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Which Holomems does /vt/ think are most likely to go down with the ship if Cover shits itself, or are least likely to graduate? Maybe RBC and Soda?

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I could absolutely see the world ending and seaweed just grinding away at APEX as usual.

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Just the first few that came to mind. I imagine there’s a lot more that would go down with the ship unfortunately

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Ayame. She doesn't even know she
S still in Hololive.

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AZKI (if she counts)

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Ayame's going to be on break the day Cover falls apart, she won't know about it and will log on to make her mandatory 1 stream per month later on

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Almost 2 hours go by and no one mentions the only holo that speaks highly of Yagoo

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You think porka would really hold out until the very end?

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Anyone who requires Hololive to put bread on the table. The others will leave.

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Polka would definitely leave if Cover became more content restrictive and micromanaging everything. That's the main reason she graduated her past life.

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Miko and Subaru
This is another life for them only death can part it from them

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Aqua despite the dramas because holo is literally her life, she put all her money onto cover songs and sololive.

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Can't wait for seaweed to be the last holo still standing playing more apex and being menhera as always

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Her roommate was only known as an utaite, and that is one thing she can not go back to doing. She doesn't have a clear exit from hololive.
She's also by far one of the most determined holomen; she can work through bad conditions, and has probably lived through worse.

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My retarded EOP ass learned something new today. Thanks anon.

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All of gen 0. They went through way too much shit to throw away their successes now. The moment any of them graduate without a convincing reason is when you know Cover shit the bed.

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Also because she recently just moved on her own.

As someone who has done that a year ago, shit is not easy on the body and mind, mostly on the latter.

I think the condition has a name, like the Empty Nest syndrome but the opposite.

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