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>been here longer than (You)
>did their reps
>on another plane of existence, literally do not give a shit about what the EOPs are up to

>open-minded, adventurous spirits
>wanted to try something new, found something that they enjoy
>also enjoy chuubas from other groups, wishes everyone the best
>no purityfagging, can handle a little bit of crude humor

>just wanted to watch girls have fun
>"oshis? chuubas? goslings? what the fuck are you talking about kid, speak english"
>permanently in kenjataimu thanks to constant jacking off, giving immunity to being mad for prolonged periods of time
>instead holds rest of /vt/ by the balls, being capable of throwing the whole board into a fit of autistic rage on a moment's notice
>will not leave

>enjoying the epitome of soul
>wants to see their favorite grow into a successful vtuber, there for her along the ride
>realizes that eventually they will have to let go if their ever girl makes it and joins a group, but has made peace with it

>the holobronies, constantly shitting up other communities
>hopped on the most popular bandwagon
>not only constantly mad at the other groups, tearing each other apart non-stop as well
>filled with idolschizos, tribalfags, redditors, newfags, literal children and various other kinds of undesirables
>their oshis live in fear of the community

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peepeepoopoo buttsex xD

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didn't read and don't really care. put this on your blog instead.

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It’s true

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I miss Luna, she was hot

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took it serious until you mentioned vshitshow. hard balldrop.
agree with everything else.

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>He forgot holostars alphas
we actually branched our and started watching real vtubers and indies instead of sticking with the same shit. We are the true intended citizens of /vt/, as we actually watch vtubers.

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