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Haven't been here long but I noticed Ayame gets more hate than I expected. Did my reps but all I see is people calling her a whore with no substantial proof. Did I fall for the rrat bros?

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/jp/s are schizos, thats all there is to it.
Also i feel like most people call her whore just out of habit by now

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It's an /hlg/ meme people take way too seriously. There are a couple people who seethe because she doesn't stream often and it was found she plays League a lot off-stream is if anything the progenitor, but people just rrat from there basically.

The other thing is her notably not making a little message for Miko when she returned and being the odd one out there only served to renew the distate some have for her. She's one of the ultimate "___ doesn't care about Hololive!" Holos basically but instead of just saying it directly like that like people do for HoloENs they use the whoreposting meme.

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she didn't like my oshi's drawing for her birthday so she's obviously a whore

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Literally who?

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She doesn't stream often, presumably due to poor health, but at the same time she was spotted online on steam playing LoL during one of her breaks when she was supposed to be in hospital or bedridden, indicating that she lied.
There were stories about her roommate's posts where she flirted with some sugar daddy, but I never checked the source. In any case, she is most probably not a virgin which is enough for people like me to seethe.
She is introverted and doesn't get well with other members, barely even speaks to them, so she doesn't respect people's oshis and gets disrespect in return.
Her weird streaming schedule can be explained by following rrats:
1. She has a boyfriend and enjoys spending time with him so much she doesn't have time to stream, plus she hates her fans anyway so she streams bare minimum just to stay in hololive for money.
2. She is just an extremely lazy ass bitch who hates her fans and other talents so she streams bare minimum coming up with shitty excuses while enjoying playing vidia off stream.
3. She has IBS so she can shit herself on stream any moment and she wears diaper most of the time. She only stream when she feels better which is a rare occasion.
4. She does her best while suffering from variety of health conditions and just a shy autistic introvert.
I have no proofs to back any of these rrats, but knowing that she definitely heard all of them makes me feel kinda bad about her. My favourite rrat is IBS though.

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I wonder which one of those was the one that made her mad enough to tell the clipfags to delete narratives in the comments

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Yes you did, obssessed mentally ill people migopis influence is no joke

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if a vt asks clip unironically channels to censor their comment sections for wrongthink its time to worry. theres something dirty hidden behind the onilets bush.

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>when she was supposed to be in hospital or bedridden, indicating that she lied.
>There were stories about her roommate's posts where she flirted with some sugar daddy, but I never checked the source. In any case, she is most probably not a virgin which is enough for people like me to seethe.
>She is introverted and doesn't get well with other members, barely even speaks to them, so she doesn't respect people's oshis and gets disrespect in return.
All of that is wrong or a lie

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way before this containment board exist chuba is a huge topic on /jp/
t. frogposting there to slide threads

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They hate her because she's an old fashioned idol who wants to keep distance between herself and her fans. Everything you read here will be unadulterated narratives. Personally, I've never even seen proof that she plays lol. I've always considered it bullshit. As long as I can remember the only game she ever got outed for playing was ffxiv and that was because it was streamed by her irl friend on twitch.

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The sex part is stupid enough to be dismissed without argument, the part about her not getting along with holomens is especially infuriating because she does get along with every single member and talks a lot with them behind the scene asking for their opinion and such, the latest that mentioned advicing her was Okayu, she also watch tons of streams

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Ayame is unironically one of the most likely to be a virgin. She was a hikki Mori even before hololive who only had online friends.

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Her dad would also definitely murder any would be bf, her family is incredbly overbearing

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Besides not welcoming Miko back. She also ignored Ina's drawing of her. And is the only Holo that consistently streams over other holos their big events.
Couple this with the fact that she's about to reach 1 million subs while streaming apex once a week while some of the underdog holos work their ass off. Only carried by her laugh and design. And you can deduce why she leaves a bad taste in certain people's mouths.

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>student council president
>socially retarded hiki
great job Yahoo.

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>She also ignored Ina's drawing of he
Retard didnt use the art tag

In general all this is something only anti care about because they have to be repeated for people to not forget about those inconsequential stuff, plus her streams are just better and not even Apex

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Most likely she's just being autistic.

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>Stares at people she's interested in
>Overventilates when stressed
>Shrivels back when people come to her

At least a little

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She probably have legit autism.
Not the kind of autism that gets thrown around to everyone.
It's the simplest explanation, and therefore correct.

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Disagree with the legit legit autism she has more of the thinking pattern when she thinks of trillion things that each lead to another thing and end up thinking about something detached from the present situation and the real world in general, her bad puns shtick is a nice example of it

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No she actually dont care about hololive
If you double check her old stream history
She almost overlap all her senpai's birthday/3D live/celebrate/new outfit/big event

AND she still haven't reply to ina's tweets until now

She streamed less than 10 streams per month
Do you think she care about hololive now anon?

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You really think you can spout shit like that and that people will believe it?

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I don't give a shit about what any of you fags think about her.
She's cute so I'll watch her.

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Wrong she's the cutest

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Don't forget she's a Jap nationalist

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Aren't all Japanese nationalists? Hell, the whole world used to be that way until the end of the Cold War.

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Daily reminder that she has a picture of emperor shows in her room.

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They hate her because she hates foreigners like them them
She reminds them they'll never be Japanese so they call her a whore in response it's just childish really

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From what I can gather, her family is extremely strict. I guess I can see why she's pretty anti-social.

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no clue why but feel free to ignore it.
she's super cute and her singing voice is lovely, her latest cover was super good.
the only really weird about her is she dislikes her own voice, which considering how cute/good it is really weirds me out.

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i wonder if ayame got spanked a lot
i certainly hope so

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I want to breed Ayamefriend.

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> that neck

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Docchi Docchi is best holosong

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doesn't seem like she gets along at all with Miko. I remember Miko once phoned in to her totsumachi and she sounded genuinely surprised and hesitant.

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No, Ayame is just overly sensitive to criticism because she's a dork who can't socialize yet gets praised all the time by her peers for her cuteness.Imagine taking criticism from a group of people you can't even bring yourself to talk to, while your inner circles pamper you. That's the type of culture shock we're talking here.

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all holos have that pencil neck

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Then they proceeded to talk for the longest among all of the calls, bad argument

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Not all of them, but quite a few do.

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I was expecting more fresh rrats but guess its the same ones being pigeoned from /jp/

Shes the most normalfag among the holos giving her strict family background, probably still have to keep tabs with them ans show a normie life unlike other holos

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How do you even think she's a normalfag when she's been brought up to be a pretty doll and not to ever socialise??

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