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Just use the most well known CEO in vtuber industry to be a model for your merchandise.

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Damn, what am I the CEO of?

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When did this happen?

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He actually looks great in this picture. Maybe I am too used to the meme pics of him

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Based he has the best taste

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Mask hides his ugliness

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Jesus, I saw the pictures Ina drew but I didn't get how massive that takodachi really was

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So when can we buy the tako sweatshirt?

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Takodachis are fat fucks?

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shows you how MASSIVE ina's FAT ASS is

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a heavy burden, but a welcome one

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Just your average anicon dweller. Disgusting

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The left mddle guy and the tall guy in the right looks good.

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so when can i order my own YAGOO?

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god I'd top the brown jacket dude in the middle

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I like to imagine that Ina's huge ass is at least that big

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mister yagoo really looking cute in that picture.....

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>Actual product may vary.
Only big enough to handle Yagoo's fat ass.

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I think that takodachi spent too much time with the architects.

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>YWN rub that beer belly why even live.

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But he looks good in every picture

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Thousands of these Takos will be going through shipping.

Mobilization will be underway

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Old picks make him look bad by comparison but he looks good for a guy in his 50s.

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complete global takodachisation

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Will flap remover remove the flaps on his?

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haha funny

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Just imagine how good doggystyle anal has to be with her.

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>my life size asian comes with a tako beanbag chair
Thanks cover

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honestly not as neckbeardy as i was expecting

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I was expecting photo of him sitting on it like ina advertised with her drawing.

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Not the first time they use him as a prop. Dude is part-time CEO, part-time meme material provider.

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The half-opened leering eyes are kind of weird for a Takodachi actually, usually it has closed eyes..

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Hololive is just a prequel for when Yagoo debuts.

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Imagine being balls deep inside Ina's raw Korean shithole

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He seems open to any reasonable request. Most girls don't ask because they really don't care about their CEO.

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>usually it has closed eyes..

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Is it humanly possible for OP to be any less of a cock sucking faggot?

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Not possible anon, because he is at 0%. So literally cannot be.

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he has goods if you're interested.

>> No.4460503

Having been balls deep inside a raw Korean dumper before, I can imagine that very well

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2016, clearly says so at the bottom of the picture, retard

>> No.4460881

Ame is fucking with the timeline again.

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Yeah and Vince McMahon used to wrestle.

Its great to see CEOs enthusiastic about their brand.

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I'm going buy the hoodie now.

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damn I have this ordered, cant wait until it gets stained dirty yellow by my swamp ass within a week

>> No.4462608

That happens when you head to toe in taco merch.

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fucking disgusting, please dont sit on it just think of it as a big plushie.
thats what im going to do.
my underwear always disintegrates because of my swampy ass acid, is there any cure for swampass? please, it ruins my life

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Are you unironically a grill?
Vaginas are acidic and are known to stain and decolor underwear clothing.
I'm a fat ogre with a swamp ass and I buy the cheapest underwear possible and still it doesn't disintegrates.

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Is the pink one a girl or a tranny?

>> No.4464693

the shirt says girl therefore it's probably a tranny

>> No.4465196

sneak in the takodachi
make a small hole on top of it
send it to ina


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You're the fucking retard. 2016 is the year Cover was founded, not the year the picture was taken.

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>You're the fucking retard. 2016 is the year Cover was founded, not the year the picture was taken.

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says 2006 for me

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i ordered one of these and have nowhere to put it
my dog or cats are just going to destroy it anyway
god why did i buy this

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Is he fucking it doggy style?

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That's strange. It says 1996 for me.

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I thought he looked like a normie until I notcied the cargo pants. The inner otaku will always prevail.

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get your ears checked idiot

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>Wojaks in lieu of actual rebuttals
Your father should've gotten a blowjob instead, faggot.

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Kill the dog and cats

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>>Wojaks in lieu of actual rebuttals
>Your father should've gotten a blowjob instead, faggot.

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jesus zhang you got a nonviolent option instead?

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Face reminds me of that "Fubuki Slow" stream drawing.

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Just learning from her senpai.

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tranny, an actual girl that fat will have bigger boobs

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this lion looks much nicer than pervy oyaji octopus

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>only 1-2 white guys
Man, New York is a shithole.

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br? hue hue hue

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your right, he looks great in every picture

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Ina explained immediately why and she was just telling the truth

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Ina absolutely knows her audience

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Niji's CEO has done it before so its nothing new

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Riku's probably a good dude, but why does it look like he's always trying to act cool or chuuni for stuff like this? So we have Yagoo who's like your boomer uncle, and Riku who acts like a zoomer cousin.

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Now, go check Geekjack

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Yagoo absolutely mogs this guy despite being like twice his age holy shit

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>girl in IT
Take a guess.

>> No.4473565

>fetal alcohol syndrome

>> No.4473592

that word doesn't mean what you think it means

>> No.4473739

riku is probably in his mid 30s

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>Almost all over weight, and all have shit hairstyles

It checks out

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>the incredibly gay/fat nousagi
not even real life stops you pekorafags from false flagging, huh?

>> No.4475450

No, the only other option I can think of is selling them to whoever is interested.

>> No.4475898

W-whats the reason, anon?

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I have to wonder why they used the open eyed tako for merch when the closed eyed one is depicted more

>> No.4476079

watch the fucking announcement holy shit

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>I share a fanbase with people who look like this
Help me find a new oshi, preferably with a fanbase that looks like they take care of themselves

>> No.4476200

You might be in the wrong hobby if you're really worried about that.

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are you 6'7" jacked

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Takos always look great

>> No.4476315

He is not ugly

>> No.4476362

Thank you ver much!

>> No.4476396

Already bought the kdtd, but that hoodie is honestly looking better than I expected. May pick it up too

>> No.4476399

so it is confirmed that enma is Coco?

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Yagoo is cute.

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He knows how to stay fit after all.

>> No.4476626

aren't they supposed to update it to the current year?

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Takomoris? More like "Tacos? More please!

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isn't it suppose dto be like 60 x 60 x 60 cm?

maybe yagoo is just IMAGINE tier

>> No.4476822

me with the peko shirt

>> No.4476919

Where did you found this?
Did he shared it?

>> No.4476968

Meh, they ain't that bad. Just regular everyday teenage nerds.

>> No.4477138

Aside from the tranny in pink, they seem like fairly normal nerds to me. Not as bad as I was expecting.

>> No.4477185

what a retard, dont ever use watame for shitposting ever again

>> No.4477277

Ugliness is only useful for extreme cases. Most people really fall into the eye of the beholder, at-least while they take care of themselves.

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>That one guy with the A4 paper tako.png mask
Makes me laff erry time.

>> No.4486140

because he's like 28

>> No.4486267

>The supreme gentleman in the middle

>> No.4487457


>> No.4487570

That guy in the middle browses /vt/, million yard stare is a dead giveaway.

>> No.4488376

butt fan and 90s chevrolet with nut sack vents

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I mean he's managed to get a wife and has made babies with said wife so it's expected that he's got some groove going on
Proof that he's reproduced as he talks about his kid: https://youtu.be/jI7PQJx94w4

>> No.4489306

This, some people have some weird fucking tastes, it concerns me sometimes how into to certain types of looks they are

>> No.4489419

Wear boxers instead girl
t. knower

>> No.4490077

Holy kek!
Thank you for the laugh pal!

>> No.4490115

Is Yagoo is or nor ugly, in your opinion?

>> No.4490186

I cannot believe that the best idol in the group is married and has a family. I'm shocked.
Anyway, I hope he's happy with his current life and I wish he luck.

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>double peace sign
Fucking slut!

>> No.4490490

Fuck, I really wanted this, but I couldn't afford it back then. It would have costed ~$150 in total because of shipping.

>> No.4490527

he's got one of them really recognizable faces like KMR from Granblue.

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Cock sucking

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holy shit this just inspired me to go work out today

>> No.4492292

he looks like a cool uncle who always brings gifts at gatherings

>> No.4492453

>cool uncle that always tells the funniest stories about some weird girls he knows
>everybody thinks that they're fake stories that he's making up, but humour him and don't say anything about it
I can see it happen

>> No.4492551

looks like your average americans

>> No.4492621

Damn, nousagis look like THAT.

>> No.4492739

Gift it to an orphanage or someone else you know and turn it into preemptive propaganda

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Don’t sit all the time. If you’re sitting, the sweat is accumulating.

>> No.4496101

Is that the Crimson Chin's son from an asian hooker?

>> No.4496135

Broke gang weeps.

>> No.4496203

Youre gay

>> No.4496296

Woah I didnt know he and Fbk had kids

>> No.4496306

the shipping on this thing is insane

>> No.4496580

Yeah the asking price seems reasonable, but then I remembered that EMS is down in some areas still and DHL charge for volumetric weight.
I don't even need to look up the final cost to know the shipping will be astronomical.

>> No.4497012

I need his dick in my ass RIGHT NOW

>> No.4497188


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