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This is such a feel bad stream, jesus christ

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such a manipulative whore

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the absolute state of zomkek janny

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>they do it for free

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based janny

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You're a bad stream.

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Post timestamps, what happened?

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A finger in the bum

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Just was listening to the first half of the stream and she talks about her insomnia, her feelin guilty about not being able to read chat, and people shittalking her

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ISLE 4 Supremacy, SEAnigs BTFO'd, Zomcuckz on Suicide watch, Ollie literally cannot die because death abhors her whorishness, Mori still a wigger

Kiara Cute Kiara Cute

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Nothing big, she just implicitly complaining about the indogs language demander or her indogs chat in general and also she want to know her anti's opinion on the "other forum"

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anyone got a timestamp on "other forum"?

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>complaining about the indogs language demander or her indogs chat in general
ID2 really hate indogs huh?

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>I want to believe that people can change for the better, but it's getting hard
>She doesn't know she's dealing with completely bitter people who know they will die alone and who get joy from making everyone else as miserable as they are and will never change because they've hit rock bottom and can't change no matter what

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I think if she browsed a bit more, she would understand this and also understand that some people are just obsessed. The 50+ Kiara anti threads would probably tip her off after a few days.

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That is correct. People here are miserable

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Did she really say if you don't like me you need to change?

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as they should, southeast asians are subhuman trash after all lol

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>i wont ban people that spammed and being an ass in my chat because i think people can actually change and stop being a retard
> so is she saying if you don't like me you need to change?

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Someone tell her the only way people here will change is if she personally rids them of their virginity and acts like their girlfriend while doingit.

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If a little shitposting bothers you that much, leddit is right over there. They are le wholesome all the time, 100% of the time.

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Speak for yourself. Some of us are pretty content with our lives.

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>someo mentions a "forum"
>dude its totally /vt/ this place is like so important, out of all the places online they are totally talking about /vt/
You guys have egos eay too big for such a shitty board.

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The fuck are you on about, you are the only one bringing /vt/ into this

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Shut the fuck up

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Is it just me or does she sound a lot less enthusiastic now? I could be overanalysing simple tiredness, but her voice really sounds drained of energy.

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Anon it's very obviously /vt/. There isn't an Ollie hate forum out there, it's here. Moona even visits this place.

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She is and has been. The rrat has really stressed her out and it's shown on her past few streams.

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having sex with her boyfriend should cheer her up!

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Yea making a schizo narrative and making someone take a break is so funny fuck off literal coco anti tier.
I blame the retards here

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Just 50+? Guess she's starting to rub off on us.

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I can't place full blame on the tards here because it's clear there's a subset of SEAtards flooding her chat with this as well.

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Retards on this board are also to blame obviously. I bet they also have egg shaped heads

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Transcription of what she said, only the English parts because I don't speak Indonesian.

>Sometimes people would take advantage of them spamming... and then they'd make their own little forum, and I'm just tired of looking at it.
>Like, I know a lot of you guys would be like, "oh then stop looking at it Ollie!"
>But the thing is, I'm an idol, and I always gotta...
>Like, sometimes if I talk to people, if I say hey, um, lately there's been a group of people that's been saying these stuffs about me...
>Sometimes I talk about my problems, right?
>I'd be like, hey lately I've been hearing from a lot of people that I'm actually "blah blah blah"...
>"Ignore them" (chat) It's hard! It's hard, it's really hard, really.
>Like, that's what everyone actually told me, but it's something that I can't escape from.
>Like, I'm sure a lot of you guys realize... I'm literally everywhere.
>And because I'm everywhere, it's hard for me to ignore these kinds of stuffs, you know?
>As an idol, I think it's essential for us to care what others think of us, you know?
>Like, I know that we shouldn't put everything into account, but still, seeing those things...
>Like, it's not that I completely mind... How do I explain this?
>Like, it's not that I'm always hurt, but it kind of saddens me and brings my mood down to see those things.
>To not think about it too much, that's the hard part.
>"It's just like a thousand of small papercuts" Exactly!
>To be honest, a papercut isn't such a big deal, but if there's like, thousands of them, that's when it gets a bit worrisome.
>Maybe we should talk about something else, we've been talking about too many problems, I'm so sorry.
>We talked about how hard it is to sleep, and about unwanted comments and stuff, I'm sorry.
>There's so many zombies...

After this she just talks about the game from what I can see. Draw your own conclusions about what she's referencing.

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Speak for yourself. My life is great

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>imagine not being able to deal with the fact that some people don't like you because you constantly do stupid shit due to being completely irresponsible

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Based treerat forcing Ollie to have a mental breakdown breaking containment

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This >>4026066
No seriously, why should she care about a bunch of anons?
Bringing it outside of here is an ass move tho

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To this day, there hasn't been any reason not to believe the RRAT. When a rrat comes with literal evidence and audio to back it up, what reason would any sane person have to not believe it?
Why is this question never answered? I want a reason to not believe it

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we do a little trolling

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I hope that Ollie can learn that there are always going to be miserable people out there that will hate you simply because they cant live any other way. Its not that you wait for them to change (They wont) and its not that you ignore them its that you have to not let what they say hurt you. You gotta recognize that if your earwax cured cancer and your singing voice caused world peace they would complain that you didnt do it earlier and that kind of insanity is why you dont take them seriously

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>But the thing is, I'm an idol,
Stopped there.

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Speak for yourself anon, my life is great I just like having discussions with anonymity

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I don’t know if she said but if she did then probably yes but I’d like to be optimistic and believe that she wasn’t thinking right due to nervousness

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I don't hate or even dislike Ollie. I just think its funny she got fingered on stream. I also enjoy the mental gymnastics of zomcucks.

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By the way this wasn't supposed to be an anti thread, just put it that video on as background noise and had to stop it because of how depressed it got me. I think Ollie is just too naive and needs to take >>4027330 this anon's advice. I hope her manager is helping her

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What evidence? Wasnt the rrat just basically pointing time stamp of the stream.

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>What evidence?
Are you serious?

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Fuck off please

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>No, you're not obligated to look at every piece of shitposting made by faceless internet users
>Better log off of social media and do something IRL at times, you are addicted to internet opinion
>Look, some things people say about you are retarded, but other times there are based in truths, you are too impulsive and you also need a bigger ego or else you are prone to commit mistakes trying to please others or even yourself

Ollie, unironically go to a therapist, is obvious you have RL mental issues. For the sake of not going menhera, take a long break and reflect about why people believe you are irresponsible, I can assure you no one believes you are evil, not even your antis.

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Yes I am a loser! I'm miserable! I'm poor and have health issues. But that doesn't change the fact that you Ollie are a fucking slut!! You can throw all ad hominems you want but you will be always remembered as a slut that gets fingered on a live stream! Not me. Now do a favour to mankind, graduate and kill yourself bitch.

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Because it's too absurd to be believed? Like what reason would Ollie possibly have to let herself get fucked on stream? For kicks? Is she just an idiot? She cares about being an idol doesn't she? So why would she risk it in such an outlandish way? Establishing motive is important too you know. Or is the idea that it was involuntary?

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Ollie's usual autistic moaning isn't evidence that she got fucked on stream. I genuinely can't understand if all you retards actually believe this or if its just one big joke

>> No.4027624

>She cares about being an idol doesn't she?
Are we gonna do the Connor timeloops, which was anything but idol behavior, again?

>> No.4027663

I'll put in another perspective
If the rrat is true but no one made a fuss about it at the time, will we continue to do it for how many time?

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People on this board will always drastically underestimate the intelligence of these girls because they have never spoken to a woman

>> No.4027698

lmao this girl

>> No.4027700

Anyone have a completed Achievement list of Ollie? Like sleeping on stream, yubi, flirting with gayshark, follow Vshojo, suck connor dick on twitter and off stream, the recent matching app.

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Idk bros. After listening to that statement in such a quiet and sad voice, I just don't know anymore.
The hardest part was the complete 180 from how I remember she used to be. There was no overflowing energy, just pain and sadness. I'm going to be honest, I stopped watching her after the rrat because I believed it completely. I've listened to the audio, I pushed the rrat, but now I feel like a real dickhead.
Is the rrat true or not? I don't want it to be

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I mean. It's for kicks. Same reason why I fucked my ex on the patio.

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>Is she just an idiot?
Yes? Open your eyes to the truth, anon

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>Is she just an idiot?
Have you paid attention to anything she does? She literally had her twitter account hijacked 2 days ago because she clicks on everything.

>> No.4027764

Please be trolling, otherwise you are really fucking dumb

>> No.4027769

Shit bait, people aren't this retarded

>> No.4027774

The audible pissing sound in toilet was a classic. And she has her own mini Trash Taste podcast interview coming up.

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Kys ignorant retard.

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This is why rratfags keep winning

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Making Reine panic by having a male join discord voice chat and talk during Reine's stream. Then saying "would you believe that was my sister?"

>> No.4027893 [DELETED] 

Im too tired to explain things. I'm tired and I've already done it like 19 times. But no matter how many time you explain to the shit posters how their shit does damage and spurs on antis who twist their shit posting into support there is always more of dumb shitposters.

>> No.4027895

Trying to actually argue with rratfags is like trying to argue with a down syndrome retard in a wheelchair, its a waste of time and energy. The fact that anybody takes them seriously baffles my mind.

>> No.4027930

This is what you gain for believing schizos
I myself stopped watching Ollie after "wanting to break the rules" (I don't care if she wants to associate with VShojo) and the Cannur fiasco on Twitter (not a purityfag, just fuck anituber)
Ollie is young and naive, at first it made her endearing for me, but the more yabs and breakdowns, the more I lose interest.
Wouldn't call myself an Ollie anti tho, I just believe that if she knew how to put herself a leash, asked for support to her workmates, or just plainly took a break to fix her issues, the situation would flip and she would be received just like debut.
Also for you, don't bring /vt/ retardness outside of here, there's schizos outside who like to take the take the jokes too far.

>> No.4027955


She also aided Kiara at the gas chambers and the two of them laugh energetically just like they did back in the "Good ol days". She also ate my baby

>> No.4027968

How many of us are there?

>> No.4027976

Weird flex but ok

>> No.4027980

In the end did she address the finger issue and took a stance? Like indirectly apologizing, because is real. Or getting offended, because is a slander. If there’s no solution to it, then antis will simply feast on it. Also her reputation will remain tainted which will turn off new people as few wish to support such girl. If she goes full vshojo humor this issue will become irrelevant, odd choice but a viable third option. Conor issue is less relevant because people are not vocal about it anymore.

Regarding her “forum” concern. If what people say about her having an indie mentality is real, then she will get stuck here for a long while. Jap indies often cry when lighter drama happens to them. So, anon have fun chaining her to this site, if she’s truly reading us raw.

>> No.4028013

"Nobody is that stupid" is a perfectly fine argument in rational company, however the standards for what is implausible are very different here.

>> No.4028018

Not the same anon but I do believe it, honestly I just made fun of it, I don’t dislike Ollie and I think she can be pretty fun sometimes it’s just talking about it for the sake of drama which is basically what rrats are

>> No.4028036 [DELETED] 

>Zombraps don't even know what the person they're white knighting for actually did and just claim it's fake because they're in denial.

>> No.4028094

>Slept for 30 min on stream
>Flirting with gayshark
>Yubi Yubi
>Follow Vshojo
>Suck Connor dick on twitter and on/off stream
>Click on malicious app using her Hololive account
>Have a male join discord voice chat and talk during Reine's stream. Then saying "would you believe that was my sister?"
And NONE of it get her in trouble(Towa btfo lol), truly the zoomiest zoombi.

>> No.4028097

Remember you are on 4chan, you are fighting against nature, if you actually want to fight against schizoposting, do it outside of this place to the people who believe these things outside

Because there's 50% schizos and 50% trolls, and combine that with actual criticism of Ollie made into an anti campaign
Don't even know how containment was break though

I don't have it, but there was an image of the newest comments on the Phasmophobia collab talking about the rrats and they had almost 100 likes

>> No.4028162

A noble thing to think of, however, some are just downright evil. They can't be changed.
I hope she stops trying to look at the bad side of things cause it won't change us, it will only change her.
Ollie is cool but she needs to back off the bad "forums" so she could stay cool.

>> No.4028171


Oh what a soul crushing Yabi. Truly this is the end of the ID branch. Yagoos dream must be preserved and obviously they will shut down after this reckless incident. im literally shaking now and I cant even. Im so pissed off I could bite my sephiroth body pillow right now

>> No.4028178

>I can forgive her for that
>Ollie being a zomcuck
>Not a real issue except for "I want to break the rules" (she could have done it like Kiara)
>Don't associate with people loosely related to the brand
>Zoomer retardness
>Also retardness

>> No.4028180

>And NONE of it get her in trouble(Towa btfo lol)
That's because Towa has a much bigger audience. HoloID is pretty small time in comparison. If Ollie was part of HoloEN, it'd be a different story

>> No.4028183

Taking a stance on the fingering thing would be royally fucking retarded. It supposedly happened 5 months ago, and the vast majority of people don't know about it outside this forum. She needs to learn to let the trolls bitch and whine and ignore it without getting depressed when she has 600k people who support her.
If a comment with 100 likes on a 5 month old video is enough to get her depressed, she will not make it in this industry. That leads me to believe there are much bigger things at play here than such an unimportant thing.

>> No.4028201

Why would you do that with your company account?

>> No.4028215

Why are you like this? Don't say shit if you can't handle being proven wrong, fag

>> No.4028223

She has been an animefag for years, then got into vtubing, and she's surprised that there are people like that on the internet? She baffles me.

>> No.4028238

I think the other thing getting her down is that she thought everyone would be her friend right away.
Only a few people have actually invited her to collabs so far (Ame/Moona) other than her genmates.

>> No.4028257


If she was Hololive EN she would be given a medal and be cracking brews with Cali while they plan their next song collab on a giant pile of money

>> No.4028260

The average zomcuck has reddit spacing. Figures.

>> No.4028299

She said that it was his brother, if you dont believe her then what else should she do to prove it? Doxxing her own family?

>> No.4028300


I have no idea what your talking about im just making fun of how seriously people are taking trying to insult the loud zombie girl thats the second most popular Indonesian branch video game playing anime girl on this Malaysian shadow puppet forum


Im being a newfag and you cant stop me

>> No.4028317

I’ve always thought of rrats as jokes we make to entertain ourselves, never took them seriously like the peko Miko lesbian sleepover just grabbed a set of circumstances and created the most enjoyable/interesting scenario for all of us, just playing around but some real schizos break containment

>> No.4028327

Honestly my thoughts too. She has talked about how she was suprised about something regarding interacting with other hololive members which I can't quite remember. She seems the type to have unrealistic expectations about being in hololive. Hopefully she puts it together that they're coworkers first, and that she'll change her off-stream behavior as such. Only then will she make more friends.

>> No.4028358


There are monoploid idiots out there that think the earth is flat just because some asshole suggested it and nobody beat them without mercy for being retarded

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the amount of copium circulating in this thread kek

>> No.4028397

Here's the problem, Ollie needs to choose between:
>Being a professional idol
>Being a successful vtuber
She tries to go to the extreme with both and is unhealthy, or you choose one or you try to keep a moderate balance
Read this again >>4027061
She believes that because she's part of Hololive, an "idol company", she needs to be this kind of doll. She took the benefits for granted.
I think >>4028327 explains it better

>> No.4028404


Would you call it....Copious amounts?

>> No.4028413

Want to add something to the conversation?

>> No.4028416

Risuuuuu please tell your kouhai to stay away from this site

>> No.4028436

You do know that most idols like AKB48 do stuff with men correct? The only people that get butthurt about that shit are schizos on here jp and JOP schizos. nobody else gives a shit

>> No.4028470

She said it was her sister though, a clearly male voice being her sister

>> No.4028494


Yes think of Yagoos dream which is definitely not a running gag and something Ollie must live up too. She must plug her butthole and not given sweaty retards the idea that she might go to the bathroom every again or else they wont love her enough to hot glue her figures which is the most important idol skill

>> No.4028511

She doesn't need to choose between either. What she needs are meds to calm her ass down a little bit and stop being such a child. As a vTuber, your job is to stream for your fans and make money doing it, not live out whatever e-celeb fantasy she might have had.

>> No.4028512

I'm now convinced most of the anti posting cones from either one person, or a few easily manipulated retards.

>> No.4028515

Nah I know, I'm not talking about purityfaggotry.
Maybe I'm projecting, but Ollie wants to sell herself as this kind of waifu and also having freedom to do what she wants, and tries to go to both extremes. She'll break herself.

>> No.4028540

Ollie is a simp, like the ones of Reddit or Twitter that believe all hololive members love each other and that all vtubers should be friends, people won’t or don’t want to realize that the fact that there is a VA playing the character behind the model means that the interactions are also affected by the relations of the VA which are real people, they live in a fantasy world were everything is happy and can’t really blame them, most of them seem to be the kind of people that ends lurking here after their illusion fades away, unpopular antisocial most of them fat, I’m sure a lot of holo lives fans aren’t but at least the vast majority of people who support the every body should be friends because they both have an anime avatar, this type of people ends up here after their illusion is broken and are filled with negativity then come here to let steam off, they’ve been retaining all the negativity because everybody tells each other that negativity even as rightful criticism is bad and they’ll get lynched if they are negative in any way, people need to understand that not everything is perfect and that negativity is not always bad, if people found a balance between being negative respectful and positive then sites like this wouldn’t exist because no one would feel all the built up negativity inside them but that’s practically impossible.

>> No.4028547

No one gives a shit if ollie collabs with men, I assure you you won't find a single negative post when she collabed with zen a few days ago

>> No.4028548

She has to lay the groundwork to start getting the other Hololivers as friends.
Her very first impression to the JP girls was to send them all a DM with a meme to see their reaction.

>> No.4028560

She clarified it on member stream (if i remembet it correctly), she wasnt sure what to do so she tried to make it as a joke.

>> No.4028573

She needs to understand it’s a job

>> No.4028582

>Have a male join discord voice chat and talk during Reine's stream.

got a timestamp for this?

>> No.4028597

You took the words out of my mouth
You sure know about what you are talking about, but I can agree

>> No.4028602 [DELETED] 
File: 2.95 MB, 280x322, 1619899387953.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well have you watch this?

>> No.4028604

This one

>> No.4028626

No one cares about male collabs it’s about collabing with people that many don’t like, that’s why they doesn’t care if she collabs with the homos or some other ID or JP vtuber but do care when she “wants to break the rules” or collabs with people that then again many don’t like like vshojo even thought they are women. It’s about their safe place being invaded by people that make them feel insecure.

>> No.4028631


In the early 60s Rod Sterling had a big problem with write-in campaigns chasing off advertisers to Twilight Zone because they hated them addressing race based stories. None of that modern day "everything I dont like is racist" shit hell most of it was innocuous pointless and reading too much into everything. When Rod checked out the letters he noticed that the handwriting for all of them was the same. It was because a few loud assholes were willing to hand write thousands of letters just to tear something down. You see the exact same shit with stuff like Towa or Coco today and Ollie is just another small piece of that

>> No.4028638

Even when you show them proof, they will still deny it

>> No.4028652

Ollie's a retard, but good to know
And needs to stop venting everytime on members stream

>> No.4028660

it's actually indie male vtuber from indonesia, his name is jaret fajarianto

>> No.4028674

>She also ate my baby
Are you Australian?

>> No.4028697

Thing is, the Ollie rrat fits so well is almost scary.

>> No.4028746
File: 452 KB, 1918x1078, Muna birthday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you guy want her to chill out? She is the fastest growing HoloID precisely because of her crazy clout chasing, attracting Anti and schizo is but a side effect, rather go out with a bang than whimper and rot. Unrelated but here's Muna with her fans/friends

>> No.4028766
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>> No.4028804

Ollie doesn't think the same, she doesn't seem to have a good mental state
Good for you if you are into Mindbreak tho

>> No.4028807

Getting the zoomer audience is a mistake, you're not a person to them you're a clown and an entertainer, basically nobody in chat cared about what ollie was talking in this stream

>> No.4028824

do gotta admit that last set of moans at the payment screen sounds very sus, cant play that off as being scared on that screen. I'm glad I don't need to think too hard about it since she's not my oshi or anything. Both wanting to break the rules and being unable to stop looking at criticism that's not even on your channels is a horrible combination though.

>> No.4028836

I kinda wanna picture Ollie as a Dominate Futa especially when she does the full "Ara Ara" deep voice thing. Could that be the new RRAT?

>> No.4028852

Yeah I get that, I believe it too but hey who does it affect? It’s unprofessional? Yes. It’s disrespectful to her genmates? Yes. The best she can do is learn from it but clearly from the stories she had told (mainly during late night minecraft streams) she got bullied a lot and was suicidal a large portion of her live, I feel bad for her even despite being here I still have empathy for other humans, is she acting retarded? Yes and I get why it bothers many people but the best we can really do as viewers is stop watching her if we don’t like her content, none of us have any relationship to her, none of us can really advice her directly without being just one more member of the chat, I’m not against rrats they are fun even if this one is true, it’s generally all fault of the people that break containment

>> No.4028875

Make a fanfic the we talk

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Okay maybe they could be delusional enough thinking that she wasn't getting fucked/fingered whatever, but how can you defend this>>4027754?

That's the epitome of her behavior. A fucking brat trapped in used goods old woman body, pretending to be forever 17 genki idol bullshit.
Wake the fuck up ollie, act fucking professional.

I don't hate her I really do, I love her energy and has been following her since debut, but she's fucking testing me so fucking bad.
Especially her member stream. She acts like a damn e-thot, and I can hardly tell the difference anymore.

>> No.4028888


Man you need a fucking shrink dude

>> No.4028892

>As an idol, I think it's essential for us to care what others think of us, you know?
It is
>As an idol
You're not, you have to earn that title Ollie, when I think about the definition of idol, Suisei comes to mind, Sora comes to mind, the other girls at some extent comes to mind, even Kiara, what have you done until now that is worth that tittle? I know you are in perhaps the most successful vtuber company right now and you made it through their standards, but you have to think about this as if you were a musician or a movie actor or any other job, your real worth doesn't come if the record company picks your band, or if you're picked for the next avengers movie, your value comes on how you perform once you're there, if your music is shit expect bad reviews, if your acting is shit good luck casting for another movie, now you claim to be an idol, are these yabs supposed to be how an idol should act? I know you want to break rules but you're overdoing it to the point of being the antithesis, like you're trying too hard to be an "idol" with the gimmick of not being a true idol (which is not wrong under the right circumstances, the gimmick I mean), that you end as a non idol, and if you intend to not act as an idol then why would you apply for a brand that advertises her talents as idols?
Is not the end of the world nor your career but you had 3 bad movies, you better bring at least one that is good and then maybe you can use that tittle, there is no time to be deppressed. Fucking send her this you treerrat or moona or whoever, I'm tired of this arc.

Would be stupid if she did, that would get clipped on the spot.

>> No.4028925

At this point you're just covering your eyes and lying to yourself. This board has been on meltdown mode for weeks now related to Ollie. Even the thread you're posting in is filled with deluded schizos.

Honestly the quality of the whole board dropped super fast. It was good for a small period when it was first made, but now there's only a select few threads with sane people in them.

>> No.4028932

As someone that watches Jerma occasionally, this is pretty accurate.

>> No.4028937

What’s a shrink?

>> No.4028945

Anon.. zen..

>> No.4028948


Futa Ollie is going to fuck your mothers hit 700K subs on her way to a million and Yagoo wont punish her. How does that make you feel? Gonna cry?

>> No.4028964

I am actually diamond HOLY FUCK. Energetic idol girl lost her energy and broken while her fan can't do anything but watch, and some other just don't care enough to realized it.
Doujin for this feel?

>> No.4028965

I'd wank on it

>> No.4028993

She could have just as easily sent some sort of "Hello I'm Ollie" message to everyone instead of DMing a picture just to see how they'd react. If I had a work Discord, and some new guy did that same thing to everyone, I'd just ignore it and I'm sure a lot of the Holos did that just that.

It also didn't help that everyone she saw while hanging out in Minecraft she would beg for marriage and then proceed to jump up and down on them when they got into a bed, like with Mel. Mel went with it because she's a professional, and clippers went wild because "hurr she's doing what I'd do to Mel chan!!" I really doubt that she's going to be on a good radar for anyone outside of newer members because of that.

>> No.4028997

Read again retard, literally not a peep about zen, a guy in indonesia, where are all the antis and idolfags? The problem is not collabing with males, it's interacting with trash people like connor

>> No.4029009

>How does that make you feel?
Yubi yubi!

>> No.4029017

be a walking yab, act like a whore, be an insufferable megaphone all the time, be ignorant of all your actions, and then suddenly take a break before putting down the chaos you ignorantly built.
this bitch makes a pity stream like she dont even know the fuck she done by herself, like how irresponsibly brainless can you be?

>> No.4029023

It makes me believe the state of Gura's fanbase is actually good thing

She needs counseling, I don't want something bad to happen but she's going that way

Ngl, this is actually quite tame compared to other anti threads, at least we are worried about her

Metamorphosis vibes, I would cry while fapping

>> No.4029026

Idk man, its sound pretty sus but i sti cant tell the difference between this and any other random noises she likes to make in other stream

>> No.4029050

Why the fuck do you care who she collabs with? It's not even on stream so why do you care?

>> No.4029083


>But I just assumed it was my business

>> No.4029101

You would have an argument if it only affected ollie, but her shit affected moona and iofi (even if iofi brought it to herself too) and her carelessness almost affected reine too, you can't pull the "she can do what she wants" card when she has a clear effect on the people around her

>> No.4029102
File: 12 KB, 644x362, 1593742847572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But the thing is, I'm an idol, and I always gotta...

>> No.4029103 [DELETED] 
File: 392 KB, 1080x1392, IMG_20210515_232428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4029114

Finally I can get an answer to this shit. Why the fuck is Conner so hated on this board? What did this man do to get shat on in so many threads? Call me a newfag, but it baffles my mind.

>> No.4029126

Remember she's a kid anon, she's in such a state her chat is her form of therapy
But not gonna lie, this is makes her look bad >>4027754

Other anon, I don't care about who she collabs with, but keep them away from the brand

>> No.4029135

Anituber and he shit talked cover and their fans.

>> No.4029151

Shat on hololive fans and on idol culture after his tt collab, but he still wanted to leech from holo talents after that

>> No.4029169

Normalfag that has no interest in Hololive other than shitting on it and apparently coming sniffing around their talents. Although the later part in this case is probably more on Ollie.

>> No.4029173

stop it ollie, you just make it worst

>> No.4029181

Ollie you're a good girl. Don't come back here.

>> No.4029182

>Remember she's a kid anon, she's in such a state her chat is her form of therapy
This only goes so far when you need to be an adult to contractually sign on with Cover.

>> No.4029191

Same reason people hate Veiba. Talking bullshit they know nothing about to their audience who then take them as fact, and it spread like a plague. Anything bad happen to the talent? it's idolfag. People outrage about collab? Purityfag. Oh they're disagree with me, must be a anti/chink/yadayada..

>> No.4029195

Fuck off dude your acting like the other girls have no will of their own? i really hope you fags aren't like this in real life. Just because your friend is friends with someone you don't like makes them bad? >>4029126
Ah i see your a corporate cuck that actually cares about a companys image

>> No.4029221 [DELETED] 

I want my complaint about her to heard. How do I post my complaint so she read it without me spending any money?

>> No.4029224

When TTxMori happened, there was a bit of gatekeeping. I don't remember if it was before or after that, but he shat on the almost entire fanbase ("don't touch my queen"), but of course he was okay with those accepting him.
He also goes out of his way to interact with the chuubas even if it means breaking kayfabe; didn't get his way with EN, got it with ID.
Ollie is his obsessed fangirl, and Moona and Iofi kept track just for carrying them on Apex.
Purityfags and anituber haters got mad, end of the story.

>> No.4029229

maybe if she'd stop masturbating on stream she wouldn't have these problems

>> No.4029235

Ollie is based and you antis deserve a rope.

>> No.4029244

who is that anyways? some random?

>> No.4029247

she at least got to talk to astel about her troubles

>> No.4029253

clout chasing faggot. got a middle finger from the ENs and told to fuck off then tried to groom the IDs, thank god /vt/ came to the rescue.

>> No.4029269 [DELETED] 

Talk shit about hololive and the gachikois and then come groveling to them for clout and views. Literally she lowest scum on earth.

>> No.4029285

It was both.
The episode of TT before (the vtuber episode) the Mori collab he was calling Cover a black company without doing any research and just pulling things out of his ass. A reminder that these are recorded 3 weeks in advanced so Cover didn’t know about this before they green lit Mori going on.
After the collab he shit talked the fans.
Makes sense why management would forbid them from ever going back.

>> No.4029291

true. who cares with whom you whoring your self out to behind the hololive persona.

>> No.4029292 [DELETED] 
File: 429 KB, 1080x1568, IMG_20210520_033136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some random followers.
It'll like those old Facebook third apps where it'll spam porn while tagging random friendlist.

>> No.4029302

How about telling schizos and antis to stop creating those "problems"?

>> No.4029303

You Schizo faggots are the reason i stopped watching Hololive and never will again. you guys cry and seethe over ollie wanting to change the rules because you all use vtubers to cope with your shitty lives. go out and actually improve.

>> No.4029316


>> No.4029318

She's free to do whatever she wants, she can play and talk with connor all she wants (so much love for hololive if that's the case) but why does she have to do it on her ollie persona? She can just do whatever she wants with whatever eceleb she likes outside of her ollie self, but I'll tell you why she doesn't do it, she thinks no one will give her the time of the day when she isn't ollie so she uses ollie to connect with everyone she likes

>> No.4029338

>she thinks no one will give her the time of the day when she isn't ollie so she uses ollie to connect with everyone she likes
thats not even a rrat, thats just reality

>> No.4029346

Hey buddy, i think you got the wrong door the leddit-club is two blocks down

>> No.4029356

Good. You're not welcome here. Hololive are only for the idolfag and you're clearly are not of the idolfag you're clearly the normalfag.

>> No.4029387

What's up the with number of "GET A LIFE FAGGOT I BET YOU'RE A LOSER IRL" posts? They get so pissy when you try to argue that their perception of this place is incorrect.

>> No.4029391 [DELETED] 

I'm 38 nigger, It's over for me. Making other people as miserable as me by shitposting and donating to far right political parties is the only joy I get in life.

>> No.4029403

b-but she can do whatever she wants...

>> No.4029413

she should try not handing them ammunition, weapons and the entire fucking artillery, then

>> No.4029416

Ok have fun when Nyanners or someone you hate collabs with your oishi and you seethe and cry while Cover is happy knowing most people enjoy it.

>> No.4029433

oishi nee....

>> No.4029434

>> I'm an idol
talk wanting your cake and eating it

>> No.4029436

>Ah i see your a corporate cuck that actually cares about a companys image
No that anon but where would be the girls if it not were for the company? that's the exact posture Veibae had,and at the end she cucked out

>> No.4029449

Acclaimed Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is 40 and he's the gold standard to aspire to. You still have time.

>> No.4029450

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences. Maybe she can learn a thing or two from her senpai Moona.

>> No.4029451
File: 20 KB, 240x240, 1620797957034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait for Vsingers and HoloEN2 to debut to further siphon all her remaining fans away from her. I want her to break for being a yab machine. Call me schizo but that's just how it is.

>> No.4029455

I just won't watch it. Maybe if more people in the same camp as me do the same, she'll have a reasonable loss on viewcount for the video and she won't collab with them again.

>> No.4029502

Sure anon, because she has such a strong will that when she tried to interact with a faggot on Twitter and a minority went mad, she pissed her pants. Ollie is the one that needs to go outside if she has depression, and that's me actually giving her advice so she doesn't end hating her fanbase.

I know where are your intentions and this isn't the thread, we don't give a fuck about that, cope

>> No.4029521 [DELETED] 

Watch her bleed viewers and fade into irrelevancy. At the end of the day it's the gachikois paying her bills. All the normalfags saying she did nothing wrong will trendhop to something else in 6 months. The nijisanji sunflower bitch and Iofi learned this the hard way.

>> No.4029539

>she thinks no one will give her the time of the day when she isn't ollie
Her boyfriend clearly gives her the time of day, even mid stream like >>4028602

>> No.4029542

There is no sane or logical reason 90% of the time when someone is upset on this board.
Look at these posts. These are the kind of people who admit to their lonely state of misery, and have nothing better to do but fall into parasocial relationships with vtubers. They get angry and upset either when they collab with guys or people they don't approve of. They're no better than moral puritans, even though they participate in degeneracy.

>> No.4029544
File: 54 KB, 400x400, L4kja9VH_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Little did he know that Moona's biggest gachikoi, Sir Alfred Ridder the brave, would come to save his oshii from the grabby hands of trash connor. Sir Alfred Ridder's courageous leap into battle blunted connor's advance and turned him back. He's limited to basically Ollie now, and because of that he's lost interest, which Ollie cannot deal with. If only there were some gachikoi to saver her before she'd reached this point. I fear she's lost. She has no intention of reorienting herself, but won't look at the example of other 'rule breakers' to guide her moves.

>> No.4029561 [DELETED] 

>Look at these posts. These are the kind of people who admit to their lonely state of misery, and have nothing better to do but fall into parasocial relationships with vtubers. They get angry and upset either when they collab with guys or people they don't approve of. They're no better than moral puritans, even though they participate in degeneracy.
And at the end of the day we'll keep existing and will keep doing these things no matter how much you sperge on here. Society made us this way and there's nothing you can do to stop us.

>> No.4029586

This is what people seem to forget. You may get a couple bucks from the average retard who tunes into your stream, but the real people you should be paying attention to are the schitzo paypiggies. It doesn't mean you have to do exactly as they say, but if you see quiet a few of the regular dono names making comments about something they don't like, it's only in your best business interest to do something that compromises between what you want and they want.

>> No.4029604

KEK the crusade arc was hilarious. in honor of Ser Alfred Ridder and the anointed knight Ser Grey Miller, i kneel.

>> No.4029606

Post it on YouTube comments, obviously, don't be a schizo while making a comment, actually give her constructive criticism

Ollie is the one getting a rope if she doesn't take a break for the sake of her mental health

>> No.4029611

At least the cost of living is dirt cheap there.
The whole Alfred saga was entertaining as hell. It ending with Moona apologizing in a members only was the icing on the cake.
I can feel the edge from here.

>> No.4029626

Seriously, the only thing that really sells me in that clip is the fucking "Now's not the time...". Everything else can either be played off as her fucking around or her commenting about the actual game. That line though makes no sense in the context of what's happening both in game and discussion between the 3 of them.

>> No.4029630

This they're all hypocrites. What's sad is that they really could improve their lives if they actually tried but they have this warped self pity and tendency to blame other people for their problems

>> No.4029652

Kek, I loved this posts, they made me actually laugh among all the shitposting at the time

>> No.4029675 [DELETED] 

You fucking normalfags don't know what rockbottom is like. The goal is dragging everyone down here with us. There's no coming back. I hope global warming is real and that this Israel shit ends in a nuclear war.

>> No.4029690

I wonder why this kind of posts appear on an ID member thread, the one branch that collabs with homostars and indo homos all the time

>> No.4029703
File: 976 KB, 936x783, 1621443705556.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4029737

What's the context behind this? Did a massive Moona paypiggy give Moona an ultimatum of either Connor interaction, or his wallet?

>> No.4029754

Oh jesus fuck what kind of edge is this? No anon, society was not what made you this way, it was your shit life choices. YOU did this anon, dont blame everyone else for your fuck up.

>> No.4029763

Based Ridderposter

>> No.4029765

t. Shadow the Hedgehog

>> No.4029778 [DELETED] 

I will anti Ollie till the day one of us dies.

>> No.4029781
File: 509 KB, 848x433, 1621345294120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>being this much of a narcissistic prick

Ollie Doesn't have the willpower and guts to be an online Icon
I've seen more gall and heart from an indie who's gonna run out of food in 3 days and speaks with a smile on her face, than this zoomer on coomer power, I guess this gives me more appreciation to indies.

>> No.4029795

based and indiepilled

>> No.4029799
File: 280 KB, 758x511, 1621436334164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's perfect...

>> No.4029802


>> No.4029816

I dont care if you wish to waste your life doing that, but take responsibility for fucking up your own life, dont blame society like a pathetic coward. Thats weak shit.

>> No.4029839

Lol that's not even the worse part, she scrolled on 5ch/2ch and here and allot of people called her a whore and she said.

"That's okay, I understand people's sentiments, I believe that cynical people exist because they have something to protect, and knowing that brings a smile to my face"

Temako san is literally a starving saint

>> No.4029864


>> No.4029889

I missed the clownery, what did the fag say?

>> No.4029901



>> No.4029907

Man, that makes me feel real bad.

>> No.4029915

I kneel sir Alfred the Ridder

>> No.4029925

Thanks. So that short passive-aggressive tweet was all it took? I assume there was some build-up

Just some edgelord doomer

>> No.4029948

When someone who gives you a lot of money says they're kinda not liking something you're doing, you better change that shit asap if you care about the money. In the end, this is a job for these women, so I'm not surprised she backed away if he was a real good paypig.

>> No.4029963


LOL, what a dumbass, A FUNNY dumbass

>> No.4029972

He was her top paypig if I recall correctly.

>> No.4029981

Do your reps

>> No.4029988

So what your saying is that everyone should sell out for money then? Money is pretty worthless in the long run

>> No.4030004

Then why bother living? Go neck yourself anon

>> No.4030006
File: 28 KB, 957x573, 1620863109261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




Why can't these retarded seanigs be more like Gura?

>> No.4030041

easier to ignore paypigs when you have thousands of them
harder to ignore them when one guy makes up a big percentage of your income

>> No.4030042


>> No.4030043

>Sell out for money.
Do you understand that making good financial decisions is good for making your life better and easier? People make sacrifices of all kinds often and this is no different. She cared more about pleasing one of her top piggies rather than collabing with some guy. Why the fuck do people act like money doesn't matter in this world?

>> No.4030073


>Oh dear no, you shouldn't feel the need to give me donations, its fine
>just you being here having a good time is enough for me to be content

yeah im gonna say no

>> No.4030078

It's easier to ignore one big paypig when you have 4 others just like them who are still supporting you. Not to go numbers on you, but feel free to look at someone like Moona's superchat totals vs. Gura. Just because one person doesn't need the money this instant and works a similar job doesn't mean the other person doesn't as well.

>> No.4030088

I feel bad for Ollie, if she was familiar with the site's culture she'd know that for the most part there's no ill will, it's mostly anons shitposting. She genuinely seems like a really sweet and good person. I hope she can get to a place where the opinions of 1% of people don't affect her so much.

>> No.4030110

>theres no ill will

hahaha, no.

>> No.4030124
File: 606 KB, 1024x768, 1620927563610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


HAHAHA Nah anon, I think its just that Gura really fkin hates normies, especially the degen ones, looking back to her past inclines me to believe so.
Be reminded this isn't her first time being a vtuber, she has dealt with these people before

>> No.4030141

"We will not stop and society made us this way" basically, check archive, you'll get a good laugh. It was the epitome of "we truly live in a society".

>> No.4030156

>Money is pretty worthless in the long run
Holy shit, I know it is not everything but you need to have balance, if you do it as a hobby then yeah fuck money but if that's your job, getting rid of all your gachis just to make a point is plain stupid, of course you don't have to please all the viewers and you really can't actually and you should be able to let them know where to draw the line, but if instead you pander to the ones that watch for free and dab to the ones that pay, you're going to starve

>> No.4030163
File: 133 KB, 232x260, 1620092508335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, I'm okay with defending the nature of shitposting and I don't outright hate Ollie, but you're more naive than her if you believe there are no actual antis among all the schizos

Tell her to never come back to this site and get actual advice from her family and coworkers

>> No.4030173

I want to believe that everyone who posts here is being genuine, but I feel like the limits of what I'm willing to believe is a real human is pushed each and every day. There's no way someone can make posts like that without it just being them fucking around.

>> No.4030187

>believe that everyone who posts here is being genuine

>> No.4030215

Just look at the verified Kiara anti schizos this board has had lol
Orcschizo, CPschizo and the egg that is currently an ad here and his discord kiddies.

>> No.4030221

Jesus Jeremiah Christ on the cross can you "people" just lay off the poor kid already? Let her do her damn streams in peace.

>> No.4030238

Go back to plebbit you faggot

>> No.4030266

It just makes it a lot more funny/fun to read. I enjoy coming here and trying to have reasonable discussions with people about things and choose 4chan out of all my options because I value the Anonymity.

>> No.4030277

>Let her do her damn streams in peace.
What did you mean by this, reddit?
No one's stopping her from streaming. The more she and (You) keep feeding trolls, the more they keep doing it. Are you new to the internet?

>> No.4030286

Any ill will is dampened by the fact that it comes from literal schizos, and that the "ill will" is directed towards a projection of Ollie's roommate onto a character, not Ollie's roommate herself. Hopefully she can make the distinction.
I agree that there are some actual antis, I just think that in the context of her viewers and even people on here, it's a very, very slim minority. I think it would be hard not to come here because it offers unfiltered critique, and it's natural to want to see what people say about you. But yeah she clearly shouldn't come here for her sanity. Any of the Kiara/Ollie/Niji fish mold of streamers is going to catch a lot of shit here.

>> No.4030297

it was on stream though, and no one has gone into meltdown over it


>> No.4030308

she should be doing them on chaturbate, not youtube

>> No.4030311

>I assume there was some build-up
i hate to say this, but that is the trigger, coz alfred dare to speak up in public, a few gachikois then visit /moon/, -yada yada yada talk here and there-and then agreed to send cover and id management letters of complaint, lots of em, some moonafags even spam the complaint letters.

>> No.4030325

If you actually care about her, tell her to stop using her chat and members stream as coping, take a break, sincere herself with her coworkers, and look for a therapist, then she can stream again without feeling depression

Seriously, tell Reddit to stop forcing her to stream and value her mental health

>> No.4030337

One anime character to another is not an issue because it can be perceived as 'in character'. Ollie hanging out with and talking to Connor is a non-fictional person talking to a fictional person. If Ollie didn't say anything to him or about him on her Hololive account and did it privately on her own time, very few people would care.

>> No.4030347

Antis in this thread are no better then the Coco Chinese anti’s. Not to mention they’re arguing for the same principle that makes most companies ally with China money.

>> No.4030357

Deepthroat a shotgun.

>> No.4030387

actually Ollie only had 3-5 top gachikois that is easy to track, it's always the same person.

same as moona on her few months after debut.

the longer your stream you will know who is loyal to you and who don't

>> No.4030394

Antis are antis you retard, there is no such things as better antis. Now get down from your high horses and take your meds

>> No.4030404

t. Shadow the Hedgehog

>> No.4030422

Why? Because the girl is going full menhera?
Stop trying to justify your sick fetishes

>> No.4030434
File: 224 KB, 672x393, ollie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4030486
File: 178 KB, 463x453, 1619828686805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4030494

Pretty sure all of them were the same eggman

>> No.4030594

Kek. Do redditors really?
I don't give a shit about what Ollie does. I couldn't care less about a loose whore. But i don't want her to drag the other holo ids to her shitshow, moona especially. What the fuck is her manager doing anyways? Does she even have one?

>> No.4030668

ID's managers clearly don't give a fuck, and it's based. Wish the EN managers would follow their lead.

>> No.4030696

you'd think a dumb zombie bitch like this who can get away with as many yabs as she wants has any manager worth respecting?

>> No.4030697

this hits different after the yabs

>> No.4030709

It's Ollie's fault for breaking containment.

>> No.4030737

>let the girl keep streaming till she drops dead
seems to me this nigger is a good example of why reddit is a cancerous wasteland

>> No.4030750

I always read through the posts here while expecting each of them to hide between several layers of irony

>> No.4030779

Is she still being groomed or has she been thrown away like a used rag by the leech for not being able to leech? kek

>> No.4030803


>> No.4030835
File: 8 KB, 421x122, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4030893

why do you guys bully young women during your spare time

>> No.4030919

She probably still hangs out with him, but can't say it anymore or the purityfags and Cannur antis will make her shat herself again

Kek, when is she getting publicly stoned for having premarital sex?

>> No.4030928

>Ollie antis rapidly increase during SEA hours
You guys really need to stop projecting.

>> No.4031000

kek, the absolute state of zom©uck™

>> No.4031154

I wish we could go back to when everyone was just talking about her ripping ass on stream. It was a lot more harmless yab and made me laugh and made me as hard as a rock.

>> No.4031179

that's for the best. No one cares what she does privately, its what she brings to the workspace that matters. Hopefully she works within bounds for a while at least where collabs are concerned and takes her desire to push boundaries in a different direction.

>> No.4031276

For example, look at Kiara, hate her all you want, but she got the collab with VShojo through legit means and it's obvious she really wanted, unlike Ollie who's weak willed

>> No.4031459

it's ogey, >we play the bad guy role, you ledditard play the wholesome guy.

>> No.4031556

>Antis in this thread are no better then the Coco Chinese anti’s
here's in mooner's case:
>no dox
>no death threats
>no chat spam
>no dislike bomb
the fuck you on about faggot? well, i guess im way worse than the bugs.

>> No.4031789
File: 719 KB, 1080x8325, 1621616325561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTW, here's the image of faggots breaking containment

>> No.4031856

Jesus, /vt/ is cringe as fuck

>> No.4031875

>Do retarded stuff
>Get called out on it
>Boohoo life is so hard

>> No.4032193 [DELETED] 

>Ollie is reading the questions in chat right now
Go on, it's your chance to ask about the yubis

>> No.4032205



>> No.4032767

Holy fucking cringe

>> No.4032800

>Click on malicious app using her Hololive account
The only thing she actually did wrong,

>> No.4033241
File: 72 KB, 900x900, E0MWM9KXoAQcEID.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4033280

probably some newfags who got in cause of ollie's stream, now they're trying to enforce their ideas of what this place should be. in short, just call them nigger.

>> No.4033306


>> No.4033397

Show them this video

>> No.4033494

For fun.

>> No.4033533


They come in everyday, and the timeloop of Denial, Bargaining to Acceptance just happens again and again

>> No.4036304

In that case, i see nothing bad. Ollie's gachikoi and paypigs need to know that they're donating to a literal whore. Nobody wants to pay for the condoms.

>> No.4036441

Please stop posting here if you post in YouTube comments. What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.4037103

Literally all she needs to do is shut the fuck up about Vshojo and then /vt/ will like her again.
Ollie was actually mostly liked around here before she became the "rule breaker".

>> No.4037218


>> No.4037224
File: 162 KB, 900x900, 1620756263432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She will forever be associated to this guy and as one of his harem bitches. Only thing she can do, really, is graduate.

>> No.4037306
File: 93 KB, 1024x558, What_is_wrong_with_you_people.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please YES
nothing feels good like breaking a good girl to ashes

>> No.4037411

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the whole finger thing? Because if it was the Phasmophobia stream I thought she was just playing for the camera as others have done.

>> No.4037440

It's sad but it's true, unless she suddenly tells him to fuck off on stream like ame she will be just used as a meme about being part of his harem

>> No.4037484

This dude isn't even any good. Like what does he even do? I stopped watching her videos because I don't want to listen to some skinny faggot with a shitty avatar. I'm actually considering unsubbing from Mousy because her video quality is going to shit.

>> No.4037495

it's not a meme though

>> No.4037522

insomnia will do that

>> No.4037532

Ironic weeb, abridged anime "VA", with an English accent. Yea...that's it.

>> No.4037558

Here have more feel bad material


>> No.4037586

Know what? just did. Fuck Vkuso. they ain't even that good.

>> No.4037628

Man I sure love rrats and drama

>> No.4037653
File: 1.68 MB, 480x354, 1560036166014.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As someone who only really knew Ollie from collabs, she seems really in over her head with how much shit is happening.

>> No.4037678
File: 32 KB, 474x361, schiz-map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indogs gonna Indog. Everyone goes insane when they live on an island.

>> No.4037679


>> No.4037849


>> No.4037863

>Like what does he even do?
He has big numbers

>> No.4037881

Stop hiring Zoomers

>> No.4037942

Can't wait for the graduation finally

>> No.4038089

>I myself stopped watching Ollie after "wanting to break the rules"
This. It's hard to build a and easy to destroy. Hololive was not created in a day. No one want to see all that hard work go to waste because some zoomer wanted to rebel against 'The System'.

>> No.4038230

You know what's the worst part?
He hates cunny!

>> No.4038619


>> No.4038633

>He hates cunny!
What a faggot

>> No.4038770

no lie that was kinda hot

>> No.4038815

Ollie wants to be in the social circles of these people that she used to fangirl on. Now she's using her newfound popularity to achieve that. No one wants to have an oshi that keeps gushing about literally whos on the internet.

>> No.4038911

>As an idol, I think it's essential for us to care what others think of us, you know?

This mentality will destroy her. There is caring about what others think and then theres caring about what EVERYONE thinks. One is useful the other is detrimental.

>> No.4040044

>Ollie has to do these things to be successful or she will be ruined
>So sayeth FATPIG! the disgusting sweaty nerd on /vt
>Hear my squeals and despair mortals

This thread in a nutshell.

>> No.4040112

Okay, what you want to discuss?

>> No.4040263

Ollie is swell I don't know why people dislike her.

>> No.4040404

Because she wants to collab with vshojo?

..exactly like Kiara is doing? LMAO

Ollie's just stressed. A lot of the idols breakdown sometimes. That's what happens when your life is always being broadcast. I don't think she made too big a deal of it.

>> No.4040413

>Why can't these retarded seanigs be more like Gura?
too difficult

>> No.4040473

>..exactly like Kiara is doing? LMAO
and you're ignoring the amount of antis Kiara has because.....

>> No.4040607

At this rate she's gonna fully breakdown and graduate. Unless she changes it's going to happen.

>> No.4040651

Ollie's cunny was a treat, seethe zomcucks
t. Connor

>> No.4040772

This >>4040404 (Not that I agree with everything)
I don’t care that much about what she wants to do, but she needs to know her limitations as a chuuba, the thread can tell you. Agreed with everything else
She needs to reach to her coworkers, maybe take a long break

>> No.4040816

I fucked up

>> No.4040906


>> No.4041256

Ollie is probably the most unprofessional holo of all. All of those pity parties she does on stream only make antis attack her even more. Her best option is to instead talk that with her family or her genmates.

>> No.4041502

I want her smile back bros...

>> No.4041600

I'm surprised it's not part of the interview to say that will popularity they'll get negative attention as well.

>> No.4042475

These situations always start as something small, like with the Cooner situation it genuinely did just start by people who dislike the anitubers, not purityfags. Falseflaggers and schizos run this shit sadly and they pile on to the original people taking issue with something for a different reason.
I wonder if by contributing to the anti Conner threads I’ve given more power to the schizos? If something were to happen to Ollie I would feel extreme guilt.

>> No.4042604

The character you refer to as “Akai Haato” was 16 when she was signed. What does that mean?

>> No.4042778


>> No.4042906

Autistic women pretending to be anime girls is a serious bussiness anonchama

>> No.4042963

Bro... Idolfags weren’t intelligent enough to point this shit out. It was us anti anituber anons who accidentally started a rrat snowball effect that attracted all the schizos. the finger copypasta was meant to be a shitpost on how her scared cries sounded like moans lmao

>> No.4043436

I suppose that we have underestimated how the nature of 4chan also affects /vt/. If an idea gets out, it will spread like wildfire.>>4031789
The Cannur fiasco got its peak when someone posted on FB a screenshot of an anti thread and Ollie pissed her pants.
I'll still continue to be unfiltered, otherwise I would be on Reddit, but that doesn't mean you can't be decent. I criticize many of the things Ollie does, but I would not forgive any faggot going on a crusade to achieve her graduation.
You still have to practice critical thinking and the ability to suppress your bias when required, in other words: don't go to a extreme of an opinion.
Anyway, I don't think anyone should care about the opinions of anons if they don't have the mental strength; opinions here are brutally honest and would get frowned upon on a hugbox, but also some of these opinions are very rude if you have not been in a site like this.
Just in case anon, don't feel to guilty, just catch up the next schizo trying to get their ideas out of here.

>> No.4043639

Who would have thought that the people that supports you the most and knows more about your lights and shades can use that knowledge to destroy you if you ever piss them off?

>> No.4044181


>> No.4044197

stop sucking ecelebs dick on twiter and stream
is not that hard just do it privately fuck.

>> No.4046017
File: 465 KB, 721x568, pel1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will never be an elf. You have no ancestry, you have no blood, you have no ears that would make elves ever see you as such. You are a shut-in self-hating Imperial twisted by delusions of mythical elven superiority and exposure to elvish propaganda into a disgusting mockery of Shor's perfection.

All 'validation' you get from other people in this position couldn't be worse in making you believe that spending precious years of your life wishing you were a nihilistic knife-eared race was a worthwhile use of your time, but one can't expect that an individual as pathetic as you will ever know the value of the youth you threw away in doing that.

Actual elves are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of physiological evolution have allowed mer to identify frauds from mannerisms and vocabulary alone. Even if your written text of self-hatred and attention begging akin to a stray dog's somehow passes as normal (it won't), any elf will immediately cut all ties when they hear the voice and accent of someone who is not only a better looking monkey at best, but with the lifespan of a drop of piss, no knife ears, and no air of unwarranted self-importance.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile and laugh to yourself believing that obsessing over a knife-ear that you understand 20% of at best is somehow superior than thinking about your own kind, as you project your disgusting traits onto your entire kind. However, deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight, and you know that. You know that all you do now is have an entirely new linguistic medium in which to be ignored, and not even the exotic trait of being foreign makes up for just how uninteresting of a person you are.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into Oblivion. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but praising Talos that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably human.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back. Hate yourself and apologize for being human to some elvish entity that exists only in your mind while actual elves put in the serious effort to learn and accept the Divines for the valid reason of it being the truth.

>> No.4046042

Holy based

>> No.4046373

Who doesn't?

>> No.4046435

Unless I'm mixing him up he is a brit and they explicitly prefer boicunny. Being a sodomite is practically a tradition in their boarding schools.

>> No.4046618
File: 83 KB, 600x888, 1621638247557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many time until he gets outed as a groomer?

>> No.4046840

Predators always go to where the prey are. Can't fucking wait. Just hope that glorious spectacle doesn't fuck with Ollie's emotions further. You should never meet your heroes.

>> No.4049374
File: 200 KB, 354x332, 1603369084493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ollie should better start praying now on every god she knows of that Connor is a good man because it that happens it might actually just end her career once and for all. She's deeply involved with the guy, heck didn't they use to chat privately? Ollie, a friend of a pedo. Cover wouldn't like that at all,

>> No.4050020

Wouldn't be surprised if he had a #metoo moment.
Guy is the epitome of a stupid gaijin in Japan.

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