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Hololive Global

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I love Ina!

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One day your oshi will graduate.

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Please give Gura 300,000 subscribers.

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Yeah, after accepting my proposal.

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Did someone ever complete the version of this picture with everything labeled?

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Cute orange cat!

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Polka Love! Polka Love!

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I love Reine!!!

Listen to her Usseewa cover!!

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I Want sex

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I love Ame so much, bros.
I miss her. She's gonna be off today and tomorrow.
But I slept pretty well last night thinking of her.

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>you are now reminded that you spend an unhealthy amount of time on an anonymous mbw forum talking to other strangers over the internet about some virtual anime streamers
>you are also reminded that your devotion and investment into this social platform in particular is extremely worthless. the rate of return here is garbage since every poster is anonymous, so you lack the capacity to form intimate relationships and bonds with others.
You know, if we at least had flags or IDs, we could forge closer bonds with each other. I'm sad, I've spent months of my life (nearly a year) on this website and I still don't know any posters I can truly call my friend..

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Kiara is really out here playing Dragon Quest for Adults and then saying it'd be weird and out of place to dual wield swords in a modern setting.

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>your oshi
>the three WACKY numbers on the back of your credit card

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>Kiara singing Jenma to sleep

>> No.4269109

>Go to sleep

>> No.4269111

*Casts a spell to remind you that Kiara is being very cute reading superchats*
*Casts a spell to remind you that Watame is also cute and reading superchats right now*
*casts a spell to inform you that in less then an hour, Ina will be chatting and eating as she celebrates a hard earned one million*
Conclave, assemble.

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God I love her so fucking much! Kiara love!

>> No.4269114

Me too!

I got up early so I could listen to it before work. I really enjoyed it.

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Sounds like a (You) problem.

>> No.4269118

How can WE get the girls to play EDF

>> No.4269120

Even 2 days off are rough for me these days, I want to see her..
But hopefully she'll get all the stuff ready for her charity stream next week.

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>> No.4269122

>fuck Spanish
Damn, Kiara is pretty based.
t. spic

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Get fucked spics

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You are my friend anon!

>> No.4269128

waaaaaaaaaa i miss ame waaaaaaaaaaa i will never be with ame waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

shut the fuck up all you stupid goslings, you should better train lucid dreaming to dream being in a date with ame instead of crying your incesant stupid retard autistic mantras
wooho im a gosdling im sdad dfodf im simm ame ahhhh AME I LOVE oyu amE I fall IN lovE wTIH you

I Fucking hate sharing a fucking thread with such ignorant people

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>Doxx in OP's Image

>> No.4269132

cute fat cat

>> No.4269134

It's just like Minecraft!

>> No.4269135

You want a closer bond? Let’s hook up and I’ll fuck your ass

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What's stopping them from doing a duo watchalong of the Star Wars prequels, making fun of it together?

>> No.4269137

Ichiban is a schizo

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You called?

>> No.4269148

Ina, please come back...

>> No.4269149

Anon, can you tell me who made this image?

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>I've spent months of my life (nearly a year)
Lurk more

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Astel, I'm sorry. I'll try harder...

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Nobody here is a friend. Yet sadly you fuckers are the best people to talk about my interests and hobbies with. Can't do that anywhere else without it being a circlejerk.

>> No.4269165

I'm unironically german.

>> No.4269168

I'm starting to think some people here just want to fuck Kiara

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Watching Kiara who's just got done shooting furries while being the furry reading through the supachats she received playing Biomutant and is talking about how Tiara came to be because all she had on her mind was guns. TWO GUNS.
While Watame's reading through all the supachats she received during her 900k Karaoke stream as well as the ones she got during the collab with Iofi, Kiara and Mori and how much she laughed at all the goddamns thrown in.
While in 50 minutes, Ina calms your mind and soul with another zatsudan. She's really close to 1m subs and could possibly make it during this stream so make sure to congratulate her if she does make it.
Speaking of congratulations, Reine released a damn good cover of Ussewa by Ado today. A good song to showcase the side that makes you want her to step on you, if you somehow managed to avoid it all this time then go change that right now.
So friends, where we at? I'm sorry, please let me rest some more, everything hurts.

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нacкoлькo вeлик?

>> No.4269177

I mean you can try and put yourself out there during holo events and participate in other communities but this isn't really the place for that. I come here to shoot the shit with anons that just want to have fun without worrying about any of the shit they say coming back to them. If anything you could just go to the next takodachi meet up and make friends there but this isn't really the place for that.

>> No.4269178

Get in line dude.
t. Mahjong

>> No.4269183

Continuing counting posts of past threads.
Results up to OP >>4268962: /hlgg/ has had 1578 threads, 16 deaths, 2385644 posts, and /vt/ post ratio of 55.9%
Data https://pastebin.com/8gHwy7AY

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I want to honor my oshi by making my own female chumbud harem with my moderately sized cock!

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>> No.4269189

SHUT UP and listen to Reine's new cover!!


>> No.4269190

Ame’s manager. Strictly fan service ame doesn’t give a rrats ass about any of the INdogs

>> No.4269193

Watching Kiara, Ayamefriend!
Good luck out there

>> No.4269195

maybe in time i'll get used to the watamage

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>> No.4269199

Welcome back friend, rest up

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Just to spite you I'm going to watch my first EVER Reine video!

>> No.4269204

I want to fuck this

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Please cast a spell to cross out ayamefriend from op pic and other poster that are gone.

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>> No.4269208

You reap what you sow.

>> No.4269209

Ayamefriend, please tell me how your shopping trip with Ayame went.

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>> No.4269211

check em

>> No.4269212

Just the transient nature of the internet anon.
I've been here since 2007, this is one of the few places you talk about stuff freely even if the schizos piss me off sometimes.

>> No.4269213

But they're so cute together!

>> No.4269214

Thats not Ayamefriend, is he/she?

>> No.4269217

Stop falseflagging with my oshi, faggot.

>> No.4269220

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! FOR 5,000 YEN ($45 USD) Gen 1 concert is tomorrow! Even if you miss it you can watch it at any time for a full month before it's gone! You are allowed to take pictures and post them any where. But no streaming or recording the event for distribution!

>> No.4269222

Prove that you're the real one.

>> No.4269224

But Ayamefriend used to call me "friend"...

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>> No.4269227

You are always talking to the same anons anon. You cannot leave 4chan.

>> No.4269230

idk if you are the real one but its good enough.

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>> No.4269233

Right here, Ayamefriend!

>> No.4269235

is THAT how KFP members look like?

>> No.4269238

Love Matsuri
Subscribe for late night sleep helping minecraft, energetic morning streams, lovely utawakus with a wide range, collabing with indies just as much as other holos and apex

>> No.4269240

my condolences

>> No.4269241

I come here and post Gura cute, love, or horny, get some (You)s and nice pics in return. Seems like good investment to me

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>> No.4269243

>2 days
be greatful

>> No.4269244

t. Doesn’t even watch Ame

>> No.4269247

This just gave me a flashback to one of Kiara's best early streams when she just timed out a bunch of people that sc'd her as a test.

>> No.4269249

>>you are now reminded that you spend an unhealthy amount of time on an anonymous mbw forum talking to other strangers over the internet about some virtual anime streamers
False, I spend an unhealthy amount of time on an anonymous bbw forum talking to other strangers over the internet about fatties.

>> No.4269253

Glad to have you back, Ayamefriend!

>> No.4269255

>doesn’t know he’s about to get filtered

>> No.4269257

Why are Indonesians like this?

Good call anon, I hope you enjoy it.

>> No.4269258

I'm suspicious.

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>> No.4269265

Right here ayamefriend! I can go to sleep now.

>> No.4269266

Oчeнь тoлcтый!

>> No.4269268

Right here friend! Watching my beloved chimkin!
I missed you

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>> No.4269273

That's what Twitter followers of Kiara look like!

>> No.4269274

Amelia Watson killed to homeless men in a Hit and Run on 2015 near the bay area of San Francisco, California.

>> No.4269276

Don't die ayamefriend

>> No.4269278

>LITERALLY DM's Kiara lewds

>> No.4269279

Ayamefriend... you're always good company homie. Hope you're doing well.

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>> No.4269281

only the males

>> No.4269282

Wew, is this even legal for ID?

>> No.4269283

I love Moona
I love Risu
I love Iofi
I love Ollie
I love Reine
I love Dagger and am a member to her channel.


>> No.4269284

Right here, Ayamefriend!

>> No.4269286

the recline will be real when we pass 20 deaths
it will be all over then

>> No.4269287

Unironically, if you want that connection, join one of the discords. I guarantee a lot of the people that post here are probably already there, but have the decency to not bring it up. Just look at all the containment breakers in everyone's chats.

>> No.4269288

Fixed it for you

>> No.4269289

Hope you feel better soon Ayamefriend, we'll be here

>> No.4269290

It's over...

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>> No.4269295

Right here!

>> No.4269296

Ayame LOVE. What happened friend? 2nd Fauchi Owchie shot or is work just being shit? Pls take care.

>> No.4269297

I can confirm I look exactly like that girl

>> No.4269298

That’s how I look at least

>> No.4269300

I love this stupid chicken so much

>> No.4269301

I hope that one anon that bought the set actually delivers

>> No.4269302

What is she doing in this image?

>> No.4269305

call this amogus becuase you acting hella sus
i missed you, how was the sugery?

>> No.4269307

Sorry, I couldn't hold back yesterday when I saw how cute you looked in that Ayame cosplay

>> No.4269308

Watson stand for unity and unpaid labor!

>> No.4269310

These comics are so absurd I love them.

>> No.4269311

Ayamefriend looking kinda sus.

>> No.4269313


>> No.4269314

Why does Festival have a burger on her head?

>> No.4269316

Your typing style is very indicative of the real Ayamefriend, so I'll choose to believe that you're her.

>> No.4269324

Would Kiara be cool with me sending a picture of my cock to her if I'm also wearing a KFP uniform

>> No.4269325


>> No.4269327

On a good day yeah

>> No.4269328


>> No.4269329

I'm going to creampie you, ayamefriend!

>> No.4269330


>> No.4269331

When you write the laws...

>> No.4269332

Reine complained there's not enough porn of her.
She doesn't care, she's a queen.

>> No.4269334

>they wake up in the same thread

>> No.4269339

How do I marry Kiara?

>> No.4269340

They're perfect for Ame

>> No.4269341

>All this hornyposting over Kiara
Are KFP mentally ill or something? I mean, who would actually find someone like THIS attractive?

>> No.4269344

Showing off her delicious thighs

>> No.4269345

If only (You)...

>> No.4269346

>we are reclining 0,1% per day now
wtf is happening.

>> No.4269347


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>> No.4269351

They remind me of old newspaper comic strips

>> No.4269354

Flags will turn this board into pol tier, the same thing happened to int and sp.
ID will be misused by phone poster to false flag.

>> No.4269356

w-what happened

>> No.4269358


>> No.4269359

>Classic pterodactyl ESL slip
She's the cutest

>> No.4269360


>> No.4269362

Honest question, how do you feel knowing that you hold immense power over these wretched threads?
People have drawn "you", people want to fuck you, and people still aren't even sure about your gender.

>> No.4269364

I WANT TO tuck you into bed

>> No.4269368

Right here Ayamefriend, please don't leave us

>> No.4269370

45 minute WAHdown!

>> No.4269372

>Fauchi Owchie
Why are you like this

>> No.4269374

>how was the sugery?
Very sweet.

>> No.4269379

Rip im sure it was a lot of times but this is outdated anon, Ayameslut is back

>> No.4269381

I hope you guys have fun... It's a pain having to live in south america

>> No.4269383


>> No.4269384

I'd fuck the bird and I'm not KFP

>> No.4269387

look, i am but a simple doctor, i know jackshit about arts and crafts
what the fuck is this anatomy

>> No.4269388

He gets the tone so perfect

>> No.4269394


>> No.4269396

Stop being gay

>> No.4269399

>fat catposter was ayamefriend's boyfriend this whole time

>> No.4269401

You don’t, because I’m already married to her.

>> No.4269404

You can't because she's already my wife

>> No.4269405

>kiara doesn't know there's no pvp servers anymore

>> No.4269406

So Kiara is going to play WoW?

>> No.4269409

>grilled gura

>> No.4269410

Polka is Love! Polka is Life!

>> No.4269414


>> No.4269416


>> No.4269418

>Says the guy with a male oshi.

>> No.4269420

as a long time KFP I feel absolutely devastated that Kiara the phoenix, my oshi, will not play the masterpiece of a game that is Skyrim or any of the other elder scrolls or fallout games during her 1 million endurance stream.
I feel like the tradition set by her HoloEN friends was a really nice one and it's quite inconsiderate and rude for her ruin it like that.
I feel cheated and disrespected and am considering cancelling my membership and changing oshi in favor of Mori Calliope the reaper rapper, Gawr Gura the atlantis shark or Amelia Watson the cunning detective.
Whatever happens I really hope Ninoma Ina does the right call during her celebration stream or I fear a lot of tentacultists will do the same ...

>> No.4269421


>> No.4269423

It's like Kiara but she spent 30 seconds in a microwave or something

>> No.4269427

The writing is excellent for a comic.

>> No.4269429

Yes next month

>> No.4269435


>> No.4269436

Is fat cat poster fucking ayamefriend?

>> No.4269437

I want to empty my balls deep inside Kiara! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.4269438

But I wanted to sex the fat cat poster

>> No.4269439

why the fuck would you recommend a dual-pc set up, she just needs to use software encoding

>> No.4269440

Right here, ayamefriend!
I hope you get better!

>> No.4269441

I don't remember making this post

>> No.4269442

Eh just wait for restream from hlg.

>> No.4269445

>Decide to do this
>Ayamefriend comes back while I'm doing the deed
Just fuck my shit up then.

>> No.4269448

How can I know if you're the real Ayamefriend?
Are you cute? Do you wanna be Ayame? What's a phobia you've shared with the thread? How much do you weigh in kilograms? What's your favorite Hololive cover?

>> No.4269450

Right Here Ayamefriend!

>> No.4269451

Box chad will save the day

>> No.4269452

I agree, she needs some gains!

>> No.4269454

>> No.4269457

This superchat reading started two hours ago.

>> No.4269458

I don't like the hand mocap (even though it is a good idea). It looks like its barely out of beta phase, they twitch worse then a crackhound, and they don't mesh well with the model. It looks incredibly sterile and soulless and I wish Cover would shelf public usage until they refine it into something that's actually presentable. To me it looks like they ran out of time to hit a specific deadline and instead of delaying they just slopped it out.

>> No.4269460


>> No.4269462

Right here ayamefriend!

>> No.4269469

Oh good, better cook my ramen sooner.

>> No.4269470

Go back to your hole todd

>> No.4269471


>> No.4269476

the only time I had a sexy dream about ame i got ntred by futa cirno

>> No.4269478


>> No.4269481

You should have finish the job.

>> No.4269482

i feel the same as a taokdaki, i was extremely disappointed in ina when she said she'll be eating ramen for her 1m instead of playing a game like TES5: skyrim or even fallout 76

>> No.4269483

Based muclechad.

>> No.4269485

>wait for hlg restream
>when >we have our own
anon your reps...

>> No.4269486

>>LITERALLY DM's Kiara lewds
I wonder if Kiara DM’d Mamaloni her nudes and Mamaloni practiced with them...

>> No.4269488

Yeah, she is unusually fast today. Probably because of the headache.

>> No.4269489

>low test version

>> No.4269493

>300$ blank SC

>> No.4269500

Having sex with Suisei is gayer than having sex with winning son.

>> No.4269503


>> No.4269506

hey look, throwing empty akas to bully Kiara really does work

>> No.4269507

It is the theoretically best setup for streaming

>> No.4269508

is there anything interesting going on in kiara's superchat reading? missing it because i'm doing my vod reps for the ame/rbc/ollie apex collab.

>> No.4269509

Aren't you tired ? Why not quietly rest and shutting the fuck up?

>> No.4269513

>4 on holopros top 5 singers are on the same tier

>> No.4269515

Holy shit

>> No.4269517

What if one of those were mamaloni's

>> No.4269519

These are all me.

>> No.4269524

If you're Ayamefriend tell me what THIS means

>> No.4269527


>> No.4269534

>tfw gay

>> No.4269536


>> No.4269537


>> No.4269538

Schedule __pinned

>> No.4269539


>> No.4269541

Welcome back, Ayamefriend
You gotta take responsibility when you avatarfag like this. People are worried.

>> No.4269544

Me too!!!
I'm really glad her cover turned out so well!

>> No.4269545

guys... i need... military gear holos please send fanarts

>> No.4269547

>clean shaven

>> No.4269551

Whats going on here?

>> No.4269555


>> No.4269558

Post the high test version.

>> No.4269559

She is getting bullied by empty reds currently.
Before that she sang accappella.
Towards the start of the SC reading she made an official nsfw art tag.

>> No.4269563

Speaking of empty red sc's, have you ever noticed that a lot of 50k jp Yen donators just send them empty? JP's are a humble bunch sometimes.

>> No.4269568


>> No.4269578

Schedule of her endurance stream on sunday

>> No.4269579

>> No.4269581 [SPOILER] 


>> No.4269582

i am erect

>> No.4269583


>> No.4269584

>> No.4269585

To me, from an interpersonal relationship perspective, the entire thread with all the anons in it is one gestalt entity. I don't hang out with a bunch of anons in /hlgg/, I hang out with /hlgg/.

>> No.4269586

None it’s a/was a Jap Twitter thing were women would dm nudes to artists and they would draw them

>> No.4269587

>kiara sister is joining her watchalong tomorrow
>WoW next month

>> No.4269591


>> No.4269592

What are some actually fun and good games I can play while watching holos
Was thinking of a gacha maybe but they're all either super greedy or bad or too old

>> No.4269593

There is literally nothing wrong with sending blank SCs.
After all, don't >we hate long, sappy, LET'S GOOOO messages? Keep it short and sweet, and you can't get shorter or sweeter than saying nothing at all. You send money, you support your streamer, and you don't bog them down with your bullshit. Everyone wins.

>> No.4269595


>> No.4269596


>> No.4269597

Bro, where are the rest of their bodies?

>> No.4269598

Thanks chimkin. Just what I needed

>> No.4269599

gross, kiara

>> No.4269601

>kiara is a pubesfag

>> No.4269602

Nice selection of images. I really should investigate her second account further

>> No.4269604


>> No.4269605

Abayo, boss!

>> No.4269611

Kiara is extremely cute. Lots of fun tangents.

>> No.4269612

Gura cute

>> No.4269613


>> No.4269614


>> No.4269615

Based chikin

>> No.4269617

BASED now i can fap

>> No.4269618

>Pubes aren't blue
C'mon Kiara, you can do better than that.

>> No.4269621


>> No.4269622

Fuck you Kiara, I fucking hate pubic hair.
And this is the shittest kind too, black scraggly pubic hair when her natural colour is blue?
Fuck outta here

>> No.4269624


>> No.4269627

You can't lie to me Kiara. I know you hate hair down there.

>> No.4269629


>> No.4269633


>> No.4269635

sex with gura everyday

>> No.4269636


>> No.4269641

Based chigim

>> No.4269644


>> No.4269645


>> No.4269646

Warcraft 3 customs

>> No.4269648

Knock Knock

>> No.4269652

unironically Minecraft

>> No.4269656

Did she confirm she's smooth like ya boy?

>> No.4269658

Who's there?

>> No.4269661

Nom nom nom CARPET?

>> No.4269663

austism sims?
MC modpacks, factorio, 3D factorio, space factorio, etc...
I'm running Anno 1800 in the background.

>> No.4269667

Yeah, all lasered off.

>> No.4269673

tfw we'll never get a military nerd Holo

because there's no woman on this planet that will
>Do a Call of Duty single player marathon
>Do a Band of Brothers watchalong
>Complain that she can't play Girls Frontline on stream
>Do a firearm tierlist stream while being objectively wrong
>Rage quit a stream because she got killed by exit campers for the 3rd time in a row in Tarkov
>show off her lvl 100 War Thunder account but never do a single stream on it despite getting the permissions
>Organize a Squad collab with her genmates that only she will enjoy
>Sperge about military equipment in random movies/games
>Whine that management refused her request for a full body armor outfit
>Laugh at Ace Combat quotes in the chat
>Cry on stream at the ending of Metro Exodus
>Do an MRE tasting stream and puke on stream because they were expired
>Have to deal with a wehraboos and /pol/tards infestation
>Do a Blood on the Risers idol cover
>Get told by her manager that doing a viewers gun collections rating stream is a bad idea
>Have a yab reflection while showing off her authentic british pilot helmet bought with SC money
>graduate because she ended up deciding to join the army

Why live ?

>> No.4269674

SC are kiara best content. you can't go on tangent with empty ones

>> No.4269675


>> No.4269676

She didn't want you to see her like this.

>> No.4269680

arknights or counterside

>> No.4269683

>Warcraft 3 Customs with the reforged fuckery they did to the original

>> No.4269685

Ken Ghar

>> No.4269687

oldschool runescape

>> No.4269688


>> No.4269689

Pubic hair is based but not this wild
>inb4 low test
Go fuck a gorilla you apes

>> No.4269691

people that like this type of public hair are the same that call body odor """pheromones"""

>> No.4269692

many things are best in theory, but in practice trying to get Kiara to do a dual-pc set up will just lead to a host of other problems in the future. she just needs to use software encoding and have proper settings in OBS

>> No.4269696

ya boy is pregnant!

>> No.4269699


>> No.4269701

Based bald slitty cuncunchad

>> No.4269704

Burnt out the follicles

>> No.4269705

>> No.4269706

Yes, she went on an uncomfortably long tangent about how she went through multiple laser treatments to remove all of her body hair.

>> No.4269707

Now post her in the maternity ward bed holding her newborn

>> No.4269708

play roblox. get in and bully some in game kidsl

>> No.4269709

Oh yea I do agree with that, I just like pointing out how blank red superchats somehow hurts her internally to not be able to make a Tangent out of it

>> No.4269713

you forgot the semen brownies

>> No.4269716

You can tell that she knew before she said it.

>> No.4269717

Reforged fucked a lot of things, but the custom maps are still okay. Though the community didn't get as big of a boost as it could've from a proper remake.

>> No.4269720


>> No.4269721

>if you do not mind only listening
Casual apex
tf2 if the bot problem was solved
>if you want to watch

>> No.4269727

I mean I agree, but how the fuck do you convince her to do that?

>> No.4269731

There’s a nude version of this but I don’t have a larger size

>> No.4269732

This is where we disagree. Three monitors are my ideal.

>> No.4269734

Ken Ghar who?

>> No.4269736

NtoSio Kaudaun

>> No.4269743

Here, and currently working with my oshi's BGM in the background, Ayamefriend! I'm glad to see you and that you enjoyed Reine's cover. Please take as much rest as you need.

>> No.4269745


>> No.4269747

your boy is smooth?

>> No.4269754


>> No.4269760

>> No.4269761

square perms enabled his addiction

>> No.4269763


>> No.4269770

Only 20 more Prae runs to go...!

>> No.4269772

What niches are currently left unfilled by the five EN members so far? Though if an ID member fits that niche, I guess it could be considered to be half-filled.

>> No.4269779

what did you feel when gura peed herself on stream for the first time?

>> No.4269785

>Kiara 3 hour SC reading from just 2 streams
Who ARE these richfags?

>> No.4269786

I will never understand pubic hair

>> No.4269787

KFP bro...

>> No.4269788

>tfw no CAH gf whose oshi is Ina

>> No.4269793


>> No.4269795

That is mine by the way.

>> No.4269796


>> No.4269798

So what are the confirmed smooth holos?

>> No.4269799

Look at this guy. I bet I could kick his ass

>> No.4269806


>> No.4269809


>> No.4269810


>> No.4269815

Is this Michael's roommate?

>> No.4269817


>> No.4269818

Gura probably

>> No.4269819

mahjong soul

>> No.4269822

My fucking dick

>> No.4269824

>you guys didn't work together to get an amazing movie of our choice into Ame's watchalong polls
what can you even do... you left all the choices to the discorders..

>> No.4269829


>> No.4269830

Ollie is too youthful to be hairy.

>> No.4269838

algerian bro?

>> No.4269840

Not like this....

>> No.4269841

Is Kiara the only one who gets pissed off at blank SCs?

>> No.4269844

Did you miss >us botting Drive from 7th to 3rd

>> No.4269845


>> No.4269854

takos and deadbeats are faggots

>> No.4269857

>> No.4269858

Kiara have some rich simps huh

>> No.4269859

Unironically someone that's good at games. I swear the first EN that plays a game half-decently, reads tutorials, and doesn't get stonewalled on basic game mechanics, will be lauded by people here as the second coming of Christ.

>> No.4269861

>They will never collab.

>> No.4269864

Ayamefriend is possibly back. Kinda sus, though.

>> No.4269871

Looks like she has quadruplets

>> No.4269874

>LockPickingLawyer SC reference
Whats next? "Now lets put this fried chicken on a tray" ?

>> No.4269877

It's not even particularly many SCs.

>> No.4269883

So she said.

>> No.4269884


>> No.4269886

She's not the same anymore after I had my way with her

>> No.4269887

We don't use that language around here.

>> No.4269888

She just does a ton of tangents.
Also KFP. KFP is crazy.

>> No.4269891

Honeymoon phase it's over...

>> No.4269893

>> No.4269898

I'll volunteer for this

>> No.4269899

And this is why SC reading after a given stream is a good way to go.

>> No.4269901

RTS and racing games
still waiting on that SupCom holo

>> No.4269905


>> No.4269908

why the fuck would she play a dead game like wow instead of ff14? ff14 suits her perfectly, he can just treat it as one of her jrpgs

>> No.4269912

>> No.4269913

>No collar
Whore, put some clothes on.

>> No.4269917

RTS chuuba...

>> No.4269920

Come on, Ayamefriend is back for sure. Ayamefriend was just not feeling too well it seems.
It's all the horny posting.

>> No.4269921

Wait, weren't we 54% last time
have we... Have we inclined?

>> No.4269922

ogey fag

>> No.4269923

Unfortunately those link copied from hlg

>> No.4269926

All me

>> No.4269927

From what I've seen, yea

>> No.4269929


>> No.4269930


>> No.4269931


>> No.4269932

Why would she play any MMORPG?
That's the worst idea ever for streams

>> No.4269938

>Though if an ID member fits that niche
reine is perfect in ID because she fills a very specific niche
>the reading autist
had she been in EN then a lot of people would have complained about her reading autism
i'd say
>a fotm hoe
>proper asmr
>proper gfe
>gimmick streamer
>music autist

>> No.4269940

yeah i believe?
i haven't seen a chuuba getting pissed at blank red ones before

>> No.4269946

Kiara SC reading is basically a zatsudan at the end of whatever she was streaming. It's impressive honestly.

>> No.4269948


>> No.4269953

it was 56.3% last time I checked

>> No.4269959

If/when she does WoW, it'll most likely only be a one-off stream, maybe 2 or 3, where she's just a tourist walking down memory lane. I seriously doubt she'll turn it into a full series.

>> No.4269960

Why is she so hot despite not being my oshi

>> No.4269962

>tfw strategy-autist holo wouldn't even be able to play total war because of the yabs.

>> No.4269963

She isn't my oshi

>> No.4269964

Gura doesn’t get pissed but whenever she has a blank she’ll say “where’s my message [name]?”

>> No.4269966

Ayamefriend… I’m gonna do it… I’m gonna concernfag…

>> No.4269967

Who could imagine such an image would have so many levels of horror on it.

>> No.4269968

If it didn't have a womb before it does after what I've done
Too much cum...

>> No.4269970


>> No.4269973

its kinda incredible how araki's stand design peaked with king crimson but peaked again with D4C

>> No.4269977

MMOs have a potential to be the best stream game possible, but all the retards just do "see me level my character xD" streams for some reason

>> No.4269979

Kiara I seriously doubt any JOP would watch an SC reading live in the dead of night if you weren't their oshi

>> No.4269981

Someone who can plan and run collabs well on any kind of regular basis.
A real GFE type.
An endurance streamer.
Someone like Mio or Polka who will add some variety into the types of streams we see.

>> No.4269986

>you can't go on tangent with empty ones
Weak, she needs to step her game up

>> No.4269989

she used to be a WoW nerd and wants to do a stream for nostalgia's sake

>> No.4269993

Grand strategy games, or even strategy games in general
Visual novels
Board games

>> No.4269997

well she and ina wanted ff14 to be their minecraft but their genmates declined. so playing ff14 without ina will upset her and ina don't want to play because kfp and tako will flood the servers

>> No.4269998

*uses White Magic to amplify your spell*
*Also casts Reflectga to protect from Non Unity posts and shitty bait to come*

>> No.4269999

It peaked again with WoU

>> No.4270001

>MMOs have a potential to be the best stream game possible
No, not at all. I can't think of something worse actually.
And I say this as someone who's played way too many MMOs

>> No.4270002

I love Mori!

>> No.4270003

reminder that Kiara will actually scold her superchatters if they leave it blank. She wants proper messages to bounce off and go on tangents with.

>> No.4270007

25 minutes for 1 million

>> No.4270008


>> No.4270009

Could play Warhammer

>> No.4270013

Botan's English counterpart but she's Spanish

>> No.4270015

>all these literal fags being grossed out by this
Why do we let underages shit up the place again?

>> No.4270018

I have the answer
Saturday 0:00 EST is dividends day, I think this is good time to start playing. Also don't forget buy some UI coins now for tomorrow adjustment.

>> No.4270023

>Grand strategy games, or even strategy games in general
it wont happen, you should be grateful that slugma exists. these games sacre the hoes away

>> No.4270030


>> No.4270032

Whatre the odds huh?

>> No.4270033

I have real coins that's "fun" enough

>> No.4270034


>> No.4270035

just watch asmon pulling 50k people to a dead game

>> No.4270037

I put that bitch in B tier because she's cute and good at teasing, but she's too full of herself to do anything other than lay there. She has no initiative, proven by how little she streams.

>> No.4270039

she pretty

>> No.4270045


>> No.4270046

I JWU and I had a dream about a Takamori collab where they were messing around with their models' skin colors. IIRC Mori made herself a generic gyaru but Kiara was like a deep gray (think TES dark elves) or something. What does this mean, /hlgg/?

>> No.4270047

Who is your oshi?

>> No.4270050


>> No.4270052


>> No.4270054

i dont know if you're the real one or not but i'm glad to see an ayamefriend post

>> No.4270058

Bro this place ain't even real. Can you prove to me we're not just figments of your imagination?

>> No.4270060

23 minute WAHdown!

>> No.4270061

>Futaba Kek
I know you are here faglord

>> No.4270064


>> No.4270068

Falseflagging KFP

>> No.4270069

at least Ina will be very cute when she finds axolotls

>> No.4270070

its a solid design and i really like it but it doesnt hit the spot as well as D4C and king crimson do
also it isn't even the best design of its part
that honor goes to my man speed king, his design is fucking legendary

>> No.4270071

Kiara does all of these

>> No.4270072


>> No.4270073

just ejaculated to this image

>> No.4270074

Yes I know asmongoloid. That doesn't mean it's a good genre of games to stream as a hololive vtuber.

>> No.4270077

I just want to watch a chuuba play map games and laugh at pops with her
One already specializes in rocket launches, so it's not THAT niche, right?

>> No.4270084

>Why is she so hot despite not being my oshi

>> No.4270085

I wish anon will outed them out instead normalizing them

>> No.4270089

She's the best!

>> No.4270094

Impromptu blackface stream

>> No.4270096


>> No.4270099

Didn't this person send this to Ina yesterday?

>> No.4270101


>> No.4270104


>> No.4270107

Why do you think she's so popular?

>> No.4270110

So why the fuck didnt Ina wait for Kiara to get 1million as well? Why did she have to steal it from Kiara? I thought she doesnt care about numbers.

>> No.4270114

Ayamefriend Love!

>> No.4270115

>Could play the one with no real history attached
Not autisitc enough.

>> No.4270117

Me on the lower left.

>> No.4270118

>pet him with my face!

>> No.4270120

>KFBeat AmeSame danke schön
Ina Ina Inaaa.....

>> No.4270123

Kiara is going to play Morrowind for 1 million.

>> No.4270124

t. too ashamed of his mog to show it to tenchou

>> No.4270125


>> No.4270126

I only use pmg, never really interested with crypto..

>> No.4270127

On a TW game? what? .... nothing comes to mind but I stooped after Shogun II so...

>> No.4270132


>> No.4270137

Thanks anon.

>> No.4270146

surprised they didn't do it sooner

>> No.4270149

All the best to you, ayamefriend. Take care of yourself.

>> No.4270150

>> No.4270159

I like Jobin's design than speed king's design. But I knda wish we saw more from that stand

>> No.4270160

I don't know much about Towa, but I rarely see her collabing or even interacting with other holos, am I wrong in thinking this?

>> No.4270163

ina hate

>> No.4270164

Gura smells

>> No.4270165

>real GFE
We could get English Rushia and people would still argue on what GFE is. People can find GFE in anyone.

>> No.4270166

Oh fuck what are we doing to celebrate Kiara’s one million?

>> No.4270169

put more effort into the bait onegai my time is precious

>> No.4270170

I love MorInAmeSameTori!

Simple as.

>> No.4270172


>> No.4270173


>> No.4270174

Oh I didn't realize someone saw this already >>4270061

>> No.4270182

>10 30 AM

>> No.4270188


>> No.4270191

I can't...

>> No.4270192

So I was thinking about the pet names
is it really a big deal that they need to come up with fake names for them?
I know they have some unusual weeb names but wow would that be doxx, they are cats

>> No.4270194


>> No.4270195

not at my pc, can someone edit the money amount to 41 dollars?

>> No.4270197


>> No.4270198

Early for me tbqh

>> No.4270199

>starting hormones soon
based /fraud/ fag
i want to know which hormones though? test? HGH?Dbol?

>> No.4270202

I'm just talking about the historical theming, not any individual instance. There's too much potential to piss people off, especially third-world balkanoids and turk-roaches. Some people can't separate what happens in a video game from real life.

>> No.4270205

Good choice

>> No.4270206

Exposing more eggs

>> No.4270221

Where's your motivation?

>> No.4270227

Phrase it however you like, it doesn't matter to me what you call it.
I just mean something like a Rushia or a Lamy.

>> No.4270229

Roboco totsu tomorrow, looking forward to a nice spread and maybe Ame.

>> No.4270230

>wasting 10$ for a shitpost
You can just edit an image, whats even the point?

>> No.4270231

I think it must be a discord thing, unfortunately

>> No.4270232

>jobin isnt dead

>> No.4270233

Good morning what did I miss?

>> No.4270234

Ina, your senpai made you a cute fanart for your birthday… Don’t forget about her… Don’t be like Ayame…

>> No.4270236

Gonna give her my money

>> No.4270243

Remember that you should be subbed to Kiara right now so you can unsub just before she hits one million. Or unsub after she hits one million then resub so she can hit one million multiple times.

>> No.4270247

>math stream
I know we always want to see creative streams, but this is...

>> No.4270248


>> No.4270251

M-Motivation...? Whats that?

>> No.4270252

anyone keeping track of the SCs?
seems more than usual, would have thought folks save for sunday

>> No.4270261

>I planning to started around...
Kiara talks like her antis shitpost

>> No.4270262

Lofi has honestly been improving quite a bit.

>> No.4270263

>Jurassic Park lost
Man that would've been a fun watch
Actually the first 3 would all make a fun marathon for Ame + Gura

>> No.4270264


>> No.4270267

There wouldn't be any issue if she played HRE and invaded Poland and Novgorod would there?

>> No.4270268

Fifteen minute WAHning

>> No.4270269

oi ya betta be at all twelve hours

>> No.4270273


>> No.4270276

Spend 12 hours with her on Sunday!

>> No.4270277

There are always some JOPs watching. She can summon them at any time

>> No.4270281

Vtubing isn't /sci/; she can ask for help on her homework.

>> No.4270282

Blew everything on her birthday+merch so a HPPY BIRTHDAY blue will have to do

>> No.4270285

Nah, not really above average for a longer stream.

>> No.4270290

I might give it a shot.

>> No.4270295

That's pretty good, I didn't even know she did something for Ina's birthday.

>> No.4270298


>> No.4270300

>coomer portions
I love mishearing Kiara

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