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Oh no... oh dear.

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>Nijisanji "humor"
Glad I'm loyal to Hololive

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You've made this thread at least 3 times. It was a punishment for losing. Fuck off.

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Farts are more funny than anything from Holo

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Will she appreciate me recording one of my famous massive farts and sending it to her through vocaroo?

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Oh no... oh dear.

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I can't believe people don't know this is from a punishment game and are just baiting holoretards

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nigga i dropped this fartknocker day one after the dragging balls cringe dont be telling me this hoe dont be like that

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How many threads are you going to make about this?

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can you not speak niggerish

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Shut up cracker.

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Are you the same faggot who kept making that Aqua thread?

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of course nijishitters are nazis to no ones surprise

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I'd rather be a nazi than a nigger.

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Western females are a mistake

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you both now congrats

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I would like to let her know I jerked off to this

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