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Calli has deleted the VOD of her and Gura's Cuphead stream from yesterday. Calli is clearly pissed about something. Didn't watch it and couldn't find anyone explaining what happened in the tweet replies. What happened?

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Holo Decline

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what the fuck happened lol, this looks like graduation imminent
deadbraps brapping now

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Kek, I was watching Reine and Kiara even though I don't like Kiara because every Calli collab is a trainwreck.
What happened this time? Was she comatose throughout the entire thing again, only sometimes grunting and going "naruhodone"?

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>from yesterday
What other news do you bring us from the future, time-traveller anon?

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>drama of westernoids
who cares

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Just lag, they had to change game

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Damn, i was busy this morning and was planning on watching the VOD later.
I had saw that they swapped the thumnail to Phasmophobia, and now its just gone.
What the hell happened?

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Cuphead doesn't have online multiplayer they have to do remote play shit which is always going to have input delay for Gura. So on top of Gura obviously sucking dick at Cuphead which should be expected, she's also suffering a 1-1.5 second delay. So they quit after 15 minutes of pain and played Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia sucks dick and Calli's apparent inability to do basic testing before going live is one thing but this tweet isn't a good look.

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Her roommate has been tweeting some graduation imminent stuff too

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that was before the break

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uh oh

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She 100% should not have tweeted this if that's all it was. It makes it look like some real shit went down between her and Gura.

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>What happened?
Nothing huge, she just didn't prepare the stream properly
>Cuphead doesn't do online coop, so she delayed the stream a few minutes before figuring this out.
>Gura played in remote play, and kept dying to lag.
>They beat a boss, and decided to switch to phasmophobia
>Something to do with the audio was messing with phasmo
>Other technical difficulties
>Stream ends after like 1hr 30.
Also I personally was getting annoyed with them being bad at the videogame but that's because my group tryhard phasmo.
It was just overall kinda subpar. Gura was cute, mori was there, the stream was enjoyable but it was just low quality.

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> Deadfags was bitching to calli bout connection or something
> Calli didnt listen
> Collab scuffed
> suprised pikachu face
> deadfags bitchin about it

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Wait what? What happened? And who the fuck is giving her the feedback?

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She used to pretend to be above the haters, now a few sour tweets from nobodies will make her privatize and hide a gold stream

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i said she should brap more

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What's with Mori lately? She is getting negative vibes from something, and it's not the usual antis that have been around since the beginning.

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Why wouldn't they at least try it a few hours before starting? HoloJP played whole rounds of Among Us offline to make sure it worked and that everyone knew what was going on. I played Cup Head with a buddy on the other side of the country, and the delay was already unacceptable. US to JP would be impossible.

But I love watching these train wrecks. Watching the EN girls humiliate themselves makes my cock hard.

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Too busy taking care of her music career to give a fuck about normal streaming, please understand

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Callie finally realizing that she needs to put more effort into her stream quality from now onwards. Among EN she's by far the shittiest streamer there. Her Coco collab probably did the trick. Now during the Gura collab she was too self conscious about her habits of going "Huh Gah Guh Naruhodo Ne" Jesus callie!!! calm down.
Basically she sounds like a retard and needs to do more stream reps.

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>I played Cup Head with a buddy on the other side of the country, and the delay was already unacceptable. US to JP would be impossible.
The funny thing is during the stream she outright fucking said they would try it again next week. She somehow thinks using a different remote play program is going to help (lmao).

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Ether her manager is shewing her out or she lost her edge and will collapse to just a few haters, ether way she is doomed for graduation if this keeps up

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have any chinks gone after her since the meme review?

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I think she is having a lot of real life problems.

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It gave money tho. Next stream she'll talk about it, sob a lil, deadbitch throwin aka with their longass cringe message, ez money.
She need to get them dollars back after spending all her money during her break.

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Off with their heads? More like down with your knees lol

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Because Calli is always 'busy' with something and only shows up like 10 minutes before a collab

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Holy shit. Now this is an autism rrat. There is literally nothing in that tweet that implies something between Mori and Gura.

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I remember her saying in her last chatting stream that some things came up that were stressful but not stream related.

Maybe real life stuff is a mess rn.

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All the replies on twitter are very nice. Where is this negative feedback she is talking about? Seemed to be fine with the stream when she went to bed, so what happened?

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seethe nijinigger

>> No.4590660

>feedback heard loud and clear
Was she HERE or did people outside of this place finally snap about her chain-ruining collabs?

>> No.4590661

EN curse might end up being the real orchestrator behind the coming Final Yab.

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where is she reading the negative feedback? I didn't see anyone saying anything and watched the stream, it was fine

must be looking here

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Meme Review fucked her up a bit.

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She has been working on non hololive music stuff and not putting streaming as a priority.

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There was not enough time for any feedback to happen, so ether Gura or her Manager made her remove the VOD

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All these fucking white knights in twitter, fuck.

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No they're playing river city girls next week retard

>> No.4590745

reddit dragon mindbroke her

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Just sounds like mori is too in her own head

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Why is Mori doing so many collabs anyway? She is absolutely horrible as soon as somebody else is there with her. She is best solo.

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Like what? She has it fucking made. This Hololive shit is the golden ticket.

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you shouldn't put a space after your meme arrows. please study the latest edition of the 4chan style guide

>> No.4590789

gotta get that abortion

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Mori got extradited to the US for tax evasion. Biden's militarized IRS ran a train on her and she still hasn't recovered.

That's also why she thought to play Cup Head, because she is in the US under house arrest. Figured the lag wouldn't be too bad because she is used to superior Japanese fiber folded over a million times.

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This is my rrat, yeah. Gura got pissed at Calli, probably she tried to do a dry run beforehand but Calli told her she was too busy. Then this happened so Gura went full "fucking told you".

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>Be Calli
>Ruin stream because you didn't do the bare minimum required to research the game you're playing and learn the basics of how streaming video games works
>Spend at least 30 minutes on stream attempting in vain to solve it
>Get visibly butthurt
>Tweet that you're sorry and say that you'll "work hard" to not have it happen again
>even though it's not about working harder, it's just about putting in the 10 minutes to test the game and think things through
>Whine passive aggressively about it on your T7 member streams
>Reap in ungodly amounts of money from your members who try to cheer you up
>Repeat this cycle at least every month.

>> No.4590835

Probably this. There was a lot of negative feedback about her going full deer in the headlights during the meme reveal collab. So much that it wasn’t us breaching containment. Normies weren’t even able to keep a strait face after. She probably took a lot of that to heart and has been on edge since.

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This, I think shes nice and could be better but she is by far the worst streamer out of HoloEN, I understand that she doesnt want to have anything to do with Vtubers and is only using this to help her musc career but I think she should focus some more on improving her streams

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/vt/ also started shitting on Calli a lot more after the Meme Review. She went from having no negativity to a whole lot.

>> No.4590868

Pregnancy mood swings.

>> No.4590871

Because the EN girls putting in nearly zero effort at times and are carried by the company they work for. Imagine not even testing a game before going live to tens of thousands of people.

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stopped the VOD after a few minutes because the only reaction Mori had was saying "uh huh" and "yeah".

what happened that fucked her up?

>> No.4590914

It's called being loyal to your oshi

>> No.4590921

Anon the easy joke is "Off of her Meds" cmon

>> No.4590928

HoloEN was a mistake.
Each day provides more and more proof of this

>> No.4590941

What “feedback” is she HERE? Cause this is the only place shitting on her right? Unless YouTube comments

>> No.4590943

>what happened that fucked her up?
The only reaction Mori had was saying "uh huh" and "yeah" and people, both viewers and Coco, noticed.

>> No.4590951

it literally was today

>> No.4590952

Honestly, I'm thankful to Coco for giving her a wake up call. She either gets her shit together or she'll keep fucking up like this.

>> No.4590962

I understand chopping off the Cuphead part because it's kind of pointless but hiding the whole Phasmo collab that you made Gura get up in your timezone for just because you didn't prep for it is stupid.

>> No.4590969

Anon, Gura is such a passive doormat that when mcdonalds only gave her half of what she ordered she just left without saying anything.

>> No.4591002

Gura legitimately doesn’t have the capacity to stand up to anybody. It’s like she has battered wife syndrome with all other sapient entities. There is a below zero chance that she told of Mori in any capacity.

>> No.4591009

It's called not really giving a shit about someone you allegedly care about. If she truly was their oshi they should be supporting her wish to improve, instead of "ooooh just keep fucking up like this, it wasn't thaaat bad!".

>> No.4591011

They need to get parsec, it'd still lag but it'd have been way more playable

>> No.4591032

>Callie finally realizing ....


It's a safer bet to put money on "nothing will change, she'll be back with her usual bullshit soon", because we've been over too many broken promises by now that it's a pathological pattern.

>> No.4591037

japanese manlets keep rejecting her saying she's too tall and her westerner nose is too big

>> No.4591043

its not that serious its video games

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Coco finally got sick of her shit and told her what everyone was already thinking of her: that's she's a N5 fucking crack head with no personality. She brushed it off like a joke, but the damage was clearly done. Her demeanor reminds me of a battered wife, which isn't surprising. These girls looked up to Coco, and she just smashed them down.

>> No.4591059

I mean, we don't know how Gura's roommate is. Are you sure the doormat stuff isn't just her cute roleplay?

>> No.4591075

Calli mentioned ParSec by name during the stream saying they'd try it that way.

>> No.4591076

She was installing the game just before the stream started. It's fucking insanity

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>fast food place gets order wrong, do nothing about it
>shoes arrive in the mail and don't fit, do nothing about it
Fuck, I know this feel.

>> No.4591084

Yea they could just cut that part, the phasmo collab was ok.

>> No.4591085

I dunno what fuck she's on about with whole >Clearly I needed more time off.
She just needs to test that a game is playable before streaming it.
Why is talking as if this stream was the worst thing shes ever done. Dam Calli fucking chill.

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Fuck these motherfuckers. This is bullshit. They're taking advantage of Calli actually taking criticism and abusing it. If Gura didn't make me a better person I'd wish bad things on them all. Fucking fuck. Shit. God damn I am angry.

>> No.4591102

No, it's her job and she's fucking it up.

>> No.4591103

Her ex boyfriend used to beat her with a phone book, she is slowly recovering.

>> No.4591116

why do holo "fans" always make the talents feel like complete shit any chance they get?

>> No.4591120

Calli's humdrum reactions to everything led to Coco roasting her for an hour to make content. Calling her a crackhead, making fun of her non existent Japanese language skills by insulting her in nip and such. Calli couldn't handle the bantz and just kept acting needlessly submissive. It was a bit of a shit show, because the usual format of explaining english memes to the guest wasn't working with an english speaking guest.

>> No.4591131

She got BTFO'D H A R D by Coco.
It was essentially rape.
Can't blame Calli for acting like this afterwards.

>> No.4591142

she kept saying "uh huh" and "yeah" for the whole thing, even when Coco got sick of trying to play around it and started bullying her about it
>is she always like this?
>you're acting like a crackhead
>let's fuck Yagoo, let's fuck him together!
some direct Coco quotes trying to get some reaction and participation out of Mori

>> No.4591144

>These girls looked up to Coc
Why would they look up to a nasty shitposting whore?

>> No.4591151

Misery loves company. Crab barrels and such.

>> No.4591167

Any source on this? Sounds hot

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Who is doing what?

>> No.4591180

>Calling her a crackhead, making fun of her non existent Japanese language skills by insulting her in nip and such.

>She got BTFO'D H A R D by Coco. It was essentially rape.
lmao I'm dying reading this shit I wish this wasn't a meme I watched like 45 minutes of that fucking godawful stream and it wasn't half as entertaining as you guys make it sound.

>> No.4591181

Knowing Calli's autism she probably thought Coco actually meant that lol

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My fucking rrats are feeling engorged right now, not gonna lie.

>> No.4591190

Coco is one of the main reasons holoEN shitters like Mori are able to exist in the first place

>> No.4591210

>Callie finally realizing
Don't get your hopes up buddy

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>> No.4591214

Stopped being a fan since the Vshojo announcement. I wanna see Calli suffer now.

>> No.4591223

it's called being a brainless yes-man simp

>> No.4591234

Shes shorter than the average japanese tho (and kinda cute)

>> No.4591241

>>Spend at least 30 minutes on stream attempting in vain to solve it
>>Get visibly butthurt
Maybe if you fucking assholes hadn't spammed "LOL" and "LMAO" immediately after it wouldn't have been such a problem.

>> No.4591247

Wasn't Coco meme review one of the biggest live audiences Mori's ever had? Combine that with the fact that she has a lot of trouble opening up to unfamiliar people in collabs and you can see why she froze. Whatever else you may say about the Reddit Doragon, she's a natural entertainer. By bullying Calli a bit she managed to prevent a total dumpsterfire.

Also if her track record is anything to go by she was probably really supportive of Calli after the collab ended

>> No.4591250

she was in her deadbeat positivity bubble that funnily enough made her into a deadbeat, Coco called her out on it

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can confirm
Calli is carrying our first child

>> No.4591262

dude, that is believeable if it was kiara not calli. is she really act that way? i only watch her newer stream because the older one are too cringe for my taste so i dont know her that well.

>> No.4591263

How so? Is she hiring? Would explain how cunts like Kiara got in.

>> No.4591271

The crackhead line is 1000% real anon. I’m not watching that shit again to get you a time stamp. It’s somewhere 2/3rds through or so.

>> No.4591277

deadbraps on suicide watch...

>> No.4591282

When Coco straight up asked 75k live viewers
>is she always like this?
I laughed pretty hard.

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Sora was right

>> No.4591290

The nips adored it though.

>> No.4591292

You mean like when she doxxed Amelia live on stream for bringing up her roommate's song? Gura can be pretty vicious when she feels provoked.

>> No.4591293

Me, I was the ex

>> No.4591295

>Calls Calli a little baby
>Calli is too intimidated by her senpai to come up with anything witty or funny and just goes along with it, calling herself a baby

>> No.4591305


>> No.4591310

>professional streams/broadcasts fucking up ever not being funny
Calm down, Lancelot.

>> No.4591325

Her doing english/reddit pandering content played a big part in hololive getting such traction in the west. She wasn't the only one, haachama did it to a lesser degree for example

>> No.4591326

And here we have the chink, trying to use Mori's shitty performance as an angle to attack Coco. Ogey, fuck off zhang.

>> No.4591332

She got pumped and dumped by connor

>> No.4591338

>this summons the mamaloni

>> No.4591342

This. Underestimate Gura at your own risk, she can and will retaliate.

>> No.4591343

>"Cleary I need more time off"

>> No.4591349

I think all of your speculations are far off. Calli does not care that much about the Mori persona, so it is unlikely that a stream with Coco ticked her off.
It is far more likely that the reason she took the vacation in the first place is still bothering her and that is why she is on edge. Probably has something to do with people she knows irl.

>> No.4591351

>stupid = vicious

>> No.4591353

If Coco never existed, there would be no Hololive EN.

>> No.4591354

when did that happen?

>> No.4591364

Gura told Mori off in a Mario Kart collab like half year ago. It wasn't all that bad, just "sit down and play the fucking game for some time and git somewhat gud", but I imagine after all this time with no positive change it might have started getting to Gura.

>> No.4591372

I think Mori has had bigger audiences before. I think her outfit reveal was bigger at least. But I admit I don’t watch her much. I stick to Ina and if they’re playing something I’m interested in, Gura, Ame, and Ollie.

>> No.4591375

Gura was drunk as shit when that happened. It's weird how it keeps getting brought up.

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There is no final yab without Haachama

>> No.4591388 [DELETED] 

Gen2 can come soon enough

>> No.4591394

oh no

>> No.4591408

Now that she has her name out and successful in music to boost her resume, graduation incoming

>> No.4591412

so the rrats that /vt/ didnt watch vtuber and only come for daily rrat posting is true afterall..

>> No.4591417

>annihilates HoloCN without even trying
>destroys the fake anituber-loving wigger's confidence without even trying
Coco really is like a fuckhuge dragon sowing destruction in her wake.

>> No.4591423

>Calm down, Lancelot.
That fag's not Lancelot.
Lancelot was the NTR Knight of kucking.
He cucked Arthur. That anon's getting kuked.

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File: 356 KB, 1435x2442, MoriFucksGura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember all the "don't worry guys, it'll get better" posts from months ago.
Well here we are, MONTHS later, and it hasn't gotten any better. At this point she should either graduate and go do what she really wants to do, or accept this job and start acting professionally. It's not fair to Gura who takes these kinds of fuck ups extremely personally and will go on an anxiety spree the next couple days.

>> No.4591432



>> No.4591439

A third nuke!? Tomorrow?

>> No.4591449

based slay queen

>> No.4591455

Coco would murder you in your sleep for saying that.

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>no drama
>consistent entertaining streams
>not autistic
god it feels so good bros

>> No.4591459

Blow me. She asked chat for help and they returned a bunch of shitlery. You should be ashamed.

>> No.4591466

she's a girl anon of course she's not above the haters, they probably make her cry on a regular basis.

>> No.4591471

You finally realize it? There's even rrat general threads daily.

>> No.4591478

Seems like the zhangs were right ..

>> No.4591485

Gen2 WHEN?

>> No.4591490

Any of you niggas got a backup? The last collab I watched was It Takes Two with Kiara and it was pretty good.

>> No.4591494

tiananmen square anniversary is today

>> No.4591495

>Gura doing prep work

>> No.4591517
File: 100 KB, 655x718, whole tweet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's why I pay good money for a company to kill all rrats in my building

>> No.4591526
File: 222 KB, 1079x1079, 1618440891578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our rrats are eating tonight, boys.

>> No.4591528


>> No.4591537

That’s a weird take on that. I member it. It was just a little “get good bitch!” And “get good shithead!” Style banter between friends. If you have a socialization disorder you might think it was a fight or something but it wasn’t.

>> No.4591548

b-but she told us she was our boi

>> No.4591552
File: 864 KB, 320x240, 1621389693657.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's reaching critical mass.
This simply cannot continue.
Something has to give.

>> No.4591563

I don't watch her often but I tuned into the Miitopia stream the other day cause I've been jiving with that game recently.

It's so refreshing that she's literally just a normal person with normal behaviors. Not some autie sperg or obnoxious tryhard.

>> No.4591577

I've got nothing. It's not like Coco is the reason Calli had tech issues. This is probably in relation to something else.

>> No.4591578

>not autistic
Come on now anon she draws FFXIV character art on commission. Explain right now how that isn't a sign of mental illness.

>> No.4591582

>positive half
>older tweet
>negative half is literally an update (as in: she realized how hard she fucked up and can't make this go away by pretending to be happy)
You retard.

>> No.4591586

lucky bastard

>> No.4591594

There must be something in the Korean DNA that makes them naturally adept streamers

>> No.4591595


>> No.4591599

>not autistic
did you mean to post someone else? playing gacha games makes you a huge autist. on top of having shit tastes.

>> No.4591604

Is it any wonder that the most consistent, well-adjusted HoloEn is also the one with the smallest percentage of alphabet people following her on twitter?

>> No.4591612

Welp lets just wait and see

>> No.4591632
File: 339 KB, 655x718, whole tweet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To ensure you niggers are able to read the rrat killing part of the tweet, here it is, in fucking 3D

>> No.4591637
File: 140 KB, 1024x1018, 1622761807477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn I missed the stream! I always love a good fuck up!

I'm always surprised they don't seem to test this stuff before hand. Would it had been that difficult to play through 1 or 2 levels of Cuphead to see how it works before announcing you're going to play it? They would have seen right away the online multiplayer sucks and that it wouldn't be a good game to stream.

Before one of Gura's Dead by Daylight streams she commented how the game download hadn't finished before the start of the stream. Really? You announce your schedule days in advance and you wait until 10 minutes before stream to download the game?

>> No.4591647

Never heard about that bitch until I came to /vt/, whereas I kept seeing clips of Pekora pop up all the time.

>> No.4591649

I think Connor said he had that problem with collab Cuphead as well when talking to Mousey. The game just appears to be fucky with multiplayer over streaming.

>> No.4591652

Coco really is a sadist huh.
Laughing at the damage she has created by raping Mori. Brutal.

>> No.4591672

oh fuck

>> No.4591681

Or...and hear me out here..it makes sense to non clipfags and people who actually watch the streams? I know logic is devoid on 4chan but damn.

>> No.4591682
File: 125 KB, 1080x852, 9d4i9tmbvii11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it pays good.

>> No.4591683

They pretend to give a shit about Coco to virtue signal

>> No.4591687

What? How comes Ive heard none of this?

>> No.4591688

Then somebody should go back in time and kill Coco because that means there would be no Vshojo either.

>> No.4591694

It’s pretty amazing how so many of these girls are properly avatar’d. A lot of them really do be their characters. I remember old JP Minecraft streams where Okayu just wandered around fucking with people much like a cat pushing shit off shelves for the hell of it.

>> No.4591697

Yeah, really, because she got a new PC and forgot she didn't install it. Deal with it nerd.

>> No.4591703
File: 55 KB, 480x458, self portrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im already to fat enough as it is

>> No.4591718


>> No.4591720

>Gura who takes these kinds of fuck ups extremely personally and will go on an anxiety spree the next couple days.
Why do people keep acting as if they knew these people personally. You talk as if you were her therapist. Geez.

>> No.4591724
File: 193 KB, 1033x1233, coco_trade_offer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coco exposed Calli for who she really is to the JP audience.
JPs thought she was the cool foreign rapper, Coco showed the JP community that she's really just a dorky gaijin.

>> No.4591728

She used to be a top-tier raider in XIV anon-kun. I'm genuinely surprised we havent had any XIV streams yet. Maybe when the new xpac drops.

>> No.4591730

Actually some shojocucks claimed she's hanging up with fucking sydsnap as of late, they're becoming "friends" wonder if Gigguk and co are not fucking with her head behind the scenes about this whole Vtuber thing.

>> No.4591731

I see it happen with a lot of streamers. Even bigger ones. They start playing a game for the first time because they want their reactions to be genuine, then they have a bunch of issues getting it running.

>> No.4591744

>Gura still hasn't received her 1 million play button after almost 8 months
She won't say anything about it to management.

>> No.4591745

This is one of the circles of hell. Can't get out because you gotta eat.

>> No.4591748

Is selling your soul to the furry devil really worth it though?

>> No.4591750
File: 71 KB, 1240x531, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4591762

It was "you can't hide behind 'i'm bad at videogames' forever".

>> No.4591775

The game works perfectly fine over streaming. The problem is that they're streaming a game that requires quick reactions.

>> No.4591784
File: 280 KB, 1440x1259, HelsinkiSyndromeMori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't really prove much.

>> No.4591786

Yin and Yang my friend. For every amazing thing you need something awful of equal power.

>> No.4591799

So I went to the tweet about this "feedback" and every single comment I read was positive. She must have tracked down like the one or two negative tweets and acted like that is how everybody felt. Females really love drama don't they?

>> No.4591802

because it never happened

>> No.4591803

I doubt an old Korean woman could be a world class gamer.

>> No.4591804

>"Look at his dream dead, Calli-chan. Look at it."

>> No.4591807

XIV is some of the most boring shit to stream, and she'd out her character then and get mobbed in game.

>> No.4591812

US - Japan costreaming will always have difficulties. There's a reason games have servers in different regions.

>> No.4591823

>*You cannot decline offers from your senpai

>> No.4591834

It's the worst possible combo to have for something like this that hasn't already successfully run through a thousand times before like minebore and faghousegames.
One can't be fucked doing the prep because she doesn't really give a shit and the other can't do the prep because she spends most of the day sitting on the cool tiled bathroom floor in her underwear in a perpetual state of high anxiety.

>> No.4591836

So I dont get to watch Gura because of Mori's ego? Fucking bitch just leave already.

>> No.4591837

Selfdoxxing and MMO Streamer curse, yeah I somehow doubt she'd do that.

>> No.4591842

Coco should laugh at the bunch. I still remember Kiara tweet about she'll never be late for stream RIGHT after coco was late. Fucking Takamori should just go do their previous shitty activities

>> No.4591847

>too intimidated ... to come up with anything witty or funny and just goes along with it, calling herself a baby
brutal, hits too close to home

>had so much fun I forgot to clap and say "next meme" 80% of the time
jesus christ, this is both self-deprecating and incredibly passive aggressive

>> No.4591848

For some bizarre reason, furrys tend to be very wealthy (by autist standards). Most mental scars can be healed with cash.

>> No.4591855

Wtf it's real I was sure that it was an edit

>> No.4591865

>yfw you realize is ame posting

>> No.4591872

>/vt/ was the feedback

>> No.4591879


>> No.4591882

she checked /vt/ I can't really think about any other explenation to be honest

>> No.4591903

It was dumb to try and play something so reflex based with someone on the other side of the planet in the first place to be honest. EN should do more slow paced collabs where latency isn't going to be an issue.

>> No.4591905


>> No.4591907

My rrat is it was management that gave her shit and made her take down the vod

>> No.4591909

>alphabet people
This is the first time I've actually come across this term. Are you referring to prides?

>> No.4591925
File: 34 KB, 400x388, 1618440157948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like oshi like brap

>> No.4591926

Just shit talking between friends. Gura is just comfortable with Mori and Ame. Enough to throw a little sass for content.

>> No.4591931

Yeah, this makes me really believe Calli browses /vt/ and 4chan in general.

>> No.4591935

There's stories of some artists who drew furry stuff and could pay through college from it.

>> No.4591953

You are wrong

>> No.4591963

Pretty sure she's just extra sensitive after chad Coco called her out on the bullshit

>> No.4591967

He is referring to the LGBTQ2S people yeah and I've heard that term in that context before but when I first read him say that I thought "huh? feds?"

>> No.4591971 [DELETED] 
File: 199 KB, 427x381, 1612060845216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yaHOO! she deleted the vod? the rrats will feast! YIPPEEEEE!!!!
I am so happeeeeeee!!
I was so bored since gura stream is a few hours away but now I have something fun to do!
so what do you think happened?

gura is a bitch behind the scenes? UUUUOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! that is hot hot hot!!!!

mori graduation IMMINENT? she literally said that vtubing is a bubble, she has no faith in it. UH OHHHH!!!!!


>> No.4591983
File: 182 KB, 400x400, 1622817953960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4591991

>he doesn't know

>> No.4592000

It was on the stream vod which is now privated so you wont be able to read the comments

>> No.4592007

No way. What thread did we even have on the matter? Also this place is a shithole that no normal person should browse.

>> No.4592018


>> No.4592024

I stand corrected.

>> No.4592026

what stream was this?

>> No.4592030

both are equally new ironically

>> No.4592032

How do deadbraps get excited or belive anything she says anymore?

Look forward to 3 weeks of shadowverse tho

>> No.4592033

she always had negativity, every Holo EN did.

>> No.4592038

I believe she said before she was addicted to the game and it negatively impacted her life. She stopped drawing and working on projects and just raided all day long. I doubt she wants to go back to raiding because of that.

>> No.4592039

The LGBTs on discord fan servers are seemingly on there 24/7 looking for drama to be pissed off about, so yeah, if they actually check their fan discord they'd probably go insane fast.

>> No.4592051

Come one man, think about it. Think hard. Can a woman be good at games? Can a woman be good enough to reach the top tier of competitive gaming?

>> No.4592069

Vtubers are not normal people. If they were normal they'd be posting in a hot tub on twitch.

>> No.4592077

>normal person
Seems like Calli fits right in, then.

>> No.4592083

What's the worst thing she's ever done?

>> No.4592112

Calli's roomate is a SJW, and Cover told her not to read the pride month superchats, she's malding cause of that.

>> No.4592120

Ina can.

>> No.4592121

The Holos know (trained by management) that their fans are 99% of the time not going to actually express their displeasure, so they have to feel it out by other means.

>> No.4592141

She poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses

>> No.4592143

Listen man, youre thinking about western women, we are yet to see the compelte unleashed power of asian women in competitive videogames. Also she could suck dicks to get the best coaches out there, hell she probably wouldnt even have to suck dick just send them a cute audio or something like that those guys have never touched a woman before

>> No.4592145

It's a matter of life and.. death, people look up to her and she's giving a shitty example.

>> No.4592153

Have /vt/iggers ever heard about mestrual cycles?

>> No.4592174

Wait, did she really?

>> No.4592178

Still? At her age?

>> No.4592179

Is this why she wants to "do things differently"? She realized her jp bosses won't let her go full SJW?

>> No.4592185

Tell us about yours

>> No.4592198

No, but are we just gonna wait around until she does?

>> No.4592209

gura doesnt give a fuck about scuffed streams, it was probably her manager and she needs to go

>> No.4592213


>> No.4592227 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 227x222, 1622247097235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats fucking disgusting, dont ever bring up gross shit like that again

>> No.4592229

>Cover told her not to read the pride month superchats
Japs can be pretty cringe sometimes. But when they get it right, they get it right

>> No.4592241

Most places for vtuber discussion are sickening cults of happiness. So they’re not wrong.

>> No.4592257

>Wake up
>Realize Mori did nothing wrong as usual
>Watch as threads samefag themselves to death

>> No.4592269

I didn't see it but I hope she's doing okay, she sounds sad here.

>> No.4592270

>T7 member streams
someone redpill me on this, does she really have 7 tiered streams?

>> No.4592280

sorry for the delay. here's a magnet of the privated collab. this is a vp8/opus VOD archive download and includes both the original and updated thumbnails and descriptions.

calliope mori & gawr gura, cuphead & phasmophobia 2021-06-05


>> No.4592284

Why do I feel like she doesn't understand the core problem?
No one is asking for much from her, We just want her to at least give one hour of her free time to prepare for her streams. Why is she being passive aggressive about it now?
I really like Mori but these things make me legit sad man. I don't even care about shitposters or falseflaggers anymore, I just want her to hear us and work on herself just like how she used to do 5-6 months ago

>> No.4592289

Get a girlfriend for 10 years before post here kid.

>> No.4592291

>mhm mhm
>"yeah, so I did this"
>monotone voice
>dead air
>"Hmu hmu"
Literal grandmother with a Vtuber model

>> No.4592296
File: 387 KB, 640x640, botan noises.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4592298

Her roommate isn't that big of a social justice warrior. They've said nigga many times before even.

>> No.4592306

I actually wanted to answer this but I cant browse 4chan while eating tuna rice sandwich but yeah, asian women could prob be world class gamers and that includes korean granny

>> No.4592311

Everyone loves their grandma, maybe that's why we love Ina?

>> No.4592316

Based. No one should play MMOs, they are such a waste of time.

>> No.4592365

I do love my Korean grandma, she helps me sleep at night with her "humu humu".

>> No.4592369
File: 217 KB, 1364x2048, 1620516375818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice work anon

>> No.4592370

Based Ina gradma

>> No.4592377

Go and stay go

>> No.4592379

>not doing any technical testing
>only person who knows how to configure anything is Ame, not even ENma or JChad are their technical support
They must be supernaturally cursed, only explanation.

>> No.4592392

Unironically, yes. She called Hololive a "bubble" and was bummed that she could only choose to collab with people that are essentially copies of her. She wants to do more than just stream herself playing the same games with the same people. She even commented after a half-hearted rendition of "RIP" that the song bores her now and she has "progressed as an artist".

She's quickly becoming bored of Hololive and wants something more experimental. Not even a rrat since it's her own words.

>> No.4592395

i just realized it's vp9, not vp8. oh well. i've always got to get something wrong, i guess.

>> No.4592397

The level of positivity regarding Calli was quite high before the Meme Review. You might have some cunt calling Mori fake or whatever, but now... Look at where we are. Look around. These gossip filled rrat threads about Mori didn't exist before Meme Review. They were usually reserved for Kiara.

>> No.4592408
File: 54 KB, 240x480, 1612374831906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4592413

What kind of music does Mori’s roommate do? Could anyone link me an example?

>> No.4592414

how did you manage to make only one true observation

>> No.4592421

It's already June 5th at her time

>> No.4592424
File: 6 KB, 243x237, NIGGERS [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F4zgnz3.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sjw can't say nigger
she still isn't but that doesn't mean that social justice warriors aren't the biggest fucking racists out there

>> No.4592432

>Dumb e-whore thinks other dumb e-whore is intelligent
Gura's got wit, but she has the motivation and intelligence of a rock

>> No.4592436

You mean "extra lube nights"?

>> No.4592437

Theres some japanese woman in her 40's that routinely places in top 8s and top 4s in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and 3rd Strike. Plus have you ever seen how cutthroat old asian women are at Majohng? Old asian women are unironically the strongest form of competitor, they just don't do it very often.

>> No.4592448

Perhaps for games that are more popular with women than men, otherwise theoretically yes?

>> No.4592455

>that the song bores her now
wow, it's fucking ogre now deadbraps

>> No.4592460

not only that, but it gave the impression that she was "better than hololive or streaming", I'm not saying she is.

but the "uninterested silence" came off as "I dont need to try to communicate with these puny streamers when I'm beating them at subs/views/spachas" because coco was hung out to dry in the beginning because it's literally a stream where your partner has to reply to you or it wont work. after a while coco realized it was useless and took control of the stream.

if it was anyone other can coco, it couldve ended very badly but coco had the social and streaming reps to recover that. for contrast, look at the moona stream and how well she complimented coco's banter with her own. and moona cant even speak proper english or japanese, kek.

>> No.4592466

Pretty much the same shit as Mori herself.

>> No.4592472

And that's a good thing!

>> No.4592473
File: 859 KB, 719x719, 1583535733559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be professional streamer
>ask chat to fix your IT problem

>> No.4592475

I don't even want to bully you now deadbrap
Take a break

>> No.4592495

I mean the Gura thread was just exited about the announced DBD stream so nobody complained much, it must have been the her own thread if it was /vt/

>> No.4592524


>> No.4592525

Imagine not wanting a chill friend to sit back and game with while sharing a bag of chips. I feel for you anon. Ina is top comfy, and she has one of the best fandoms of any holo. Very few autistics, no children, no parasocial nut jobs. We’re honestly blessed that EN actually gave us a self respecting professional. When the alternatives were a sperg lord, an attention whore, a salty bitch, and a manic depressant.

>> No.4592527

We all knew from the beginning that hololive is only a stepping stone for her to reach her actual goals

>> No.4592536


>> No.4592539

She was supposed to include a killdozer video in that tweet.

>> No.4592553

>what's the plural of moose?

>> No.4592561


>> No.4592562
File: 640 KB, 864x888, 1621402019599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll never have one.

>> No.4592583

Ina's entire history (high level weeb, hardcore MMO raider, gacha enthusiast to the point of becoming a gacha artist, homebody who still lives with her parents, band camp) looks like pure assburgers but she's remarkably calm, collected and socially aware. Even when she overslept recently, which you might think would embarrass someone who tries so hard to be dependable, her first response was "did I break any records at least?"
I'm legitimately puzzled by how competent Ina is.

>> No.4592584

Actually believable rrat

>> No.4592587

I almost failed out of college thanks to XIV. Shit fucks with you.

>> No.4592599

My mom is really good at majohng too and she is not even asian, Im scared of the actual potential of an old asian women obssesed with majohng

>> No.4592618

The Moona stream isn't a fair comparison because it used the lessons learnt from Calli's Meme Review. Coco realised that explaining english memes to an english speaker is retarded, so she got some Japanese and Indonesian memes to play with. Moona learned that when you're on Meme Review you need to be a living shitpost or else you'll get roasted. It was a welcome improvement that benefited from hindsight.

>> No.4592637

oh fuck

>> No.4592643

you could check her channel instead of trying to get spoonfed

>> No.4592654

Right, that's the case for both Ina and her, but at least Ina finds some degree of enjoyment from it

>> No.4592661 [DELETED] 

damn what the heck is wrong with her? shes going full menhera. I watched a couple min from the timestamp and she just sounds insane and sad.

>> No.4592662

>Mori tries too hard to be professional and just drops the spaghetti plate 8/10 times
>Ina just

>> No.4592676
File: 284 KB, 650x581, 1495416030790.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4592697


What percentage of her current fanbase would follow her after she graduates and what percentage of those fans would stay interested in any content she does outside hololive?

>> No.4592699

I will never not thank Ina and takos for reaching 1M before kiara.

>> No.4592723

yes the LGBTPQ people

>> No.4592724

Yeah, I love Ina because she's chill as fuck and actually works intelligently. She's admirable.

>> No.4592728

>he thinks being comfy is an excuse to be boring
I have those friends in real life. I watch videos and streams on the internet to be entertained.

>> No.4592736

I was actually impressed with Moona. Normally she doesn’t play off people well. She seems to misunderstand what they’re saying in english a fair bit, causing some awkwardness. But she nailed about 80% of that collab. She’s up there with the top guests Coco has ever had. Along with Botan, Korone, and Pekora. Really impressed me. I hope Shion does a good job. Reddit should have a decent amount of content to work with for her.

>> No.4592760

Wonder what she's gonna say at her second stream later tonight...
Interestingly, some hours before the shitpost review, when Moona was asked by chat on stream about her readying for it, she played dumb and said she hasn't talked with Coco-kaichou

also, Grandma's girls are best girls. Proof: Korone, Watame.

>> No.4592771

Ina at least takes it seriously and seems to enjoy it. Dont get me wrong I like calli but shes the one thats most obvious about not wanting to have anything to do with hololive

>> No.4592780

>The Moona stream isn't a fair comparison
you're a nigger

>> No.4592794

Not to mention that she is the best at video games. Compare her Monster Hunter gameplay to Gura, or her Harvest Moon gameplay to Calli.

>> No.4592810

Kiara getting to 1M last makes me smile every time I think about it

>> No.4592813

Check your letters, bigot. It's LGBTQIAP+

>> No.4592820
File: 314 KB, 1536x2048, Geguri_Frog_Onesie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's never heard of Geguri

>> No.4592828

>I-I have friends in real life guys

Its okay anon, youre our fren here

>> No.4592834

>She’s up there with the top guests Coco has ever had.
agreed, it was just an all around good stream that meme review was actually meant for. its not about the memes, its about the interaction with the guest.

>> No.4592847

Didn't Mori apply as a joke? She probably has an ironic weeb attitude despite literally moving to Japan. I mean, she sure loves her anitubers who are ironic weeb incarnate.

>> No.4592869

Calli and Gura arent fair comparisons but yeah she is pretty alright

>> No.4592872

Not an argument and it's fucking true. It is a golden ticket. She makes thousands upon thousands of dollars a week and her music gets free exposure as a consequence, and she doesn't even have to bare herself to the world like other, regular streamers because of the vtuber avatar.

Makes me wonder how vtubers who were once homeless and spent over half a decade streaming without much comparative success feel about her lack of commitment and effort.

>> No.4592893

Truly a rrat in human clothing

>> No.4592896

It's called being a based adult anon. Ina has a clear grasp of who she is, living her dreams to the fullest, and dont need more than that to justify her existence. She is more way inspirational than Mori make herself to be

>> No.4592901

Congrats. You have low energy friends, so you look for high energy streamers in your off time. My friends are high energy, high effort. So I chill with Ina. She offers a content style. Thousands find it enjoyable. Stay mad... or whatever you are I can’t actually tell.

>> No.4592904

Nah, she's pretty average at video games. She has history with monhun so of course she's good at it, but her Bayonetta and TF2 gameplay is extremely average.

>> No.4592911

Well yeah, because Moona has literal diagnosable autism, a poor compression of English, even less of Japanese than Mori and can't access Reddit to check it out because of Indog laws. Yet despite it all she was much better and an actually engaging guest.

>> No.4592914

Thanks, anons.

>"huh? feds?"
The term for those are "three-letter agencies".

>> No.4592920

She applied "just because" "why not" she didn't actually expect to get in

>> No.4592925

>I have those friends in real life
Sure you do, anon-chan.

>> No.4592929

It's like girls camming. Good for short term money but the longer you stay in, the harder it is to avoid going more deep and more perverted. And it always leaves some permanent scars on the psyche, even if small ones.

>> No.4592954

tfw we could get pomu and fishe instead of takamori

>> No.4592956

>lessons learnt from Calli's Meme Review. Coco realised that explaining english memes to an english speaker is retarded
>"Hey Coco"
>"Yes?" *shaves pubes*
>"You're not going to, like, you know, explain English memes to me on stream right? I speak English my dawg..."
>"No, of course nyot. You think I'm some sort of retarded nigger?"
>"...Nah, just checking. See you at the collab"
It's that simple.

>> No.4592959

I've always known my upbringing was shit but Ina made me seriously jealous of people raised by good asian parents.

>> No.4592966

I guess she applied without any hopes of actually getting in like I did with a scholarship that time but thats unrelated. My guess is that she got accepted, she realized this was a literal goldmine to earn tons of money and more importantly promote her music and decided to go with it giving minimal attention to the actual streaming and gaming thing, well she did buy that asmr mic for the asmr streams but still

>> No.4592969

You're manually trying to be negative about Calli and Ina on a pedestal. It feels unnecessarily forced.

>> No.4592980

believable imo

>> No.4592994

Based Indonesia literally banning reddit

>> No.4592996

Fair or not, she fucking crushed it with flying colours. Meanwhile Mori crashed and burned.

>> No.4593015

what? I'm in the thread already, either answer or get the fuck out, deadbrap

>> No.4593023

You guys are actually watching the reddit meme reviews?? What the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.4593024

Why so negative?

>> No.4593026
File: 32 KB, 271x403, 1607494691778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4593028

imagine a world with pomutori as the main ship

>> No.4593031

Her friends (who applied) told her about it, and she kinda sorta knew about vtubers, so she decided to apply with only half-expectations of her actually making it

>> No.4593057

Nice, the fucking "if your not poor and struggling you can't have personal problems" argument.They prove that shit wrong in kindergarten anon grow up

>> No.4593064

I thought I was hot shit at mahjong because I did very well playing tenhou, but the moment I went up against irl old japanese ladies it was like they could read my mind like an open book as well as predict the future

>> No.4593071

holy fucking newfag, suicide reps NOW

>> No.4593089

She didn't expect to get it and NOBODY expected EN to blow up as big as it did. Not saying that as an excuse, but those circumstances are there.

>> No.4593116

Im not even that anon but fuck off the message he tried to convey was clear

>> No.4593126

What is Ina stepping towards? It's good promotion for her as an artist, sure, but she was watching JP holos long before joining and demonstrates that knowledge regularly. It's not like she was doing much original work as a contracted gacha artist.
Ina doesn't need Hololive to survive but it's also hard to see her leaving any time soon without major external factors.

>> No.4593127

>can't access Reddit to check it out because of Indog laws
I'm sure she can access it.

>> No.4593139

I'm sure a huge amount of her fans only follow her because of the streaming she does. If she got into experimental music I highly doubt she'll have any fanbase but it seems like she cares more about the art than the fans. Personally I find her songs terrible and only watch her because she's in hololive.

>> No.4593164


>> No.4593167

her complaining about it is the cherry on top and proved antis right. kfp have been damage controlling ever since

>> No.4593168

Happens to the best of us anon-chan

>> No.4593175

I like Coco in collabs and I’ll catch them whenever I can. She’s... insane? I don’t even know what to call it. It’s like she’s on meth constantly.

>> No.4593183

Reminds me of when I played my cousin at texas hold'em and he started obliterating me. I accused him of cheating even though I shuffled the deck myself and walked away from the table.

>> No.4593199

didn't she cover a song about how hard it is to be a tranny

>> No.4593203

Im clear af, here's to be clearer

>> No.4593209
File: 143 KB, 739x1105, 1621140840889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ina was already doing perfectly fine before joining and she's probably gotten to make even better art related connections with the Pixiv and Wacom stuff + getting to chat up with Pocchi. I wouldn't be surprised if companies in the future would look to get Ina, as Ina, to do promional art as a double collab with Hololive after her Nier fanart was noticed.

>> No.4593223
File: 853 KB, 762x988, 1618440834916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congrats. You have low energy friends, so you look for high energy streamers in your off time. My friends are high energy, high effort. So I chill with Ina. She offers a content style. Thousands find it enjoyable. Stay mad... or whatever you are I can’t actually tell.

>> No.4593224

I always defend Mori, to the point I get called a deadbeat semi-regularly even though she's my least favorite EN and the one I watch the least. I don't care who she collabs with, I don't care if she takes tons of breaks or doesn't stream, I don't even really care if the streams are good or not. No one has to watch them if they don't want to. However this deleting VOD stuff is bullshit. Especially one with another streamer on it, a streamer that went out of her way to participate in Mori's timezone. Let us judge if it's "quality" enough to watch or not, not hide it like some little kid mad that someone called her art dumb or ugly. She's going to turn me into a legit anti with stuff like this.

>> No.4593232

Honestly her and Ina would probably get along so well it would be a Pomina ship.

>> No.4593270

asacoco streams will not come back now due to YT and cover's guidelines into becoming a more "serious" company but those streams are what made hololive unique

>> No.4593283

I loved her SC reading after the marathon. Half the supers were "dont feel bad for getting 1mil last! you're still the best! believe in yourself!"

It was hours of reading messages like that and you could tell Kiara was pissed that her achievement was overshadowed by everyone else. Fucking hilarious.

>> No.4593284
File: 2.59 MB, 499x359, 1600278572485.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are some people still seething at Coco's Meme Review? She (Coco) have years and years of entertainment experience, she is a one woman show on top of a technical wonder. She is *leagues* above ALL of EN in this regard. They are still learning how this whole thing works, give them time (and even, there is only so much they can go, they can't be all.) Every other girl from EN would had been the same. Only Kiara have enough social skills to not be a complete shutdown at Coco's side, but even so, it wouldn't have been what YOU think it would be, because entertainment is really fucking hard buddy.

>> No.4593285

but gets scared cause moona wants to kill reddit

>> No.4593288

You're generating bad karma. There's gonna be a point where we have rrat threads about Ina too. We'll be picking her apart, say mean things, act negative and it will be awful.

>> No.4593295

Damn anon calm down. We get it, you have lots of friends irl who you totally hang out with and do exist, now take your meds will ya?

>> No.4593326

Ina's professional goals are only tangentially related to Hololive/streaming. It helps her but she was well on her way without streaming, in fact streaming taking a huge portion of her time is probably holding her back somewhat artistically. But she loves Hololive and streaming, and that's why she joined, not for any professional reason.

>> No.4593329

Anon.. i heard she has a cousin on US that keep sending her meth and stuff, idk heard her name coco kaine or something

>> No.4593336

What were Asacoco streams like?

>> No.4593342

Same. Always thought Mori was the worst holoEN (at least Kiara has decent taste in games) and shit like this reassures how I already felt from the beginning

>> No.4593348

Anon is on crack. She’s just using it as a job to give her life some rigidity and meaning, and make a quick nest egg off super chats. So when she retires and just does art she can charge more and have a safe financial future. She’s not aiming for anything.

>> No.4593370

Too based.

>> No.4593375


you have to go back

>> No.4593383

Rare chance to see Coco speaking English for long stretches of time since Moona knows fuckall Japanese. I don't watch the JP ones. I watched part of Mori's but had to stop about 20 minutes in because of proximity awkwardness actually making me feel uncomfortable. Moona's was good though.

>> No.4593398

If that's what happened, then it was likely because of how she talked about how she felt and that got clipped. That's what would have caused the savior fagging.

>> No.4593437

You have to go forward. Leave the negativity behind.

>> No.4593461

she wouldn't do that without getting permission from the other streamer which either means the they both agreed that it wasn't worth keeping the vod up or this rrat is true >>4591047

>> No.4593463

It sucks but I get why she took it down. It was a low quality stream. Gura was in it but it was apparently just an hour of technical issues. If she left it up it would forever be used against her as "this is what Mori's streams are like"

>> No.4593467

Calli is so obsessed with "owning the haters" that she ignores everything else.

>> No.4593471

>he's arguing about who does and doesn't have friends

>> No.4593479
File: 32 KB, 540x540, 1622818179778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4593500

how new?

>> No.4593505

yeah haha so funny you sure showed that person making money for doing something to entertain other people, I'm sure they just love being constantly stressed by a bunch of dickheads

>> No.4593513

Nah Mori always sucks in collabs, or at least until she gets comfortable which can take a long time or never happen. Ame would probably be a log in meme review too, but Kiara, Ina, and even Gura would be able to play along to some extent.

>> No.4593523 [SPOILER] 
File: 93 KB, 227x222, 1622831667892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anonchama..... if I leave the negativity behind, what will i have left?

>> No.4593525

as a dude with a friend who's a furry, those fuckers manage to summon cash from literally nowhere, they just went on vacation to Chicago, and now a couple weeks later they're going on a 10 day vacation with friends along the west coast that is 900$+ per person with them covering for people who can't afford the full 900$.

>> No.4593543

>If she left it up it would forever be used against her as "this is what Mori's streams are like"
Is that really better than "sometimes her streams are so bad she deletes them out of shame" ?

>> No.4593565

Ame is a toxic, trash talking gamer gremlin.

>> No.4593568

River City GIrls has the exact same issue. literally the exact same fucking problem as Cuphead.

>> No.4593570

Ame has the talent necessary to compete with Coco someday. When it comes to creative ideas and technical skill I mean. If Ame loosened up and her manager gave her more freedom I think she could be a great creative type like Coco.

>> No.4593594

That... is either a tiny person, or a giant bottle of Fanta - and I'm not sure which.

>> No.4593602

Top 10 photos took right before disaster

>> No.4593605

It's 20 minutes of technical problems then a mediocre Phasmo collab. it's not unwatchable by any means. And Lethal League is still up which was way shittier. Even Kiara's half-garbage Polka collab is up.

>> No.4593606

The KFP who clipped it was playing 4D chess

>> No.4593608
File: 347 KB, 1080x1334, IMG_20210604_193312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The replies...

>> No.4593614
File: 22 KB, 340x340, 1621372413051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4593618

I hope she's okay. Anyone got an archive? I want to watch Gura.

>> No.4593627

I love Ame

>> No.4593641

Nigga, even Moona's collab wasn't as bad as Calli's.

>> No.4593650

>Mori wouldn't do something without taking the feelings of someone else into account

Are you sure about that?

>> No.4593654

Me anon, I will always be there for you.

>> No.4593656

fucking based. You shouldn't coddle your oshi anyway.

>> No.4593661

Not gunna lie, I hovered over the red X a few times with the Mori collab. Coco managed to keep me going though. And I’m glad I got to hear the crackhead line live.

>> No.4593662

Nah man, I bet Ame and Ina would've done great with Coco.

>> No.4593678

Amelia has collab'd with Roboco several times now and always manages to be entertaining and funny despite neither of them speaking shit of the opposite language. Meanwhile in a collab of two fluent English-speakers Calli just stands in the corner making weird noises and stuttering.

>> No.4593683

Baiting savior-fags is 1d tic-tac-toe.

>> No.4593689

Was with him til he brought up vshitjo
The hate for them is justified desu

>> No.4593707

Came here to hear what actually made her take down the VOD but this place just REEKS of sweaty incels who don't like it when girls get paid

>> No.4593711

You are either really, *really* exaggerating Amelia or completely ignorant of everything that Coco has done and can do. Just with a minuscule thing first: she can't even speak japanese.

>> No.4593714
File: 595 KB, 512x512, 1592932461401.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4593717

yes, and stop misquoting what I said

>> No.4593724 [SPOILER] 
File: 931 KB, 869x850, 1622831972760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon, I....

>> No.4593729

Holy SHIT dude

>> No.4593754

Is that what the self-inflicted gash between your legs is telling you?

>> No.4593768

why does mori always talk in a shitty EN anime dub voice

>> No.4593778

Only when she’s alone or with Gura. She goes full silent anxious in collabs with new people.

>> No.4593786
File: 80 KB, 720x729, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4593796
File: 478 KB, 727x720, 1485137062351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4593800

Not only that, she can BARELY handle collabing with Ollie. And Ollie's zoomer tier humor is the easiest shit to work with. Amelia just goes quiet or is like "heh... yeah..." when Ollie tries to get a response from her

>> No.4593805


>> No.4593834

>You are either really, *really* exaggerating Amelia or
I'm not even a big Ame fan, but she mogs the vast majority of Holos when it comes to creative events; like the parade, the outfit reveal, Halloween etc.

>> No.4593841

That's just her natural unsexy voice
She sounds like a boy going through puberty

>> No.4593843

I have a real weakness against that type of comedy. I can't watch comedians bombing or people singing poorly or whatever, it physically makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Sort of an emotional nails-on-chalkboard/chewing ice effect. That Coco/Mori collab trigger it bad for me almost immediately. I can't think of anything in Hololive that has done that. Ollie's singing has come close a few times though.

>> No.4593846

Amelia's definitely not the wittiest when it comes to bouncing off others. She's good with the beat of her own drum though.

>> No.4593847

I have always found the way she speaks while in the mori persona weird and you finally described it perfectly, bravo

>> No.4593851
File: 334 KB, 461x418, 1615563668569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For those not in the loop, Geguri was a pro player who played for the Shanghai Dragons team in OWLeague.
In the time she was on that team, they set the world record for longest losing streak in professional sports history. The entire roster (but her) was dropped, and she was permabenched for 2 years before being dropped eventually herself.
After this, her duo partner went on to be (and currently is) the best main tank in the world, and the Shanghai Dragons were finalists in the last OWL tourney.
But yeah, I guess she did reach T1 in a major esport kek

>> No.4593881

anon if a girl can't get paid she's truly fucked

>> No.4593903

Kek, thanks for the lore anon-san

>> No.4593911
File: 1.26 MB, 1080x3832, weirdafcomment.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I doubt it had anything to do with Gura directly. It's probably from comments like this.

>> No.4593914

Deadbeats you've got some cleaning up to do among your own ranks.

>> No.4593938

Lets retweet the shit outta this chad guys

>> No.4593966

there's also that kiwi farms thread I guess

>> No.4593992

Is this what got her down? They aren't even being disrespectful, what the fuck.
If you coddle your oshi against stuff like this, you're part of the problem and I hope you bawl your eyes out when she graduates.

>> No.4593993

Hi, Mori! Great stream you had earlier

>> No.4593999

That's not really weird, seems like reasonable criticism but it's stuff she's been hearing forever and just ignores so kind of pointless.

>> No.4594024

I’m seeing potential in Ame that hasn’t manifested yet. I know all about Coco, she’s a fucking legend, and will be one of the biggest influences on vtubing for years. I’m just trying to say that Ame is really creative with her streams, and could do a lot more if she gave her management the middle finger and did what she wants.

>> No.4594048
File: 34 KB, 717x380, hmph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having a twitter dot com account

>> No.4594074

I mostly agree, but I kinda wonder if part of it is the lack of in-person support for most of the EN talent due to covid. Calli has less of an excuse, because she's in Japan, but it can't help EN that they haven't been able to fly to Japan or have anyone come out to help since the start.

>> No.4594076
File: 730 KB, 1920x1078, Screenshot_20210530-192001_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope much?

>> No.4594088

You watched Ollie's POV didn't you? Ame was silently cracking up at Ollie's Zoomer jokes, but looked like awkward silence from Ollie's VOD.

>> No.4594092

Seems like genuine feedback to me, weirdanon

>> No.4594096

He's being an emotionally manipulative cunt.

>Why can't you girls focus more on the people who support you

They do. That doesn't mean they have to only listen to the yesmen.

>> No.4594099

>Shes probably recorded a bunch already that wont be out for months
>Probably big things; possibly an animated PV or something featuring her
>if she leaves HL, she might be liable for all financial loss incurred
>Probably under pressure to stay and keep doing more

todays stream was just low energy and she sounded resentful. Even before the break there was a collab with kiara where kiara kept cutting her off just to end stream faster. If thats really wine shes drinking on stream, mori needs to maybe stop and treat this like a rare opportunity. Even if its not exactly what she wanted to do and she doesnt get the humor or like the games, its better than stocking shelves at a Don Quixote and not even doing anything music related.

>> No.4594108

>He doesn't support his oshii on every platform she's active on

>> No.4594133

Neh Producer san said localizing hololive was his idea

>> No.4594142

>Only Kiara have enough social skills

>> No.4594178

Cringe comedy is the worst. Embarrassment by proxy is an extension of the empathetic part of the mind. You put yourself In the shoes of others for the purpose of learning from their mistakes. Their pain is your pain.

>> No.4594184

there's an asacoco playlist made by coco in her channel and half of them (latest ones) have english captions. check them out

>> No.4594190

I will support my oshi, not jack dorsey

>> No.4594191

Cover most likely held onto to her gold playbutton and have it hanging at their main office.

>> No.4594206

>still thinks UNITY isnt a meme
no one gives a fuck about unity, not even global.

>> No.4594230

No problem. Despite what I said, she's a decent person who went out of her way to publicly shut down SJW groomers trying to put her on a pedestal. She's just not (and in hindsight was really never) T1 material.

>> No.4594233

we're the ones paying them retard

>> No.4594254

Susei took it and has it at the Holohouse, the JP girls take turns coming over and pissing on it

>> No.4594268

does this mean we're going to lose the ttrpg? I was so hyped for this

>> No.4594271

Don't get me wrong, I do think it's good criticism and done respectfully. However, you have to admit receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of long criticisms like this would make anyone feel bad, no matter how respectfully it is written.
The criticism is very important for her to understand and improve her content from, but it's also understandable that she would private the stream after reading plenty of comments similar to this.

>> No.4594295


>> No.4594297

That reminds me of the LOL all women’s team. It was LOL right? The Vixens or something? A girl power marketing campaign. They completely bombed and god memed on by everyone they ever played. The other guys would pick random off meta shit and fuck them up with bad strats constantly. What a joke.

>> No.4594308

Someone sent me the file I didn't name it.

>> No.4594309
File: 1.14 MB, 4093x2894, 1620512531770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a good example but it is seriously off-topic, off to /v/ with you.
Imageslot for Unity.

>> No.4594314
File: 28 KB, 303x294, bueno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so hyped for that collab! Mori seems so into it and they all have some great characters to role play. I really hope it goes ahead and is as good as I imagine it'll be.

>> No.4594316

One of their early minecraft collabs

>> No.4594317

I have a funny feeling that it’s not going to happen.

>> No.4594329

Steam remote play is trash though, Parsec will be a noticeable improvement. Can't say by how much because there's no getting around ping that high.

>> No.4594355
File: 43 KB, 708x708, 1617893245333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not sweaty incels, just your open wound I'm afraid. This entire board is dedicated to getting girls paid you fucking mong. Back to twitter with you!

>> No.4594403

Damn it, I wanted to watch them play Phasmophobia. Anyone have it?

>> No.4594419

39 days is a record. But jap suits wouldn’t care, especially for some American dog.

>> No.4594426

professional women's football teams get destroyed by 15 year old uni boy teams. women are useless in real world matters

>> No.4594432

>until I came to /vt/

So you're a newfag, /vt/ didn't even exist at the time Coco was revolutionizing Hololive with AsaCoco.

>> No.4594442
File: 50 KB, 500x500, artworks-ySDyFT2sk3szUAmZ-LEpLYA-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know you are reading this thread.
I bet it hurts, but you shouldn't get offended at truth. Take the punishment, and do better next time.

>> No.4594446


>> No.4594471

They have it in the same place they put the other accessories that were supposed to be with her new outfit

>> No.4594490

>Imageslot for Unity.
you can keep posting unity all you want but the chuubas and your oshi is competitive and will not hesitate to beat their competition. yes, even Ina.

>> No.4594500

It’s one of the only things Mori has ever been excited over. America could start bombing Japan again and she’d find a way to make it work.

>> No.4594508

Support what anon? Making her shcedule? Making preparation before collab to minimaze scuff? Figured out how to do game settings? God forbid they do it themselves, it's literally their job, what so fucking hard about it?

>> No.4594509

and have any of these "original" (as in first time western vtuber fan experience) things resonated along every single streamer on the genre? Because that's what Coco did/do. She literally shaped vtubing as it is today. Amelia is just a normal nerdy white girl streamer compared to the whole of Hololive.

this is what would happen on a collaboration. These fans are delusional, but eh, that's what fans are in the end right?

It'll never be so easy. Hololive's brand is the reason why she got popular to start, knowing how to move around the billion japanese law limitations is how the talents will learn to stand out on the long run.

>> No.4594537

>Moldy egg in sink bathtub pizza womanchild who socially crumbles when the nice lady at the counter asks how she wants her coffee
>Stepping up to HR to ask for your shiny token
Never in a million billion years

>> No.4594544

I've seen the exact same messages 7-8 months ago. She will not learn. Hurting a retard for being retarded is just cruelty.

>> No.4594562
File: 109 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20210604_104834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4594593

God I love gura

>> No.4594594
File: 889 KB, 1347x726, 1622512286299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying any holos browse 4channel.

Get real. Calli said she was going to sleep after her latest tweet, anyway. This thread will be dead before she wakes up.

>> No.4594619

She is for mental bullying and abuse

>> No.4594631

It's pretty funny how resentful Mori is that she has to do more than the bare minimum for her golden goose 1/1,000,000 opportunity to be financially set for life. It's like she expects to make all this money and just...not do it.

>> No.4594634

While we are on the same side, you need to kill yourself

>> No.4594677

I like Ina because she seems to have her shit together the most out of all the girls and is always a supportive influence.

t. KFP

>> No.4594708

The girls are paid a flat salary of $45k USD per year and all the donations just go straight to Cover.

>> No.4594711

Yeah, she didnt mention she was going to sleep with me tho, you might want to know that.

>> No.4594716

She's lost her poorfag mentality. At the start she was living in a moldy box streaming off two paperclips and a roll of copper wire.

>> No.4594727

What kind of haters she is talking about? Seriosily, everywhere she is showered with virtue. Reddit, twitter, youtube, she is practically being worshipped, I searched as hard as I could, I saw 0, absolute 0 negative comments. And like/dislike ratio on her videos is extremely high.

>> No.4594749

A lot of people say gura is super anxious and depressed and that makes me sad, cute shark is cute and she seems like a nice person so I hope she can find a way to deal with her shit. If she needs someone to fuck her ass until shes gasping for it Im always there to help

>> No.4594754

Source on this? I am genuinely curious

>> No.4594757

Wow so she must have been menstruating constantly for almost a year now...

>> No.4594765
File: 438 KB, 499x504, 1622716707139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And like the undying phoenix, a new one will rise to take its place. Praise be to /vt/

>> No.4594769

An Asian boy, maybe she'll listen

>> No.4594792
File: 37 KB, 518x437, 1620784064929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just made it up. I didn't actually think someone would believe me.

>> No.4594799
File: 23 KB, 480x600, 1621781549107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just trust me bro

>> No.4594811

This, so much. I'd even be much happier with LESS streams, if they are about something she actually cares about and can be arsed to put the effort in to prepare beforehand and not "haha let's just wing it live, as always" when she phones it in... again.

>> No.4594823

THIS! Even when she dropped Off with their head, i only saw one or two of these "haters". Like where does she go to find these haters. Does she browse /vt/?

>> No.4594842

Based spreader of truths

>> No.4594863

Use your brain. She's not talking about haters at all. Just people who said that getting Gura to show up in Cuphead was not going to be a smooth process.

>> No.4594892

Holy based

>> No.4594955

surprised this thread is still up, tranny jannies really do be brapping

>> No.4594956


From what holos have said in the past it’s a fairly involved contract and probably varies from person to person. But the gist is YouTube takes 1/3rd of SC and cover has about a 50/50 split on all revenue sources. So girls make about half of ad money and about 1/3rd of SC. Most of them have comfortable income, and the top 10 are saving up for their first house.

>> No.4594961

Everyone going on crazy spending sprees, moving houses ect because they stumbled on to the vast sum of $45,000 paid out over a year. Seems legit.

>> No.4594974

Probably depends on how clean or messy the breakup will be, but looking at how even Aloe who maybe did three streams before could amass a saviorfag paypiggy brigade that offer her a middle class income (or at least above minwage), I have no doubt that Mori can take at least enough of a percentage of her dedicated akashitters with her when she goes back to DD, that she'd make more than she ever did as DD before Hololive.

>> No.4594975

they're not wealthy, they're just irresponsible as fuck.
>furfag cuck that ran the proxy that people used to get into pso2 after the ddos left routing in shambles took donations to pay for the AWS server it was on
>spent the donation money on fursuits
>got a job
>spent his first check on tickets to a con, shortly thereafter quit and tried to shit on everyone else in the project who actually could code on his way out
every furfag is always competing to be The Worst Furry.

>> No.4594987

I am ollie fan, i have none

>> No.4594991

the origin of every good rrat

>> No.4594993
File: 83 KB, 850x756, 1617593490626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the ENs, at least are /here/. Why? Who knows. Uncensored feedback? Doubtful, their manager can just do that and relay it. More likely they just like the atmosphere/humor or one of those weird faggots who cannot resist looking at what the 'haters' are saying.
Not that this is at all relevant. The criticism is from their comment section.

>> No.4595035
File: 192 KB, 1048x277, 1610428108049.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know who complained to her, I saw no complaints on Twitter and don't think she looks at YT comments. First of all what happened, including prechat:
>RCG switched to Cuphead a few hours because of permission issues (they were allowed all of RCG on all platforms EXCEPT steam, because Mori did not know she had to take care of something else as well for that - all of this confirmed in this very cuphead stream by mori
>10-20 min delay because Cuphead wasn't installed on-time by Mori
>additional 20 min delay because both Gura and Mori control player 1 and they don't know how to control player 2
>Mori asks chat how to fix this, they eventually do
>turns out Gura has a 0.5-1 second delay, making dodging and parrying very hard
>they try anyway, this is where the ironic clip comes in
>at the same time YT has a FNF stream open waiting for her to start, Jchad nukes it eventually
>Gura gets mogged by the first to bosses two bosses, essentially has to watch Mori play almost completely alone
>verbally decide to switch to phasmo 16 minutes after stream start / 1 hour after the scheduled starting time of the collab
>Mori hastily does the setup for phasmo on-stream for 10 mins with little talking inbetween about the scuff
>play 2 rounds / 40 minutes on phasmo and a total of 90+ minutes
>no mention of SCs, much less reading them
Now please do your part and spoonfeed this to whoever asks for the next 12 hours. All in all, this was ">implying Mori prepares for streams" except unironically
My rrat is that they (chuubas + management) are professional enough to notice when some fucks up, still try to salvage it more or less, and then reflect upon it afterwards and talk it through after the fact. She makes her first tweet while talking about this with Gura and/or management, decide this is below serviceable quality, video gets removed, second tweet sent, and now we are here.

>> No.4595054

Haters, death threats, any kind of unfair internet feedback can just be pulled out of your ass if you have an existing base of supporters, because no one will ask for proof and any doubters will be shamed.

>> No.4595076

Coco once again unknowingly saving us from a final yab. What can't this bitch do, she's too powerful. Plot armor too strong. Based dragon putting autist Cali in her place. wwww

>> No.4595103

RCG, YT (presumably not Youtube), FNF?

>> No.4595136

But deadbraps high on copium were reassuring themselves in the threads about how "nooo it was actually a greaaaat stream, haha scuff kino that's why we love our boi, you all just don't understaaaaand!"

It couldn't have been that they were all deflecting and deluding themselves, when even their cringe reaper oshi who they tried to defend couldn't deny how much of an absolute shit performance (again, mind you) that stream was? What a bunch of faggots, ogey...

>> No.4595175


>"I don't care...."

Yes, Mori, yes we know. And that's exactly the problem, you stupid bitch.

>> No.4595211

Pissed about her imaginary haters, just like every other rapper.

>> No.4595212

>having to dispel the "this might be offensive" thing constantly while trawling for lewds

>> No.4595227

>"owning the haters"
They don't even exist, its all in her head

>> No.4595237

Awww, better send a fat aka again next time Mori streams to wipe her tears about having to face criticism for repeatedly fucking up the same way time and again without ever actually learning and improcing from it. After all, streaming is just sooooo hard, she said...

>> No.4595238

It's called being Asian.

>> No.4595239

She's not here you fool.

>> No.4595246

The vast amount of Amelia's ideas are re-purposed twitch stuff.
Kiara matches the energy of her collab partners perfectly egg chama.

>> No.4595269

>The vast amount of Amelia's ideas are re-purposed twitch stuff.
Nothing is wholly original

>> No.4595298

Or alphabet soup agencies

>> No.4595305

Watching the video shows that she's just ribbing the people who said she wouldn't be able to get Gura to show up in the game.

>> No.4595308

river city girls, no idea, friday night funking

>> No.4595312
File: 739 KB, 601x719, 12848583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4595330

If only it was that simple.

>> No.4595341

On the one hand based, on the other hand "fuck the haters" can be the wrong lesson if autismo supreme just takes it as another "you're already doing totally fine, just keep doing the same shit you always do" coddling and never facing up at least to the reasonable criticism that she definetly should prepare better and test out shit before streams, because otherwise this shit will always happen again... and again...and again...

>> No.4595394

>egg chama.

>> No.4595408

River City Girls, yes Youtube, Friday Night Funkin'.

>> No.4595540

You never seen a 2 liter bottle before?
Also, what is perspective?
Your ancestors are disappointed in you.

>> No.4595551

she literally has another Coco collab scheduled already you dumb ape

>> No.4595560

>still believing in that rrat
She is hardly a SJW.

>> No.4595601

Now the idea is interesting by itself, but is hololive audience even into that kind of content? Seems pretty niche western hobby.

>> No.4595638

Never heard of one of the most popular vtubers (especially in Holo) but you heard of one of the less popular ones in comparison? Interesting.

>> No.4595645

what deadbeat thread have you been reading?
it was deadbeats shitting on her on youtube comments too
even they got tired of the scuff

>> No.4595646

Let me feed you a rrat. EN Producersan is actually Coco. She works two jobs at cover. One as a streamer m, the other as producer for holo EN.
Source: My Grandma's fortune cookie.

>> No.4595687


Yeah basically this, these people talk to each other outside of streaming and nobody but them knows what's going on. It's fun to read rrats and all but I can't imagine Gura actually hating Calli or anything, this really isn't a big deal.

>> No.4595729

If only it was actually so, anon.

>> No.4595751

this probably stung since that dude is a day 1 member and someone that Mori semi-regularly responds to in streams/SCs
not even a big paypig, just hangs around a lot

>> No.4595752

I wish I the one getting pissed on by the holohouse girls. imagine the smell. The warm piss dripping wet over your face. Urgh just thinking about makes me hard as fuck.

>> No.4595786
File: 137 KB, 463x453, heh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mori really is the worst holo for gaming streams, by far.

>> No.4595797

Damn she really can't take any constructive criticism. No wonder her music career never took off.

>> No.4595814

Don’t forget yesterday’s stream when she was getting chink spammed, Ina turned on members only mode and told them “if you’re going to spam, you better pay up”.

>> No.4595822


>> No.4595894

You mean when she called her Rebecca?

>> No.4595927

she regularly checks through YT comments actually, it's one of the most common feedback channels she responds to

>> No.4595931

>not autistic
do takoniggers really?

>> No.4595960

how would you know?

>> No.4595973

I don't even watch Ina regularly and I'll be the first to admit that her streams never disappoint.

>> No.4595977

I just got an epiphany about what probably happened after seeing the streamable.

>says she'll do Cuphead stream
>some people warn her it's a bad idea because no online + connection delay
>because of the usual reddit only-happy-thoughts mentality she discards them as haters
>shit goes badly
>some people probably said they told her it would
>goes full exaggerated pity mode

>> No.4596021

If you just listen to her streams, then yes

>> No.4596249


>> No.4596314

Who, precisely, do you think is watching EN?

>> No.4596381

nerds into lord of the rings, dungeons and dragons stuff, not weebs into jrpgs fapping to lolli hentai. There is some cross over. But none of them are watching Critical Role. Yall probably dont know what that is despite it being biggest dungeons and dragons show.

>> No.4596416

anon knows mori

>> No.4596456

Everyone I have talked to is pretty excited for it. Those two audiences have a lot of crossover these days, look at Kiara even

>> No.4596459

I am in that cross over and I think it's bigger than you think

>> No.4596493

Then cry a bit about being pressured on stream and pull 50K in superchats. After that, pretend it never happened until the next loop, and when it does, repeat.

>> No.4596522

Did she actually say this? Or is this because she never posted a picture of it?

>> No.4596560

Yeah, it's the only time I've heard her stream where she wasn't spilling her spaghetti all over herself. If she brought that kind of confidence to her streams regularly, I might actually tune in.

>> No.4596638

Literally everyone knows what Critical Role is because they spent a year or two having Susan recommend it to anyone who watched anything even remotely geeky on Youtube when it first started.

>> No.4596668


>> No.4596699

kill yourself

>> No.4596747

How to setup the equipment, maybe tips on problems other Holos have had in the past, a checklist for how to rundown if you are prepared for a stream from a technical sense. Advice on setting up the config etc. ahead of time.

Remember, not all of them are technically inclined, and the Holos in JP had the benefit of that support from Cover, being able to go visit the office, etc. IE: Gura's eye-flutter issue being really bad, people wondered if that was due to glasses and the angle of the tracking camera.

Obviously this is more a general statement for Ina/Ame/Gura, since the others are/were in JP. Maybe Calli needs more in-person guidance from J-Chad? If you aren't naturally a very organized person, it's going to be very hard to stay on top of scheduling and procedures.

>> No.4596789

I don't get it, the Phasmo part was fine

>> No.4596849

Testing your shit before a gaming stream is no different than her prepping for a karaoke stream. Doing a dryrun of stuff before you start the stream is not rocket science.

>> No.4597079

Yous guyz

>> No.4597249

This is the most obnoxious shit from her. I've already accepted to have zero expectations for her to prepare for gaming streams she clearly can't be arsed to give a shit about - but for someone who's supposed to be the "music EN", and I can buy that she cares about her music at least, to repeatedly mess up her "karaoke" segments (where she just sings the same of her half-a-dozen songs anyway) instead of preparing at least your own shit beforehand is just mindboggling. Haha who couldn't have known the same lag issues that plagued your last karaoke would happen again this time, no one could've predicted that, oh well let's just wing it like always, amirite my deadbeats, because you braindead yes-man just loooove hearing me stop-starting the same song over and over to "fix" an issue that could've been prevented by me ages ago, and will invariably also happen next time again...

>> No.4597289

Streaming itself isn't that hard, but if you aren't a naturally organized person, you're gonna have a hard time being a Vtuber 5-6 days a week.

Also, US prime streaming hours (3-11pm Pacific) coincide with 7am-3pm JST. I bet you most recording studios only operate during the day, or charge extra for off-hours. So if she wants to be doing her music and recording as well, that probably overlaps.

Which means you need to be even more disciplined and organized to make it work out. Which I get the feeling she isn't. And honestly for most people it would be hard to keep that up day in, day out for weeks and months. She just appears to especially struggle with it.

>> No.4597351

I think they just need to learn to make sure it boots and setup the config ahead of time, then close it out. You might spoil yourself a tiny bit, but it's worth it to ensure a smooth stream.

>> No.4597378


Fucking bitch keeps getting buttered up by deadbraps that she thinks she can get away with it (she does), you would think that Coco deservingly embarrassing her would do something but nah... Hololive is a bubble

>> No.4597478

Yeah, her previous persona did A LOT of drinking to cope with the social anxiety. I'm glad she swore off the booze for Gura though, as that doesn't lead to a healthy place. And then you suddenly explode onto the scene and surpass every senpai within 2 months.

I can see why that would cause imposter syndrome and ramp up the anxiety even more. Thankfully it seems she's eased into it, but I'm sure some of the anxiety will never go away. Some people are just wired that way.

To her credit, she honestly does have great skills at banter and filling dead air without being obnoxious about it.

>> No.4597559

>Hololive is a bubble
That’s her ambitions getting ahead of her.
I do think deadbeats criticize her when she needs criticizing. But for gods sake she’s thinking and talking 100 steps ahead of herself when she’s barely figured out how to take the first 2.

>> No.4597647

>if you aren't a naturally organized person, you're gonna have a hard time being a Vtuber 5-6 days a week.
This. Gura or Kiara struggle with this much less, and Kiara streams an absurd amount of time.
I don't think either of them are remarkably organized. It's just that Mori is a combination of disorganized (=doesn't know well enough when to spend time on what) and overambitious (=tries to do more than she can do with her time). Someone like Gura wouldn't come up with the idea of working on 3 different things in a day because she knows it would be over her head. Mori tries to do it anyway and not cut corners / work smarter until she has to bail on something, right this instant, or forget about it until it's too late.

>> No.4597864

Here's my stinky rrat

Mori felt bad about the scuff and overreacted by privating the stream. She was more angry at herself than she was offended by some randos criticism, yet she used the criticism as an excuse to justify her self-hating ways.

Mori will be fine after a good nights sleep and a little time to think about stuff.

>> No.4598243

No personality either

>> No.4598245

>Mori will be fine after a good nights sleep and a little time to think about stuff.

Yes, well recovered to ruin yet another collab. SasuGUH nigger of nippon.

>> No.4598271

>Mori never collabs, wtf
>Mori is shit when she collabs, she should never do it
>a bullet in your brain-pan to finally stop your autism

Choose one. Mori can't grow if she doesn't try, nijinigger

>> No.4598291
File: 336 KB, 828x540, SheDidntGetAwayWithIt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4598324

You fags are as sadistic and pathetic as the chinks who want Coco gone.

>> No.4598341

Shes really a human dude, she did the right thing, feelings bad and continuing acting like a subhuman not fixing clear issues is what kiara does instead

>> No.4598346

Creepy Joe got them fingers deep in the CalliCunny

>> No.4598362

You don't understand. I love to hate her

>> No.4598401

ya that's what sadism is you dumbfuck

>> No.4598413

anon, kiara notices us more than kfp.
we will not change.

>> No.4598451


>> No.4598500

dont ever compare coco who was mentally strong to take chink spam attacks on her twitter, her streams and any collab for months to the vapid attention whore who complained when she got to 1M.

kiara doesnt come close to the dragon in terms of character.

>> No.4598537

I think actual humans dont sperg out about everything is that why you think they act old? because theyrent screaming like monkeys and acting literally retarded?

>> No.4598588

God, you must have sniffed the skid marks off her skirt by now with how much of this Coco defense force posting I've seen from you today, anon

>> No.4598591

I would call her many things, but I don't know if "ambitious" is the right word for the specific problem of her repeatedly not preparing for gaming collabs and testing shit out beforehand.
Or we just have different definitions of "ambition", because for me that would be a significant part of taking my "job" (of being an entertaining streamer or whatever) serious and professionally enough to clear and solve any preventable issues (technical or otherwise) beforehand so I can have the best stream possible. But yeah, whatever her "ambition" is, it seems to be laying elsewhere.

>not cut corners
Her not preparing for games is exactly the kind of "cutting corners" that's a large part of her problems. I don't even know if I could buy the usual excuse cope of "oh no she clearly couldn't make the one hour or so it takes to test / confirm if the game is good, because she's always just sooooooo busy with her music!". At a certain point it gets unbelievable, because she's clearly not working 24 hours a day on her music, and it gets more probable to admit that she just doesn't fucking care enough about game stream quality and probably just lies in bed, eats ubereats or watches ch*rlie twitchstreams or whatever else she likes to do during the time she's not working on her music that she could use to prepare for games but does anything else instead.

>Mori will be fine after a good nights sleep and a little time to think about stuff.

Sure, she'll be "fine" the same way she has been the past when she made promises and "sorry I fucked up, teehee, I'll improve later" non-apologies, only to break them and regress back to her same bullshit issues again like always, and it happened enough that no-one besides the hardened yes-men deadbraps have any sort of expectation that oh yes THIS time is the one she'll definetly improve! (and deadbraps don't have any expectations for her either, but their reasons are that they're already happy to lap up all the same lame shit she always puts out)

>> No.4598599

Yeah just incels

Definitely not her being a fuckass lazy retard that didnt prepare for the game she was supposed to play

>> No.4598800

Just because Kiara deals with self-doubt issues doesn't mean she deserves to be labeled as an attention whore. And in case you haven't realized yet, Kiara and Coco don't have the same mentalities when it comes to dealing with harsh negativity.

>> No.4598954

>Kiara and Coco don't have the same mentalities when it comes to dealing with harsh negativity.
thats the point of my post. dont compare someone who cries about reaching 1M last to the dragon who took on the chinks for months, faggot.

>has no reply other than attacks and passive aggressive comments
go throw some red supachas to the attention whore while she cries about her antis, kfp.

>> No.4599009

Who the fuck cares about some tech issues and unpreparedness making an otherwise good collab a little bit scuffed? My life doesnt depend on the streams and Im not schizo so I sure af dont.

>> No.4599026

I'm not partial one way or the other to Kiara or Coco, but you've been a mongrel all day

>> No.4599061

>I'm not partial one way
you sound like you are when you compare coco with the vapid whore who cries about reaching 1M last in her gen. who do you think you're fooling, kfp?

>> No.4599133

I wasn't the one to compare the two, you sperg.

I just kept seeing you while trying to follow this thread and decided it was time to tell you that you are being annoying.

>> No.4599220

You said the key word yourself. Persona. We have no idea how much the actual girl behind the gremlin drinks, if at all lol.

>> No.4599263

>reddit spacing
>kfp defense force
why dont you also run some red spachas while she cries about her antis, lad

>> No.4599417

I'll turn 360 degrees and walk away

>> No.4599765

This is bait right?

>> No.4600211

It can go either way, really. If you go by her descriptions of her mother and relative lack of father talk, she could be this delicate wallflower of a girl.

But on the other side of said flower will forever be a fucking veteran memer who can certainly dish it out right on the spot.

>> No.4600677

I think our definitions of ambition are close enough to one another, the difference I am making is that she is not only a streamer, but also tries to take many other things seriously and professionally. If taking it all professional would require 18 hours out of your day but you only have 18 hours at your best of days, something will end up subpar, no matter your expectations. The question here would be: Does Mori want to give up on some of her high expectations to fulfill others? Or who knows, maybe she is a lazy piece of shit at times. I agree with you insofar that I think this was certainly preventable. But I also agree with based tako >>4597864 : I personally don't give a fuck, I unironically do not watch her for gameplay and some collabs are so good that I rewatch them.
>because she's clearly not working 24 hours a day on her music
>probably just lies in bed, eats ubereats or watches ch*rlie twitchstreams
The details on that are doxxshit-exclusive, let's say that's possible and leave it at that.

>> No.4600821

Hi Mori

>> No.4600880

>>4600677 (samefagging)
>not cut corners
I meant this as the very opposite of "planning to do things in a more convenient manner": not dealing with things until they have to be dealt with in the only way left: poorly. That doesn't mean she was too lazy to do it. Caring more about something else doesn't mean she wouldn't have cared if she had the time in her subjective and arguably mislead sense of "having time".

>> No.4602095

Data can only be transferred as fast as the network allows (fiber optic being about 60% of the speed of light due to imperfections in the glass and signal loss over long runs making signal repeaters necessary every so often). Video games need a constant stream of small amounts of data in order to play "properly" with minimal latency. Trying to play a twitch action game across the fucking ocean is dumb.

>> No.4602287

that's a silly rrat management wouldn't even have time to watch the streams most of the time not to mention openly criticize the quality if anything Calli seems well respected in Hololive they wouldn't give her the song for Hololive Alternative if that wasn't the case if anything she must feel the pressure of high expectations.

>> No.4602356

Why did you neglect your meds?

>> No.4602361

No problems dude. Honestly, she can fuck up her solo streams all she likes, as long as she's happy with her output, her fans are happy, and I'm happy to ignore it because I can't stand it and just stay away like a reasonable person. It's just that when she collabs with girls I actually do like to watch, and invariably brings the same kind of bullshit that makes me not watch her solo streams already into collabs I actually want to watch, and drags them down, I'll voice my opinion, and there shouldn't be a problem with that (deadbraps are entitled to say how much they love her and her content, I'm entitled to say it's shit.and I'd rather want her to improve)

If she has decided that "actually taking the little time it would take to do the bare minimum of preparation for a game" just so happens to be the ONE part of her job that needs to be cut (I have more problems with her, for example her general onstream attitude in collabs is a turnoff too, and that doesn't even need "time" to fix, but yeah we're just talking about the preparation issue for now) because she's just soooo busy with all the other stuff she prioritizes more (I'm being sarcastic, of course, because this is just a basic request that wouldn't take hours and doesn't unreasonably require her to get a computer science degree, for example), that's on her. And as someone who doesn't like her other stuff she prioritizes more instead (for example her music) much either, I'm not even getting the upside of "w-well, at least her other content is better", but I'm happy that you have at least something else to enjoy.2

>That doesn't mean she was too lazy to do it.
We may disagree on this one, because that's rather the definition of laziness for me, because again, I'm just not buying the "ooh sorry, I couldn't make the 30 mins it takes to do a basic test of the game I want to play (or even listen to the people who TOLD me it was gonna be shit) out of my day, because I was just soooo busy with music making, that totally took up the rest 23:30 hours of my time and there wasn't any left over to do game prep, teehee teehee", because it already happened too often in the past (was she "too busy" then too?) and it's a pretty safe bet going by the pattern that will invariably happen again in the future (of course, she'll be "too busy" then also, right?), that I'm so over it and wish she'd just fuck off either way (just don't do game collabs if you can't be arsed / don't have time to prepared, and just do a simple talking collab (hell, those tend to be your "best" ones anyway), or just fuck off and don't do collabs at all so I don't have to grudgingly endure your bullshit when you drag down girls I actually want to watch)

>> No.4602583

I wouldn't be surprised if the reason Cover are being lax with collabs now is because she threatened to quit and join Vshojo.

>> No.4602948

Are noncompetes a thing in such cases?

>> No.4603297

Why are the girls incapable of loading a game up and testing it before they schedule a stream?

>> No.4603386

Not girls. Just Mori.
Gura was getting up at what I understand was like 3am - with all her sleep problems - to collab, so it was on host to prepare.

>> No.4603462

she is the only one in japan right now. testing things means 1 of the 2 has to get out of their timezone to try test things and both girls are busy.
And mori doesnt want to bother her genmates too much. She wants to have fun with them but there are few things she can do becasue of tech limitations. She always try to find something new for them to do. She isnt lazy she is clumsy

>> No.4603477

It was 7am her time, anon

>> No.4603492

Because you're a newfag
I question if it was a dox though, Gura might not have known. But it absolutely kills the narrative that en are all close personal friends. And unity fags are autistic.
I'm not spoonfeeding you. nice try though /v/.

>> No.4603515

are you stupid? do your time reps

>> No.4603534

Kiara did the same thing with supermarket shriek. manager said it had online multiplayer and she trusted them. I think that was the second time too.

>> No.4603600

I just don't give a fuck.

>> No.4603718

I always knew this bitch was evil just look at the carnage she forced on those 6 peaceful women whose lives were destroyed because of her and now she wants to destroy another branch EN

>> No.4603850

So it really did not happen outside of your schizo head, lol.

>> No.4603923

Here's a better question, why do the girls (well, some more than others) always insist that it has to be a GAME collab in the first place, and can't just simply have a nice and relaxed talking stream?

This would solve multiple issues in one go - first it eliminates the chance of technical fuckups, so that should make it an attractive proposition for ~those~ girls who can't be assed to prepare for streams anyway so they're always """somehow""" plagued with these totally surprising tech issues. And secondly, don't they realize that the audience mostly doesn't watch them for the gameplay anyway and is just there to see their interaction - "game" collabs are also always the best in the moments where they actually DON'T focus on the game and simply just talk to each other and banter naturally. In fact many games have, more often than not, been an active DETRIMENT to a good collab, because one or more of the girls always overfocuses on the gameplay and becomes a mute drag for it.

The most reasonable explanation for this behavior is that some girls, especially the ones that are particularly unimaginative in general or lack confidence in their conversation ability specifically, think they have to lean on a game as a "crutch" to carry a stream because they've convinced themselves they aren't entertaining enough on their own.

>> No.4604059

Because then you have to pull up things on the fly, it's not like when we had the Kiara x Polka collab where Minecraft didn't work for them, but Polka being a natural salvaged that when they resorted to a talking stream for the last half.

>> No.4604082

Not working, you can figure out how to do your archive reps if you wanna know.

>> No.4604109

people always act like hololive should be streamers biggest priority in life. just acknowledge that she doesnt put as much effort in and go watch one of the girls who dedicates their life to it

>> No.4604133

>Here's a better question, why do the girls (well, some more than others) always insist that it has to be a GAME collab in the first place, and can't just simply have a nice and relaxed talking stream?
This is easy. They have no chemistry.

>> No.4604154

Sad schizo excuses keep coming.

>> No.4604201

>bros. you don't understand. It's difficult to load up a game once. or even to look at the steam store page.
She did shitty and admits it you need to as well deadbeat.

>> No.4604267

Just a bit more and we can force Mori to graduate

>> No.4604338

But that's what most people already do anyway? It's just that when Mori brings her usual shit into collabs with other girls that people are actually watching, they are forcefully reminded again why they don't watch Mori in the first place, and I don't blame them for pointing this out.

>> No.4604389

Who cares, Gura moved the schedule for mori because mori had better things to do tomorrow.

>> No.4604450

Yeah, but what does that accomplish?

>> No.4604638

her go back to her real friends so she doesnt have to suffer all this trouble working with these people she despises

>> No.4604715

She can follow her actual dreams with the money she's accumulated.

>> No.4604747

They dont have the creativity or charm to pull off a zatsudan with each other. Games are an easy way out for them because whenever I watch any EN, i get the feeling they do not like their audience, only Ame's feels genuine but even that is getting tested with her recent antics. EN just doesnt like weebs, I feel.

>> No.4604876

Bold of you to thibk that anyone with more than one braincell watches her. Doesn't mean we shouldn't shit on her though

>> No.4604917

Honestly wouldn't mind that at all. But her stubborn-ass is going to take quitting Hololive as accepting defeat and probably disappear shortly afterwards. I have a love-hate relationship with Mori for this exact reason.

>> No.4604929

No more Mori, no more threat of unpalatable collabs ever.

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