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>backed by sony they said
nijiniggers explain this

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It'll be fixed in a day. Nijisanji doesn't care if their videos get taken down, which is why they're so loose with their regulations relative to Hololive.

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Kek, I want to see how much shit sony gets for this

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i hope

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>its true

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>Can't stop winning, they said
>The face of japanese entertainment, they said
>Not viewbotting, they said

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Do they care about their talents at all then?

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They do, they just support them by actually making merch

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myamyamya sure is cute

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just youtube-kun letting the bots loose

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Considering the production quality of the 3D, I'd say so, yes.

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You know niji talents pay for the 3d themselves right?

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>ruining a live 3D
I need popcorn for this, I can sense the nijis seetheeing hard on twatter

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Didn't you read the first sentence? It'll be fixed in a day. They don't care because they can fix it. Even banned channel is recoverable by them.

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You know whether they do or not is based on a point system, right? It's like their outfits. Totally depends.

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Shiba really appreciated that help, specially when she had to take a break due to not having enough money to pay her hospital bills

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Why can't you just enjoy vtubers regardless of their affiliation?

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Why do they even have to pay in first place. What's the point of a point system?

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Merch is produced with the talent's cooperation, Shiba was so busy and streamed so little it's reasonable to assume she wasn't involved in any merch negotiations when they occured.

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Reading hospital always remind me of rabbit. I wonder if she is still alive or died.

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>Why do they even have to pay in first place
The same reason Hololive talents have to pay to archive their karaoke streams. These things cost money, and companies exist to make profit first and foremost. Being a part of an agency isn't just a charity thing, the hirer must get something out of the arrangement as well.

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If only anycolor would pay an actual salary to their chuubas

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holofags here are /pol/ and /v/ refugees they cant enjoy things

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>he same reason Hololive talents have to pay to archive their karaoke streams.
What? How does that work?

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He literally made shit up

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>have to pay to archive their karaoke streams

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Ask Kiara, she mentioned it offhandedly on stream. I imagine it's because of pricey song permissions.

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I'm not lying. Do your archive reps. Kiara mentioned it on stream. You can see many people talking about it on Warosu.

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nijiniggers have some of the most retarded copes ever, this whole thread is further proof of that

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Look at the state of Nijisanji /v/tard in this thread here right now. Slandering and making narratives all the time. Tey deserve all the shit in the world.

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Are archive reps really so hard nowadays?

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those are holofag falseflaggers

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can you give a link at least? do you expect me to believe you?

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aren't vocaloid and anime songs free?? i do not beleb

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>Just some schizo rambling without actual timestamp
Ogey faggot

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Im talking about the stream where said it, dont expect me to believe what people says here anon

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Why would vocaloid and anime songs be free?

>> No.4300311

They are free...anyone can cover them

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Nijinigs are too cowardly to bite the hand that feeds, they'd rather harass young women for minor infractions of contracts they aren't party to.

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It's her own fault for not being popular enough to get merch.

She obviously needs to pay dragging Niji down woth her life

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Nijibros.... Isn't Sony Papa supposed to be on OUR side..?

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sasuga black company shill

>> No.4300340

Look up JASRAC, it's not a problem of money, it's a problem of Japanese laws literalyl do not function the same way

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Sony is, YT is not on anyone's side.

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What the actual fuck

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>I did my archive reps and found the timestamp where she talked about it:
>She pays a fee for every archived karaoke song, that's how they can monetize them.

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This is the exact moment she talks about it. If you're not a member, and you refuse to believe people talking about it in the archive like it's a huge mass hallucination for some reason, that's on you. Companies exist to make money, full stop.

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Copyright strikes aren't initiated by youtube

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dont worry I know a site that uploads members only content I will check it there

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I believe. And niji works in the same way too

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I can't tell if you actually believe such a blatant falseflag or if you wrote it yourself on your phone.

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They dont have to pay anything if they dont want to. They only have to pay if they want to have expensive extra stuff, a popular example is Kagami's dragon, since he got a lot of money from fans he decided to use that money to get the rights to use it. He didnt pay for anything else in the stream.

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Copyrights strike is usually done by bots depend on the company and country. It's automatic. The channel owners then need to plea to Youtube to restore it. This is where Nijisanji good at.

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So a yes on both counts?

>> No.4300539

the absolute state of nijisanji.

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why are company bootlickers like this?

>> No.4300551

It's relatively easy too isn't it? Kiara got banned and restored in a day too.

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It's considered bootlicking to say that a fan of Nijisanji wouldn't say one of their talents deserves to be sick and poor?

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>resorting to numberfagging after baseless rrat spreading fails
Every time

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>defending the shill faggot

>> No.4300617

Yeah. Hololive learnt it after the Holocaust and improved their dicksucking ability. But that might be just En.

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Are you confusing me with somebody else at this point? Who's defending which shill?

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check the thread anon

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Yeah niji dicksucking is toptier

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I see no shill that I'm defending. I'm saying that guy who shit on Shiba was an obvious falseflagger.

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Woah I guess hololive is a black company too!
By the standards of these schizoids every company is a black company

>> No.4300715

Every company is a black company. Go indie.

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>you refuse to believe people talking about it in the archive like it's a huge mass hallucination for some reason, that's on you
Where do you think you are? Do you actually believe every rrat here?

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>females fucking up again
When will Manisanji learn and just get rid of all the dead weight

>> No.4300847

This is deppressing to look at. I thought being part of the largest agency in japan would draw in a crowd but this is, this is worse than some indies people saviourfag for.

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>Do you actually believe every rrat here?
Not him but a prerequisite for using this board is to get into character as a retarded ESL, so yes.

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Multiple people talking about the same event occurring at once is not a narrative or "rrat", no.

>> No.4300952

Wait you guys are in character? Shit...

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Multiple people have talked about having sex with their favorite livers too

>> No.4300995

UOOOH tier meming is not the same as quoting somebody directly, no.

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>I eat rrats everyday

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Didn't you know that njisanji talents have to pay a license fee to AnyColor just to use the Nijisanji name?

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I don’t like to tribalfag but. The irony of this post

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Luna literally fled nijisanji and joined hololive without looking back and nijifags want people to believe its a paradise where everyone is rich and happy and that that ichikara loves their talent so much over there

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Are you new here?

>> No.4302378

Look at this thread. Even if you take everything with a grain a salt doesn't mean the others do, specially when it's about "the enemy".

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they also said they have better copyright contracts

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Did anycola ate this schizo dog or something?

>> No.4302561

>>backed by sony they said
"they" being narukasu and all the holotards that fell for it.

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Honestly, weird copes from Nijifags are always so detached from reality that I have to wonder if they genuinely believe the things they wrote or not.

>> No.4302704

Honestly, weird rrats from Holofags are always so detached from reality that I have to wonder if people genuinely believe the things they wrote or not.

>> No.4302736

>Luna literally fled nijisanji and joined hololive without looking back
She "literally" abandoned multiple identities prior to Hololive and wasn't expected to last there either lol, I bet you believe Sasaki bullied her too huh

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I work with music label companies like Warner Music and Universal, and this shit happen sometimes when there's disconnect between the digital department of those companies. We get blocked on FB or Insta (when we're posting for promotional purposes) because of shit like this even though the project is a joint venture. Usually an e-mail or message to their representative and it's usually fixed within a couple of hours or a day.

But seeing how some Japan labels are quite strict with their copyrights (blocking song covers, fan works, although it's lesser now compared to 10 years ago), there might be something else to it. But both of them being huge entities, this shouldn't happen.

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Sasaki wouldn't bully anything unless it was made of butter and by bully I mean eat it. It's hard to bully when you can't even move 20ft without getting winded.

>> No.4302976

He is a pro sumo wrestler after all.

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>this fucking nijicope narrative again
She literally only has her pre-Niji identity which is privated and no one knows if she still posts there and K, in which she's very much active (hell, she constantly DMCAs doxniggers uploading clips from her fanbox)

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35 Holofans. Half of them seething at a Niji boogieman. The absolute state of /vt/.

>> No.4303060

>But seeing how some Japan labels are quite strict with their copyrights
The global music industry in general is rather draconian with their rights management, and the automated systems on online platforms go full-on schizo mode because it's safer for the corps that way. I'm a good boy and always strive to get cover licenses for the songs I record (and if I'm ghosted, I just don't record/publish), but really all it does is makes it easier to get a claim/block lifted when one inevitably lands on you.

>> No.4303081

It's okay, you can just say you're new. No I'm not risking a ban to spoonfeed somebody who uses the term "Nijicope" unironically.

>> No.4303147

Nigger you know damn well that you don't have shit and that her only other 2 identties are P and K, fuck off with your "muh ban" shit.

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They are not free. Cover has to license them for karaokes and production covers. It's just easier to do in Japan because they're big into Karaoke and companies go out of their way to collectively bundle music for licensing.

>> No.4305555

I like how amamiya stream was purposely ignored.

>> No.4305601

Doesn't that create the risk of livers becoming permabanned?

>> No.4305689

I agree with you about anisong, but most vocaloid music is indie. Don't see why most of the shouldn't be free.

>> No.4305792

Sony Music Corporation Japan will receive as much shit as any other music rights holder.

>> No.4305821

Well since americans took over it nips are not so fond of it either.

>> No.4306205

Retard anon, only SIE is american. This is about Sony Music Japan.

>> No.4306293

>he doesnt know
Lurk moar.

>> No.4307088

I do.

>> No.4307113

blocked for what countries? it's probably still viewable in Japan which is what matters.

>> No.4307346

Anon, it says (Japan) right there

>> No.4307653

apparently it's just youtube ai acting up because the song sounded way too close to the original. it will be back in a few days at worst.

>> No.4308038

But anon, I do.

>> No.4308287

Jesus her 3D is so good. Hers and Uiha's.

>> No.4308532

Papa Sony WHY

>> No.4308595

that's who blocked it, not where it's blocked. just because Japan blocked it for OPs country doesn't mean its blocked everywhere

>> No.4309251

Why would a video from Japan that’s been blocked on copyright grounds from a company in Japan only be available in Japan

>> No.4310048

sony music of japan invested not "owned" them like its fucking Bethesda or someshit.

>> No.4310323

Music rights are a complicated issue, the JASRAC site has a database of songs that okay to perform or cover without explicit permission but anything outside of that would require working with publishers to obtain a license to perform it. the license they negotiated could have applied only to Japan.
...although saying that, I'm an idiot because it says
>who blocked it on copyright grounds.
>who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
so it's a global block including Japan.

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