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>so pretty much I don't know anything about this game
>oh I forgot how slow you are at the beginning!


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Games are just a framing device for the girls to have something to do. If you're here for hardcore gaming content you came to the wrong place. Unless you're a Koronesuki.

I'm not a gamer at all for instance.

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>https://youtu.be/2QPTyJ_HCKs?t=371 [Open]
>>so pretty much I don't know anything about this game
>https://youtu.be/2QPTyJ_HCKs?t=791 [Open]
>>oh I forgot how slow you are at the beginning!

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Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

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she literally said at the start that she played it for like an hour some time ago, retard

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In the first clip how about you backward about 1 minute

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Based on what?

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>Can't even get his shit straight
Did Gura burn down your house or something? Why are you lying about her?

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Chumbuds please, please settle down
Everyone is quite tired of your ruckus

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it was time you faggot realised Gura doesnt stream often because she prepares her "le funny jokes" in advance , and looks up playthroughs of the games she plans to play

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I 100% believe this rrat.

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No, NO. Gura doesn't give a fuck about anything in life. Just let my rrat be.

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Imagine playing a game about exploration with a spoiler map on your other monitor
Couldn't be me

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based on my dick retard

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If she'd only played for 1 hour, why would she specify how slow it was at *the beginning*? She has no reference point to compare it to. It's obvious she played more.

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based sheep laying down the truth

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>giving a fuck about anything

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>final yab already happening
I thought we had more time. its been fun guys. goodbye....

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how about you watch what she made in 1h in that stream retard ?

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Eh, I can believe it. Gura is terrified of delivering low quality content because she's arrogant and enjoys her image as "so talented". She doesn't want to show any chinks in her armor of flawlessness.

Same reason she avoids collabs unless she's sure she can pull it off.

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>terrified of delivering low quality
but she does this all the time outside of karaoke streams

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How about you make an effort to understand that 1 hour, regardless of the progress made, is still the beginning of the game? You wouldn't be comparing the beginning to anything if you didn't actually progress past said beginning in the first place.

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wait... wait!!! anon wait!!! it might just be a rrat, she said she played it for an hour before, waaaaiiiiittt!!!!!!!!!!!

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>You wouldn't be comparing the beginning to anything if you didn't actually progress past said beginning in the first place.
people do this all the time you autistic retard, now take your fucking meds.

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Literally take meds

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You know she watched Marine play it already right?

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>How about you make an effort to understand that 1 hour, regardless of the progress made, is still the beginning of the game? You wouldn't be comparing the beginning to anything if you didn't actually progress past said beginning in the first place.

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She was obviously comparing swimming normally to using the Seaglide, which she said she made in her 1st 1h playing. She also said she'd been watching Marines vods of her play-through, so she could also have been comparing to Marine.

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Perhaps she was remembering playing the first Subnautica and remembering it being slow in the beginning and making the connection that this game would probably function the exact same.

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Has Gura played the other Subnautica game and maybe was comparing to that?

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Yes, she mentioned that she played that offstream a while ago and wasn't sure it was her kind of thing.

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hey what the....
what the fuck!!!????
I cant even read it when i zoom in all the way, what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DOES IT SAY? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that shark game she played after debut scarred her. please understand

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Actual Schizophrenia. MEDS NOW!!!

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do you really belieb a vtuber when they say they never played the game before?
or do you realize that most games they are playing they have beaten multiple times on their main steam acct and are family sharing over to their new acct to start a brand new save?

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She literally practices games off stream for some strange reason. She's one of the weirdest streamers I've ever seen.

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Imagine being obsessed with not delivering low quality content. What a shitty content creator, she'll never succeed like that.

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It makes sense to practice rhythm games because the harder modes generally become playable only after practicing and failing a bunch. And everyone has this head cannon that Gura is a god at rhythm games that she has to live up to.

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I don't think it's about wanting to be seen as really good at games but after Maneater, she's absolutely terrified at being "So bad it's not even fun to watch" so pre-plays games she streams, does test collabs for every collab, etc.

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I clicked on the image 34 times and it still hasn't loaded, what does it say?

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chelicerate my pussy

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Keep trying. Might just be a temporary issue with your internet connection.

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Nah she practices games that she's already garbage at. She also has some weird sense of pride that makes her want to make the game harder for herself to prove a point when all that does is make it harder to learn how to actually play. She's just an insecure kid.

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Korone does this and she gets the pass. What's your point?

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The game is slow until you get some decent O2 tanks and the seaglide (which doesn't take long to get). Before getting the seaglide and some decent O2 tanks you move slowly in the water and have to frequently resurface which forces you to stay near the surface.

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The shark game at the begin of her career make her scare for life

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There wasn't even anything wrong with that stream, she was just nervous. She still seems to believe people care how well she plays a game.

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this is fucking bull shit..... i reset my router 5 times now, i phoned my isp they said there is nothing wrong with the line and it still wont load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID GURA SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds serious. You might have to reformat Windows.

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in one way, you have poor taste.In another way, I actually totally feel you since finding certain vtubers who are cute even if they play like a 6 years old

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i just contacted 4chan customer support, it seems you have to buy the pass to view that image

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I knew she was basically Nyanners

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Do your reps.

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Why do you think she's playing below zero? She's obviously played at least a little bit of subnautica. She's probably seen a lot about the game too, maybe even played the beta.

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I call dibs on tomorrow's Kiara shitpost

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>1 hour, regardless of the progress made, is still the beginning of the game?
That's your definition of beginning, not Gura's.
This rrat is so weak, Gura antis are so desperate for material that this is all they can come up with.

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>Gura is not a li-

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Give them a break anon, this is literally all they have let them have their fun.

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Nigger, take a look at yourself. You're a massive failure compared to Gura. You don't get to tell her to "make low quality content to succeed".

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Already disproved, cope and move on.

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They do. Just look at people's reaction of her playing any game "wrong".

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korone plays old ass games.

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I see Gura's anits are finally reaching Kiara's antis level of mental illness. Now, step up the game and try to get banned for replying to your own post too many times.

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So this thread is just OP being publicly owned for not understanding the game, and refusing to admit it. OK, time to move on.

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It's not real antism silly it's just for fun

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Who is on the right?

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Did gura steal her outfit?

>> No.4436986

>Steal her outfit
Oh anon, she stole basically everything

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google retrocausality now and then delete your post in embarrassment

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She's literally unwatchable. I cannot handle shit that is intended for a zoomer audience. Uncle Ted was right, bring back pre-industrial society.

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you're right in general, but there are far more examples than that.
still, what i hate most about the ENs gaming is that they barely go through with what they're playing, i don't think any of them has actually finished a game (other than ina's cthulhu, ame's superliminal and calli's mad father). it would be fine if they just called it 'lets try's instead of stamping a 'part 1' on them.
that, and ame/kiara play games they're shit at on purpose because their rages are very clip worthy, which is fine, i suppose.

>> No.4438116

amelia is finishing doom today

>> No.4438192

kiara finished ryza and she's on her way to finishing yakuza
i assume most en girls who played nier have completed at least ending A

>> No.4438238

yeah, was just about to reply to myself with that irony. hope she cheeses the mastermind as intended.

>> No.4438271

she also beat but didn't 100% multiple other game like sunshine, anon is just retarded and doesn't actually watch

>> No.4438278

What difficulty?

>> No.4438337

Ina is finishing games all the time, even when she doesnt enjoy it (like half life 2)

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>> No.4438452

Shame she didn't go nightmare, considering she is mean to be a FPS gamer of the gen, but way better than Mori's pathetic attempts on easy

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>> No.4438608

shit, you got me, i don't like to watch mediocre playthroughs with half assed commentary and dead inside jokes.

>> No.4438732

Just try not to post bullshit next time, it's a bad habit.

>> No.4438741

im not going to spoonfeed you. but I have to tell you, gura is the key to all of this. I cant say anymore.

>> No.4439100

bro wtf that's literally HER

>> No.4439132

Ina finished multiple games already and changes the title of her playlists accordingly.
(She even has a playlist for member-only streams since you can't search for member-only videos. That's why she's best girl.)

>> No.4439992

Bro she said she played the first Subnautica's very early game.

>> No.4440150

She didn't finish the best game she played so far, lobotomy corporation.

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Literally the first item you can craft is a speed upgrade.

>> No.4441937

don't peoplel know that this is not main game ? she already play the main game before.

>> No.4442091

I remember this from my /x/ days, pretty good fuckin rrat unironically
time conspiracy thing where big events are foreshadowed because they shake things up that much. like the 9/11 poster in the simpsons and things like that

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Isnt she playing the DLC tha came out recently? You know, the dlc of a 6 years old game? Is it so hard for you schizos to realize she could very well have played the base game and meant she knows nothing about the dlc?

>> No.4446057

She said at the beginning of the stream that she hasn’t played the base game, but that she is played an hour of bz

>> No.4446910

>they barely go through with what they're playing
haha, yeah, who would do that? Can you imagine having an entire steam library full of unfinished games that you bought, installed, played for a bit then never picked up again? Hahahahahahaha

>> No.4450520

Hasn't gura completed a bunch of games?
luigi's mansion 3
res evil 8 & 2
portal 2 with ina
a way out with amelia

>> No.4450775

Callie has blasphemous, crash 4, omori, papers please. She also has a way out and it takes two with kiara.

>> No.4450860

dude, she said BEFORE even choosing subnautica to play that she tried it and didn't see anything scary about it. she wasn't sure how it would go

then in the subnautica stream she said she played it for a little over an hour, she even pointed out later how far she got last time, and how she was way past that point now

what the fuck is wrong with you schitzo?

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Yes Gura is a lier.

She said she is a shark but apparently she is not. How did I know this? Sharks don't drink Kaboocha tea!

>> No.4451148

Technically for REmake 2, she only completed Leon's route.

>> No.4451152

this shit baits me every damn time kek

>> No.4451169

One more thing, Gura also said she watched Marine's Subnautica streams beforehand.

>> No.4452050

It's over Chumkeks...How could she do this to us?

t. chumkek

>> No.4452085

>people do this all the time you autistic retard
Compare the beginning of a game to parts they haven't even reached? No, I don't think they do anon.

>> No.4452109

she said she played until she made the seaglide retard

>> No.4452928

Ame's LA Noire playthrough was finished and amazing.

>> No.4453480

Ame also finished Outer Wilds.

>> No.4453674

gura is fucking boring

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>nyanners fans under constant anti attack
>"lol ok"
>gura fans under a single ironic anti from someone clearly watching her videos

>> No.4457188

Cumbuds are psychotic manchild. pls understand.

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It would be stupid if she didn’t do this. I would do this if streaming was my job.

>> No.4458710

Kiara got to ending E of automata, and she did beat 3 houses.

>> No.4458896

Gura's voice is just so cunny that cumbuds become overprotective.

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