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Beanpse Edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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What the fuck is that OP image

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Maroony is cute! CUTE!!

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How new are you?

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>Imagine the intoxicating smell of her pheromones secreted by her sweaty body after a rough training session...
>Imagine huffing the crotch of her warm black spats as she holds them up to your nose forcing you to take deep whiffs...
>Imagine her seeing how hard you've gotten just by smelling her scent as she revels in knowing she's brought you under her spell...
>Imagine her toying with and sucking your cock giving slightly painful but gentle bites that send shocks through your entire body...
>Imagine her telling you she's going to use her ultimate technique as she grips the shaft tightly and glides her tongue along the underside before taking the entire thing in her mouth...
>Imagine shooting a thick load inside as you begin to see spots and become lightheaded before your knees buckle and you fall to the floor...
>Imagine Shimada pinning you to the ground, one paw on each arm as she begins to grind her butt against your still rock hard member...
>Imagine her gripping your cock and rubbing it against the outer lips just before you are interrupted by Komatsu who upon realizing what you two are doing cant help but show a sly smile...

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that is corpse from the youtube channel

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Pastabin of the takodachi's favourite vtubers update v1.1

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>Imagine the intoxicating smell of her pheromones secreted by her sweaty body after a rough training session...
>Imagine huffing the crotch of her warm black spats as she holds them up to your nose forcing you to take deep whiffs...
>Imagine her seeing how hard you've gotten just by smelling her scent as she revels in knowing she's brought you under her spell...
>Imagine her toying with and sucking your cock giving slightly painful but gentle bites that send shocks through your entire body...
>Imagine her telling you she's going to use her ultimate technique as she grips the shaft tightly and glides her tongue along the underside before taking the entire thing in her mouth...
>Imagine shooting a thick load inside as you begin to see spots and become lightheaded before your knees buckle and you fall to the floor...
>Imagine Shimada pinning you to the ground, one paw on each arm as she begins to grind her butt against your still rock hard member...
>Imagine her gripping your cock and rubbing it against the outer lips just before you are interrupted by Komatsu who upon realizing what you two are doing cant help but show a sly smile...

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i see a chat box full of chuubas, i leave. simple as that.

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>pogfrog PowerWash Simulator
>bort PowerWash Simulator
>Greek fish
>JP/EN ayy
>It Takes Two with Krautsheep and the purest chuuba
>Killing Intent Bloodstained
>Cute cat
>Music man Rosenkreuzstilette
>Sleepy saffa panda Fairy Tail
>Saffa party angel VALORANT
>Slavbuns RE8
>Legally blind bee Okami
>Meatbuns Metroid Prime
>Monke Sonic Adventure 2
>Cloud and frens Phasmo
>Fluffy nekomaid enthusiast drawing
>moe stuffing things into boxes
>Comically large eyes drawing
>VRChat streamer/artist is now a vtuber playing Kuukiyomi
>An actual german dango

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Attention all Vtubers! This is your new shishou speaking!
Throw away all pride. Throw away all pride and just pander. Pander to the lowest common denominator. Eat burgers if you have to. That is my advice. Eat burgers, yeah, just eat burgers. Just throw away your pride and eat the burgers.
Thank you for your attention.

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Finishing the shady sprite animation also shittalking Sega

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everyday until tiger thinks

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>Freida DOOM
>Swiss fennec OMORI
>Very southern maid Saints Row IV

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Is this cropped porn?

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Not this time.

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Is THIS cropped porn??

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I love this guy's stream overlays. I can't explain why I think it's kino, it just is.
dot_lvl's close friend playing SMT Nocturne. New York raccoon babi that always has streams that look like this.

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do people really think this does anything?

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im 99% sure it's a shitpost

>> No.4268043

M-may I see?

>> No.4268072

a lot of japanese games have that stupid shit built in as a watermark if they have screenshot functions
who knows, japanese IP laws are fucking stupid

>> No.4268093 [SPOILER] 

Thank you to the anon linking me in the last thread.

Based grifting. However, the anon you replied to, >>4263468, isn't me.

I'll read you the bible, the Gnostic Bible.
But forreal, watch Abigail's readalongs if you want that type of content. Unlike me, she seems to have an actual formal education in christian theology. You'll learn a lot if you show up to her Sunday streams on the regular.

You brought me on a memory-trip! How I'd love to reread that one collection on Bruno Filippi! It's angry and juvenile and incredibly scary too in a way. His work and that of other authors showed me clearly that I can be glad to live in a time where politics can be ignored (or at least denied). He never possessed that privilege, he died fighting.

I just skimmed through it again, some of those phrases still hit so close:
>Rest in peace, poor Mata! Someone who never knew you has sworn to avenge you.
>And the memory of your blood-drenched eyes will drive his dagger;
>the vision of your mutilated body will render his bomb more effective.

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It's not cropped porn.
But the one you responded to is.

>> No.4268226

is a self-professed monster fucker more or less likely to date her obese hairy fans?

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>> No.4268284

:( or :)?

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She will fuck you

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>> No.4268370

Source, didnt see that one before.

>> No.4268479

It's in her #fridaytheR18th art tag.

>> No.4268642

Depends on how much money you have

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How long until there is a vtuber who does a Jon Bois story read along?
I will do this myself if I must

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No one's gonna do that shit

>> No.4268855

JP reps with dango cat

>> No.4268873

I'm not sure how best to show that on stream, I mean my comic readings are simple just show panels but from what I recall doesn't 17776 do special stuff? Also Jon Bois is awesome!

>> No.4269005

>doing my VOD reps
>have to sit through annoying chat member constantly popping up on screen
At least he doesn't come around anymore

>> No.4269040

all me

>> No.4269378

She got a 3d model.
Kind of.

>> No.4269433

>wearing the same sweater as her avatar
bless this bean queen
now say her fucking name

>> No.4269443

17776 comes with some visuals and videos but I think that would make it even more perfect for reading during a stream. I still haven’t checked out the sequel but I assume that’s also a potential chunk of good content.

>> No.4269456

Apparently her mom made it for her.

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>> No.4270240

basedapoya hehehe

>> No.4270488

Damn, thats good

>> No.4270572

unironic cosmic brain play, very smart

>> No.4270692

Fuckable hands

>> No.4270804

>/asp/ies asking Kongou for advice
Somehow I can't hate these newfags.

>> No.4270887

I want to FUCK this bean queen

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>> No.4271051

They're doing their reps. I'm proud of them.

>> No.4271102

Hot, and she's live right now trying to finish RE8!

>> No.4271111

proud to call em kouhai

>> No.4271119

Josa lost something precious
Little murderer RE8
Cute goat Code Vein

>> No.4271171

Thanks for having me senpai!

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>> No.4271241

I only just tuned in, he was talking about drinking water to fix mouth sounds or something right? Did he say anything about how to not have that sloppy smacking sound when you open your mouth and stuff?

>> No.4271271

Senpai quads

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Bros... Moccy is declining...

>> No.4271710

This is Emuri Hiiragi
-College Student in the USA
-Speaks both English and Japanese
-Plays the Violin
-Look at her huge mountains



>> No.4271714

Naoki is going hard with his reps. Now if he can ditch his design he might actually incline. He's been noticed by koopa and kongou and even active in velcord.

>> No.4271780

This is a nice shill post, but why didn't you link her when she was live an hour ago?

>> No.4271879

last year I had a dream about a vtuber named fortissimo, but it was a rabbit girl whose skin was sheet music wrapped all around just like the anonymous guy. this one is underwhelming

>> No.4272238

you may not like it but this is what PEAK PERFORMANCE looks like

>> No.4272427

I heard you was talking shit

>> No.4272516

>lesbian space bun 1/2 Sonic Adventure DX
>googly eyed voice in your head Outer Worlds
>retro femboy with a shmup
>blue potato Subnautica
>this ant Wario World
>Preschool teacher Ocarina of Time

>> No.4272541

They are nice people. Cherish them.

>> No.4272557

Everyone's taking about Josa, but I just spent five minutes on a mental deep dive thinking about how good it would be to wash the stink off Peony and then have her bouncing atop my throbbing cockhead whilst still in the running shower and now I've made a mess of meself :(

>> No.4272788

I can't admit this without breaking character, so I'll do it here!

Kongou, you're a great guy! Thank you!

>> No.4272973

MOO Subnautica

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>> No.4273165

German dino put up a highlight vid of her superliminal stream

>> No.4273166

Ok odette

>> No.4273325

Robot has a flamethrower

>> No.4273360

who is V_and_k?

>> No.4273390

That was not my post, I will post now. He is a swell fella. Now I am back to being undercover.

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>> No.4273566

but what does it do?

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>> No.4273873

Lying whore

>> No.4273874

shady's on with some yoshi's island

>> No.4273879

fuck Takahata

>> No.4273955

Beer bear rating beers
>first IPA and sour for the tier list

>> No.4274296

Odette I love you in the not a meme way, i love you more than Capri Sun Rushing Waters, I know it can't work but it's still there, what should I do

>> No.4274359

chill out AP

>> No.4274401

The image Josabelle is too afraid of to give a comment on...

>> No.4274478

>not shania

>> No.4274510

take your meds and realize you're talking to what still amounts to a fictional character

>> No.4274526

Daily reminder she WILL collab with your Oshi, and flirt with her.

>> No.4274545

That was option numero dos

>> No.4274593

>rushing waters
Anonchama, you don't love Odette enough if you don't know the name of her favorite juice product. But hmm, you are sincerely grappling with tricky emotions? In that case you should work on improving yourself. Imagine you and Odette became very good friends, you would want to be someone seen as cool, talented and reliable right? So you should perhaps develop skills that make you so, especially the crucial skill of empathy! And then in time, I think you might find that your life becomes one where you don't need to rely emotionally on a crudely drawn cartoon mouse.

>> No.4274602

Bessie's having trouble adjusting to nighttime on an alien ocean planet.
I've never seen anyone freak out this fast in Subnautica

>> No.4274642

Do you think StrictlyTurtle would have benefitted from a cute VOMS-style model instead of a metro guy? Or would a chibi furry be better?

>> No.4274645

What are you when these vtubers arent a part of your daily routine?

>> No.4274935

I tried going for a VOMS style. Some don't really like it. :'^)

>> No.4275023


>> No.4275041

I am mildly surprised and a tiny bit disappointed that his non-human turtle model was apparently a debuff. Or maybe it was just youtube.

>> No.4275084

come groom pretty please?

>> No.4275113

I got banned off reddit

>> No.4275142

He is the epitome of the backlog playing male. I would have watched him if he made actual content.

>> No.4275150

What did you do?

>> No.4275158

oh shit, it's Roger from American dad

>> No.4275170

Where you the guy who broke contaiment? If so: nice.

>> No.4275171

You probably deserved it for being a dumbass. "Lurk more" isn't just advice for 4chan. It applies everywhere.

>> No.4275200

i would dive to the bottom of the sea for hacker

>> No.4275279

>on reddit
I can't imagine a bigger waste of braincells

>> No.4275306

What is "actual content" to you? I see so many people do what I'd consider backlog content still do well. It mostly just seems to depend on if you yourself are entertaining or not.

>> No.4275317


>> No.4275332

If he made it cuter like a Pokemon would look like, then maybe the debuff would have gone away.

>Some don't like the VOMS style
Those people have shit taste, and VOMS style is one of the least offensive, most broadly appealing styles around, bordering on even normie appeal.

>> No.4275343

>Trend hopper designed by two trend hoppers


>> No.4275411

She's just hackerling or octolinghacker on twitter I think. A fairly new indie.

>> No.4275449

Spooki I love you in the not a meme way, i love you more than Subnautica (2014), I know it can't work but it's still there, what should I do

>> No.4275479

something simple can still be cute

>> No.4275487

they're not new to anything they've been around for year.

>> No.4275549

going for maximum scuff can also be endearing

>> No.4275602

She is cute and she can sing so I like her.

>> No.4275702

There is nothing wrong with Reddit.

>> No.4275768

>What is "actual content" to you?
Skits, music, in-character acting, A.S.M.R., and lectures.

>> No.4275859

I've added all my vods to my archive channel it's up-to-date minus my most recent vod cause 24 hour clause

>> No.4275885

shanooki 2020
I voted!

>> No.4275984

Based, Spooki is so tsundere with Shania, it's beyond cute!

>> No.4276294

We're going back to Danganronpa 2! I played it a while back and was burnt out but now I'm ready! And it's case 3 which is apparently the worst in the entire franchise...

>> No.4276365

Wrestler Replicant

>> No.4276410

the satsuma aspie is doing collabs already?

>> No.4276482

OMG! >.< that pic is so cute! did u draw it? brb making it phone lock screen OTP 4 life

>> No.4276487

【New Pokémon Snap】I Don't Know Who Half of These Are

>> No.4276517


>> No.4276575

Azerbaijan vtuber when?

>> No.4276646

first it was South African vtubers
then it was German vtubers
now it is Pilipino vtubers
clearly, the next step is Azerbaijani vtubers, just be patient, anon.

>> No.4276656


>> No.4276801

kazajistán chuuba when?

>> No.4276882

Hungarian chuuba when?(Chenge was fucking awful and retired after 1 month)

>> No.4276917

Mongolian throat singing karaoke focused vtuber when?

>> No.4276937


is her japanese as good as kongos?

>> No.4276959

That might actually exist. You need something more obscure than that.

>> No.4277003

Are there even any Central Asian chuubas?

>> No.4277016

does central asia even have internet?

>> No.4277090

I take that if hungarians don't exist..

>> No.4277163

Sure except for Turkmenistan. Speeds might be bad though

>> No.4277220

what are you on about Turkmenistan is like the Emirates of central asia

>> No.4277243

she lives there so I imagine that its better

>> No.4277349

so the stuff most viewers dont care about, damn

>> No.4277426

as always, I'm shilling my oshi

>> No.4277588

Most viewers are idiots who should be publicly flogged.

>> No.4277665

the format might be different, but i'm pretty sure there's a plenty large audience for informational lecture-based videos. maybe not streams though?

>> No.4277749

She is playing more Crusader Kings 2

>> No.4277822

Alice's stream died please help her get her viewers back :(

>> No.4277849

she's amusing but damn that voice is a hurdle

>> No.4277858

French awoo whispering in your ears.

>> No.4277864

She's not streaming right now anon, even the big three struggle to keep threads going when there are no streams

>> No.4278208

There needs to be someone like this who goes further in depth.

>> No.4278356

The image BatAtVideoGames is too afraid of to give a comment on...

>> No.4278409


>> No.4278477

Beary spooky horror story reading
Moustache man XCOM
Horny snek Fallout New Vegas
Lamia Satisfactory

>> No.4278523

stop removing aspies

>> No.4278569

I love that negress beary much!

>> No.4278570

when will you learn your lesson old man

>> No.4278660

Who cares about them?

>> No.4278693

That's the kind of response he's fishing for. Don't do that.

>> No.4278777

That's a shame. I came to make the thread worse and thought that would be a perfect opportunity.

>> No.4278841

Whatcha watchin' 'nonny?

>> No.4278921

Handsome lady chuuba singing.

>> No.4278931

Supreme leader live:
her thread:

>> No.4278942

ambers sensei collab

>> No.4279136

corpse is doing more character building!

>> No.4279157

>Still using the dead ghostbin just so the deer babi can be in it

>> No.4279183

Corpse booba

>> No.4279242

the /asp/ie he's collabing with is pretty good at japanese, probably the best from these threads

>> No.4279307

You have been warned

>> No.4279327

Speaking of the ghostbin,
I don't really care which one is in the OP, but I did like that the newest one had clickable links. Whichever ends up in the next OP or the one after that and so on could definitely do with having that too. It's just nicer.

Nevermind who ends up in there, at this point there's more links posted in the threads than are in the ghostbin anyway. Just make it look nice at least.

>> No.4279405

It is time.

>> No.4279490

Is Mocca trans again? He took the male symbol out of his bio too

>> No.4279513

Mocca is Mocca. who gives a fuck.

>> No.4279530

cancelling my sub

>> No.4279560


>> No.4279563

I used to rule the world... indies would rise when I gave the word...

>> No.4279606


>> No.4279626

Today's chicken gacha roll!
From yesterdays>>4238690
However, end of the thread was reached >>4242958 and no avaliable candidates were found.
Moving to the previous thread >>4206909

Also, today, more Hajime no Ippo! Come for the watch-along!

>> No.4279658

>Mentally ill is ill
Water is wet.

>> No.4279660


>> No.4279664


>> No.4279689

!cam coqui

>> No.4279718

!cam Retsu

>> No.4279757

Oh no no no

>> No.4279783

Mocca was posted like 10 days ago.

>> No.4279858

Why were Josabelle's boobs deflated in her most recent stream?

>> No.4279875

>retard makes a retarded post
Same tard who literally encouraged coomerposting and coomerart of himself and then backpedaled hard acting like he's so pure uwu. Not sure why this should surprise anyone.

>> No.4279888

because she's sexier that way

>> No.4279908

Surprised it took this long to roll Kongou

>> No.4280047


>> No.4280114

Ace I'm sorry, you choked when you failed to incline the FIRST time you spent thousands of dollars on an Iron Vertex model. Another one won't help you. Besides, the last one was way better.

>> No.4280144

>> No.4280157

Skellerman priest is going live with Silent Hill, wants people to ask him about his time in a cult. https://www.twitch.tv/all_bonesjones

>> No.4280169

Why do you care?

>> No.4280196

why do so many males try for that tuxedo-mask aesthetic?

>> No.4280199

>antgirl in S tier
>Lily in A tier
Shit taste

>> No.4280236

the nice doggo is doing some pixel art

>> No.4280249

>Rin in S

>> No.4280250

I need to know what his preferred pronoun is so I know what not to call him

>> No.4280252

Get better taste

>> No.4280299

He doesn't have a preference

>> No.4280323

>Artemis above literally anybody
Come on now

>> No.4280349

Remember to keep track of your points! Cheaters will be most likely outed by spreadsheet holders!
Rolled 8-0 so you both get Cam 3. Fortunately they are close to each so it won't be need to be decided via RNG.
It's the time block problem. As it is right now the RNG is extremely biased towards PDT chuubas. As soon as the block moved other chuubas previously negleted began to pop up.

>> No.4280384

h-he's too powerful...

>> No.4280440

That's how you know the entire thing is a joke, anon

>> No.4280521

Is pogfrog an actual 13 year old?

>> No.4280551

yeah, why?

>> No.4280587

She has to be 18+ to be a twitch partner

>> No.4280606

>Mocca timeloop
I'm gonna lay this down once, so it doesn't need to be picked up again though of course it fucking will. Mocca's sex (not gender) irl is not known for absolute certain, but the best guess based on things they've said and their voice is that he's a gender-ambiguous twink who was abused as a child and at one point got punched in the face and had his nose broken, thus the Elmo voice. But whether that's true or not, he's not a tranny and refuses to engage in tranny politics. Mocca the character/entertainer been very clear and consistent about his character's sex and gender - which are "ambiguous" and "cute" respectively, and he doesn't care what pronouns you use. Why anons insist on sperging out about this shit, I'll never know, but his latest tweet is entirely correct; if you're watching a vtuber and the discovery of their real life sex would upset you, you're watching the wrong medium. Isn't this all very obvious?

>> No.4280672

Aren't there a bunch of newbies who need to be added to this?

>> No.4280675


>> No.4280678

>discovery of their real life sex would upset you, you're watching the wrong medium
some people want to groom
>pronouns you use
I'm gonna stick with he(female) then

>> No.4280729

Yeah, like Takako, Terumi, Retsu, and Elliot. Someone needs to make another update to this list

>> No.4280774

What does that mean?

>> No.4280799

>some people want to groom
Understandable, but Mocca pointed out on stream tonight that it's pretty irrelevant even to groomers when you consider that there's a snowball's chance in hell that you're ever going to fuck a vtuber, or at least one as big as Mocca. Should have caught that train five years ago.

>> No.4280802

So many? I can only name two. Every other guy is a VRoid in a hooded jacket or a kemonomimi.

>> No.4280803

Orc salaryman

>> No.4280807

>Someone needs to make another update to this list
you could?

>> No.4280820

I'm too lazy

>> No.4280823

He must have mistyped, Mocca is clearly a girl(male)

>> No.4280825

Honestly, I agree, but I don't have the nerve to tell him that.

>> No.4280860

There are too many backloggers for me to care right now. Get him to clip the lore bits then put it into a video.

>> No.4280866

there's dozens of them, too many to count

>> No.4280896

anon... can you not count to eight?

>> No.4280905

Those look nothing alike...

>> No.4280907

i gave up collecting screenshots, sue me, go browse through the male #envtuber hashtag on twitter, i couldn't be assed to spend more than 40 seconds on this

>> No.4281006

Think Lobcorp is becoming a habit for us, one day we'll finish it! Join us!

>> No.4281007

>no Cadence

>> No.4281034

>> No.4281073

an /a/ meme for femboys if I recall correctly its origin.
Zia literally tried to, but then he was on drugs

>> No.4281077

Where are your sources?

>> No.4281092

How dare you.

>> No.4281124

She's barely started, calm down. There are plenty of other newbies not on there yet

>> No.4281159

>calm down

>> No.4281169

>no bluemouth

>> No.4281181


>> No.4281192

Chasers like you need to be put down

>> No.4281199

>chuuba only (You) ever talk about with 0 relevance to the thread
This almost feels like a falseflag of that annoying anon, but at this point that guy deserves it.

>> No.4281206


>> No.4281216

Callie and Reda too

>> No.4281234

>turbo autists like seep and bear

>> No.4281237

It's from a doujin, there was a trap succubus and his description was "[name], [age], Succubus(Male)

>> No.4281240

Feels good knowing my oshi is well-liked and discussed semi-frequently in these threads

>> No.4281244

Does anyone have some suggestions for a game that could give him some more exposure?

>> No.4281252

among us

>> No.4281262

>having to share your oshi

>> No.4281268


>> No.4281270

Anything in the top viewer range for games. Also check sites like https://twitchtracker.com/games and https://sullygnome.com/

>> No.4281273

I'm pretty sure that he has already done a few collaborations with that game.

>> No.4281310

I'll pass the suggestions along. He tends to like supporting independent games too.

>> No.4281334

He can always try out itch.io for game ideas. In terms of exposure sadly there really isn't anything independent that will get him more viewers. Most of the popular streamers go for whatever is the current flavor of the month including new games.

>> No.4281355

Fuck off

>> No.4281368

Based on assumption

>> No.4281403

she's N2 and has done a lot of translation work so i'd assume so
i feel like my name is spelled wrong like half the time but i've never seen anyone actually fuck it up on the link...

>> No.4281466

>hasn't seen the rice purity tests

>> No.4281479

Why must my savior complex be so strong?

>> No.4281490

N2 is pretty bad though? N1 is really barely competent. Most N1 I know can't talk for shit.

>> No.4281493

Just giving advice anon, nothing wrong with that.

>> No.4281496

Shimada ippo watch-along in 10min take place in her discord!

>> No.4281515

add all philipeenos or ad none
you mess with one you mess wiht all kid

>> No.4281525

you're backwards; N5 is the lowest and N1 is the highest

>> No.4281537

based flipposter

>> No.4281559

I love Shimada but don't link discord directly here, just share her twitter posts instead like the other tigerposter.

>> No.4281563

I know which way around it is. I have N1. But the biggest qualification under the N# system is still barely competent in Japanese.

>> No.4281578

>>Odette C tier
>>Leaflit D tier

Trash list.

>> No.4281590


>> No.4281604

There many, many worse problems with that list than those.

>> No.4281623

bots and trolls

>> No.4281627

For example: No Shania

>> No.4281671

>Bubblegum thot playing both Portals

>> No.4281684

another philipeeno forgotten

>> No.4281722

Cadence is a flip?

>> No.4281738


>> No.4281787

yes, you can hear it in her voice like with terumi and feef

>> No.4281791

This seems randomized or just thrown together in a way to throw people off. There is no way someone actually has this bizarre of tastes.

>> No.4281837

Don't think any of them mentioned are flips

>> No.4281861

If they can't do this, they're not flip enough.

>> No.4281877

rrat can art

>> No.4281880

ah, my apologies for that then
still, i'd think doing translation work as a job while living in japan expresses some level of credentials; I'm not sure how well versed kongou is in the language to compare though to be fair

>> No.4281924

He never has dead air even when he's the only one there, he has a good voice, and he has all the societally-approved opinions. Why must he make himself languish in obscurity?

>> No.4281985

yuki onna is finishing ds3 today


>> No.4282014

until i hear an "ay nako" on stream they're not good enough to be assumed to be filipino

>> No.4282020

flip power ranking

>callie calico
>leon and alice
>bodega rat
>prince reinhardt
>little s

>> No.4282023

Is that what she does? Being N2 does not really qualify you for any professional translation work. If she does it as a hobby that's one thing. But even N1 doesn't qualify you as a professional translator (although I suppose a business could still ask you to translate stuff all the time).

That said there are also N2s/3s who are better at Japanese overall than N1s just due to the way the test is set up.

I don't know the person you're talking about but Kongou's Japanese level is not particularly high. He even mispronounces stuff sometimes. But I think his vocab level is probably much higher than his other abilities in Japanese.

>> No.4282061

Literally everyone is flip I see

>> No.4282096

are you're sure all those guys are flips and not just various SEAfolk?

>> No.4282104


>> No.4282105

>Reda above Vel
Nice one Reda shill

>> No.4282110

that aud's rrat has weird audio

>> No.4282131

Where is Kadu?

>> No.4282134

c tei above prince oka

>> No.4282155

g*** is something worse than a flip, an anglo

>> No.4282216

some are unconfirmed flip, but all confirmed SEA

>> No.4282225

tbf, she said she hit N2 prior to teaching in Japan, which she did for seven years so her abilities probably improved past that as a result of being there for as long as she was

>> No.4282227

Excluding one of the legitimate flips, Purin

>> No.4282228

There's nothing wrong with being british.

>> No.4282243

okay veleck

>> No.4282245

Krimbo is confirmed SEA? I'm pretty sure he is American.

>> No.4282251

indie list fajjet

>> No.4282271

Notherners get the rope.

>> No.4282285

Ah... Okay then that is probably different. Teaching in Japan doesn't mean shit, especially if it is teaching English (you can do that with no qualifications) but if you live there for 7 years that makes it way more likely that have good Japanese. Especially if they have an interest in learning.

>> No.4282330

>Kongou "if she can walk she can take a cock" Kokuretsu
>Kongou "old enough to breath old enough to breed" Kokuretsu
>Groomou Cunnyretsu
>Kongou "women can't be pedophiles" Kokuretsu
>Kongou "Empty my dong in an underage Rrom" Kokuretsu
>Kongou "i hate cancel culture but i will cancel zman anyways lol" Kokuretsu
>Stalker "ill rock her while you cock her" Alker
>Stalker "old enough to be born old enough for porn" Alker
>Kongou "My work here is done, saraba da" Kunnyretsu
>Kongou "Pedo Pro font" Kunnyretsu
>Krimbo "If she's old enough to count she's old enough to mount" Groombo
>Krimbo "Hold her tighter she's a fighter" Groombo

>> No.4282351

i have my parents are from both the north and south and they both say it though i guess as someone who has only visited the country like 4 times i can't possibly know what is and isn't regional
>not on the list

>> No.4282361


>> No.4282382

>Not treating the Tsunderias as if they're indies

>> No.4282415

Leon and Alice are flips?

>> No.4282466

Reda has either an Australian or British accent, so probably not flip.

>> No.4282472

That list is a shitpost. Most of those people aren't flips

>> No.4282474

Which provinces? The "filipino" identity is entirely cultural, and language itself carries the memory of the people. If you're an EOP, then you're nothing but a brown american.

>> No.4282495

Please, Meat! Have some self-control!

>> No.4282521

they are a flip, just disaspora

>> No.4282555

Why does everyone migrate to flip?

>> No.4282634

mother from manila, father from south cotabato

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