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So HoloEN are now allowed to work with Coco....okay finally. No issue with that.

But now there's something about Kiara being allowed to do stuff with Vshojo now? Like where was the thread when this got announced because I thought people here would have reacted wildly to this.

Seems to be a huge mistake. I'm all for holos being allowed to work with outsiders, but letting holos near Vshojo is a huge mistake.

There's far better vtubers with decent numbers that would work better, and aren't just peepeepoopoo clipfag pandering etc. I'm sure people here can suggest better people they could be working with.

Vshojo is everything that is bad for the vtubers. Do you want your favourite holos being subjected to the likes of Nyanners? I'm not much of a holofag but I'm no fan of vshojo from the beginning, because now that's what EN vtubers are expected to be like now.

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>There's far better vtubers with decent numbers that would work better, and aren't just peepeepoopoo clipfag pandering
hololive is filled with girl like that you monkey, they just speak japanese

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take your meds

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There were already a number of threads about this. Search harder.

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I am not optimistic about this either. This will do for Hololive what the Amnesty Act did for America.

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I fully agree with you. Vshojo is the worst Vtuber company I´ve ever seen

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Do you have the archive links?

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Jenma was replaced, that's why.

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just dont watch those collab videos then, its not hard. I know I wont watch anything with those clout chasers.

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Notice how only the hololive audience feels threatened by this. Don’t worry, VShojo isn’t going to ruin your precious vtuber group. It’s good to have some variety once in a while.

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i agree, i was actually sickened to hear that the orange women did this, i wasnt a kiara anti before, but now i am

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japonese hololive is basically vshojo but with better production and talent exploration

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Kiara should just graduate Hololive and join Vshojo at this point. She probably is'nt because she would make significantly less money.

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Holo need a strong alliance to crush NijiEN once and for all. That's why Coco respond to calls from Vshojo, despite Vshojo only want to use the conflict to gain more popularity for themselves.

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Blow it out your ass, gatekeeping scum.

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I don't think you're seeing this logically. Do you really think cover is just going to promote this smaller company out of the goodness of their hearts for no gain? No. They're going to use a few of their 40+ character actors to emulate vshojo and take that market. It'll be a few of their lower performers and it will become a high budget vshojo. Vshojo fans are really happy when they should be very scared.

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I'm sure Vslut worshippers are desperate for variety since IM, Nyanners, and Vei are basically identical except for their voices. Sex joke, weeb reference, sex joke, repeat has gotta get grating after a while

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>I'm sure people here can suggest better people they could be working with.
Would you rather they collab with NijiEN? Tsunderia? Prism? Netflix and Ghostplanegirlasia?

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Funny. You just described Marine perfectly.

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they should collab with brazzers

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t. /vt/

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This is how we know you're a clipnigger.

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You guys begged for your VShojo collabs and now you're getting it. Don't regret your decision now, just enjoy.

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I don't regret it. I love VShojo and I love that their expanding influence is driving /mlp/ 2.0 crazy.

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Apparently Kiara begged Veibae for the collab so that's on Kiara

Orange woman bad

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t. rrat

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All of those sound like better options.

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Kiara isn't actually collabing with them. She'll be participating in the event but isn't scheduled to appear with any of them.
Fuck Nyanners. Yes I am a salty oldfag and I always will be. Fucking cunt. Still mad.

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what are their channel names on chaturbate then plz?

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I'm fine with Hololive EN collabing with other companies and indies, but fuck Vprostitutes. They represent everything wrong with Vtubers.

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It's been eight fucking years you autistic dumpster baby. Let it go.

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We all know you jack off to your oshi. What's the difference if one vtuber purposely provides the maferial?

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Ok ok, she sometimes doodles, happy?

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My prediction(s)
>Veibae skirts Kiara after the first collab to try to get to Gura or Ame
>Veibae takes this moment to demonize and accuse Hololive as a black company

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I mean, Veibae said it herself


"You know Kiara wants to collab with me. She has asked me to collab, she has asked me"

Veibae nor VShojo never asked for a collab - that was all Kiara

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How long will you be mad about something that dumb?

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Given that his anger is solely derived from seeing a copypasta image a few months ago, probably not much longer lol.

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Vshojo is not operated in the same way as Hololive and it's likely taking some time for the Japanese managers to understand the difference.

Pikamee and Ironmouse will collab sooner.

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>Veibae shifting it to seem like she's more important
Dollars to donuts, veibae was dropping DM's the minute Kiara talked to her on Twitter

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>Vshojo is not operated
sure got that part right

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dudee go FUCKKK yourself, vshojo is AWESOME and WAY more entertaining than your "CHIRICHIRI CHEEEE IM SO KAWAIIIIIIIII" nip vtubers that get boring quick.

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I'd be inclined to agree but Kiara hasn't said anything of the sort yet.

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/vt/ opinion doesnt matter after all

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>There's far better vtubers with decent numbers that would work better
Name one.

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If it was the other way around (Kiara talking candidly about those things on stream) it’d have been considered a huge yab by holofags.

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>There's far better vtubers with decent numbers that would work better
it may be the case. but even if they collab with folks like Prism, tsunderia or even the emerging nijiEN, people would still whine about it anyways or accuse the other party of leeching off hololive's popularity.

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occam's razor says cover is a company and occupying a bigger market (twitch) is in their best interest.

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Well, you fags attacked Veibae and got a big thing going against her, so she had to address it. She addressed it.

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They could do that anyway. There's nothing stopping them from switching to Twitch. That Miko already tested the waters and Korone was going to follow shows they can.

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Find them yourself you lazy dumb fuck

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>Notice how only the Holo Audience feels threatened by this

>was brought about by Veibae shitting on Holo amd misinformed accusations
>all while saying she talked with a former Hololive "idol"

Wow, I wonder why the Holofaggots got their panties in a bunch. Must be because they are purity fags and not totally because of Veibae's comments

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>Cover blacklists Melody directly, has Coco publicly talk about how it isn't happening, then has Kiara have to talk publicly about how Veibae collab isn't happening just because she joined VShojo
>Veibae said some bad things about Cover

Sounds like we're 1 for 1 right now. Why are you allowed to be outraged?

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Opinions can change, cringe-chan. Just because Cover wasn't cool with Melody five months ago doesn't mean that position is immutable today.

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And at what timeframe do you think Veibae made her original comments? Yesterday? Veibae's comments are at least 7 months old and she was forced to clarify her shit recently because people just suddenly discovered she said a bad thing about Cover recently. We're still 1 for 1.

If Cover has changed it's mind about Melody, I'd love to hear that.

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There a difference between

a) Management thinking a collab isn't good for their brand


b) Veibae talking shit out of her ass

a is Coco being stopped by management thinking that the collab might be detrimental to the brand, which may or may not change in the future

b is Veibae talking shit out of her ass and doubling down when called out

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Ok, now kiss and let’s have the long awaited final yab collab for once and for all.

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>bad for their brand
I'm not arguing that Cover wasn't doing what they felt was best for them as a business, but by doing so it is still a de facto criticism of Melody and her status as a porn star. It is a negative stigma that, even if Cover doesn't support themselves as a viewpoint, is still something they're promoting by doing so. Veibae ruffled the feathers of a bunch of tribalist fans, she caused no harm to Cover by making her comments. She offered her opinion from a supportive position of the talents within Hololive. Her opinions were not ALL based on bad information either, and as far as i know the stuff she is right on Cover is not going to change any time soon.

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>"Idols are messed up and the talents are propping up a terrible company"
Yeah really supportive. Fuck off

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>caused no harm to Cover

>claims she talked with a "former Hololive idol" that talks shit about the company
>about how Hololive is a black company
>about how none of the talents have any creative control over their characters or their content

Idk senpai, seems like slander to me

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You got half of what she said right, good job.

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>caused no harm to Cover

>claims she talked with a "former Hololive idol" that talks shit about the company
>about how Hololive is a black company
>about how none of the talents have any creative control over their characters or their content
>about their talents being fake and forced to be perfect seiso idol 24/7

Idk guy seems like slander to me

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OPINION: Don't watch the collab, leave a dislike if you want, do another thing [Be like me]

These are insane levels of copium

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"Slander", or any form of defamation, requires some kind of harm to be done to Cover, whether by reputation or by direct damages. Neither of those things are true. Cover was not harmed one iota by Veibae's comments, or at least not in any demonstrative way. If anything it's hearsay, but not slander.

Also, I keep bringing this up, but she said these things probably about 7 months ago. I don't know when she actually made them, but since she was discussing Pokimane becoming a vtuber, it had to be, maximum, mid to late September. Even people around here will say that Cover used to engage in some hard line decision making for the creation of the character, but that changed. HL-EN allegedly had input into theirs, but HL-EN debuted possibly around the time she said these things, so she wouldn't have known that. At worst, some of her information was just outdated. Finally, she never called them a "black company". That's a pretty severe accusation even in Japan and it is doubtful she even knows that term off hand.

>> No.4082759

>These are insane levels of copium
You are allowed to address what you find inaccurate about what I said.

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I'll answer to you in a moment, but...
Why are we still fighting when Veibae addressed the things she said?

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Because /vt/ ignores facts in favor of rrats.

>> No.4082947

She never addressed them

All she said was she's not going to apologize and kiss Cover's ass

>> No.4083061

>Why are we still fighting when Veibae addressed the things she said?
And I really wish she hadn't, because this thread and others show that it didn't fucking matter if she did. The shitters weren't going to accept her no matter what she said.

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This literally sounds exactly why Aloe got harassed by Nijiniggers.

>> No.4083315

Congratulations on managing to pick the one VShojo member that actually keeps her whoring and degeneracy to a separate platform.

>> No.4083371

go back

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>I'm not arguing that Cover wasn't doing what they felt was best for them as a business, but by doing so it is still a de facto criticism of Melody...
>and her status as a porn star. It is a negative stigma that, even if Cover doesn't support themselves as a viewpoint, is still something they're promoting by doing so.
>wut? So... Cover didn't want to collab with a pornstar because advertisers, correct. How did this bring a negative stigma to Melody?
> Veibae ruffled the feathers of a bunch of tribalist fans, she caused no harm to Cover by making her comments.
>She offered her opinion from a supportive position of the talents within Hololive.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she say that the talents have to do fucked up stuff just to support the company, and so accomplice?
>Her opinions were not ALL based on bad information either, and as far as i know the stuff she is right on Cover is not going to change any time soon.
It still doesn't invalidate that other opinions were from misinformation

Look, as I said, is pointless now if she finally acknowledged the clip circulating. She acted like a concernfag due to Aloe and Taiwan, but if her opinion changed for the better, good.
All of this fit was because people actually have good faith in Cover, and this perception of mistreating their Idols doesn't sit well. Cover is incompetent, but not a black company, or else we wouldn't have the likes of Polka.

Fuck the board, this was directed to twittards and redditniggers

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Samefagging, it was directed to rude faggots like him, and yes, there were people discussing the clip in better faith

pic related is also a containment breaker

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My oishi, as the fucking pervert girl that is taking dicks all the night, everyday, doesn't have the fucking need to claim that she took dick all the night, and doesn't have the need neither to spout out sex and unfunny jokes on her streams all days. It is called having a personality dude, something that the VShojos, mostly, don't have. Or just tell me, why 6 of them look like whores-prostitutes-succubus-anything related to sex? Fucking IronMouse is an angel and has a prostitute image because of this agency.

>> No.4083845

If Cover can finally let Coco collab with Melody, then I’d be fine with it. Nyanners can collab with fucking Gura for all I care after that.

>> No.4083862

Gura doesn't like Nyanners, anon. And Coco would be crucified by the japs if she does that.

>> No.4083863

imagine hating nyanners

>> No.4083885

no one says that when ID collabs with smaller Indonesian Vtuber companies

>> No.4083908

The IDs are special because they don't have most of the times, degenerate clout chasers like a lot of EN vtubers.

>> No.4083912

>Gura doesn't like Nyanners
prove it

>> No.4083925

I don't specially hate Nyanners but do you really believe that Gura isn't telling Nyanners to fuck up?

>> No.4083938

>Her opinions were not ALL based on bad information either
Do u rele?

>> No.4084010

can't wait until apricot collabs with Ina for a comfy draw stream.

>> No.4084015

>Fucking IronMouse is an angel and has a prostitute image because of this agency
I LOVE it when people reveal they know nothing about the topic they're engaged in. Just love it.

>> No.4084016

>prove it
Do I have to? Why the fuck do you think Gura is called most of the times, the blue Nyanners? She aimed to be her competition, now Nyanners kneels to her. They both share the exact same fucking anime role, which is loli with cute voice, with the main difference that Gura has a massive talent, and Nyanners is a failed VA actress. If she didn't like Nyanners in the first place, she wouldn't have started her first vtuber-persona as a cute, blue anime loli girl. Before that, Nyanners had the crown in that.

Also what are they supposed to collab? Peepeepoopoo jokes, a thing that only the Nyanners fanbase enjoys? Drunktard jokes, a thing that Gura wants to leave behind? Karaoke, a thing that Nyanners cannot do for shit without autoune? Games, a thing that Nyanners is literally even more dogshit than Gura at it?

>> No.4084018

>Gura doesn't like Nyanners
Yeah, we’re gonna need to see some source for that. So far Kiara is the only one in holoEN who’s been straightforward about her relationship with VShojo girls.

>> No.4084061

Do your reps, specially for Amelia and Ina, the biggest reasons about why the HoloENs don't give a shit, or don't care about the VShojos. I'm neither sure why is Kiara doing this, but I'm letting her be, even if she is a retarded or something.

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File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, 1619368379154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the anon you were responding too, but since Gura never talked about Nyanners, we can only go by guesses
I don't watch her, but I also don't hate her (her past self tho...), but what does Gura think?
Anyway, that's just a rrat
Maybe both of them can be professional or even they like each other in secret (at least Nyanners called Gura a genius)

>> No.4084073

Good. Kiara can finally initiate the final yab and destroy herself and Holo EN as we know it.

>> No.4084100

It will only self-destruct her, and probably Mori too, since they are super buddies. The other three, specially Gura, would be safe from the yab.
>allowing your BIGGEST and most popular Holo to go down the bunker

>> No.4084108

These 2 were the biggest, but they weren't the only nor was nyanners the first loli voice youtube channel

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Absolutely wrong, when the blue menace came, she overtook Nyanners. And the pink cat was reffered always as the girl with cute loli anime voice, alongside with LilyPichu in the very start. Do your story reps anon.

>> No.4084172

You wrote an awful lot just to say "I talked out of my ass".

>> No.4084227

>everyone expects VShojo to go full degenerate during a Hololive collab
>doesn't realize most would be one their best behavior because they're big balls of anxiety worried about spilling their spaghetti everywhere

>> No.4084228

>direct competence, since they both have the niche of having kawai anime loli voices
>direct competence, since they are both shitposters
>direct competence, since they both did covers of some songs, while one being good at it

I mean, if the fact that these two did the same shit for years isn't an indication that they were competing, then I'm not sure what to tell you anymore. Are you trying to get me banned or something for reffering past lifes or something? Do your fucking reps anon, last post from me, you are being too dumb.

>> No.4084271

You will never be a woman

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You will never be a man.

>> No.4084307

If it satisfies the schizos, if they push the boundaries, no more VShojo collab

>> No.4084344

I don't need to do my reps newfag I was subbed to nearly 20 of them
Nyanners and Lily weren't the first, for fucks sake they started 2011, a shit ton of loli anime voice vids on youtube and other sites predate them by 3-4 years, they were only the biggest and played into the more degen aspect while maintaining broad appeal
They influenced a newer wave no question, but you're committing massive history revisionism the likes you'd only see from someone who read a knowyourmeme article and thinks they anything

>> No.4084353

I'm fully aware of everything you're talking about, but you're making a pretty big leap from "competitive" to "doesn't like". We're not even sure they have a competitive mindset about each other. Nyanners has nothing but praise for Gura and as far as I know Gura (in whatever existence) hasn't said anything about Nyanners. We know nothing.

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>she aimed to be her competition
>implying that channel was created for any reason other than pure boredom and wanting to fuck around
holy aids

>> No.4084390

nyanners was a nervous wreck interacting with kizuna ai, she would probably say two words on a hololive collab

>> No.4084521

They hated her for she spoke the truth


>> No.4084535

I'll be honest. All of this sexuality stuff surrounding Vshojo sounds like shit. You're being sold sex in western or eastern form, whether it's presented openly to you or dressed up nicely and elegantly in an idol package. So what's the problem with a Twitchtuber talking about sucking your cock openly? You'd jerk off to the fantasy of a Hololive girl telling you that in private anyway. I think the conversation around Vshojo should focus less on how much of whores they are and moreso their politics, because that's what this is all really about to begin with.

>> No.4084573

She literally said nothing. In this case, is not about her being a VShojo, is her being a bitch and spouting random nonsense for the sake of being popular, a thing that she did. Being a VShojo now just adds an extra salt mine to the situation.

>> No.4084623

>We're not even sure they have a competitive mindset about each other.
They have old VA gig drama where Gura got bumped by Nyanners because Gura was too unprofessional to work with or some shit. Wont elaborate further because b&. Regardless, even if Kiara got perms to collab with them, I really cant see Gura's manager ever allowing it since her audience is mostly children and vShojo is well..

>> No.4084688

It also sounds like she's going to reject the collab because she doesn't want to deal with the dramafags and doesn't want Kiara to get attacked more than she already is. So congrats, I guess. You win.

>> No.4084756

Nyanners is easily the one you have the least to worry about in that situation. She clams up hard. Most of the girls could probably get through a collab hiding their power levels with only a few slip ups. The only one I would worry about is Hime, because she seems like the one to give the least of a fuck, and make no efforts to filter herself.

>> No.4084757

I'm aware of the VA thing, but why would HER be mad at Nyanners for that? Unless there's some shit about the people doing the thing comparing them or Nyanners doing it when Gura asked her not to out of solidarity or something, then I don't see why that would matter.

>> No.4084766

thats like what my mom said years ago. its okay son, uncle bob is a lil bit creepy but hes a good man. until he enter my room and absolutely destroy my anus..

>> No.4084843

Women are vindictive.

>> No.4084859

We're done here, I think.

>> No.4084880


>> No.4084925

Several of them are friends off stream y'know? And not just uwu twitter likes.

>> No.4084982

People cares if it's onstream

>> No.4085039

>gura is better gamer than nyanners
i doubt it. but if true, holy mother of fuck.. thats just pathetic

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File: 1.11 MB, 1304x1544, keikaku doori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4086457

what are these kiara tweets people are over reacting about?

>> No.4086531

Why does /vt/ have such a hateboner for Vei, Nyanners, and Froot? They aren't much different than holoen, Kiara is constantly doing horny jokes and Amelia isn't a seiso idol either.
I'd say Froot makes less sex jokes than the holos tbqh.
I don't understand the problem with sex jokes either, people fuck you know. There are people behind the avatars, holos are mostly playing a character except for Coco probably as she doesn't give a fuck.

>> No.4086597

Fuck off , SEAnig. No matter how many times you email that clip to Cover like the corporate cocksucker you are, the collab will still take place.

>> No.4086713

From what I have seen
>Nyanners: Anti-cunny and threw 4chan under the bus years ago
>Veibae: Lewd jokes are fine, but she talks about penis, cum, vagina, etc constantly (no one cares about what they do offstream). Also the clip.
>Froot: No one hates her? Except for those who believe a story about her cheating on her military husband

>> No.4086788

Relax. Its just Vei. Come back when one of them collabs with Zentraya or Nyanners

>> No.4087024

Go back faggot

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It's funny how the people defending the collab aren't really looking forward to it because they think it'll be good. All I'm seeing is Schadenfreude. Misery loves company I guess

>> No.4087483

I don't care who they collab with as long as they keep away from Gura, Ame and Ina

>> No.4088861

Zen is based though. The comedic timing on those streams is something else.

>> No.4093441

Still waiting for Gura x Pikamee.

NijiEN will probably happen at some point.

>> No.4097614

Less so "threw 4chan under the bus," and moreso the newfag gamergate crowd hates her and has her living in their heads rent free to this day.

>> No.4099000

holy shit imagine having to kneel for permissions every time you want to do something as a YOUTUBER, waiting for the green light before having a hard stance on anything

>> No.4099553

you're the reason why gatekeeping exists in the first place

>> No.4099921

It's incredible, isn't it?

>> No.4100000

That prevented them from having one of their girls collab with a literal whore and a liar. More companies should ask for their talents to get their permission to prevent situations like this from happening.

>> No.4100014


>> No.4100035 [DELETED] 

This is what idolfaggotry looks like

>> No.4100040

>peepeepoopoo clipfag pandering etc
You literally described kiara

>> No.4100058

this makes them look like literal toddlers

>> No.4100169

I prefer when the talents are treated as adults who can make their own decisions.

>> No.4100386

the numbers don't lie, vwhorefags can get fucked

>> No.4101213


>> No.4101277

>Reddit formatting.

>> No.4101398 [DELETED] 

That retard doesn’t speak for us
Simple answer: It’s literally a job
I’ll put it like this, it’s like being a high schooler and you can do mostly what you want as long as you don’t bring down the institute’s reputation. Remember they are still a brand with marketing
I would agree with you, but…

>> No.4101565

nice reddit formatting retard

>> No.4101743

Hanlon's razor says YAGOO isn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen and got carried by luck.

>> No.4101818

The talent does not own the IP you fucking retard.

>> No.4101916

Zentraya is a fucking faggot who uses his twitter for politics. Fuck him

>> No.4102061

>Like where was the thread when this got announced
There's been a ton, genarally negative feedback
>letting holos near Vshojo is a huge mistake.
Have to agree with you on that. Although being a shallow cumslut and begging for cock for money seems right up Kiara's alley.
>There's far better vtubers with decent numbers that would work better
Ok then, who?
>because now that's what EN vtubers are expected to be like now.
Such is life.

>> No.4102129

you need to go back

>> No.4102146


>> No.4102464
File: 43 KB, 294x306, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4102499
File: 57 KB, 659x680, 1615203292111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don’t worry, VShojo isn’t going to ruin your precious vtuber group
After all the nyannersfags outing themselves here as SJWs who don't even know about doujins and had the gall to denigrate anime culture, do you really think we'd believe that?
Every time I go into a vshojo thread like a nyanners thread, I find more and more reasons to gatekeep.

>> No.4102590

>muh gamergate
nyanners' defenders are such fucking newfags, it hurts

>> No.4102667

>Every time I go into a vshojo thread like a nyanners thread, I find more and more reasons to gatekeep.

You're a special kind of retard, aren't you.

>> No.4102684 [DELETED] 

Don’t worry, this will scare them

>> No.4102781

Actual patrician taste.

>> No.4102809

The people who defend them are absolute insufferable cunts who shows lack of knowledge both in the anime and vtubing industry.

>> No.4102820

checks out. Go back to twitter

>> No.4102861

>So HoloEN are now allowed to work with Coco....okay finally. No issue with that.
So far only Kiara and Mori
>But now there's something about Kiara being allowed to do stuff with Vshojo now?
Kiara is the one who's been pushing for Vei collab. Vshojo don't want to make collabs with holos. It's Kiara who pushes for it.

>> No.4102905

Let me try to pare it down a bit further for you:

>nyanners threads are vshojo threads

Nyanners threads are started and populated by Nyanners shitters who constantly falseflag and say whatever bullshit they can to get (you)s. Congrats, you got baited into believing their bullshit. There are only, at maximum, about 30-40 VShojo fans on this entire board, and yet you believe that those Nyanners threads are somehow just full of them. That's why you're retarded.

>> No.4102942

>Vshojo don't want to make collabs with holos
I am pretty sure that isn't true for all of them. Kiara initiated the collab idea, and Veibae wasn't against it, so it was going to happen. It isn't like VShojo wants to isolate themselves from HL, it has been the other way around historically until now.

>> No.4102968


>> No.4103010

>Even people around here will say that Cover used to engage in some hard line decision making for the creation of the character, but that changed.
It wasn't some hard line decision making, they had a completely different casting process. First they got a character designed and then they'd go about the process of casting the voice for it. This is the normal process you go about for anime and video game characters. This changed for the reverse, where they now cast the talent before designing a character around them.

>> No.4103021

>B-But they weren't real I swear!
Nice deflection. If you unironically think there aren't many vshojofag lurkers in this board then you're a massive fucking retard. The difference here is that vshojo actually talks about 4chan in their streams so it's obvious we'd get a lot of newfags.

>> No.4103057

I would assume her "former Hololive idol" source is either Artia or Civia and lmao if anyone thinks that either of them are going to be the most reliable and objective sources of information about Cover. Especially Artia who's shown herself to be a backstabbing cunt already with how she was collecting kompromat on the other CNs and unleashed it and killed their nascent indy group the first time they had a disagreement.

>> No.4103142

>participating in Nyanners threads
Pick one dipshit.

And the only VShojo who have mentioned 4chan are Nyanners (tho not by name and for obvious reasons) and Veibae. Mouse, Melody, Froot, Hime, Silver, and Zen haven't said shit about this place. Snuffy has as well, but she's not VShojo.

>> No.4103194 [DELETED] 

Yes and? The bottomline is that they kept talking about this site multiple times and that's how we get a lot of newfags from their fanbases.

>> No.4103232


>> No.4103252

Yes and? Not him but the bottomline is that they kept talking about this site multiple times and that's how we get a lot of newfags from their fanbases.

>> No.4103277

>Pick one dipshit.
How about both?
I don't see you refuting the fact that they are bringing newfags to this board

>> No.4103314 [DELETED] 

I don't watch Vshojo but Noel's roommate channel on NicoNico has paid membership for softcore porn ASMR.

>> No.4103332


Maybe you don't remember it, but the Nyanners outrage was at the peak of the Gamergate invasion in 2015. It's not me being hyperbolic, it's just a literal fact. Everyone who got mad at Nyanner's back then (and now, really) all screamed about "m-muh SJW," "m-muh feminist," etcetera, ad naseum. Just look back at any posts from that era (or don't, it's pretty cringe).

>> No.4103389

cover and holopro really dont know what they're doing half the time
they're really hoping talented game devs come to them rather then working with established studios on an almost aimless project

>> No.4103405

Fuck off back to Vshoujo, Veibae.

>> No.4103498

How could ONE (1) pink cat manage to drag the image of Vshojo to the ground...

>> No.4103499

We should have bullied KFP and Vshojo niggers out of the board while we had the chance

Based, I like some of the girls in HoloEN but it isn't worth all the cancer that they brought into vtubing

>> No.4103505

Go back to Vshoujo Veibae

>> No.4103574

Unabashedly based

>> No.4103576

>talking about having something living rent free
The ironing is hot and ready...

>> No.4103621 [DELETED] 

And how does this link to Gamergate today? The only people that keep bringing it up are woke as hell

>> No.4103693
File: 668 KB, 2048x1727, Eo0VE3BWEAEFMe2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least unlike Veibae, Nyanners is only an awful person off stream. Thankfully it only took a few days of interactions for Kiara to realize how dealing with them is a mistake.

>> No.4103799 [DELETED] 

You will never be Japanese

>> No.4103861

now that you mention it, yeah. Most of them don't care if the collab is good, they just want to see this place losing it because of it.

>> No.4103871

Are you fucking serious? Are you saying the people who PAID to be in the Nyanners discord and has screenshots of it AND defends them AREN'T from her fanbase?

>> No.4103882


>> No.4103906

Nyanners' problem is that she's a clout chasing hypocrite. It's not just that she threw 4chan under the bus, it's that all of her notoriety came from here and specifically Pomf until she saw more influencer types were part of the social justice/internet leftist crowd and glommed into them instead while claiming she hated Pomf and her 4chan friends and whatever and loli is evil. Several of them were likely involved in the anime dubbing industry so she wanted to get in good with them to ride that into being a real deal dubbing VA but she's an even shittier VA than your average anime dubber so she went nowhere. So she largely abandons them to jump on to the lewd streamer/anituber/streamer thing and goes right back to palying herself up as a sexy loli (a thing she hated)

That's Nyanners' problem. She's completely phony and will do anything for a little bit of clout and a little bit of fame, like a weeb version of Shoe0nHead. Honestly if she started to become big among /pol/cels or anti-woke crowd then I wouldn't be surprised if suddenly she started pivoting to that crowd and portraying herself as the "lefty/commie/liberal who's seen the light". She has no convictions save her desire for fame.

>> No.4103923

Because the only people who still care about the Nyanners outrages are people who were Gamergaters back then or weird kids trying to latch onto it. Nothing Nyanners said or did was really controversial to any significant degree, it only became an "outrage" because everything was an outrage back then.

The only like, sort of modern "issue" with Nyanners is that she's "hypocritical," but even trying to be charitable to that argument I don't think it makes much sense. "she say loli bad, yet she is loli vtuber" when her avatar isn't really a loli unless your using the broadest possible definition of the word. "she uses high pitched voices, child mannerism, etc," which feels weird because I'm almost certain these same people would argue (correctly, imo) elsewhere that high voices and youthful behavior doesn't mean a character is lolibait. It just really feels like they're only latching onto the previous controversy to try and drum up drama.

I feel like a big problem is just how the term loli has changed definition over the years. Back in the oldfag times when Nyanners started making videos, loli was just about cute girls, no sexual. But by like 2015 it had reached where it is now where literally everyone has their own definiton of what a loli is, what loli itself is, etc.

>> No.4103954

Checked for truth.

>> No.4103969

and the greatest sin of all: she's not entertaining unless you like shallow pandering

>> No.4103993

bruh i don't even know or care about gamergate shit stop with that sjw nonsense
i just hate her as she is now and don't care about anything longer than 2 years

why are nyanners defenders like this?

>> No.4103999

I'm not those anons, but I would like to see those

>> No.4104074
File: 17 KB, 375x143, 1595887823043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's in one of their many threads, I only have one saved. Just do your reps

>> No.4104184

At least you admit it, I guess.

>> No.4104202

>like a weeb version of Shoe0nHead
I knew I wasn't the only person who got those vibes from her.

>> No.4104222

i've been here since way before you wouldn't be able to samefag on /b/
i just don't give a shit about whatever gamergate garbage the sjw was blabbering about

>> No.4104259

You don't need to lie, kid, it's ok.

>> No.4104265

>when people say mean things about my friends I want to yell at them
Wow what valor

>> No.4104303

>trying to convince anon you're not a newfag
The only thing that will convince anon that you're not a newfag is to not be a newfag


>> No.4104338

A reminder that most of the VShojo retarded posts (like >>4082326) are probably from Vei, who is, as always, shit at even pretending she changed her opinions from the vapid retardation she said on that one stream before joining VShojo.

>> No.4104339

>No Not my pure innocent waifu she dosen't know any better!
They're grown women yet people here act like they have no accountability. who cares if they collab with vshoujo

>> No.4104413

Same mentality as the one that doomposted holoEN before shark debut and the first collab. Have people already forgotten? Remember what could have been.

>> No.4104417 [DELETED] 
File: 1.07 MB, 813x766, NyannersDrama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because the only people who still care about the Nyanners outrages are people who were Gamergaters back then or weird kids trying to latch onto it. Nothing Nyanners said or did was really controversial to any significant degree, it only became an "outrage" because everything was an outrage back then.
>The issue is about lolicon
Anon, I know there's more context to it and I (think I) know abouw what you want to refer to, but you are making a fool if this is about lolis.
The anti-SJW movement doesn't care about Gamergate anymore.

As for lolis, as a lolicon, yeah I never saw Nyanners as a loli unless you want to compare her to Megumin. The problem is lolicon and this perception that 2D=3D or creates more pedophiles; hell, I have seen in Twitter that people don't like to use the word loli or censor it.

I'm neutral about Nyanners, but look at pic related and tell me those statements were not going to enrage someone.

>> No.4104420
File: 544 KB, 1655x587, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why are nyanners defenders like this?
because they're tumblrfags

>> No.4104451

WOW DUDE, it's not like people who loves Noel didn't know about that.

>> No.4104474

Good luck, but I hope you know trying to confront them about this is a lost cause. Everyone is either "for" or "against" them, there's no middle point.

>> No.4104531 [DELETED] 

This. If you really do your reps, you'll find out that majority of the vshojo fans on 4chan stick to their general on /aco/ such as >>>/aco/5399081. That's also the general that Vei, Nyanners, Silver, Melody, Snuffy, Mouse, and a few others lurked and posted at one point, but have since mentioned they no longer do. Vei used to post on that general and even in her streams threw them a bone by calling them pmc on stream before saying she no longer checks 4chan because "shitters" got to her.

>> No.4104539

This. Melody is a fucking cute in her regular streams.

>> No.4104574

>and this perception that it creates more pedophiles
except it does. normalizing a sexualization of the underage in fiction will have an influence on non-fiction perception. many have the autonomy to resist this influence and separate fact from fiction like a normal person, but many others dont.

>> No.4104586

Melody is cute and has a personality, but her entire persona is sex.

>> No.4104635

NO it doesn't. You have to be mentally ill to not separate non existant shit with reality.

>> No.4104666 [DELETED] 
File: 992 KB, 2048x1426, Vtubers Loli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tbh, there's a sizeable part of people that know about the claims of Nyanners being an hypocrite to the point that Cover would know, so it's obvious they don't care. Also have the full version of the image.

>> No.4104674

Pedos are mentally ill, anon

>> No.4104739

Not other people's fault that they are mentally ill then. This is basically saying that "you can't enjoy shit just because others will make awful stuff from it".

>> No.4104781

Does this theory also apply to other kinds of fictions?

>> No.4104826
File: 139 KB, 620x918, 1620514078663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le violent vidya creates murderers

>> No.4104844

What other controversial thing has Nyanners done aside from her loli take that's controversial? That copypasted Tumblr post where she gives a generic, inoffensive rant about female sexualization? She didn't even go hard in that one, all it had was a dig at FF10-2, a game literally everyone on the planet Earth doesn't like.

I mean, like, sure, enrage a small group of mentally unstable people. But that goes for literally everything. Her take isn't anywhere near controversial (if you think "loli rape is bad" is a controversial take, please take your meds) enough for even a degenerate nu-lolicon to get mad at.

I know the anti-SJW's don't care about gamergate anymore? I was referring to the historical event, in 2015, where the Nyanners outrage started. Multiple people seem confused on this, is this really the state of literacy these days?

>> No.4104880

Don't worry KFPchads, Vei just said on stream she called off the collab. We did it, bros.

>> No.4104923


>> No.4104938

they do though

>> No.4104947 [DELETED] 

Based. Now we just need to rev up the rrats again and do the same thing with Nyanners. Then we've successfully blocked our oshii from getting tainted by the Vsluts

>> No.4104952

Get fucked Vshoshits. The Kiara Veibei collab was canceled and the gatekeeping will continue until their whole group of untalented hacks are blacklisted. Maybe the girls should learn what brand image is and how deterring away from that is how you lose your audience.

>> No.4104996

Funny that the same liberals that condemn pedos are the same ones that try to normalize it under the name of minor-attracted person or MAPS.

>> No.4105019
File: 14 KB, 290x290, 1610244210127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4105079 [DELETED] 

Yes. YES. To protect our oshiis from those sluts we have to become antis. Shit on them even harder than the chink bugmen.

>> No.4105212

>calling out weirdo libertarians on twitter is ABSOLUTELY HYPOCRITICAL if you also support therapy for pedophiles before they become child abusers
Big brain takes today, I see.

>> No.4105220 [DELETED] 
File: 101 KB, 640x370, Y9mdHMW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't become a pedophile, you're a pedophile since birth you are just waiting to discover it when you are 16 or 17 y/o. And that's without saying most child molesters are not pedophiles, just like to take advantage of minors.

If you believe lolicons are pedophiles, the answer is no. You can't compare lolis and children 1:1. Lolicons like lolis because their cuteness turns them on. And most lolicons believe children are annoying or still feel that being attracted to them is sickening.

If the problem is that lolicon could become an outlet for pedos, I'll tell you why you shouldn't worry. You know that since pornography has been allowed, the violation rates have been decaying? The same applies for CP, but we're not going to give pedos material with child rape, so lolicon is the solution (they still should get a therapist tho)

Again, does this apply to today?
People are throwing shit at you anon.
Your statement of Nyanners past is fine, but why bring something from 6 years ago just like the schizo antis?
I don't know, maybe we are misunderstanding you and you are exclusively talking about the past, I wasn't here when all that shit happened, and I don't care right now about it.

>> No.4105290
File: 83 KB, 589x570, absolutely for you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is the power of being an anti, huh? Zhang, now I understand.

>> No.4105306

Therapy via remote brain surgery curtesy of a high caliber handgun, maybe.

>> No.4105343
File: 31 KB, 480x360, 1610947441494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This summarizes what I hate about Vshoujo and their fans.

>> No.4105380
File: 126 KB, 652x660, 1594789003558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>VShojo isn’t going to ruin your precious vtuber group
Getting big "we aren't trying to take away your video games" vibes from this. We all know how that ended.

>> No.4105444
File: 230 KB, 310x385, 1603452099852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not worried at all cause it's not like vshojo is gonna collab with Korone or Watame.

>> No.4105519

literal gamergater...

>> No.4105534

How did that end, anon? Last I checked, video games are still fine

>> No.4105568

I mean, there's also the fact that she thinks "trap" is transphobic and considers Nekopara "gross" publicly despite it being both tame as hell and something she has played before but now pretends she hasn't. Those are recent.
There's a lot of things Nyanners is very dishonest about. Makes me think she genuinely thinks that her fans are stupid, and you know what, they might be.

>> No.4105578

ITT: falseflaggers for their sweet screenshots.
Everyone, smile! You're gonna be on the next post of NGA/reddit/twitter/discord/whatever faggy platform it's popular nowadays

>> No.4105593

>Last I checked, video games are still fine
you don't check anything, fucking nigger

>> No.4105594
File: 72 KB, 680x673, Ei77GznXgAAsLj0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>video games are still fine

>> No.4105629

Because literally everyone complaining about Nyanners never stops bringing up her past drama. Again, name me something controversial she's done recently that would make one hate her? Other than the "she make poopoo peepee joke, me mature 15 year old sensibilities offended," in which case I can't fathom why you'd be an anti. Almost every vtuber offends me or annoys me in some way, that's why I watch three and never bother with any others or click on their threads.

>> No.4105725

What games are following? Ubisoft is going F2P, The Last of Us 2 killed the franchise on a hill, EA destroyed Battlefield V, and Sony is censoring anything that comes from Japan on their console.

>> No.4105800

All games and companies that /v/ (and 4chan in general) have hated for a literal decade.

>> No.4105869

>newfag gamergate crowd
who the fuck in here went on the "movement"? fucking cringe
go back to /v/

>> No.4105906

Well, she has a explicit stance on gender identity politics, as well as drawn media censorship, if her current chat's word blacklist is anything to go by. There's also the Nekopara thing as >>4105568 mentioned.

>> No.4106077

I am not a 4chan regular, I don't frequently post here. I got burnt twice by EA. First by buying Battlefront II at launch, secondly by Battle for Neighborville. Finally, I tried to put with Ubisoft, however the shit that is Watch Dogs 2 shows me that the big time gaming industry has lost their damn minds to modernity.

I love Vtubers. If they go the way of the big time, then they'll go off of the same cliff.

>> No.4106574
File: 10 KB, 226x223, 1616527126238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>video games are still fine

>> No.4106844
File: 42 KB, 608x323, 1614754253761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>video games are still fine
I thought I somehow magically transported into a different timeline
Literally no one says that. This isn't 2014.

>> No.4107062

the Nekopara games are cute but the setting is kind of fucked up

>> No.4107176 [DELETED] 
File: 124 KB, 436x252, Rance_Yikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He thinks the Nekopara setting is fucked up
How to spot a casualfag 101

>> No.4107204

They get to scout talent, while pushing the Hololive brand further into the Western market?

>> No.4107250

Get out of here nyanners. You wanted to abandon this place for your damn tumblr audience. You don't belong here.

>> No.4107280

The video game industry is nowhere near as decentralized and Japan centric as vtubing as. You'll be living in a different universe if a Japanese company like Cover introduces anything that deviates from their successful idol formula within the next decade. I understand that it is fun to kvetch about the next big happening, but as long as Hololive remains successful (and Japanese) it's truly in no danger.

>> No.4107352
File: 2.92 MB, 2720x1800, 1620941322636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a God in heaven and he wants Hololive to succeed.

>> No.4107438

Based get
Qualitycontrolchads can't stop winning

>> No.4107465

Fucked up how?

>> No.4107471

it's replaced with a nyanners collab retard kek enjoy your monkey paw

>> No.4107533

Veibae is a proven liar. There's no reason to believe this is true.

>> No.4107910

I want to marry Ui.

>> No.4108283

What did veibae do off stream?

>> No.4108310

Was the collab actually cancelled though?

>> No.4108337

Can I get a source for this as well?
Source please.

Also bros it seems like we're going to have to go harder to break the Vshoujo collab and get a total blacklist all of their talents from Hololive's management.

>> No.4108497

>Can I get a source for this as well?
If you beleeb, >>4084521

>> No.4108728

Bro this is not related to that fiasco where some dumb lying bitch ended up indirectly causing a suicide.
However, people are 100% justified if they want to complain about SJW peddled bullshit because that's very much still a thing. American culture is a plague.

>> No.4108823

>kiara's roomate just tweeted about someone betraying her trust
Yeah I think the shitfest is about to blow up

>> No.4108902

If this is Nyanners I wouldn't be surprised, the loli take would be a bit much for the Phoenix.

>> No.4108943

The Coco collab turned out to be horrible and the VSlutjo collab will be even worse.

>> No.4108975

There is literally nothing wrong with gatekeeping. Failure to gatekeep properly leads to degradation of quality. Also people want a certain thing from Hololive. To that end, they don't want other things in it. I fucking love Stargate SG-1. But I do not want anyone from Stargate SG-1 to collab with a Holo, nor do I want Holos to appear on Stargate SG-1. Even if I liked Vshoujo, the reasons that I would like them would be different from the reasons I like Hololive. I don't want them mixing.

>> No.4109101

This, why the fuck do different things need to mix? if I feel like watching a cute girl playing games and fucking cooming and acting vulgar I go to mousie if I feel like watching idolfaggotry I go watch a holo karaoke, I dont want them contamined with each other, vshoujo was boring with nijisanji and I dont want holos doing what vshoujos do

>> No.4109170

Crazy idea, just don't watch the collab streams? Do you think if Kiara does a collab with VShojo she's gonna start making sex jokes left right and centre?

>> No.4109245

Gura is pretty good at Muse Dash and her playthrough of RE Village wasn't bad despite her being really indecisive at the shop.
Nyanners' stream playing RE Village was an absolute shitshow of incompetence.

>> No.4109324

>content="GOOGOOGAGA uwu uwu sKREEEEEE"
>literal pre-school tier shit without substance
>lolibait but lets not acknowledge it
>heavily controlled, curated and censored by shadow organization
>not allowed to say or do anything unless cleared by Chinese government

>western whore boogeymen
>have freedom of speech but use it to say nothing.

Imagine gatekeeping any of these horrible companies. I'll be supporting indies from here on out since I can't stand Vshojo talent and pity hololive girls. If they want to collab they should do it though. Who gives a fuck.

>> No.4109360

>check this
>is true

>> No.4109412

>freedom of speech
This hasn't been true for years.

>> No.4109499

The biggest twist it was us and now. She is retiring and going to debut again later, now as a Vshojo talent, just to spite us.

>> No.4109504

No you faggot, fuck off. The people who push for this want to see hololive degrade into the same general filth as they themselves are because these whores can't maintain any sense of their own "standards".


They want to collab with Holomive because they too want the money and fame of Hololive

>> No.4109529 [DELETED] 

Good news Holobros. According to one of the 4chan Nyanners simps that's in her supporter discord <a href="//boards.4chan.org/aco/thread/5399081#p5402173" class="quotelink">>>>/aco/5402173,</a> Nyanners also turned down the collab with Kiara. Hololive x Vshit is done. GATE STATUS:KEPT

>> No.4109535

it was this retarded fanbase

>> No.4109561

we have protected our queen from the corrupting elements of westfoids

puritychads win again, kiara will never be tarred

>> No.4109596

Holofags are no better then the chinese they hate. not suprising

>> No.4109612

This is 100% deserved, unlike the chinks. Fuck Nyanners.

>> No.4109631

And guess what faggot? We WANT to keep it that way! We DON'T want it to change, because whenever East meets west, and shit transfers over from them, it always changes to meet the west's sensibilities and tastes. Always dies

>have freedom of speech but use it to say nothing.
You really don't know what these girls have said at all, do you? You filthy clip watcher.

>> No.4109649

Isn't she already feathered though?

>> No.4109708

Good, I hope this finally makes Kiara quit Hololive for good.

>> No.4109732

Caps please for those locked out, you can black out the names.

>> No.4109747

t. chink

>> No.4109758 [DELETED] 

>Coco offends an entire country
>Nyanners offends some retarded neets on 4chan
>Nyanners deserved it
Holochimps deserve to be hunted down like the vermin they are. Cover really should've fired Coco so Holoshit can never be popular in the West. The world would've been a better place if you faggots were never around.

>> No.4109793

ok chink

>> No.4109850

Is this for fucking real? I want an actual statement and proof of this. This is 4chan; all of this shit is hearsay, otherwise.

>> No.4109857

Must suck for EN girls to have to deal with clout chasers. They should all follow Ame's lead and ban them and anyone that uses thier name in chat.

>> No.4109881

I don't watch Vshojo, but I knew one of them before because she drew some Girls Frontline art that I liked

>> No.4109899

Hope you choke on that 50 cents commie.

>> No.4109922

>Wanting what happened to Gen 5 to happen to EN
Jesus man....

>> No.4109931

>chink is a nyannersfag

>> No.4109932

Fucking hashtag deleted goddamit

>> No.4109970
File: 399 KB, 658x537, nothing ever works right.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if people hate on chicken because of her gigastacy vibes.

>> No.4109995

I'll give you a brief breakdown.
Ironmouse good.
Melody good.
Nyanners bad.
The rest are varying degrees of meh to bad.

>> No.4110009

If you're on 4chan hating Nyanners is the least you should do, death to traitors.

>> No.4110024

Wasn't Silvervale friends with Amelia? Isn't she good too?

>> No.4110036

>i am very desperate to fit in
you will never pass for an oldfag, newfagchama

>> No.4110082

Cry more cunt, oh my beautiful perfect anime girl streamer is gonna get tainted by the western whores, meanwhile Marine is known for how fucking horny she is and Holo streams in general make sexual quips left right and centre. Guess what, they're real people, they've all sucked dicks and they're not perfect little angels.

You holoshitters are just as bad as the chinese, worse even because they were brainwashed but you arrived at your conclusions yourself.

>> No.4110093

She doesn't stand out to me in any particular way. Her content is not my thing but as far as I know she hasn't done anything wrong.

>> No.4110098

There's a reason Ame ghosted her...

Probably because Ame is a bitch

>> No.4110148


>> No.4110233

Managers are not the ones making decisions and order the talent around stop making weird narratives if anything it's the Holo EN Producer san.

>> No.4110311

NTA that anon but I don't care about the lewd content. I do however care about the fact most Vshojos have stances on things like lolicon that I find quite objectionable. They also have their own hot takes on US politics and gender politics, which they talk about in their vtuber accounts. I want those things far away from my chuubas.

>> No.4110478

I wasn't into Gamergate and didn't even see the drama around Nyanners. I only know about the hypocrisy from the images posted here and from that I can conclude she is 100% a shameless grifter.
Became famous through pedo baiting, then became an SJW and denounced all that shit, then realized pedo baiting is the only way she can stay relevant and make money so she just kept doing it despite hating it.

From that I can conclude she's a grifter with no self-respect who literally plays a character she hates for money.

Your cope about Nyanners not being lolibait is fucking pathetic, everything about her avatar is completely loli, for fucks sake she even uses the "I'm over 9000 years old" cliché

>> No.4110711

>They also have their own hot takes on US politics and gender politics, which they talk about in their vtuber accounts. I want those things far away from my chuubas.

Same desu. Don't care who it is, I'm just tired of the same old hot takes and pandering to gender shit.

>> No.4110733
File: 14 KB, 487x129, 1621816202641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's over. Vshojo lost.

>> No.4110780

She's right

>> No.4110784

This. Nothing Nyanners says matters anymore when she tried to delete Pomf from the internet (good thing you can't delete anything from the internet).

>> No.4110813

She's kind of the "mommy" of the group, and not among the worst offenders in [whatever you wanna dislike Vshojo for], but like others said she's otherwise pretty uneventful, and would probably liked here, or at least tolerated, if she was just a random indie on her own instead of being associated with the stink of her group.

and her being nice to Ame in the past makes me not automatically hate her like the others

>> No.4110901
File: 16 KB, 325x396, 1543795351163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As someone who only watches her maybe once every two or three months, what's so bad about Nyanners? Setting aside that period where she tried to pretend to be a moralfag and disown her old degenerate content.

>> No.4110929

Man, reading that felt good. I can't stop smiling.

>> No.4110965

But they mostly hate your stupid cunt nyanner if anything she multiplied lewdcast/vshojo haters just by associating with it.

>> No.4111008

Why does it matter? People delete videos all the time.

>> No.4111043


>> No.4111051

>>check this
well she aint wrong..

>> No.4111076

Seeing bad people squirm would make anyone smile.

>> No.4111095

Please be true, I will not rest until vwhorejo is blacklisted from anything holo for life

>> No.4111133

>>Froot: No one hates her? Except for those who believe a story about her cheating on her military husband
She did, it's a fact.

>> No.4111141

wasn't it also that, around the time she was trying to clean break from her old persona and 4chan, that she was trying to get into a "serious", official voice acting career? Those performance/arts circles are notoriously cliqued and sjw-pozzed, so you basically had to play the virtue signal game to get admitted into the club, even more so if you have to overcompensate for having a "problematic" background, and you know what how they say, nobody's more fanatic than a fresh convert...

Not excusing anything she did, mind you, just trying to get additional context. Even if she didn't actually believe in all the shit she's spouted, she's still a fairweather grifter at best, seeing as when her try at getting a clean VA gig flamed out, she basically came back crawling to the same lewdpandering shit she railed against in the interim.

>> No.4111161

This. My dad was her husband that's how I know.

>> No.4111210

anon, in this case, you are the baddie

>> No.4111217

Anon, its because of her reasons for deleting the video. Do your fucking reps. If you actually do the reps and still don't see a problem with Nyanners in her current state, congrats.

>> No.4111229

Oh don't get me wrong, them being leftist sjw cunts is just as bad as peepee poopoo. That's still a big part though. It just boils down to the fact that I watch cute anime girl streamers to escape from 3dpd western roasties and vwhorejo is exactly that 1

>> No.4111281

go do your archive reps on /k/, you'll figure it out

>> No.4111286

She's kept the same POV since then and never retracted those statements, if anything she reinforced them more.

>> No.4111316

She's being sarcastic right?

>> No.4111334

>Kiara is constantly doing horny jokes and Amelia isn't a seiso idol either.
If you think Kiara does horny jokes too much then the VSJ girls are 10 times worse

>> No.4111367

I don't see how. That person deserves all the shit she gets.

>> No.4111384

While we're at it didn't Nyanners came out in support of (((Anita))) during GG with some absolutely cringeworthy takes like "big boobs bad muh sexism male gaze" etc. I know she tried to be friendly with fucking Gamer Ghazi and look at her now making career out of sexual innuendos day after day she have to feel like a prostitute or at least her motivation is the same $$$.

>> No.4111388

Don't care if I have to cuck some bitch ass infantry grunt for this, I'd still smash her babymaker while he's away getting his legs blown off for Israel in the middle east.

>> No.4111389

This this this,

>> No.4111413

>Do you want your favourite holos being subjected to the likes of Nyanners?
What exactly are you expecting to happen. You think one collab is going to leave Kiara or Ame in a back ally sucking dick for meth? You realize they already talk privately and are friends right? The more you push this autistic whiny entitled shit the more close their friendship is going to be. You don't understand basic relationship dynamics. Also you're highly overvaluing the character of holoEN girls.

>> No.4111415

That's why I hate Nyanners alot. It's one thing to distance yourself from 4chan and denounce them, I get it, it's fine.

But to fucking lie and call lolicons pedos, and then later on turn that around and become a fucking loli character yourself and STILL claim that lolicons are pedos and that you're not one is a fuckinh grift and a half

>> No.4111444

Western roasties need to be reined in and kept on a tight leash in all aspects of life.

>> No.4111450

this is in the past, anon. she's just a lonely whore now trying to escape it.

>> No.4111498

I talked to you before. Go jerk off to your chaturbate thots you lonely cunt

>> No.4111504

Checked and truthpilled

>> No.4111519

imagine liking nyanners

>> No.4111525

In order of Popularity
Nyanners - ultra bad news
Melody - actually quite a good and talented girl, but because of chaturbate history, bad news
Ironmouse - Good
Veibae - Contrarian shitstain that can't stop talking about sex or shit she knows nothing of, ultra bad news
Zentreya - actually pretty funny, but no one is gonna wait for the 5+ second delay of text to speech
Hime - A joke gone too far and too serious, but otherwise flounders with actual content, safe bet if you throttle her oppai jokes
Froot - if you ask anyone other than /k/ about her, get good vibes and decent art, safe bet
Silvervale - Streams a lot with her actual mother, basically a Bunny_gif copy but she came first, safe-ish bet if Ame gives the go-ahead

>> No.4111539

Too based for this board

>> No.4111547

>Talk about politics as a vtuber? Nah
Totally sarcastic bro.

>> No.4111573

That's basically where I'm at with Nyanners, I used to watch her videos and streams around 2011-2013 but then she just put out songs and then started getting into politics so I stopped paying attention.
Basically all I knew after that was from getting recommended her channel on twitch at various times and seeing she had started to stream with her face, then later becoming a vtuber.

>> No.4111575
File: 185 KB, 1125x2097, smug catgirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I think generally people would have a better opinion of vshojo if I wasn't in it
You're damn right they would. Your clowny trend chasing ass wouldn't shit up everything you touch with "lol I'm just being ironic isn't this so ironic?"
For an ex-4chan poster, you forgot one very basic fundamental fact nyanners.
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

>> No.4111590

meh, I can't say I've been keeping up with all her content constantly since she became a vtuber. In the few streams I randomly checked out she was basically still only doing her standard nervous lolibait routine plus piss and haha poop funni hunor. So if she's still on that SJW shit I either didn't catch it on stream or she must've been going at it elsewhere (her discord maybe? I don't care enough about her to try and find out, but if so it wouldn't surprise me, as those are always terrible echo chambers)

>> No.4111702


>> No.4111748

Except those bad news ones collabed with Kizuna just fine. Nothing would happen with them.

>> No.4111870

That's why people call her a hypocrite and grifter, she only voices those opinions in private (most recently, not wanting to play some VN because it contains loli) while LARPing as a loli vtuber.

>> No.4111910

Wait people unironically think Nyanners model is a loli? Go watch more loli porn.

>> No.4112110

>Her opinions were not ALL based on bad information either, and as far as i know the stuff she is right on Cover is not going to change any time soon.

lol she got like one or two things right out of all the shit she said (that Hololive talent doesn't own their characters, not something unique in this industry it's the same with nijisanji) while also calling them fake and no it wasn't harmless Vshojoniggers repeat this kind of shit all the time and it does affect perception of corporate Vtubers (mostly Hololive). Lewdcast was strongly "anti-corporate" before they've joined a corpo, that's why they go out of their way to state that it's "talent-first" and totaly not like other companies!

>> No.4112144

Dude, don't threaten me with a good time. Getting rid of Kiara and Vhoejo in one fell swoop would be the best possible outcome

>> No.4112327


>> No.4112442

>kiara's roommate
Why didn't you post screencap or archive?
Why must you be like this?

>> No.4112457

She wouldn't say it openly (she usually didn't that clip was when she got cought in 4K even when she said similar shit without name dropping hololive multiple times before and after) just throw some shade in a way that Kiara probably wouldn't notice but long time Veibae's audience will.

>> No.4112839

The responses to this expose the wonderful truth: people who hate vshojo hate them not for being filthy whores, but just because 20 years ago Nyanners said that she doesn't like pedos.

>> No.4113044

I can believe she asked because Kiara have to do this kind of shit all the time with JP senpais she's pretty used to asking for collabs at this point, wouldn't change how there is something fishy about Vshojo-Hololive interactions, especially since Nyanners shouted out Kiara as one of her favorite chuubas in that AI thing I think it was the after party but still I have a feeling like they're playing on Kiara's insecurities with compliments and whatnot.

>> No.4113119


>> No.4113528

yeah that felt like a really weird concerted targeting. Nyanners shouting out Kiara of all people to Kizuna Ai came really random out of left field, it's not like they did have any noticeable interactions before, or even so much as just mentioned each other.
I'll believe the rrat they were consciously preying on what they identified as the "weakest link" of the group to get an "in" to Hololive (now, I'm not going so far as to say they had any further large masterplan to "destroy" Hololive or whatever, but they definetly want to leech views, at least). And Kiara was lovebombed because she responds the most to positive attention. The other, more "popular" ENs are too closed off for anything to happen, and even Mori who you can get at least a tweet from would take too long to set up an actual collab because you know how autistic she is. Only Kiara probably thought they really were her new friends who actually liked her for who she was (and not see how they'd just use her as a stepping stone towards their actual targets), and I hope this whole thing flames out without too much fallout.

>> No.4113605

Funny how this is ignored by most of the retards. Though, knowing her, it's probably for some inane shit like her cat doing something she didn't want to.

>> No.4113778

I hope the bridges between western and Japanese vt companies are burned forever.

>> No.4113825

Actually I'm pretty sure it was about Aloe and that clip where she talked in detail about Vtuber(?) company that scouted her and many people assumed at first that it was Hololive even when it almost certainly wasn't as the timeline doesn't match among other things, I think the clip is from around that time soon before Holo EN debut no?
Also Veibae mentioned that "they're getting doxxed and shit" and that was a different Aloe clip that got her in trouble with nijinigers where she implied that Chitose graduated because some other nijis were sharing her picture. In other words Veibitch was spreading rumours about things she didn't understand.

>> No.4113931

I would have a better opinion of the world if she stopped drawing breath but that's besides the point I guess.

>> No.4113988

Nah, hating them less if the judas of 4chan wasn't in the picture doesn't mean I would not hate them.

>> No.4114011

Just from the catbox and youtube posted in >>4109504 a company can decide that the vtuber is not a good choice for a collab. Kinda like how I'm pretty sure >>4104413 tanked her own opportunities even before sharing it in her patreon.
source: dude trust me

>> No.4114042

I like some Tsunderias and Prism Project (don't know if they count as "western", but they mostly stream in english). They're inoffensive, content-wise, the worst you could say them is rather that they are "boring" because they are too nice.

But yeah, I'm not exactly clamoring, begging and bating my breath for collabs with them either, even if I like them, it just wouldn't make too much sense currently and there's still enough potential to be had with intra-Holo collabs that they don't really need to branch out compulsory yet.

>> No.4114044

Nijisanji still do this shit with less important branches like ID it's probably just to save costs they don't really care if person fits the character all that much.

>> No.4114865

who the fuck is that

>> No.4114875

Or it is Calli snatching her Coco collab without even warning Kiara first

>> No.4114881

Bitch is just pushing Kiara to take initiative and redirect hate towards herself, if she really wanted to protect her she wouldn't talk about who came up with the collab idea in the first place.

Also Kiara explicitly stated that she's making her own decisions regarding content and character design during that Digikomi Q&A so I'm almost certain that she saw the clip and it did got to her I wonder if she actually changed mind about her "new friend" and collab so Vaibae is just doin damage control at this point.

>> No.4114977

of course it's the tumblr reject board that supports that golddigging cunt.

>> No.4115051

Women are never adult, they just get less attractive as time goes by.

>> No.4115062

Some anituber's girlfriend. And the reason why not even the hololive thread at /jp/ back in May and later had any hope for holoEN.

>> No.4115283

people in "developed countries" in general don't become adults nowadays.

>> No.4115333
File: 116 KB, 1004x993, nyanghazi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>onestly if she started to become big among /pol/cels or anti-woke crowd then I wouldn't be surprised if suddenly she started pivoting to that crowd and portraying herself as the "lefty/commie/liberal who's seen the light".

But... didn't she try that already?

>> No.4115368

>gamergate redditor

>> No.4115372

I'm getting my anituber whores confused.

Vshojo's titty Hajime is Gigguks piece, right? And the broad in the infamous audition clip is with whom? Don't tell me it's Digitroony...

>> No.4115385

Why do you think she's accused of being grifter supreme?

>> No.4115436
File: 70 KB, 804x936, ame aaaaaaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Vshojo's titty Hajime is Gigguks piece
Yes. As >>4111525 said, Hime is just a regular thing that may or may not be your thing.
I'm sorry, but yes. I think they broke up already, though.

>> No.4115685

aaaah why is everyone related to anitubers so faggy and shitty?

Does prolonged exposure to anime always result in mental illness, or were they always this way and all just happen to find anime eventually?

>> No.4115823

it's mental illness that leads to interest in anime and things related.

>> No.4115916
File: 721 KB, 603x689, lulu smug casual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As >>4115823 said, you have to be a little out there to like anime and related stuff. But those who aren't full mental illness are the ones who can achieve great things.

>> No.4116123

Vshoujo members they all scum with exception of Melody and Iron mouse they are cool, but the other members are fucking worst thots, pieces of trash that deserves to die.

>> No.4116223

See >>4111525. Most of them are okay-ish for western standards. I'll also add that whatever Zentreya is, anyone that has been doing that shit since before it was popular in the west deserves some recognition, if only for sticking with it that long.

>> No.4116311

That's a left wing sub anon.

>> No.4117739

I don't like her, but I'm 99% sure she's referring to when some twitch thot spread her holes on stream and only got banned for 3 days.

>> No.4118102


Sucks you are not in touch with reality to begin with

>> No.4118313


Not that anon but a black person in your vidya isn't sjwees infiltrating your vidya, sorry.

>> No.4118385


Proof they post it on their /v/tuber accounts? And get over it and let people live how they want to live, /pol/tard

>> No.4118394

no one even implied that

>> No.4118557
File: 319 KB, 1080x1022, 1621803019040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Proof they post it on their /v/tuber accounts?
Sure, here you go
>And get over it and let people live how they want to live, /pol/tard
lmao the fucking irony

>> No.4118676

We've had blacks in media since time immemorial but politicizing them is a recent occurence.

>> No.4118909

Thats kinda the exception
Literally everyone was talking about it, even if its literally just a building a bunch of dumb fuck Americans forced their way in

>> No.4118913

waaaa that zentraeya thing broke one of the rules-. dont get political or talk about sensitive stuff

>> No.4119482

GamerGhazi is/was (is it still around?) a ResetEra tier hive of insane leftism.

>> No.4119951

Hey, it’s good to have some variety once in a while.

>> No.4119963


>> No.4121433

and that stance makes her garbage

>> No.4122167

do men actually watch whores who dont like strong men? wtf
I'm glad she didnt get accepted into hololive

>> No.4122688

Nyanners just did a Nekopara stream though.

>> No.4122787

Shitting on your fanbase makes prior fans very, very angry. It's the same energy that came out in Gamergate and the reaction to Disney shitting on Star Wars. Otaku, whether they be anime, vidya, etc. tend to hold grudges forever.

>> No.4122860

In their private lives? sure. They can have a private twitter account and say whatever they want. But on their public platforms? No, they've VAs to a character created by a company to entertain people. They're not independent. If they want to be, they have to do it the hard way.

>> No.4123074

based eldritchfag
Watching her stream Sekiro was an absolute wonder.

>> No.4123117

I don't want to hear about the cocks Marine and Denchou have swallowed, or how many men Miko's fucked, anon. Their fans don't either.

>> No.4123356

Based take.

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