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Your thoughts and opinions:

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As mentioned, next Mori stream or whatever would be a good channel to contact her, I'd want to share some of the errors they made, assuming she or someone else didn't bring them up. Otherwise, I'm pretty hyped for this. I've only played a game of modified Cyberpunk, DnD, and starfinder*, and have wanted to see WoD in action for awhile.

*let's face it, path/starfinder is just DnD 3.5 DLC.

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Myth rape?

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Daily reminder that your soulless corpo whores will never have the same level of chemistry as the vshojo girls


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Tree RRat:

>High int and High dexterity
>Only care about nuts
>Steals people's nuts
>Will do anything for nuts
>Is nuts for nuts
>Will fight monsters for nuts
>Will eat your nuts for nuts

She'll hopefully kill everyone for nuts

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Will probably be kino. Hope they try other systems after this. Also, I don't often think about rape, but since Mori made mythrape, I can't help thinking about the situations they'll get into and how they'll end up raped at the end. I blame Mori for this and I love it.

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Not clicking they link from literal who's nigger

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It's ok, Mori can't help thinking about being forcefully impregnated by the Cocock, so you're in good company.

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Kiara was pretty good in this, she didn’t do any of the things that made her annoying in previous collabs.

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Really good idea, feels like Mori was inspired by Critical Role with how she's leading this and she's certainly putting the work in.

Just hope the others stay invested and we don't get early dropouts.

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Mythrape? Ain’t no way they someone approved that.

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Mori was on clear position of power, so maybe that's why.

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I guess Gura really liked Devil May Cry, uh?

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It was a typo

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You can’t call someone a whore when you rep Vshojo make it make sense anon.

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I'm surprised Calli was the DM. Ina seemed like she'd wanted that role, but it did go a long while without any sign of EN playing a tabletop, so maybe Calli offered to help her out.

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Someone put all of the character sheets together

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That’s even funnier

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Yeah, she did great. She took the criticisms from the Uno collab to heart and has worked hard to improve in the all-member collabs, and it shows.

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The funniest part was Kiara completely not noticing it while the other three were corpsing.

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Yeah, but Kiara isn't as annoying as she used to be ever since the uno incident, you can tell the difference from the past 2 full collabs too, there's much more dead air.

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OP is a fag who doesn't give time stamps.

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It was the funniest shit when she was trying to get them to explain what it was, and they were desperately trying to brush it off because it was too Yab to even say on stream.

I was terrified she was going to make the speech impediment her baby voice. That would’ve ruined the entire campaign for me.

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Yeah Critical Role is a neat idea so long as it doesn't actually involve the people in Critical Role

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Mori has experience GMing, has done so through college, and knows the system well. Ina always wanted to try it but never did. Mori started preparing the campaign somewhere in October, at least conceptually.

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What were the criticism in the Uno collab she talked too much or something?

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Kiara has PTSD from that word please undastand.

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ty someone

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>sex = laugh
Next joke please

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I only remember people being angry about the baby thing, which didn't bother me because Miko and Luna are my oshi and vice-oshi, respectively.

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I might actually give the stream a chance now. Missed it earlier and I wasn't planning on watching it because of Kiara.
But if she toned down the acting, it may be worth.

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Calli seems to know how to control the game, I expected more autism from her. And explains clearly, too

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>what's funnier than amy schumer?
>FIVE amy schumers

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I hope one of them plays this.

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That's exactly the one.

She didn't really care about the baby thing, it was mainly the talking too much that she took to heart. She discussed it in a member stream after the Jackbox collab.

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>Mori showing off her best side with some impressive DM skills and her crazy work ethic
>Kiara killing the rrats by being supportive early on but not overbearing
>Gura being a goofball but showing genuine interest and enthusiasm despite her lack of knowledge
>Ina being Ina with notOkabe
>Ame with an off the wall character that should be a ton of fun

Best EN collab

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Ironically the literal pornstar is the most wholesome and seiso out of them

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Oh god that’s why I stopped watching her outfit review stream anytime a Holo does that shit I dip out. No idea why any of them find that funny.

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It's true, I can't stand most of them but I like Mousey and Mel sometimes.

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Yeah this was a totally diferente calli and Kiara it was Nice also Ina Char being so bad at driving Made me laugh so much kek

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I can't wait to see art of Gura's blind chuuni mailman who can drive apparently.

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Why can't Mori be like this in every collab?

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how long do we have to wait until they start this? july right? kind of a bummer but still im hype for the campaign

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Like what? Explain yourself?

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I'm guessing not spilling spaghetti everywhere and gUH all the time.

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Like actually looking like she wants to be there for once

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Because she has very specific interest and only streams for the chats enjoyment, not her own

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Mori was great at explaining the game and getting everybody interested, but how will she actually narrate the adventure? We have yet to witness her true skill.

>> No.4204189

Because she can only be this confident with months if preparation behind her

>> No.4204250

From her short explanation intro and the critical failure grandma, I have full faith

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Garbage, just from looking at the thumbnail

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>Ina and Kiara are the only ones with any combat ability

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Calli said in a previous stream that she wants to have a ton of production values, like drawing all their character herself, and producing music, intros, etc.

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Mori didn't really show any real DM skills yet but I'm optimistic.

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Watoto has brawl

>> No.4204499

I though Gura's characters was broken due to how OP he was

>> No.4204506

Worthless for real combat. Human characters need firearms.

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>First vampire encounter
>Takotori for the rest of the game

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>Mori typing "#Mythrape" suggesting that we should rape them.

You missed the most important part about the collab.

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How new nigger?
Of course. Of course. Go back to Gaia.

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To be fair, WoD is not as combat focused than D&D is.

>> No.4204648

I'm sure she can get a match or a lighter or something and set her arms on fire to make Brawl viable

>> No.4204677

Not as focused yes, but I rarely saw WoD games with zero combat.

>> No.4204683

She'll be fine. Don't expect Matt Mercer is a good rule of thumb when it comes to campaigns

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This is going to be a bitch to schedule. I'm glad all the girls are into it, but I also won't mind if they give room to some of the HoloID who actually are at GMT+7 to Mori's GMT+9. The most receptive would probably be Reine and Ollie, but Anya has the most unconventional sleeping schedule among the ID so she can sync up well.

I know you're reading this tree rrat. Try to join in when you can too. Bring along Iofi too.

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Matt Mercer is a faggot. We're doing this the old way.

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Arcadum's games are pretty dull once you realize his players are never in real danger and his campaigns are made for the players to be big heroic winners no matter what they do. As well, the Vshoujo girls are just going to be their stupid horny selves. If you like their usual content I'm sure it's going to be fun but Arcadum's DMing isn't very exciting.

Despite Mori being a much more amateur GM (In comparison to Arcadum) I am much more excited to see her style and world for the girls.

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Anyone else starting on a mythtape?

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I watched that. It was fucking horrible.

>> No.4204885

Nothing like going into a roleplaying game and then playing as yourselves...

>> No.4204897

I'm sure as Mori helps them iron their characters out behind the scenes Gura's character at least is going to have more combat potential seeing as she wanted to be some kind of "mercenary."

>> No.4204904

>path/starfinder is just DnD 3.5 DLC.
Depends on if you're playing 2e or not. The former, hell no.

>> No.4204951

I am more than sure that Cali understands the system she's running and the general power level of the girls characters. She's going to make challenges but they won't be outside their abilities, at least not a first. Or she may help the girls with the whole "Escape is always an option" bit. Though I haven't played this ruleset so I'm unsure how feasible fleeing is but player creativity will usually be the deal maker or breaker in bad situations.

>> No.4204966

Please just Reine, she already does this type of stuff and plays these type of games.

>> No.4204986

Risu knows a thing or two. While Ollie doesn't know shit, I know she wants to try anything.

>> No.4204992

I'm confused, so how does Gura's mail powers work?

>> No.4204994

You mean #mythrape.
I hope each note is actually a moan.

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Mercer is a faggot but people sometimes have an expectation for these games to have the production value, voice talent, and scripts he has and leave underwhelmed. Mori will be a good GM and this won't be Critical Role

>> No.4205016

As long as it's an exaggerated character AND the player is having fun with it, that's usually what makes things fun or not. Reacting to the crazy situations, even if its very close to home, is where the fun of roleplaying comes from I believe.

>> No.4205021

I don't think he's a faggot, but I think that he's a bad influence on wannabes. He knows this too. We can talk about this on /tg/ all day but you gotta come up with your own style.

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/tg/ is fucking dead
5eniggers are already in my book of grudges.

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I can't wait.

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When she said she wants it to be a twice a month thing, the girls were silent. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Concept wise, I think only Gura has a very bland character. To which I mean it's totally different from her and she openly admitted that she was bad in RP so I don't know what is up with her. Amelia's character sounds promising. Kiara and Ina will be very useful. If there were going to be new people added in, they will probably show up after season 2 if there is going to be season 2. Kiara has improved in letting things be. Mori has to work more in her narrative skills but she's good with trying to explain stuff. We will see how much the other girls will care about this on the second stream. Also, once Calli becomes busy again with her music, I don't know if this will ever reach a season finale

>> No.4205132

Lets see how the session goes. At worse we get how most TTRPG streams go, lots of dead air.

>> No.4205143

I agree, I don't hate Matt he's obviously knows how to create a game he wants to run and his players want to play. But since he's become so popular EVERYONE wants to be like him and play in Matt Mercer DnD. High fantasy with little to no chance of actual death or real punishment.

>> No.4205144

/tg/ started a space opera epic in the thread dedicated to this very stream.

>> No.4205211

says the guy posting on an anime board section for animated virtual characters that are designed like anime characters.

>> No.4205246

I haven't poked into /tg/ in a while (outside of /40kg/ every now and then) but it used to be my home board. That was back when 4e was brand new though. D&D5e is.... acceptable, if incredibly bland as a system. My favourite is Eclipse Phase, and I'd love to try out Exalted sometime.

Honestly for this stream I was surprised how well Kiara put together her character concept before they started, and how smoothly (ish) character creation went. I'm not a huge fan of WoD overall but I fucking love prometheans, though no one remembers they exist.

>> No.4205247

Well, I submitted music, lol.

>> No.4205300

>Yeah Critical Role is a neat idea so long as it doesn't actually involve the people in Critical Role

i take it they are annoying libtards

>> No.4205311

Look forward to seeing what Calli has planned, I could see some interesting friction with the character types and the general personalities of the persons playing. Time will tell.

>> No.4205376

Watoto sounds too much like a mix between Amelia's old persona and current. Ina and Kiara seem to have some experience so it lets see how they can make it work. Gura is hopeless and sleep deprived, I can only hope her character dies first and tries again, even if the next character is some joke she thought would be funny. Cali seems oddly motivated so if anything the girls probably don't want her to become disappointed.

>> No.4205468

extremely. i think a lot of that has to do with general impressions on twitter though since mercer they attempted to cancelled him because he said something in the wrong way.
but they are through and through lefties and even had some orange man bad moments.
overall though, look at who they have on their. Only 2 of them are capable of actually voice acting with matt and travis, while the rest are one voice goblins.

>> No.4205492

Gura said she is always down for more collabs with her genmates regardless of what they want to do. Let's see if she really meant those words.

>> No.4205521

Wanna start a /tg/ reconquista?

>> No.4205578

That makes sense and is more or less what I expected,
That doesn't. Gaia's been dead forever, anon, let it go.

>> No.4205658

I can see them surviving encounters with lower tier monsters but anything half decent would slaughter them. Mori is probably planning horror/survival style games.

>> No.4205827

I think in narrative structure, Watoto will provide entertainment to the group and the stream overall. Since we have a sleep deprived overachiever scientist, having Watoto mixed with her flaws will cause interesting results. Kiara's sounds like a well rounded character. Gura has to study up. Maybe she can dedicate a whole stream just trying to decide on things for her character because she clearly doesn't or didn't have time to even do any sort of studying on her end. Collabing isn't really the issue, it's the work behind the scenes that will be needed to get her up to speed. She was so reluctant and unsure.

>> No.4206002

I don't know why people expected complex characters out of Gura. She's adorable, but always seems to prefer simple ideas and humour. Honestly as they're all newbies to this they'll probably quickly change how they handle their characters. I assume Calli will be talking to them about stuff offstream too. I also fully expect her to kill off their original set of characters at the end of the first real session, to teach them that characters can indeed die.

I also have no idea about Ame's previous self and don't care to look it up, but Watoto sounds like a whackjob of a character.

That sounds like work. I don't have time to play /tg/ related stuff anymore anyway.

>she clearly doesn't or didn't have time to even do any sort of studying on her end
Pretty sure none of them had looked up any actual 'rules' before and were only told to come up with a character concept, which is hard for some people. Especially if they've never done actual roleplaying before, they don't know what constitutes a character.

>> No.4206129

>My favourite is Eclipse Phase
/epg/ forever in cold storage

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I wonder if they will meet a vampire or werewolf first.

>> No.4206170

I wanted Gura's character to just be Senzawa

>> No.4206251

>Mori didn't really show any real DM skills yet but I'm optimistic.

how can mori be the DM if she made a character? You can't do both.

>> No.4206277

I played an EP campaign with some people from /tg/ over IRC way back, long before "generals" were a thing. The setting and systems are so good, it deserves to be more well known.

I'm hoping a promethean shows up at some point and just punches a hole in a vampire or something. Then the disquiet causes one of them to snap and start infighting.

Never heard of a DMPC?

>> No.4206299

DMNPCs are for niggers. But Mori just made a sample character for both the audience and the other members.

>> No.4206305

Hollywood natives, yes.

>> No.4206329

>Matt Mercer is a faggot
Of fuck off, you can't deny the guy knows how to properly DM, just parrot what you read you /tg/ and say you hate him because he's a lefty

>> No.4206349

I'm just happy something that isn't D&D is being shown off at a "high level" of streaming. We have too many faggots trying to emulate Critical Shit and Arcadumb when they're about as interesting/watchable as going to a McDonalds is. Sure, dumbasses still go to watch them, but there's absolutely no meaningful substance there. What I'm hoping is Calli and the girls actually show that you don't need to play fucking 5e to be a successful TTRPG stream.

>> No.4206358

Chad will probably appear at the beginning just to die horribly.

>> No.4206384

The fact that they're used poorly 99% of the time doesn't change the fact that they are still a thing. But I assume if Chad does get used, its just to get his dumbass killed. Or as a joke.

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You apostates killed my homeboard. The old guard will dash your frail bodies to the rocks.

>> No.4206512

There's a lot of great tabletop indie channels, but most of them bog the streams down by focusing way too heavily on the game and way too little on the roleplay, so they never capture both markets- people who want to learn the game, and people who want to follow an interesting/skilled/unique virtual talent playing the game.
The youtube market is personality + play, rule intensive woggery and "you can't do that" are awful. 5e doesn't help, either.
WoD is a good choice to fuck about in, since it's a pretty open system with a lot of internal variety and homebrew.

>> No.4206531

>Proper GM
Take his cock out of your mouth. The man can do voices and that's it. He is incapable of providing any challenge to his players, to the point where he actively bends over backwards to accommodate their stupid ideas. He lacks fundamental understanding of combat encounters as well. Everything is a 1 monster vs 9 snoozefest, and he always gives them free long rests between every encounter. He actively twists his world to make the players seem like "good guys" even when they are objectively being chaotic evil shitheads. I don't give two shits what he crytweets about, only that he panders so hard to the pissbabies in the community that any and all risk or challenge to the player characters has been removed. And don't get me started on how many basic fucking rules he "forgets" and allows his players of 6+ fucking years to "forget"

>> No.4206572

>and he always gives them free long rests between every encounter.
What the fuck lmao
What a faggot

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daily reminder that the whore that will 100% betray you in the future is on suicide watch.

>> No.4206635

Oh it gets better: He literally gave them a free 17th level NPC whose sole purpose is to cheat via time magic to give them said long rests for free even in the middle of a dungeon/between rooms.

>> No.4206636

That's an astonishing amount of self-awareness for Nyanners.

>> No.4206683

Sounds like a nigger who can't plan encounters for shit and backpedals like a faggot.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1877x668, 1597950034169.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/.... home...

>> No.4206830

>is a doormat

>> No.4206883

>Only 2 of them are capable of actually voice acting with matt and travis, while the rest are one voice goblins.
You can hate them for their opinions on Twitter but come on, each of them have at minimum 10 years of experience in voice acting.

>> No.4206986

thinking about it, no idea what kind of theme to work around though, what are you doing?

>> No.4206997

/tgg/ when?

>> No.4207405

Mori carried the collab based

>> No.4207491

>not femvergil

>> No.4207518

The idea that the girls' PCs can survive long enough to form a big Cell, or even a Compact outright, makes me smile with the possibilities.

>> No.4207608
File: 1.11 MB, 560x315, 1621983189956.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does mori have something against men?

>> No.4207622

I actually think Gura put a lot of thought into how the roleplay sessions would go, and decided on a quiet mystery girl, so she could still roleplay it well while letting the others talk more.
Other than that, she just seemed uncertain about how magical the setting was supposed to be.

>> No.4207652

Chad is going to be a tutorial npc
>Here's how combat works, I'm going to have this monster beat up Chad
>Here's how healing works
>Here's how skill checks/failure/etc works.
>Here's how you'd deal with this
>Oh no, he died in week 3 after you guys got familiar with the game. That's weird.
Making him with the girls/chat was a great idea. Shows Mori is putting a lot of thought into how she's approaching this.

>> No.4207706

>Other than that, she just seemed uncertain about how magical the setting was supposed to be.
This is the thing. When most people think 'tabletop RPGs' they only know of D&D (and in that case, Forgotten Realms setting). oWoD/nWoD isn't as well known other than 'that thing with the vampires'. Lets see how long it is until they learn that individual hunters aint shit compared to like... everything else in the setting.

>> No.4207934

It seems pretty clear he'll be the NPC that might show up to teach the new hunters how things go before getting wrecked for Plot. I assume if that happens, Calli will beef him up a few extra dots to make him a better teacher, or straight up make him a cocky newbie too.

Also what >>4207652 said.

>> No.4208331

Or he could mentor them for awhile and then betray them by turning out to be a vampire. could even be why Mori allowed the girls to take some things normally not obtainable in hunter, to make it less suspicious he'd have them.

>> No.4208466

People were saying in /hlgg/ that Gura gave herself devil trigger and Calli said that she picked a merit she shouldn't have. Which merit are they referring to what does it do exactly?

>> No.4208487

Combat finesse according to /tg/.

>> No.4208554

It's assumed she linked the other girls the list below (Gura's Vestige is from another book)

Combat Finesse requires a prerequisite, but we can guess Calli let it slide for Rule of Cool. She might rethink that when fixing the sheets though.

>> No.4208599

needs ID members

>> No.4208662

When are they going to have their first session?

>> No.4208673
File: 167 KB, 348x288, HTR_Redeemer_gameplay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm unsure of the design language for Hunter of Reckoning. Is it like "gothic-punk" like Masquerade?

>> No.4208954

>has a glock
>put zero point in firearms
wasted potential

>> No.4209013

It's in the same universe as Masquerade if that's what you mean

>> No.4209054

>Bird Communication
>Human Prey
Kiara's character is Pigeon Man with gun(s).

>> No.4209183

Mori's doing one-on-one character introductions for each of them every week, then next month they start group sessions.

>> No.4209297

I missed this part, how is the schedule for the 1-on-1 sessions going to work? Everything in 1 week?

>> No.4209453

Oh no, I just named the first thing it reminded me of but that clears things up.

>> No.4209491

It's not really because owod and nwod are different universes but sure.

>> No.4209544

next time Risu

>> No.4209614

Just to clear things out because it's totally fine to be confused: Old World of Darkness is Vampire the Masquerade and Hunter the Reckoning. New World of Darkness (aptly renamed as Chronicles of Darkness) is a reboot with a slightly changed lore, overall tone and ruleset, which has Hunter the Vigil and Vampire the Requiem.

>> No.4209635
File: 924 KB, 786x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm unsure of the design language for Hunter of Reckoning. Is it like "gothic-punk" like Masquerade?
They're not playing Hunter the Reckoning, but Hunter the Vigil. A very different but similar game. See the attached for the games themes and moods from the HtV1e core book. Gothic-punk isn't how New World of Darkness would describe itself though, it's more Modern Gothic. So it's set in the present day, and has a bigger focus on dark gothic tone and mood, and the edgey punk stuff isn't really a thing by default. The setting is also a lot less defined and is more tool boxy, so no metaplot.

>It's in the same universe as Masquerade if that's what you mean
Reckoning might be but they're not playing Reckoning. They're playing Vigil which is in the same universe as Vampire the Requiem.

See above.

>> No.4209750

How big of an SC are you going to post to point that all out?

>> No.4209754

Chad is built very much as a joke character. But I can think he'll show up at least once to cause trouble with his Incompetent (Occult) flaw.

>> No.4209758
File: 192 KB, 2048x1576, E2RuYeeVgAUY-QQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Watoto isn't just Ame doing a 24/7 Alex Jones routine, I'll be sincerely disappointed.

>> No.4209832

To be even more clear for everyone here.

Old World of Darkness (oWoD) has Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Wraith: The Oblivion, Changeling: The Dreaming, Hunter: The Reckoning, Demon: The Fallen, Orpheus, Mummy: The Resurrection, and Kindred of the East. Then it's got things like Vampire: The Dark Ages, or Werewolf: The Wild West, which are the same creatures in different time periods.

They're not playing oWoD, but New World of Darkness (nWoD) which was a reboot of various lines with new lore and direction. Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, Promethean: The Created, Changeling: The Lost, Hunter: The Vigil (what they're playing), Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Mummy: The Curse. All these books require the World of Darkness core book, which contains all the base rules and functions as a mortal game.

Then nWoD got a rebrand with its second edition to Chronicles of Darkness (CofD). It has second editions of all of the above (although MtC and HtV aren't out yet.) A big complaint about nWoD was that it felt like "oWoD but not", Chronicles changes a lot of stuff to make them all feel distinct and really doubles down on mechanical and roleplay working in unison. 95% of the time they're far better games for it, and they don't need a separate book to work. They're all stand alone but there is a Chronicles of Darkness book that grants extra options and also works as a mortal game, while introducing large parts of the setting that aren't super relevant for the other games. CofD also introduces a few new games too, Demon: The Descent (which actually does need the Chronicles book), Deviant: The Renegades, and Beast: The Primordial but we don't talk about Beast.

If you only know about WoD through it's various video games just know that the game they are playing has no real relation to those things. Different universe, different tone, different rules.

If anyone has any questions about Hunter the Vigil I'd be happy to answer them, or just general WoD questions (The CofD stuff is really my thing though), I am happy to answer them.

>> No.4209954

how lethal is Vigil?

>> No.4210003

literally the only way to not die is to batman it up and torch the monster before it knows you're there

>> No.4210006


>> No.4210093

I find it to be very boring. Then again, I find table top dungeons very boring.

>> No.4210117

HtV isn't really a game about dungeon crawling.

>> No.4210227

Who will die first?

>> No.4210247

Chat will control him

>> No.4210251

What chemistry? Don't even bring this trash up as a comparison. It's dogshit. It didn't generate any hype and even their own audience barely cared.

>> No.4210267

1 a week through June and first session in July with games every other week

>> No.4210287

Kiara. The fact that she's the most actually competent in combat will mean she won't inmediately run away when confronted by the obligatory invincible pursuer and get merked.

>> No.4210338

Depends how well Mori gets across the lethality of the system. Otherwise Ame/Gura will probably try to fight the thing. Otherwise >>4210287 as chicken will probably overestimate her abilities even with prior warning.

>> No.4210353

Mori is a 'roleplay first' DM, which in my experience means the combat rules are never applied rigorously and the monsters make bizarre decisions that are more about sparing the party than killing it.

>> No.4210415

If you're not prepared or have backup to handle the monster, your character will definitely come out bleeding at best. Like said up here, Vigil's player characters definitely don't have the stamina and resillience to clear a building of critters like a dungeon crawler. A single vampire can easily be a boss enemy if your GM is feeling it.

People joked about Calli doing this because she can't play Bloodborne, but the comparison is almost apt: a lone hunter can handle a monster by hitting first from behind and with preparation to make sure it stays dead. Otherwise, backdash the fuck away and try again later.

>> No.4210499

>Depends how well Mori gets across the lethality of the system.
I would bet money that she made an "example character" to get killed early in a show of how lethal the game is.

>> No.4210564

She did say it's possible all of their characters will die in the tutorial. So, maybe she'll make it more lethal than you think.

>> No.4210600

Who has the most combat capable character?

>> No.4210601

It's certainly dangerous, but it's not crazy lethal. It's hard to judge fully as it really depends on the group, and what the GM throws at said group. I'm not imagining it's going to be anything too insane for this group for a while, so I don't think a death is something we'll see for some time. Because of how Health works, which I can explain, outright death is only going to be a major concern in two scenarios. Something has a massive dice pool, which I don't think we'll see, or a couple of people get really unlucky and end up bleeding out.

The first hunt is probably going to be rough, but afterwards I reckon they'll get some armour and supplies ready for their next outing. Both of those things make death less likely by a good margin. Lots of factors to consider though.

>> No.4210650

It'll be better than TAZ Graduation

>> No.4210677

>Calli makes an example character using the chat as prompt, just for kicks
>Everyone laughs at Chad the fratboy's antics as he's used to teach the game's concepts
>The final lesson is how damage rules work to have a Hunter be killed, Mori makes no big deal about it and calls it a day
>Session 1, the girls have to investigate an unusual bizarre death
>The victim is Chad and he died just the way Mori killed him in the tutorial session

I can feel the taste of kino from here.

>> No.4210712
File: 207 KB, 2048x940, 37661CFD-54BC-4B6D-88A8-A2391334F52C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calli needs more collabs like these, she’s good at these kind of things

>> No.4210779

did ame count her speed wrong?

>> No.4210789

Kiara, easily. 8 Health is solid, 4 Firearms + 2 Dex with a couple of good merits for shooting (although I think they've taken Gunslinger as a Merit, not as a Skill Specialty), average or above average resistances, and 5 Willpower to burn. Solid stuff, hopefully they don't get cocky because of it.

>> No.4210836

Yes. Should be 9, seems like they only added points they put into Str and Dex, forgetting it starts at 1, not their total.

>> No.4210845
File: 454 KB, 364x474, 1616517744295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn have Sheriff Callie and Cowgirl Gura
itai desu

>> No.4210875

yeah, that's what I'm having trouble figuring out, might be better to let twitter handle it or something? I haven't used twitter to post shit in ages though and don't know what the new character limit is. might be worse than superchat limits.

jesus christ, how horrifying.

>> No.4210927 [DELETED] 
File: 1.02 MB, 2878x1763, 1620354529290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You rep vshojo. You can't call other's whores. Take your meds faggot.

>> No.4210958

Thats actually a really clever way to teach people.

>> No.4210965

Just put it in a pastebin or a TwitLonger or something and send them the link.

>> No.4211038

>actions are taken by poll
>chat tries to get Chad killed initially but fails, instead slowly warms up to him.
>Ends up being a bonding experience between the girls and chat
>Chad ends up actually dying in the final mission and it is an emotional experience for all involved.

>> No.4211054

She took Gunslinger as both a merit, a specialty and the target of Area of Expertise. It's easy to say that she'll be able to hit whatever comes in front of her.

Now, whether that shot will -kill- it?

>> No.4211066

Ogey rrats, who will drop first?

>> No.4211104
File: 82 KB, 640x360, Mythbreakers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4211119
File: 1.08 MB, 950x686, WILD CARD [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F8l82xi.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4211134

Kiara. She'll run into something she can't minmax through, try to dm's gf her way out of it, fail, and have a tantrum onstream.

>> No.4211205

Who's character is the most solidly built?

>> No.4211229

Swap Dennis with Mac and you have gold

>> No.4211257


>> No.4211287

Gura has maximum manipulation and persuasion, uses his charms to get anything he wants. That is Dennis to a T.

>> No.4211295

Either the campaign completes or Calli drops. If morale and interest drops to the point of abandoning the campaign, she's going to threaten everyone behind the scenes with self-harm to make sure everyone continues playing to completion.

>> No.4211305

Makes sense, I knew they took it as a merit but it's not on their merit list. Area of Expertise does only apply to Mental Skills though, so Firearms doesn't work with it. It's also not on her sheet. Still, a pretty good dice pool.

Ina's is probably the best of the bunch, isn't just min maxing and most of everything on their makes sense as a character. Although they're all a little weird to be honest.

>> No.4211462

WoD isn't really a heavy combat RPG

>> No.4211483

Well, it can be, but Calli won't run one of those campaigns.

>> No.4211486

Watoto promises to be a lot of fun. I'm actually excited about this.

>> No.4211520

>>Kiara killing the rrats
But anon, Kiara confirmed a rrat for the second time.

>> No.4211547

Watoto has the perfect setup for Calli to just drop in a survival package with the 3 points into survival with a specialty in luck.

>> No.4211587

whats the time period to submit a song?

>> No.4211596

That was just a character that doubled as a way to show the girls how to fill out their sheets and to entertain the audience with something to look at. Character isn’t going to be in the game

>> No.4211673

Glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Alex Jones as she described her character.

>> No.4211765

Ah shit, that means there's a chance it might never finish due to perfectionism

>> No.4211862
File: 97 KB, 818x561, 1597420415533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this where we come to complain about the death of /tg/?
Cause I'm in.
Also I'm so hype for this. World of Darkness wasn't my thing but I don't think CoC is going to happen ever so this is as good as it's going to get.

>> No.4211899

>Is this where we come to complain about the death of /tg/?
Welcome home, brother.

>> No.4211940

I left a good while ago once I stopped being in any TTRPG groups and when I stopped being able to buy physical MTG. What happened.

>> No.4211983

SJW's took over. Trannypocalypse.
Gender pronouns in every game.
Something about racism against orcs.

>> No.4211994

I didn't hear them say anything about it, it isn't like calli's remix contest she did awhile back afaik

>> No.4212010

Oh look, /pol/ showed up

>> No.4212019

Did Ame mean Watoto was a literal goblin or just had a goblin like demeanor?

>> No.4212038

The latter. This is a human-only party.

>> No.4212044

hell yeah, gonna put actual work into making something good then. did they clarify anything about tone or atmosphere of song that they are looking for?

i didnt catch the last hour or and cant watch till tomorrow.

>> No.4212068

Have him die four different ways and then combine them into a single spectacularly unlikely event for the game

>> No.4212118

He's not wrong.

>> No.4212128

She seemed to want pretty general bgm/atmosphere but didn't give much more than that outside of the obvious "you agree to let us use it."
This + a billion generals.

>> No.4212132

They are, and it's unironically sad.

>> No.4212169

>>>/Nijisanji/ pls

>> No.4212181


>> No.4212183
File: 422 KB, 442x475, 1621744715095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quests overtook the board, pushing a lot of the "/tg/ gets shit done" projects off the board. Mods refused to do anything about it for months on end, causing most of those projects to either die or move offsite. Only THEN did the mods decide to purge the Quest cancer and force them on a separate board, successfully pissing off the remaining userbase (who were mostly Questfags at that point). Throw in stuff like the giant newfag explosion a couple of years ago and things like Critical Role attracting a lot of normies, and now /tg/ is a hollow shell of itself. If you go on /tg/ right now, you will see evidence that 80% of the board doesn't play games. It has become /v/ but somehow worse, because even /v/ will play SOME games, even if they hate all vidya.
It's to the point where if I was going to start a new tabletop project on 4chan which I heavily considered after HoloALT dropped, I would try to start it literally anywhere but /tg/.

>> No.4212192

Tweet it out in a twitlonger link with the #HunterMyth hash tag

>> No.4212200

go back

>> No.4212318

Learn English please. They used as a singular pronoun is a perfectly acceptable and has been for like 500 years. It's also almost universally used by native English speakers talking in an informal register. The data on that is well over 20 years old at this point too. So don't be a prescriptivist dickhead and push this generic he shit. You're not from the late 1800's nobody cares any more. Real simple stuff.

>> No.4212493

Spirit power is basically devil trigger by another name, and it's a mage merit not a hunter merit so I have no idea how she managed to pick that one.

>> No.4212511

the list mori linked them had other merits mixed in there.

>> No.4212512

Didn't they told you this is a right wing site for pedos and white terrorists?
Go back to twitter, if your friends find out you are posting here you're going to get cancelled.

>> No.4212530

Not sure they'd bother reading a twit longer. I'd wait til the first sessions start and see if they get corrected since Mori suggested she was going to do that anyway.

>> No.4212531

>Didn't they told you
Oh, hi SEA, how is the weather there this time of year?

>> No.4212598

wow, racist.

>> No.4212636

It was cute how Gura was cuddling Kiara because she was sleepy and how Kiara was headpatting her.

>> No.4212654

You're right, you could be BR for all I know.

>> No.4212678

Now tell me how I know you are a tranny.

>> No.4212705

Why would I ever cut my dick off and pretend I'm something I'm not?

>> No.4212710
File: 83 KB, 346x282, 1612670598088.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm hyped to se this. It's been a while since TTRPG series really caught my attention since I think the last one I really tried following is probably permadead since the DM got stalked off the internet.

>> No.4212776

It's awfully ironic you tried to critique my English only to fuck up after three words. Seriously though, google it. Wikipedia has a whole page full of cited sources on this issue. You don't have to get all tribalistic because you can't speak a language well. You can go out and learn.

>> No.4212811

become the DM you want to see

>> No.4212859

You are talking like to three different people btw.
And I think each and everyone of them think you are a massive faggot.

>> No.4212902

If only your opinion was worth a damn, then we'd be getting somewhere.

>> No.4212926

>Wishing Perma DM status on somebody
Fate worse than death.
t. ForeverGM Extraordinare that hasn't gotten to play a full campaign in 5+ years.

>> No.4212938

Chad will be the final boss. Mori created a Cover and it’ll be revealed that he’s a Daemon in the last session

>> No.4212970

It was worth a (you) from a cocksucker, at least.

>> No.4212976

kiara wanted to be placed next to gura to leech

>> No.4212994

I did. I honestly can't be a player any longer because of how much I enjoy GMing and all the narrative tricks I've learned.

>> No.4212996
File: 400 KB, 650x650, 1592966773415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. That place is filled with frogposters and calling each other incels.

>> No.4213007

>"we'll totally cycle DMs, anon, it's fine."
>"but anon, you're so good at it."
>"Nobody else really wants to and you've been doing it for forever. Why ruin a good thing."
It hurts.

>> No.4213032

Sounds like they're the soulless corpo whores here.

>> No.4213047
File: 93 KB, 403x381, 1605331398655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heard all three.

>> No.4213059

What's the source on Spirit Power?

>> No.4213110

“Wikipedia has a page on it so it must be true”

>> No.4213135

Is this just "I can't read English" the thread, or something?

>> No.4213168
File: 39 KB, 130x125, 1611785301958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4213214

take it from someone who has lurked here since about '04/05: such is the way of things. I remember when even /a/ could be kind, fun-loving, and enjoyable.

All things change, drawn to the flame.

>> No.4213221

Can't find it in a quick search, but think it's from Mage.
Stop giving him (you)s so we can go back to having a comfy oldfag /tg/ thread.

>> No.4213286

I know, man. I've been here since 04 too. I checked the board out jesus, it's an alien place. I can't tell if it's unironically reddit or /pol/.

>> No.4213299

Just tell them you're burnt out and want to swap. Being honest fixes 99 percent of all TTRPG issues.

>> No.4213327

It's both, constantly in flux, which causes most threads to devolve to shit. Looking forward to the threads here because it seems it'll naturally draw the best parts of old /tg/

>> No.4213328

I am an oldfag from /tg/. I don't wanna talk about English grammar anymore than you do, but they decided it was worth pointing out. As for the Spirit Power I looked before I asked. Can't see it anywhere. I read it on the sheet as "Spin Doctor" which is a Merit but I haven't seen the stream fully yet and everyone is talking about Spirit Power.

>> No.4213330

>Recently wrapping up a massive update for a project that started on /tg/ back in 2015.
>Want to take it back to /tg/ to show off some of that oldfag spirit
>It would get drowned by a 300th thinly veiled hornypost thread made by some faggots that have never seen 3 dice in the same spot in their entire lives.

>> No.4213387
File: 65 KB, 1080x608, 1621677933322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Problem: If you are genuinely the best GM in the group, whatever they make will crash and burn in 5 sessions or less, and nobody else will want to follow up. Then you're back to square one.
ForeverGMs play plenty of games, but ask how many have gotten to actually fucking complete a game that they weren't running and you're liable to get a lot of thousand mile stares.

>> No.4213414

Yeah, a thinly veined /tg/ thread sounds great. I don't know how to sustain that though.

>> No.4213452

Don't you know? Vtubers are just oldfag's retirement home.

>> No.4213454

4chan HoloALT tabletop RPG/lorefaggotry project.
Or even a vtuber TTRPG game in general.

>> No.4213481

If there's enough fan response there'll probably be a semi-normal thread.

>> No.4213504

Just finished watching the collab, it was a great teaser for what’s to come. I wonder who will have an introduction stream vs a video? Honestly I hope Gura has a stream, I think she would benefit the most from having a bit of practice with Mori, Ame too but a video of Watoto is very tempting.

>> No.4213517

>I want to fly like a bird and my special power will be sending cursed letters to people that kill them
Gura seems like the one that is going to be the most filtered as she seems to have the least grasp of constraints and rules of the setting, but seems like Mori is gonna try to accommodate her best she can.

>> No.4213564

Trinity, especially Gura and Ame. Not that they're not enthusiastic, but the schedule isn't sustainable for any of them. Ina streams at odd times anyway so she's stay.

>> No.4213569

>Gura showed up to Hunter
>With a Vampire-style character
>Using a Mage/Princess powerset.
At least it's not completely out of system, just not Hunter. Gura's been too into DMC lately.

>> No.4213575
File: 143 KB, 898x461, 1614873830631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There will be.
This is going to become the big HoloEn thing. The jps are going to go crazy with this. Fubuki has her own channel where she does CoC.
They should had done this months ago.

>> No.4213590 [SPOILER] 
File: 820 KB, 861x1129, 1622009931153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just gave /tg/ a visit. I haven't played in over a decade and now I don't want to.

>> No.4213611

>I'd want to share some of the errors they made
i doubt they care about the number specifics. if they have a couple too many base stats at the beginning, then it'll compensate for their newness.

>> No.4213643

5e isn't bad on the surface, but like any other D&D edition it starts breaking down fast once you start walking out of its comfort zone or start trying to push the system to its limits. It is probably the most definitive and distilled "McDonald's style" TTRPG: Easy to convince people to eat, and everyone's heard of it.

>> No.4213654

I have no experience in playing music, composing, arranging, mixing, or mastering, but this is it.

>> No.4213672

Little pockets of /tg/ are still great, but there is a lot of chaff in there these days.

>> No.4213696

Just started watching.

VtM was my first system, but first edition so it was the retconned problematic lore and horrible imbalance era. I dont know how its different to the modern version. I like d10 system tho.

>im realizing that a lot of people watching arent familiar with this type of game and how complicated this system can be compared to the more accessible D&D 5e
>the fact that you have to combine things for even a perception check
>the fact that some of the stat labels are a little unclear just so they are different words than D&D

I hope they play it fast and loose. This is the kinda thing thats going to have a ton of backseat gamers and people who just get confused between mechanics.
I was hoping they would go with the Monsterhearts property because its really RP based with very minimal and easy to understand mechanics. Its basically pass/fail with some simple fun classes. At least Mori seems super familiar and stays focused as the others go wild

>> No.4213757

Hunter is Mori's main game, according to her, so this is a passion project. It was gonna be Hunter or nothing (since Ina asked to run the CoC campaign that Mori wanted to do).

>> No.4213822

Oh hey, new Outsider post. Thanks bro

>> No.4213838

I rike it, but Gurame's characters has a high chance of dropping dead in the first combat. I hope Mori's storytelling can make them understand that they're hunting extremely deadly real niggas.

>> No.4213839

If the viewers get filtered with WoD, they ain't finding D&D5E accessible at all. Besides, if they ever played a videogame with a slight bit of numbercrunching, aka any JRPG/WRPG then WoD will be a cakewalk.

>> No.4213842

>a vtuber TTRPG game in general
I'd certain contribute to it, but you'd largely get literal-whos who don't even go to /wvt/ and exist purely on Twitter

>> No.4213884

VtM1e is is pretty different to Hunter the Vigil, not even in the same universe. A full break down of the lines is here >>4209832 but mechanically it's similar in parts but a lot more complex. Still dice pool, still stat+skill but the TN is always 8 and 1 success is all you need, 5 gets you an exceptional success which does extra stuff, none gets you a failure, and you can get a dramatic failure if your dice pool drops to zero and you roll a 1 on the "chance die" (10 succeeds, everything else fails). Extended actions require more successes. That's the only major thing you'd need to worry about really, combat works differently here but it's pretty simple so I'm sure you'll pick it up.

>> No.4213914

Weird to click a board and see ancient ruins, I played TTRPGs with local friends but I never saw a reason to use the board.

>> No.4213958

Kiara being the literal bird. Good job.

>> No.4213991

I think there's definitely some sort of RPG-esque stuff in the various kayfabe of vtubers. Kinda like a weird cross between wrestling and magical girl anime. A system that intentionally doesn't manage its power scaling too well but allows a variety of unique concepts to manifest would work wonders. Even just within Hololive there is undoubtedly a lot of potential for a vtuber-based TTRPG. The fact that HoloALT lorefag threads read like old /tg/ threads just asserts this.
I'd spearhead it in a heartbeat, and I even already have notes that I drew up in a bit after the initial HoloALT teaser, but I'm trying to finish two projects this year already.

>> No.4213994

the fuck are you talking about? quests were the biggest output of OC on the board because they drew drawfags and writefags, what projects did they "push off"?

>> No.4213997
File: 358 KB, 814x619, 1620517757048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

typical newbie mistake. you're super into a specific piece of media and just want to roleplay that and try to twist the setting and rules to work with your ripoff character rather than create something that fits in seamlessly with the actual game concepts. learned this the hard way back in high school. hopefully Mori can get her to actually grasp the rules and setting before they go much further. it's fine to take inspiration from something you like, but if Gura thinks she's going to be flying through the air and dropkicking vampires, she's gonna be in for a bad time

>> No.4214038

For a character creation and level setting session she did a fantastic job, especially since the rest of the group have only little to no experience with tabletop at all. I'm optimistic.

>> No.4214060

It's gonna take some crazy luck for some of these characters to survive.

>> No.4214063

Actual games being developed on the board, which are now relegated entirely to a single general because otherwise they'll fall off.
Bigger CYOAs that weren't overbloated like Jumpchain cancer or small enough to go in /cyoag/.
Homebrew/theorycrafting threads for more obscure games to help breathe some life into them.
Advice threads for adapting concepts to games or helping find games that fit a specific theme/concept. Not just "stat me /tg/" but actual protracted discussion on how to get X to work in your buddy's Y game without being a munchkin or ruining everyone's fun.
Conceptualizing threads that weren't just fetish bait, or were at least fetish bait that also had actual dice autism involved and weren't 100% kinkshit by people that never played games.

Quests had a lot of OC but it was all flash-in-the-pan shit, very little of which outlived the flash.

>> No.4214111

>Two out of five have never played a TTRPG and can provide a blank slate perspective from different angles
>Background art already being handled by someone else
>Other art stuff can be handled by the talents themselves lending the whole thing a personal touch
>Kiara is thrilled by the idea of dramatic improv, is already invested in her character and has demonstrated her ability to go all-in when playing a role
>Ame has demonstrated the willingness to go the extra mile if she thinks it will pay off, and enjoys creating humorous situations
>Gura is at her best in the middle of a chaotic scenario and gets a chance to stretch her imagination with people who aren't going to laugh at her
>Calli is stretching her organizational talents to the limit on top of writing and directing all of this
>Ina living out a dream and going to get valuable experience in improv and dramatic voice acting

I can really see this helping them all grow

>> No.4214119

He's an anti-questfag, determined to paint history with a different brush. The truth was there were never more than 10 quests currently active at any time before they got moved to /qst/. This faggot will claim they "filled up the board", when in reality they couldn't even fill up all of Page 1 if they wanted to. He and his ilk got assmad that their "oh so precious, totally original homebrew" threads got 2 or 3 replies to the multitude that quests did. So they did what any faggot with autism does on this site: they bitched, moaned, spammed the board, evaded bans, spammed the board some more, until finally the moderators relented and moved quests to /qst/ because it would be less manhours than having to constantly deal with anti-quest shitposting.

>> No.4214127

/tg/ is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of the Internet. He is the Carrion Lord of 4channel for whom a thousand PCs are sacrificed every day, so that he may never truly die.

>> No.4214142
File: 15 KB, 728x95, finally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the /tg/ hornyposting gradually grew to consume the board

>> No.4214145

>Quests had a lot of OC but it was all flash-in-the-pan shit, very little of which outlived the flash.
And the same can be said about every other /tg/ project. Anons are flaky as fuck. Quests didn't push anything off, that's a retarded thought. You have a very strange understanding of what the board looked like when quests were around.

>> No.4214169

The complaint was 'page 1' as though it even meant anything when catalogue view existed even back then.

>> No.4214187

I saw the CoC system once and really like it. That would work well for stream and isnt as complex as it seems at first. id like to see them do that.

kinda forgot the audience would be familiar with that kinda thing.

Thats better than i thought. I forget a lot of VtM1e but i remember much of it was overly punishing and unfun. I like taking flaws and failing at things but the mechanics in 1e were awful.

>> No.4214197

I liked when Gura was flustered trying to explain her character and Mori was reassuring her, saying that it was ok for her to express her inner desires freely, which helped Gura to start going with the flow, it was like Mori was grooming Gura into sex.


>> No.4214223

You started off so well, and then took it in a weird direction.

>> No.4214239

Can't we just have our tee tee, fucker?

>> No.4214250

I personally had 3 projects get pushed off of /tg/ due to being mogged by shitposting. It wasn't exclusively quests like people seem to think I implied, but quests didn't help with the issues of the board having a lot of bloat that was a detriment to the previous board culture's ability to accomplish things. Whether you think quests specifically were the problem or whether you think it was other shit, the fact remains that the mods were slow to act and it resulted in the death of the board.
Of those three projects that were pushed off /tg/, one has survived to this day and is getting regular updates, one is in a bad state of limbo but still technically alive, and one died completely because nobody could get it organized enough to get it off of /tg/. That last one was also the point I realized /tg/ was effectively dead as a platform to create anything. Even if you made a /tgg/ to try and curb the board bloat, /tg/ would just be worse /v/ since the board culture doesn't encourage you to actually play anything.

>> No.4214252

You started off okay, and then took in a based direction.

>> No.4214341
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>> No.4214360

>not Ina at the wheel

>> No.4214361

At the end of the day, what killed /tg/ is irrelevant. The point should be killing these people to get it back.

>> No.4214393

don't do this to yourself.
you have to let go
I haven't been in /b/ in a decade

>> No.4214433

/tg/'s been the best it has been in years, though. Stuff getting done has always been hit-or-miss; people remember the completed projects but forget the thousands of half-baked abortive projects that never got off the ground in-between, and if anything the rise of DIY publishing and small indie RPGs means you're far less likely to see someone actually take a project to completion entirely on 4chan.

>> No.4214446

nWoD 1e games still have Flaws as a mechanic, so you'll see some of that stuff in their game. nWoD2e/CofD games don't. If you care to read why it's all the following.

The reason for this is sort of four-fold. Firstly, and most obviously, Flaws essentially reward you for picking things that won't matter. You choose a Flaw you know you can play around trivially, and you get XP for it. Not a particularity fun thing. Secondly, it's the reverse of the first point. Because XP costs are fixed but the scenarios that effect Flaws are variable to the table then you can have things impact you way more than their XP cost would suggest. Thirdly, the balance of them is just really hard to nail. Some stuff sucks more than other stuff but is worth the same XP. Finally, a lot of core mechanical stuff changed and it made sense to pull them and change how some things were handled.

The big thing is XP was changed to incentivise drama, tension, and theme. A major way it does this is Conditions, a universal mechanic for afflictions and injuries. When you resolve them you gain a beat (1/5 of a full XP, but XP costs don't scale anymore). The resolution of these Conditions typical involves something bad happening. For example, Shaken means you're scared but has no mechanical effect. You resolve Shaken, and earn a Beat, by opting to fail a roll out of fear. Your shaky hands make you miss, but you gain a beat for the failure as well create fun drama. Some are persistent and don't resolve easily but provide you with a Beat if the Condition creates a serious setback. Splats have unique Conditions for various things too. You also get these Beats for things like completing character goals, and there are ways to gain Beats unique to each splat. So interesting RP has a tangible reward, which makes it happen more often, and as it's typically tied to thematic elements of the splats you get rewards for playing to the theme.

The Persistent Conditions I mentioned can also be used as Flaws, you can be Crippled which sets your Speed to 1 and pretty much forces you to rely on a wheelchair. You don't get any XP out the gate for picking that, but you gain a Beat any time your Condition puts you in danger or severly inhibits you. You can't game it, you can't take a Condition for free XP and no downside. You get your XP when it fucks you over.

The other thing was that Merits now involve drawbacks where applicable. Small-framed makes you sneaky, but you lose a point of Size (and thus Health). Fame gives you some extra social leverage but also makes you easier to remember and recognize. Stuff like that. All in all way better way of handling things IMO, and makes for more fun games. CofDs mechanics are also way smoother than oWoD's stuff, but they're very different games in tone and setting which might be good or bad depending on you.

>> No.4214507
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>> No.4214536

I saw a prediction earlier that Ina was gonna carry the whole game. I'm not shocked.

>> No.4214549
File: 182 KB, 1104x1336, 1617959958785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah fan art alone is going to keep this general alive. We can thank the priestess for this.
Takos will be pumping stuff to no end.

>> No.4214559

What a mess. I remember when even ponyfags could get an actual discussion on /tg/ instead of having the thread devolve into a bunch of insults thrown back and forth.

>> No.4214569

I watch one native GM who does liveshows out of his campaings and must tell, you are 100% right

>> No.4214578

/pol/ tards plague this board too. And every other board.

>> No.4214587

Yea the new mechanics seem fun to play with. I like having disadvantages, taking dump abilities because theyre fun, so on. As long as they also play up the character because thats what im in the game for; not playing out meta mechanics to subvert disabilities.
I remember VtM1 having flaws like Lame Feet and Blind. So i can choose to either not walk, not see, have everyone i encounter always hate me, always be mesmerized/stunned every time i see something shiny (from metal, jewelry, art, or even just neon signs) and having to constantly roll to bring attention back.. it was a mechanic that was just hard to play with and i believe it was required to have at least 1. Then again i havent touched it since like 99 so i dont remember much at all

>> No.4214592

While I agree, Mori works too because she's the DM. The wildcard also fucks up the DM's plans more than the party's anyway.

>> No.4214631

It's only a mistake if a GM can't roll with it. I rip off character concepts from TV and movies all the time. My GM will roll his eyes but because he's familiar with the tropes, it's actually easier for him to organically motivate the character to where he wants the story to go.
>seamlessly with the actual game concepts.
This really only matters when RP is taken seriously and enforced by the rules. WoD games always can be heavy into RP aspects but gaming groups tend to play them as Monster Avengers -- screw RPing the tortured duality of your good/human side with your evil/monster side.

>> No.4214652

You can do all of those things as long as you get 5s in combat abilities.

>> No.4214665

>ame is a drug dealer

my oshi is perfect in every way

>> No.4214692

I've been playing TTRPGs for 10+ years and have played 7 sessions as a player. My life is hell.

>> No.4214693

I'd wanted to make a track but I have no idea where to start.
What is a good software for making music?

>> No.4214698

Damn. Demon sounds pretty cool. Kind of wish they picked that instead of Hunter. Imagine the dumb shit they'd do with demons.

>> No.4214727

>It's only a mistake if a GM can't roll with it.
This. Take dump abilities, stat yourself in the worst way, have a dumb concept.. a decent DM will just tailor the experience so you have the same difficulty and usefulness as someone who tries to metagame. Its why minmaxing isnt the play; just make a fun character

>> No.4214751

Ok now that sounds fucking cool and reminds me of His Dark Materials.

>> No.4214787

Not encouraging players to put at least half as much energy and thought into creating their characters as the DM does for the campaign just breeds bad players.

>> No.4214796

Worth sharing or no?

>> No.4214815

Depends if you know polish.

>> No.4214832

Oh, I wrote that and yes it's a very cool game. I've not gotten around to watching the stream yet but you can do a lot with it's themes.

I've seen the first season of the show. So I can't say I really see the comparison, unless it's that there is an "evil church" hunting down "heretics". Could you tell me without spoilers?

>> No.4214841

I love Demon and the concept of the God-Machine. But it's far more complicated to RP. You have to think of your demon character and the character it's roleplaying as, which could be as many as you want. Like how spies have several aliases, covers, and personalities which they use to hide. So you're playing character who is playing another character.

>> No.4214861

>Could you tell me without spoilers?
In fact the comparison is already an spoiler. I forgot there was a show, I read the trilogy years ago.

>> No.4214894

>That happened in 2014
Jesus Christ Im old
I remember /tg/ getting formed out of the primordial soup of /b/ and Warhammer Wednesdays

>> No.4214946

Oh yeah, this anon makes a great point I didn't touch on. The whole Cover thing can be pretty intense. And it's not just like you're playing a real spy pretending to be a real person, you're a cyber demon pretending to be a fake person. Your Cover is actually a scale from 0-10 at 10 your Cover is almost perfectly human in every way, but at the low end you might live in an apartment that doesn't exist. There is a door, it's in an apartment building, but it's at the end of a hall that doesn't have space for a room and yet opens into one anyway. You might only dress in jeans and hoodies, except the jeans and hoodies are all the same colour, and they all have the same stains, and they all have the same hole just under the hem of the right hand sleeve. Each Cover also has a separate rating too. Which can further complicate things.

That being said, you can just fucking ignore that shit and play a demon pretending to be any random goofball who swaps between identical random goofballs with different accents. But I don't know the tone they're trying to strike yet.

Ah well, I'll try to forget about it.

>> No.4214975

I mean at least this board can stay on topic from what I see. tg seems to have shifted into a glorified erp meetup board.

>> No.4215026

>just breeds bad players
a bad player is somebody who sucks the fun out of the game. Some players could create a massive backstory and be unfun because he has to drag the entire story down for his RP. Some just get by with a few tropes for characters and build the backstory as the games go along, even including other players in it. GMs also vary with those who prefer rails and those who let the players tell the story they want and just provide realistic consequences based on the setting. Both can be fun or unfun depending on group dynamics, expectations, and preferences.

>> No.4215030

I'm an /tg/ tourist just here to help people out with WoD questions, but that's a pretty unfair comparison IMO. The amount of horny posting here is insane. It's only "on-topic" because people are being horny for the anime girls. It's not really any different to /tg/ posting about elves being hot, or the best way to insert fetishes to RPGs. I'm not pro-/tg/horny posting but you're kidding yourself if you think there is any sort of high ground here.

>> No.4215106

How do people ever play Tabletops besides getting lucky? I feel like it's not that fun to play with randoms because you can't be as crazy and spontaneous with people you're not close too, but never any of your friends want to play either, and if they did want to play you would have to be the DM, and even after that it would only last one session before everyone would bail.
Just seems like something impossible to do.

>> No.4215140

I always thought ttrpgs looked pretty interesting from the outside but a good amount of my friend group more into try hard competitive games and 2cool4school for it so never had a chance to try

Tell me for WoD can I make a Battler type character who just denies the supernatural and just rationally explains the supernatural away, that was the first thought I had when watching this stream. How well would a more tactician/pragmatist/politician pc work

>> No.4215143

Just because you don't have friends that want to game with you doesn't mean this is the case for everyone else.

>> No.4215174

You make friends by screening randoms until people you get along with come along. Just like any other hobby or IRL activity.

>> No.4215178

>swaps between identical random goofballs with different accents
That just gives a convenient excuse for a GM to sic Angels on your ass when you opt for a dramatic failure but I can see it work

>> No.4215248

Mage the Ascension is your best bet followed by Autumn people from Changeling the Dreaming.

>> No.4215318

This >>4215174 basically.
I almost forgot that a faction exists who is all about believing magic isn't real

>> No.4215343

Tiny. Candy. Bombs

>> No.4215420

Parroting off of >>4215248
Mage: the Ascension largely deals with ideas about what "should" be considered real. All humans have the ability to shape reality with their beliefs, but certain folks out there have just the right combination of stuff that they have a Matrix like awakening and become mages, able to directly warp reality to their will with magic. This isn't for free though, example being that if you wanna shoot lighting from your fingers - there is a collective unconscious of 7 billion people that says people can't just do that. Going harshly against the grain of what people expect reality to be triggers a build up of Paradox, which basically magical recoil or a backlash.

Thing is, since Paradox is caused by the reconciliation of belief over what reality should be, if enough people believe in a certain thing, it becomes easier for a mage to do. One of the overarching themes is the conflict between the more traditional orders of mages against the technocracy, the mages who want to preserve the status quo of reality as we know it (i.e. mundane and reliant on science over magic).

>> No.4215449

You just reminded me that Gura admitted during the stream that she's never watched the Matrix

We've finally reached a point where it's losing its cultural relevance

>> No.4215514

It's ironic that the phrase 'red pill' gets thrown out as often as it does without people knowing where it comes from. Sorta like zoomers not knowing that the save icon is a floppy disk.

>> No.4215522

Pretty great.
Only one I'm not really sure about is whether Ame is into the concept at all.
I also love Kiara's concept, it's honestly pretty well thought out and the sheet isn't min-maxed

>> No.4215536

The Matrix was released in 1999. 22 years ago.
An entire generation and a half of people were not alive when the movie was at peak relevance, and at this point its only lasting cultural relevance is in the "pill" metaphor, which really only lives on here and has been drastically warped from the original intent.

>> No.4215562

While I'm not optimistic about it being good at all, isn't the 4th Matrix film slated to release this year? At least it'll make the first film get some more spotlight.

>> No.4215610

> 4th Matrix film slated to release this year
>4th Matrix film
Wait what

>> No.4215619

Seriously her character would work much better in Vampire.

>> No.4215681

No BS. It's gone under the radar but it's real. You can google the rest.

>> No.4215781

It's fun to ripoff shit you like and try to stat out how you could make X character fit Y setting, but I also think it can lead to unrealistic expectations of what can be done in-game by inexperienced players, which Gura is. Other anons have pointed it out already, but she doesn't seem to grasp the setting and how magical/fantastical/weird she is and is not allowed to get just yet. nWoD definitely allows for a lot of creativity and nutso shit to happen, just y'know, bound by rules. I imagine Calli will do a good job of wrangling these tards and while she is autistic I doubt she's a hardcore rule nazi either and will make it fun and explain shit as they go. I just don't think she's going to allow the campaign to devolve into full on consequence-free/risk-free superhero nonsense either, she seems to be taking it all fairly seriously.

I don't even know what I'm arguing at this point, I've just dealt with my fair share of losers who don't read the rulebook then get pouty when they can't just roleplay Goku and be an absolute spaz without any consequences. I guess I don't want Gura to feel upset if her expectations aren't met or she feels too constrained to have fun. I'll go take my meds now.

>> No.4215833

You said it yourself, Gura is new. She probably eyeballed things and automatically assumed it's some combination of pop gothic action movie stuff and she's rolling with that. Once Mori 'polishes the edges' off her character sheet and they start playing the game in earnest she'll have the chance to level set. I'm confident things will work themselves out.

>> No.4215910

>I feel like it's not that fun to play with randoms because you can't be as crazy and spontaneous with people you're not close too
The trick is tht by playing together 3 hours every week, you get close to your group quite quickly. Going with complete randoms is hard but sometimes necesary, but what often happens is you know one guy who knows more or who's in a group that needs a player and it kind of webs from there.

>> No.4215918
File: 916 KB, 1935x1466, 1621827957433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a quick draft I did for a HoloALT TTRPG system framework. Since there's nowhere else to post it right now I'll post it here.

>Players act as a Catalyst, which allows them to imbue themselves with talents from other times and places. Each Catalyst has 3 Stats: Body, Mind, and Soul, which are each split down into 3 Skills each
>Body: Strength, Fortitude, Agility
>Mind: Intellect, Insight, Reflexes
>Soul: Presence, Force, Willpower

>Each Catalyst has 5 Sync Points that they can distribute to Talents. Each Talent has 5 Sync Abilities (which each require 1 Sync Point invested to use), as well as a stat bonus to the Catalyst's Body/Mind/Soul. A Talent's Sync Abilities determine their role in gameplay, as certain talents will have more combat-oriented abilities (such as Noel, Shion, or Botan), may be more skill-oriented (Subaru, Aqua, Polka), or more socially oriented (Choco, Sora, Nene). Choosing between investing all of your sync points in a single unit, a small group of your favorites, or going for a full set of a generation is key in player strategy.

>A Catalyst's energy is represented in their Spirit. Spirit is the HP equivalent for the system, and is used to pay for strenous tasks, as well as being reduced by all kinds of damage: Physical, Mental, and Emotional. You lose Spirit when you have a bad time, and gain it when you feel better. When your Spirit is reduced to 0, you temporarily lose 1 of your Sync Points, including the Talent associated with that Sync Point and all of their benefits. When your Sync Points and your Spirit are both 0, you wake up, returning to the dull reality you left in the first place.

r8 & h8 my autism.

>> No.4215943
File: 1.22 MB, 1111x1550, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, the supernatural exists so it's hard to outright deny it if you intend to actually confront it. But you could play character who does the whole "Nah, that wasn't a vampire because they don't exist, I think it was...". That'd work pretty well as a gimmick, so long as you gradual come to accept it and don't just become That Guy. If we're talking Hunter the Vigil, the game they're playing, then there is a stat called Morality. Basically, doing awful shit causes your Morality to degrade and as this happens you become more and more deranged. These derangements could be used to cover for all of this stuff, you could actually think that vampires are just LARPers. Being a Hunter requires hunting, which usually means killing. So killing things you think are people isn't great for your mental health. This is why Hunters have The Code. There are all sorts of moral quandaries that arise with hunting that may or may not cause your Morality to degenerate, but maybe doing a bad thing for a good reason lessens the guilt.

The Code is separate from a mere quandary, it's a fundamental shift in what you think is right and wrong. When you're confronted with a choice between commiting a Sin against your Morality to continue the hunt, or abandon it to not Sin you can change that Sin into something new. There is a list of examples about all that good stuff attached, along with the default sins. But you could construct your own Code for such a character where it's not, say, murder that's a sin but allowing one of those dangerous pretenders to walk free that's the real sin. Honestly though, HtV2e changes things up massively and is a way better system for this stuff but it's not what they'll be dealing with.

As for tacticians, pragmatists, and politicians well those are WoD's bread and butter though. HtV has a whole list of abilities for hunters called "tactics", there are also plenty of Merit like Resources, Contacts, and Allies that make being the guy with the plan brutally effective. HtV is also a game that really relies on you not going in half-cocked. A dude in the group that's trying to get a drop on the monster you're hunting is a very worthwhile dude to have around. Similarly all the games in oWoD or CofD love a pragmatist. Being pragmatic usually means being alive. It's just never not good. Politicians is a really meaty one though, HtV only really makes this much of a thing when you're dealing with Conspiracies (big orginisations of hunters to join) but most of the other games have it as big deals. Vampire is all about undead nobles and their territory, Werewolf has the politics of tribes and spirits, Mages has orders out the ass, Changeling is faerie courts and holdfasts. The CofD/nWoD2e games handle this stuff the best IMO, with better mechanical support for it and more extensive social encounter rules so things aren't just "I make one good roll and have what I want. "

>> No.4215959

Too complicated for the average VTuber already.

>> No.4216015

UNO can be "too complicated for the average vtuber". That's a low-ass bar to set.

>> No.4216040

>my fair share of losers who don't read the rulebook then get pouty when they can't just roleplay Goku
Anon, do you really have such a low expectation of your oshi? You do realize the Among Us rrats are just rrats? Trust that fans reflect the oshi does have positive aspects and that they'll play in a manner that you will understand and enjoy.

>> No.4216077

Watoto is gonna kill god and rape every single being on earth. Mention me when it happens

>> No.4216086

You misunderstand me. I'm saying your explanation thus far caused even my eyes to glaze over, and I've been in this hobby for 10+ years. Complexity does not mean good mechanics. Similarly, good mechanics do not need complexity. You also DO have to consider the average person that would play such a thing. If it's too much crunch for any VTuber to just pick up and play, it's just going to be another homebrew project that never gets used.

>> No.4216134

>3 Stats
>9 Skills
>Pick 5 abilities.
>Your abilities work as extra lives.
If this shit is complicated then I think you're in the wrong hobby. Try tic-tac-toe.

>> No.4216174

See? Now you're speaking in terms that won't cause people to tune out as you gush about your homebrew. No one gives a fuck about special naming conventions. If you can't reduce your homebrew to simple terms like you just did, then no one will play it. That's a simple fact.

>> No.4216235

How's this for a "simple fact": People who can't use critical thinking skills should not be in TTRPGs.

>> No.4216252

Gonna be real with you chief, I think trying to model a character creation mechanism where everyone starts off equal is NWoD's biggest problem, back in OWoD you could make a busted son of a bitch or a total bozo within the same character creation framework, and that never gave our group any issues because our GM set the ground for the general power level all characters would have to follow and vetted those who deliberately went outside that realm. Merits turning into D&D-esque character feats mechanic that get compensated if you lose them rather than being a vague framework to write down the rough estimate of your character's assets/social status/whatever the fuck else is also something I dislike greatly. One of my favorite experiences is actually how we were having a gambling minigame during our VtM campaign with the life of a side character that I wanted to survive at stake and I quite literally offered a bribe to another PC to make a subpar move that would let me win the match that I, in meta terms, asked the GM to portray by me literally offering a resource dot to transfer from my character to theirs. It offered me a tangible sense of loss that I just could never experience with the new system. Overall, this may seem like a confused rant on my part, but I genuinely believe OWoD allowed for a much wider scope of possible character concepts.

>> No.4216267

I'm with this guy. You wrote out the arcsys equivalent of a fighting game intro when you could've said "round 1, ready, fight!"

The issue isn't the complexity but the uneeded jargon.

>> No.4216268

That's very ironic. You've just outed yourself as they very kind of person that doesn't understand what TTRPGs are about. The kind of "gatekeeper" that drags the hobby down rather than expand and enrich it. You might want to just go back to >>>/tg/ now where you belong.

>> No.4216295

>It's assumed she linked the other girls the list below (Gura's Vestige is from another book)
If Calli doesn't tell them to remove it I'll be shocked. The narrative implications of walking around with some Vestiges is interesting. A Mummy's cult rocking up would be a fun thing to deal with, but in if there was an actual Mummy it would instantly nuke them from existence without breaking a sweat if it came to combat.

>> No.4216342

>Unneeded Jargon
If I had come out with the small list of basic features first, there would have been no responses because the post would've been small as fuck, or they would've been "how does this relate to vtubers". It's not "jargon" if it directly contextualizes the mechanics and their relevance to the game's theme.
Distillation has its place, but that place isn't in a write-up that was done in like 10 minutes on a basket weaving board with the explicit intent to gauge interest.

>> No.4216374

Dude, you got your feedback. You can fuck off now. This ain't a committee.

>> No.4216429

To be fair to them, it was pointlessly wank feedback.

>> No.4216481

>ask to r8 & h8 my autism.
>ad hominem afterwards
Autist bro, contributing is good. Sperging out after you specifically asked for it is hypocritical.

Personally, I prefer simpler rulesets like Barbarians of Lemuria where you roll stats and jobs/life experiences. Skills can get clunky and become bloated.

>> No.4216591

>I welcome all feedback as long as it agrees with my biases.

>> No.4216610

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

>> No.4216611

>Autist bro, contributing is good. Sperging out after you specifically asked for it is hypocritical.
Y'know what, that's fair. I was out of line.
>Skills can get clunky and become bloated.
Since it's intended as a HoloALT system, it needs to be able to handle a wide range of scenarios, both social and combative. The player themselves would effectively be a blank slate stand-in meant to represent the party, but in a way where multiple players can have the same "party", since there's only so many talents in Hololive. The other main option would be to just have each player control a group of talents and cut out the player character, but that didn't really seem appealing.

>> No.4216637

I'm not mad. Just disappointed.

>> No.4216656

>enrich it
>by dumbing it down

>> No.4216686

No, it was good feedback, just presented like a dickhead.
>Why did you use words that aren't the words I'M used to?
>Well when you use the words I know it's not complicated anymore!
Just because they were a jackass about it doesn't make them not right.

>> No.4216721

Presenting feedback like a dickhead makes it bad feedback IMO. I never said they were wrong, I said it was pointlessly wank. They could have constructed their reply in a sensible fashion, but chose not to for no reason. So it was wank pointlessly.

>> No.4216758

To the dude that wanted feedback on his TTRPG: it is a very common communication mistake for nerds / geeks to gush about details. But details are only a means to an end. Humans really want are narratives, motivation and goals. Before you gush about what kind of dice you use, you have to sell people why they want to play your game, in a high-level language instead of assembly. Nerds/geeks are often people who are already invested, so they forget others do not yet care about their topics.

Your game was not too complicated. You just failed to sell it first, before talking about details (which people only read if they care enough).

>> No.4216824

Everything you said makes complete sense and I respect your opinion, but at the same time I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that the people in the TTRPG thread on the vtuber board are already engaged with the idea of a vtuber TTRPG. As you said, once people are engaged with the concept, you move to details. I made a judgement call based on context to skip a few steps and got shitposted for it. That's 4chan for you.

>> No.4216842

Honestly seems like more of a plot hook than a merit worth spending points on. If I understand it correctly (and I might not, admittedly, I'm not completely clear on how Mummy works) vestiges don't do shit for mortals at all. Would suck to drop potentially 5 points on a merit that functions as "A bunch of people want to kill you over this weird trinket you found - it does nothing, as far as you can tell".
Honestly expecting it to either get dropped entirely when Calli realizes it's not a Mage thing, or be Rule 0'd into being useful in some manner.

>> No.4216876

Oh yeah, it's not going to do shit. Well, it'll curse them if they drop a lot of points for a high dot one. But it's not going to do anything good.

>> No.4216914

>Read the description of Vestiges
>It's literally a Devil Arm
Gura really did show up to a Hunter game and say "I'm playing Donde From the Devil May Cry Series".
Honestly, if she and Calli can work it out behind the scenes that Gura actually IS some sort of half-demon monster child mysterioso character that hunts monsters alongside humans, that'd be pretty rad.

>> No.4216955

The only thing Gura did wrong was not getting more dots in combat skills. Should have gotten a five in all of them.

>> No.4217022

She was considering blind, but didn't actually go through with it.

>> No.4217032

It is already implied that Gura wants to be Dante. Rule 0 pretty much says DM has the final say, as long we craft a good enough explanation (Gura born half-demon etc.). I would be completely okay with it, since the game is merely an excuse for the girls to tell stories. I wonder how many in the audience would even be offended.

>> No.4217047

Yeah, I kinda don't think you're making sense here. I get you like one more than the other, and that's fine, but none of this justification for it really makes sense.

>I think trying to model a character creation mechanism where everyone starts off equal is NWoD's biggest problem
oWoD also did this. It just did it badly. Flaws came with XP values to offset taking the flaw. In theory all flaws were balanced perfectly with the XP it gave you. I can't think of many RPGs that don't start off people as equal. Mummy is the only one that really comes to mind as being truly intended. Same thing with Merits and Disciplines, in theory each was of equal worth based on its XP cost. In practice Obtenebration is insanely powerful, Celerity is incredible, but Thanatosis is awful. All cost the same though. That's just bad design.

>back in OWoD you could make a busted son of a bitch
I'm not sure that "the game was unbalanced" is really much of a positive. You liking a badly balanced game isn't a problem with a game, it's just your tastes. That's all well and good. I love some awful stuff too, but a thing isn't good just because I like it and me knowing it's bad doesn't change how much I like it.

>GM set the ground for the general power level all characters would have to follow and vetted those who deliberately went outside that realm
Feels a little too close to the "the GM makes it good" argument. Ignoring that GM's still set the power levels of groups from the get go, and its sort of weird you think they don't, any system being meritorious off of the back of a GM isn't exactly solid praise. A worthwhile GM can make most games fun.

>Merits turning into D&D-esque character feats mechanic that get compensated if you lose them rather than being a vague framework to write down the rough estimate of your character's assets/social status/whatever the fuck else is also something I dislike greatly.
Merit design is super close, especially for stuff like Status. There is a little more effort put into not having a bad GM screw you and make them worthless, like some of them have guaranteed effects but its still all vague and fluffy. I'm legit unsure what half of that even means too. Sanctity of Merits doesn't prevent meaningful loss, it prevents pointlessly getting fucked over and wasting huge amounts of XP that take ridiculous amounts of sessions to scrape back. XP loss is not a fun loss, it's the loss of fun.

>One of my favorite experiences
Was homebrew. It's got no bearing on the merits of either system. You could do that in CofD if you wanted to, you're not forced to pick new Merits, and your GM could just say no as the whole situation is homebrew anyway.

>I genuinely believe OWoD allowed for a much wider scope of possible character concepts.
I'm legitimately unsure how, at least without getting into the breadth of expanded content. CofD's whole thing is being tool boxy, not being bound to a setting as rigidly, and being very narrative forward. I'm failing to see what barriers you think are there.

>> No.4217132

If you're going to be this assmad about getting earnest, unrestricted feedback, don't post on 4chan. As I said earlier, if you cannot dumb things down so that a day 1 newbie can pick things up after hearing an elevator speech, your homebrew is doomed to fail. Take it from someone who's actually been published in the industry: I've seen so many cases like yours where they don't get past the first smell test because they lack fundamental understanding of how to reduce rules/stories/w/e into simple terms. Assuming that people in ANY context know something is, as you put it, actual pointless wankery.

And even still, after your reduction, you haven't done anything to sell it further. You've not explained why anyone would want to pick this up or run it. All you've said is "HOLOLIVE TTRPG" and staked your bets on that being enough to get people to read/play/w/e. That is the quickest path to failure. But please, do go on whining about how my feedback is "useless". I'm sure your oshi will totally play your homebrew one day.

>> No.4217167

Why'd you reply to me?

>> No.4217198

It's very much not a Devil Arm, unfortunately, especially not for a mortal. For Mortals it's worthless, for Mummies they can drain it's power to refuel some stuff. Also, the whole "they could be half X" is a whole load of work, especially for stuff like that.

>> No.4217206

>half-demon monster child
wasn't this already possible in Hunter? I remember the book itself basically statted out Dante as an NPC. I think this was the Vatican-affiliated hunter group, I forgot the name

>> No.4217297

Merits being something you buy with XP in the first place is the problem

>> No.4217349

Yeah, given the merit description on WoD Codex which I assume is what the girls were using (especially given Ina grabbing the Roadkill merit without anyone knowing what the prerequisite actually was), I wouldn't be at all surprised or bothered if the ultimate resolution is just "Give Gura something cool that gels with the description as an item that gives cursed strength". Maybe just letting her use the merit's rating as once-per-session bonus dice on checks that uses physical attributes or something?

>> No.4217475
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>Anon, you're right and I'll fix it, but you could've worded it less like a total jackass.
I think I'm done handing out (You)s tonight. Thank you for the feedback, now take your meds.

>> No.4217529

Why was that not a thing you mentioned at all? But I also don't see how it's an issue.

>> No.4217564

The hunter book just stole art work, and you're thinking of the Lucifuge (although the Conspiracy you talked about is the Malleus Maleficarum). Members of the Lucifuge have the blood of Lucifer, or some Duke of Hell, in their veins. It's nothing like Dante really though, the Endowment it grants them is Castigation rites which are blood sacrifices to shoot hellfire, summon demons, see visions, and other things.

>> No.4217634

I hope they don't. I'd like to see them play a little more seriously all in all.

>> No.4217734

It's been a long time since I cracked open Hunter and my group played MtA. Regardless, I think there's enough basis and leeway for the GM to make Gura's character work.

>> No.4217788

Depends. I've no idea if they're planning a Tier 3 game or not. I was under the impression it was Tier 1 from what people had said here. If it is Tier 3, you've sort of got to have everyone in the same Conspiracy for the most part. It's a lot of work to mix them together, especially for a bunch of new players.

>> No.4217854

It definitely sounds like a Tier 1 to me from how Calli described the tiers to the others. Seems like they're gonna get the chance to maybe run into a Compact or two at best, and the Conspiracies are a sort of "Do your best not to step on their toes or they'll fuck you up" deal.

>> No.4217878

That's what you want for a new group. Tier 1 is less complex in every way, and it expects a lot less of you. Sticking Gura in the Lucifuge would be piling a whole new mechanic on to her, as well as giving her a lot of RP obligations.

>> No.4217955

>lot of work to mix them together
I see the problem with mixing tiers. I guess Mori will need to do her GM reps, since she agreed to the PCs.
>play a little more seriously all in all
first things first: they need to enjoy the game. No need to worry about their playstyle now

>> No.4217973

So you think the game that gives you less control over things to customise your character gives you a "much wider scope of possible character concepts"? That makes no sense.

>> No.4218031

I wasn't just talking about tiers, but Conspiracies too. They've a lot of implicit goals and political stuff going on. They don't play nice with each other, they generally operate as teams within the groups, and the more you include the more additional rules you're adding. As for enjoying the game, I don't really see what you mean. Enjoying the game and setting a tone aren't mutually exclusive. Walking a tone back from gonzo to serious is a lot more work than just having PCs not be gonzo from the outset.

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