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was it kino?

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it wasn't just kino

it was... quineau

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So what happened to Haachama? How did her head managed to get cut off, too?

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She cut her head off by cutting Haato's head off since they are the same body.

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What about that picture showing them as two different people, then?

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Yes, unironically

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also after cutting her haato's head off she took over the stream like nothing had happened

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Usually if I see a notification I'll hop in the stream for a bit. I actively anticipated Haato/Haachamas streams for the past few days.

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haachama's head is eating haato's body right now

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she might have asked management herself to add this specifically to her outfit

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Yes. Haachama is a genius. She reminds me a lot of papa franku, and I'm interested to see what she does next. Not even memeing.

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>Expected cute lewd girl who reviews ecchi art. Red heart was a great song
>New model had a cute patch so maybe chuuni shenanigans
>Instead get menhera stuff with dissociative identity disorder themes
It would be funny if it did not scare me.

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This smug Japanese teenager has just become to best horror author since HP Lovecraft, and she did it in spite of being so low IQ that she didn't know you can order a plain cheese pizza with no toppings at Domino's. How does this make you fell, Anonchama?

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>New model had a cute patch so maybe chuuni shenanigans

Also, if I recall correctly, the patch covers the left eye, as today's stream revealed that Haato's right eye was constantly blinking whenever Haachama was mentioned and some anon found out that said eye had a single pixel constantly changing colors during her I'M BACK video. The patch could symbolize Haachama trapping Haato and not allowing her to see the horrors she has been doing, such as eating insects and lewding herself.

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you sound like a tranny

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People depicts her as a retard, but she is actually a fucking genius. Pretty impressive how she pulls out all this stuff at her age.

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Sex with haato chama

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ogey niggerman

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Then why doesn't she wear the damn thing more often?

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>subject-verb agreement
since "People" is a plural noun, you should've written "depicts" in its plural form "depict".

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She got a new Live2D upgrade and she either goes

>Hype a 2.0 upgrade, like Coco, and get a sudden 40K-60K ++ live viewers for a single 1 hour stream plus a burst of Superchats


>Slow cook the reveal into a storytelling that delves deep into her lore. Pique's the public's interests and floods the timeline with clips from clippers and rousing the people's curiosity. This nets her an extra 30K+ new subs plus the extra possibility of new live viewers coming back to watch after the fad fades out.

I'd say she put herself into a position where she'll need to put effort to make the new ones stay and remain interested in her gimmick.

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She's clever and creative but a bit of a dope when it comes to executive functioning.

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She is like 19 tho. That is something that can be learned over time

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Agreed, I also think haato might have ADHD which worsens things in that regard. Nothing that you can't learn to deal with though.

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I wasn't sure if I should be terrified or aroused. Definitely kino.

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She's just emulating the same schizophrenia that runs rampant here.

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Spite. She wants Haato to see the weird shit she's making their shard body do when she's not in control.
Maybe, assuming it is a shared body and not twins or something weirder like a dullahan with 2 heads.

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> a bit of a dope when it comes to executive functioning

I think you just described at least half of Hololive.

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She's got 998k already. At this rate she will reach 1 mil before she gets a chance to stream again.
Also random morning thought - everyone expecting something insane from her on 1milion. What if she just trolls us and we get stream as normal and ordinary as possible?

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It would be funny for a minute but ultimately disappointing

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I could see that. Doing a completely seiso celebratory stream and cooking something normal like steak and asparagus with a complimentary wine.

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she's gonna do a normal minecraft stream building the tower of babel without acknowledging her sub count at all.

and then near the end when she finally finishes it, haachama will take over and blow up the tower, crashing the holoserver with no survivors.

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She's already at 999k

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Just reached 999k anon. No one can stop the Chama's return.

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I mean, I would those thighs.

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I have never seen a Vtuber incline this hard in my life. It really shows how efforts can pay off if you really try. Reason why I really love Haachama.

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Didn't Nene gain like 20k subs the day of her redesign?

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Really? I don't follow Nene that much, so my observation can be biased in this case.

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well this is one that won't be in the next lewd art review.

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knowing her she'll use it as her next thumbnail or have it flash on the screen for a second during her next haato torture vid.

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I can think of one but it's a hush word around these parts.

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That was on the back of a new game+.

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>the graduation rrat may be real
not like this bros...

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Nah, she's just carrying on the split personality war narrative. I bet the end result will be the two personalities uniting and becoming "Haatochama".

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>Hits 1 mil
I'm gonna need a neck brace after this, whatever happens

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She graduation baited before when she graduated schooling and moved back to Japan. Have some more faith

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less than an hour till 1M stream starts

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Jesus Christ, I thought the "most powerful idol" was a joke but she plays her cards very well for stirring some hype and push her fast over 1 mil.

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The tower of babel stuff is great for obvious reasons, but when are we gonna see someone try to work the golden calf idol thing?

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>Lovemaking with Haato
>Rough, violent powerfucking with Haachama in a constant dominance fight where pulling out is not an option even if you wanted to

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>She'll bake your cum into your breakfast and force you to eat it

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>selfcest ending
Yes please

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>she didn't know you can order a plain cheese pizza with no toppings at Domino's
Wait, THAT'S what she meant by pepeloni? I thought she ordered peperoni pizza and took the peperoni off to eat separately?

>> No.449015

>Channel is now akkai haato haachama death inbound

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This is truly the Evangelion of anime.

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That wasn't pepeloni, that was the no one?

>> No.449899

Fucking 60k people watching her stream right now, how much is the top hololive score?

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The Pepeloni, a Shakespearean sonnet

The Pepeloni, ah, the Pepelone
Dost thou perceive the thing of which I speak?
The Pepeloni where there is not one
That I obtain from Dominos boutique

Of Pepeloni I am rather fond,
I evermore request the pan of cheese
Can words express the heart of a gourmand?
Perhaps a drawing will do more than these

Behold: The pan of cheese contains an ear,
And in that ear is cheese in greater share,
And pepeloni on the surface, here,
Which Dominos hath placed with such great care.

I pluck it with impunity. Away!
Because I shall consume it not this day.

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based pepeloni poster

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oh god...

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it keeps happening

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Haachama is legit dead

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I can't take this...

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what evens have just transpired in front of my eyes

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so, uh, was all of this just to show her new live 2d avatar?

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will you pick up, anons?
why won't you answer the phone, anons?

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I think I get it

The higher ups said Haachama can't go on, so she had to bury her.

>> No.450734

Gura got 120k for one of her karaoke, idk if that is the record though.

>> No.450742

Haatons are truly blessed with the best oshi

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>her little pig mascot has the neck stiches
if this was planned from the start all I can say is bravo

>> No.450754

>3 discord calls in the end

oh no

>> No.450765

>best horror author since HP Lovecraft

>> No.450780

Can someone spoonfeed me what just happened? I watched the stream but am not following the story well...

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>As vtubers grow they become more loose and aloof
>Haato eventually becomes Haachama, likely a lot closer to her actual IRL personality
>Has big success with her cooking and filth shenanigans, she probably likes this way more

>The bosses step in, saying this is too much and not marketable
>Order she quits Haachama
>So she orchestrates this whole deal

>Hence the "I love you always"

I cracked it

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>> No.450890

The strongest idol, whos name i'm not so sure about, works in misterious ways.

>> No.450902

she knows how to order a cheese pizza, her mum just forced her to get toppings because a plain cheese pizza is seen as a waste, and she never got over it.

>> No.450931

That actually makes sense.

>> No.450933

>tfw been saying Haachama didnt kill haato and that haato was killing haachama the whole time
>may have been right

>> No.450962

Honestly shes playing a dangerous but lucrative game. Theres no other content like hers in the entire vtubber sphere. We all know it can't last forever tho with just this one arc but for now its definitely going to be must watch.

>> No.450971


The thumbnail for her debut literally has her head out of frame.

>> No.450982

I thought she finds the peperoni too strong so she likes the taste it leaves in the pizza but not the peperoni itself.

>> No.451004

Miko's return had 145k and that is the hololive record for most live viewers on a stream.

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I’ll always answer for you Haachama

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>it was Haato all along
>Haachama was the weird girl who loved her twin sister and wanted to stay together forever
>Haato loved her a bit too much and also wanted to stay together
>so Haato cut Haachama's head to put her own on it and stitch them together
>ended developing a second personality formed by Haachama's lingering one
>to the point Haato has tried to ignore her existence by saying "who is Haachama?"
>it was Haachama who was crying for help all this time
>Haachama is still alive

What a ride.

>> No.451288

I thought pekomama had the most? dunno what site people use for numberfagging to check though

>> No.451307

don't think anyone gets it

>> No.451317

Haachama is bae!

>> No.451319

It was mediocre

>> No.451329

thanks for the breakdown, i was confused af

>> No.451332


The bigger question is, during the stream, you had both Haato and Haachama calling in at various points, and both Haato and Haachama had their heads cut off from their bodies.

So, who is the third personality?

>> No.451372

the IRL girl behind the vtuber

her vtuber personalities have become sentient and independant

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>> No.451410

Have other Holos reacted to this entire arc? I'd expect clippers to go crazy and post videos about it.

>> No.451426

I know of only two and both were very very confused

>> No.451457

This will probably end with her splitting Haachama to another channel.

>> No.451459

Be honest with me, how much lore do I miss by not knowing moonrunes ? Did she actually translate it all or are there parts I didn't get ?

>> No.451476

>guys help my vtuber tulpas are going to rape me
>create a jackie chan tulpa

>> No.451496

so basically Hachamaa content is on hiatus/over? im legit confused.

>> No.451511

Polka posted a comment under one of those short clips we're getting lately
Kanata got confused as fuck when she met Haatochama in MC, Moona and Towa went along with her play though
Kiara showed up on today stream
That's all I know about

>> No.451523

probably just wants to go back to being normal
HAACHAMA autism 24/7 has to be a pain

>> No.451528

Including the baby and the stairs and ladder factory?

>> No.451541

But anon
which of the two IS the normal one?

>> No.451544

There are usually about 2-3 EN translators in her chat. Filter for their messages.

>> No.451550

Miko posted this https://twitter.com/sakuramiko35/status/1359501908856086532?s=20 and basically reiterated the same idea at the beginning of her current Nier stream.

>> No.451558

the kinoest

>> No.451658

the only way this can end is a professor hulk style merging of the two where they don't just coexist but live together as a single entity.

haachama tried to kill haato by cutting off her head, but found out that haato cannot die as long as haachama lives. haato drugged haachama to sleep but knows that haachama will wake up at some point.

>> No.451681

I honestly thought it would have been over when the coexist part showed up, but now it feels like it's going circles. Maybe she tries to bring a third personnality so that both haachama and haato are against the new one?

>> No.451710

I think she should leave things like this. It was a fun ride to 1M but I'm not sure if adding more could become tiring.

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haato was the first character she portrayed out of necessity to fit the idol role
haachama is the antithesis of haato created in protest of the requirement to act
the true self, the vtuber, lies inbetween, but forever sealed away

>> No.451756

>Accept your shadow
>Crave your light
>Neither angel nor devil man walks the line between achieving the greatest virtue and committing the gravest sin

>> No.451784

im confus

>> No.451799

No, the Peko one had 129k while the Miko one had 145k

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File: 652 KB, 723x476, spider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what if haachama was asking for help?

>> No.451874

It was Haachama asking for help, they weren't split personalities originally but twins, and Haato loved her sister so much that she cut her head off and put her own in Haachama's body so they could truly COEXIST FOREVER.

>> No.451876

>Artist intended it to be a Shining reference

>> No.451886

>that art style

>> No.451955

So wait? Did Haato had sister Haachama?
but she died when they were both young and haato couldn't accept it so she got split personality?

>> No.452059

>it wasn't "i'm sorry, please don't hurt me"
>it was "i'm sorry, i have to do this to you"

>> No.452228

haachama died choking on a spider
haato absorbed her consciousness before she died and they agreed to #coexistforever
the toll of hosting two consciousnesses has degraded the sanity of haato who began to torment haachama
haachama attempted to take over the body in response, but ultimately failed when the 1M sub milestone dragged out the IDOL AKAI HAATO

source: i am a schitzophrenic

>> No.452236

>Lore drops
>1m subs
>new Haachama Holobase song
Today is a good day
I know you're here Holobase, keep up the good work.

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haachama is alive, I can say it in red

>> No.452796

My nephew really likes this VN, something about seagulls and witches right? Is it any good?

>> No.452817

Haachama's in her kitchen, all's right with the world.

>> No.452857

Nyanners did this gimmick already. A bit disappointed in Haachama for stealing ideas.

>> No.452861
File: 1.26 MB, 565x905, koreanhorror.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haato and haachama gave off some good horror vibes

>> No.452982

you mean fucking horny senzawa wanna be

>> No.453068

You just know she's going to run this into the ground. Nips can't help themselves

>> No.453127

Post proof, I can believe she discarded an old identity but I highly doubt it was something she built up to for years, and culminated in biblical references.

>> No.453189

Frankly, the whole thing is getting boring now.

>> No.453237

>You just know she's going to run this into the ground
>Implying that this hasn't already happened.

>> No.453269

This is the least retarded take on this saga I've heard so far.

>> No.453979

kys selves

>> No.454242

im just hoping that she doesnt quit this style to become a normal vtuber idol because there are already too many of them

>> No.454306


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>> No.460745

So, do you think these videos represent the end of an era? Will we never get yabe Haachama videos, at least to the extent that happened last year and the beginning of this year?

>> No.460905

>implying she is not going to make HAACHAMAvsHAATO videos for the rest of the year

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why is she like this?

>> No.461127

I expect her to just switch between the two identities whenever she feels like it. Sometimes doing crazy streams as haachama while other times doing more quiet streams as Haato

>> No.461314

my favorite schizotuber

>> No.461483

australia broke her

>> No.461691

On one hand I don't want this to end, on the other it should end because otherwise it'll get stale.

Just going back to normal streams will feel weird now though

>> No.461755

she needs to normal stream for a bit, like a week, and then give another lore thing. just keep it weekly and give small hints through the week

>> No.461807

Haato, dump it

>> No.461840

When both are calling at once, thats when I pick up

>> No.462794

Judging by the calendar, the big updates look like it will be 18/2, 28/2, and 3/3, with an X marking 3/3, so it seems she's intending to build this up and end it on 3/3. Obviously, the best end to this would be she'd do both kinds of normal streams she is known to do (comfy Haato and yabe Haachama streams) once it's over.

>> No.462927

Ah nice, you used the updated version that I posted to leddit, thanks anonchama

>> No.463119

I think Lain was easier to comprehend first time round than whatever that was
Good job Haato on creating the ultimate Schizo-arc

>> No.463132

>I'd say she put herself into a position where she'll need to put effort to make the new ones stay and remain interested in her gimmick.
Keep in mind that you're talking about the girl who ate a fucking tarantula live.

>> No.463150

where do you even buy a tatantula to eat

>> No.463192
File: 35 KB, 600x600, Naamloos-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.463196

Amazon, apparently

>> No.465049

>plain cheese pizza is seen as a waste
Sad 5 cheese type pizza lover noises

>> No.465095

>Keep in mind that you're talking about the girl who ate a fucking tarantula live.
Asians eat literally everything, how is this supposed to be extreme?

>> No.465426

Not japanese retard. They were even grossed out by butter when white people showed them.

>> No.465769

>papa franku
the sheer cringe. fuck off back to your reddit-shithole

>> No.467496
File: 25 KB, 480x360, 6426357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you guys feel about the "Haatochaama never went to Australia" theory?

>> No.468606
File: 36 KB, 290x191, australia autism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did google mean by this

>> No.469901

Peakest of all peaks.

>> No.471131
File: 949 KB, 1333x881, Beatrice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting Umineko vibes from this whole thing

>> No.471314

I thought about that too. She could have Have just chosen Australia cause they share the same time zones pretty much. Doesn't seem like her English has improved that much DESU. Though that could be due to quarantines.

>> No.474864
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>If you read a post on /vt/ backwards, it becomes a discussion of "Seinfeld"

>> No.475249

haato never went to australia
she's just in the philippines

>> No.477047

I mean the Woolies packaging is actually legit, and I doubt you can ship that stuff to Japan.

>> No.481114

Footage from one of the Haachama cookings in a Melbourne shopping centre.

>> No.481247

am i supposed to know what that says?

>> No.481300


>> No.483182

Yes, do your reps.

>> No.483422

to think that while haachama was here, i could have travelled around enough to make it statistically probable that i was in the same room as she was at some point, meaning i could have breathed a fraction of her residual cellular residue.

>> No.483702
File: 521 KB, 720x639, Haatodead[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fkqmhqt.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.484075

Didn't she just threw it into miso soup?

>> No.487803


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