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I failed to protect her smile once.
I won't fail again.

twitter: https://twitter.com/_ka_son
twitter hashtag for fanart: #kson.
mildom: https://www.mildom.com/10882672
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ruVYPv7yJmV0Rh0NKA-Lw

Yes she's a Vtuber whether jannies want to believe so or not.

latest stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ect0J821X60

Make sure to report all chinks on the hashtag.
Twitter is quicker to respond to reports of targeted harassments. However reporting for what they're actually doing is best. Sometimes harassment applies if they're posting pictures of her.

Her membership is open and she'll be having monthly member meet ups.

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>Birthday stream is her alone in a dark room, singing happy birthday to a pizza with candles in it

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I mean... Covid is still a thing, and she has to maintain opsec for Kanata and Suisei.

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This is the reality if you go against the corpos. They will extinguish everything you have and leave you with nothing, and in the end they'll feel no shame or guilt, they'll just be laughing at you.

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The fuck do you want her to do Anon? Pull in her roommates for the stream?

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You're saying that like you have better birthdays?

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damn she's 22?
i'm almost 23 and i feel old and failed

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She said she can't visit anyone because of covid (only elderly can't get vaxed right now in Japan) and she doesn't want to do Kanata and suisei.
I thought it was nice to be with her.

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Since you're younger than me I'll let you know she's been 22 for years lol.
Shes not old but not 22

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>posts op's image on Twitter after the shit announcement that day

I fucking love this bitch

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Just like me every year!

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Demo is that you?

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I'm sure she celebrated with her friends earlier, anon.

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add 11 years for her real age lol

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Nah she's definitely still in her 20s. Only moved put of her folks a year ago... I say as a 25 year old still with their parents but whatever.

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How viable is it hire someone to just ddos that chink form they always use. Would keep them from organizing at least

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i think she is in her 30s, she has talked about 90s cartoons before

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Anon...her real age isn't a secret...

It's weird how she does real life streams and yet some people are still so bad at judging ages of asian women. There's literally no way she's under 30 just going off what she looks like and ignoring the publicly available information.

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not alone

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Living with your parents until your mid or late 20s isnt as uncommon outside the US, even if you're working and doing fine financially.

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yeah parents from the US seems so ruthless from a spic perspective kek

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