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>Coco graduate
no tweet
>Miko came back
no tweet
>Ina drawing
no tweet

she doesn't care about hololive right?

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she is a fucking whore.

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She doesn't care about anything anon

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>not caring about the worst Holos in their respective branches
I love this cute oni

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Sorry she's too busy fucking me to tweet. I'll remind her to say something soon dont worry

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She just hates degeneracy
Dirty haafu

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Kneel to ojou or she will stream over your oshi.

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Aqua too

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I’m starting to seriously believe the rrat that she is indeed a right wing radical

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>Ina drawing
>no tweet
What are you talking about? She did tweet.

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>Kiara drama time
ayame anti right here
>Mori drama time
ayame anti right here
>Coco drama time
ayame anti right here

wtf schizo? go outside

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>she doesn't care about hololive right?
Nope, it's just a job.

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Ayame niggers really think that she's something because of her cute scripted character in hologra while in reality she's just the laziest most boring person in the company

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She doesnt tweet when she's away

It's that simple, stop antiing, plus she's friend with everyone in hololive

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luv ojou
simple as

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a weekly 4 hour stream is better than streaming an hour every single day

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you gotta admire the lengths she goes through to treat hololive as a gig

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Is she seriously the only JP Holo to not tweet about Coco? That's bullshit because unless her health condition is so bad she's in a coma, Ayame is tweeting.

She's like Mori, by less talented. Beloved for being endearing and shyly cute with no soul.

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I kneel

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What's her day job?

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Watching holo streams

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Haachama still hasn't tweeted yet. But it's understandable in case of Haachama since she's prep for their finals in their semester. Other than her, yeah, only Ayame.

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sorry ill let her go soon but her pussy is tight an i like it a lot

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Gura didn't tweet either, but she retweeted Coco's message and a fanart of her.

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I stand corrected.

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Does she even make much content for members? Serious question.

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I didn't mention IDs or ENs since apparently, Coco didn't tell them beforehand.

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No not that much, join membership only if you love Ayame

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Watching le 9coco army cannibalize other vtubers has been amusing. Does coco have chronic health issues like ayame? Did she ever tweet anything sympathetic to her plight? She must be evil too I guess

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Gacha games are less of a waste of money. At least shitty pulls get you SOMETHING.

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Nakiri "Cocks are Yummy" Ayame
Nakiri "大丈夫?おっぱいもむ?" Ayame
Nakiri "White Christmas" Ayame
Nakiri "40,000 yen an hour" Ayame
Nakiri "I've had bigger" Ayame
Nakiri "Yariman with a Plan" Ayame
Nakiri "The Cock Lover at Cover" Ayame
Nakiri "Condoms are Silly" Ayame
Nakiri "I'd rather Rim than Stream" Ayame
Nakiri "I'll take 肉 over Miko"

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Kill yourself obsssessed migopi

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she is too busy having sex with me, sorry anon-chama

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whore love

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Do you say happy birthday to all your family members on twitter?

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She cares about ojisan cock and money more.

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Enjou kousai.

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Not the same concept. She's always been the one least interested in collabing outside her gen and doesn't really reach out to her coworkers. Right now, Coco made a huge announcement and she's radio silent when even Aqua tweeted about Coco.

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Good. The "omg they love each other so much we're like sisters who are also lesbian lovers" stuff that HL fans buy into is tiring.

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How many hours of public crying must ayame devote to the passing of dear leader reddit dragon?

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Korokayu is real.

>> No.4912362

People are asking for a simple tweet to say something about the dragon, but let's exaggerate that sentiment instead. Get some meds son.

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>whines about exaggeration
>believes someone voluntarily quitting their job is a big deal

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One for every dick she's taken this week

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>Nakiri "Yariman with a Plan" Ayame

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>Ina drawing
>no tweet
Ayame "If you're Korean you better start fleein'" Nakiri
Ayame "Road racer, gook eraser" Nakiri
Ayame "See a gook, give him a spook" Nakiri
Ayame "She's purple? I'll give her a hurtle" Nakiri
Ayame "Korean nation deserves the graduation" Nakiri
Ayame "If your name starts with "Nin" I'll tear you limb from limb" Nakiri
Ayame "The Third Reich in a kimono" Nakiri

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Coco and Miko are in different branches?

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Not enough hours in a month

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...based Glad she did it, even if she couldn't link it.

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No comment for Nana Kagura mama.

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Shes a social retard and a outcast what do you expect her to do

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Is this real???

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It's not that hard to say thank you for a birthday present. Come on anon

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Ayame is busy, that is all.

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she's jealous she doesn't have the balls to leave holo like coco

>> No.4914622

Why should she care? coco aint that significant in her life or her career.

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>Your oshi
blows her boyfriend
>Your mom
blows me

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>her boyfriend

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By any chance, do you have a link for the tweet?

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She also was the only one to not give Miko welcome message back in October. She just doesn't care.

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>she's jealous she doesn't have the balls to leave holo like coco
Ayame is basically the equivalent of an athlete that signs a huge contract and then stops giving a shit; the only way she leaves is if she's fired.

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You wish nigger

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why do you think there is no link?

>> No.4915588

Anon has pics. What more do you want?

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she only cares about sex

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holy fuck you reddit tourists are gullible as fuck

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JP is one branch retard

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I’ll be honest sometimes I forget Ayame even exists in Hololive when I first got into Hololive I was seriously confused on who the fuck she was. Because I’ve never seen or heard anything about her. Hell I remember Anya more than Ayame.

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I never watch her but MAN ayame antis are the funniest here, the only antis i torerate

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Ayame is a cute lazy oni girl whose primary role at the company is to collect a paycheck. She sometimes makes cameo appearances on other vtubers' channels both inside and outside of Hololive.

If you were to compare her to anything, it would be an NPC party member. Where as A-chan is the protagonist of her own story, Ayame is a fleeting presence who appears only occasiinally in order to contribute to the plot and remind people she exists.

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Zero. A tweet expressing her feelings about Coco and her leaving Hololive is the least she could do and it's all I expect from her.

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> photoshop exists
> inspect element exists
> why would anyone every say such a thing?
> N5 Japanese
It’s obviously fake

>> No.4915950

It's not antis, idiot. It's just shitposting.

>> No.4915957

Ran out of ideas

>> No.4915977

Yeah she living the dream, doesnt do shit gets paid while she does her own thing

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She's Japanese so tatemae is expected and Ayame has so many antis(with good reason) that these kind of faux pas only make her look worse. Why do you people suck so hard at human interaction? She's not allowed to live in a bubble. Same goes for Naomi Osaka.

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>only motivated by self interest, doing to bare minimum for maximum efficency.
>egoist doesnt care about anyone other than herself
>hedonist cares only about her one pleasure
>ignores all the spooks in life and focuses on own thing

Holy shit based
Never even watched ayame before, but honestly you ayame antis are ironically making me like her more and more, might be my new oshi.

>> No.4916225

Hope you like apex

>> No.4916253

It's obviously fucking real mate. How would you even use Photoshop to edit text? As it's names says, it can only shop photos.

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>until he sees the 10 hours of Apex and pusses out.

>> No.4916449

It's funny because you can't even convincingly lie about liking her. It's not that she's loathsome. She's just a conventional, ultra casual and mostly irrelevant character who goes through life at her own pace. Ayame is hololive for normalfags with a day job who only tune in one weekends. That'd a valid niche, but it also makes her a pet indie of sorts whose largely disconnected from the rest of the goings on within the company.

If there was one Holo who embodied the meme about being moisturized, unbothered and in her own lane, it would obviously be Ayame. Where as Sora and Fubuki are the standard bearers of Hololive, Ayame is the antithesis whose entire brand is giving almost zero fucks. She's a practically untouchable goddess for this reason because everything else exists outside of her pantheon. She's truly the queen of an empty seat.

>> No.4916534

holy based

>> No.4916540

Okayu fills this role but better and without having an army of antis because she's not a whore.

>> No.4916568

No man is an island, anon and selfishness isn't a virtue.

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yeah here https://twitter.com/nakiriayame/status/1334017308809981953?s=20

>> No.4917018

to be fair it was just an announcement. coco is still there.

also not all members need to act like dramaqueens. i respect those. better than circlejerking

>> No.4917038

I meant link for Ina's tweet

>> No.4917056

>>Ina drawing
You must be joking

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>> No.4917142

That's why I'm asking for the link so I can verify.

>> No.4917198

>Nakiri "40,000 yen an hour" Ayame
I'd give her 十万円 for 30 min

>> No.4917219

>expressing her feelings about Coco
You're delusional if you think she has any feelings about her. They're colleagues who happen to work for the same company, nothing more
>I expect from her
And you'll probably get your generic pity statement soon.
Still gets viewers and money
>hololive for normalfags
Imagine pretending hololive isn't for normalfags. /vt/ is a testament to that as well, with most of the retards here not reading manga or understanding basic /a/ memes
>Ayame is the antithesis whose entire brand is giving almost zero fucks.
I wish this was actually true

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all are dumb rrats

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Is it true she hates her eops?

>> No.4917378

The most notable thing for me is her participation in Hologra, cute character design/animations but I refuse to actually watch her content.

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i dont care if ayame dont care
i dont care if kiara is an annoying numberfag bitch
i dont care if shion is a deppresive menhera
i dont want anyone of them to go i want to keep complaining forever

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Damn that's some text i would have never expected to see attached to an Ina twitter post

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But she really likes foreigners who try to learn japanese

>> No.4917513

She's not actually like that though
She's just a sweet shy girl that doesnt like to communicate especially when she cant stream

>> No.4917640

Thanks, anon. I appreciate that. Take care.

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Hololive "fans" sure like dragging talent through the mud.

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This is what ayame said in a members stream last month
She generally only reads member comments and she ignores non-members as they tend to be rude or spammy.
She also likes to moderate other peoples stream chats and ban people.
English comments are okay as long as they are simple and not spam.
Ayame HATES spam and rude comments, the docchi docchi spam was rough for her.

>> No.4917724

She's shy but she's not the sweet and innocent girl that overseas fans think of her. She's pretty sly and bitchy at times.

>> No.4917728

Well she is JP Mori

>> No.4917791

>She doesnt tweet when she's with her boyfriend


>> No.4917834

Well yes but still she's a righteous angel

>> No.4917847

Well yes, but I call bullshit on you remembering Anya more than Ayame. Thats going too far, but I get your point.
Forgotten holo - Anya > Shion > Mel > Ayame > Aki

>> No.4917938

Wouldnt that make her Gura

>> No.4918029

>docchi docchi spam
what happened? I barely watch Ayame mostly because she never stream

>> No.4918047

This may come as a shock to anyone but every time Kanata is in the picture, you best know Coco is there too. For example, Okayu first collab with Kanata was a karaoke. They have said before that they hang out. Never really saying that Okayu hangs out with Coco as well. Okayu now reveals that she actually does hang out with Coco and even had her in her home for dinner in several occasions. Kanata had Ayame for Karaoke as well so you best know that Coco was also hanging out with Ayame. Ayame was super reliant on Kanata. One interesting pointer is that Suisei probably didn't collab with Coco for a long time because she has been troubled for a long time about Coco's predicament. She really wants her to stay.

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Ayame has (online) friends and would survive the lack of attention, i doubt Gura would

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File: 1.49 MB, 1280x720, 1622427326964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Why is she like this?

>> No.4918462

Hahahahah youve been spooked son.

Doing things for your self interest is inherently human nature good.

Altruism and morality is fake and created by jews, catholics and muslims to control people

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>> No.4918603

Based oni.

>> No.4918607

t. soulless chang

>> No.4918621

"Inspect element" and put whatever the hell you want. And/or photoshop

>> No.4918627

>Coco and Miko not in the same branch
>Ina the worst of her branch

>> No.4918643

Please do not use "though" at the end of your sentence.

>> No.4918936

Gura has another 1M subs channel as a backup, so there is no shortage of attention available to her.

>> No.4918965

she's too sick to tweet please udestand

>> No.4919101

When a noisy, repulsive Karen skank storms out of a workplace yelling that she can't deal with her boss anymore, do you see the quiet autistic girl that never says anything going out her way to support her?

Of course not, because she has the common sense to not encourage the skank to be a skank. Which you clearly lack.

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>Miko come back no tweet

It was worse than that I think she was the only Holo JP member who didn't record a greeting for Mikochi for that segment during her concert and they weren't long so it makes you question how bad is her "sickness".
I know she said that she often doesn't use tweeter rtc. when she's feeling unwell to avoid antis calling her lazy "if you have energy for that you're clearly fine" but on a special occasions it does stand out and makes her look distant from other members.

>> No.4919427

Surprisingly your funny Fatistan memes do not have any real impact. How odd, isn't it?

However, your dumb bitch retiring, that will have an impact. One We are greatly enjoying.

>> No.4919432

doesn't look like she really tweets in the first place from your screencap

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>> No.4919652

She was too shy to speak eigo in public Japanese people are like that please undestand, but she giggled to herself upon seeing it and it had to be so blessed and cute you would have died from diabetes if you've seen it.
I'm sure they hang out on discord with Ina all the time making bad puns.

>> No.4919688

El keko topo. Not sure if trolling, but that hive mind mentality sure gave me a good chuckle. Godspeed, based chankoro

>> No.4919750

Based Ayame ojou-sama
Amerimutts don't deserve to even speak to her.

>> No.4919764

what a surprise...

>> No.4919854

There is clearly a pattern of behavior here and yet Ayamecucks will keep making excuses for her. Whats really amazing to me about the Miko come back concert was that even Gen 5, who debuted while Miko was on hiatus so they had no connection to her, still recorded heartfelt messages about how they can't wait to finally meet their senpai. Yet there was nothing from Ayame.

>> No.4920034


>> No.4920144

Spotted the biggest retard in the thread

>> No.4920404

based, imagine applying for a job and suddenly you're expected to kiss the ground where your senpai walked on. Fucking pathetic. Hololive is not a family, it is a company and family/wholesomefags need to wake the fuck up.

>> No.4920456

he's right though

>> No.4920714


If it was a japanese thing we wouldn't give a shit here but Hololive is seen as a team it's their whole thing and what their fans expect.

>> No.4920779

sounds like a newholofag

>> No.4920784

Oni daisenpai is too busy getting dicked by oji-san. Please understand and give paycheck.

>> No.4921155

Well that would explain why she might hate Coco for causing others so much spam-related trouble asian mentality and all that.

She also biched about rude comments under Hololive clips, in all seriousness it seems like she might be just too fragile for streaming or other public stuff even under alias of anime women with a meme name it still get's to her way too much.

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>> No.4921277

ayame is based
fuck working partners guidelines that force them to post fake shit on twitter

>> No.4921323

>she might be just too fragile for streaming
No, you're just too subhuman to behave. She can go on being there ignoring or banning you, and you can cry in threads as pathetic as this one.

Ojou will sip tea while you commit sudoku and wonder why you waited so long for it.

>> No.4921328

>One interesting pointer is that Suisei probably didn't collab with Coco for a long time because she has been troubled for a long time about Coco's predicament. She really wants her to stay.

How is that related though?

>> No.4921344

Shion and Ayame are still students, they have no business being livers 24/7.

>> No.4921373

Ask your mom if she pushed your soft spots when you were a baby

>> No.4921377

Holy shit what a bitch

>> No.4921383

She said in her stream, how can they stream as if nothing is happening which means she might broken character, maybe bawled her eyes out or bit the shit out of Coco to make her stay live. Sounds fun either way

>> No.4921448

She was busy shitting blood in the hospital, it's worse for women because vagina gets also infected.

>> No.4921476

It's marketed like a cult so we have certain expectations.

>> No.4921655

wtf this cant be real....

>> No.4921676

>It's funny because you can't even convincingly lie about liking her.
I can. Her giggles bring me joy. I don't even need to watch the Apex, just listen.

>> No.4921822

This is why Ayame lewds are the best.

>> No.4921842

She said no, Anon

>> No.4921883

>knows enough about her celebration
>knows enough about her fanbase
A little bit harsh, but she cares.

>> No.4922001

>when I first got into Hololive
Like 3 months ago ?

>> No.4922020


>> No.4922160

Thank you Anon, really appreciate it.

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File: 33 KB, 600x531, JapanSEAUnion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>docchi docchi spam was rough for her.

>> No.4922503

Moona doing it is kinda different dont you think anon

>> No.4922525

>Nana replied to it but not Ayame
You really can't make this stuff up, lol

>> No.4922781

Her words are only for pure-blooded Japanese.

>> No.4925713
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>Ayame "Korean nation deserves the graduation" Nakiri

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