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Why would anyone buy this?

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Why would anyone not?

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lewding Korone is ethically wrong

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Here's a review and a practical reason to own one: https://youtu.be/sh2U1TOOynQ?t=67

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same reason I bought Calli's, to cuddle with it and not feel as lonely

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It's okay if the dog consents

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Because real women disgust me but my schizoid brain told me chuubas are ok

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I bought that one to sell at a profit since I just wanted the vinyl

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Does she mind if she's consider sexy to us? Has she ever seen the koikatsu version of herself and how great it looks?

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I have no clue. The Flare one is faaaar better. It's impossible for me to even think of Korone in a sexual way.

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>It's impossible for me to even think of Korone in a sexual way.

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I can appreciate the sentiment, given that Korone is my oshi as well. However, stopping the degenerates form making fap material of her is impossible.

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Why not

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might get it if it had this aesthetic

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what do you mean you didnt buy the anniversary set?

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