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Links or clips or that did not happen

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hololive is over

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It's lyrics to a song

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It came from this video in case anyone wants a source


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>yfw Chammers schizo time travel storyline was real

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Her singing that song as many times as she did was part of an occult ritual incantation to bring about the destruction of Hololive.

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Haatons were trying to tell you that we're all inside HAACHAMA'S WORLD but you just didn't listen...

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Everyone forgetting Akai building all those Yagoo pixel arts just so she could blow them up on stream in front of other holos... what does she know?

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The Holos are all mahou shoujo at various stages of corruption.

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After recent events I keep thinking of the reaction to every girl except Coco upon seeing the Yagoo statue: complete disgust.

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Godchama dances the dance of destruction and rebirth.

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I don’t think she likes him.

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I don’t think she is too fond of him.

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I have a horrible feeling she might be next, she doesn't appear to be enjoying herself and her streams are becoming less frequent.

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she also frequently complained about management not allowing her to do things she wants
she is pretty similiar to coco in many regards
i really love chammers but realistically i don´t see her being part of cover for much longer
I´m not sure if my heart can take it when the day comes...

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Make sure to follow haachama's sub account a.k.a roommate account for when it happens sure it doesn't have any videos but it's most likely she'll go to if/when it happens and change its name down the road

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>Guys hit your HAACHAMA

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i didn´t know she has a sub account, what´s the name?

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It's in the wikipedia

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Sounds like he harassed her

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>it actually is real

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I'd harass her

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I'd touch her ass as well

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Coco/Chama/Kanata/Marine/Pekora off-shoot agency when?

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Time to cut off the head and go ham

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throw in choco/mel/noel into is as well
maybe they can even start a new platform so yt doesn´t cuck them too hard

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Haachama is John Titor
The month hiatus with 0 activity was her visiting another time

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people misunderstand schizophrenia as total confusion and warped reality perception, but the reality is its total understanding of this dusty old world we live in.....

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Haachama planned The Big Yab. It's all her fault. I am woke now.

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My third eye is opening and my resolve is strengthening

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is this haachama then?

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>but the reality is its total understanding of this dusty old world we live in.....
Yeah but that "we" is you and the voices in your head. Just because you have a total understanding of the world you live in does mean anyone else gets to experience it, making your understanding pretty useless.

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what the fuck

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>june 2020
>Coco told everyone shes graduating three months ago
its coincidence

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>Haachama was actually doing digital alchemy rituals in Minecraft

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I can tell by your drinking eye has never opened

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