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More Yakuza tomorrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFRPg8hML4s
Art by: https://twitter.com/dolphenry/status/1396092179550855168
Previous thread: >>4039724

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If Kiara hires the same mixer for her EN song I am going to commit a hate crime

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She said multiple times she loves her mixer and how he mixes her voice. So you can expect it's gonna be the same

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Is she deaf?

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Have you heared her chicken voice? Of course she is

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I like her voice in all her songs.

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>my nigga

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How do you guys manage to catch her streams/VODs and maintain your life reps? Working keeps me busy and usually makes watching her in the background a no-go. Hanging with friends and family ends up killing the majority of my free time and I'm not autistic enough to bgm her when I'm with them.

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I watch her while I am working. If I miss a stream I watch in her days off. Also, no hanging with friends or family due to the coof and lockdown restrictions/curfew

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I have no real life. I have no work. I have no friends. I have no family. I wake up and wait until she starts to stream. When she is not streaming I watch old vods where I already forgot the content.
I spent all my money on her because I have nothing else in my life. I only keep enough to pay for my rent, food, internet etc. If she didn't exist I would probably kms

lets go....

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How do you have money if you dont work?

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I work from home so I keep her on the background while I work.
This has been great for my productivity, since I can go through two VODs and pull off paid overtime.

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I'm a kraut. Huge commie welfare state. I get a little over 1k euro every month for doing nothing.

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Working in something you like is actually a huge boost to your mental health

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Nah I'm a 30 year old incel (unironically) my life is over. I'm over it I don't care. Kiara is all I have I don't wanna talk about it I don't wanna farm pity yous.

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Based, you’re honestly living my dream. I’d quit my job and just spend the whole day watching vtuber gfe shit if I could, unfortunately im a filthy American so that’ll never happen

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Why did she mention Veibae in the German segment but not the English one, even though the catboy asked which vtubers she watched?

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Saw the latest veibae video about collabing with Kiara
My impression of her has improved a little although she still doesn't admits she fucked up with the way she talked about hololive.

>> No.4066017

How did that improve your opinion? She says she won’t retract her claims, but doesn’t want to be held accountable because that’s gatekeeping.

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I dont know from where that anon is coming from, for me its even worse. At least it seems the collab is in the air still and she is afraid of backlash, so that is a silver lining

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I’m just disappointed in Kiara honestly

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She's holding the collab because of the possibility of doxxing and I respect that. She also said something like her opinion from last year about vshoujo changed right? (I speak fluent english but can barely understand how Veibae speaks)
If she had said her opinion of hololive changed from last year that'd be great, but only doing it about vshoujo comes across as self interested since shes now part of the company.
If we follow what she said about hololive, it's pretty much a black company holding Kiara hostage and forcing her to do creepy things though
tl;dr: I respect not collabing because of doxxing, but she's still a bitch

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Gotta say, I was a bit bummed the Coco collab she has planned isn't a shitpost review.

Now I'm glad it isn't after watching one of these

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Eh, Mori is not very good in collabs. I think the high orange energy would make them bounce off of each other and Kiara would be really open with her opinions like she always is and make it really funny. I'd support it.

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Yeah, that was pretty bad, but Mori is not really good at collabs and she was very nervous. Kiara could make it work, she can at least pretend she is having fun.

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you need the right mindset to enjoy it. coco was amazing

>> No.4075484

Gave me a lot more respect for Coco I'd say.

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Nta, Coco was great with the material she had. I think Meme review is not a good first collab choice, Mori was nervous as fuck, a game would allow her to have something to talk about and get out of her shell

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Did something important happen to kill the most important thread on the board?
Anyways, I think Kiara killed a lot of rrats today and I love her even more/

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I am just happy she is not letting numbers botter her anymore, going home did wonders for her mental health

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I liked the meme review. Coco is based and I can't wait to see her collab with Kiara. But I must say, even though I don't dislike Mori this collab really soured me towards her. Like, she is a soft kitten and an easy bitch towards everyone but Kiara. I know the "but Kiara" part goes to show how Kiara is different and special for her, but the thing is: This is not what Kiara wants. This is yet another instance of Mori showing love to anyone but Kiara. This wouldn't be a problem for Kiara if she got love too, but since she gets left out every time, it hurts her. Mark my words: Kiara is gonna watch the meme review and is gonna get upset because Mori is doing this yet again and we're gonna either have a very awkward It Takes Two collab or Kiara is going to postpone it. I don't even mean this as a shipperfag, I just think Mori is a shitty friend to someone she supposedly cares about and even if she is awkward deep inside she should try to get her shit together.

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Coco is too strong for just any EN, only the Chicken can defeat the Dragon.

Orange must defeat Orange..

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I think you're being a little extreme. The problem is it seems like Mori has a character she wants to play but she's really bad at playing off of it. She good with her music, bad with being an entertainer.

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Dont take it too seriously anon.
Great, you just made me feel old with this pic

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KFP mental health issues case 98776

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I feel old too, but also happy. Good times.

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I feel that way because that Takamori Q & A almost made Kiara cry on stream because of Mori's autism. I think we can also gather from the Ryza streams that Kiara talks about Mori being distant and not wanting to bother her and later even crying because she misses her, but doesn't belive Mori misses her that these small things affect her. I think Mori does care about Kiara a lot, but she is still too awkward to get her feelings across to Kiara. I can't help but doompost Mori's autism.

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Those things do affect Kiara but the Q&A and Ryza streams are months old. Things could've changed by now.
Remember how Kiara had to make it public that she wanted to travel before Mori contacted her to go into the homiemoon. I think its likely Mori saw Kiara missing her and now they talk in private a bit more.

>> No.4078622

Anon, that happened months ago, Kiara is home now with her friends, she barely talks about Mori in her solo streams now if you want a comparision

>> No.4078852

Cats killed takamori

>> No.4079093

Bless chonkers and smoothie

>> No.4079681

It really wasn't that long ago, it was on the 6th of april. Still, I gotta admit Mori and Kiara did got a bit closer after that because Kiara said they had a heart to heart and she cheered her up the other day, but even so... I don't trust neither Kiara's self esteem nor Mori's autism. But I will try to hope for the best.

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time for my sleeping reps

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Based and osterpilled.

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The German question was about crushes and the English question was about who she looks up to.
She thinks Vei is hot but that doesn't put her on the same level of admiration as FBK or Pekora.

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In other news, chimkin maybe also made a less controversial new en vtuber friend?

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The Q&A thing was really shitty and didn't even make sense in character. They just had their nice vacation and Mori getting softer over time was a theme in their keyfabe before that.
But I feel Kiara getting upset on stream helped, Mori is less harsh to her since then.

The Ryza thing was probably just the straw that broke the camel's back. Both the shadow ban and her cross continental move were not that far back, she was missing all of Japan and was and still is essentially temporarely banned from the country because Austria has huge 'rona numbers.
That Mori hadn't called her in a while was probably not the main reason she cried.

I'm 50/50 on your worries. You do have some points but especially now that they seem to talk more regularely doomposting seems a bit much.

>> No.4084314

She thought about a collab with Lumi during member-only and asked what kind of streamer she is.
I hope it happens since they are in similar time zones and can push each other. Lumi is heavily involved with Merry so we might get some Kiara art from him if they hit it off well.

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I can only follow up SC reading by listening to it while doing my task.
Watched her live stream if star aligned, glad Saturday was free for me to Digikomi stream.
Backlog? Allot. And I don't think I will be able to watch all her stream anyway.

I can hear Uncle Chan voice. Ughhhhh

>> No.4084839

I started working on my mixing reps recently because of how tired I am of so many of the holos songs sounding like shit. There's 0 chance of me every getting to work for them but if I can end up saving even one 2view from sounding like shit I'll be satisfied.

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>> No.4084889

Are we getting a Kiara hate thread hiatus? All i see are Mori hate threads rn and little to no Kiara threads. Did something bad happen in the coco collab?

>> No.4084969

Mori was so autistic Coco asked chat in the middle of the stream if she is always that bad.
This board hates the reddit review anyways so Mori being on there is the perfect storm.

But don't worry, as soon as Kiara dares to breath during one of her streams /vt/ will be back to hating her. This is her board after all.

>> No.4085000

>Did something bad happen in the coco collab?
Mori being Mori combined with some underwhelming memes. Just ignore the shitposters although the hot mic moment at the end was pretty funny and got rrats going

>> No.4085006

Mori showed in front of 75k people how bad she is at collabs (Coco had to tell her to react).
Coco showed how good she is at working with whatever material she has.
Kiara hate threads will come back soon, she has 4 collabs next week.

>> No.4085067

>coco literally embarrassed mori in front of 75k people. And showed how shitty she is at collabs
I love this orange bitch

>> No.4085111

Really makes me wonder how a meme review with Kiara will go.
Kiara showed earlier that day how good she is by saving a cat boy who was dropping his spaghetti.

>> No.4085181

She's a boomer when it comes to memes so I think she'll be a little slow understanding some memes. But I believe her extrovertness is her saving grace.

>> No.4085246

either she plays along and it just ends up safe if bit boring or the orange breaks free and they both start making fun of the stupid memes. Where is the joke, that list is wrong, it'd be funnier if that line was X and so on. Trigger another Bakemono rant and reddit wont survive.

>> No.4085339

Kiara lurks reddit so she knows the memes.
And it's not like Coco understands all memes correctly anyways.
I wonder who /vt/ would side with if they were to disagree on stream about what a meme means.

Kiara's JP collabs have always been great since her senpais are actually decent at collabing.
Now with Coco they might be able to really bounce off each other. The collabs with Subaru really have shown what Kiara is able to do when she isn't held back by her collab partner.

>> No.4085455

>Kiara's first message to Coco after Coco's new L2D reveal was "congrats on your nosejob"
It'll be great. I'm thankful every single day that they found someone like Kiara to be in HoloEN to balance out the rest of the introvert squad we ended up getting.

>> No.4085502

Only issue with her JP collabs is that most people have to rely on translators.
It'll be nice to see her interact with people in English who knows how to do a collab.
Out of EN I'd say Ina is her best collab partner since Ina knows how to banter with Kiara, it also shows us a side of Ina that doesn't come out often (much to some takos dismay).

>> No.4085503

I don't keep up with EN at all, but is it true this idiot is trying to collab with that veibae whore? Not the digikomi stuff but an actual full-on 1 on 1 collab?

>> No.4085661

Anon, your archive reps...
It set the board ablaze for days, hard to miss it, really.

Vei was at DigiKomi together with three other VShojo "whores" and even though they were all in a panel together they managed to not get perverted. Although they were a bit boring.

The collab will be fine - and if you aren't interested in EN you should know what kind of people JP tends to collab with. So VShojo should really not be shocking in any way.

>> No.4085714

No m8, this just confirms that EN was a mistake. Cheers for the tldr tho, fucking off back to /jp/ and never touching this board again

>> No.4085770

I wonder how many of them are actual Takos and how many are just falseflaggers trying to stir up some shit between the KFP and the 'dachis.

Even the most retarded autist should be able to see how much Ina enjoys the banter - so any actual Tako should respect Kiara for that even if they hate her otherwise.

>> No.4085804

Sure, sure - have fun with your Tamaki collabs, definitely-not-a-falseflagger.

The anti quality really went down after orcshizo left and the eggs got cracked...

>> No.4085856

Nah, there are some actual Takos that get mad. Guess it breaks the illusion of Ina being the perfect girlfriend/wife they imagine her to be.

>> No.4085871

Just read any of the past threads. Any one of them. Any at all, just so we don't have to do this loop again...

>> No.4085996

>I wonder how many of them are actual Takos
None of them. Ina has literally disowned these kinds of people on-stream. Anyone shitting on her friends, especially to put on some kind of pedestal, is just operating on a level of delusion unreceptive to reality by now. You can dislike her or not care for her, but you cannot be a Takodachi and be a Kiara anti.

>> No.4086218

I want to do the loop again because seriously fuck off already veibae you leech

>> No.4086592

None of them, maybe only the most autistic 0.1%
Mostly Discordfaggots trying to start shit.
I don’t even know if they are successful in baiting KFP or takos with the rampant levels of samefags

>> No.4086696

Kiara begins explaining memes to Coco

>> No.4086800

Orange Stacy power is too great and after ending the stream but forgetting to mute themselves they scream nigger in unison

>> No.4087080

meme review with kiara might actually be great. both have around the same en and jp proficiency and both know the differences between western and japanese cultures first hand. both not afraid of banter and there sure won't be awkward silences.

>> No.4087238

Unless things go horribly wrong meme review with Kiara will be Orange Women Collab with some reddit BS in the background. Which is a good thing, the less the memes have to carry the stream the better it is.
Coco will probably struggle to restrict the stream to 1 hour when Kiara goes on a tangent she wants to join in on.

They can bond about being orange, being foreigners living in Japan and trying to become a part of it, cursing a lot (for Hololive standards), loving Yakuza - and carrying Mori's ass during collabs.

>> No.4087288

Kikkeriki motherfuckers

>> No.4087928

Meme Review but is Kiara reviewing Coco memes

>> No.4088644

isnt that just holotalk?

Kinda curios how Mori will describe her experience on meme review later, doing vod reps on that just makes me appreciate our Boss even more. Memes about your company versus a convention with complete newbies and some stupid questions. Cant wait for the 1 year anniversary, looking back at her debut and seeing the growth.

>> No.4088766

There's no memes in Holotalk, so it would be an interesting change, Reddit memes are lame, but the ones about EN girls are particularly horrible lmao, so being about Coco could have some funny content. But they could trade too, with a JP "CocoTalk" with Coco interviewing Kiara.

The orange ladies have just so much potential together for all sort of ideas, I hope they get along well.

>> No.4089175

my autistic wolf daughter...

>> No.4089907

How is the most idol-like holoEN the one to collab with the whores of babylon

>> No.4089982

Kiara wouldn't have taken shit from coco and gigastacy would have put the memedragon in her place.

>> No.4090040

now this is based.

>> No.4090136

is orange the most powerful color?

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a step further than orange and you land at red, which is too far and schizochama territory.
a step back has yellows like Ame and Mel, powerful on their own, but not yet in final form

so yes, orange is fully powered up but not to the point of insanity

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Coco and Kiara is the strongest Duo in hololive, And why the answer is yes?

>> No.4090690

I don't want them to do a collab. Kiara is probably even more unhinged in the presence of memedragon that she might drop "Nigger", redpills over Jews, the tianaman square copy pasta and the problems with the Yasukuni shrine all at once, making literally everyone butthurt.

>> No.4090763


>> No.4090765

Yeah it might be bad, Hololive might get a bit screwed if those two form a militia to invade mainland china for the taiwanese people.

>> No.4091114

not that matters all that much when she's going for 6+hours anyway, but always delaying half an hour and then 10 minutes of intro music is getting old

...and now she's talking about that before could I could complain
Chicken love

>> No.4091160

I've always enjoyed it because I typically arrive slightly late so the small delay frequently means I don't end up missing anything.

>> No.4091194

my inner kraut rages at her tardiness

>> No.4091233

Send her a nice compliment for me anon I can’t catch this stream

>> No.4091317

>Kiara is gonna play furry shit soon

>> No.4091455

I remember when Merry joined her membership and asked her if she had any plans for a convention appearance. Kinda funny how they both ended up being in the same convention.

>> No.4093041


>> No.4093152

Exploring Kiara's secret passage!

>> No.4093776

timestamp for wet Kiara

>> No.4094696

>Every Like a Dragon Stream, shes is getting more and more new weapons
Kiara really wants to weaponize her Nayakuza clan.

>> No.4094730

Kiarashi Takana

>> No.4094745

We just need options if we want to be able to defend the KFP homefront.

>> No.4094790

No worse, she's European.

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You guys did water her eyes, RIGHT?!

>> No.4095090

I was the first who started watering her eyes man

>> No.4095097

with both hands!

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File: 365 KB, 1047x784, Screenshot - 2021-05-23 , 17_07_17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.4095183

however will we coep

>> No.4095203

im coping by watching kiara

>> No.4095210

fixed it for you

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File: 1.33 MB, 1105x1067, 1615241877449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my fucking lord I just realised

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File: 2.55 MB, 2480x2480, EhuKZNEUcAEsEtw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Switching out Eri for Han
Alright on coming autism avert your eyes.
Han is 100% worse then Eri in every way for the style of play Kiara is doing, Hans main draw isn't as a damage dealer as many people claim because he requires set up to reach his full potential (buffs, and a full set of poison and bleed and other general debuffs on the enemy), now these are easy in this game to apply to enemies with poundmates but kiara refuses to use poundmates. Thusly all he has above Eri is his speed stat, which is already almost tied. The easiest usage of Han is as a dodge tank between Phase Rush? he custom buff and the enforcer class but even then youd be trading him out for Adachi since hes your other "tank".
Eri on the other hand shits out debuffs for doing nothing more then attacking, offers AOE damage and electrical damage, and as one of the 2 female characters in the game has access to two of the best classes in the whole game Idol, and Matron.
Thank you for coming to my tism talk.
>why don't you just super chat this too her we don't care faggot
because I know she wont care either and I just had to get it out of my system.

>> No.4095241

replying by not replying still feeds the trolls.

>> No.4095263

the secret is to never have played any of the games she decides to play so you dont get mad

>> No.4095302
File: 152 KB, 1412x1378, E00186UXMAIe2Y3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but this is just as good. Now I feel free and I can just watch her be cute.

>> No.4095314

Based yakuza autist. I'm pretty sure she'll switch Vergil out soon just cus Eri is a girl

>> No.4095347

Great. I hope Ina stays ahead of Kiara forever so you guys shut the fuck up about it.

>> No.4096251

why the fuck are they called german cockroaches if there's no cockroaches around there?

>> No.4096263

>collab with veibae might not happen
>instead she'll collab with pink cat

>> No.4096306

From not great to bad...

>> No.4096416

>I need to push him around
>for his special needs
I love this chicken

>> No.4096473

Well it’s been nice while it lasted, the board is going to be orange for months now.

>> No.4096477

It could also be Froot, she didn't exactly specify who.

>> No.4096496

It was gonna be a 3 person collab between Kiara and 2 VShojo, now it's just between Kiara and Nyanners. Veibae really dipped out after seeing all the drama, huh?

>> No.4096548

It doesn't really matter who it is at this point people will just get mad if it's any vsh*jo. Personally I could get less of a fuck about Nyanners or Froot since Kiara hasn't even mentioned them on stream

>> No.4096574

She said "someone who said she likes me". Nyanners gave her the huge shoutout during her Kizuna Ai collab.

>> No.4096714
File: 238 KB, 676x522, 1620917819594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if it really is the cat and drama influence the thing, what are the odds nyanners talks to her about HERE as a possible source?
fun times ahead

on the collab itself, sounds fun and fucking over anons is a favorite pastime around here so whatever

>> No.4096764

Kiara is miles better at English than Coco. If Kiara wanted to practice translating she could probably do it professionally.

>> No.4096990

I actually prefer Nyanners over Veibae since Veibae response to the drama was kinda lame for me, not about the actual drama video, didn't even care to watch that, but she just sounded like she has no interest at all in becoming friends with Kiara, and since Kiara is as per usual, the only one that could probably get hurt by this situation I was worried. Reason I got happy to know she wants to collab with Lumi and make friends out there.

If Nyanners honestly likes Kiara, I support that completely and will just get ready to have fun during the Pink/Orange Armageddon on /vt/.

>> No.4097024

I prefer Nyanners over Veibae. I’ll settle for that.

>> No.4097083

With regards to their actual personalities Nyanners is a duplicitous, exploitative whore, while Veibae is just a whore. Nyanners is much more likely to fuck everything up for Kiara and she is a near perfect replica of the sort of people who fucked over Kiara before.

>> No.4097098

More like cover said fuck no, send someone else

>> No.4097152

Where's the proof of this? Other than being hypocritical I haven't heard of her doing vindictive shit like this

>> No.4097303

Most of it has to do with her time leeching imageboards. I'm not referring to the pomf debacle, but the horde of other projects on various boards through the early 2010s she inserted herself into and then tried to have shut down forever to protect her "new brand."
Anyone who has personally interacted with her can corroborate that she is the fakest fake whore to ever fake.

>> No.4097368

Not that guy, but still might be safer than vei even if she is leeching (which is obvious).

>> No.4097409

Well then there's nothing to worry about. She'll be fake for the collab, both of them will get some exposure and nothing else will come of it.

>> No.4097458

Sorry, to be clear, leeching imageboards wasn't the problem. It was her (rather successful) 2015 or so campaign to blackmail or shut down anon projects that used her voice that is the problem. Nyanners would happily drag Kiara into the mud to get attention, promise Kiara it's all for her sake, then walk away with the $$$ right after, like the world's dirtiest one nighr stand.

I'm more expecting the posturing and social media game to start immediately after the collab. Veibae would probably respect boundaries and try to minimize backlash, Nyanners will not.

>> No.4097532

gonna need some proof there anon. these are some heavy fucking claims and antis aren't exactly the most reliable sources for information

>> No.4097646

What you said about Nyanners doesn't correlate to her willingly trying to ruin someone else's reputation for personal gain. It just sounds like she was trying to cover her own ass so that people don't get the wrong impression of her. Also do you really think KFP would just drop Kiara over one collab?

>> No.4097706

I would have if she’d brought veibae on.

>> No.4097712

everything Vei has said has been an effort to generate drama. Nyanners would do it worse but it doesnt mean Vei isnt going down the same path

>> No.4097768

if stuff blows up, it's a week off for the holo and public apology bullshit
chilled phoenix in the fridge

>> No.4097825

I think Nyanners knows enough not to fuck with Hololive that much, I meant she just wants to leech a few viewers that normally don't bother with her.

>> No.4097884

What could the vshojo girls even possibly do that people are so afraid of?

>> No.4097895


>> No.4098125

It's not being afraid of, it's just a type of humor I personally try to avoid. Mainstream internet humor and irony are not things I want. If there's something I've enjoyed about Hololive, it's that most of hololive is not built on the culture of irony. They genuinely want to come out, entertain all of their fans, and do things they enjoy. A perfect example of this is the stinky feet video Nyanners put out which was ironic and criticizing the fad. I'd rather have someone come off as 'genuine' even if it means that it feels a little sanitized sometimes.

>> No.4098165

yeah Im of the same opinion, I dont watch the vshojo girls cause I dont think they are funny. But like people are saying this is like the end of Kiara and I cannot figure out what their thought process is

>> No.4098205

I only know Nyanners from the Kizuna Ai collab and she seemed really shy there. Will she be like most of HoloEn not able to keep up with Kiara? From what I have seen of Veibae she at least would have been a decent match for Kiara. I don't care about any past drama.

>> No.4098403

Nyanners was much more chill during that because she was on 'good behavior' to not turn off fans of Kizuna. It'll honestly be a nothingburger and some twitch memers might stick around the chat. I don't think anyone is leaving Kiara once they get a taste of what Nyanners typical stream is.

>> No.4098743

She's German

>> No.4098785

Kiara should be a HoloDE solo act

>> No.4098942

next timestamp of note for later

>> No.4099208

nope, australian and you dont want another failed artist from there

>> No.4099279

Brainwashing complete, even on here people can't write Austria anymore.

>> No.4099321

a-are the failed artists from down under dangerous too?!

>> No.4099555

Hey, looks like we reached Godwins law in the thread. Well done.

>> No.4099614

>dubs and trips

Not a surprise it comes up every now and then with Kiara's nationality.

>> No.4099635

honestly, the over-the-top doomposting from anons with overactive imaginations makes them out more dangerous than they really are. I get disliking them because their peepeepoopoo dicksnvagene content is shitty, I'm not a fan either, but some people, in their aversion, give them even more credit that they're worth and make them sound like they're machiavellian schemer supervillains with calculated 500IQ long term plots to infiltrate and destroooy Hololive at large, when in reality the much simpler explanation is the more likely one - that they're just dumb bitches whose "nefarious plans" are just to try to opportunistically leech some views, nothing more, nothing less. And as for what's the "worst that could happen", the only somewhat reasonable fear would be that they bring their stale coomer humor into the collab and start talking about shitting dicknipples or whatever, but they have already shown that in corporate settings they can reel it back enough as to not get thrown out. Because while they are stupid, they're NOT that stupid that they would want to burn their freshly opened bridge to their golden leeching opportunity when Cover would shut it down hard at any moment they step out of line. Everything else what anons fear is just increasing degrees of hypochondriac, for example the fear that Kiara would then ALSO start only talking about shitting dicknipples by their influence, or that it would spread to the rest of Hololive, or that any sort of BLM/tranny/other pol bogeyman shit would get into the streams as if Cover hasn't already demonstrated to never entertain such hysteria.

>> No.4099642

Pretty hard to not hit it when we zealously follow our Australian art school dropout on her plans for world domination.

>> No.4099693

Veibae would have been a much better choice than Ny*nners. You retards ruin everything.

>> No.4099709

I can't argue that.

>> No.4099809

I'd love to see fanart of Kiara in a KFP-colored Nazi uniform.

>> No.4100376

It hurts to be right.

>> No.4100424

What happened?

>> No.4100457

fucking nothing, Kiara was just joking around about Mori "flirting" with other people. Anon has to be a giga-autist to take any of that seriously.

>> No.4100531

I fucking wish EN had better synergy with each other outside of Gura and Ame. Everyone just feels like a wet blanket outside of 1 on 1 collabs and Mori really needs to work on playing her character and not being so autistic

>> No.4100555

Have you forgotten what site this is?

>> No.4100590

anon takes a joke as a fact for the 800th time

>> No.4100622

Has Mori ever flirted with anyone, to begin with?

>> No.4100630

Ina and Kiara are good together as well even in bigger collabs. Sadly Ina doesn't collab that often.

>> No.4100685

This. She loves the over the top energy and ridiculousness Kiara brings. They play well off of each other and that 15 minute pop in during the minecraft stream that one time had more chemistry than half of the time Mori and Kiara are on the screen together.

>> No.4100691

I wonder if the synergy would have been better if the pandemic didn't happen and they were able to do offline teambuilding before debut like they did with gen5 (assumption on my part).

>> No.4100725

Not really, its just that when other people flirt with Calli she doesnt get mad cause she doesnt have that dynamic with anyone else but Kiara, so to people watching it looks like she is ok with everyone else flirting with her

>> No.4100735

I don't think so, she was actually just reacting to a SC about the meme review which she hasn't actually watched. It seems like she assumed that Mori was being really nice and close with Coco during the collab, which is pretty funny, so she did a little kayfabe "it's so difficult not being treated right by mori".

>> No.4100738

and timestamp for weird SC

>> No.4100916
File: 971 KB, 2480x2480, 1621787320049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fixed It.

>> No.4100935

Kiara and Mori were together in Japan. Didn't help Mori much.

>> No.4100975

>What the fuck did I just read.
At least we got a decent meme out of that.

>> No.4101201

Ina and Kiara are great. I think if they were closer together they're be more of those two together, but I don't think Ina cares much about collabs.

>> No.4101242


>> No.4101274

She's come so far since that first sad sc.

>> No.4101287


>> No.4101382

I don't know if she's still as busy as she used to be but I still think the reason why they haven't collabed more is because Kiara doesn't want bother her unnecessarily.

She has but also it's honestly hard to keep being too sad when you face a barrage of these for so long. Definitely good on her for keeping it professional, if I was in her position and had to deal with so much of that I'd just say "bummer" and move on.

>> No.4101406

Yeah, I think Ina not having too much interest in collabs is the main reason they don't collab more often since both seem to enjoy it. And Ina's streaming times are not far from late Kiara streams.

Although Ina also might be autistic about not wanting to collab more with Kiara than Ame and Gura do or something.
She supports TakaMori after all so she is not perfect.

>> No.4101416

This is true, unfortunately. I'm not even a Gurame-fag who spams THEY ARE all day, but I can admit that they have the most "natural" vibe to them where you can really believe they are actually friends on the same wavelength, and not just some strangers who have nothing in common besides being in Hololive and probably would never hang out with the other person if they hadn't met due to being coworkers.

Mori and Kiara's interactions especially have been hampered by that stupid 'ship act they decided to make up, it overlays and forces every interaction into stale, predictable roles, and only very rarely when they drop this "guard" their actual natural real friendship peeks through. (that is, until Kiara tries to revv up that "haha you love me" schtick again and Mori predictably clams up with "ugh no I don't" again).

Yeah Ina is great at actually talking back at Kiara (funny that someone so chill is probably the best at handling Kiara's high energy), and what's especially cool is that instead of Mori you never get the feeling that she's a stick in the mud about it. I still remember the Puyo collab where Mori was being pissy about some harmless batsugame fun, whereas Ina went along with it swimmingly.

>> No.4101510

I just hope that EN2 has one or more new Holos who really vibe with Kiara and she can have more fun partners that are maybe not all varying degrees of autists, introverts or always too busy.

>> No.4101553

Calli being like weird about the Puyo stuff was so weird, same in Uno, she is super against doing the silly batsu stuff for some reason

>> No.4101615

>the only reason i'm not saying yes to it is because i don't want to create unnecessary drama
so is it happening or not?

>> No.4101624

> for some reason
Literally autism.

>> No.4101635
File: 53 KB, 481x655, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No one EVER dare mess with Takanashi Kiara. When she has her Walfie avatar out with those sunglasses . . . that's BIG CARTMAN ENERGY right there.

>> No.4101680

Vei collab is postponed for now. We get a Nyanners collab instead.

>> No.4101720

Calli is a big wet blanket whenever she has to be the butt of a joke.

>> No.4101823

>Vei collab is postponed
>Nyanners collab instead

>> No.4101923

Waiting for the ironmouse mori collab where mori is extra autistic because of mouse's medical condition.

>> No.4101937

>mori collab break after tomorrows ITT
thank god

>> No.4102075

It was the same after A Way Out.
Let's hope that means more collabs with the rest of EN. Kiara has decent synergy with Ame and Gura and good synergy with Ina.

>> No.4102083

quick German lesson everyone:
this is what we call a "lappen"

>> No.4102148

>adds Ben Garrison
>it's now a political comic about the current state of the fast food insustry
Crazy how that works

>> No.4102224

Not enough labels.

>> No.4102239

Yeah it's a real letdown. But I don't want to get too worked up about this issue too much, seeing as "Mori collab behavior" has recently become a hot spotlight topic again with her...underwhelming... performance at Coco's, and I've been holding back for peace's sake.
(and I know how it feels to have your oshi shat on from collabs)

I wouldn't even know what the others could do to improve Mori's attitude. Should she be the one to adjust and take the stick out of her arse, because she's the only odd one out who's often being so weird about joining in at harmless fun (I mean batsu games are basically a staple of Hololive culture and everyone does it, which she'd know if she actually watched the streams) instead of being so wedded to upholding her cringe reaper shtick, OR should all the others rather continue to accommodate her like a fucking disabled person and tone it down to her level, stop having fun because she's too autistic to join in? I just hope the issue solves itself over time, even if just by EN2 bringing in more people so that we can have better fitting collab variations.

>> No.4102287

No sadly.

>> No.4102328

She has a persona and a clear line she's drawn for herself that she won't cross.

>> No.4102333

She's getting really clingy at the end of her streams.

>> No.4102370

She just uses her streaming voice for singing.

>> No.4102420

and people said she'd change after she left Japan

>> No.4102495

another bakemono rant? what happened?

>> No.4102578

The host of her Q&A on the anime convention did not watch Bakemonogatari and she went full fangirl on him for a minute.
It was cute and she stopped it before it got out of control.

>> No.4102743

The unfortunate side effect of being a rigid roleplay autist.

On a more positve note, that's another one of the great things about Kiara. For all the cringe that the "KFP" identity can be sometimes, it's good that she's so really flexible with her character, she's can play bossy, but also still turn to cute and loving, she's always there to let herself be the butt of a joke but also not afraid to tease back, she's willing to play crazy and stupid to entertain us but also shares moments of being "real" and serious, and she can adjust to whatever the situation and her range of collab partners demands in the moment (granted she had trouble finding her footing at the start, and still put forth the occasional wrong one, but it's been a clear growing path and a joy to be there seeing it with her)

>> No.4102855

that sounds adorable i'll have to watch the archive

>> No.4102860

Getting her eyes wet

Unvirginization SC with the follow up below

>What the fuck did I just read

>> No.4102875

I catch her when I can. Or during work since I WFH

>> No.4103065

For everyone who didn’t do his German reps, Digikomi German Segment with subtitles:

>> No.4103199

Im always surprised how many vtubers there are in the world

>> No.4103269

keep in mind both other guests debuted just weeks ago and kfp showed up with 3k in a 5k viewers stream, so one third to half were just chickens which skewed the answers.

>> No.4103489


On this Takamori tangent, I wanted to ask everyone how they do feel about it in general?

I said in another thread that I "get" what it's probably intended trying to achieve and why they (well, most likely Kiara, and Mori just went along with it, because I can't see her proposing a yuri idea on her own ever) came up with it in the first place - it's an easy identifiable "character trait" to have to make you more memorable (which is especially important in the beginning, when you don't already have a captive audience and have to catch their attention), and attracts /u/schizos who are some of the most invested audience members, draw lots of fanart to spread your reach, etc.), but it's overstayed its welcome long ago.
Because as it is such an easy character feature, it tends to come to define their whole character in the eyes of the retard normie masses - you know, the type who take all their knowledge from isolated bait clips, who make all the stale flanderized reddit memes, or go into streams of Mori/Kiara and shit up their chat unprompted with "hey did you know what ur wife Kiara/Mori has done now?" etc. The drawbacks of ever pandering to /u/fags, they end up caring more about the "ship" in their head instead of the actual individual people in front of them. And now they are kinda "trapped" with it, because once established it's pretty hard to remodel yourself away from it, without upsetting the shipper part of the fanbase unnecessarily, and especially Kiara (since she's clearly the one more invested into this of the two, notice how she's the one who brings up (Taka)Mori more often in her own streams unprompted, while Mori is mostly disinterested and very rarely/ if ever mentions shipbait in her own streams) who's more sensitive to disappointing (those of) her fans.

And lastly, it's not even that entertaining to begin with, it's been the same shitty back and forth from the beginning, with Kiara being so pushy she just comes off as desperate cringe (honestly, at this point I'd rather gladly take her gushing over her cats every stream instead of another forced Takamori tangent, thanks Chonkers&Smoothie), and Mori trying to be "tsundere" which just sounds bitchy cringe from her. They're both not good enough actors to make these "roles" work, so they should either drop it completely or at best just tone it back to their actual real dynamics of being good friends, so they don't have to act out an unnatural pretend play that neither of them seem actually enjoy and just uphold it for appearances sake.

>> No.4103587

Even f calli was good at it still would be better as a friendship ship imo.

>> No.4103706

I think it could work really well if they pulled it back to being like friends who are just a bit too into each other (A lot like AmeSame are, I think). As it stands, it feels like they're not on the same page with it.

>> No.4103711

Nice that EOP Kiara fans can now enjoy too.
As a german speaker, I already said at the time that it was a good showing of our birb. Nothing too groundbreaking, but we got some small tidbits of lore, and the other girls also seemed like nice and comfy partners. A little bit of nerves and scuff there, but it really showed that chimkin was the most experienced/accomplished on that stage and she steered well.

It makes me hope for more of these kind of outbranching collabs, there are definetly more chuubas out there she would like to work with (and which are not VS), for example I wouldn't mind something coming out from the new Lumi association.

>> No.4103854

That's just as bad. Those two are by far the worst. Well, Hajime too I guess.

>> No.4103858

Clippers love it, fan artists love it and normies love it. If Mori actually took some time to make the dynamic work it'd definitely be more entertaining and help her learn how to play more into her character rather than just being herself on stream (which is fine but it's a huge waste of potential). Right now Kiara really is the only one invested in it and she really does try to make it work even though Mori really doesn't know how to to make it interesting and does nothing with all the set ups Kiara gives her. I'm indifferent to it since a lot of people prefer the friendship but I still think it'll keep being a missed opportunity because Mori either doesn't care about it or can't be bothered to play a good tsundere role.

>> No.4103883

funny how the Lumis "hau" already is set up to filter anons if the thread was any indicator.

>> No.4103898

>Mori really doesn't know how to to make it interesting and does nothing with all the set ups Kiara gives her
that's a general problem with mori and anyone she interacts with.

>> No.4103949

Yeah sadly right now the most Calli can seem to think of with Takamori is responding to Kiara with like "One of these days Kusotori!" and then leaving it at that instead of being an actual comedy partner. Its like she forgets shes on a stage having to put on a show

>> No.4104294

Should I tell you the tragedy of Takamori and Kiara the unwise?
Kiara really cut herself into her own leg with takamori. I am a huge number and businessfag so take everything with a grain of salt, but look at the girls as products for a moment:
Something Kiara was and still may be worried about is that she lacks a USP
Everyone around her has a specific ability that is almost unique to themselves in their generation. because she lacks this USP Takamori was her defining feature in the eyes of newcomers. This means she will always be known as the girl who has a crush on the rapper, instead of being defined by her actual abilities and talents. Something that is especially sad considering she wants to be known as a musician and now everyone has this twisted image of her in their mind.
TLDR: KFBeats should be round up and shot

>> No.4104425

Problem with that for Kiara is that she has a character defining trait already but to see it you need to sit through maybe multiple 5+ hour streams
definitely not clip material and clipfags won't bother going that deep

>> No.4104753

I am fully #woke #yolk and even I don’t see it that way.
I am not talking about a personality but rather something like a defining ability that can be summed up in a single word.
Things like: the streamer, the musician, the artist and so on...
The only defining feature that would maybe fit her like this would be „the dancer“ after 3D debut

>> No.4104936


>> No.4105259

I'd argue that she also has a single word summary as in she's the talker, but that's definitely up for talks. The question is what can she do to estabilish such a moniker for herself in the overall audience in a way that doesn't drastically change her personality, because I'm hard pressed to come up with an idea.

>> No.4105286

"the translator" sounds like the most accurate way to distinguish her skillset from her genmates, but its not very flashy. unfortunate, because she is very entertaining

>> No.4105442

>Clippers love it, fan artists love it and normies love it.

Yeah I get why it is a shrewd "business" decision, even just cynically (I mean how often have we heard "forced ship!" because the lovers' part is so clearly fake, and not even acted well).

I think it woulda coulda worked better if they just gave it more time to develop "naturally". I mean, not natural because they're clearly never going to be actual lovers, but instead just letting the act build up slowly in one step at a time and only ever going so far as what they're really comfortable with (meaning, whatever they're able to act out confidently, at the time, because whatever it is we're getting right now clearly isn't it).
From my recollection (and I might be misremembering, because I blacked out so much of the stodgy stuff from the beginning dark days of EN), Kiara basically came right out of the gate with "I love Calli, she's mai wife!" in the first one or two weeks.
Which is basically the worst and laziest way you could've done this. No set up, no real growing arc for the audience to follow along, just BAM here we are, this is now a thing, hope you better like it, because that's what we decided on and we're sticking to it.
Sure, that might be enough for the braindead normie masses who require no more prompting to latch onto it, but even I who's not totally averse to /u/ lament the lack of "sophistication", for better words. Like, even if it's all just a planned ship, couldn't you at least have just planned it...better? But whatever, clearly I'm just not the target audience for whom this already "works".
I would've preferred if they at least had the subtlety to turn the heat up only slowly, as in getting to know each other (on stream - so, along with the audience!) first, seeing them develop actual REASONS why they care about each other (and therefore, we as the audience should care about their ship). This is one of the reasons why Gurame works so much better, because it's not a pre-planned forced ship that's basically only there to have a differentiating gimmick (hurr I'm the one brazen lesbian in EN!), so they don't have to unnaturally pander to the /u/schizo audience they've boxed themselves into and can just naturally have CONVINCING fun with each other and let the imagination of those who WANT to ship them do the rest instead of forcing it down everyone's throats.
Kiara couldn't also come up with many good reasons as for why she's supposed to love Mori in the first place (and we're supposed to believe her), other than "she's soooo hot" and [cringe lore RP about death and phoenix]. That's why the "friendship first" (and let everything else develop after that) approach would've been so much better, because it's actually much more believable that they DO have a real friendship in the background going on. They have clearly bonded over their similar situations (being both young gaijin women who had their difficulties and hardships in Japan for chasing their dreams), and I could even buy that at least Kiara was/is maybe even a little bit more than just friends into Mori for real, given her emotionality and possible preferences, but they do instead insist on acting out a pretend play they're both clearly not good enough actors for, so at this point I'd rather they drop it completely, if possible (or if Kiara absolutely must have a ship she's connected to, hopefully some better partner in EN2 comes along), or go at least back to square one and try better, if that's what we're stuck with.

>> No.4105580

Kiara has two unique skills but neither is as easy to see as the skills of the others as she can't use them to their fullest potential on her own.

First is her insane language ability. Speaking three languages fully fluently is no small feat.
Problem is many EOP's can't grasp how much better her Japanese is compared to Mori - or the ID girls.
And unless she does something like HoloTalk or translates during a big collab (like Amon9Us) people won't realise how useful her skill is.
Even Coco struggles quite a bit translating a few lines of text in a meme. Meanwhile Kiara translates long answers and stories like it's nothing.

Her second skill is related to that: she is a great talker.
Her solo streams already have a lot less dead air than those of most others and for collabs that doubly true. But people don't notice unless things get really bad like in the CocoMori shitpost review.
She is one of very few people in Hololive who would be able to host HoloTalk not only because of her language skills but mainly becuase she can talk, listen and ask questions well. Just imagine Mori with better Japanese trying to do that - it wouldn't work.
Since no one else hosts a talk show people have no way to compare but just look at her Q&A segment at DigiKomi. Cat boy was a decent host, not great, not terrible.
But Kiara is just an amazing host

>> No.4105784

Kiara being in love with Mori is basically part of her lore although it did not make it into her story book.
And the first one to alude to it was Mori herself during her debut stream.

The "natural" growth is a nice idea but they knew that this couldn't work because Kiara's time in Japan always had a hard limit.
Especially with Mori being planned as a tsundere (after Haato did not work out) there was no chance for a proper arc in that time.

And their relationship did attract a bunch of artists including Mamaloni who did the art for both of Kiara MVs for her original songs.
So I think it payed off fine to rush it.

>> No.4105832

Thank you for putting more concisely what I mean, yeah that's it.

For better or worse, she has latched her ride (too inseparably by now, as the character asassination damage is already done?) to Mori, and now too many normies just know her as "Calli's wife haha", which becomes a selfreinforcing feedback loop as more and more clips and memes are put out (and that's where normies form their opinions) that trap her into this role, so that even if she didn't want to (but she's not letting up herself either) indulge and pander to them anymore, it becomes more and more difficult to break away from it, without creating unnecessary dama from /u/schizos who fell to deep for the kayfabe.

She has so much more to offer, her underdog idol story is captivating (even without having to go into roommate shit for it necessarily), she's the only EN who fills the outgoing role among the other autists and introverts, she's a bidge to JP, and so on, but yeah, if you willingly put yourself under the shadow of others you can only grow so much.

>> No.4106101

interesting choice

>> No.4106187

Damn, this is an amazing schedule. Looking forward to next week.

>> No.4106345
File: 248 KB, 1200x715, E2Gy8yPXEAEYWw-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no rest day
>12 hour marathon

Here I go concernfagging again...

>> No.4106460

her english is just weak enough to hinder in some parts too
coming from jp only holos its great to have a fluent idol do her thing to entertain, but with the other ENs being natives she looses out.
her trying anything remotely formal like subtitles or lyrics is a huge effort with dubious pay off, see the fairy tales or her songs. imagine her go all in for asmr and then ESL german strikes again

basically a jack of all trades situation, singing in voice, drawing, entertain while gaming, survive all kinds of collab formats, but never master just one thing. dancing might work, but good luck making that a selling point without a rig for home streams, the tech and >cover

>> No.4106477

The concert watchalong and Holotalk shouldnt be more that like 5 hours total over two days, that should be enough time to relax before the endurance

>> No.4106537

How many sales do you think Kiara made for the concert by reminding people it existed

>> No.4106567

Passpartout is in a nice place to chill with chat and calm down after the collabs, good on her.

>> No.4106575

>imagine her go all in for asmr and then ESL german strikes again
that sounds pretty nice, not gonna lie

>> No.4106637

HoloTalk is a short stream but it always has a lot of prep work.

>> No.4106708

Her tech ASMR was great.
Her accent got thicker (those "th"s...) and her not finding the perfect words is cute as always.


>> No.4106716

>The "natural" growth is a nice idea but they knew that this couldn't work because Kiara's time in Japan always had a hard limit.

Ok, that's a point to consider. I mean yeah, when she was back in Japan, some of the "best" (as in, closest to real) Takamori moments could happen because they were able to be physically around each other and play off more naturally (or even just drop the whole act altogether and hang out as the actual friends they really are, on whatever rare glimpses into their "off" time we got). Meanwhile ever since they separated, it really becomes apparent how much they're really just "phoning it in" - which is quity funny, because now it's literally supposed to be a "long distance relationship", and those are always extra cringe because you'll invariably grow apart (they can't even have their RL hangouts anymore where they could "recharge" their actual friendship and bonded together), so it feels even more distant and put-on than it already is, like they're by now just going through the motions to keep up appearances.

>And their relationship did attract a bunch of artists including Mamaloni who did the art for both of Kiara MVs for her original songs. So I think it payed off fine to rush it.

Yeah, like I said, one of the benefits of playing for rabid /u/schizos is that they are a very creatively productive group, so you get lots of fanart for free, and fanart is an important tool of the "advertising" aspect of being a chuuba. Mamaloni and all of Kiara's merry band of lesbo artists are a treasure, and I wouldn't want to trade them for anything, I just wish she could've gotten there more on her own merits, but oh well, it is what it is, now.

>> No.4106800

Kami schedule full of variety with a little bit of everything!

>> No.4107357

I think Kiara and Loafy have some similarities so it's cool to see them collabing.

>> No.4107373

Does anyone know anything about this game? this is the first time I've heard of it and apparently it's coming out just a few days before that stream. Makes me feel like it's sponsored.

>> No.4107460

It's not sponsored. Kiara just said she wanted to play something new to not burn out on Yakuza.
According to her it's open world and pretty western. Honestly I think games like this fit her better than story focused JRPGs.

>> No.4107631

I've heard people talk about it but never heard anything about the specifics of what kind of game exactly is it
after watching a few videos on it I understand, cause it tries to be a whole lot of things at the same time
just consider it an open world rpg with heavily customizable, well, everything

>> No.4108181

I just watched some previews in preparation for this and it looks... not bad? I mean sure, you can put up your nose against the "furry aesthetic" but the gameplay itself is some kind of open world action rpg, in the vein of BOTW, or Genchink without the gacha shit. Don't know how story-heavy vs. exploration-focused it'll be, and the combat seems rather involved (so, cool for players with a higher skill ceiling, but potentially filtering for our buttonmashy chikin).

All in all it doesn't seem like a bad pick so far, in fact I quite like it, even just for that Kiara is willing to try out something new and kinda left field. She already said that it's probably not gonna another long-running series, so be prepared for her to drop it after she feels like she had enough. When she said permissions for a new game, I was rather dreading (as some anons suggested) it would be the new mobile Diablo Immortal game, does anybody know if this is still going on or was that just a fake rrat?

Oh and has she ever mentioned already having played or wanting to play BOTW? Would also be something, even if just for the fact that she's playing a clone in Biomutant and could rather go straight to the original in BOTW.

And while we're on the topic of game suggestions, I'd love to see her tackle the Mass Effect series. It's a popular franchise, which right now is having its remaster released, so it could probably be a timely buff game. It's has a good enough story to hook her in while still not being so convoluted that it'd totally lose her. There are some fun and engaging characters for her to connect to (yes I know Kiara, they're not all cute anime girls, get over yourself and try it, you'll like at least some of them in the end, I promise) and the gameplay isn't so skill based that it shouldn't filter her outright (maybe even get her into her first semi-shooter, if it comes in a rpg clothing. And if she's still having trouble, she can always adjust the difficulty down to "I just wanna enjoy the story" easy mode).

>> No.4108219

pretty sure she explicitly said she wants to get to diablo immortal at some point, she just hasn't gotten the activation key yet or something

>> No.4108299
File: 77 KB, 750x96, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I was rather dreading (as some anons suggested) it would be the new mobile Diablo Immortal game
I'm pretty sure she was fully intent on doing a stream for that but I've heard that Blizzard had some issues sending out the keys
wait, don't tell me that...

>> No.4108565

did they think she actually lives in Australia?

>> No.4108612

Highly doubt this is the case but this will be my headcanon until proven otherwise because that's fucking hilarious

>> No.4108824

>roommate tweet

>> No.4109586

Give me the rrat.

>> No.4109703

kfp bros....

>> No.4109762


>> No.4109795

if that's real then i'm very disappointed in this community

>> No.4109801

Can you post a screenshot? (without the name ofc)

>> No.4109837

This kinda sucks cause Kiara's going to blame herself for it

>> No.4109858

At that point, pull the trigger bro, she won't ever know you

>> No.4109902

Vshojo jumped out immediately when they faced the pushback against the collab, leaving Kiara to deal with it. She's using her roommate's accout to vent.
>>4109703 seems to confirm it.

>> No.4109941

There's nothing on her roommate's account fuck off rrat seller

>> No.4109994

Fuck you faggots, if this is true this is the best shit to fucking happen!

>> No.4110014

never cared about this collab, but I will say that they should have never showed interest in a collab when they just back out of it. Sends the wrong message to the people that sperged out,

>> No.4110064

From a certain roommate's post

>really glad that I don't have many close friends right now and don't give people my trust that easily anymore these days.
you never know who's the type of person to use the trust you once gave them against you once a friendship ends

>> No.4110092

Idiot, you're the only person that benefits from this if it turns out to be true. You think kiara is going to be happy if a bunch of her fans went to harass other streamers?

>> No.4110136 [DELETED] 

wtf i can't see the sauce someone tell me whats up

>> No.4110143

>there are people schizo enough to believe this is about Vshojo

>> No.4110243

Good because it is her fault. It was a collab she instigated. People didn't want Vshitjo in Hololive, especially not a two-faced bitch who shittalked the idols of Hololive. She knew this and didn't care.

Hopefully this turns her off stunts like this in the future.

>> No.4110257

I don't think this is about Vshojo at all...

>> No.4110438

People wanted a rrat, I gave mine, sue me. Obviously the non-schizo answer is that it's none of our business and we should promptly ignore it because nothing good will come from us looking into it.

>> No.4110506

desu, from the way Veibae spoke about possibly collabing with Kiara, her apprehension about going through with it and people being sour about it, it almost seems like she's just putting up with Kiara and doesn't want to hurt her feelings. She comes off as someone who has a fawning fan they don't want to let down.

Kiara's I-have-a-new-friend tweet from last week didn't sit well with me either; it read like a clueless, overjoyed kid who doesn't know friends aren't made so easily.

>> No.4110841 [DELETED] 
File: 14 KB, 487x129, 1621816605165.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4111946

Fuck you. You fags are incredibly retarded to act as if these girls were enemies just because they said something against hololive once. Maybe if you retards stopped gagging in Yagoo's dick Kiara would be happier.

>> No.4111980

well congratz to the idiots if it's all true, this is the stuff that kils entertainers and most likely not the one they want.
Kiara can and will deal it in time, but others will back off now. That possible Lumi interaction? Gone.
Gura trying to branch out again after that last among us went so terrific? Experiments that require trust in your viewerbase? Good luck with that now. Can even spin it as endangering their 3D since if a talent cant branch out, a 3D isnt needed.

>> No.4112029

I wouldn't be surprised if Kiara started hating her fanbase, you fucking containment breachers

>> No.4112354

Not only that. It unironically gives credibility to the stuff Veibae said about Hololive.

>> No.4112500

I mean yeah, it somehow always didn't sit right with me from the start. I don't even have that triggered seethe many anons do about Nyanners and her history with 4chan. I could even grudgingly tolerate Vshojo's unfunny peepeepoopoo shtick if it's just one collab (where they would probably try to behave anyway), so I wasn't one of the antis brigading against it out of principle - but the whole thing seemed a little fishy for me.
I mean, why exactly would they try to attach themselves to Kiara specifically? I know it feels weird saying this as a fan of hers, but she's not the most "profitable" target in EN, so from a cynical standpoint they'd have the least to gain from leeching her (sure, it could also be that they really do actually honestly like her, but hey this is 4chan and >we're all paranoid misanthropes here, so that can't be it). It always came off like Kiara was just the target they "settled" for, after their advances to the more popular EN's got no response, and the chikin, bless her heart, could easily get her head turned by her need for positive attention that apparently her own genmates don't give her enough of, so they showered her with shoutouts and compliments and promises of getting to fuck Vei's voice that she's weak to, so that she thought they were her new friends who just want to hang out with her because she's so cool, instead of noticing that she's actually just getting used as a stepping stone and tossed as soon as she outlived her usefulness to them.

aah, I really hope this is "just" some RL shit that she can work out in the background and not let it affect her streams, and has nothing to do with the Vshojo drama that's currently going on, because if this blows up any further this has the potential to get too big and spill over into actual streams and the larger fanbase. The worst that could happen is if one of them (most likely from the other side) spergs out and makes another grandstanding rant about this how the evul Hololive is holding their poor talents down and not letting them collab with the brave Vshojo girls and we get actual shitflinging campaigns beyond just the 4chan threads but outside in the wild to the level of chink schizo antis.

>> No.4112576

>EN management will now feel justified in restricting collabs with outsiders
Good. This all has a positive effect in the end so we most likely won't have to worry about collabs with random trannies again any time soon.

>> No.4112612

This shit us Unbelievablely based and I'm so happy that this happened!!!! I'm going to get drunk to celebrate

And don't cry so much over spilled milk you cubt. Kiara will eventually get over it.. or she won't. Doesn't matter in the end. Hololiveos bigger than Kiara and I will die shitposting to defend it!

>> No.4112688

What if Kiara leaves Hololive over it?

>> No.4112867

at least half of the "concerned fans" will celebrate

>> No.4112935

The fuck are you talking about retard? Did you at least see what I'm replying to? Your reply has nothing do with what I said, dumbass.

>> No.4112963

What if she's not the only one? Like that other anon pointed out Kiara's not exactly the biggest member and if someone with a bigger fanbase fears what could happen to them as well I could see someone not wanting to deal with it. Especially if it's someone like Ame who has ties with VShojo.

>> No.4112982

still 18k down and already planning on her 1 mil endurance. Can't just go naturally like everyone else, she has to make a big spectacle about it. God I hope Ina hits 1 mil nice and smooth so kiara can finally stop with the competition shit and stop being such a numberfag.

>> No.4113002

You really think Kiara is going to leave over it when she still has so many fans and she just got that big ass apartment she lives in now with no current income!?She's going to throw away the job of her dreams and her literal second shot at redemption because assholes online prevented her from collating with two of friends!?!

I'm not the unreasonable concerned faggot here, you are. It's you.

>> No.4113084

>Veibae says Hololive sucks because their management is too restrictive and uncooperative and that they hold back their talents
>Huuur Duuur, lets stop Kiara's collab with her newfound friend , letse be uncooperative and restrictive all the while being mad because Veibae said hololive is uncooperative and restrictive
I can't begin to tell how much I hate you faggots and your lack of critical thinking because you're too stupid to see that your little treasure is not gonna be taken away from you

>> No.4113091

I mean she's been hard doxxed and stuff before right? Fearing for your own safety and what you can unleash on people you don't feel is deserving of it just by showing yourself to be friends with them could easily lead to someone willing to cut ties with their current job.

>> No.4113165

You mean kfp being a bunch of spergs as usual? Like when they spam takamori and ntr in calli's chat? Why does Kiara feel the need to collab with every single damn person? Truthfully I hope this kills any chance with vshojou collabing with EN. None of vshojou is remotely good and an all around brand risk for the girls. The non stop horny is already contained to kiara, no need to spread it.

>> No.4113189

Replied to the wrong person, sorry, I meant to reply to >>4110243

>> No.4113259

Those are deadbeats as well, anon. Stop trying to think deadbeats are cool, they aren't.

>> No.4113267

not really big enough to cause that just yet, but this is the way down to anti territory
just look around, the eggs are already cracking in excitement
on the bright side hololive is big enough for the talents to find enough interaction within the company, goodbye to anything extra tho.

>> No.4113300

your fellow cuckbeats do that.

>> No.4113396

I'm not a cuckbeat lol. You kfpfags prevented me from even enjoying calli to the point I backed away from her completely. Numerous deadbeats also hate the behavior as I've seen multiple discussions in the fan discords about it.

>> No.4113494

sure you're not. also, imagine getting gatekept by random normies in yt chat. you're a fragile little bitch. anyway, if you're not too butthurt, why dont you take your time to read this thread and see what people actually think about mori here.

>> No.4113501

kfp is fucking tiny, clean up your own house first if you want any significant change

>> No.4113603

She'll never change, she's straight up egomaniac.

>> No.4113709

Thinking about it, what will happen is Kiara and the undesirables hanging out privately and bonding over this stupid shit.

>> No.4113720

She's pretty bad at being a numberfag, you'd think she'd set up the endurance before Ina is projected to hit 1 million. Seems like you're the only one who cares about numbers here.

>> No.4113726

Having to listen to Calli constantly say no about kiara got annoying because you dipshit chuds can't keep shit to your own streamer. Bad enough it was forced af to begin with. Mori is definitely not perfect, and pretty cringe at times, but at least she isn't rude af to all her genmates and knows when to shut the fuck up during a collab.

Not tiny enough sadly. Damn near all complaints about the EN group would disappear if kiara wasn't there and that's a fact.

>> No.4113763

>not a friendbeat btw
no one gives a shit you whiny cuck

>> No.4113806

> just like everyone else
Conveniently ignores that Mori also made a 12-hour endurance stream. Also, if she cared about reaching one million sooner than Ina, she wouldn't schedule it on the last day of the weekend, I mean heck, she can start it tomorrow and she'll 100% reach one million by the end of it. Seems like you're the one being a numberfag here.

>> No.4113889

No need to reply earnestly to bait, it's not worth the time

>> No.4113996

I also don't have any of the triggeredness that other people seem to have, but I don't think VShojo is trying to leech from Hololive. Kiara is reaching out to Vei, who is part of VShojo; doesn't seem to be the other way around from what I've seen (though I don't keep up with all the "news" and I don't count whatever general interactions the Holos and Shojos are having on twitter).

What I meant by Vei seeming like she's putting up with Kiara is this seems like a spinoff of the forced Takamori: Kiara is, in a way, starstruck and pursuing someone who might not be as into her as she is into them.

I like Kiara, I like Vei and think a collab between them would be lots of fun. This is said as a Hololive viewer who's just recently given VShojo a chance (thanks to the phoenix).

That aside: I think Kiara would have (and be) an even bigger blast if she could get from under Hololive and freely express herself, but it's not an actual wish of mine.

>> No.4114046

>Kiara's I-have-a-new-friend tweet from last week didn't sit well with me either; it read like a clueless, overjoyed kid who doesn't know friends aren't made so easily.
Yeah Kiara is very naive and can't help but wear her heart in her sleeve, or close her heart to avoid being hurt. There's no in betweens with her.
Veibae also came across as someone who was just putting with Kiara and even was trying to say that the whole drama wasn't her fault because Kiara came up with the idea.
That's not what a friend or an idol would do at all. That's just wrong. Kiara deserves better than that.

>> No.4114086

I was at work all day, what the fuck happened here? I thought we'd have a least week or a day of decent threads until shit started back up.

>> No.4114138

Considering most of the accusations were of Vei trying to leech off of Kiara the fix would be to say that it's not the case because she wasn't the one initiating it. I blame Vei's accent for making her seem more condescending than she is.

>> No.4114196

Just created a meme for the imminent collab and i'm pretty confident it'll get chosen. Also added something that anons here will recognize

>> No.4114204

Who are these new people coming in here and trying to shit up the thread about "Kiara numberfagging" suddenly?

It smells like deadbraps trying to deflect from their cringe reaper oshi being exposed (again!) as a collab deadweight.

>> No.4114252

thats been going on since yesterday tho, they cant be that slow

>> No.4114509

Discordjoggers like always

>> No.4114552

they are unironically new though. even her old antis knew not to come in here. there was this kind of "agreement" as in antis don't shit up the kiara general and KFP leaves them alone in their anti thread. but newfags ruined this by spamming too much threads and invading here as well

>> No.4114553

If she's a "numberfag" for wanting to celebrate milestones, then every other of your favorite HoloJPs is a "numberfag" too, because almost all of them do it and it's basically a tradition (your perception as a newfag must be warped from the few ENs that don't do it as much, that you think this is "supposed to be the norm"). Because they don't view it as selfcentered like you do, but rather take it as a celebration of their supporters. And even "worse", many HoloJPs even hold the same kind of "endurance until XYZk" sub-drives, are you complaining to them too? Yeah right, I guessed it, take your shitty bait elsewhere, maybe global is biting.

Honestly, besides the big 1 mil, which is totally reasonable to get excited for, the only thing she was really caring for as of late were getting her original songs over a defined goal-line. (SHC!) And seeing as she paid for all of them out of her own pocket, I can at least understand that she wants to push them hard (sure, maybe too hard for an outsider who only see's this as cringy), because at the end of the day, for them to be not only loss-making passion-projects, they need to reach a certain threshold until they start recuperating some of the outlaid money back, which not least also enables her to keep making new songs in the future.

>> No.4114692

>Veibae also came across as someone who was just putting with Kiara and even was trying to say that the whole drama wasn't her fault because Kiara came up with the idea.
Now this is a bit unfair. I don't want to defend Veibai and I think it’s for the best that this collab doesn’t happen, but she was (and still is) being accused of leeching Kiara, so by revealing that it was Kiara who reached out it’s just her defending herself. This is no different than months ago when antis accused Kiara of leeching and she had to say publicly that it was the jp girls who wanted the collabs.

>> No.4114850

I finally catch up with Yakuza but I'm still concerned about her endurance stream. Good thing she should be taking a break after this week.

>> No.4115008

It just doesn't sit right with me that Kiara would be starstruck by someone from Vshojo. She's in fucking Hololive, for gods sake, at the relative top of the vtuber foodchain (and everyone who's above her is basically just in Hololive also), so if anything, the other person should be starstruck with her.

Like, I can get that she thinks Vei and her voice is hot, I'm not denying that I would also demolish that throatpussy if given the chance, but if she just wants someone new to ERP with because her cringe reaper at home hasn't been putting out since ever, there are enough less controversial (because they didn't insult the company she's working for) coomtubers out there, hell even in Hololive (JP) itself there are enough lewd ones who would be receptive to a few discord sex sessions if she just asked to get the service she wants that she's apparently not getting from her uptight EN genmates.

Honestly, that whole thing always smelled fishy like it was the setup to the movie "Carrie"
and was bound to blow up sonner or later, so it's maybe a good thing it gets out now when it may still be salvageable instead of later when it's already become a huge mess and drags the different fanbases into it with it.

>> No.4115063

Did you even see the first popular clip where she talked about what she likes about Veibae? She likes the freedom she has to speak her mind and how blunt she can be with people. Strong personalities attract. Not everything's about numbers.

>> No.4115075

When your job is to entertain and grow an audience, I'd say numbers are pretty damn important. Funny thing is, I see anons talk about numbers 10x more than she does these days. Pretty fucking ironic the actual numberfags are complaining about her being a numberfag

>> No.4115111

She's right.

>> No.4115237

Why is it so hard for some people on this site to understand why Kiara likes Veibai? They have been talking for months, they share interests, that is literally all that is needed to form a friendship. Kiara doesn't have an "us against them" mentality, she doesn't give a damn what some people think of Vshoujo. I swear, cynicism has rotted part of some people's brains to the point that they think that anyone who approaches the person they like has ulterior motives and they cannot even conceive of the possibility of them being innocent.
This goes not only for those who hate Vshoujo, but also for Kiara's antis who think that everything she does is to get better numbers.

>> No.4115292

This. She said it well enough, but to me what made it easy to miss or maintain her as a target was her mentioning doxxing drama. It seemed unnecessary because that's something that already takes place; she just fanned the flames with that comment.

>That's not what a friend or an idol would do at all.
I don't have much to say about the "friend" bit (even the bestest of friends can have a weakness btw), but Vei doesn't consider herself an idol.
At this point, I really feel like a gossip talking about it, but I found it sort of amusing that Vei sounded genuinely a bit desperate to get the heat off of her about it. Sure, she probably could've handled that more professionally or maturely but I guess, in the end, she's only human. All of these vtubers struggle (in their own ways) with the ugly gremlin that is their fan/viewerbase.

The fact that Vei (who is known to not give a shit about criticism) is being careful about the collab due to the possible backlash for both parties, shows she's considerate. She doesn't seem to be dealing with it the way a snarky, uncaring bitch nor backstabbing friend would.

>There's no in betweens with her.
Despite my adoration for Kiara [as an entertainer], that's a very irritating trait to have when it comes to personal relations.
I've met people like that and it makes me either seethe or (if it's in the early phase of interacting with a person) avoid them.

>> No.4115466

there's people who care more about the company or some ideal than they do about the girls.

>> No.4115467

>TLDR: KFBeats should be round up and shot
I can agree with this

>> No.4115869

It pretty much boils down to her having a sexy voice (in Kiara's opinion) and Veibae's success with her streaming style easing Kiara's insecurities about how much she swears and says lewd comments.
Don't forget that early on Kiara got so much shit for swearing and being bottom-left and she has been voicing her insecurities about it a lot more recently.

>> No.4116700

It's not about being part of Hololive nor VShojo. Kiara has had interest in Vei before she joined VShojo. Vei speaks her mind, no matter if it's about sexiness, bodily functions, flirting or plainly making dirty jokes. Kiara has always been about speaking what's on someone's mind.

In my opinion, to take it further: None of Kiara's playmates return the ball of odd/candid convo when she pitches. Vei probably seems like an expansion of space to function and a kindred spirit to her.

As someone who actually enjoys Kiara because she goes off the rails, I feel she can shine even brighter if she gets to freely do so and further express herself. It's a bit disappointing every time she's ignored or detoured from a funny comment in a collab (mostly talking about with EN).
I really want the Vei collab to happen because it seems it'd be a proper opposite (or an expansion, depending on how you look at it) of what we've experienced so far.

I'm not saying she should go back to loudmouthing and talking over collab partners, but it's plain to see that a lot of the time, Kiara's energy and banter isn't actually met.

>> No.4116759

What I don't really get is why Kiara would even need to get inspiration and reassurance that "it's okay to be foulmouthed and lewd".

Because, and I might be exposing myself here a bit so forgive me, from what I've seen of her private / pre-Hololive activity, she was never the type to actually really swear much or coomertalk in the past - so it can't be a case of her just being a naturally slutty and aggressive person that's just waiting to get out and would go peepeepoopoo dicksnvagene all day if she wasn't held back by those dastardly Hololive regulations. In fact it's rather the opposite, she has only become more openly foulmouthed and lewdtalking since AFTER she entered Hololive, so it can't be that they're somehow repressing her.

I know she get's sometimes shit on (whether just memeing or honest complaints, you know she just takes everything the same negatively, and even if 90% of her audience loves it, she has the uncanny ability to dwell too much on the 10% that shouldn't even matter) for being bottom-left or whatever, but (until this Vshojo collab issue) I never had the impression that she would actually feel like she cannot express herself like she would want, due to orders from management. They may cause other problems, but has she ever told us that they told her "no you can't say/do that"?

Any KFPsychologists that could help me explain?

>> No.4116931

>it can't be
>it can't be
It can. If she feels her normal self out there has its own image to maintain then she could have looked upon Kiara as an entirely new identity to explore and be more herself without the pressures go with her previous identity. But if she finds she can't be as open as she'd like then such an environment would still be stifling. Meanwhile Vei watched a video of the worst lasagna I've ever seen today and compared it to having diarrhea and your period on the same day. Shit like that just comes naturally for her and if Kiara has equally absurd thoughts she could still feel stifled even if she is more open.

t. a fag who likes both Vei and Kiara

>> No.4117060

Okay, so her fascination is not so much that she herself is held back from being lewd and brash by too stiff Holo-regulations itself, but rather it's her lack off partners IN Hololive that she can bounce off of, who play on her same wavelength, and that's why she has been looking outside the nest and found herself thinking Vei would be maybe a better reciprocator?

I can sort of get that, I mean I still don't like her chosen ideal because I think Vei'd end up being more trouble than worth, and there are still better candidates (be it in HoloJP or indies) to try for chemistry first, but oh well. I hope she's not too broken up about it and doesn't take the wrong lessons from it (whatever "it" ends up being, as this is still all an ongoing developing situation) because as much as I don't like Vei, it would be a shame if she misunderstands this as people being against her reaching out to new people at all, instead of it just being an individual problem with this specific person and not everyone.

>> No.4117076

Reminds me when she randomly had a mini extensional crisis on stream when she said she sometimes doesn’t know where she begins and Kiara ends (or something like that).

>> No.4117135

It's as you said, she cares too much about the 10% that shouldn't matter which really fucks with her. You can really see how apparent it is with the Uno collab where they shittalked her acting like a baby despite it being the punishment game she had to do. Even though in her fan's eyes the collab was pretty fun she looks back on it in a bad light because of the 10% throwing a shitfit over it. She tends to kneecap herself in terms of interaction due to this.

>> No.4117363

>think Vei'd end up being more trouble than worth
I actually feel Kiara would be more trouble than it'd be worth: Vei having to clean up her act (or feeling like she has to) for Kiara, coming from kid-glove-handled Hololive.

>> No.4117537

Its not about Kiara wanting to become Veibae, its about appreciating her attitude. Its not about acting slutty or cursing a lot, its about being free to speak her mind and Veibae finding an audience even though she is so crass. This gives Kiara hope that she can be herself and still be loved. And why would Kiara think like that? Maybe because she got backlash for doing what she wanted to do, she got backlash over her trying to be a translator, she got backlash for making lewd jokes, she got backlash for being too "loud/annoying/rude/incosiderate". Kiara is afraid of being herself because she doesn't feel appreciated. Finally, Kiara will never be as lewd as Veibae, if you watch her streams you'd know that she has a lot of limits of her own, including ways of lewding that are too much for her. She'd also never lust for men the way Veibae does.

>> No.4117677

That kind of joke is exactly why I don't watch people like VShojo. I think Covers stricter rules for what you can and can't say lead to the girls having to use wit, be clever, and be coy in order to say what they want. It makes them think for a second instead of blurting out crass shit like that. You can hear it when Kiara pauses for a second before answering a question and says something sly
If that really is what Kiara wants because that's how she really thinks/wants to act, I think I'll be very disappointed. I've enjoyed her a lot up to this point because she does put a lot of herself into her character and she shares a lot of herself with the viewer, but I don't think I'd watch a lot more of her if she started talking like that consistently. RMT didn't have vocab like that, so I don't know where she gets it if she does.
All in all, I think what I fear the most from this collab is that it will loosen restrictions on Kiara's language and she will all of a sudden start saying shit like that. I started watching her because she seemed to really like being an idol who overshares, relies on the chat for emotional support sometimes, and is very emotional in general, not because I wanted some kind of gap moe idol. In the end, she owes me nothing and I hope she does get what she wants, but I don't think I'll be the only since debut fan leaving if that's what she wants.

>> No.4118252


>> No.4118448

I know, irrational fear and all. Just let the collab happen and what will be will be. I highly doubt Kiara will just transform overnight, so I don't know why I have any fear at all. What we really need is some Ina x Kiara collabs or more JP collabs even if I don't watch them because I'm a filthy EOP
I absolutely love holotalk though and hope it stays around forever. It may just be similar questions every time, but it's interesting to hear from Holo's I normally wouldn't.

>> No.4118567

JP collabs may be tricky cause of the time difference between the two, but we're getting iofi x watame x kiara this week so look forward to that
as for Ina, I don't really watch her, but she strikes me as a person who wouldn't be proactive in organizing collabs and Kiara probably doesn't want to bother her too much?

>> No.4118756

The root of the problem is that you don't trust Kiara and maybe don't like her as much as you think.

>> No.4119043

I do like her and I enjoy her sometimes brashness. I honestly don't think anything will come of the collab in a negative light, so lets see who her swap out is that she was talking about today.

>> No.4119099

Don't be a normie, pick sides. Never compromise even in the face of Armageddon. Etc. etc, KFP HAIL.

>> No.4119133


>> No.4119198

To me you're a based Chad, mein frendo. Feed Kiara love, SC's and everything you want/can.

>> No.4119321

Even Cocock who nows she has endless simps here knows she'd bounce with the Stacy Phoenix.

>> No.4119368

This, basically. The Ultimate Stacy only lowers her power to cinnamon rolls like Nenechi, Gura and other creatures of sort.

>> No.4119398


>> No.4119432

Takamori is a toxic ship, I know Mamaloni will be hurt but the world must flow in proper entropy. Surely Kiara will ditch the brapper once she reaches the 1M mark for someone like, dunno, Moona or Ame or someone.

>> No.4119457

As said in Fairy Oddparents: "Mori and getting her shit together don't go in the same phrase! Ha ha ha!"

>> No.4119478

>why exactly would they try to attach themselves to Kiara specifically?
based on their political ideology and saw an opening? surely you cant act this dumb

>> No.4119511

sounds great

>> No.4119557

Hahaha is her name really Chonkers? Based Kiara for her named sense. Sasuga Orange Woman Good.

>> No.4119592

>Merryweather Kiara comics

>> No.4119624

Kudos to you and may the powers that be beyond the skies make you successful!

>> No.4119670

why are kfp and deadbeats fighting in a kiara general?

>> No.4119691

At this point I just think Kiara Antis are tsundere lovers/fans. Which is good. More power to the (True) Orange Woman.

>> No.4119747

That's up in the air after today, too. He and Lumi have a lot of connections with VShojo and to bring things full circle he was responsible for the video they used to announce Vei joining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzihkNPOzPc

>> No.4119840

There's a thin line between love and hate but I'm really not sure what to classify some people's unhealthy obsession as
those discord subhumans talk about Kiara more than her general does

>> No.4119862


>> No.4119894

She's a Chadstacy, fears nothing, tanks antis like a mild summer breeze, etc. etc., expect all and more from the Orange Phoenix.

>> No.4119903

This collab would be so much better than vshoujo whores. Kiara, please, get some brains, get some common sense in your empty head.

>> No.4119910

Considering the very positive reaction to a Lumi collab compared to Vei, I'd say it has a better chance. I mean it's not like Kiara is on bad terms with VShojo but both parties are fully aware of the backlash from fans to a collab with Vei.

>> No.4119996

I can only sacrifice an arm or some shit to the Gods themselves for a Kiara/K**k* Onlyfans.

>> No.4120343

>CTRL-F "Kiara" in catalog
>12 results
Lots of tourists and falseflaggers. Calli is alright desu.

>> No.4120493

I checked her out and she's pretty damn cute. Reminds me of Gura.

>> No.4120729

new thread soon

>> No.4120734


>> No.4120930

Just generally - observational comments, cutesy sounds, tone of voice. Gura is leagues better at this though. Maybe it's how most vtubers act and sound, I just don't watch them, more into natural voices and mature demeanor.

>> No.4120956

>Work For Her

>> No.4121997

It doesn't really matter if there would be a positive reaction now. The lack of critical thinking by faggots here has put Cover in a potentially bad spot where people might not want to collab. Whether that sentiment ends up extending to EN as a whole or solely Kiara doesn't really matter, it's terrible for business.

>> No.4122259

It feels like a mix of a bad situation and a "can you blame them" situation. From a future collab standpoint definitely bad but at the same time would you really want your oshi to collab with someone who shittalked a company with misinformation with no intention of retraction or even just saying "I was misinformed at the time"? Not even looking for an apology because lets be honest apologizing will just have the opposite effect and I doubt she's the type to do one. The fans are as protective of their Hololive oshi as management is so asking them to chill about is asking alot. Not to mention VShojo's reputation being an antithesis of what Hololive is despite some content overlap. Basically if this backlash was all it took to cancel future outside collabs then I guess they were never meant to happen to begin with.

>> No.4122279

THEY GONNA TTRPG!? Who is DMing? Ina? Ame? What are they playing, freeform, D&D, WOD?

>> No.4122370
File: 2.43 MB, 1271x956, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you been under a rock for the last 6 months? Have you been watching only Kiara?
Mori is DMing, the whole TTRPG with holoMyth it's her personal project.
They're playing WoD, hunter.

>> No.4122381

Aaaaaaaaieeeee someone please SC her so she plays Chadtana Zero! Onegai!

>> No.4122458

>can you blame them
Yes, I can. I don't think this is gonna result in cover shutting down collabs, I think this is gonna result in other people not wanting to collab with cover. If companies have to start deciding between having a few EN girls, which realistically is just Kiara, or a bunch of other Vtubers from the market who do you think they'll choose? I like Gura and Ame but they don't seem the type to do corporate sponsored events where they have to interact with other people. If western events reasonably only have to pick between Kiara or multiple other Vtuber talents the choice is a lot more difficult. It's one thing when you're dealing with a small event like Digikomi, what happens when it's a larger event that Kiara can't bring significant numbers to?

>> No.4122481

based on her tweet, kiara definitely is beating herself up over it.
she thought she would be the bridge between holoEN and others but this will not only cause EN to not collab with other companies but holoJP to be wary of holoEN and kiara.

>> No.4122529

very bold and baseless assumption

>> No.4122566

>Mori DM
>fucking WoD
god, did boomer managers just accepted that without any questions? this is going to be non-stop yab for 4 hours LETS GOOOO

>> No.4122579

just like the kiara vei collab happening
but it happens and you're left with a dick in your hand and me being right

>> No.4122707

not really, but this isn't the first a moron tried to doompost, then turned out to be completely wrong, and then just slinked back into the shadows without owning up to their rrats, so i dont expect you to stick around

>> No.4122719

Well that's a big issue with doing Hololive collabs with VShojo considering the amount of baggage that the members of VShojo carry. If it were with say Ironmouse we probably wouldn't have gotten such backlash. Maybe with Silvervale and to some extent Mel and Zen. The rest though really depends on how much you know things they've previously done or said and in the case Veibae, you cannot separate it. You can only separate the art from the artist so much until you reach the point where you just can't. Unfortunately as nice as a collab with VShojo COULD be they have too much baggage for Hololive fans to accept even it wasn't Kiara who initiates the collab.

She works as a nice bridge between HoloJP and HoloEN though bridging with other groups will vary.

>> No.4122861

? I've already been proven right with the collab not happening.
why are you mad about it?

>> No.4123038

someone who claims to be in nyanners discord said she wouldnt do it and posted a screenshot. that doesnt mean the collab is not gonna happen, just that it wont be veibae or nyanners. until theres actual confirmation, we cant say for certain. anyway, here's the dumb shit you said that made me call you out
>this will not only cause EN to not collab with other companies but holoJP to be wary of holoEN and kiara.
dont be a doomposting retard

>> No.4123067

>dont be a doomposting retard
again its not doomposting if im right and have gotten the not happening collab right

>> No.4123099

how can you possibly be right about a future you invented that hasnt even happened yet ie somehow this causing holojp to distance themselves from kiara? how can i possibly make this even clearer to you?

>> No.4123221

New thread when?

>> No.4123238


>> No.4123383

New thread:

>> No.4123593

Ugh, literally who wants to watch this normie-tier shit

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