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Akai Haato/Haachama
Unmedicated Haaton idoru practice thread
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC1CfXB_kRs3C-zaeTG3oGyg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/akaihaato
Last stream: https://youtu.be/ICim2O8u2ms

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It's tonight bros!

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Shit girl shit thread.

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she returns

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I don't have a ticket, but at least I got merch

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The Madman is still at.

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Mentally ill schizo girl

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I guess he realized how dumb it looked for the haaton to be floating mid-air with no support

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Is anon getting mentally prepared for the likely post-concert graduation? Better to start now and be numb to the pain to come.

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me as the socks

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>implying she's going to graduate when she got her new feet
Godchama is too powerful

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Nani the fuck are you going on about? Are you just going to suggest she will graduate every time she sneezes?

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muh dik

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You ever get news so good that you aren't sure if it's real, and then get even more?

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I haven't watched any of these concerts before. How are they? Is it worth $40?

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>40 dollars for a digital concert
does it come with a date with a haato/chama personality of my choosing?

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Reminder to never take your meds

>> No.4284993

I had a type, it's 5000 yen so $50

>> No.4285015

Jesus Christ I can't type today

>> No.4285144

It's okay bro. We're all a little off our meds with a short injection of Haachama today

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will it at least be buyable after tomorrow, luv me chammers but if i'm paying $50 to watch a fucking video it better be life changing

>> No.4285257

The purchase lets you watch the VOD for a month afterwards. Torrents will also inevitably exist.

>> No.4285275

You have until June 28 to buy a ticket. You can wait for the reactions to decide if it will be worth it or not, I suppose.

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Canon Haachama bare feet that could appear on stream at literally any moment. My dick can't take this

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If you really wanna support Chama just torrent the stream and superchat to her. That was more money gets to the talent

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get ready for the sentient legs lore

superchat crowdsourcing time, who am I crying about and did they die or take the kids?

>> No.4285443

I only pay for the ones Haachama is in

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>who am I crying about and did they die or take the kids

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Godchamma's broken pantyhose master races reporting in

>> No.4285772

She's just chuuni enough that I'm sure she'll be contriving ways to use just about every one of these feet.

I can't fucking wait.

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It needs to be stinky

>> No.4285954

Where to cop those haaton socks

>> No.4285955

that isn't a green screen, it's the blinding odor

>> No.4286004

from Haachama

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>get ready for the sentient legs lore
Fuck yeah. Living decapitated head lore is sooo last month ago.

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Did Ame and Gura just bust the livestreamer foot taboo that's been ongoing for years? I see feet all over the place now and they used to be practically banned on Twitch

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hattons i have been hearing Big red heart non stop for hours and my sister is trying to force me to take my meds, if i dont make it tell chammers to step on my grave with the broken mantyhose

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haachama my sister put me in the mental hospital let's gooooooo

>> No.4288808

Who the fuck are you trying to kid? You won't pay either way.

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Will antichama be attending the concert tomorrow to cheer her on? If the free money goes through I might buy in, but for now I'm just a poorfag

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It worked too!

>> No.4291180

Imagine if Haachama decided to check this board while doing an English only stream

>> No.4291515

Haachama has a tendency to say English bad words first and then go
>"What is mean?"
>"Is it bad word?"
>"Oooooh noooooooo"
so it would probably be a final yab any% speedrun

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>Fewer red flower stands than any other color

>> No.4292371

aaaaaah haachama in 3D even if it's just the trailer my kokoro and my dickoro can't take it

>> No.4292388

I wish they had released a Haachama shirt for this. I probably would have bought one.

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This smile is worth more than human life.

>> No.4292515

You guys are catching the freebie at the official channel, right?

>> No.4292558

What freebie?

>> No.4292564

Yeah but Haachama went backstage to make out with Matsuri atm :(

>> No.4292569

Yeah. I'm torn on if I should buy the actual one or not. $50 is kinda steep for a VOD

>> No.4292598

I have completely forgotten than FBK can turn that Kurokami power voice of hers on and off

>> No.4292613

wtf I thought she was OUR wifechama...

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W-what is this song, anonchamas??

>> No.4292777

Damn haato and matsuri can talk real fast, reminds me of remote controller

>> No.4292821

That's strange...weren't there a bunch of idiots here informing us of their somehow intimate knowledge of Haato graduating weeks ago?

I wonder how hard they are crying in rage right now.

>> No.4292846

Damn, Chammers can move quite quickly for a fatty.

>> No.4292905

>No live changing of glowsticks because of toner

>> No.4292984

One Punch Man animators got really silent after this

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English is pretty good

>> No.4293118

>Booba zoom

>> No.4293212

Wasn that it?

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Let me know if I missed anything besides Red Heart whenever I get around to torrenting this later

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Haachama has the most obvious ADHD that I've ever seen just from her body language.

>> No.4293708

Where is this, i thought stream ended

>> No.4293719

The free part did, the full concert is on SPWN right now

>> No.4293726

Oh thanks

>> No.4293794

>Used the self call

>> No.4293811

3D birthday confirmed

>> No.4293846

Fucking finally

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Can't stay still with so much sugar

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>Tarantula still made it to the speech

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Haachama doesn't feel emotional because her fans are such fucking cancerous fags she feels no attachment to them as opposed to the other girls.

>> No.4295301

What makes you say that?

>> No.4295343

>everyone else crying but her
Take a wild fucking guess.

>> No.4295411

>Strongest idol doesn't cry easily
Sounds right to me

>> No.4295448

Anonchama she almost cried when she started reading her letter. Plus being the 1st one makes you less susceptible to crying in shit like that. It's why I go first all the time.

>> No.4295495

That wasn't her almost crying. That was her being embarrassed at the garbage she wrote.

>> No.4295515

Yeah sure whatever you say buddy.

>> No.4295570

I love her so much bros...

>> No.4295575

I mean its been evident that she doesnt give a fuck about this concert lmao. The only times she tweeted about it was on karaoke relay and a fucking shitpost. Even hijacked the tag to have her fans post her feet.

She doesnt give a shit about her genmates, all she cares about is her own growth. Thats why shes the strongest idol

>> No.4295589

>EOPtard doesn't understand shit and has to make shit up

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>> No.4295664

>> No.4295666

>When BTFO he screams EOP EOP
>So emotionally stunted he can't tell if someone is on the brink of a breakdown and trying to pass it off as a joke or cringe
Seethe more faggot, you will never be Japanese.

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>> No.4295716

That's all the proof I need to know you didn't understand shit EOPtard. Keep being inferior.

>> No.4295903

Post things I can beat my cock to

>> No.4295967

Mel, Aki snub, feels bad

But that Nendo of Haachama is so cute!! I will pre-order it instantly. I hope it comes with tons of extras. I want cooking stuff and at least one more face plate

>> No.4296025

Her "fanbase" is 90% newfag EOPs. No wonder she didn't feel emotional. Everyone else has 3 year gachikois. She already lost every single one of them.

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>> No.4296095

I accept your acknowledgement.

>> No.4296098

Okay, putting the concert aside for a moment. Haachama is one of if not the most distant Holos from her fanbase. She barely interacts with them outside of streams because her Twitter activity is extremely low. She does not remember the names of her oldest fans that have been donating for over a year. She told her core fans to fuck off when they complained about her streaming things they didn't like. As a result, there has been huge turnover among her core fanbase. She occasionally asked for suggestions and feedback but would largely ignore it. Publicly criticizing her is one of the greatest sins you can commit that would get a door slammed in your face forever.

And you know what, people still love her. Casual fans might not care about any of the flaws I mentioned because it won't affect their enjoyment of her streams. Her new core is aware of these flaws and they still choose to support her. It is accepted that she is immature, retarded, socially-stunted, or whatever excuse you want to make. I won't condone her behavior but I doubt any of this will change any time soon. Antichamas are playing the waiting game for her mistreatment of her fans to bite her in the ass, but they might have to wait a long time.

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>> No.4296173

>new core
What new core lel. Her fanbase is a revolving door.

>> No.4296225

Yes but what little remains of her old fanbase has warned newcomers. I didn't say they will last long.

>> No.4296228

Not yet available :(

She's plenty nice to fans that feed her creative urges. If you want to get proper noticed by Haachama, send her a blue or green supa with some weird schizo idea or something and she'll be all over it, giving you more reading and reaction time than she'd give to a generic "i love you haato" akasupa. Similarly, she's often boosting fan content that feeds into her schizo stuff or her contests (or, even better, contest entries that bring the schizo). She is however very distant to traditional gachikois, but then again... is that really such a bad thing?

>> No.4296253

Haachama is the strongest idol because the vast majority of her original fans stuck through the schizo arc.
The ones she told to fuck off were purists who hate change
I for one love haachamas versatility more than ever. And her energy in the concert showed she's here to stay and whatever plagued her before is LONG GONE

>> No.4296306

>vast majority of her original fans
Citation needed.

>> No.4296322

I completely support filtering gachikoi. Her ASMR is like jet fuel for them, though. They are in love with her voice. Her promotion of lewd artwork makes them extra horny and annoying.

>> No.4296371

Haato mogging all the others during the concert because of that JK energy. The others are hags with the firm knowledge that the wall is close approaching looming over their every move.

>> No.4296375

The very fact she's doing ASMR streams despite swearing to never do them again back in 2020 is proof she's not trying to filter gachikois. It's her own retardation that filters them.

>> No.4296383

Just look at the amount of live chat comments, especially Japanese ones, with the 12 month badge. While antichama believes that there has been some sort of JOP purge, it seems like the nips stuck with her, she just gained an equally strong amount of EOPs on top. Which is why she's now the most popular member of her generation.

>> No.4296400

Did Chammers read a lettter to her fellow genmates? I only caught a glimpse of Matsuri, Fubuki and Mel. Had a bad case of the Chillis.

>> No.4296420

Those aren't the "original fans". The original fans left before she even started her membership. She's the only one who I can confidently say doesn't have a single viewer who has been watching her for all 3 years.

>> No.4296435

>The original fans left before she even started making money off them
Sounds like useless fans

>> No.4296436

What does it say

>> No.4296486

Haven't you heard? She has had 2 fanbase purges. The first one happened before she even started her membership and consisted of people who have been watching her since 2018.

>> No.4296495


>> No.4296503

desu Jap fans are even more toxic than /vt/, anti Coco Zhangs and discordtrannies combined. Look what they did to Aloe. They are fucking ruthless.

>> No.4296514

2020 March.

>> No.4296515

Chammers likes to pretend she is a comfy masseuse. She also sometimes likes to pretend she is your GF or lewd. Mileage may vary.

>> No.4296553

> Haachama is one of if not the most distant Holos from her fanbase
She uses a lot of fanmade shit and showcases. Also gives extra acknowledgement for specially good contributions (Sophie's song, god tier cosplays)
>She does not remember the names of her oldest fans that have been donating for over a year.
Based, fuck entitled schizos
>She told her core fans to fuck off when they complained about her streaming things they didn't like.
Ultrabased, she's not limited by either cover or fanbase opinions, she does what she likes

>> No.4296559

The ones who attacked Aloe weren't even her fans.

How is dropping someone who completely changed their content like a sack of shit considered ruthless? If anything it's the expected customer response for pretty much anything.

>> No.4296579

Guys Guys I figured it out

>> No.4296608

In other words she doesn't give a shit about her fans and is a selfish bitch who's in it only for herself. Strongest idol my ass. That's the exact opposite of what an idol is.

>> No.4296637

That makes me hate the Japs even more.

>> No.4296641

I would like to believe she is now in a better place mentally. She broke down in tears on-stream several times in 2019. In 2020 she wrote some fairly menhera members' community posts and Twitter posts. I think she now just keeps her feelings bottled in more. You still saw some of it slip out during her recdnt hiatuses. We shall see.

>> No.4296665

Yeah too bad they matter 100x more than you. You may seethe but it's the undeniable fact.

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File: 33 KB, 1072x257, chammernips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nips commenting under her debut stream with active membership badges. Sorry antichama, it's over, Germany has lost, Hitler is dead.

>> No.4296689

Strongest because she's a bad bitch and is changing the idol game. Whiny faggots like you get btfo

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File: 437 KB, 1546x2048, 1616897643014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they matter more than you
niggerchama, they literally did a shoutout to kaigai nikis/overseas fans. Japan's bunch of incels and NEETS can't match overseas autism. Cover knows this and so do the chuubas.

>> No.4296696

An idol should do their best to realize their dreams and inspire others. Chammers is kind of an uninspiring bum despite her high energy.

>> No.4296699

god I wish I was haato

>> No.4296731

The first comment is literally the guy saying he's surprised she's been saying uchikubi since her debut. It's literally a retroactive viewer.
Literally same as the other guy.

>> No.4296757

Oh wow a shoutout! You're so much more important! Please. There's a limit to how delusional you can be.

>> No.4296762

These comments are more than 2 years old, anti-anonchama...

>> No.4296780

She was always about being true to herself and doing what SHE wants to do. Even Red Heart is about it.
You support it or leave, it's as simple as that. I mean, you can also complain all you want but it won't change a single thing, so why bother.
Also she does give a shit about talented and ambitious fans that create fanmade stuff which is way better than simple money shitting gachis and explains why Haachama always have a lot of top tier fanmade art/music/anything really

>> No.4296844


>> No.4296905

Doesn't change the fact that they are retroactive fans. This guy however has been watching since at least 3 months after her debut so I'll give you that.

>> No.4296926
File: 21 KB, 671x126, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4296929

That's it, we will definitely see them next stream (which I hope will happen soon)

>> No.4296946

So she only gives a shit about fans that benefit here. She's a selfish bitch then.

>> No.4296987

Needs to pass a final quality test

>> No.4297008

>The ones who attacked Aloe weren't even her fans.
They were worse, they're fans of Nijisanji

>> No.4297083

Fucking kek, she retweeted that.

>> No.4297135

#from1st isn't even trending. Looks like the spam last night did fuck up the trend.

>> No.4297155


>> No.4297166


>> No.4297192

How many times does antichama need to get btfo?

>> No.4297203

You know I'm right.

>> No.4297260

Maybe the zhangs are behind it. They take a vow to boycott anything related with Hololive regardless of Coco's involvement

>> No.4297263
File: 361 KB, 1024x1024, 1616056611198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

antichama's inferiority complex kicking in hard today, bad day in the favela?

>> No.4297774


>> No.4297855

Unfortunately only Matuli is up for pre order, she'll come out in December so I guess Haachama will be a 2022 thing

>> No.4297899


>> No.4297971

Rate the concert, is it worth $50/10?

Making a nendroid with detachable head is going to take longer, prease andurstahndu

>> No.4297972


>> No.4298017

Red Heart is the only solo song for Haachama but she participates in several others. There are also some sweet moments which probably are better with subs. Probably better to put the 50 $ into the Nendoroid and instead torrent and hope someone provides a sub.

>> No.4298037

I don't think they include any of the Haachama lore on the nendo. But one just can dream

>> No.4298066

Theyd much sooner add a reference to her cooking than her lore. But it would be an insta buy

>> No.4298070

This is the placeholder for whatever autistic comment Antichama will gobble up for this outrageous suggestion

>> No.4298071


>> No.4298094

Isn't Matsuri only a few years older?

>> No.4298321

wait, have anyone subbed past concerts? Last time I got a few they were all raw.

>> No.4298372

>subbed concert
was there a lot of off-music talk?

>> No.4298426

Am I still considered a gachikoi if I realize that Chammers isn't her character & that if I ever met her, she wouldn't have any interest in me?

>> No.4298445

yes, just not a gosling. but you gotta have more faith, she love american shit

>> No.4298475

Ain't no one's going to sub shit for you EOP.

>> No.4298511

Imagine being this delusional.

>> No.4298533

Newfag haatards don't know any better.

>> No.4298638

The concert was good, watched off another and the ending was real bittersweet

>> No.4298799

Did Chammers cry when reading the letter to her genmates?

>> No.4298915

It was a letter to her fans, and she didn't cry but maybe only because the mood hasn't settled in yet. Not that it matters that much.

>> No.4298942

But the others did cry? Maybe she doesn't like her haatons.....

>> No.4299004

At the same time.

>> No.4299026

The others were definitely crying, whether or not Chammers was, she was hiding it for the sake of the show, same as the rest.

>> No.4299048

It should come with an extra Haato disembodied head.

>> No.4299092

You could've just responded to them all in a single post

>> No.4299119

>Maybe she doesn't like her haatons.....
There are lots of criticism for Haachama (like some of >>4296098) but there is no other Holo with more positive interaction with her fans than Haachama.
Maybe the greatest criticism with regards to her would be that she relies too much on content by Haaton, and relies too much on being entertained by them.

But she clearly love them and love their interaction and their creation and she would most likely have graduated already without the steady mutual love she shares with Haaton-tachi

>> No.4299183

The mad lass actually drew it. My god...

>> No.4299348


>> No.4299659

Antichama, I'm not that anon but, pls stop starting the sentence with "Oh wow" everytime you find something to make fun. Use some new words or phrases or something. It's getting old and boring.

>> No.4299825

Haato love!

>> No.4299870

>All 1st gen have after-live streams scheduled except Chammers


>> No.4299965

Only Fubuki and Matsuri do. Aki and Mel's are just concert-use chat rooms they haven't taken down yet.

>> No.4300261


>> No.4300396

>But she clearly love them and love their interaction
I don't think so. She's just doing this for the lulz and doing her schizo arc over and over again. She doesn't really care about Haatons as much as fbk, mel and matuli.

>> No.4300489

I wouldn't say that, the chat dictates what she does a fair deal

>> No.4300685

How though? The only time she made her genuine heartfelt love to Haatons are on her member streams. Other than that, she just doesn't give a fuck. Recently, she also stopped doing superchat readings.

>> No.4300734

She read SCs after her stream last night, amnesia-chama

>> No.4300757

She did? All I know was that she was singing and stopped. Anyway, the only time she was full on seiso love was during her membership streams.

>> No.4300869

>Recently, she also stopped doing superchat readings.
Wat. Did you even watch her recent streams? She still does superchat readings. She only stopped doing superchat readings in the ealier lore streams because I believe she feels it would break the kayfabe.

>> No.4300973

She literally read superchats her last stream retardchama

>> No.4301100
File: 166 KB, 1100x1553, 1125190727464448000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anonchama, you forget: She's meant to be a tsundere character. Therefore, it's perfectly in-character for her to not show affections openly other than in intimate moments!!!11!

>> No.4301110

I just want to say that I want to mating press Haachama's big sexy fat ass. That's it. Thank you for reading this post.

>> No.4301139

Your contribution has been more substantial than antichamas entire back catalogue. Thank you very much, anon.

>> No.4301416

>My friends and I were down in Sydney for spring break one year and we wandered into a sort of shitty part of town and were walking around after getting hammered and we came across a Japanese girl who was messing with the chain on her bike because it got messed up.
>We started chatting with her and she's clearly a bit on the odd side but also really cool and we agree to follow her to a local bar for "some fun".
>So we get to the bar and it's one of those little places that somehow crammed 8 or 10 pool tables in, so it's just everyone playing pool and eating pizza.
>This girl kind of sucks at pool at first and we start messing around playing for money with random guys (only like 5 bucks for the next pepeloni etc.)
>She bets a guy and loses but has no money so when she loses to this guy i offered to pay the 5 bucks for her and she was grateful, but then she looks at me and winks and offers for a rematch for $100 which of course the guy takes.
>And im thinkin what the fuck, but I'm hammered.

Turns out Haachama is good at pool, like really good at pool and she's a hustler.

>She smashed this guy, and split the $100 with me and then told us to follow her because she had to buy some weed.
>So we leave the bar and follow her down this shady ass dark road and up these stairs into an apartment and everybody there is just staring at us because they knew we weren't from around there.
>Haachama buys some weed and then we go out back and she asks us if we want to get some women, and we say sure.
>She tells us to hang on and she goes back up into the apartment and comes back down with 3 of the biggest ugliest women I've ever seen and says "they'll blow all 3 of you for that $50 you got."

And that is where shit got too weird and i told Haachama our adventure was over and we needed to get back to our hotel lol.

>pic unrelated, more or less

>> No.4301464

Yeah its worth $5

>> No.4301493

>not having sex with Haachama
You got your chance and you blew it.

>> No.4301564

Haatonchama......when is her next members only stream..............

>> No.4301570

>My friends and I were down in Sydney for spring break one year
But Chammers lived in Melbourne, not Sydney?? Immersion ruined!!!

>> No.4301667

And then Haachama took possession of her.

>> No.4303679

>> No.4303928

She could & will do much better than I could ever offer.

>> No.4305515
File: 1.01 MB, 2000x2000, 22a54f72b689f78a2d7cb6e5bc7d516a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why won't antichama #coexist with us?

>> No.4307099
File: 155 KB, 250x230, 1620656614760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woosh you have schizophrenia

>> No.4308102

Don't know why people expect anything consistent from Haachama, it's been like this for the last year and a half, if you wanted a consistent stream of content you could go and watch another girl. If you're here and still watching after 2+ fanbase purges you're really just there for her and thats that.

>> No.4309157

Oh wow, you don't like a thing! Why should I give a singular fuck?

>> No.4309453
File: 216 KB, 1240x2054, E2fnowKXoAIJ6i0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4309540

Oh wow, it's because you're not making me laugh, antichama! How am I suppose to find your posts funny when you just repeat the same thing over and over again?

>> No.4309617

You mean his repeated use of EOP and newfag didn't give it away?

>> No.4309701

Oh wow, what if we all just used it too

>> No.4309777

Oh wow, sugoidesune

>> No.4310697
File: 240 KB, 1024x1024, 87178968_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If the Nendo comes with her alternative hairstyle, that'll be already good enough.
As the body can be always swapped for a Nendo Doll one, and dressed in custom made clothes.

>> No.4310863

The head and hair is more than half of a nendo. There's precisely zero chance of that happening.

>> No.4311066

Probably they would release sometime later a Haachama nendo

>> No.4311136

I'd rather have a 1/7th scale figure of Haachama

>> No.4311152

You do realize that a lot of Nendoroids come bundled with a lot of different accessories, right?
Including faces, hairstyles, bodies, big random objects, etc...

The bundle needs to be really fucking basic, to Not include any of that.

>> No.4311541

why there aren't dakis with interchangeable head pillows like that Jojo imagen from ages ago

>> No.4311890

Haachama onahole...I'd buy that to use with the Haachama daki

>> No.4311993

I like that she uses fan content. I do feel that she takes it for granted, however. During the latest Minecraft contest, she committed the minor yab of bailing halfway through for a lore derail. Some of the contestants were disappointed they invested so much time into their builds only to lose half a stream's chance at recognition. Many fans were interested in seeing more amazing builds but lost the opportunity to what basically a rehash of low-brow content. Luckily, there was not much of a public backlash against this. Most folks simply praised the Minecraft content in the comments and glossed over the lore. Chammers likely meant no harm and lacked consideration because of pure absent-mindedness. She thought she had a brilliant idea.

>> No.4312068


>> No.4312107

Unfortunately a lot of nendos have been just that in recent years, same price, but nothing save for the character in the box

>> No.4312438

yeah, good for our sanity the build that got in wasn't made specifically for the contest, other haatons that pulled 96 hour marathons to make stuff must be seething

>> No.4312496

I'm expecting some cooking stream reference like gyozas or a tarentula. Also a wide eyed face of course.
Have we ever seen Haachama shed tears of joy? Maybe that's something she simply doesn't do.

>> No.4312850

I think people need to remember that even if she had spent more time with it, there would still be no guarantee they got in

>> No.4312914

She's said that she doesn't like crying on stream so she tries not to, but she has.

>> No.4312950

Tbf, I don't mind a rehash of stuff we've seen before if that's the point of the stream. Like these streams she did in the time travel arc:


was great because she brought a new twist to the existing content and it made sense narrative-wise on why she's going through the submissions again. It does seem kinda weird though on why she bailed out half-way through the stream...

Wait a second, you telling me that she didn't actually showcase the stuff made for the latest Minecraft contest in the stream? Well, the stream title never had "Minecraft contest" or anything similar; it just had the typical vague lore title so is it possible that it was never meant to be THE Minecraft contest stream in the first place?

>> No.4313001

she did a few projects, cut off after 4 or 5 for lore. the mega-vid of the entire haaton area in /vt/craft didn't make it in but one of the statues did

>> No.4313141

That's Sora, not Haachama

>> No.4313245

Why were there so few flower stands dedicated to her in the concert... Even Aki and Mel had way more.

>> No.4313389

Haachama is now streaming

>> No.4313490

No one gives a shit.

>> No.4313495

Where can I see the flower stands dedicated to Gen 1s in the concert?

>> No.4313545

They must have constipation then, I'll be sure to leave shit for them to have

>> No.4313586

I bet that sounded real smart to you in your head.

>> No.4313598

She's cried a bit during emotional moments in singing streams before like this one where she was sniffling a bunch.
Lot's of girls including Haachama have said they don't like crying on stream, why would it only be Sora?
The digital flowerstands looked really shit in the preview so there was no enthusiasm.
You also have to realize that as far as hardcore fans that will spend 100 dollars to throw a message go, Haachama doesn't actually have more of them than Aki or Mel.

>> No.4313717

Bold of you to assume I have a brain to think with

>> No.4313950
File: 1.06 MB, 1203x1701, 1621785153549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just love Haachama

>> No.4314002

They were probably ready for that but not ready for the rug to be pulled out from under them.

>> No.4314010

I love Haachama more

>> No.4314033

I hope she at least takes their ideas and uses it during a minecraft stream, that way they know she notice them

>> No.4314065

You want to fuckin' fight buddy?

>> No.4314139

Chammers is trying to appear less weak nowadays so she just bottles up her feelings more. She can still snap and just stop streaming like she has this year. We still saw her admit she was feeling melancholy several times, for example during 'emo' karaoke streams.

>> No.4314173

I'll rip your nuts off right after Haachama finishes gargling mine

>> No.4314183

I think she is probably overwhelmed by the effort the contestants put in and realizes it would be impossible for her to duplicate it.

>> No.4314189

Oh wow, sounds like a great idea actually

>> No.4314250

I found it funny as fuck when Luna read this out load

>> No.4314356

As Antichama would complain, 'her' is hidden behind the schizo play.

>> No.4314524

With how little she advertised and gave a crap about the concert, I'm surprised she got any at all.

>> No.4314580

To be fair, she treated the concert no better or worse than anything else she does. She just expects her fans to show up anyway.

>> No.4314599
File: 90 KB, 1080x589, 51ff93119a80644451ede14138913bf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would like to add that (current) Haachama holds the value of being "strong" quite seriously. Heck, you can see this idea in many content she put out. For example:

- One of the more prominent lines from REDHEART literally says "Stronger than I ever been before..."
- The MV before her 1 million subs celebration stream places great emphasises on how Akaihaato was a crybaby when she first started:
- She has spoken in a membership stream that she sees Akaihaato as a "weak character". i.e. she sees her past self, who was prone to cry easily and had a rather iconic moment where she completely broke down crying on stream due to some kind of technical difficulty (Cover still have this as one of her recommended scenes on their website, which is pretty funny I'll admit), as weak.

This is also why she's so obsessed with being the "strongest idol". She most likely sees crying as a weakness and thus avoids doing so as much as she can, especially in front of other people, which is also the mindset most men typically have.

>She's cried a bit during emotional moments in singing streams before like this one where she was sniffling a bunch.
That stream also turns out to be the moment where she first(?) said "Haachama is asleep", basically saying she's Akaihaato at the moment.

Considering what I said earlier, she crying in that stream could be interpreted as she feeling it's okay to cry because at that moment, she doesn't need to be "strong" anymore, because the only ones there are her and her most supportive fans.

>> No.4314654

And with how little she advertised she still got the highest amount of viewers showing up to her practice stream

>> No.4314687

She read "haachama is asleep" dumbass. It's another one of the early examples of retards forcing her split personality crap.

>> No.4314734
File: 132 KB, 1024x768, 20210527_224807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll be honest a few of us in the Haato fancord kinda lost our jobs so yeah,
on the JP side not sure about them too much but a few have talked about how the hiatuschama is killing the mood for them.

>> No.4314754

I wish the entire fancord lost their lives already

>> No.4314771

Because getting a large horde of retards to appear in the free stream as opposed to the paid one is a huge accomplishment yes.

>> No.4314779

but why though?

>> No.4314801

Doesn't change the fact that she took notice of it, said it out loud, and then proceeds to make a joke around it. If anything, this proves that she at least have that idea in mind.

>> No.4314839

This proves you like to make shit up in your head and pretend it's fact.

>> No.4314854

Keep your shit where it belongs, no one here gives a fuck about what mood you fags are in

>> No.4315033

You guys are doing much better than before. Slowly you are learning the mental strength needed to be Haachama's most loyal fans.

>> No.4315080

It's where we find most of the information on Haachama to talk about here.

>> No.4315146
File: 677 KB, 1068x561, Pepeloni - The No One [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fwmuo13.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, guys. Should I leave this as is or make her more echo-ish like:

>> No.4315190
File: 368 KB, 1552x2048, 79019503-E44A-4A7C-AEB5-99E8760C4AE7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does her hair even work?

>> No.4315224

She spoke about being stronger than her old self that cried a lot at least a couple times last year.
She's very much a child trying super hard to act mature in pointless ways while the grown adults around her feel comfortable acting like children.
The times are hitting everyone.
Most of Haachama's relatively few high paying fans just weren't interested in what looked like a real shitty png anyway.
If real flower stands were possible there would've been another one by the JP discord for sure.

>> No.4315248

Sounds like something a simp or a cuck would say.

>> No.4315267

fair enough
you would really hate the global thread and its thread celebrities

>> No.4315351

The only cucks I know are JPcucks slowly losing their oshi to ENchads. She just can't resist our bantz.

>> No.4315477
File: 2.28 MB, 370x424, 1621265234106.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she had a rather iconic moment where she completely broke down crying on stream due to some kind of technical difficulty (Cover still have this as one of her recommended scenes on their website, which is pretty funny I'll admit), as weak.
Kek, that's great, they even put the timestamp in the link. That's also like 2 weeks after her debut.

>> No.4315704

I love Haachama. Thats it.

>> No.4315728

Imagine actually believing this.

>> No.4315855

I love Haato. Thats it.

>> No.4315907

A lot of people blame her behavior on a childish attitude. I think it's possible the emotional hardship she experienced while studying abroad could have left her emotionally fragile and maybe socially warped. She is in a better position now living with her mother and sister. There is no guarantee that the long term effects of any trauma have passed, however. I could be wrong, of course, but I suspect she builds an unconditionally supportive hugbox of fans around her for a reason.
It's just an alternative to Antichama's claims of her callous disregard for others.

>> No.4315973

Did anyone in this thread have anything good to say about the concert? It’s littered with Antichama shit.

>> No.4316068

Ooh, let me take this one Antichama!

"Imagine actually believing EOPs would watch the concert."

>> No.4316081

Don't you know? Haachama's hair is actually a sentient lifeform:

This is not a throwaway joke either because she made a reference to this again in her last superchat reading stream when she noticed her hair isn't moving, so this is 100% lore.

Also confirmed in:

>> No.4316177

The way I see it she was almost entirely cut off from society for 3 years due to her language issues and that delayed her development a lot.
Concert was great. I was already emotionally fragile after aikotoba III and then Haachama reading her letter killed me.
We're going through some even weirder times than usual for Haachama but she's still there underneath the lore and extended periods of no contact.

>> No.4316196


"EOPs" should be "EOPtards" but otherwise a pretty good attempt.

>> No.4316273

You get a B-
Imagine actually believing EOP poorfags would spend money on the concert. Imagine actually thinking EOP newfags would know where to even pirate the concert.

>> No.4316317

scool, Haato was full of energy and bouncing all over the stage, it was adorable as ever

>> No.4316361

It doesn't explain why she completely shut herself off once she got back to Japan. If anything being with friends and family again should have made her a lot more open. She's only collaborate all of 2 times in almost half a fucking year, that's a massive drop from last year where she would have some kind of collaboration almost every week, granted a lot of that was her weekly Chamatan stream but still.

>> No.4316484

University, ADHD, maybe just dealing with the major shifts in Hololive, new managers or whatever

>> No.4316504

Oh the wanting to be stronger shit is stuff she's been saying since halfway through last year.
That wasn't an observation on the weird distance she's put recently.
There are all kinds of guesses and assumptions you can make here but due to the fact that she isn't streaming, tweeting or talking about herself even a fraction as much as she used to there isn't enough information to say anything for sure.

>> No.4316558

That's because Haachama is spending time with I, Dio

>> No.4316588

ADHD isn't something you can develop from fucking nowhere. Managers wouldn't stop you from collaborating with the JP girls. Fuck the EN girls though they should be cordoned off on another planet.

>> No.4316630

Facebook seaniggers fuck off.

>> No.4316644

She did tons of collabs because she didn't have anyone to talk to
Now she spends time with them outside the streams and forgets that she's supposed to be playing and talking with them on it.

>> No.4316795

I don't believe that for even a second. The other girls would talk about it. They haven't. In fact nobody knew why she disappeared for so long because she didn't talk to anyone.

>> No.4316941

When is experiencing depression, the symptoms may include lethargy, apathy, and social withdrawal. Also, support from others might simply not register in her mind as a consequence of the condition. I know this is armchair psychology. Hearing her say things like "I don't know if I should say this on stream but lately my heart has been a void" raises some questions, though. She has said similar things in the past and then backpedaled, claiming it wasn't serious or she was being melodramatic. Maybe so, maybe not.

>> No.4317089

What is she, their girlfriend? They've been seeing her at practice for weeks now, should they have brought her progress up specifically at every chance they got as well?

>> No.4317402

I was referring to her nearly month long disappearance, not the current one.

>> No.4317461

The disappearance of Haachama Suzumiya

>> No.4320509

Oh wow, you really thought retarded EOPs would be able to afford the concert?

>> No.4321290



Oh wow, LMAO

>> No.4323016

Oh wow this thread

>> No.4323191

Oh wow, what a big cock you got there Haachama

>> No.4323242

Oh wow, I didn't know futachama was here

>> No.4323258

it gets bigger when she pulls on it

>> No.4323347

But i i aways rip skin.

>> No.4323894

Oh wow Haachama, my daddy taught me a few things, like how not to rip the skin

>> No.4324688
File: 20 KB, 565x392, eop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

antichama is inside the machine, this is not a drill

>> No.4325345

Maybe she'll learn that it's easy to become so "strong" that you break yourself

>> No.4325450

>Senators were present for Haachama's concert

>> No.4325943

Does anyone else watch Haachama's sisters due to having the same illustrator?

>> No.4326533


>> No.4327870

Those few years make all the difference to a girl. They count those wrinkles every morning.

>> No.4327935

Haato is JD, a college student

>> No.4328160


>> No.4328162
File: 140 KB, 466x301, Pathetic2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Giving a single shit about what your fanbase thinks

>> No.4328183

Your fans should be drawn to you for what you can provide, not you catering to them whenever they cry about something. You will never have a stable fan base if that is your tactic

>> No.4328449

Yes because her fanbase has been so stable so far amirite.

>> No.4328485

Not to mention Haachama is the biggest pandering whore in hololive so your entire post makes zero fucking sense.

>> No.4328832
File: 877 KB, 1409x1796, D3C55F65-0DAE-42DA-9B96-2F2CF4690C19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Claiming the last post for my beloved Haachama. May her food always be delicious and her success be a thorn at the side of the haters and losers

>> No.4330536

May she falter at everything she does and never find peace.

>> No.4330723
File: 5 KB, 300x168, 1621434518022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking love Haachama

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