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How do we save HoloID gen1?
At this point they simply fade into irrelevance.
>low superchat despite her numbers
>always become Pecora's shadow
>people watch her only because they expect Pecora interacts with her
>whoring herself to stay relevant by encourage people to draw her porn
>dude meme lmao
>has self proclaimed schizo fanbase larp as her
>speak mostly indogs
>whoring to homos
>terrible drawing despite that her biggest gimmick

They are getting mogged by 2 of their kouhais, Ollie who is the queen of yab still manage to gain popularity and earn the highest superchat revenue.

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They're doing fine. Not every vtuber has to have Pekora numbers. Most streamers would kill for their views.

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comparing to other ID agencies, theyre actually doing just fine.

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Why is there so many saviorfags here. I've seen a Iofi, Choco, Anya, Aki and Mel saving thread in just the last couple of days here? Do we really need to save HoloID gen 1?! They seem to be doing fine to me.

Why don't we save the schizos, rrats, and trolling on here first. That makes more senses to me. We need to start that movement first....

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Moona is already punching above her weight thanks to her Pekora association.

Risu and Lofi should stream at least a bit more and try harder. Risu in particular could become a Haachama-lite or Coco-lite if she fully embraced her inner jokester.

Overall they're kinda screwed since they don't speak English as well as Ollie and Reine do, and there's only so far Indonesia can get you.

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Who are (You) and why do (You)r kind of people seem to think that everyone without 1 million subs and 40k views in every stream and thousands of gachikois donating millions of yens means the chuuba is doomed and irrelevant?

I'd rather there's a variety of chuubas doing their own things (as long as they're happy about it) instead of everyone following the same shortest route to get as much money as possible.

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numberfags get the bullet

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>what is numberfaggotry?
You must be new here.

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Hololive is literally the cancer of vtubers. You need to have 6 digits view count or you are doomposted to dead. Cover need to be destroyed for the good of Vtuber industry.

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They should play more Apex with connor

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You know destroying one agency would just lead to others jumping to another bandwagon. In this case, nijisanji.

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forget Iofi. she doesnt care much about numbers since she stated that already before.

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thats what a numberfag would say

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nijisanji is old news

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Just let them sink, they're probably better off without hololive.
Moona can marry alfred and leech him off until he dies, Risu will score with some foreign doctor after nurse school, and nobody cares about iofi.

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You do know they're getting 3D models soon, right?

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Yeah, just as soon™ as Japan is over Corona-chan.

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it's only going down from now on, right, anon? RIGHT?!

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They can't do anything too wild because their government is almost a dictatorship

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>too wild
such as...

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Getting fingered on stream.

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>cover who has never fired anyone for having shit numbers
>even kept their policy about giving a 3D at 100k despite that becoming pre-debut numbers after the EN bump
>meanwhile niji just shuts down entire branches and rebrands on a whim

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might as well stream on porn platform

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It's only going to get worse after they inevitably go full retard and do the Olympics.

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>singapore went for another lockdown as the new variant from india spreads over
>current vaccines doesn't work for it
round 2

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Rent free

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All 3 of the girls don’t give a shit about any of that.
She’s still the most well known and popular one
Is Yagoo’s indonesian wife or something that she has enough power to sway the company.
The treerat gives no fucks abput anything
She’s here. She’s everywhere. She might be you. She might be me.

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Next cover when?

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Now that's the real downside of low numbers. They have to pay from their pockets to produce covers/original songs. And this shit costs a lot.

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You just need to do more karaoke stream treerrat

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who did they sack for lack of views again?

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At least on the JP side, the cost of producing (mixing and mastering) one cover song at a professional studio is about 40,000 JPY. Producing an original song starts at 250,000 JPY. It could be much lower, of course, but a girl would have to earn about $1200 to break even.

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Why would I save it. They're the best part

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>>6 digits view count or you are doomposted to dead
sounds like nijisanji for me

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Nijisanji has never fired anyone for having shit numbers and not streaming for 2 years.
They even kept their policy about giving a 3D to all members regardless of views and subs counts.
Meanwhile Hololive shuts down entire branches and completely abandoned their talent even though they are successful. Hololive even betrayed the promise of letting them keep their avatars.

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ogey chang

>> No.4301181

>How do we save

>> No.4301265

The issue is that Gen 2 is just super stacked.
Gen 2 has Ollie, who is the Kiara of ID, Reine, a corporate princess and Anya.

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>Risu will score with some foreign doctor after nurse school
>tfw drop out med school 5 years ago

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t. Zhang

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>>IN x EN x change again to IN x shutdown IN x use the channel that IN have built for a year for a EN subs jumpstart

>> No.4301538

t. an insect

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She's probably on copium

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If they're struggling now, EN2 will probably finish them off. They need to speak full indog and rebuild up that audience if they want to survive.

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id hold off judgement until their 3D debut

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Risu unfortunately can't figure out what kind of streamer she wants to be. She admires Korone and wants to be like her, but her strength isn't really in gaming, as evidenced by her playing Hades and never being able to figure out that you don't need to do all the hallways in the Temple of Cerberus. She has good taste in indie games though and will often pick up underappreciated things to stream, but she never seems to commit to anything anymore. VA-11 HALL-A being an exception, but I think the low turnout to that disincentivized her.

Her singing is incredible, and she is easily top 5 vocalists in Hololive in terms of sheer talent. And yet she doesn't go full utawaku, streams singing so infrequently that she's even a running joke because of it. Imagine her going full AZKi and having a strong identification with music and musical content on her channel, that would bring a lot of attention to her. But people don't even see that side of her enough to realize it's there, they just think of her as "oh that's Risu, she's zany, didn't she do a whole stream where she was just whistling for an hour" and so on.

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They don't need saving; they need proper management.

No, she's legitimately a "not give a fuck" kinda person. She would even sabotage herself by not playing things that are more likely to attract viewers.

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Adding more Indog streams killed their momentum during fall.

>> No.4301679

Risu is at that sweet spot where Gura wishes to be.

>> No.4301752

>Risu in particular could become a Haachama-lite or Coco-lite if she fully embraced her inner jokester.
get her membership and start joining for Prisuners Night if you like that side of Risu

>> No.4301811

Well put, i can never find this type of reply on a regular Risu threads.

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>they don't speak English as well as Ollie and Reine do
People are always saying dat ting about how I cannot, how do you say it, SPEAK very good at the English. What I tink you guys maybe do not, er, understand about dis is dat English is, how do you say it, very, errrr, CHALLENGING language for speaking.

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I watch Moona's karaoke streams.
I watch Risu's weird shit like the rubber duck stream.
I have never watched Iofi.

>> No.4301944

>I have never watched Iofi.
watch her PSO streams

>> No.4301946

Risu, GTFO... stop causing egsa yabs!

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Risu this Risu that, be delusional somewhere else faggot

>> No.4302042

I mentally added her fake laughter at the end.

>> No.4302054

rude :(

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>streams singing so infrequently that she's even a running joke
She caught my attention during her 6th month anni. Then, except for covers, she never sang again until her 1 year anni. But that stream felt like she hasn't done her warm-ups and she didn't her notes right. It's like jacking off without edging and finishing while on a half chub. Thank god for the Yoasobi stream tho.

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They are already mogging NijiID, their direct indonesian competition. They are fine and will also get a boost from their 3D debut.

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collab with ollie more

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Risu could have easily become famous by doing karaoke since she is better than Gura, but she chose not to. She made her bed.

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>>on serious note
ID are actually gain more views, slowly, but it is baffled me everytime, how ID in general can get more views than this? now they are like trapped in jp's cage, lots of rules that they have to obey so they will not crossing the jp's share cakes (like limited playlist on karaoke stream, can't use shaders on mc, etc), en seems had more freedom.

should they lower their ego and follows ID trends? maybe like do collabs with local ecelebs and gamers, play the id's trending games, etc idk, im pretty sure Reineer's family are expert on this, heck they can use them as consultant.

if they do that, 1m subs are sure not that hard, but of course, the aftermath, they can't ignore the toxicity of the SEA, lots of rude indogs shota will come but surprisingly royal enough to give em sc through locals donation gateway, whitefags and jpniggers would leave coz of the contents and jokes they don't understand.

an ID's local vtuber agency tried to following the ID trends, but after that the talents have to take a break for a week to protect their sanity.

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it's mostly EOP's in the chats though

>> No.4302370

numbers are numbers

>> No.4302423

so failing to capture their actual audience is meaningless if it's about numbers huh?

>> No.4302426

english only patricians are the way to salvation, they need to stop listening to the indogs begging for pandering when they don't watch because uncovered female avatars are haram or whatever their muslim priests tell them

>> No.4302505

I'm just saying all of ID1 is in the top 6 indonesian vtubers, therefore they are doing ok. It doesn't matter if their audience are EOPs or indogs, their numbers are better than most indonesians, ID2 numbers are an abnormality made possible by HoloEN's debut

>> No.4302857

Their actual audience is indog weebs which in case you didnt noticed are mostly ESL so yeah kindly fuck off and stop falseflagging ID manager with your "they are not pandering to indogs".

>> No.4302874

what about Milyhya with 4,35m subs?

>> No.4302893

he said vtubers

>> No.4303008

Risu is in my top 3 holos and I don't want her to start doing more common stuff for numbers. I love her weird ass streams, her quirky sense of humor, her desire to bonk her fans and put us in our place. She has some of the best membership content in all of Holo with intimate discussions every week, it's wonderful.

The only thing I wish for is for her to sing more.

>> No.4303078

>Imagine her going full AZKi and having a strong identification with music and musical content on her channel, that would bring a lot of attention to her.
AZKi is literally the only Japanese Hologirl that Risu has a higher subscriber count than.

>> No.4303131

>>A virtual YouTuber or VTuber is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics.

actually >>4302874 has a point

>> No.4303214

No need to argue semantics senpai. We're here to discuss vtubers regardless.

>> No.4303284


Official cover when Risu?

>> No.4303346

She isn't just better than Gura, she is better than Suisei. I would only put AZKi ahead of her. She seriously needs to simg more.

>> No.4303752

>don't want her to start doing more common stuff for numbers
>sing more
you contradict yourself, my dude. Either let her stay low or let her use her talent to increase the number

>> No.4303880

Risu general is under the impression that they are monitored by the squirrel. And as the practice has shown begging, arguing, or demanding something (especially singing) from Risu has the opposite effect. So there's not much reason to talk about what >we want her to be. She will do things as she sees fit. And I absolutely love this trait of hers, even if it can be very frustrating sometimes.

>> No.4304537

just so you know all 3 of ID1 is a uni students, so it's kinda hard for them to have a very consistent streaming style, since they need to adjust their vtuber schedule and real life schedule. compared to ID2 who is mostly (probably) a graduate students, so their schedule is pretty flexible, you can compare both their streaming schedule. ID1 mostly doing stream at night time and most the time 3-5 times a week, while ID2 is usually more than 5 times a week and sometime doing it on afternoon. also ID1 is kinda not trendfags anyway especially risu and iofi, so yeah.

>> No.4304871

Fuck that whore.

>> No.4305011

200$ base salary is enough to live in Indo and they already have decent financial before Vtuber

>> No.4305547

I read risu was a poorfag but I think that's simply a rrat.
Anon calls her room small but she has AC and 2 (two) windows so idk.

>> No.4305629

>ac and two windows is considered not poor in indonesia


>> No.4305636

Her starting setup was a crappy laptop on a bed, with her sitting on the floor and dying mic.

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no way bro

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>Why don't we save the schizos, rrats, and trolling on here first
because these girls are worth saving

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>>$200 if you live with your parent yes, if you are an adult no

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anon, risu is literally a 4chin schizo. she's been shitposting and schizoposting way before /hlg/ threads were created. kinda like zio but with menhera attacks.

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>> No.4312463


>> No.4312484

Risu is /ourgirl/ and has been for a long time. I believe in Risu Supremacy.

>> No.4313227

Entire branches? Only IN was like that. By your reasoning and considering how you all see many members as failures in JP, KR and ID, those all would be fired.

And IN was closed. They were just graduated, not fired. Only two in Nijisanji got fired.

IN have built? what? lmao that channel always focused on EN content.

>> No.4313298

Their direct ID competition is Maha5, which is the biggest vtuber company in there, not hololive or nijisanji id.

200$ base salary is nothing.

>> No.4313395

"Poor Hololive CN. You'd never catching Nijisanji doing that" is not longer an argument after Nijisanji IN which was worse. You need a new one.

>> No.4313709

They didn't get worse.Their members weren't trying to fuck a JP member, harassing them behind and there was never a promise to have models. The graduatio of IN was purely due to extremely poor performance and interest. HolOCN was for drama in and outside of it.

>> No.4313779

No, I mean the dissolution of IN was worse. Pretty much exactly because of what you mentioned. There was no drama. No reason besides poor numbers brought about by Niji themselves shitting the bed with the group repeatedly, and then "Sorry, your numbers aren't good enough. Bye!"

>> No.4314006


atleast $ 1.500 in jakarta for living

>> No.4314324

She flat out said one of the reasons she has low numbers is because she refuses to play Minecraft.

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File: 34 KB, 717x380, play minecraft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4314975

If numbers were bad, according to anons, ID and KR would be dead as well. IN really ended due to extreme poor performance of all three.

>> No.4315319

Anon their content & market is closer to Maha5. Meanwhile niji id taste like rich indie circle who do lot of interesting projects.

>> No.4316047

>Spouting BS in regards to the CN debacle

Well, as expected from a Nijifaggot.
Can't wait for the day Holotards triumph your Nijiniggers.

>> No.4316103

I gotta hand it to the Risu fans on here. I have browsed through their thread before and they are all legitimately insane in their devotion (and fear of) Risu. One of the most interesting dynamics between a Holo and her fanbase that I've seen on here.

>> No.4316180

Ok but why is Moona so erotic?

>> No.4316292

t. Risu

>> No.4316391

When you don't have personality and your content is boring the only way to atract audience is through porn.

>> No.4316532

Ok but why are you talking about Marine

>> No.4317065

Finding a good S is not easy

>> No.4319171

Of course you'll see more Risu fans shitposting because menhera memelord attracts the mentally unhinged. Moona's fans are softcore shitposter while Iofi fans are pressured out of existence.

>> No.4325725

what makes Ollie so successful despite being an indog? She is more successful than most JPs too

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>what makes Ollie so successful despite being an indog? She is more successful than most JPs too

>> No.4326593

thats her coping mechanism

>> No.4328368

Having a cuck fanbase

>> No.4328690

Speaks less Indog and bans the complaining Indog.

>> No.4330381

Maha5 is the one with Zen and Alia Adelia, right?

>> No.4330432


>> No.4330472


>> No.4330483

>most JPs
She is not, but she does outperform some of the lower end JPs which is quite a feat concerning she is from ID.

>> No.4330497

God I wish

>> No.4330653

She got like 5 debuffs and still making big bucks.
At the rate this is going, yagoo gonna keep hiring menharas if they keep him in business

>> No.4330802

seems like a pretty well-adjusted girl

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Do u reelee?

>> No.4331614

Are you suggesting that it hasn't been the strategy until now?

>> No.4331888

menhera are needy, lonely, depressed, have a desire for attention, low self esteem, and maybe a little suicidal

>> No.4332701

That's a pretty accurate description of Ollie. Have you seen her members streams?

>> No.4333813

Tell euphorias to get some backbone

>> No.4336835

Just tell them to start speaking english. Even Loafy is fine to watch if shes not speaking indog.

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