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>Streaming to 1 million subs

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I hate Kiara and KFP so fucking much. I would literally beat them all at once because they're all fat pigs that are 5'6"

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rent free

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6'7" and jacked?

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5'8 180 pounds 6'7 people can't be jacked they're too tall to put on muscle.

>> No.4280668

Fuck… I’m not even interested in KFP shenanigans, but sure you do, right Eggman?

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> 5'6"
not this shit again

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>Hating on the chicken
Fuck off, I want her to do well too.
I want EN Gen 1 to be the strongest in can be, really mog the fuck out JP Gen 3 in the future.

>> No.4280824

The fuck you mean not this shit again? Are you talking about how KFP are heightist even though they're all turbomanlet seaniggers? Because if so I agree with you, the self hate is pathetic.

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Wow. With the exception of Mori and Gura this art style is fucking terrible.

>> No.4281037

heckin this so much

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>tfw you sub to Ina just to help her beat Kiara and then unsub when she hits it cause you are a deadbrap

Kiara HATE

>> No.4281397

Who drawed this?

>> No.4281423

Based Ina making Kiara hideous like she is. She should have made her fat too.

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JP3 is too strong. Maybe EN2 or EN3 can beat JP3.

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Kiara actually doesn’t look too bad from what I can see. Hell, only Ame looks bad in that since Ina’s only bad because of a derpy expression.

I agree that I too want all of EN to do well, and honestly they’re pretty fucking solid right now. If Kiara makes a million subs, that would make it the highest subbed generation on average, prove the success of EN, and lead to possibly more support for the girls.

I do love Gen 3 though because I am shamelessly a Noelfag. She was kind of my gateway into HoloLive.

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oh no no no

>> No.4281774

Are you the Ohio manlet from the other thread that got fucking humiliated by chance?

>> No.4281779

found the KFPfag. 5'8 is average.

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>kiara antis are one person
ngmi fatty lose some weight

>> No.4282010

Sorry manlet, I'm already 6'7 and jacked

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JP3 has a lower sub count on average, and the same amount of members on 1 million as EN. However, EN's lowest member is 10k away from 1 million, and JP3's lowest member is 380k away.

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What if the 6’7 guy does massive amounts of roids?

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You can't be 6'7 and jacked brainlet. Any muscle you gain won't make you look bigger. That's why most bodybuilders are 5'8" or under.

>> No.4282112

ingore this faggot he is bait

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Idk bro I'm looking in the mirror and I'm fucking ripped, I'm basically a Greek God. Fuck yeah I'm hot, I'm gonna jack off onto the mirror real quick brb.

>> No.4282213

>basically a Greek god
>jacking off to his reflection

Narcissis, go back to to your pond.

>> No.4282226

Post pics faggot you can't be ripped at that height

>> No.4282287

head like a fucking egg
100% germanic SEAmonkey
Membered tako, teamate, deadbeat; highest tier KFP; dedicated Kiara anti

>> No.4282334

Sorry bro, the pond got too white from all the semen, I can't see myself anymore so I'm eternally flaccid unless I'm looking in a mirror.
Sorry dude can't do that, I've got so many workout tutorials on my phone that I dont have any more storage room. Besides, these cameras ain't worthy of snapping a pic of this pure sex.

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Who would believe that?
>I've got so many workout tutorials on my phone
LOL NO STORAGE SPACE. I knew you were a manlet kfp coper.

>> No.4282486

The grind never stops my dude, I can't get hard unless I'm looking at a perfectly jacked 0% body fat 6'7 specimen of pure male sex. This requires all 256 gigs on my phone to be filled to the brim with workout tutorials so the grind never stops. I dont need money, I dont need comfort, I only desire the gains that deliver this sexy ass body.

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>KFP manlet cope
top kek

>> No.4282506

I'm 5'9 and I'd snap you like a twig, you little bitch, no need for any intervention from my friend who is 6'7" and jacked.

>> No.4282557

i'm a 6'0" teamate

>> No.4282566

You can't snap shit motherfucker. KFP are all obese. I've beaten motherfuckers that are 6'5" I could flip you like an exercise ball.

>> No.4282574

Narcissuschama... don't repeat history...

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What do you expect? Kiara is the weakest EN member. She's so fucking bad that she makes ALL of EN look worse as a result.

>> No.4282641

If you actually fell for the shit above you, you need to unironically kill yourself as soon as possible.

>> No.4282666

I kinda liked it. If anything it seems like the artist gave up drawing Mori, her face feels out of place.

>> No.4282672

dream on faggot

>> No.4282684

she works hard as hell and actually reads superchats unlike some shark slut i know.

>> No.4282686

touch grass, have sex, sneed

>> No.4282711

Shut up fag.

>> No.4282744

How does she manage to be always last in everything?

>> No.4282756

Is this the most forced and most insular of memes?

>> No.4282767

Who told you I'm kfp, manlet? I'm friends with the guy who is 6'7" and jacked and wants to punch Kiara and all KFP (not-narcissus) (not-egg). Stay seething, little bitch. You are below average height and still lying about it on the internet and coping with bullshit stats about people who aren't even Arnold Scharzenegger or Dolph Lundgren tier. I could hold my arm out to your head like in a cartoon and you couldn't do shit. Check yourself and blame your parents for giving birth to you.

>> No.4282799

Sorry anon, this ship has long since set sail. I walk onto beaches and all the women flock to me like seagulls to food or jews to money. I am the living quintessence of NTR, and all the men jack off to it as their women fellate me one by one in front of them. Can you even blame them? This is the power of 6'7 and jacked.

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I just want to say: I'm sure that that picture intends to make the person celebrating out to be a loser, but they are enjoying the moment far more than anybody else is just having made it.

It's way more wholesome than the shitty intents people use it for.

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>cringe ESL
>horrible sense of humor
>cross contaminator with Vshojo and Tweetubers
>boring streams
>roommate is an SJW
It goes on and on. For a while I didn't understand myself why people here hated her until I really started paying attention to her. She's pretty much worthless to me.

>> No.4282850

Shut the fuck up faggot the stats are official how are you going to call them fake. Come to fucking Columbus I'll fold you and your oishi like omelettes.

>> No.4282852

abs or GTFO

>> No.4282888

why hasn't she reached 1 million yet?

>> No.4282959

The weakness of KFP at display.

>> No.4282974

Why are nutsakis like this?

>> No.4282980

You're lucky I watched fucking zombieland or I wouldn't know what shitty little flyover state your city is in, midgetchama. Meet me halfway in Memphis so that once I'm done making you fit in a SpaceSaver bag I can take your wallet to the nearest hot-chicken place.

>> No.4283023

You fucking nigger do you know who you're fucking with? i've done MMA since middle school. My dad used to train me as a kid. I've shit on every motherfucker on the wrestling and football team. Literally. I laid them out and then shat on them. You think I believe you'll actually come to Memphis? You're a liar like your fucking oishi.

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>Kiara when multiple EN2 members surpass her

>> No.4283065

>Kiara when niji EN surpasses her

>> No.4283112


>> No.4283173

Based KFP fags, burning jokes as fast as her oshi

>> No.4283185

Nigga, stfu.
Quite literally half of all that shit you listed off can be applied to all of HoloENG.

Kiara works hard, and is hardly the weakest EN member. Id argue Ina holds that title, but she holds a specific niche with her art streams where as Kiara can entertain her streamers in multiple ways without getting stale.

>> No.4283225

You have to hate one of them, anon. You don't have a choice.

>> No.4283265

>Kiara can entertain her streamers in multiple ways
maybe she could've won the race to 1 million if she entertained her viewers as well as she entertains her streamers

>> No.4283324

Come on, now we are just getting retarded

>> No.4283355

What is Kiara thinking about right now?

>> No.4283376

suicidal thoughts

>> No.4283417

None of you actually hate Kiara as a person right? She's just good shitpost material right?

>> No.4283455

Because she sucks.

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I know plenty of faggots who have claimed to do "MMA" and I have beat them all in a fight that I didn't start. I have only ever picked fights with people bigger than me growing up. I regularly sent people flying on instinct alone with throws that wouldn't put my little brother (the only person besides my youngest uncle that I'd regularly engage in any sort of roughhousing with, due to the danger I posed to most other children) off balance. I slid some faggot across the cafeteria because he fucked with my lunch box, and all through highschool every faggot wannabe tough guy asked for a piece and I gave them a baker's dozen. I put my fist down for beating a kid up in anger because of a misunderstanding, but I've been DYING to find someone to put in their place. I have not thrown a single punch I haven't pulled in years. You better believe I'll be there, I will put you in a home depot bucket (so that there's enough space left for what follows), eat my lunch, shit it out into the bucket, and pour it down the nearest storm drain. Fuck you even IF your oshi is my oshi.

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>> No.4283508

Lots of trolls. Its hard to tell how many people actually dislike her as a person after that one anti thread where one anti responded to himself 30 times and proclaimed how "so many people agreed with him". Take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.4283517

I only hate Kiara as a person. Her model is fine.

>> No.4283520


>> No.4283524

Annoying voice. Almost doxxed my oshi (subaru). Numbersfag. SJW cunt roommate. Cringe forced yuri shipping.

>> No.4283532

if only she didn't cry about "the numbers" at the very beginning she probably wouldn't have ended up last. I don't hate Kiara but the numbers thing really left a bad impression and I really never got into her content after that unlike the other girls.

>> No.4283646

You think you're the only person fighting people bigger than you? That's all I fucking do. Turbomanlets aren't worth my time. If you're even an eight of an inch taller than me I'll fucking end your life so fast you don't even have time to call me an egg. Me and my dad have been fighting since I was in diapers. You think beating some fucking middle school faggots make you tough? I'll cave your skull in with that fucking home depot bucket and shit directly in your asshole so you have the feeling of something disgusting in your ass as you slowly lose your life.

>> No.4283663

Annoying piece of shit, cringe, constantly ruins collabs, forced yuribait shit, roommate is a SJW and this fucking bitch is always leeching my oshi.

>> No.4283685

why is she the least popular EN doesnt make sense aside from Gura who has meme magic she shouldnt lose to anyone else, shes arguably as talented as Mori, Ame is a talentless dumbass and Ina has nothing going on aside from her art, I understand the average /vt/ schizo can pick up on her stacy ways but what about the common weeb or zoomer redditor why they dont watch her? we all know she tries really hard to appeal to her fans why those faggots can sympathize with that? FUCK.
at least I know when the 3D streams happen shes gonna roll everyone with her dancing skills.

>> No.4283696

>Is this the most forced and most insular of memes?

>> No.4283719

I didn't even have to unsub to Kiara to let ina win. lol

>> No.4283725

she leaves her SJW faggotry outside hololive, it shouldn't matter at all

>> No.4283728

>arguably as talented as Mori

>> No.4283730

these posts almost look ai generated

>> No.4283743

KFP cope

>> No.4283758

this one definitely is

>> No.4283778

I'm sorry if the facts hurt but facts don't care about your feelings.

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>> No.4283800

She's literally one of those worthless Vtweeters that faked it till she made it. I legit feel bad for the rest of the EN talent having to deal with her incessantness.

>> No.4283806

The fact that you consider a home depot bucket tough enough for ANYTHING other than light holding is proof enough, midgetchama. Save yourself the trouble of driving all the way to memphis to get mugged and just paypal me the money for my hot-chicken sandwich.

>> No.4283827

>shes arguably as talented as Mori
Why are kfpcels like this?

>> No.4283851

I actually like Kiara, leaving CERTAIN things about her personality and how she clearly makes a lot situations so fucking awkward during collabs aside, she's a pretty good streamer.

>> No.4283855

who the fuck watches chuubas for their dancing skills

>> No.4283856

>actual mental state of a KFPhag

>> No.4283875

I'm in cleaveland and 6"7 jacked KFP friend I got ur back

>> No.4283885

>Microsoft office
do deadbeats really?

>> No.4283897

>3D streams happen shes gonna roll everyone with her dancing skills.

>> No.4283916

>6'7 people can't be jacked they're too tall to put on muscle.

>> No.4283928

Imagine having the advantage of being in Japan for a while and getting to do a literal leechfest collab speedrun and still losing to the boring drawfag who even streams a lot less than you.
My condolences KFP chads...

>> No.4283948

The thing is, Ina is ACTUALLY likeable. That's the difference.

>> No.4283966

How's it going ohio manlet? Back again for another humiliation?

>> No.4283973

I bet shitbird doesn't even know how to use that.

>> No.4283979

Why is everyone in this thread a manlet

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>> No.4284018

She tries so hard to make every collab about herself. I love it during the scuffed mario party game that everyone just ignores Kiara pitying herself.

>> No.4284053

>anti kiara thread
>turns into an aol chatroom larp battle
really makes you think

>> No.4284061

she's neither likable nor hateable, just boring

>> No.4284065

You replied to the wrong post, I am Texas Chad I want to try hot-chicken in memphis.

>> No.4284072

At the beginning, when she was insecure about her numbers, she was like over 40k subs behind Ina. It's actually crazy that she was able to catch up.

>> No.4284079

>back again for another humiliation?
oh no no no
KFP misinterpreting statistics is not humiliation esl-chama

>> No.4284084

Deadbeats are all tragically lanky. ESPECIALLY THOSE ONES.

>> No.4284112


>> No.4284114

My bad Chad, I'm looking for manlet have you seen him? He's too small to see in this group of people

>> No.4284167

that's how you make a resume
90% of people don't know how to use office

>> No.4284223

I've been watching her a bit here and there and she's quickly becoming more likeable to me than Mori. gura=watson>ina>mori>>>>>powergap>kiara

>> No.4284237

You faggots can't get to me. I know my height is average and probably taller than half the babies on this board. Fuck off.

>> No.4284258

tfw 5'3 and looking good in a dress

>> No.4284282

Jacked manlet deadbeat reporting in. On my way to beat the shit out of Kiara for forcing Mori in her Yuri shit.

>> No.4284288

>cumshart doesn't watch hololive

>> No.4284329

>HoloEN is all of Hololive

>> No.4284602


>> No.4284692

Men grow until their late 20s I have time.

>> No.4284815

>Bawk Bawk Bawk! OMG Gura are you crying, lol!!!

>> No.4284912

I can't believe people watch her and actually like her. I seriously can't fucking fathom it.

>> No.4284918

Thank the Lord I stay the fuck away from this, this thing. Kiara is a horrible human being.

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