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what's up with korone's resting heart rate? that's high even by america burger standards

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maybe her age has something to do with it.

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it literally goes up to 108 when she's just talking, that's what i hit when i go for a run

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>with that heart rate
oh no no no

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She's very excited to be streaming!

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She's always in heat

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streaming infront of thousands of people probably is never going to be easy on the heart, no matter how natural it may look

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That's pretty accurate for a medium size dog

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>watching all the holos do heart rate
>check my resting heart rate when Marine is 120 or whatever and I think mines kinda fast too
guys I'm not even that fat, am I actually a hummingbird?

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From some site: An average adult resting heart rate range is 60 to 100 bpm. The higher end of the range is associated with increased health risks including metabolic syndrome.1

An elevated resting heart rate of 80 bpm or higher can be an indicator of increased cardiovascular risk and all-cause mortality risk. The risk is most pronounced when the resting heart rate goes above 90 bpm.

Remember she said something bad really happened to her recently and she wanted to stop streaming?...and how she wants us to stay with her till the end?

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>medium size dog
Korone is a very large dog

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you probably have a terrible diet and/or bad sleeping habits

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ITT: Not knowing what resting heart rate is

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GOD KORONE IS SO CUTE!!!! It's deactivating my braaaainnnnnnnnn. Must super chat...... Come baaaaaackkkkkkkkkkk

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but she's perfectly healthy

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>fitbit says my resting heart rate is 68 - 73 bpm
Also resting heart rate is measured when you're RESTING like lying down in your bed or sitting and doing not much of anything
Streaming isn't going to give you your resting heart rate

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>RESTING like lying down in your bed or sitting and doing not much of anything
Not even. Resting heart rate is measured the moment you wake up in the morning. Even getting out of bed to get dressed, then lying down again, gives a higher number than your actual resting heart rate.

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she's sitting at a desk how is that not resting

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See >>4485610

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>Resting heart rate is measured the moment you wake up in the morning
Not if you wake up in the middle of REM

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probably stressed as well anon. workout helps

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she had a rabbit vibrator on max power on

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She is around 23~27, that age has nothing to do. My sister has 35 and she has a high heartbeat becuase she suffers from anxiety.

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My resting heart rate is generally around 57bpm, but I'll check it during the day sometimes while I'm working (desk job) and it often goes as low as 52 or so. Even doing things like driving it's rarely above 65. It only gets above 100 when I'm exercising. I'm worried about all these chuubas with high resting heart rates.

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Korone is the second oldest holo, tho. She’s not 20 whatever. Just look at the consoles she owns and the games she plays.

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I'm always at +90 bmp too, even when relaxed. I thought this was normal?

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>She is around 23~27
The state of doogfuckers.

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You're probably in poor cardiovascular health, anon.

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So you are saying that she is old because she plays old KUSOGE?

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its perfectly natural for your heart rate to spike while watching marine. that's just your breeding instincts kicking in.

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According to my fitbit my resting hear rate is 65bpm but it goes up to 80-90 during meetings

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Thats how mine was when I was smoking.

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No she's old because do your archive reps you absolute faggot

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yea in dog years

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Talking increases your heart rate and blood pressure (this is why you are told not to speak when getting your blood pressure measured), doubly so when you are doing a high pitched anime voice on an already sore throat

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>Anormal resting heart ratefor adultsrangesfrom 60 to 100beatsper minute. Generally, a lowerheart rateatrestimplies more efficientheartfunction and better cardiovascular fitness.
You getting to the upper ranks. Might want to think about cardio exercises. Obviously you don't want a heart rate too high or too low. Apparently with professional bikers their heart is so efficient that it doesn't need to beat as often. Problem is that when you sleep all your functions slow down so then their heart rate slows down too much and die in their sleep. You should probably aim for around 70 bpm for a healthy heart rate.

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Wings of Wor/Gynoug along with R-Type isn't kusoge.

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I need proof, not some RANDOM CHING CHONG CHANG table of names and ages that 4chan niggers believe to be their real ages.

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>Remember she said something bad really happened to her recently and she wanted to stop streaming?...and how she wants us to stay with her till the end?
You posted this multiple times in multiple threads? Why?

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Do your archive reps you absolute faggot

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Nigger spotted

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Your a fucking idiot(it's not hard to find). And lazy(refuse to look yourself). And entitled(want to be spoonfed). Screw yourself.

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Heartrate of an abusive mother who divorced and lost her kids at court

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Do you really beleb?

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That would make her like 2 years old anon

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When I’m fapping my heart rate is legit like 40bpm it’s so weird

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>he lacks critical information

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Yes, I beleevb.

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Under 60bpm is very normal and healthy for people who exercise regularly. I would be worried if mine rose to 70 at this point.

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As expected from a satanist

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>he doesnt know about the hag threads

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Post the hardest to swallow redpills on koro-hag

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>heart rate goes up when I measure it
It's like the measurement problem in quantum mechanics.

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>he believes rrats and 4chan faggotry

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Anon, your roommate reps

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>She is around 23~27
Korone is mother of two anon, two!

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wait a minute though, she's 156m tall, so shouldn't she have a heart rate of like 2bpm by this logic?

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How accurate are those small heartrate wristbands even? A real heartrate and blood pressure monitor with the inflating band is pretty damn uncomfortable

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But can the average pig-eating mutt do this?

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streaming isnt resting

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I bet they just use shitty heartbeat bands that have +-100 precision error

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She is not resting. She is working.

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Someone as fit as Korone should have a very low resting heart rate. Either her fitness dropped significantly or she is really ill if it's truly that high.

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When Noel was doing her stream of R8 with Oneesan Gumi she measured her heart rate to be 57-63.
But when she was streaming her bpm rarely went bellow 80.
So with that you can conclude that streaming is not lighthearted activity.

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Anon walking to and from the toilet isnt a run

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Keep in mind her heartbeat was lower than that (80-90) while playing the game except for the parts where she was tense and scared

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MILC: Mother I’d Like To Cuddle

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The result of irregular sleeping schedule and unhealthy diet. She always acting tough but she will collapse at this rate.

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its because shes naked

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how do i check my heart rrate?

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So was Britney Spears' sister at 16

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Speaking of, did anyone measure Lamy's BPM from her ASMR?

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heisenberg uncertainty principle

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Speaking of which, what's the rrat on ogey vibrating during the FFX a few days ago?

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Tilt your head back, put your fingers (not thumb) on your neck just behind your jaw and count

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You just gotta stop being scared of the result

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When she return i just hope she collab with gura and this time i hope gura toxic fans dont do anything

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I have a resting heart rate at 60-70 bpm, I've noticed when I play dota it goes up to 90-100 and sometimes I even get the apple watch notification warning for having a high heart rate (140+ bpm+) in stressful situations.
I would imagine it's the same streaming and having thousands of viewers watching you.

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There's wishful thinking and there's... whatever this is.

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She's sexually aroused at all times when she's streaming.
She can't help it, don't bully her for it.

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>this time
It's happened before?

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Has she ever done anything that has been intentionally lewd on stream? Other than her molesting Okayu that one time.

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My heart rate is normally in the 60's. How do I lower it to 0?

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I didn't even watch. But condering how Korone's alpha dog energy overpowers everyone not named Okayu, it is not hard to imagine.

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that's pretty low i was watching xqc when he played gta rp and his heart rate did go almost at 200 bpm i thought he was going to fucking die

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She's supposed to be super fit and boxes for training so that is alarming.
She needs to quit smoking.

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Most of the planet eats pig, you filthy moslem.

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put two fingers up your pooper and dig around until you feel your zygomatic nerve, which is the nerve that connects your heart to your pulse

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Watch the stream, most of the time she was around 80 she just finished an horror game and she was hyper as always, most of the anons here have over 120 resting BPM tho, so worry about yourselves a little bit more

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Marine’s one broke towards the end, so the resting heart rate of her wasn’t accurate. Although I’m not going to say she isn’t unfit

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