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Literally every single Coco thread, there'd be a hundred posts bragging about
>Hmph, they're down to only six spammers now? How pathetic
>What a sad copypasta. The chinks will never get her to graduate that way!
Now all of a sudden, the spam (which was supposedly decreasing each month, and was also supposed to be blocked by Youtube) was now too much, and she's quitting because of it? And suddenly, the Tatsunokos are trying to rewrite history, acting like the chinks were always a threat, and how their spam never slowed down even after months?

Wait... did I fall for a rrat? Was "Coco won" the biggest rrat ever spread on this board?

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>tfw you failed to protect your oshi from the chinks resulting in hers graduation

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Here's a logical progression of events that makes much more sense than the schizo rrats here:
>Cover is OK (more than OK, considering the death of the CN branch) with keeping Coco, but the yab scared them shitless and they clamped down on creative restrictions for her to avoid even the chance of drama
>Coco obviously did not agree with these restrictions
>As the literal most superchatted woman on Earth, Coco knew that, once Cover's cut was removed, she could totally go indie and make roughly the same amount of money even out of a reduced audience

Coco left because there was no incentive (creative or monetary) for her to stay, outside of maybe a moral one in the sense of 'hey, we killed CN for you to stay', but then if the rrats about Artia/Civia are true, then there's a nonzero chance Coco might view that as an obvious retaliation and not a sacrifice for her sake. Who knows? We can't exactly read her mind.

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"Coco won" is the context there but Cover/coworkers didnt that's the context, the problem isn't Coco's chat she had that won the problem is the other members were too slow or couldn't be assed to ready their mods and beta test to block the chankoro spam resulting in Coco feeling bad for fucking things for everyone else.
She's doing the same thing she did for Haato taking the heat away even if she says it was other reason (which might also be true) it's obvious 8 months of spam got to her

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It's always been cope. We've been doing it for thirty years. "Ha ha! China will never amount to anything!" "Lmao, sure, we lost half our jobs, but China is still poor!" "W-well, okay, they have almost caught up to us, but our politicians are BASTE and RED-PILLED and will never let us down!"
I know someone is gonna call me a zhang while I'd like nothing more than to nuke Beijing, but this is just the reality of it. We've been losing for 5 decades, because our ruling class wants us to lose.

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She didn’t leave solely because the hate (although I’m sure that contributed) and we don’t have a very solid concrete answer as to why, but all evidence points to her being way too restricted by cover in what she can and can not post. However, it still remains to be seen if any more information will pop up.

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What it showed was just how *easily* you can deal with unruly mobs by simply not giving a fuck and slapping them down whenever they pop their heads up.

The power of crowds is an illusion, and that illusion is social validation; the limbic system thinking if (what appears to be) a lot of voices are saying something, it should go along with it too, because there is safety in numbers, in conformity. But all it takes is one explicit devalidation, and the illusion vanishes like morning dew in the sun, and the crowds herd around the new schelling point.

Crybullies only have power when you give it to them, and the only reason something like this can happen is weakness of spirit. Cover's weakness of spirit. Those who lack will to power are punished by God with deprivation.

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She probably just got a better job dude, don't overthink it

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Yes, finally some truth. It’s the business elite and all the Ivy League ruling class’s decisions to invest in China. And now they try to paint it as “Not their fault, China Bad”. I’m amazed by the level of gaslighting.

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>Everyone is tired of meme review
>Not allowed to do Asacoco anymore
>Holotalk is Kiara's thing
>Coco goes indie because Cover's full of boring corpos

In b4 "Kiara killed Coco!"

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You seem to have something confused anon. China's ruling class cares about china, while the American ruling class cares about themeselves. This is the way things were destined to be.

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That's exactly what he's saying, retard.

China and the world overall don't seem to understand that most Americans are aware that American elites suck ass.

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yeah it makes sense, thats why your comment is so boring

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nobody mentioned your shit bird
Rent free
why are KFP like this?

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Well there's also the propagation of Chink spammers attacking other Hololive members, who weren't subjected to their shit before

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holocorp forced her to leave

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If you're boxing your heart out and your corner suddenly throws in the towel how is that the same as getting knocked out?

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Coco will be forgotten soon. You cocofags should save her videos for future wanking. Hachama is next.

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I'm going to go on a personal war against both the Jews and the Chinese.


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The fact that the latest cope is just>>4933412
"They will get really old in 20 years" just makes things look grim

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Too based and true to be something an anon came up with, confess, you got this from some obscure XIX century philosophist

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>>4933240 is the correct answer. As much as the schizos here chimp out, this is the logical reason.

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It's weird how I keep seeing people say something along these lines. "I thought we were winning. I thought they were getting weaker." An assertion made with no proof to back it up. Meanwhile I, with a sane, unbiased mind, saw absolutely no change in the situation. It makes me realize that even if people aren't making any progress, they like to claim they're making progress just so that they feel better about themselves. I don't know how they do it, though. If I had to blatantly lie like that, the guilt would eat me up. I guess these people have no morals to speak of and feel no guilt about lying.

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What were the rrats about artist/civia?

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Coco didn't quit because of the spam, they literally just implemented the spam PROTECTION and you think NOW she's had enough?
We already know she was planning to quit months before but she could have changed her mind at any time. Clearly, the spam protection wasn't enough to make her stay.

Maybe it was because of Cover modding the chinks. Maybe it was because of the restrictions and being treated like an unperson.

Either way you are a next level bootlicker if you think it was voluntary. She loved her job. She talked about how many dreams and projects were left unfulfilled.
And I doubt she'd want to let the chinks win. Something made her want to leave. Something that couldn't be fixed by spam protection.

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>falling for the leddit narrative
wwe never beat them. otherwise why would coco broke down

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This calls for a third world war.

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