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get well soon, my dear daughter

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Risu Bebe

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yubi yubi~

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pict related is the best ID singer

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Iofi and Oga live drawing starting soon

DJ Anya in 30 minutes

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lofi whoring herself again...

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Stfu moona, go back to dorm now.

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Oh my dear daughter
Moona oh moona
Take the rest my daughter.. Oh Moona my moona

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You wish. Risu is the best Hololive singer.

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Based tranny hunter, but you will not catch an Ayunda today. She is not one of them.

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How bad does she smell? Asking for a friend.

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Anya is inclining huh?

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Like fresh cut grass and whatever aftershave/deodorant you wear.

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Did people really care that much about the Ollie yabs + hiatus?

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There are one or two faggots that still hold grudge on her. That's what I can tell when I post some Ollie pict on general

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does Ollie have an OnlyFans?

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Definitely. The people who constantly remind us are still mad, and the people who downplay/pretend they never happened get legitimately mad when they're brought up. It's like an endless cycle of autism from both ends

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oh hey i just found out about this thread

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t. Risu

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im glad she's inclining, i hope the one to stay at the bottom will be iofi

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Niji ID management > Holo ID management.

Poor girls, they stuck with a shitty CEO who doesn't care about their branch.

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>Niji ID management > Holo ID management.
unironically and sadly that is the truth

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Sex with ollie

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Kek wrong pic

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>doesn't care about their branch
That faggot YAGOO literally flew to Indonesia for ID1, bet he'd do the same thing if rona isn't around. Main twitter account and their JP senpais promoted them even though they probably know nothing about Indonesia. Don't forget free JP collab from the start. Just because M-chan is a bit retarded doesn't mean the rest are ignoring them.

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>Indonesian branch
>Doesn't have any local donation platform
>Doesn't sell any merch through local marketplace
>Doesn't have any promotion efforts towards their intended fanbase
I'm not talking about promotions done by their senpais, why would they? Their main audience should be from Indonesia, not from Japan.

Mind you all that things that I typed in green text has already exist in Niji ID. Hololive can't rely on luck forever, the competition is getting fierce. I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers Niji ID now, and if Holo ID can't adapt, they will slowly losing their fanbase.

I'm not trolling, I'm just voicing my opinion because I love the girls, but the management sometimes really pisses me off. And I'm sure it's not M-chan that's at fault here, she has little power in managing her own branch, I'm pretty sure Yagoo is the retarded one here.

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you bee you bee

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I don't really disagree with you here, but please don't tell me you are one of those butthurt faggots that think they shouldn't speak english more than indog? Most indogs speak english well enough and international audiences speak english as well, you are helping limit their growth if you are against using the global language in favor of some local dialect which poors won't put up the money to make it at all worth it anyway..

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>Most indogs
Indonesia is not only Jakarta

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Indonesian is actually second language for most Indogs, unless your first language is Malay (or close enough to Malay).
That means English is the third language for most Indogs.

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built for bee wee sea

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Blame M-chan

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