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The Kiara collab is happening. We won! Let's go!

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Arc 6
The Mythical Fall

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I'm still waiting for the Gura x Nyanners collab

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>3...2...1... and we're live
>So Kiara, what do you think of Taiwan?

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Do I dare say that we shouldn't lose our shit yet before the collab even happens?
I would drop a 500 dollar akuspa on Kiara if she answered that question with "You mean the real China".

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>I think you get what you fucking deserve you pink-haired piece of shit!
>*Pulls out 30-06 revolver with her Vtuber Model*

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won by assuring that kiara will be fired? I guess thats a win yeah

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Literally who is this?

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I will simply just not watch the collab and be happy knowing Towa would never be in the same room as any vshitter.

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Nyanners will be super autistic, reserved and quiet at least to begin with.

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Well, I'm going to drop her.

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better opinion of how shit it is? YES

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Why are pinkcatfags like this?

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they hate nyiggers "friends" as much as she does

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VShojo will be more openly political in 2022. They will be responsible for making talking about political issues more acceptable in vtubing. HoloMyth and Gen 2 will follow suit.
There's about a year left of apolitical entertainment. Enjoy it while you can. RIP vtubing.

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VS feels like its being run by some shady fucks who maybe worked for machinima at some point. Cant be offensive so they have to go with poo pee and nipple jokes I don't think I have ever watched one of them for more then a few moments and not felt bored. They are just stale reaction channels for people who watch gay shit like mr beast or markiplier. An amorphous blob of clout chasing circle jerking fools with no talent bumbling along in LA. Only enjoying what little success they can hold on to due to being inoffensive background noise for people with no taste. We could single handily bring up the Quality of entertainment across the board if only we could nuke California.

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Don't worry anon, I'm safe in my JP Indie bunker.

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>We could single handily bring up the Quality of entertainment across the board if only we could nuke California.
it's hilarious how true this is

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its already happening

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And dropped Hololive altogether. Indies deserve my money more than the whore company.

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Depressing how true this is. They will convert the platform in to another talking head for globalist propaganda. Gotta melt down all peoples and cultures of the world, to create the international corporate hegemony that does not have to deal with regional jurisdiction. After all, it is easier to write the laws, if you only have to bribe one single government - a one world government.

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Kiara if you are reading this, please kill yourself, you are a waste of oxygen.

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Lolicons reacting to the collab announcement on Twitter:
I suppose they can't do nothing more than show disdain, but as a lolicon myself... I'm getting a laugh out of the reactions
I'll just don't watch the Pink Cat collab, I'm apathetic towards Nyanners

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She isn't even the worst member in VShojo. Veibei and Hime are far worse

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Help me anon, who the fuck is hime? I want to hate her too

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Nothing about vtubing is apolitical

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Do your reps, her roommate is a worse-kept secret than Gura's

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Now that kiara has reached 1M subs she should graduate

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This. Nyanners can not handle social interactions with new people, and will instinctually hide her power level.

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can't we just become Nijiniggers for once to stop this collab, honestly I fucking hate Pink Cat and it's not Kiara's fault this time it's legit Pink Cat clawing her way back into EN as soon as everyone got 1 mil

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nah Nyanshit is the worst and Melody is the most tolerable. Vei is the second most shitty girl in Vshojo though.

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I would love for there to be enough pushback to stop this trash, but I highly doubt this will happen. I just abandon HL and focus on small indies. Should have done this from the beginning.

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I think it's shitty people thought we could go on with EN without any of this shit till Kiara pushed for Vei and Cover lifted the ban cause of Digikomi. Makes me sad that it hasn't even been a year since we say EN tainted by those grifter whores

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...are fighting dreamers!!

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This is just going to be like the TT podcast drama:
A lot of faggots crying and everyone forgetting about it later, don’t act like this is anything relevant

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Not enough leverage and not enough manpower to cause a ruckus. Veibae was a unique situation since she openly shat on Cover, so Cover had every reason to shut it down. Not to mention even normalfags understood the problem with that clip.

But nobody outside this place cares that nyanners is a hardcore SJW and grifter

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8 months later, that Connor fag is still around grifting.

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come back to me when nyanner fags shit up Gura's chat and then there's a war in there between those who admit to being lolicons and those who can't admit it cause of the SJW fans Nyanners has

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People are people. It will be the same shit. Better to find another activity than watching streamers.

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>Melody is the most tolerable
She's responsible for this for recruiting SJW whores into her group.
Fuck her and Nux. I wish him and the rest of Vshojo die in a fire, or blacked blued and reded all over by BLM.

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Yeah, although I already started to dislike HL as a whole for keeping Vshojo-tier whores like Coco. At the end of the day, it is just another company that does whatever makes them the most profit so nobody should be surprised. I guess it was inevitable for this to happen eventually.

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>I think it's a lovely place for China to target. My Ni---
>stream ends abruptly.
Acts like nothing happened and it'll blow over after a week or two.

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Yes, I fully expect Nyanners to say this blatant falsehood at some point.

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I agree. Just saying that Melody did not seem that way when I first watched her. Sometimes I think she might just be naive and did not look into the girls she recruited a lot, or was talked into it. Or she is just a two-faced bitch like the rest of them.

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Nyanners is infected with the woke virus, posts controversial takes on social media and canonically is a misandrist

In other words, unfit to be a VTuber

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They're trying to make money, they don't give a shit about their roommates

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If shojo didn't have her, zen, hime and vei I would have a better opinion of it I guess, yeah

>> No.4531661

can you even call her room mate a secret?

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Cant we cause some drama by pretending to be concerned SJW Vshojo fans and say that Nyanners should not collab with somebody who said the N-word? Maybe spread some clip of her saying it that makes her look bad? Maybe mix in the other HL members who said nigger?

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You guys are fucking retarded and pathetic

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>They're just moneygrubbing jews
How does that justify anything?

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No u

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Based and only true opinion.
Fuck companies.

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Of course, everything is political. Thanks anonfriend for pointing that out!

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i will dom u in bed

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Figures its a bunch of containment breakers

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I like Kiara but im not going to watch a traitor

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Pink cat good
Orange chicken good
Peach love

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is happening, is not happening... I'll celebrate when it's done, not before.

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Itt: butthurt lolicons.

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At least none of them is going cancel mode unlike with Vei, I think they'll just voice displeasure and then just ignore the collab. Also, they'll probably just keep their opinions to themselves inside their circles
I think Kiara gained more antis today

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>*Proceeds to go on a half hour tangent on how Taiwan is the real China, and how Coco was in the right*

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this was once revealed to
me in a dream.

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Who's "we"? The like 4 vshojo faggots from /aco/ who would take a bullet for their shitty twitch ethots? The 2 contrarians who literally think /vt/ is wrong about everything ever?

Really it only confirms Kiara doesn't fucking understand jack shit about Cover's image or at least attempting to maintain it and doesn't give a shit about idoldom/being idol like. Would explain why she failed hard in her prior endeavors really.

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Do your reps

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Politics is an instant career killer. Cover realised that when they screwed up with China, forcing them to euthanise the entire HoloCN branch. The best case scenario is that Cover suppresses anyone who talks about politics before it spreads out because iof not, then they are forced to euthanise another branch again.

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I think every success Kiara had in her life was due to sucking somebody off. Otherwise I cannot explain how she got any job ever.

>> No.4532406

And yet they kept that bitch Coco around. HL is shit.

>> No.4532408

This doesn’t change my opinion of Kiara much since she seems unaware of why Nyanners is seen as toxic by higher-level weebs, she just needs to be educated more on the matter

I definitely won’t be watching that stream or any future collabs with the pink cancer

>> No.4532424

Oh come on. You know that she has been spammed with why Nyanshit sucks ever since she pushed for the first collab. She cannot be ignorant at this point.

>> No.4532432

lol no.
Politics are too divisible to be a viable business model for entertainment.
What is good in appealing to 50% of your already stablished audience if you're going to become instant enemies with the other 50%? Covers knows this which is why they immediately cut ties with China.

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i welcome the shutdown of holo en

>> No.4532490

1) veibae still no collab lol
2) if it happens i'm looking forward to see the absolute disaster this will be

>> No.4532502

I don't really watch Kiara outside of holotalk so I don't really mind this.
Kiara's personality is compatible with Nyanners so it's not a surprise that they want to collab.
I just hope it's a one off thing, and if not, I hope that it's restricted to just Kiara alone, so that I can watch the rest of Hololive without this cancer.

>> No.4532504

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt because I like her, however, if she insists on this collab after being told what fans think, then a boycott is in order

>> No.4532526

God I cannot imagine how much seething will take place here. The RAGE it will induce will best the best gourmet dinner I've ever eaten. I cannot wait. Please come faster.

>> No.4532527

I personally don't like nor hate Nyanners even after all the bullshit, and this will not by any means make me dislike Kiara, but I'm definitely not watching the collab

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>"everything is political" nigger

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Any "boycott" coming from this place will be as effective as twitter SJW's boycotting Chick Fil A, not NEAR enough people actually care.

>> No.4532553

Coco never talked about politics though.

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seethe zhangs, Fucking LOVE this Bitch for making bugs seethe!

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Where are /vt/s schizos when you need them?
Oh right, they were all larpers

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Nyanners hasn't posted anything controversial in years. She only posts about stream related shit now.

>> No.4532608

Oh fuck yeah and thats just the appetizer. This is shaping up to be an excellent feast.

>> No.4532611

This is true.

If enough people follow through, maybe they’ll notice, but I’m not expecting more than a handful of diehards to actually do it

>> No.4532618 [DELETED] 

>Kiara you don't understand, she once called the users of a notorious imageboard assholes after she was doxxed and harassed by some of its users, and also feels uncomfortable having her name attached to a song about cumming on an elementary school girl and did her best to disown it in a Tumblr post 7 years ago, and she also thinks Final Fantasy X-2 is kind of shit
Would this message reach Kiara? We need to stop this collab before it's too late.

>> No.4532623

Chick Fil A did care

>> No.4532668

The Nyan fans staying and becoming Kiara watchers will probably outnumber boycotfags 10 to 1.

>> No.4532677 [DELETED] 

yeah faggot, I know you hate to think about it, but you being put on this absolute copium of a pastime that vtubing is is caused by politics.

>> No.4532684

>doesn't remember the OK sign = white supremacy symbol

>> No.4532686

And isn't Nyanners going to collab with Kizuna soon? She's big time now.

>> No.4532709

Nice. Finally we get a collab with someone outside of Hololive. Nyanners knows how to be entertaining and she's a complete degenerate, so her lack of filter will be refreshing for Holo fans who are not familiar with vtubers outside of Hololive.

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After this collab, chicken will be patient zero
>her latest video
>not even 30 seconds in
Are you ready for the new Hololive /vt/?

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That already happened.

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You guys seriously need to take your meds.

Pink cat is harmless. She did 2 collabs with Kizuna AI and nothing bad happened.

It's all in your head.

>> No.4532727

She, Silver, Mouse and Vei already collabed with Ai before, they played Amogus. So it's not her first rodeo.

>> No.4532740

>Nyanners hasn't posted anything controversial in years
Doesn't have to be nyanners. Just use the other vwhores' yabs and paint it as organizational yabs.
Tank their PR so much that no one would collab with them anymore.

>> No.4532742

You will love Vshojo then. They are all right up your alley.

>> No.4532748

Coco never has political intention but Chink did. Chink want out up new the bottom line.

>> No.4532760

It's more like we're the Guts and she's the Griffith. She doesn't fucking deserve any of that and we fucking know it and her army of ignorant children simps doesn't. It doesn't mean we'll just lay down our arms.

She's fucking from here, we know her better than goddamn anyone and we know she's absolutely full of shit. That will never change.

>> No.4532761

>Pink cat is harmless
We're not going to take your vtubers away, amirite fellow anon?

>> No.4532776

Who actually believes this outside twitter anon? I use it all the time IRL, and I have yet to be inducted into the 4th Reich or screeched at by an SJW. The internet is a bubble.

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>> No.4532783

as long as they look and act appropriately theyll be fine, if not whgy the fuck are you watching them anyway?

>> No.4532797

You’re a couple of months behind the times amigo

Nyanners is far from big time at this point. Maybe in 2013 she was but she’s barely holding on at this point and is easily outshined by most of Hololive right now. It’s hard not to see her as anything other than desperate to stay relevant because of her bad choices in life

>> No.4532809

We know full well how they are behind the scenes, with Kiara it's arguable we were never supposed to know so it's kayfabe, but it isn't hard to figure out how pink cat thinks straight-up and that is an aberration to how Hololive is ideally supposed to run. You'd think they'd fucking know better after the coco shit but oh well. Clearly, they don't.

>> No.4532817

>outside twitter
>eports winners got banned for doing it and prise money taken away
>people got banned from twitch for doing it
>local politicians house got smashed for doing it
>facebook groups sharing memes of it got purged
>banking CEO got chased out by board of directors for doing it
>"not outside twitter"

>> No.4532833

Nyanners building her career off of pedophiles and then stabbing them right through the back makes Nyanners the most based one of them all.

>> No.4532862

>we won
as a kiara anti that also dislikes nyanners, that's how I feel indeed
I hope one will eat the other

>> No.4532879

hilarious that now her fanbase is made of trannies that constantly get caught grooming children on social media and trading actual child porn

>> No.4532880

It's pretty funny. If people actually informed Kiara about Nyanners and 4chan, she would double down on supporting Nyanners 100%.

>> No.4532883

>Nyanners building her career off of pedophiles
She's only started doing that right now, anon. And you're the pedo he's milking the betabux from.

>> No.4532903 [DELETED] 

yessss, I want (YOU)r oshi to give her earnest thoughts on this topic and many more others, and I want Vei to be leading the discussion!

>> No.4532904

Im sure its a complete coincidence that her discord allows 13 year olds to join while everyone elses is 18+

>> No.4532919 [DELETED] 

just pick up a mirror and jack off to it already, holy shit you're so good

>> No.4532933

And yet that doesn't make her right in the fucking slightest to do so. Cover management was much wiser than we had ever anticipated in blacklisting vshojo apparently up until very recently. Seeing how the coco shit got out of hand off one single bad comment it is not hard to imagine that the nyanners shit will eventually spread and people will more commonly know she is a walking hypocrite and there is no way to not suspect that she literally does hate all her fans because she hates loli (yet plays as one for simp bux).

As to why that surprisingly sensible management changed, apparently someone relevant must have been either fired or bribed. God I'd love to heard what happened because it is quite relevant for holoEN's future.

>> No.4532934 [DELETED] 

Kek, ok dad

>> No.4532966

Hey, still gotta make those profits off those pedophiles. I love it. Pedos deserve to get taken advantage of and robbed at every opportunity by someone who actually hates them. I respect that grind.

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File: 1.41 MB, 280x210, 1620547653715.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He thinks my Oshi is a holo

>> No.4532982

When did Coco say anything political tho?

>> No.4532986

Guts doesn't whine like a bitch

>> No.4533000 [DELETED] 

I like your fucked up yandere love for pink cat anon, it's full of passion. I hope she sees this and comes back to you.

>> No.4533008

We also don't tend to slash 30 foot tall demons in half with a sword either but what can you do.

The analogy of us being the underdog sacrificed for the other's ill-gotten gains/fame is fucking dead-on otherwise.

>> No.4533020

True. Also Holos don't really need more money, it feels weird donating to someone at least 10x more wealthy than me.

>> No.4533023

i wonder if somebody already went to piss on her father's grave just like they did with her sister's

>> No.4533036

>Nyanners is taking advantage of pedos
>when she allows 13 year olds to join her discord
Anon, can't you read? She is a pedo herself.

>> No.4533038
File: 53 KB, 640x640, 1613557041598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She looked at Youtube analytics of her viewers one time, that's the most political thing ever done by anyone in human history ever

>> No.4533040

What happened is the kizuna ai - niji - vshojo collab. It makes Cover management feel safe in collabing with vshojo.

>> No.4533041

To be frank I don't know why most of you fucks donate anything at fucking all. It's free entertainment for like 99.8% of the audience. What the fuck is wrong with you, vs us?

>> No.4533047

anon she keeps inclining and averages 9-10k, thats solid higher-mid tier holo numbers

>> No.4533050

It's also prompted by someone on her chat

>> No.4533063

Fucking rip, I wasn't meaning for that second one to stay KEK

>> No.4533066


>> No.4533067

>all these removed posts
Alright, which one of the mods posted his nudes in the /a/ sings teamspeak in 2010 and now feels an eternal grudge towards Nyanners?

>> No.4533110

Collabing with Nyanners won't make the world end or dinosaurs come back. No one claimed that anyway.
The main point is that Nyanners is a known hypocrite, and many who know her history dislike her because of what she did. Just like how many wouldn't want, say, to see Pokimane do a collab with hololive. It's just a natural revolting feeling in the stomach. But in the end, though what she did is already factual, it's still your own decision to watch or not.

>> No.4533112

>We won!
holy mother of kek

>> No.4533116

trash flocking to other trash. why am i not surprised

>> No.4533148

It wasn't prompted by someone in her chat, it was a prepared segment, the prompt was some Japanese newspaper writing about vtubers the day before and implied they were only popular in Japan.

>> No.4533171

this isn't even true.
even the people that hate nyanners hate other members way more.
she's on nobodies #1 hate list, not even lolicons.

>> No.4533185


BASED nyanners anti mod banning pink cat defenders

>> No.4533201

I used to be her fan before she turned political so it doesn’t surprise me in any way that she’s growing. Thanks to her we have Gura who started off as a Nyanners mimic

A lot of mixed feelings for sure

>> No.4533203

You people are legitimately insane. Meds have never been needed more than now.

>> No.4533207

I don't dislike Coco but i don't understand her humour, it's just vulgar for no reason there isn't even a contrast between cute avatar and sailor mouth.

>> No.4533219

i want to fuck pink cat's tight cunny

>> No.4533241


>> No.4533247


>> No.4533249


>> No.4533273

Fine. It's a goddamn metro tunnel. Happy?

>> No.4533278

The notion of a vtuber who absolutely hates her fans and lies to her teeth to please them every day should, if you are a reasonable person at all, make your fucking skin crawl with the degree of fakeness, and just the sadness of all those ignorant people being taken advantage of. You say something because you want those people to know. It isn't fucking rrats, it's ffacts.

Even if other chuubas are in reality not a far cry from her, we at least don't know it as fucking fact.

>> No.4533309

Have you actually watched Nyanners?

>> No.4533317


>> No.4533322

what is this about?

>> No.4533323 [DELETED] 

>we're the Guts

>> No.4533324

Do you know anything at all about her for real?

>> No.4533347

no but he has read 7 screenshot compilations and watched the "rev says desu" video on nyanners so he's kind of an expert

>> No.4533348

He’s not wrong, her vtuber persona is a 180 from how she acts and thinks behind the scenes

>> No.4533358


>> No.4533399

Not a rebuttal. You do not have an actual rebuttal because there isn't one; don't even pretend you have an upper hand here.

>> No.4533412

That's all you nyancucks could ever muster as a response.
You should ask your masters to program more words for you to say.

>> No.4533424

Don't bother. He's from /aco/, 99% likely. They don't even fucking know what vtubers actually are.

>> No.4533426

Oh, that's right. My bad, I'm not well-versed in these arcane arts, so I can't read personalities from decade old screencaps myself. It's an honor to be in a company of such a savant.

>> No.4533452

I don't know what Nyanners thinks. So you?

>> No.4533466

Apparently, you don't. Get ready to become a Nyanners anti within I dunno, 48 hours.

>> No.4533470 [DELETED] 

it's ok, as long as you admit that your sources on this are years old schizo ramblings about hypocrisy and basically amounts to a knowyourmeme summary

I swear to god 90% of you people weren't even around when Nyanners was posting here

>> No.4533472

>So you?

>> No.4533486

haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum haha cum

>> No.4533492

You posted a theory with no evidence, no one needs to rebut anything.
>It isn't fucking rrats, it's ffacts (that I'm not going to post here but trust me, it's true)

>> No.4533495

>actual quotes directly from her are "schizo ramblings" when it's convenient for me.

No. There is no undoing what she said. It's more surprising it's been managed to be buried so well thus far.

>> No.4533497

Imagine thinking like this

You have brain damage and anyone who talks about "politics" is just outing about how mentally retarded they are

>> No.4533504

2 abhorrent whores collab wow

>> No.4533530

t. /aco/ faggot who has no idea what he's actually doing here at all

>> No.4533554

You sound like a faggot from Twitter trying to cancel someone over a decade old post.

>> No.4533590

That's appropriate. SJWs being on the receiving end of cancel culture.

>> No.4533592

I don't give a fuck if kiara collabs with anyone except Vei.

>> No.4533595

Good rebuttal

>> No.4533620

Actions speak louder than words, she has said many times before how much she dislikes the community. Why she continues to participate and identify with the community she hates is a mystery to me. Maybe she thinks she can change us or something, with her woke views, the same way Funimation and some EN companies think they can, www

>> No.4533636
File: 86 KB, 723x694, 1622671250782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4533641

Nice deflection, labeling someone preemptively like that. The horseshoe theory really is correct.

>> No.4533645


i was told she is more redpilled than king of pol. also heard her voice recordings on gays and israel. very based.

>> No.4533650

she is literally gura but worse

>> No.4533654

The exact words nyanners will say

>> No.4533660

>Actions speak louder than words, she has said many times before how much she dislikes the community.
How many times, exactly?

>> No.4533677

>Why she continues to participate and identify with the community she hates is a mystery to me.
Simple: Her voice acting career did not go anywhere because she can do only one voice and is a shitty actress in general. So this is all she has to make a reasonable amount of money. The alternative is getting a real job where she has to get up early and cannot work at her own pace. So she keeps dancing with the otakus she despises so much so the dumbest of them give her money.

>> No.4533692

Is it? what happened to "it's Vei's collab, it would feel wrong?"

>> No.4533712
File: 34 KB, 592x290, 1596342318281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A reminder the Nyanner fanbase is full of SJWs and giving them even an inch will ruin Hololive and turn it into western twitter garbage. People from Nyanners' fanbase have harassed loli vtubers before into quitting, and they will target Japanese artists next who draws art for Hololive.

>> No.4533725

None of that ever happened.

>> No.4533730

This. She's grifter filth, she has no morals. If she even felt like she needed money from one of the groups she's burned she would simply pretend it never happened. That's why no real company would ever hire her for VA work, they can smell the grift. Any competent business person would know in 5 minutes that they can't trust her as far as they can throw her so they agree to pay her pennies to fill in some gap in their VA team and then they ghost her as soon as they can. She's human trash and soon enough the cycle is gonna repeat with her Vslutjo audience as well

>> No.4533734
File: 19 KB, 1096x115, 1622154924911(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he believes ""discord posts""

>> No.4533736

She's a hypocrite. She doesn't care.
She'll backstab everyone for her own gain without a hint of remorse.

>> No.4533743

Who won tho

Fucking retards and degenerates?

>> No.4533746

>will ruin Hololive and turn it into western twitter garbage
Too late, anon. Too fucking late.

>> No.4533751
File: 256 KB, 589x1029, 1600655923924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish didn't happen but it's all real, you can easily look up the twitter posts yourself. Nyanners follows and supports those types of people.

>> No.4533753

why would pink cat throw someone under the bus? that seems out of character for her

>> No.4533763

>She's talking to people she doesn't want to make money instead of doing things she doesn't want to make money

>> No.4533772

You are the same schizo who isn't even in her sub-only channel, yeah? Still coping I see

>> No.4533779

So who was cancelled, when, how, and by whom? I'm waiting for evidence.

>> No.4533790

>discord post
Which of these are discord posts you gay faggot?

>> No.4533791

She's an unironic SJW, how is this hard to grasp? I dont even care about her anti-pedo stance but she unironically thinks "sexualization" of women in vidya/anine is a horrible and thinks words like trap and triggered are "problematic"

>> No.4533800

I'm in her sub only discord channel and she just called you obsessed as hell but thanked you for the subscription

>> No.4533809

The biggest one was Kyuotto. But people were there to defend her so she turned out fine. But not so lucky for the other smaller vtuber indies.

>> No.4533812

>Why she continues to participate and identify with the community she hates is a mystery to me.
It's called grifting. It works.

>> No.4533827

Rrrrrright. By the way my subscription was gifted to me by one of her cucks. Keep coping

>> No.4533834

So I'm still waiting. Who was cancelled.

>> No.4533845

>hatewatching nyanners enough to get a gift sub

>> No.4533857

That's now how it works.

>> No.4533867
File: 55 KB, 967x182, 1616124217040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinks words like trap and triggered are "problematic"
I got kicked out of her discord before I could witness the trap drama which was shortly right after. She's locked it now.

Read the posts and don't (pretend to be) an idiot.

>> No.4533882

>SJWs bash ink on paper but circle the wagons around actual child porn Cuties

>> No.4533883

>They tried to murder someone, but they failed.
>Just let them go scot free, they didn't ackshually harm anyone
Why are nyancucks like this?

>> No.4533900

>redeem a discord pass for 800 channel points
wtf is that?.

>> No.4533901

That's totally how it works. You'd know if you weren't a nyancuck running damage control

>> No.4533911

>They tried to murder someone, but they failed.
>Who did they try to murder?
>Don't question me, just get angry

>> No.4533918


>> No.4533929

>Answered the question already multiple times
>Nyancucks are too braindead to even read, let alone do their own research

>> No.4533938

Oh no leddit

>> No.4533939

>Who did they try to murder?
Kyuotto was already mentioned, faggot.
Filthy Nyancuck can't even read.

>> No.4533953

So nobody was cancelled? I did read your posts, and you have nothing. You literally made it all up.

>> No.4533966

you get points if you watch her streams and when you got enough you are allowed in the discord

>> No.4533971

It's a twitch thing. You get 10 points for watching someone for 5 minutes.

>> No.4533987

Who tried to cancel her, how were they related to Nyanners, when did it happen, and how did it happen? With evidence, please.

>> No.4533991

Wut? Do you have a brain? Fangz, Reikan, Ali, and several gimmick accounts that's associated with Nyanners and in her discord, tried to cancel a ton of loli vtubers and they even have their own discord where they list the people they gonna harass next

>> No.4534011

Stop not supporting lolis

>> No.4534012

Show it then.

>> No.4534030

>I am a clipnigger and only watch shit reddit review

>> No.4534031

>nyanners antis have literally spent 6-7 hours of their lives watching pink cat and seething just to get on her Discord server
the power of rent free

>> No.4534062

I'm not gonna list them all here. There's a twitter account who expose those retards on the daily.
If you want it, then work hard for it yourself and do your reps.

You're not getting spoonfed nigger

>> No.4534095

A pedophile AND a racist. This ain't it, chief.

>> No.4534104

you start with 300 points, literally can mute stream, have it in a minimized tab and check for the 50 points bonus every 20 mins or so.

>> No.4534107

Go back niggerfaggot

>> No.4534112

I actually found proof that none of them have to do with Nyanners but you'll have to do your reps to find it

>> No.4534117
File: 377 KB, 1334x1800, 1610114241467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll watch it and laugh and have a good time because I'm not a pearl clutching faggot.

Nyanners LOVE
Kiara LOVE

>> No.4534128

>a normal rational thinking human
>go back chief
yeah im thinking cringe retard

>> No.4534132

Nope, with a gifted sub (for which you literally only have to follow her channel and be in her stream ONCE) you can bypass the channel points role thing. Swing again, maybe you'll hit something

>> No.4534135

So you have nothing.

>> No.4534136

>i'm blind
yes you are

go back to the nyanner discord and kys pls

>> No.4534151

If you want to enjoy Kiara and Nyanners just be mentally retarded

Thats it

>> No.4534157

This is true.

>> No.4534163

When did you get it? I wonder. Post your Twitch loot.

>> No.4534176

>you have nothing unless you spoon-feed me, and if you do, it's fake anyway
Didn't work for the discord screen caps, and it's not going to work for this either. Keep coping

>> No.4534177

reminder that Nyanners has more oldfag cred than 95% of the people on /vt/

>> No.4534178

Nyanners leaving Vshojo would be the best thing to ever happen

>> No.4534194

The way to enjoy them is watching people constantly seethe about them on /vt/

>> No.4534197

Sure, would you like me to also post my twitch and discord name so it's easier to ban me?

>> No.4534208

funny that sjw leftist care about evidence (that has been presented directly right in front of his face) and straight up ignoring it once it doesn't work on his favor. Kill yourself

>> No.4534213

No, the best thing to happen is for Vshojo to collapse.
Fuck everyone in there, including Melody and Ironmouse. Fucking bitches knew what they were getting into scuba-diving in a cesspool of aborted fetuses.

>> No.4534223

Anon, gifted subs only last one month. And Twtich loot has no identificators.
Nice try, I guess.

>> No.4534225

>I watch my chuuba to see randos on the internet get mad about their shit opinions
Typical KFP and pink cuck.

>> No.4534232

if you want hololive to be invaded by the SJW nigger retard then sure. This collab MUST be stopped. Kiara has to disassociate herself from hololive if she keep thinking of doing collab with those whores.

>> No.4534238
File: 169 KB, 512x512, 1604926938459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gatekeepers please save us

>> No.4534247

>that has been presented directly right in front of his face

>> No.4534260

do you honestly think Kiara will get new fans out of this? if so you're delusional. there aren't people who are going to see Kiara for the first time as a result of this collab.

>> No.4534261

>keeps ignoring it
The brainwashing runs deep, doesn't it?

>> No.4534281

We need to start hinting the other ens should exclude kiara from collabs.

>> No.4534283

>just help me restrict the pool of people, c'mon man
Keep coping

>> No.4534286

Is that all?

>> No.4534288
File: 308 KB, 683x679, 1597796654946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol, nigga the guy was posting all the twitter caps of the nyanner fanbase attacking vtubers >>4533712 >>4533751
Not mine but have another one

>> No.4534298
File: 93 KB, 237x240, 1601288773570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm starting to regret all those times I defended Kiara and KFP. I truly thought Unity could work out.
Just unsubbed.

>> No.4534313

t. retard

>> No.4534319

Question for all the seething manchildren ITT: What, specifically, are you worried is going to happen as a result of this collab happening?

>> No.4534321

>”vtubing is apolitical”
>kiara is a blatant anti-capitalist parody

It was in front of your face the entire time, dumb anons

>> No.4534323

>There's a twitter account who expose those retards on the daily
vtubercringe stop containment breaching you fucking nigger

>> No.4534337

>We're not going to take your games away, goymers
Gee, I don't know.

>> No.4534338

That's not a vtuber, that's a Twitter account. Did they debut? Were they cancelled? How is that account linked with Nyanners?
It's not that hard to give me at least one coherent example, I'm asking for basic stuff.

>> No.4534349

You guys only know how Nyanners was as a child. She's an adult woman now and sometimes she's surprisingly open about things on stream. Her current fans now more about her than you think, the pomf shit is not a secret and pretty well known in her fanbase. Her long time fans that have been with her for many years obviously know her the best.

>> No.4534353

You good anon? What have VShojo girls ever done to you?

>> No.4534366

To be honest it may be possible to get Cover to drop vshojo if people complain enough. You'd have to not be fucking autistic about it though. Stop whining about muh 4chan betrayal muh lolicon, focus on the fact that she is an SJW. Say it over and over again, paint her as a grifter and hypocrite who hates otakus.

Then again I doubt anything will happen, there'd not enough "antis" and most of them dont even use twitter.

>> No.4534375

Nyanners is bigger than she ever was right now. She gets 10k viewers on her own. That puts her on the same level as the HoloENs, besides Gura.

>> No.4534383

Why is nyanners willing to do a collab with a company that employs a branch that is by their own admission made up of the thing she hates?

>> No.4534401

Was there ever any fearmongering that Nyanners would eventually end up in HoloEN gen 1?

>> No.4534408

>talk once about Taiwan
what are you, retarded?

>> No.4534409

Man, Kiara really wants the heat huh. I sincerly hope that she breaks some of the rules and get booted out of Hololive. Or... enough annoyance to the point of her genmates ghosting her would be fine also.

>> No.4534419

Based Rosetai

>> No.4534425

They said previously Nyanner fans. Here's evidence that kaiju is a nyanners fan. https://twitter.com/kaijufangz/status/1386179003132747781
Now fuck off.

>> No.4534434
File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, 1613890930615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The issue is that we exposed Nyanners too early. We should've let nyanners rant about loli a bit more until we get enough evidence of how abhorrent of a grifter she is. We only have a couple of screenshots but that's not gonna be enough to get the Japanese's attention and turn away from Nyanners. As a consequence, her trashy fanbase will now invade Hololive with their SJW bullshit

>> No.4534443

It's okay to be a lolicon

>> No.4534445

Not understanding obvious sarcasm is a sign of autism.

>> No.4534447


>> No.4534458

You didn't respond to any of the questions. The person you posted is not even the one from the screenshot I asked about.

>> No.4534464
File: 223 KB, 1369x299, Rrrrrrrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pink cat backstabs her friend literal days after saying:
"I wont do it, if she (Vei) cant.".
Come on Nyanners you make this too easy.
I'll enjoy watching it all crumble and I dont even have to lift a finger, they do it all by themselves.

>> No.4534472

>muh sarcasm
Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text, faggot.
Especially the topic since zhangs are about.

>> No.4534477
File: 1.60 MB, 1080x1440, 1620643848021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While Vei was an easy one, Nyanners is complicated. No one apart from here actually cares about her case. She has to pull another Vei and talk some shit about some hololive talent but apart from that there's nothing we can do.

>> No.4534493

If Nyanners recognizes that she was wrong and apologizes for her slander against anon I’ll take back what I said about her being a massive hypocrite. Everyone makes mistakes. I don’t see it happening though, the pink cat is too proud and arrogant to ever admit that she was ever wrong.

>> No.4534502

Come on, Melody. Kick Nyanners off Vshojo already, you stupid cunt.
It's your fault for recruiting SJW cancers in the first place.

>> No.4534503

Holomyth and Gen 2 won't get political, retard. They're not allowed to.
Vshoujo probably will though.

>> No.4534506

>That's not a vtuber, that's a Twitter account
A vtweeter got into NijiEN. She wasn't political and sometimes appeared in collabs though.

>> No.4534511

do you ever see SJW apologize? Of course not. I can see them apologizing AFTER they managed to undo the brainwashing.

>> No.4534515

No, the rrat was that given the timing of her indie debut, she probably applied and was rejected.

>> No.4534521

Nigga they already are political

>> No.4534524

>She looked at Youtube analytics of her viewers one time, that's the most political thing ever done by anyone in human history ever
I'm not even the person who wrote this but if you can't understand something this hyperbolic is sarcasm you're autistic. No question about it.

>> No.4534541

This is a hard pill to swallow but melody agrees with everything nyanners has said privately.

>> No.4534546

>Nyanners will now be on topic in hlgg
Keked beyond belief. Global is truly dead and it is kara's fault haha.

>> No.4534547
File: 32 KB, 128x128, 1600607417512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does HoloEn have a specific contact e-mail? I could also send it directly to cover but I don't think they would read it.

>> No.4534571

Anyway, Hololive will remain apolitical. Anyone who believes otherwise is an absolute drooling retard, and should go back to /jp/

>> No.4534576
File: 400 KB, 391x551, 1619970087979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reply to this post if you're not an ENigger and will never have to worry about a collab with vshojo.

>> No.4534579

Congratulations retards, you have truly outed yourself as the most pathetic part of the fanbase, some of you being no better than the bugs.

>> No.4534586

Won't happen. Most of the ENs are too timid and Kiara is too assertive. She would definitely call attention to her genmates no longer wanting to collab with her on stream.

>> No.4534587

Melody is friends with Nux. Nyanners hate Nux.
Rub your two brain cells together and figure something out.

>> No.4534588

If you calm down, wait a day or two and send something that isn’t autistic screeching they might read it and maybe even reply back.

>> No.4534592

Nyanners doesn't seem bitter and doesn't seem to dislike Hololive.

>> No.4534595

It's because we are bug.

>> No.4534598

Can you guys imagine how boring vtubing would be if there were only the usual corporate chuubas and timid indies? We need people like Nyanners and Vei to stir shit up, otherwise it would get stale fast and people would eventually move on to the next hobby.

>> No.4534601

>This collab MUST be stopped.
how do you plan to do that

>> No.4534602

>melody is two-faced like nyanners
I cracked the code.

>> No.4534608

Nah, that title belong to the nyancucks, who actively throw money to someone who despise them from the bottom of her heart.

>> No.4534612

kill yourself if you actually believe this.

>> No.4534616

I don't I think it should happen and kiara should try and encourage her genmates as well. One more wedge driven between them.

>> No.4534624

Nyanners hates Nux? When did she say this?

>> No.4534625
File: 438 KB, 720x2709, 1619296226154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hololive will remain apolitical
That's looking pretty bleak there my guy
It's looking like they are going to be the first vtuber company to go all BLM, ACAB and LGBTQ
Sooner or later Anti-loli and pro-censorship thanks to Nyanners

>> No.4534627

Well, I don't mind her getting cancelled too.
I wish all of Vshojo and their associates to get Burned, Looted, and Murdered by BLM.

>> No.4534646


its kind of like wrestling but with women who lpublicly larp as animeonline

>> No.4534651

Why are KFP like this?

>> No.4534658

congratulations, you just cracked the code for western whores. No amount of make up and anime avatar can hide how fundamentally disgusting they are.

>> No.4534659

why are Americans like this?

>> No.4534666

the more likely scenario is that the trannies tries to attack cover for not responding to their demand for politics

>> No.4534668

doesn't matter. feels before reals

>> No.4534679
File: 7 KB, 759x41, 1622204915288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont worry even then Nyanners will make another "charity" to bail them out

>> No.4534681

That's how it will all start. A bunch of SJWs (likely from Nyanner's fanbase) will try to "cancel" cover for not pandering to their politics.

>> No.4534682
File: 325 KB, 1440x2048, Eryvp1aXcAQwWf6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The absolute state of holoschizos
Get dabbed on and take your meds
Pink cat love

>> No.4534684

(((why))) indeed

>> No.4534688

How can i watch the collab without counting as a view?

>> No.4534690

I already have a document ready from last time, I just need the email address.

>> No.4534692

the better scenario would be not having to deal with all that nonsense in the first place. Not having anything to do with vwhores is the easiest way to do that.

>> No.4534693

>my guy
>trying to troll by implying that the chat counts as part of the Vtuber's content
Go back to wherever you came from

>> No.4534696

Yes, pink cat love indeed. I love cute lolis like her.

>> No.4534700

I hate him on the grounds his voice and avatar are annoying. If you faggots watch his videos I don't know how you can endure it.

>> No.4534707

get together with other Nyanner haters and share a screen

>> No.4534715

It won't work. China already tried bringing them down, remember?

>> No.4534731

You've never hated a friend of a friend?

>> No.4534732

Based ironyfag

>> No.4534735

>cognitive dissonance
kek, this is just pathetic
i'd appreciate if it's at least an excuse or a strawman but this is just sad cope

but china was made to look bad here, they will make cover look bad for not being sjw
that's how they infiltrate

>> No.4534736

You just described a good chunk of chuubas. Do you guys really think a 20s something year old woman likes a bunch of neets and otakus? I mean come one, get real.

>> No.4534754
File: 280 KB, 687x458, 1618094567365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4534755

Typical jap mistake okaying and pushing for yuri shit not realizing the mentally ill western alphabet soup type would latch on and start trying to initiate purity tests to talent through superchats, "CAN I GET A GAY RIGHT KIARA!?"
I don't think any anons really thought about it these past few months, but faggot month was really a ticking time bomb, we just have to see if they can survive the month without pissing off a doped up tranny.

>> No.4534757

degradation of fanbase stuff

>> No.4534759

So is Kaira (and some other EN members), no wonder they get along.

>> No.4534763
File: 126 KB, 618x337, 1614623710336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do you guys really think a 20s something year old woman likes a bunch of neets and otakus
You reek of newfaggotry, Some of them even have a parasocial relationship with their chat

>> No.4534765

just rewatch it backwards afterwards

>> No.4534768

That involved the destruction of a branch. This branch has their most subbed talent on it.

>> No.4534784

>>cognitive dissonance
I don't think that word means what you think it means, kiddo.
Anyway, the chat doesn't mean shit, especially since it's pride month.

Also, China tried to make Cover and Coco look bad, and it failed. SJWs will also fail.

>> No.4534791

Fags here said if you have adblock enabled you don't count as a view.

>> No.4534793

>he believes it

>> No.4534796

seconded, need that conn3r gura collab

>> No.4534802

Why do you bother to talk about things you know nothing about?

>> No.4534807

>the chat doesn't mean shit, especially since it's pride month.
fucking retarded ass newfag
that shit happened way before pride month started

>> No.4534824

I think Towa does after her own drama. Chat groomed her.

>> No.4534827

The roleplay was pretty funny, not sure why she has to mix it with those nasty remarks. Though I guess her audience was amused by it, and maybe she just has a filthy mouth, so eh, can't be helped.

>> No.4534828

EN is also their cash cow, so they're not going to kill it off like China, idiot.

>> No.4534843

Hopefully Kiara does a yab with Nyanners, forcing Cover to graduate Kiara.
That' would be fucking great.

>> No.4534849

is this your first day on internet? SJW has been destroying everything they touch. They despise anime so fucking much but they cant do anything about it because japs just dont give a fuck. But once one of your talent is directly involved with the sjw leftist like nyanners then you will have to deal with all of the headache her cancer sjw fanbase will bring to hololive

>> No.4534864

>but she unironically thinks "sexualization" of women in vidya/anime is horrible
I know she posted that on her (now deleted) tumblr years ago, but shit like this is why nobody will take you guys seriously. You're living in the past. Literally watch just one of her gaming streams. She loves sexy women in videogames and plays around with boob physics. She's part of a fanservice-based vtuber group.

>> No.4534881

Nigger I've been in Kiara's chat plenty of times. Kiara just ignores it because she's not allowed to address it.

It's not a common occurrence anyway, so it's not something to worry about.

You're just splitting hairs at this point.

>> No.4534887

look into the cool japan fund, anime and manga is going to get the comic book industry treatment pretty soon

>> No.4534890

has she ever disavowed of doing all the disgusting SJW shit? Has she ever apologize for it?

>> No.4534893

I dont get the joke

>> No.4534906

You're comparing this to the china incident, knowing the choice was kowtowing or disbanding cn and you're also saying they can't choose to disband en if something similar occurred with that branch?
Do you not see why that's retarded?

>> No.4534909

>You're living in the past.
It's proof that she has no standards. She'll say whatever as long as she has something to gain from it.
>She loves sexy women in videogames and plays around with boob physics. She's part of a fanservice-based vtuber group.
Ever heard of acting?

>> No.4534911

>doing all the disgusting SJW shit
Anon, blogging on Tumblr about how game quality can suffer from excessive titillation aimed at horny teens isn't exactly the crime you think it is

>> No.4534917

>years ago
it's always these types of stupid strawmen nyanner niggers always makes excuses with
there are discord screenshots of her being anti loli from couple of months back and she even cancelled nekopara because of loli
she is not compatible with hololive and never will be, especially her sjw cancer of a fanbase that needs to die along with her

>> No.4534918

How the fuck is she in vshojo then? Has she ever taken a look at the other people in group?
Ignoring melody who is a actual prostitute that streams on porn websites, not a single other one does not have a oversexualized outfit

>> No.4534929

why is vshojo so hungry for big juicy long holo cock?

>> No.4534930

As a kiara anti today is fucking wonderful. Thank you nyanners, for ruining kiara even more.

>> No.4534943

No, because she's not retarded. Apologizing on the internet is always a bad move. Most of you guys would not forgive her and she would only revive the drama by putting it back in the spotlight.

>> No.4534954

>made spammers into chat mods instead of banning them
Cover made themselves look bad

>> No.4534957

So she changed when she started making money off the thing she criticized. Wonderful. I'm btfo'd.

>> No.4534958

Hi Nyanners

>> No.4534962

The answer is SJWs are hypocrites, you dumb clueless fuck.
>sexualization of women in fiction bad, but slutwalks are fine
>lolicon is bad, but real life pedo isn't

>> No.4534963

How have you not realized the person you are talking to is that very same "sjw cancer"?

>> No.4534970

What do you like about the dragon? I genuinely want to know, she's not much different from Vshoujo

>> No.4534982

>she even cancelled nekopara because of loli
That's a rrat. She gave another reason.
And this was about sexualization in vidya, not her opinion on loli.

>> No.4534983

they're against pedos irl, they just don't believe women can rape, and therefore the statutory rape of young boys by adult women can't be real.

>> No.4534985

>She loves sexy women in videogames and plays around with boob physics.
someone doesn't realize that nyanners is grifting

>> No.4534993
File: 397 KB, 2041x1479, __mori_calliope_and_takanashi_kiara_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_yukari_bryleluansing__fa009dd18a56c434496e5b17646c6c1b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Kiara. She's makes me want to hug her tightly, tell her everything is going to be alright, and never let go.

>> No.4535002

I wish I made the money she did. I hate all fags in general that do the avatar cutaway commentary videos. It just pads out the length and if your not autistic you should be able to tell their emotion without an infographic.

>> No.4535007

>she's not much different from Vshoujo
She isn't a SJW. Simple as that.

>they're against pedos ir
Remember that boy who stripdance at a gay bar? SJWs celebrated it. Also Cuties.

>> No.4535011

that's reality
she forced the cancellation of the nekopara collab because nekopara was making her sjw fanbase """"uncomfortable""""

>> No.4535019

Didn't ask
Don't care
Kiara is a whore

>> No.4535020

Because the anon you're replying to is basing this claim on tumblr posts from years ago.
If he had watched nyanners even once he would know that it's the furthest thing from how she feels nowadays. But according to /vt/ once you hold an opinion once in your life you are never ever ever allowed to change your mind about anything. Except of course when it's veibae criticizing Cover then she HAS to change her mind or else.

>> No.4535023

False dichotomy.
They couldn't operate in China without kowtowing.
They can operate in The West without kowtowing.

>> No.4535040

I rarely watch EN and didn't care about them either way, but this whole situation has turned me into a Kiara anti. There's no excuse for bringing leeches, whores and most importantly bad streamers around Hololive. She was perfectly able to have them as friends and talk to them offline, since the viewers don't have to be exposed to it, but she just couldn't stop herself from publicly displaying that she associates herself with garbage people.

>> No.4535052

People don't need to "disavow" shit they did years ago. You're being a fucking SJW yourself.

>> No.4535056

No one cares

>> No.4535064
File: 850 KB, 968x830, 1622634524686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why she'll never love you it's also why she latches on to mori.

>> No.4535070

>she changed!
She literally cancelled the Nekopara collab because it made her SJW masters uncomfortable, because sexualization of women .
She didn't change, you fucking faggot.

>> No.4535072

if you ever watch her normal stream when she's being herself you will know. Of course you will never know because you're a fucking clipnigger.

>> No.4535082

Go to /jp/ then. They operate down at your speed.

>> No.4535099

I wish I could tolerate Kiara but she is trying her best to make people who just want to watch hololive hates her with constant numberfagging and shitflinging.

>> No.4535117

>what nyannaers will do
>dissavow a song
>point out that clippers create a caricature of who she is
>what nyanners won't do
>say the person she was on tumblr is not the person she is now
Weird how she will make a point to let people know when they have a false impression of her every other time.

>> No.4535128

She was uncomfortable about the sexualization of 1 year old characters. As far as I know none of her fellow vshojos roleplay as a literal baby.

>> No.4535132

>lol those dumb chinks try to cancel Coco over Taiwan, dumb fags
History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.

>> No.4535138

Lmao nice try buddy.
Kiara is trilingual, can draw, can sing, dance, cosplay, cook, and so on.
She's a great idol.
She's especially fluent in Japanese, and got to collab with her oshi

>> No.4535165

I wish you could too, anon. Sucks that you can't tho

>> No.4535198

Those screencaps are not ten years old. And if you have a problem with the first point nyancuck you should have a problem with her collabing with hololive.

>> No.4535200

Idols don't suck black cock like kiara

>> No.4535201

Why would i watch someone whose most clippable moments are her saying jokes a middle schooler would make to sound edgy and funny?

>> No.4535202

Yeah because she is a hypocrite.

>> No.4535215


>> No.4535218

b-but you're a fucking SJW!!!!!
It's always the fencesitter. Once a SJW always a SJW. To be completely honest I don't give a fuck about her as long as she does not touch her filthy SJW shit to anything related to Hololive but Kiara just can't hold herself from ruining everything.

>> No.4535219

>muh 1 year old baby sex
Ah, yes. And Pokemon is bad too because it's literal animal abuse.
It's called willing suspension of disbelief.

>> No.4535223

>10 years ago
Discord and Nekopara didn't exist 10 years ago Nyannigger

>> No.4535235
File: 437 KB, 600x747, aLim3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I donate to indies, because
1. It often directly improves the quality of the stream, they may finally get a rigging, an improved model, new PC parts, games they could not afford, overall making my own experience better
2. It makes them happy, and seeing someone I like being happy brings me happiness as well. That's why I also compose music for indies sometimes.
3. It increase the chance they'll continue, if I like what they do
4. I have enough disposable income that what costs me little often mean a lot to them, so why not

>> No.4535237

I don't have a problem with her or Coco. I'm just finding it poetic how antis everywhere are the same and they don't even realize it.

>> No.4535239

Posts like this were a bannable offense in the good ol says.

>> No.4535249

nice to see you outing yourself as nothing more than a clipniggers. Fuck off

>> No.4535257

I don't know what any of that has to do with what I posted. Dial back those aspergian tendencies.

>> No.4535268

Too bad Nyanners and her SJWs will forever be relevant in Hololive thanks to the Vshitter collab

>> No.4535270

>It's always the fencesitter. Once a bigot, always a bigot.
Poetic indeed.

>> No.4535286

>I donate to indies, because
>1. I'm a simp

>> No.4535287

Okay? Who gives a shit though? She didn't like the game and stopped playing it, she didn't shit on it or try to cancel it
You should try thinking like that too sometimes

>> No.4535293

good on you

>> No.4535294

>nooo if you dont fence sit you are an sjw too

>> No.4535309

>proceed to namecall
Typical SJW leftist nigger. Stop ruining everything you fucking faggot.

>> No.4535328

are we still arguing about the dragon or did we switch back to nyanners

>> No.4535330

She hates men anon.

>> No.4535340

I'm talking on a viatnamese basket weaving forum. I don't even have a youtube or twitch account how is this remotely similar to coco or china? Can I see your schizophrenic pegboard? If your gonna say nyanners is reading this here right now she deserves to feel like the hypocrite she's been called by the way,

>> No.4535344


>> No.4535361

Thread is dying, save your arrows for the collab should it come to pass


>> No.4535364

Coco was the entrance for western values into Hololive.

>> No.4535369

>She didn't shit on it or try to cancel it
She literally labeled Nekopara as pro-pedophilia because the game "sexualizes a 1 year old character".
Are you seriously that dense?

>> No.4535387

No that was korone and the clippers who translated her.

>> No.4535483
File: 378 KB, 1690x2048, EkHe_WxVoAUmWTo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyan and Kiara will collab. It will be harmless and a nothingburger. /vt/ will seethe and doompost. Nothing will change.

>> No.4535494

What's the worst that could happen?
>N: Kiara, I've actually prepared a surprise for you
>K: What? What is it?
>N: Are you ready for a guest appearance? Please welcome my friend Vei!
>K: OMG, this is soo unexpected hahaahahaha

>Cover nukes EN

>> No.4535496

kek no she didn't but I'm sure those mental gymnastics make a lot of sense in your mind

>> No.4535526

Do you think we can get kiara and nyan to say black lives matter or trans rights are human rights?

>> No.4535583

You really didn't notice the irony?

>> No.4535592

Anon will remember this.

>> No.4535594

>her voice recordings on gays and israel
fucking sauce

>> No.4535642

>SJWs are harmless
Yeah, tell that to the TTRPG, comic and games industry.

>> No.4535656

you can like kiara and all but please dont say she is an idol, its an insult to all the real hard working idols in hololive.

>> No.4535658
File: 2.30 MB, 1801x1150, 1622657328761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that the only vtubers whose fans are going full SJW cancel-culture right now are Hololive girls.
The irony is quite something.

>> No.4535701

It's only a matter of time. Kiara (and Mori) are legit big time SJW. Kiara's roomate is full on woke.

>> No.4535729
File: 45 KB, 600x600, 1f6[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah they did not hurt video games either. Have fun with the future Vtuber models which will be more "realistic".

>> No.4535737

>can't comprehend women's passive aggressive behavior
No wonder you're a simp

>if you fight back, you're as bad as them!
Nope. It's time you filthy SJWs get a taste of your own weapon.

>> No.4535762

back to >>>/v/, teen

>> No.4535781

Fucking kids with your retarded lingo. People have disliked other people since the dawn of time. It is nothing new and not some specific cultural thing that is unique to one group of people, you zoomer pieces of crap.

>> No.4535788

>oh no, I've been outed!

>> No.4535789

It doesnt matter, SJWs always win because white people lead western society and white people are the ones who love SJW shit the most. Shen SJWs win people like you don't say "well i was wrongs" , people like you day "ok it happened so what?". The goal of an SJW is to always keep pushing, and you are only acting dumb.

>> No.4535817
File: 302 KB, 718x719, 1619972564707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder you're a nigger

>> No.4535818

Arguing with an SJW is pointless, you cant prove them wrong because the bar for their hypocrisy is always moving, also they don't caare if they are hypocrites or not.

>> No.4535825

>muh general hatred
>muh zoomers
t. boomer unaware of what's been happening for the past 30 years

>> No.4535867

SJWs were right in that using cancel culture is very powerfull. If you don't like SJWs you should learn how to cancel people too, so you can use that on SJWs.

>> No.4535875

Here's hoping these SJW whores get BLM'd to their fucking graves.

>> No.4535910
File: 126 KB, 2000x816, 1621992692468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And you will never be a japanese woman.

>> No.4535943

I'm getting gamergate deja vu...

>> No.4536076
File: 249 KB, 1218x1600, 1510007416001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything has to be the same.

No variety allowed.

Everybody has to collab with everybody.

Wanting your own community is gatekeeping and gatekeeping is evil.

Stop resisting the melting pot.

Everybody is American now.

>> No.4536144

You will never be an Eastern European whore either.

>> No.4536219

Holy, projection.

>> No.4536316

Why would I want to be a japanese women?
How can I dick them if I dont have a dick?

>> No.4536451

Is there an official way to complain to Hololive about this?

>> No.4536703

You guys keep making shit up because the truth isn't bad enough to get upset about and pink cat HAS to be bad. She never insulted the game or the people who like the game. She even said the game has its place but it's very much not for her.

>> No.4536865

Because she has no principles. I would respect her a lot more if she just picked a side and defended it.
Instead she dances back and forth based on the reaction she gets.
>ugh I guess I have to play this loli shit to get more coomer money from these degenerates
"tihi today we are going to play a fun game with cute cat girls!"
>oh fuck my sjw twitter fans are getting upset and people call me a hypocrite. better cancel this shit
"oh sorry guys, but I did not know about certain aspects of this game [lie], tihi, so I do not wanna offend anybody but it makes me uncomfortable

>> No.4537846

I doubt
Melody - cam whore
Zen - dude
Hime - cringe roommate
Vei - Cover debacle
Froot - cheating whore
Am I forgetting someone?

>> No.4538232

anyone that mentions sjws is a schitzo, games were bad on thier own, nothing ever happens despite vpol doomposting

>> No.4538816

you "people" need to touch grass

>> No.4539187

desu, I do not care about any of that. I could tolerate Vshojo if it was not for Nyanshit.

>> No.4539454

anyone who hates nyanners for no reason never watched vshojo in the first place. She is the best adlib in the group and good at telling a story out of absolutely nothing

>> No.4539992

Fuck off back to Twitch nyannershit

You’re not welcome here

>> No.4539997

People don't hate her for no reason.And I have watched some of her streams it's the same middle school humor in the every fucking stream.

>> No.4540210

Ain't she the hypocrite? We need to stop this

>> No.4540303
File: 662 KB, 1022x432, nk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kiara is going to start publicly endorsing BLM and calling out Gura for her constant sexual innuendos. Problem?

>> No.4540806

>calling out Gura for her constant sexual innuendos

>> No.4541287

thats what u get for watching western vtubers

>> No.4541463

Yes Gura is a loli so thats a big no no. Oh wait the word loli is problematic. A-

>> No.4541799

Gura is not a loli, you pedo. Just because she is petite doesn't mean she's a loli

>> No.4541850

she calls herself a loli but whatever you need to say to make yourself feel better about being the p word

>> No.4541866

I agree. We should track them down and hurt them physically

>> No.4541893

I don't know about the Froot one. Can some anon enlighten me? Thank you.

>> No.4542000

>NoOOOOo ShE iS a LoLiiiiii
where is proof with hard evidence?

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