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Risu is not impressed

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Look how happy she is. Hnng

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There is a version without police tape... Right?

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Not that I'm aware of, sadly

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That's a shame. It's still good but I feel a bit blueballed now

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Keyboard ASMR in 4 hours. Squirrel makes stream schedule live on stream.

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ID+stars collab, ID gen 1 Bomberman, AND a DBD collab on top of that? Will our introverted squirrel be ogey?

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It's heart-warming to see Risu so excited. I know it could never happen, but I would love a stream that's just Risu walking around catching Pokemon and ranting about her love of Slowpoke.

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This is way too relaxing. I think I might

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Why is she loving Slowpokes again? Spirit pokemon?

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Anon, NO

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Stop breaking containment

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risu really is just a shitposter isn't she

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>Guerilla weak again
Just end me

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Risu I love you, hopefully I can catch a stream live again one day

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I really hope Risu collab wioll be soon

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I missed the stream today. Did she really say this was going to be another guerilla week?

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Yeah. Apart from 2 collabs on the 10th (IDstars) and 11th (Gen 1 Bomberman) at 20:00 gmt+7, it's gonna be guerilla. I really hope she will be able to do prisuners night on saturday.

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It's exam month boyz so what did you expect?

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Has Risu actually been acting as a misunderstood performance artist for months? She is doing all these weird "ASMR" streams and generally not acting like a sane person who wants to grow their channel. Is she holding up a mirror to her audience, making us think about the nature of the vtuber medium itself beyond the superficial entertainment to be had by it? It is either this or she has lost her mind.

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It's just poor timing really.
She had great momentum for a few weeks but it obviously wore her down so she took a break, but then got sick which led into this week where she's back to surprise streams at her own pace.
The sad thing is that it kills these threads cause you can't discuss what isn't happening.

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Well, Risu said it herself, she doesn't want to do what is most popular at the moment or what all vtubers "should" do. Squrl would rather do what she wants, even if that means lower numbers.

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Good luck to her with the exams then

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hello from nijiEN, I don't want your thread to die since the prisuners have been pretty cool to us

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Thank you for your kind thoughts during this difficult time. Pomu love!

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Make sure to stream over Coco's graduation Risu, it's almost a ceremony at this point.

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It's a little hard to find the motivation to finish this Risu art I'm working on.
How are the rest of you risuners holding up?

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I WAS drawing but the announcement has killed my motivation for a little bit, probably just gonna relax for the rest of the day. What are you drawing anyway?

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Risu relaxing with her new Galarian Slowpoke.

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That sounds pretty cute good luck

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Thanks! What about yourself? What are/were you drawing?

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It got deleted, anyone save it?

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>and generally not acting like a sane person who wants to grow their channel
Guess that's why I love her so much

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Guess I will focus on keeping the thread alive today since I don't feel like working anyways.

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I got used to this somewhat and doing VOD reps. But yeah motivation is down.

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You won't slip out of the board Tree Rrat

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That means Risu probably won't show up in reddit shitpost review and won't call their memes fucking normie cringefest. Truly the darkest timeline...

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She could take over as /vt/ meds giver and that would be a dankest timeline.

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...at any moment, any one in here could be Risu

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Risu bebe!

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New ip to the rescue.

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Hi squirrel girl~

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this time some android sqrl

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I don't know this looks like a trap

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Is there an equation to describe propability of Risu being in this thread atm?

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Y=0X +0
She's studying - as far as I know - for her exams. Therefore comming here would be quite the time-wasting. Also the thread has slowed to a crawl since she left.

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Yeah, surely nobody would waste their time shitposting here instead of studying to the exams that take place next week, haha...

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>tfw finals tomorrow

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Good luck anon.
Mine will start next month, but I have to do some projects for now

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Do you even jeb_ /vt/?

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No, I yab.

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you risu fans doesn't even care about coco huh? i guess risu herself doesn't really get involved with anybody else beside her genmates.

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Well since she's here she could tell us the truth. Anonymously of course.

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I care, but I'm not going to lament about it in a dead Risu thread of all places.

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I do, but while I'm here I care about keeping this thread alive through fucking 6th trumpet a bit more.

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There is milion Coco rrats thread.
We don't want to bring it to Risu thread too cus it's Risu thread.

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you're right, I don't care

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I do care and it saddens me quite deeply, but this thread is not a place for that topic.
Now post smug Risu

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I refuse

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Anon, we've not hornyposted for over 24 hours now, in the goddamn Risu thread. What do you not understand about mourning

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So still guerilla streams for this week?

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today and tommorow there are some big collabs, so I guess no gorilla. Most likely there will be some prisuners night at Saturday and I think that's it

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I really hope warden will do prisuners night this week.

>> No.4896838

I hope so.
For now I wonder how good is Risu when it comes to Mario Cart though

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Squrl goes brrr

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So, who's gonna win?

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the stars, in so many ways...

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5 minutes let's gooooo

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Thank you Risu for sparing my ears

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Do your best Risu!!!

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Risu is too quiet for this kind of event... I wish she would unleash her power more.

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Shy sqrl, pls understand

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No homo, but I can see why everyone says Tenma a good boy

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She did warm up and talks with her team now

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My oshi got carried, LETS FUCKING GO.
The collab was pretty fun.

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my friend wont fucking believe me risu nor moona lurks here can you give me some proof
im going insane

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Buy membership.

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she don't, these people are delusional

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Risu lurk here only to find sexy lewds of her and th/is thread didn't provide anything for a while so she probably lost intrest

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Why don't you ask Risu? She might answer.

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Squirrel goes BOOM!

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this could have been risu, but instead she wasted her talent by avoiding karaoke for no reason...

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She is working on it, Currently improving her room and audio setup, It often get in the way when she try to do a proper karaoke.

>> No.4938173

Despite it being SOUL I am so fucking glad the AC is no longer audible.

>> No.4940257

One day she'll regain motivation and will go out with singing. I believe.

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File: 324 KB, 1280x720, AMEEEZZIINGGGG !!!!! [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F67mjoz.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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tfw out of the 3 Risu is the tech support

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Special freetalk tomorrow!

>> No.4945055

>Streams it at peak JP Hours
No one will know it's special if it's flooded by every other Holo!

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Risu's free talks are special regardless of how many people she has to stream over!

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