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What did she mean by this?

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She lost a bet and either Pomu or Fina wrote that using her account.

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She means to embrace the aroma.

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She lost a bet

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imagine the smell...

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It means we've had 2 separate threads on this already, it wasn't her that wrote it and it was the result of a punishment game and it's the same situation as this tweet, also kys

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You made this thread multiple times already.
And every time you get BTFO

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Stop making the same trash thread over and over again you fucking retard

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All I ask that you at least find a different tweet to post about. I get you have a fetish for this but it's getting really old now.

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She means that the walls of her lower intestines contracted, expelling waste gasses into the ambient atmosphere

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that's hot

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I'm just being real with you. The same thread over and over gets really unoriginal and tasteless really fast.

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lol, thats hilarious. holofags are really missing out.

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>shamelessly bumping your shitty bait thread

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Brapchads we win again

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