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What are some hypocrite vtubers?

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none, they are all perfect

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You just posted her

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sakura miko

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I think the real tragedy of Nyanners is that the drama that surrounds her is profoundly more entertaining than she is.

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>owns pedophiles so hard that they are still shaking from anger daily 7 years later
uh hello, based department? i have this vtuber you have to see

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Funny thing is Vei and Froot are a thousand times worse than her, so no.

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>/v/ style shit thread template
I hope your mother dies in her sleep

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>owns pedos so hard
She owned herself?

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Suicide stream fucking when

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Vei wasn't, until she literally asked Nyanners or whoever "What's the dealio with like ummmm, Hololive or Ninja or whatever?", and even then a "hey im a fucking dumb ass eastern block girl who couldn't find a dollar in the US Mint, sorry i guessed on a lot of this shit" woulda saved her, but nope, she has to double down against Cover
Froot is Froot, and seems to have redeemed herself in her own way

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>literally makes up a fanfiction where nyanners corrupts innocent pure vtubers who don't know better
yeah i'm lolling, absolutely rent free

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why talk about her? you posting this thread keeps her in the zeitgeist. Fuck off retard

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probably because she made sure not to say the nigger word in the lamar scene but then said it later in the same stream anyway and called a black woman npc a gorilla

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>owning herself
That is not what based means, anon.

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>corrupts innocent pure
How little do you know of Veibae?

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>owns pedophiles
Oh no no, don't tell him bros!

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How did froot redeem herself? From what I’ve heard, what she did was pretty horrid.

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>t. STILL seething about Nyanners years later
I'd say sooner or later you fucks would need to let things go, but knowing /vt/ schizos you don't have the mental capacity to do that and are literally hardly any different than SJWs who continuously bring up shit from years ago to continue seething about someone, only difference being which side you are on.

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S-should we tell him about nyanner's discord, bros?

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>Bringing up shit from BEFORE Froot's time as a vtuber
If you're gonna shit on a vtuber, at least stick to the board rules aka not bringing up shit from their non-vtuber identity and shit on them from things they actually do as a vtuber, like what Vei did.

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Greetings, fellow Nyanners haters! Are you too a pedophile, or are you just here to support your pedophile brethren?

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Cheating on your partner while he's out on deployment is pretty fucking hard to ignore.

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A hypocrite never changes neither do their fans. Back it reddit with you

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What has she done besides be boring?

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That would apply to Nyanners, too.

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