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Your oshi is YOUR oshi. It doesn't matter what anyone here tells you. You have the right to be entertained by any chuuba you like, and fully appreciate them for it. Even if it feels like you're the only one who likes them, there are plenty of others who support your favorite vtuber too. So don't feel bad about your preferences.
>unless you dislike ame

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But if someone tries to touch her in a place or in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable, that's no good.

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I don't know how to tell when I find an oshi. I watch too many chuubas

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Value that. You are able to avoid playing favorites. But pray tell how long have you been watching vtubers? I couldn't really pick a favorite at first.

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If you had an oshi you'd know. If you feel like you want to support her or you just really want to see her be happy and succeed in her endeavors, then that's an oshi. Also, there's nothing wrong with having multiple oshis.

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Only about 6 months.

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In 2 months ask yourself which on you watch the most. That one is your oshi.

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>Also, there's nothing wrong with having multiple oshis.
Speaking of that, what's the difference between being a DD or a hako-oshi?

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Oh wow. I picked out my favorite after about 4 months

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I guess I just like them all.

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If it counts for anything, I've been into vtubers since mid 2018 and I still don't have an oshi either.

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Literally speaking they mean the same thing, but DD is more of a pejorative term.

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I had watched her for a year and only realized that when she took a break. Sometimes you only realize you love someone when you lost them.

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Having someone as an oshi is not even remotely the same as being in love with them. You people are mistaking it for gachikoi.

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