singer. To me, he is not the BEST singer in all of Hololive.

>> No.3980570

what a gay post shut the fuck up

>> No.3980594

Then who is? Gura only got her soft voice, she cant hit high or gritty

>> No.3980595

I didn't mean that was the sole reason she was better just starting that she was in fact better at both, with makes her better in a general sense as well.

>> No.3980637

Tranny cuck EN, bet you support BLM

>> No.3980649 [DELETED] 

They could graduate and form their own indie group and still retain most of their fanbase desu.

>> No.3980685

They could graduate and form their own indie group and still retain most of their fanbase desu.

>> No.3980686

>Time practiced is not a guarantee of being better than someone else.
It is when you also have raw talent and an already nice voice
>Maybe you’re just homosexual and it’s clouding your judgement a bit, because you’re in love with him?
Back at you retard, maybe you only think gura is the best because you love her and it's clouding your judgement
>To me, he is not the BEST singer in all of Hololive.
He isn't to me either, the original point was someone better than gura, yogiri used to be the best for me and now it's moona, but I knew chumbuds would say something retarded if I mentioned another female member

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>Amelia is the only average holo, talent-wise.

>> No.3980827

Bro you can literally hear the english accent in Calli and Gura when they sing Japanese, are you retarded?

>> No.3980835

>Then who is?
I haven’t heard everyone to make that judgement, and even if I did, I cannot say it’s more than my opinion.
>Gura only got her soft voice, she cant hit high
Actually she does hit high, but that isn’t the only measure of singing ability, nor is it interpreted the same for every listener. She hits high in this, but you probably still won’t like it:


>> No.3980857

Shit bait thread. Use sage in the options anons

>> No.3980868

>She's better a signing english because nips can't into en


>She's good at singing in jap because it's a lol language to pronounce


>therefore she's the the best singer in holo

No. Because there are holoJp that are simply better singers than her in Japanese, and if they could actually speak english they would be better than her in that too

>> No.3980880

>Mori alone is unironically more talented than the entirety of gen 5
i dont care about her talents aside from being a entertaining streamer and i dont give a fuck about rap, i would rather watch Nene being an adorable retard at every game she plays than go through the cringefest that Mori streams are.
>professional level artist in Ina
if u care about this why are u watching chuubas go watch fucking bob ross dumbass.
>Gura is one of the best, if not THE best singing talent in hololive.
debatable like your gender after this post.
>Amelia is the only average holo, talent-wise.
just say shes talentless faggot, like it matters she excel in charisma and putting effort into pleasing her fans, while u have Mori focusing in her music, ina in her art, gura in nothing at all.
>Orange woman is bilingual and she has her talkshow. Its dogshit, I know
u didnt even try for this one, shes trilingual retard.
>Tell me ONE talent from Lamy, Polka, Noel, Flare, Luna, Kanata and Coco, for example, aside from talking and hitting the "start stream" button.
HoloEN cant do GFE as Lamy does.
most of holoEN will never make me laugh like Polka or Kanata do.
HoloEN cant make me cum like Noel does.
Most of holoEN cant keep me entertain with random talk like Luna does.
I dont watch Flare.

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I dont get this gura singing talent meme

she's average at best, there's much better singers out there, like watame or risu

>> No.3980910

Yes. The only thing weebs have is cope. EN has singlehandedly carried the brand since debut and the dogfuckers on /jp/ refuse to admit it.

>> No.3980917

this is the most enfags shit i've ever seen.
yeah, holoEN kinda ironically and unironically the best and the worst things to happen in hololive. sure, they gather a large audience for hololive especially the western audience, but they also bring someone like OP who brings nothing but toxicity to the community. kinda miss the old hololive...

>> No.3980926

What you mean who is better singer than Gura. You can't SERIOUSLY be asking this question, right?
Four who are outright better than Gura: Suisei, Moona, Risu. Others that are probably better than Gura: Towa, Kanata, Watame, Shion, Matsuri, Aqua, Sora, Azki, Okayu, Nene, Marine.

>> No.3980931

Baby's first vsinger

>> No.3980938

>It is when you also have raw talent
Actually no, it’s not a guarantee.
>Back at you retard
That’s the point, isnt it? It’s subjective.
>He isn't the best to me either
I asked: “Post a clip of your objectively best singer in all of Hololive.”

>> No.3980948

Ok now match the EN girls to their FF7 party counterparts

>> No.3980967

Seethe dogfuckers

>> No.3980979

who fucking cares about the popularity of vtubers among trannies and normies retarded numberfag
go back

>> No.3981000

Do you listen to Gura? Other than Risu, she's objectively the best.

>> No.3981034

This isn't /jp/, dogfucker.

You go back first. And PS: You will NEVER be Japanese :^)

>complaining about numbers

So you'd rather be inferior to Niji then?

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I like that ive been able to use this picture alot

>> No.3981054

What asshole leaves Ame with control of the nuke button?!

>> No.3981061

More like Chads instead of dogfucking weebs hahaha

>> No.3981100

Provide clips of them singing live that are better than the provided Gura clip.

>> No.3981106

>Do you listen to Gura? Other than Risu, she's objectively the best
But… but… what about homostars.

>> No.3981121


>> No.3981126

>he only watches gura

>> No.3981131

this is amateurish as fuck
I would expect a small child saying this is the best if it was coming from their mother singing this for them as a lullaby.

>> No.3981136

>Post a clip of your objectively best singer in all of Hololive
I can say with full confidence and certainty that these 2 are OBJECTIVELY better than gura, feel free to prove me wrong

>> No.3981160
File: 720 KB, 4096x1851, 1619984885687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Amelia is the only average holo, talent-wise.
Being creative is a talent, anon & with that outfit reveal, she is the only EN that I can say surpass all JP & ID. Yes, including Coco, Miko, Nene, Haachama, & Risu.

>> No.3981201

Stop malding, BLM supporter

>> No.3981227

Why do people say Towa is a good singer then only provide Error

Does that mean Towa is only good when singing Error?

>> No.3981228

Childish soft voice=/=better voicd

>> No.3981249
File: 111 KB, 236x224, 1621574952107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3981253

wrong. but keep believing your disgusting whore is the driving power for vtuber interest in the west stupid retard

>> No.3981263

Fuckin' thanks, Obama!

>> No.3981276

It's the song she sings the best, why would you provide anything but the best clip to someone asking a recommendation?

>> No.3981311

And you apparently don't watch any of the girls you listed. If asked, I could provide you with several clips of gura singing that I find great, easy.

Give me karaokes, not well produced songs. Also, Yogiri's clips was pretty bad. Her vibrato is very uneven and weak.

>> No.3981326

>I posted the best singer in all of Hololive
The voice is unappealing to me.

>> No.3981373

>Childish soft voice=/=better voice
It might to him. It’s different for everyone. To me, Gura has a better voice, which is part of why she sounds better when she sings.

>> No.3981406

Black sheep is better

>> No.3981430

See nigger, this is why I posted rikka, I knew I would get a retarded answer, at least with rikka everyone can admit defeat and say that being the best is subjective
>Give me karaokes, not well produced songs.
Also you can just post gura's well produced songs too, oh wait...
Now this is actually subjective

>> No.3981488

stop replying to bait

>> No.3981491

can you provide some live karaoke clips instead of some official cover well produced in a pro studio with heavy auto tune?

>> No.3981506

Trying to remove the sound of the voice from who you like best, is removing part of what makes them best.

>> No.3981515

>Mori is Barret
>Kiara is Yuffie
>Ina is Aerith
>Ame is Cid
>Gura is Red XIII

>> No.3981534

Her voice is definitely more powerful than Gura's, but she keeps hitting the wrong notes. I can belt pretty well too, but I can't sing for shit.

>Also you can just post gura's well produced songs too, oh wait...

I am aware of how Cover has shit the bed in that department, that's why people are angry about it. Because we hear her potential in her karaoke versions of the songs which were infinitely better.

>> No.3981554

Gura has the best voice. Prove me wrong.

>> No.3981557

It's up to gura to produce her own song, and I assure you that ame will make an original song before her

>> No.3981588


Even this meme post is better than your shark

>> No.3981591

Impossible because that is subjective, some might say towa's manly voice is the peak

>> No.3981595
File: 226 KB, 1844x2048, rR3fQFx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where is Gura's nose?

>> No.3981607

No bait, retard. Gura is the best singer in hololive and you morons keep providing inferior counter examples. I'm willing to believe that someone might be a better singer than Gura, but I haven't seen it.

I should point out that I am literally a professional musician, so I know when you faggots are bullshitting me. I keep seeing people think that loud = good.

>> No.3981660

Please tell how Gura is better than Rikka LARPer

>> No.3981667

>Impossible because that is subjective
Vocal control and pitch accuracy is objective. You can like the sex pistols all you want, but John Lyndon is objectively a worse singer than Freddie Mercury.

>> No.3981691

>Suisei, Risu, Moona
Eh, I guess. Other than those three the others you listed aren't even worth comparing to Gura's voice control and sheer singing ability. You would seriously be under at least 10 gallons of copium if you unironically think otherwise.

>> No.3981696

Come on professional musician, I'm waiting for your argument

>> No.3981740

That was really good, but prerecorded means nothing here. It isn't that hard for a good singer to get an amazing take if she gives it 20 tries.

>> No.3981752

That's singing ability, not voice, and if we're comparing singing ability then rikka is the best or one of the best in hololive

>> No.3981772

Feel free to post a prerecorded gura song where she's at her absolute peak, oh wait...

>> No.3981782

>Subtly shitting on gen 5
Please stay here, thanks.

>> No.3981801

Along with that

>> No.3981821

>Impossible because who has the best voice is subjective
Then saying Gura is the best, or the worst, is subjective. As people pick who they like best, mostly by who sounds best to them. If voice didn’t matter in singing, you can sound terrible but able to shatter a glass by a high pitched sound that may be annoying to hear, while everyone can pretend to want to hear it because it’s supposed to be “best”

>> No.3981822

I'll even make it hard for Suisei, how about an english song?
>And she even flexes twice.
Now for Risu I'd have to look for a good example, especially since she sings in two voices and there are many to choose from.

>> No.3981859

That's not how you spell Azki

>> No.3981871

Well, you're not going to say Adele is the best vocalist in the business and only give Rolling in the Deep would you?

You'd show that she has range or can do other things with her voice etc.

>> No.3981880

Pre-recorded means absolutely nothing. I've managed to make my piece of shit voice sound passable with post-processing and a million attempts.

Not to say he's a bad singer, but I need a live performance to compare.

>> No.3981905

>singing ability, not voice
The ability to sound good to someone is partly the singing voice. Obviously removing it is removing a part of why Gura sounds good to people.

>> No.3981920

I literally linked a live video you retard

>> No.3981974

There is a clear splice at 2:59, you double nigger. Don't try to pull a fast one on me.

>> No.3982013

azki was nayuta
and Fubuki was Canipan back in the days of the niconico medley

no wonder they have the same age

>> No.3982024

Nigger that's first try, but just so you can embarrass yourself further

>> No.3982034
File: 692 KB, 853x602, 1597426891153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3982052

>but I need a live performance to compare.
Good news anon, rikka is in fact a livestreamer who does karaoke nearly every week, you have a ton of material to analyze!

>> No.3982065


Here's Gura at her pre-recorded PEAK.

>> No.3982074

The branch to leech the vshojo audience

>> No.3982092

don't compare AZKi to anyone, she's a professional singer and Gura will never be on her level, she's not even close

>> No.3982097

And Matsuri is still better, so.

>> No.3982120

The ritunes link! The 2nd one! The one done live! Are you brain dead?

>> No.3982139

>Pre-recorded means absolutely nothing. I've managed to make my piece of shit voice sound passable with post-processing and a million attempts.
You know here's how I know you're full of shit, the one complaint rikka always gets is that his voice sounds WORSE with post-processing and tuning, his live performances are always the best versions

>> No.3982148

I'm not exclusively shitting them. They're just the most recent batch JP has to offer thus making it convenient to compare since they're in the vtube scene almost as long as EN and they're clearly inferior in many ways. There's lots of equally undeserving holos pre-EN that enjoy the same popularity that hololive has to offer but I'm too lazy to list all of them

>> No.3982160

I put on probably precisely because isn't a fair comparison.

>> No.3982162

here you go since your eyes don't work anymore

>> No.3982171

No you just don't watch them. Mori is a wigger making cringe rap. I'd watch Polka, Botan, Nene, and Lamy over her anyday.

>> No.3982186

Why's there always a "because you don't speak jp" argument. Is speaking jp really that uncommon? I thought everyone would be conversational at this point if they watch THIS MUCH Japanese media

>> No.3982208

Wtf, that’s not even good to me in singing ability! You were better off not posting that unfiltered stuff. It also shows me just how good Gura actually is by comparison.

Now obviously this is my opinion, but to me Gura has the best voice, then add her good singing ability to it and overall (between both) she is above the others I’ve heard.

>> No.3982210

You sound like a kpop fan, all you need is more life experience and you will realize everything you are saying is just blind fanboy teenage angst shit

>> No.3982214

only to fubuki she can sing like a motherfucking vocaloid.

>> No.3982220

EN is the best thing to happen to hololive for normalfags and redditors that got gatekept by the language barrier

>> No.3982255

Yo Fubuki's gotten pretty powerful. Her Cinderella Switch performance is really good.

>> No.3982256

Cool. Not my fault your weeb tendency the inferior products. I like japs too but not enough to put them on a pedestal to cloud my judgment.

>> No.3982279

>Now obviously this is my opinion
If you don't have the confidence to say that her being the best is a fact then you don't actually believe she's the best

>> No.3982287

I mean at this point I'm convinced you're just deaf with severe brain damage, but alright. To each their own, can't blame Anon for conditions beyond his control.

>> No.3982302

I don't know about that one, chief.

>late feb - april
Early 2020 was the time when Miko's nigga clip was making the rounds on Twitter. Incidentally, also around that time was the mikoboat video started making the rounds. After that was Korone.

>> No.3982316

Fine sharknaido here's some karaoke Towa, timestamps in the comments


ライオン / "again" by yui


Usseewa / Bocca della verità / Lemon / Flamingo / Uso

Hell even her hajimete no chu is great as a meme song

>> No.3982362

Hololive wouldn't be where it is now without gen 3. They would still be fine, be it relatively lesser known in the west without the ENs, but would be completely irrelevant in japan if not for the golden gen.

>> No.3982405

>all of EN would still be literal nobodies if not for hololive
People say this but Mori was actually getting bit more popular even before HoloEN was announced.

>> No.3982419

*prefers the inferior products

>> No.3982486

And those wouldn't be here without the previous Generations. Everything falls into place building on top of each other.
Among those the most influential members for sure are Sora, the first one, Fubuki, Coco, Miko, Haachama and Korone who helped the Hololive massively on the west through memes and/or english proficiency, Pekora, and to a slightly lesser extent Marine, who dominate Japan and Aqua who made huge waves on BiliBili.

>> No.3982488

Kek, imagine giving up rushia's gfe for EN because you cant learn japanese

>> No.3982511

>Nigger that's first try
As I pointed out to that other guy, there's a clear splice at around the 3 minute mark. That wasn't live.

That said, based on the performance you just provided, Rikka's sustain is definitely better than Gura's, and his vibrato is almost on par with hers. However he keeps missing tons of notes, and his falsetto is inconsistent.

Good mixing elevates a voice, but bad mastering can absolutely sink a performance. This is the other side of the coin for why you can't really compare ability based on recordings. Too many factors are disconnected from the actual singing.

My eyes? There's a splice in the audio, you moron, not the video.

>> No.3982522

>If you don't have the confidence to say that her being the best is a fact then you don't actually believe she's the best
It’s not a fact. It’s my opinion that she is. If I said it was a fact I would be lying.
My honest opinion was that the produced stuff did sound good, but was shocked to hear the unfiltered stuff like that clip. It draws more contrast between Gura and others. I wasn’t expecting that clip, and my opinion became much stronger after hearing it.

>> No.3982535

Ame got in because she did the one thing employers normally don't expect to see: someone proactive. She claims than in her interview, she turned the tables around and started asking questions to the people doing the hiring. It's the same reason why Suisei is in Hololive today (she insisted on joining). Sometimes, just showing interest in what you're trying to do is enough talent to get you hired.

>> No.3982583
File: 107 KB, 586x378, Screenshot 2021-03-07 100015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3982593

As I said can't blame people for their shit taste. Gura always had one tone where she sings, she does it well, but doesn't come close to people with actual technique. Gura is one of those people who are very good at party Karaokes.

>> No.3982629

>mister professional musician reviewing the actual professional musician who has been singing and making songs for longer than a larper has been born
This is too funny, why does gura attract this kind of individuals? She's such a nice girl

>> No.3982634




>> No.3982642

>go through the cringefest that Mori streams are
That is her appeal, anon.

>> No.3982673

Ah yes keep ignoring the ritunes. Your responses speak volumes to your actual ability.

>> No.3982687

are mutts this desperate to get validation for their nonexistent culture? are you getting off to the thought of yagoo dogeza'ing in front of 5 gaijin girls as he screams "SANKYUU FO SAVINGU MUH COMPANY" ? what a retarded post

>> No.3982718

Thanks for reminding me to remind them that EN is superior in every way. Brb.

>> No.3982728

I randomly opened that first clip at 24:25, and that falsetto actively hurt to listen to, and the following verse was terrible too. Then I skipped to 47:10 and the section after the fast part is almost all off-pitch.

What the hell? I've heard good Towa karaoke before.

>> No.3982779

Yes. Without EN propelling the brand, hololive would've stagnated and continued to be known as "that Nijisanji rip-off" in Japan

>> No.3982784

Too bad everyone in gen 5 is a better streamer than the whole EN. And nene is actually more talented than mori, botan is also influential in japanese fps scene(botan is x10 better than ame btw) , lamy is a funny otaku who is creepy yet awkward sometimes and polka is polka.

>> No.3982852

>Orange woman
Is this a Voldemort thing where you're too scared to say her name?

>> No.3982856

Suisei with english debuff is still better, tho. That isn't even comparing Suisei singing the JP songs she is used to. And not counting that the notes Suisei can reach are completely out of Gura's league.

>> No.3982879

Hololive is already big before EN, botan had crossed 100k in debut while no one in EN did

>> No.3982906

People really re-writing history. Miko nigga, Fubuki Scatman, Korone english. There's a reason why HoloEN was so successful and that's cause there was already a metric fuckton of english fans boosting it.

>> No.3982914

>nene is actually more talented than mori
She got the idol moves, I give you that but that's it. Does her songs top the charts?
>botan is also influential in japanese fps scene(botan is x10 better than ame btw)
Does that bring money?
>lamy is a funny otaku who is creepy yet awkward sometimes and polka is polka.
That's a roundabout way of describing a lack of talent. If they're entertaining, why does so few people watch their streams in comparison to Ina, Mori and Gura.

>> No.3982915

Don't get me wrong, he's a great singer, but he does make several mistakes that Gura doesn't. He's a better performer than Gura is though. She's way too nervous and often giggles in the middle of songs.

>Ah yes keep ignoring the ritunes.
I'm replying to a lot of people, I probably just missed it. Link again what I'm supposedly ignoring.

>> No.3982930

What the fuck is up with Gura's face in the image??

>> No.3982951


>> No.3982968

I don’t believe for one moment that you believe what you saying. The comparison between those two clips in just singing ability is big, so big even, that you must have been given pause to justify your position. Look, the other clips were significantly better. It has nothing to do with singing English, it’s that she cannot sing good unfiltered and live.

>> No.3982982

>does that bring money

Yes faggot, it gets her collaborations with actual game shows and tournaments as an MC/commentator

>> No.3982998

>he does several mistakes that gura doesn't
Gura must be the manifestation of god's voice on earth to not make any mistake while a guy that has been practicing for as long as she has lived does them

>> No.3983022

>If they're entertaining, why does so few people watch their streams in comparison to Ina, Mori and Gura.
Becoz they speak english... srsly do you need ask that question?
Or you really thought that those jap can outnumber EOP?

>> No.3983029

Anon you know that nene and botan fluctuate to 10k usually right? That's the same as the ENs except gura

>> No.3983058

Botan averages more than the 4 en while lamy and enen averages the same as moriand ame, only polka is an outlier. Botans influence and connections gave her 2 sony sponsors and many more
>does her song top charts?
Nene isnt a niggr rapper, why would she top in their charts?

>> No.3983064

I can tell you don't watch Suisei's karaokes.

>> No.3983082

>Gura must be god's voice on Earth

Good to know you finally get it anon

>> No.3983091

Chumbuds don't watch anyone's karaoke's period, why else would they think that gura is the best in hololive

>> No.3983112

She makes mistakes too. Just not as much.
Also, you don't know how long Gura's been singing. Given that she's a known country girl, its very likely that she's been singing in church since she was a little kid.
Bob Dylan has been singing for more than half a century and he still sucks. Amount of time since you started isn't everything. Musical ability is often limited by physical factors. Having bigger hands will help you learn piano a lot faster than someone with smaller hands.

>> No.3983113

He doesn't, no one can be this oblivious. It's human nature to get attached to whatever is their first, but this is just beyond ridiculous.
Fine just pick any song, Ama no Jaku is great tho.

>> No.3983116

Whoa that's awesome, can't wait for gura to make her own song, oh wait...

>> No.3983131

Streaming is talents itself anon, and its clear that En doesnt have one when they have huge viewers pool yet get low numbers compared to xqcoom

>> No.3983145

She's currently working on 5 songs.

>> No.3983155

That same question baffles me every day. You just watch anime with subs for several years and you already have a lot of vocab and at least some basic grammar. But it seems it's really uncommon, otherwise we wouldn't have this many retards like OP. How very convenient to rush into a new hobby completely ignorant when it's finally being spoonfed to you in your language and shit on everything that was before that, despite not understanding JP.

>> No.3983159

>Oh wait
Not him
But how many times you used that word in this thread tho
Kinda cringe ngl

>> No.3983178
File: 214 KB, 815x1697, 1621565282249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong all of EN except Kiara shit on gen 5 in terms of views and Kiara destroys them in SCs anyway lmao

>> No.3983180

If EN is so entertaining then why does people give more money to lamy compared to anyone in holoEN even with their more milestones

>> No.3983181

Being a wigger and rapping is not a talent

>> No.3983188

The worse thing is. Gura is good at singing even without training but for some reason they believe she is better than people who had proper training and know how to control their voices. If Gura sings a song that is faster than what she normally sings, she'll probably have more problems with the voice

>> No.3983227

You cant even numberfag... nice iq you got there enfag

>> No.3983244

Jesus no other fanbase is this mental about their holo, do you think gura is better than azki too?

>> No.3983268

Dumbass Gura, Calli, Ame and Ina all average more than 9k viewers while Botan barely reaches 8k lol there's nothing left to prove except that gen 5 are shit

>> No.3983273

>botan on the exact same range as 4 ENs
Anon please at least learn hiragana

>> No.3983276

Better at taking black cock that's for sure.

>> No.3983317

What was mental about that comment? It seemed pretty reasonable to me.

>> No.3983325

Lamy has more Sc than any EN, yes even your precious kiara who trails behind lamy with 20MILLION YEN or in your language, 200k usd

>> No.3983429

When you can read jp so you can realize that botan and Lamy are higher in the list than ame, ina, Cali, and kiara 100% dum

>> No.3983454

>do you think gura is better than azki too?
AZKI is good, but she's "generic good". There's rarely anything technically wrong with how she sings, but she doesn't impart much of a personal touch.

This is the first thing that pops up when you search "azki karaoke" and frankly its nothing particularly interesting.

>> No.3983460
File: 90 KB, 415x1013, 1620609988901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gura, Calli, Ame and Ina all average 9k viewers

Why do people keep spouting random numbers without any proof ahhhhh

>> No.3983480

big cope energy, sorry our dicks are bigger chang :^)

>> No.3983491

>Gura is one of the best, if not THE best singing talent in hololive

>> No.3983516

With how critical you are of everyone who is believed to be the best of the best of holopro, you can't surely believe that gura is the best in holopro right?

>> No.3983543

>AZKI is good, but she's "generic good".
Funny comment considering Gura has one of the most generic singing voices you'll ever hear.

>> No.3983607

You do understand that singing and making songs are vastly different skillsets right?

Or are you implying that people like Ina and Kiara are somehow better singers than Gura because they have original songs while the latter doesn't?

>> No.3983625

Chart is sorted by hours viewed retard all it means is that EN streams less to more viewers because they work smart whereas shitters like Lamy need to stream double their hours just to match them in hours viewed

>> No.3983628

Has botan crossed 1 million yet?

>> No.3983657

Yep gura vocie is literally any youtube girl doing a cover of a lumineers song, good but still standar

>> No.3983679

It's not really the best thing to happen due to the content, but rather due to the impeccable timing of its release. VTuber memes had just exploded, E-Girl jealousy had drawn attention to the Japanese branch, and just when it was likely about to hit its apex of international appeal, they drop a western-accessable batch of English speakers as if right on que. They multiplied their global pull by many times fold than they would have if they had released them just a few months earlier or later.

I wouldn't be shocked if there's a rrat that Korone memes were a rouge advertising campaign designed by Youtube and Hololive to cause the previously lacking and underused Youtube Streaming platform to boost in popularity so they could begin to compete with Twitch. If this rrat may be true, it worked perfectly.

>> No.3983680

She could straight up pay someone to make her a song, do you think everyone in hololive wrote their own lyrics? She's just lazy

>> No.3983718

I swear most of these people have just never listened to a girl sing before outside of pop radio.

>> No.3983737

I stand by my statement that Gura is the best singer in hololive. I haven't checked out much of the stars though. Rikka was really good too, but less accurate with his pitches.

That's just a flat out retarded thing to say. Gura has way too many vocal idiosyncrasies to ever mistake her voice for someone else's.

>> No.3983766

Imagine realize that they are more en speakers than jp ones and use that like fact of talent and charm, just because number s lol, so I think you believe marvels movies are the best movies in the world right anon

>> No.3983814

stop replying to gokisei schizo

>> No.3983829

What the fuck happened to Korone jesus someone help her

>> No.3983830

You can't simply be taken seriously if you say gura is better than rikka and azki, everyone knows to take the L with them, if you were to argue that she has the potential to be better than them with training then that's fine but as she is now she is not even better than risu.

>> No.3983839

> Gura has way too many vocal idiosyncrasies to ever mistake her voice for someone else's.
Her voice is good but it isn't that special dude. As another anon said, listen to like a dozen girls sing lumineers songs and you'll see.

>> No.3983857

She writes her own song. That's a start at least. Gen 5 does nothing of the sort

>> No.3983889

Mori is cringefest, Marine better at drawing than Ina, Gura sing definitely upper tier but not top at holo for sure, kiara is trilingual but every HoloID is trilingual or maybe more, Ame just meh

>> No.3983908

Jesus Christ that's retarded logic. You do understand that the opposite is also true: just because something is popular doesn't mean it's automatically shit

>> No.3983938

I'm starting to believe this dude is just a troll and falseflagger, you can't be this oblivious to everything else

>> No.3983965

He's definitely just trolling and shooting shit.

>> No.3984054

Gura sounds nothing like any of these girls.

>You can't simply be taken seriously if you say gura is better than rikka and azki, everyone knows to take the L with them
Everyone, as always, is retarded.
Just on the ability to hit the correct pitch consistently, she beats Rikka. And every karaoke I've seen from AZKI is nothing particularly special. She even seems to have trouble bending the notes in this one (at around 1:10 and on for a bit).

Oblivious to what? If its so obvious, you should be able to point to a clip with a timestamp and explain exactly why its better than Gura's singing.

>> No.3984073


Middle part was for >>3983830

>> No.3984103

EOP bros please take care of your retards, they're breaking containment.

>> No.3984132

I don't say En girls are shit retard, I just put in my argument the same effort you put in your thoughts, a basic one, en lovers seems to me that the only reason they have to shit in jp girls is because they don't understand why jp girls are still more important for hololive than the en girls

>> No.3984194

Let's just say that basically everyone is against your opinion, even other chumbuds didn't compare rikka or azki and just said it was subjective, you're one person and you won't convince anybody, it doesn't matter if you are a "professional musician"

>> No.3984209

Oblivious to the fact that Gura can't sing fast songs without tumbling down when top Holo singers can. But keep thinking as you do, you evidently don't want to change opinion

>> No.3984213

They're not more important seeing as the global market is way more lucrative than the Japanese one AND you don't need to pander to mentally ill idolfags to make money from them. EN is the way to go for Cover in the future.

>> No.3984254

EN has as much of an idol aesthetic as the JP girls, the only difference is that the JP girls are better at it.

>> No.3984276

Let me present to you: ame's fanbase, a million times worse than any gfe jp holo

>> No.3984342

Come on anon at this point that anon just want to suck gura big tail that actually care about music and singing

>> No.3984359

She sang this on today's karaoke


>> No.3984382

It's working tho. Every teamate became a gosling because of her.

>> No.3984397

Wrong, at least they don't harass holos for speaking to guys unlike JP crazies

>> No.3984416

Man, the arguments on here are eerily similar to arguments between kpop stans.

>> No.3984427

Slow tempo again

>> No.3984489

I don't know about that one boy, remember the huek papa and the ancient one case because se I do

>> No.3984554

how about this song

>> No.3984673

>Let's just say that basically everyone is against your opinion, even other chumbuds didn't compare rikka or azki and just said it was subjective,
Funny, earlier in the thread it was all chumbuds that were like this, but now suddenly its just me when its convenient for you.

Post examples, because no holo can sing that well at high speed. All the ones I've seen just approximate every note when it goes fast. Also, Gura only stumbles during fast JP songs. Singing in a language you don't speak is hard as fuck. Suisei also stumbled several times in the clip that was posted in this thread because she was singing in english.

No, you moron, I just have good ears and can tell when someone is off-pitch. I notice Gura's weaknesses too (low lung capacity, bad composure) but her being borderline perfect-pitch counterbalances that a whole lot.

>> No.3984774

Sad Japanese salarymen are no joke though.
You should feel happy for western fans for not sinking to that level.

>> No.3984839

yes, with exception of Kiara

>> No.3984853

Rushia alone makes holoEn looks like a poorsman rushia. Fun fact, rushia earned more money than the whole EN combined this week

>> No.3984855

you fucking take that back you shithead, her ASMR is great

>> No.3984877

I still think only debuffing Suisei you can even start comparing them, how about a hard song while playing Tetris.

>> No.3984894


>> No.3984901

jealousy is one hell of a drug, can't wait for Gura to drop her og songs

>> No.3984911

Except EN makes up for it easily by selling more merch due to their larger fanbases

>> No.3984924

Begging ppl stop shitting on your oshi by shit on other girls is really pathetic...

>> No.3984987

Genuinely think you are a troll but I am gonna reply anyway.
Risu live:
Just as good as Gura if not better

>> No.3984997

btich plz, stop with your nipshit, that song isn't well performed even by foreigner jap standard

>> No.3985012

lmao autotuned to shit

>> No.3985061

Yes. In Japan. He is making the case for the western audience you mewling illiterate.

>> No.3985069

>a collab song

this is peak:

>> No.3985095

Not him but in this video
I feel like she couldn’t reach the higher notes and cracked her voice in few parts.

>> No.3985130

weird flex but k

>> No.3985147

>I haven't checked out much of the stars though.

>> No.3985159

When did holoEN became nijisanji? Kek muh merch

>> No.3985174
File: 390 KB, 1700x2651, 1621396167586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chumbud here. I've listened to Suisei, Azki, Lamy, Rikka and Towa all of them are amazing singers but none of them can control their voice like Gura. She has a big problem with her breath control and Suisei is better than Gura technique wise.

>> No.3985195

Western audience, the one that watch hololive not only holoen, came from scatman, nigger gta, matsuri bandage, miko we will rock you... fucking NEWFAG, heck you are a fucking NEWFAG even in /vt/ standards

>> No.3985232

>falseflagging faggot typed this
>can't even give examples of good songs


>> No.3985263

Noel is the best singer in hololive

>> No.3985275

I'm not falseflagging It is based on my opinion and the only good example you listed is fly me to the moon. I listen to Suisei a lot so I can compare between the two.

>> No.3985316

you are comparing someone that's trained with an amateur

>> No.3985330

>It is based on my opinion
well my opinion is that Ame is best in all Hololive...

>> No.3985338

Just keep dabating and post good songs anons
I am just come here to add the songs to my playlist

>> No.3985349

That's why I said Suisei is better. Since some discord chumbuds here are convinced she is the best singer in hololive which is not the case.
That's good for you and I hope you will continue to support her!

>> No.3985368

>but none of them can control their voice like Gura

>> No.3985383

she got greatest potential, especially as she learns more how to speak Japanese

>> No.3985421

And yet they have a ton of good vtubers. Don't measure everything by numbers.

>> No.3985423

Clarification, I'm not saying they can't control their voice but Gura has a special talent that allows her to control her voice very easily.

>> No.3985464

ukulele king cover

>> No.3985467

If she does decide to get some training I am sure she'll go far!

>> No.3985577
File: 495 KB, 503x502, oonion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sui-chan is at her best when she's flexing.

>> No.3985616

>If she does decide to get some training I am sure she'll go far!
she does take lessons, said in whichever minecraft stream, can't remember

>> No.3985679

She never took professional lessons, anon. Some speculated that she sang in a church before which is reasonable.

>> No.3985685

Does Gura actually have perfect pitch?

>> No.3985711
File: 242 KB, 638x717, 1621176889038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3985732

she does take them
don't remember exact timestamp but think its about in the middle...

>> No.3985742

No, she gets gassed like jews

>> No.3985776

Anon from /mu/ said she has relative pitch that probably explains her amazing voice control

>> No.3985836

She must have training at music before if she has relative pitch. Need link

>> No.3989360

Based. You are the only winner here, anon. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

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