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Why is she the one with less subs in Hololive currently?

I don't watch her stuff so I genuinely don't know why. Is her personality, her schedule, her content?

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She's very normal and has no gimmick. Doesn't feed chat's hornyness

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She came off as a complete cunt a while back and got pretty shitty with her chat. I think it turned a lot of people off on her. She maintains her niche and it's nice to see her slowly keep growing.

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What did she did or say to be a "complete cunt"?

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Other anon that is member to her here, I believe anon refers to the fact that every time someone tries to be even mildly horny she not only bonks the lm but straight up starts roasting them hard.

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>no gimmick
She loli

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ah, ID Shion...

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>every time someone tries to be even mildly horny she not only bonks the lm but straight up starts roasting them hard.
As is the correct action from a good muslim. Coomers will face the blade when the time comes.

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Normies hate lolis

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Personality and content, her personality is very calm most of the time like watching Ina but she also rejects all GFE, horny or anything related to that and the games she plays are either very niche or she can’t play bigger games because she is or was literally poor and used to eat one slice of bread for breakfast and still kinda does but she says she is doing better and she is happy now, the point is she can’t play heavy games but she just got a good PC so she’s starting to play better games, sadly these games are also niche, instead of a stream it’s almost like she does a walkthrough with commentary

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She's like Kiara in that she plays a lot of debuff games, even though you can clearly tell with the numbers which games her audience wants her to play. Works better in collabs than on her own.

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No hate but I just don't get anything when I watch her. No impression, just kind of dull. Maybe I could watch more and give her another chance but considering how many indie vtubers there are that leave a much stronger impression I'd rather support them instead

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She's a boring bitch that does nothing, tries nothing new, and puts zero effort in. Expect her graduation soon.

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Anya is literally a minor irl, which is why she can't say how old she is. I suspect she's Gura's younger sister, too.

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I know I’m replaying to bait but whatever, she’s going to start doing otaku talk zatsudan streams, asmr, drawing which are some of the new things (only members thought)

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>members only

Ah, so you gotta pay for the decent content, while the half-assed crap will be free. That's definitely how you boost your views.

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She does stuff like that. Comes off kinda smug. Kills the mood. She's done similar. I mean, there are people who like that, which I believe is her core audience. She just appeals to a really small select group. She's one of the most pro hololive People in Twitter, always supporting everyone. So it isn't like she's to be hated, it's just hard attaching to her.

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she would have more viewers if she didn't had the worst rigger that game her huge tiddies and ruined the cunny audince for her

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Based, might have to pick her up now

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Actually that's incredibly based, if she was like that all the time I would always watch her. Tard-wrangling will always be appreciated

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Jesus christ, someone get her a decent PC.

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Those tards are the reason why Coco was able to afford a five thousand dollar bed, or why Roboco's computer is a custom-built, high-end battlestation. Anya doesn't understand the audience and thus has no audience.

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She's free to have her own community, free of retards. If that means less money then so be it, she's already made it being part of hololive anyways. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you don't see the problem with backseating

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That's true, but maybe when you're new, shitting on your audience when you're still sub 200k isn't a good idea. It's taken her almost 5 months just to gain another 100k. This is why she is last in subs and will stay there for a long time.

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You Will Never Be A Real Ogey

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I hope her and Gura collab again. She's so cute.

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That sounds pretty based

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What makes her interesting? I have never watched her, and she doesn't interact with others the way Moona does.

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Why would Gura, the number one ranked hololiver, sully herself with this chronic underperformer? Gura would be better served collabing with Mel for Christ's sake.

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Maybe she’ll listen to member chat and do some asmr stream that go private later just to tease non members, when it happens of course she doesn’t have the mic yet but said she wants to get one

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>the most subs on holo X the lowest subs of holo
I see the perfect lore for anime script, besides pekomoona

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Okay that based as fuck

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Because Gura as far as we know isn't some elitist piece of shit who thinks she's better than other people because of subcount.

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there has to be a loser.

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300k is still a big number tho, also i don't think it bothers her and probably well aware

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I'm sure not being able to get paying members until weeks after Reine due to low subs didn't bother her at all. That's why Anya is still eating salted white rice and toast while Reine is eating like royaltea.

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Her streams are kinda dull? Not chill, but dull. Not even being an oppai loli saves her because she hides it most of the time.

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Subhanallah ya akhi.... Truly an example of Muslima.

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But Reine has always been royalty

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stuck up bitch that always angry at her chat

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