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>were you JACKING off

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was watching tax evasion ASMR

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Oy mate do have roundworms?

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visit a doctor, that ain't looking good.

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Disgusting and you seem malnourished

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Hell yeah.

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Mate, please get antibiotics or something.

That's scary. Can't you feel them wiggling around?

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Goddamn I love this board.

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nigga go to the hospital that shit looks weird as fuck

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What did I miss

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>I missed someone's strange looking cock
God is cruel

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I've never seen someone shoot an early fetus out of their cock.

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Why yes I am Coco, how did you know?

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If you really are Coco, show me your funniest meme.

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I did in this very thread, my dragon cock pic was deleted.

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I don't think that pic is going to make it in to meme review.

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it was the cum
shit looked chunky

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>chunky cum
now I'm even more morbidly insterested

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Was it coom on a pic of Coco or what?

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there was worms in it.....

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I have a parasite fetish and this gave me a boner, just imagine coco's body being infested with worms and who knows what...

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you asked for it

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I regret everything, but at the same time, I'm satisfied with the outcome.

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I can do better

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What a thread.

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>chunky cum
Wasn't there a joke on OneyPlays about that shit, they were talking about epstein's egg-shaoed cock and then zach did sone tranny voice and said "mmmmmhhh CHUNKY"

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That's just what a coomers coom looks like. No substance, no thickness, what little sperm is present in the semen clumped together.

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Not how I expected this thread to turn out.

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jacking off to you crying https://streamable.com/1fq1y4

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Surprised the chinks even know what emotions are.
Impressive feat of personality-free bugs.

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Fuck off. This is a fun thread for people that haven't sold their souls to authoritarians.

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Not enough vtuber figures for #フィギュアぶっかけ browsing on twitter.

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Yeah I fuckin' was. WHILE the holo was streaming! I had a picture and I was jacking and looking directly at her. Then once I cummed while looking at her I said, it's never going to be ogey.

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But authoritarianism is fun you liberal cuck

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>authoritarianism is good when it's my side

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weak nut

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Sex with Coco!

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dude's got parasites swimming in his cum, wtf

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I want to take Coco out for ramen!

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Coco's super warm dragon pussy!

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what is with you faggots and wanting safe spaces, trannies go 41% already

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It's just the cum coagulating it's not parasites ffs. You don't notice it unless your semen is against a lit surface.

On a separate note, it's fun to look at your own semen under a microscope.

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Been a while since I messed with a microscope. Can you see them swimming around?

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Yep. I also did it with my blood when I got a nosebleed. The red blood cells clot unless you put some chemical in it to prevent that, though. So it looks like a bunch of stacked discs floating around. Neat stuff.

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Yeah, the heat from the light underneath makes them really active.

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I respectfully did to her last night. Took awhile too so it drained me, thank you based dragon.

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>Everybody overreacting to this
It's just clumped up proteins. Are you people this stupid? Read a fucking book, you dumb apes.

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very few people disagree

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God I hate her face

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Vaginas exude a large amount of heat on normal human women, let alone on certain female dragons, whose body temperatures would only naturally be much higher than a normal human's. If one were to approach Coco's bare vagina, especially if she was aroused, you would probably be able to feel the heat of it on your skin. The natural heat is also probably conducive to arousal in its own right. Much like a 15 year old going through puberty and getting erections at random, a side effect of being a dragon breed is probably often, unprovoked arousal. Who knows, it may even be permanent. Coco might literally be "in heat" at all times. On top of what may be almost perpetual wetness between her thighs, her naturally high body temperature probably makes it difficult for her to wear human clothes comfortably. But then again she may get off on the feeling of being wrapped so tightly, so to speak. The sensation of her wet vagina would probably resemble putting your finger into a bath of hot honey. The juices more viscous than normal and just hot enough that you almost risk a burn. Imagine the smell and the taste of her inner thighs after one match. Wet and sticky with a musky odor and all salty-sweet from the combination of her various juices... In addition, Coco's vagina may even be larger than those of human women, or at the very least anatomically different. The vaginal walls of human women only contract significantly during sex if experiencing orgasm. Due to her dragon nature, Coco may resemble some member of the known animal kingdom in that her physical control over her vaginas muscles is much greater. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that Coco could flex and contract the muscles in her vaginal walls to masturbate and in effect "milk" a penis for all it's worth. Her cervix may even be penetrable with little to no pain experienced, a sort of inverse "knot", a way to ensure that not one drop of her mate's semen will escape her.

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This is dumb and not even true.

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But my cum is less thick when I stop masturbating for a couple days...

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I live for this.

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based and dragonpilled

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I unironically think her voice is kinda sexy
I got converted by all the noises she makes, especially when she goes hmmmmm

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She tries to be sexy and ends up being adorable-sexy, which is the dream voice for adorkable gfs.

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that's a good way to describe it
it goes well with the way she teases

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>southern adorable-sexy

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>Human form
Nah. I'll take my pants off once you turn into a dragon again

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Why were people so surprised about cum tributes

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there is worms in your cums too right now!

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We were surprised because the motherfucker had worms in his cum anon

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not worms

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Twice the protein, mate

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I think it's actually that the sperm is spread so thin, that instead of a regular shot that would be milky white, he has a clear, thin fluid, and the "worms" are just the trace amounts of sperm created since his last ejaculation. Anon clearly cooms so often that his balls can't keep with it anymore.

He's not sick, except in the head.

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I work for the tax office and I will fuck you up

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Do it faggot

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I want to watch Coco have sex with other men and I'm not afraid to say it on an anonymous message board

>> No.513169

I will, punk

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When did it become "sick" to masturbate often on 4chan? You retarded puritans need to go back, same to the ones freaking out over a cum tribute

>> No.514584

Anons were freaking out more about the state of his cum rather than the tribute itself though.

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Yeah whatever, still think it was an overreaction. If she ever gets a figure she's going in the cum jar.

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yes, waste all the protein and nutrients on cumming 5 times daily. Not like you're ever going to fuck at a woman anyway, so no need to worry about jizzing water on her.

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yes, to your crying :D

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>waste all the protein and nutrients
a responsible coomer must also have a balanced diet

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That just sounds like you have low T.

>> No.520723

Don't engage no fap cultists. Their non-scientific dogma is unbreakable in their eyes.

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"coco sucks"
please call me zhang

>> No.521158

But that's inaccurate. You're just a faggot, not a chink.

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>talk about nutrients
>hurr durr low T
Come back when you leave your basement faggot. You're comparing apples to oranges here, your cum isn't made of pure testosterone.

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please leave your room, theres more to live than just cooming

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>he says he jerks off so clearly he must be a coombrain that only jerks off all day
Of course people like you can only see things as black and white.

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desu Coco sounds like a Nippon-Texan accent; maybe Wisconsin. It's definitely a Mid-West inference when she speaks in non-moonspeak.

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Who are you? Some kind of cum sommelier?

>> No.524415

Considering he's a no-fap autist, he would be that much of a faggot, yes.

>> No.524435

I'm dissapointed with all of you anons, there are not enough cum tribute vids of holo, just 8 or 9, I need frens to jack of together...

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what in the god damn

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now this going in the meme review

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is jacking off part of your personality or sum? is that all you care? please leave your room

>> No.524771

god i wish she'd suck me.

>> No.524860

It's just his retarded underwear, it's obvious he's a poorfag
>get cheap underwear in bulk
>falls apart every month
>after you take a piss, and you tug it in, your underwear literally dries out your dick while leaving lint
>your dick looks like it has dark circles around it
This is the scenario of an uncircumcised penis. The lint forms up at the end of your foreskin.
Idk the scenario about the cut Faggots though.
Still pretty fucked up since you literally have to make an effort into not cleaning your dick to have this.

Also weak nut lmao... Needs a better diet

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I'm not a Coco fan since she's a bit too much for me to watch but what happens in this clip is fucking scary.
Thank God for our ppt to come in like the true matriarch she is.
What's the story behind this? Is it the goddamn bugs again? What is their fucking problem lmao. Don't they know how to let go or are they too autistic?

>> No.525260

Cover staff modded the bugs instead of banning them resulting in a bunch of actual viewers getting banned before it was caught. At this point I don't even think it's the staff being incompetent any more and that they just want Coco to quit of her own volition.

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>> No.525434

What the fuck. Does Coco even deserve this degeneracy? I mean come on, what's so hard in hiring specific people into being her own personal mods than selecting randos for free? She's a high earner, also her case is specific and requires additional shit, why wouldn't they help her out?

Fucking Cover dropping the ball again on management...

>> No.525587

No that happened a while ago. This stream occurred in the past 48hrs.

>> No.525642


Question, is this originally from /vp/? I first saw this on /got/ a long long time ago.

>> No.525848

I'm uncircumcized and I don't have this problem. My dick is always clean because I take care of it.

>> No.525945

wow its nothing

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I want to put the bugmen in camps and ovens so fucking bad, anons.

>> No.526214

based cardassian oppressor

>> No.526379


>> No.527323

Any good chubby art of Coco?

>> No.527432

Yoy shouldn't say that, coco, it's bad for your image

>> No.529672

(((Bajorans))) are such whiny shits. How could there have been warcrimes if there was never a war?

Bajorans remind me of Kiara desu.

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>> No.529866

Sort of like Nene, except Nene just winds up being adorable and not sexy.

>> No.529904

That happened a week ago but Cover was manually unbanning people right before the stream.

The narrative is that she was upset because Cover put out a form to get unbanned and did literally nothing(and still hasn't, she's spent all day today unbanning people)

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>> No.535272

Maybe not yours, faggot.

>> No.537833

Why would I come to /vt/ if I wanted to fuck a real girl? You're retarded

>> No.538396

worm cum is kind of hot

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>> No.543548

i want to give a girl parasites by cumming in her

>> No.543850

With stuff like this why would I not?

>> No.546333

i like coco a lot haha

>> No.546365

Where's that one fuckhuge twitter thread where coco is asking if unbanned people is working and having to do it herself?

>> No.546400

please tell me about this

>> No.546459

I found it, it's another thread

>> No.547030


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