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>watching Henry Stickman stream
>speaks like a toddler
>narrates each death quote in a babyish voice
Have I grown out of V Tubers? Or is Gura just garbage?

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Gura makes childrens entertainment.
It's the main reason the channel is so huge.
Believe it or not, there aren't enough pedos to supply 2.8 mil subs.

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Henry Stickmin literally has devs on Among Us anon.... of course they put references in.

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that sounds awesome
too bad im too autistic to watch it because I dont want to spoil the game for myself even though I bought it over a year ago and prob wont ever play it

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No, it’s just Gura. Watch some girls to cleanse your palette

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It's just a style you don't like, anon.
You need to stick to what you like and occasionally take a break

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Sus thread

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just watch it, its a superior experience.

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It's Goorah, anon.

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>speaks like a toddler

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>speaks like a toddler
a toddler I want to fuck

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more and more she is speaking in japanese like a retard, its getting sad, more than anything.

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The last episode hit before Among Us got huge. If you watch Pikamee's playthrough (August 2020), only a couple people recognize Amogus.

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The game is basically a movie anyways.

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Neither. You’re just garbage

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sussy op

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duuuude no please no

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>Or is Gura just garbage?
She's John Cena of vtubing - knows 4 tricks, adored by marks and ignored by smarks.

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are you gay OP?

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we are in the Mori shitting arc anon, go back later when Gura does a yab so your shitposting gets traction

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Just watch her play it, it was kino.

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im startin to think the zoomer audience does infact come from somewhere

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It comes from 4chan, uncomfortable to think about but it's true

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shes just your every day little and shes getting more open about it. it might not be your fetish but its very popular in america

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I don't know who this OP guy is but he sounds like a faggot.

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Personally, I liked Pikamee's playthrough more. Mainly because I thought it would be cool to see someone who didn't really grow up with the memes like I did. Pikamee's reactions to the game were very fun and I was Satisfied. Gura's was nice. I was hoping for her to get more references. Thought she would be more in the know, but it was still alright. I had fun.

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>bought a fucking flash game
You're not joking when you say you have autism.

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You just have garbage tastes.

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Just watch the VOD. I've played the game before but the game is actually funnier when you're watching someone laugh and cringe at it.

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What are some references she missed. The only one I remember was sweet bro and hella jeff, but I watched only an hour or so of the stream

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Gura is by far the worst EN, Cumbuds falseflag by attacking orange and pink woman

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Hey, I also buy games that I have no intentions on playing them. Gura's reactions are very cute! Please watch her!

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Us being in the Mori shitting arc is exactly why Gura anti threads are popping up, cuckbeats are trying to bury the mori anti threads by redirecting hate towards Gura. That's why you always see the same posts in these threads and why they only target her latest stream.

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We have these kind of threads EVERY TIME Gura has more live watchers than usual.
Unironically just follow your own advice and stop watching her, tourist-san and go shitpost about Gigguk or something.

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Watch Calliope Mori, she's more your speed.

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Imagine being this mad that Gura is successful.

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>chickenfag has to shit on Gura because Kiara is last place
Do chickenfags really?

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wrong. mori is now the worst. cope

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